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Soul Unison Guide (JP) by zidanet129

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/08/04

Rockman EXE 4 Tournament Red Sun/Blue Moon Soul Guide

by Zidanet_129

Rockman.EXE 4 Tournament Red Sun/Blue Moon and all related contents and
images are copyrighted to Capcom.


Table of Contents

1. Prologue
2. Soul List
3. What is Soul Unison?
4. Red Sun Souls
5. Blue Moon Souls
6. Soul Unison
7. Version Updates
8. Legal Stuff & Credits


1. Prologue (^1)

In this game, the Soul System replaces the Style System from the previous
game. The Souls are obtained through Battling the Navis in this game, and
they do NOT appear with Megaman when the Battle begins. The Souls are based
on their respective Navis and they grant Megaman nice Abilities that will
help him throughout the whole game (well, at least the part AFTER you
obtained the Souls, anyway).
I have included the Souls from BOTH Versions in this Guide, so make sure
you're looking at the right part of the Guide to find what you need.
To find the part you need help with, hit Ctrl + F to open the "Find..."
Window, and type in "^x" and replace the "x" with the desired number of
topic that you need help with. For example, to find info about the
Wood Elemental Styles, you can type in "^3" and then look for the information
Now, enjoy.


2. Soul List (^2)

The following is a complete list of the Styles that appear in this game.

Red Sun Souls:
Fire Soul
Guts Soul
Roll Soul
Search Soul
Thunder Soul
Wind Soul

Blue Moon Souls:
Aqua Soul
Blues Soul
Junk Soul
Metal Soul
Number Soul
Wood Soul


3. What is Soul Unison? (^3)

Soul Unison is the term that describes the process in which Megaman
sacrifices Battle Chip in order to call upon one of the Souls he obtained
before to support him for 3 turns. In order to Soul Unison, you have to
follow the following steps:

- You must have obtained the Souls (You should have obtained your first one
  after the second battle of the Tournament).
- You must have the Battle Chip that correspondes to the Navi you want to
  Soul Unison with. (This one will be further discussed later)
- In a Battle, select the Chip that's to be sacrificed.
- Choose "Unison", which is under the "OK" Button.
- The Soul should replace the Battle Chip and become the First Chip of your
- Now you can continue and choose other up to 4 Chips.
- Press OK.
- Before the Battle begins, the Navi's Soul joins Megaman and gives Megaman
  new abilities!
- The Soul Unison should last for 3 turns. Afterwards, the Soul leaves


4. Red Sun Souls (^4)

As you can see from the list in section 2, there are a total of 12 Souls in
these two games. This section lists the Souls that appear in the Red Sun
Version and how to Soul Unison with them.

Fire Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the fire-hot friendship (?) between Rockman
             and FireMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Fire-Elemental Chip. (Chips with a sign of burning
             fire. Ex. HeatShot)

- Rockman takes 2x Damage from Aqua Attacks.
- When Soul Unison occurs, some Panels will be changed into Grass Panels.
  (Fire does 2x damage on Grass Panels, get it?) See diagram:


  G = Grass Panel
  S = Remains the same

- Charged attack becomes a 50-Damage Fire Arm that stretches for 3 panels in
  front of Rockman. (Thanks to killua 123 for the info!)
- When a Fire Chip is selected, press and hold A to charge it to send a Fire
  Arm that reaches all the way to the other end of the Battle Field that
  deals 50 + (Chip attack power) Damage. (Thanks to killua 123 for the info!)

- Fire Chips becomes chargable.
- Can step over Magma Panels without taking damage.

- The Fire Arm is weak and makes enemies flinch.
- Weak against Aqua-Elemental attacks.

Acquire: Densan Tournament


Guts Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the gutsy friendship between Rockman and

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Panel-Cracking Chip. (Chips with a sign of 3
             orange waves. Ex. QuakeOut)

- Charged attack is a 60-Damage GutsPunch. Can be used to knock StoneCubes
  into enemies.
- Mash the B Button for a round of powerful Machine Gun Shots that deals 5
  Damage per hit and hits 6 Times. Rockman in invincible while the Machine
  Gun is being fired.
- 30 extra Damage will be added to all Generic Chips. (Thanks to Game Jester
  for the info!)

- The 30 extra Damage added to Generic Chips can be a killer when combined
  with multi-hit attacks (Especially Vulcans).
- Firing the Guts Machine Gun can allow Rockman to avoid taking damage
  from ALL attacks, including Poison Panels.
- Charged attack doesn't make enemies flinch.

- The Charged attack's range is crap.
- Overall Damage can be bad if your Folder don't have too many
  Cracking/Normal Chips.

Acquire: Densan Tournament


Roll Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the lovely (understatement of the year,
             mind you :P) relationship between Rockman and Roll.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Recovery Chip. (Chips with a sign of two hearts.
             Ex. Recovery10)

- Charged Shot becomes Roll Arrow, a 30-Damage Arrow that's decorated with
  a heart. This breaks enemy Chips if your enemy HAVE Chips uploaded.
  (Thanks to killua 123 for the info!)
- Whenever a Chip is used, Rockman gain a recovery of 10% of his MAX HP.

- Auto-heal with ANY Chip used.
- The Roll Arrow is a VERY annoying ability to use in NetBattles.

- Overall damage isn't too good.
- Roll Arrow travels rather slowly, granting your enemies chances
  at evading it.
- Chips have a slight delay caused by the HP Recovery.

Acquire: Eagle Tournament


Search Soul (Thanks to Game Jester and killua 123 for the info!)

Description: A Soul that shows the true but hidden (<_<) friendship between
             Rockman and SearchMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Hiding Chip. (Chips with a sign of an outline of a
             Navi. Ex. Invisible)

- Charged shot fires a cross-hair at the panel that an enemy is standing on.
  A 5-hit, 5-damage Vulcan then hits the cross-haired Panel. Invisible and
  underground enemies CAN be hit with this.
- You can shuffle your current Chips up to 3 times each turn. A button that
  says "Shuffle" will appear on where Dark Chips would appear.
- Invisibility and Yukashita are removed during the Soul Unison sequence.

- Murders enemies who use Invisible or Yukashita.
- Easily pulls out P.A.s by "locking" (selecting) necessary Chips before
  Shuffling for other Chips. For example, you can "lock" Sword and WideSword
  and Shuffle for LongSword.
- Deadly killer for immobile enemies.

- The Charged shot is crap against rapid-moving enemies.
- Rockman cannot move while the Vulcan is being fired, which makes him
  vulnerable while shooting.

Acquire: Red Sun Tournament


Thunder Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the sparking friendship between Rockman and

Soul Unison: Sacrifice an Elec Elemental Chip. (Chips with a sign of flashing

- All Elec and Normal Chips will paralyze enemies.
- Double-damage from Wood Attacks.
- Charged Shot turns into a 20-damage ZapRing.

- Charged shot paralyzes enemies, leaving them open for you to fry 'em up
- Playing with Generic Chips may result in surprising results.

- Double-damage from Wood Attacks.
- The ZapRing takes a little while to reach the enemies, giving them time
  for defending/avoiding the attack.

Acquire: Red Sun Tournament


Wind Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the windy (ran out of adjectives -_-")
             friendship between Rockman and WindMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Wind-blowing Chip. (Chips with a sign of blowing

- When Soul Unison occurs, Super Kitazaki is activated to remove ALL enemy
  Barriers and Auras.
- As long as the Soul Unison stays, a Fan effect will attract enemies towards
  their front row.
- Normal Buster shots will become a 5-damage AirShot.
- Charged attack becomes a 50-damage Fujin Racket, a sword-like weapon with
  the range of a Wide Sword and the ability to slap enemies back to their
  last column.
- Have OmniShoes preset. Which means, you can step onto holes, and Cracked
  Panels DON'T break when you get off them. You're also immune to POISON
- All Wind Elemental Chips deal 10 extra damage.

- Abusing the Fan effect and the Fujin Racket will result in enemies rapidly
  losing their HP while unable to counter.
- The AirShot may be weak, but it WILL freeze enemy movements for a short
  while without giving them invincibility.
- Killer for Aura/Barrier users.
- Completely immune to Panel attributes.

- You can't strategically break Panels to avoid getting damaged anymore.
- Some Chips with locked range could miss with the Fan effect.
- There's a VERY long delay after the AirShot is fired.

Acquire: Eagle Tournament


5. Blue Moon Souls (^5)

This section lists the Souls that appear in the Blue Moon Version and how
to Soul Unison with them.

Aqua Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the calm, serene (*groans in frustration*)
             friendship between Rockman and AquaMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice an Aqua Chip. (Chips with a sign of 3 water droplets)

- Has a VERY fast Charge.
- Charged attack is a 20 Damage BubbleShot.
- When an Aqua Chip is chosen, press and hold A button to charge it up and
  it'll do double damage. The Charging time is the same as the normal Buster
- Takes double-Damage from Elec attacks.
- Doesn't slip on Ice Panels.

- The fast Charging speed allows for quick, small Damage dealing.
- Charging the Aqua Chips would be killer with wide-ranged Aqua Attacks.
- Ice Panels will annoy enemies to their death while you can wander on it
  while murdering your enemies.
- Charged shot can hit more than one enemy in one hit if positioned right.

- If paralyzed on Ice Panels, an Elec Attack that follows could be deadly.
- Charged shot is weak and therefore renders almost useless against enemies
  with high HP.
- There's a tiny delay in Charged Aqua Chips.

Acquire: Town Tournament


Blues Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the rivalry friendship between Rockman and

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Sword Chip. (Chips with a sign of a blue sword)

- Charged attack becomes a normal Wide Sword.
- Sword Chips can be charged to be used as Fumikumizan, or StepSwords. Which
  means, Rockman will teleport 2 spaces forward, then launch the Sword. The
  range depends on the Sword itself. Gotta love the shadow-y effect.
- Press B then <- to activate a REFLECTIVE Shield that deals 50 Damage per
  reflect. (Overrides the NCPs Reflect and KawarimiMagic/AntiMagc)
- Hint for Slasher and VarSwrd/NeoVariable: Charge them up, let go of A,
  then IMMEDIATELY press and hold it. For Slasher, Maintain the hold. For
  VarSwrd/NeoVariable, input the code like normal. (Rockman won't pull a
  Fumikumizan for Slashers though)
- If you got this Soul back in Normal Mode, you can use Dark Sword with
  Blues Soul in later playthroughs during the Cielo Castillo Scenario.
  Just Soul Unison with Blues and wait for the Dark Sword to appear.
  Then you can choose them and CHARGE THEM UP with Blues Soul. Ouch
  for the stupid bat.

- The WideSword from the Charged shot can actually be used to Counter
- Charging up Variable Sword/Neo Variable will allow attacking enemies who
  hide behind field obstacles with the Sonicbooms.
- Reflect from this Soul may be weak, but it doesn't take up the space in the
  Navi Customizer.

- You'll HATE it when your enemies use IaiForm (a.k.a. Slasher) agaisnt your
  Charged Chip attack.
- You COULD run into enemies while executing the Charged Chip attack. Your
  Chip will be wasted and you'll take damage if that happens.
- Admit it, this Soul cannot charge P.A.s (DreamSword/LifeSrd, to be more
  precise) so you can't really do too much damage in one hit.

Acquire: Blue Moon Tournament


Junk Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the strong (ran out again. Can't use
             "metallic" because it's reseerved for Metal Soul -_-")
             friendship between Rockman and JunkMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice an Obstacle Chip (Chips with a sign of a brown/orange

- When Soul Unison occurs, enemies are confused.
- The Charged attack becomes Poltergeist: time freezes and ALL Field
  Obstacles flies into enemies, dealing 100 damage EACH. Gee, I wonder why so
  many people enjoy fighting ColdMan with Junk Soul...... <_<
- Two Chips are RECYCLED each turn. The recycled Chips appear on where Dark
  Chips would appear.

- Recycling is always good. If you happen to recycle a strong Chip, lucky.
- Murders enemies who appear on Battle Fields full of Obstacles.
- This is kinda specific...... When you fight ColdMan, he will make IceCubes
  appear on the Battle Field. One Charged shot at this time will deal a
  whoopin' 300 Damage. And since ColdMan doesn't really learn his lessons,
  he'll be down in no time.

- No special Normal shot, which makes this Soul slightly unbalanced.
- Charged attack is basically crap if there are no Field Objects.
- As the # of Chips used increase, you may not get the Chips you want through
  Chip Recycle.
- Recycled Chips don't come back after used. Just to be fair.

Acquire: Blue Moon Tournament


Metal Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the metallic relationship between Rockman and

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Breaking Chip. (Chips with a sign of a metal ball)

- Has Break Buster and Braek Charge preset.
- Charged attack becomes a 150-Damage Metal Fist that cracks any armors or
  Field Obstacles.
- All Breaking Chips and Generic Chips can be charged for double-Damage AND
  Breaking property. (Thanks to Game Jester for the info!)

- Charge up and punch away for massive Damage.
- Breaks all unnecessary Field Objects at will.
- Breaks through pratically ANY armor.
- RFF: Silver Bullet. Period.

- The range of the Charged attack is, like Guts Soul's Charged attack, crap.
- You CANNOT push RockCubes into enemies (they'll just get broken) with the
  Metal Fist.

Acquire: Hawk Tournament


Number Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the well-calculated friendship (......
             WHAT!? >_>) between Rockman and NumberMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a "+/-" Chip. (Chips with a sign of "+/-")

- You get 10 Chips in the Custom Screen!!!
- Charged attack throws a Dice into the enemy area. The Damage will
  equal to the Dice's number x10. Damages 3x3 Area. If an enemy goes
  under the Dice when it's dropping, it'll only deal 10 Damage. (Thanks
  to Game Jester for the info!)
- All Generic Chips gain 10 extra Damage.

- Always fun to have 10 Chips to choose from.
- The Dice Bomb is sometimes fun to gamble with.
- Although not as good as Guts Soul, the Generic Chip +10 can still
  be fun to play with by using multi-hit Chips.

- Dice Bomb takes wayyyyyyy too long to settle on the floor and is
  easily destroyed.
- Basically nothing good besides the 10-Chip-in-Custom-Menu ability.

Acquire: Town Tournament


Wood Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the solid friendship between Rockman
             and WoodMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Wood Elemental Chip. (Chips with a sign of
             a green leaf)

- Charged attack turns into a 8-hit, 10-damage Twister.
- Has a Gaia effect for Wood Chips. Which means that, when a Wood Chip
  is chosen, the Normal Chip that was chosen after it will be drained
  and become enhancements for the Wood Chip. However, the Normal
  Chips will NOT be useable.
- Recovers on Grass Panels. Revival of the cheapest invincible combo
  (Wood Soul + Under Shirt NCP + Grass Panels)? >_>
- Immune to paralysis (the ones that cause Rockman to flash yellow or
  throw his head back)

- Let the Wood Chips drain attack power and launch them towards your enemies
  AFTER you temporarily stunned them with the Twister. Deadly.
- Recovery on Grass Panels is part of the cheapest invincible combo in the
  history of MMBN.
- Not being able to be paralyzed will allow Rockman to avoid LOTS of
  Damages in many occasions.
- Sand Panels DOUBLE the damage of the Twister. Throw a SandRing at an
  Elec-elemental enemy then Twister him. OUCH!

- Rockman is vulnerable while the Twister is being launched.
- The Twister's range is completely locked.
- Rockman looks like a tent wihle using this Soul. <_<

Acquire: Hawk Tournament


6. Soul Unison (^6)

So now we've got the basic idea of Soul Unison and what the Souls do. There
ARE some important things that you may want to pay attention to, though......

- Soul Unison is available in Normal Mode (normal portrait), Anger Mode
  (angry-looking Rockman portrait on orange background) and Full-Synchro Mode
  (mask-less Rockman in "line mode").
- If Rockman gets into the Worried Mode (worried-looking Rockman with green
  background) and Dark Chips become available, you won't be able to use Soul
  Unison anymore.
- Soul Unison is also unavailable in Dark Mode (evil-looking Rockman with
  purple background). The Dark Mode could either be caused by using Dark
  Chips or being Dark enough before even entering a battle.
- You CANNOT Soul Unison using a Regular (Presetted) Chip. Yes, it's
  disappointing, but it's fair. (Thanks to Casebier for reminding me of this
- The Soul Unisons can only last for 3 Turns (turns are counted by the number
  of times you open your Custom Window). After the turns passed, you won't be
  able to Soul Unison with the same Navi again.
- You may, however, Soul Unison with more than one Navi per battle if
- A little off-topic, but it's generally not recommended to make a Folder
  based on more than two Souls, since the Soul Unisons will require
  sacrificing Chips and Chip usages WILL be affected.


7. FAQs

Q: When can I Soul Unison?
A: After you've acquired at least one Soul. In Red Sun, it will be Guts Soul,
   while in Blue Moon, you'll get Aqua Soul.

Q: Why can't I Soul Unison with a certain Navi?
A: Many possibilities. You could be too Dark to use Soul Unisons; you may
   have used the Soul in the current Battle already, or you may be trying to
   Soul Unison using the Regular Chip.

Q: I chose a Chip that corresponds to a Soul that I have acquired, but the
   Unison Button won't appear!
A: Check if you have Soul Unisoned with that particular Navi before, or if
   you are trying to Soul Unison using a Regular (Presetted) Chip. These two
   situations will disable Soul Unison with the particular Navi.

Q: Why can't I Soul Unison AT ALL?
A: The first answer that comes off the top of my head is that you're in
   Worried Mode or even Dark Mode. Soul Unison CANNOT be used in these modes.

Q: WHAT!!? That sucks! How can I change back from Dark Mode!?
A: No way other than to fight loads of Battles. Hint: equipping the Soul
   Cleaner NCP will speed up this process.

Q: Why didn't I get all 6 Souls in my first playthrough? Do I have to
A: No. You'll acquire all the Souls as you progress through the game THREE
   times. Three in the first playthrough (a.k.a. Normal Mode), two in the
   second one (a.k.a. Hard Mode) and the last one in the third playthrough
   (a.k.a. Super Hard Mode). For extra information on the difrerences
   between the Modes, check other FAQs.

Q: Can I determine the orders I get my Souls?
A: No. Other than the fact that you WILL get Guts Soul/Aqua Soul as your
   first Soul in Red Sun/Blue Moon, you CAN'T determine the Souls you get.

Q: Hey, I'm fighting a Soul Unison Navi I've fought before again!
A: Yeah, too bad you don't get his/her Soul again.

Q: This Guide sucks.
A: Deal with it. Write a better one if you can.

Q: I have extra information for you.
A: If it's NOT covered in this Guide yet, e-mail me. You can find my e-mail in
   the last part of this Guide. I WILL credit you.


8. Version Updates (^8)

V 1.5 (August 8, 2004): Major update. Guide completed.

V 1.4 (April 22, 2004): Added another bit of info regarding to the Pros
                        and Cons of all the Souls.

V 1.2 (March 9, 2004): Added another bit of info. See if you can find it. <_<
                       And hey look, new dividing lines! >_>

V 1.0 (Feburary 13, 2004): FINALLY got it completed. Most of the missing
                           information, besides Thunder Soul's effects, are
                           added, as well as the Tournaments the Souls appear
                           in. I also added an FAQ section.

V 0.9 (December 17, 2003): More information added and corrected some more
                           incorrect information.

V 0.8 (December 15, 2003): More information added and most incorrect
                           information corrcted.

V 0.6 (December 12, 2003): Completed the Guide. The missing information will
                           be added once I got them figured out. People who
                           e-mail me to contribute WILL be given full


8. Legal Stuff & Credits (^8)

This FAQ is Copyright Zidanet_129 (Alan Tseng), 2003.
If you want to use this FAQ, please use the whole thing instead of breaking
it up. Contact me at zidanet_129@hotmail.com and get my authorization
before you use it.

You do NOT have my permission to add me to your MSN Contact List. I WILL
Block you if I find out about the reason you add me into your Contact List.
And I DON'T have time to chat with you, so do NOT expect to add me and chat
with me. If you want to ask general questions about this game, DO NOT E-MAIL
or MSN me. I WILL ignore you unless I find your question interesting. There
are plenty of other FAQs that will answer your questions, which are VERY
possibly answered to death MANY times.

Special Thanks to:

The Dark Unknown: For a VERY LARGE load of information I'm missing...... -_-"
Mastermind Chaud: For a detailed description of Junk Soul (although he was
                  rather, um, showing off. >_>) and for revising the V 1.0.
Game Jester: For correcting me on some Soul's Effects, although some of them
             I HAVE corrected...... >_>
killua 123: For some information I've missed.
Casebier: For reminding me about one little thing I forgot to put in for the
          previous update.

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