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by NitemareDragon

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Legendary Catching Guide by NitemareDragon

Version: 3.17 | Updated: 09/17/2013

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          < - L E G E N D A R Y  C A T C H I N G  G U I D E - >
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   |__| |\ | |  \    |    |___ |__| |___    | __ |__/ |___ |___ |\ |
   |  | | \| |__/    |___ |___ |  | |       |__] |  \ |___ |___ | \|

      - BY NITEMARE DRAGON | VER 3.17 | LAST UPDATE 09/17/2013 -
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This is a guide on catching the rarest and hardest-to-find Pokémon in the Kanto region. In this guide, you will find details about each Pokémon, including where it is, how to get there, what you need to get to it, its abilities, held items, and even the best way to catch it.

Important Notes

The main thing to remember is that catching legendary Pokémon requires time and patience. Do not expect to catch any of these Pokémon with just a few Ultra Balls. Keep in mind that if you accidentally knock out your target shut off the game and try again. Most legendaries will disappear if it faints. It is always good practice to save your game before you fight these Pokémon.

Navigating this Guide

To find specific information in the guide, click a link in the table of contents. Also, press the HOME key on your keyboard to return to the beginning of the guide.

Guide Symbol Key

There are some symbols that represent important or useful information in the header. Here is an example of a Pokémon section header:


Symbol Key

E4: This Pokémon requires defeat of Elite Four.

B: This Pokémon can be used in the Battle Tower/Battle Frontier in Ruby/Sapphire & Emerald.

M: This Pokémon was normally obtained through Mystery Event.

Recommendations for Legendary Hunters

Tips and tricks aspiring hunters should know before combat.

A. PokéBall Types and Usage

There are many different types of PokéBalls to choose from, and a few have special abilities. Some are better suited for certain types of Pokémon, while others work best when certain conditions are met. Since this is a guide on catching legendary Pokémon, I feel it is necessary to teach you the best times to use different types of balls. Trust me, continuously tossing out Ultra Balls may seem like the best course of action, but it isn't the most efficient. By using your PokéBalls intelligently, you can not only save time and money, but help cut down on frustration. Well then, let's begin.

PokéBall: This would be the most basic Ball type available. This is the Ball you used at the beginning of the game. This type is not efficient enough for catching legendary Pokémon.

Premier Ball: A basic PokéBall with alternate coloration. Just as useless for legendaries as its older brother.

Luxury Ball: A padded ball that makes the caught Pokémon like you a bit more right from capture. Has the same catch rate as a standard PokéBall, so it is just as useless for legendary Pokémon.

Great Ball: Great for wild Pokémon, but not so great for legendaries.

Ultra Ball: The overused standard for Pokémon catching. This is the best "normal" type ball to use against legendary Pokémon.

Nest Ball: Works best on weak, low-level Pokémon.

Net Ball: Most useful for Water and Bug type Pokémon.

Dive Ball: High catch rate for all Pokémon found underwater.

Repeat Ball: This Ball's power is tripled if you are facing a Pokémon that you have captured before.

Timer Ball: This Pokéball's power is increased the longer the battle takes.

Master Ball: Catches its target without fail.

I recommend a large supply of PokéBalls before attempting to capture ANY legendary Pokémon. They are very difficult to contain, and will take as many as 200 or more PokéBalls to capture. I find a combination of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls are very effective, since Timer Balls climb to maximum strength after about 25 turns. If you try 50-70 Ultra Balls and still cannot capture your target, use a Type-Specific Ball such as Net or Dive Ball if you can. If that is not an option, or you run out of those, start throwing Timer Balls. The reason I suggest throwing so many Ultra Balls first, is due to the catch rate calculation done by the game. The more PokéBalls you throw at a single Pokémon, the easier it will be to capture. If you save your strongest PokéBalls for later (in this case, Timer Balls) you will have a higher success rate than one who continuously throws Ultra Balls.

B. Survival Supplies

It is very important to remain stocked in healing, reviving, and status curing items. You may not think theyre important, but you will when you find yourself with one Pokémon left, staring down an annoyed and powerful legendary. By keeping these items with you at all times, you will ensure that such a problem will never happen.

HP Recovery: Hyper Potion x25 - or- Max Potion x25 It is good to keep your Pokémon full of vitality to help them help you hold a defensive line while you fire a barrage of PokéBalls at your target. Holes in your defenses will lead to failure.

Status Recovery: Full Heal x15 or Full Restore x30 Status Recovery is not always an issue when it comes to fighting legendary Pokémon unless it makes weakening your target difficult. It is generally a good idea to carry a lot of Full Restores, since they heal status effects AND HP at the same time.

Revival: Revive x20 and/or- Bitter Root x20 When facing legendary Pokémon, there are times when the Pokémon defending you will fail to stand up to an attack. A good strategy is to revive the key Pokémon in your team that provide an excellent defense, and heal that Pokémon to full health while the legendary is preoccupied with a lesser part of your team. When the pawn is knocked out, send the primary defender back out and continue the assault of PokéBalls.

Miscellaneous Items: PP Restore and/or Leppa Berries x15, Escape Rope x5, Super Repel x35+ Many legendary Pokémon have the ability known as PRESSURE, which causes you to burn Power Points (PP) much faster than normal. If you rely on a specific move to keep your target legendary at bay, be sure you have a way to restore lost Power Points in the middle of the battle. Escape Rope is useful for after you catch a Pokémon, or if you decide you need more supplies before facing one. Use it within a cave or dungeon and you find yourself back at the surface. Super Repel is a wonderful tool. All wild Pokémon weaker than the level of your party leader will leave you alone. I say Super Repel instead of Max Repel because you get more steps of Repel action for your money with Super than you would out of Max. Max Repel is overpriced and you would be wasting money by purchasing it over Super Repel.

C. Bring the Right Pokémon to the Fight

An often overlooked part of preparation is your team. Obviously you want to ensure you have all the TMs and HMs you require to make it to the Legendary Pokémon, but you should also prepare your team for the Pokémon itself. Most of the time, it is obvious what type of Pokémon youre about to face (Regice being an Ice type, Groudon being a Ground type) and you should plan your defense according to what you will encounter. Think about type effectiveness, and bring Pokémon that are resistant to the types of attacks you will receive. In most situations, I supply Type 1 and Type 2 of each Pokémon, as well as the names of each attack it knows. This shall be a powerful tool if you follow the above advice and plan ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

This lists common questions that I receive from readers, and hopes to clarify such questions for future readers. Please be sure to read this section before you ask me a question through email or otherwise; it might just answer your question for you.

  • How do I get such-and-such cheat device? I am in such-and-such country.
    • WE DO NOT CONDONE THE USE OF CHEAT DEVICES. That aside, I do not know how you can get cheat modules if you are not in the U.S. or U.K. The two most popular devices, Gameshark and Action replay, may not allow such transactions. Please check their sites for more information:
Action Replay: www.codejunkies.com
Gameshark: www.gameshark.com
  • What are Pokémon Events?
    • These events vary in size and type, but typically Nintendo gives out free Pokémon for GameBoy Advance and DS Pokémon games. Previous events included Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Deoxys, etc. Such Pokémon are given in the form of TICKETS. The RAINBOW TICKET, for example, allows you to go to Navel Rock and catch Lugia and Ho-oh. These tickets are "handed" out wirelessly during the Events through the MYSTERY EVENT feature as the prize for attending. You have to catch the Pokémon yourself by going to the island with the ticket. Please remember that Nintendo no longer supports Events for the GBA games.
  • How do I get such-and-such Pokémon?
    • If the guide simply does not help you catch the Pokémon, or you just did not understand my walkthrough, I will be glad to help. If there is a Pokémon not covered in the guide (even if it is not a legendary) that you want to ask me about, by all means, do. I will help.


  ----  /  _ _ _   _/_ _    / )__/_ / '  _  / _   '_/_  ----
    -- (__(-(/(-/)(/(// (/ (__(//( /)//)(/ (__)(//(/(-  --
           _/           /              _/

Pokémon FR&LG takes place in the Kanto region, where winding caves and sprawling cities wait. Please remember that, if item balls can be found on the path to your legendary Pokémon, I will only mention the item balls that will not take you too terribly far from your path. You will have to explore the area yourself more thoroughly later if you wish to obtain them all.

Zapdos [E4/B]

The legendary bird of thunder, this Pokémon is hiding at the abandoned power plant. This area is infested with Electric Pokémon, including Magneton and Pikachu.



-PokéBalls: Ultra Balls (40+)

-Items: Paralyze Heal, Repel

Power Plant (Route 10)

To access the power plant, you will need to go to the Pokémon Center on Route 10 (Rock Tunnel) and travel north from the Pokémon Center. Push your way through the grass above the ledge, follow the fence to the west, and use SURF on the body of water to the north. Follow the body of water to the east, and then follow it to the south. Once you are able to land the shore to the south, proceed south and then west along the strip of land to find yourself just outside the Power Plant. Walk inside and save your game at the entrance.

From there, travel north and grab the MAX POTION item ball among the rocks. Proceed around the corner, around the S bend, and go east. After passing the walls, go south around the rocks. Continue around the bend leading south, but do not grab the item ball farther to the south unless you want to fight an Electrode. Head east, along the corridor, navigating around the strings of rocks. To obtain TM25 THUNDER, head south into the corridor along the southernmost wall where you see oil drums. Return north to your path and head east again, fending off the persistent Electric Pokémon. At the corridor's end, begin heading north along the eastern wall of the Power Plant. Do not be tempted by the Item Ball in the room directly north from the end of the passageway, because the one on the left side is really a level 34 Electrode. The item ball on the far right of the room is a THUNDERSTONE. Continue west, then north on your path to Zapdos. When the passageway ends, head south one room, then west. Head north one room, then west again to find yourself at the far top-left corner of the Power Plant. It would be wise to save your game at this point, just in case you knock Zapdos out (or it knocks you out). Proceed south into the darkly colored room and greet Zapdos, who replies with a screech and a battle.

Zapdos (Power Plant, Route 10)

Zapdos may take up to 45 Ultra Balls or more to catch, so prepare for a long battle. Make sure you brought Paralyze Heals or this will be a difficult battle. Once the battle is over, with Zapdos in hand, exit west from the Zapdos room to find a shortcut out of the Power Plant.

Capturing Zapdos

Though Zapdos is an Electric-type Pokémon, paralyzing it is still an option, if not an effective battle strategy. I find that above all other status effects, paralyzing appears to work the best against Zapdos. Be warned, however, as Zapdos knows DRILL PECK, a Flying-type move. I think an Electric Pokémon would be a good choice to use against Zapdos after you have its health whittled down to red, especially a Pokémon such as Magneton.

MOVE SETAttack Name - Type
Thunder Wave - ELECTRICAgility - PSYCHICDrill Peck - FLYINGDetect - FIGHTING

Articuno [B]

The legendary bird of ice, this Pokémon is isolated on the Seafoam Islands in the middle of the ocean.



-PokéBalls: Ultra Balls (20-30)

Locating Articuno

To get Articuno, you need to be at the Seafoam Islands! Fly to Fuchsia City, and head into the Pokémon Center. Heal up and get some strong Pokémon, especially those resistant to ICE type attacks. Exit the Pokémon Center and head directly south. SURF at the shoreline and continue south along the sea route. Head west upon arriving in Route 20. Continue west and land on the strip of land. Travel around to the west side of the island and enter the cave.

Seafoam Islands (Route 20)

Now, head north, and up the steps, grabbing the item ball near the ladder, containing ICE HEAL. Head back south to the entrance, then east. Get behind the boulder and use STRENGTH to push it into the hole. Go back to the ladder where you got the ICE HEAL, but do not go down the ladder yet. Rather, pass the ladder and head east. Go down the steps to encounter another boulder, hole, and ladder. Push the boulder down the hole, and then go down the ladder north of the hole to see the boulder you just pushed down, and another hole. Push the boulder down this hole too, and then go back up the ladder. Travel around, South, then North a bit, then west and go down the ladder. Go south a bit, and then follow the path. Go up the set of steps to the North, and then east until you run into an item ball containing a REVIVE. Continue west and then North, avoiding the ladder for now. Head east, then south, pushing the boulder down the nearby hole. Return north, and follow the path west and south. Head down the ladder you passed earlier. Go east and down the steps to the South. There is an item ball to the West, containing a BIG PEARL. Return east and go up the ladder, taking the nearby item ball for a WATERSTONE. Return down the ladder, then travel all the way East. Head down the ladder. Beneath you, you should notice several boulders and holes. This is where we must go. Travel east, south, east, and south, then down the steps to the west. This part is tricky; we need to push at least two of the boulders into the holes.

        |  |            KEY
 -------|  |            1-4: Boulders numbered from 1 to 4.
|     3 x21|-------       0: Holes.
|  4x                     X: Part of the rock barrier.
|  Ox O         ---     | -: Part of the wall barrier.
|xxxxxxxxxxxxx |

Push Boulder 4 down into the hole below it. Push Boulder 3 all the way against the West wall. Push Boulder 1 up against the North wall. Push Boulder 2 down ONCE. Go around the right side of the boulder and push it towards the hole, THREE times. Then walk around to the North side of the boulder and push it down once into the hole. Follow the boulder down the hole. Go northeast and land on the steps in front of you. Travel northeast until you find a sign and a ladder. Go up the ladder, and then up another ladder. Go down the steps to find another boulder. Push this one down the hole to the West, go back north, and down the ladder, and then back down the next ladder. Return southeast to go back to where you landed in the water. Use SURF to get on the water, and SURF west a bit. Save your game here, and then head north to discover an island with Articuno on it.

Articuno (Seafoam Islands)

Articuno is, by far, the easiest legendary bird to capture. My method was to body slam it with a level 41 Lapras (obtained at the SILPH CO.) until Articuno was weakened and paralyzed. I actually obtained Articuno quite quickly, using only two Ultra Balls; the first ball failed immediately, while the second ball nailed it. I'm sure that was only sheer luck on my part, but it should take only up to 25 balls to capture.

MOVESETAttack Name - Type
Mist- ICEAgility- PSYCHICMind Reader- PSYCHICIce Beam- ICE

Moltres [E4/B]

The legendary bird of fire, camped out on the top of Mt. Ember.



-PokéBalls: Ultra Balls (30-40)

Note on TM Requirement: ROCK SMASH will be obtained by following the walkthrough.

Locating Moltres

If you accepted Bill's offer after you beat Blaine on Cinnabar Island, then sail from Vermillion City to One Island and heal your team at the Pokémon Network Center to the north.


If you declined Bill's offer to help Celio on the Sevii Islands, then beat the Elite Four and then do the island side quests. Once that is done, come back and follow these instructions.

Now, exit the Network Center and head east to a body of water. Travel north along the body of water to arrive at Kindle Road. Continue north past the sign, past the three patches of grass, and deal with the Blackbelt trainers walking back and forth. After destroying them, enter the cave with a sign next to it (Ember Spa). Follow this path north (no wild Pokémon here), east, and north. Walk west and talk to the elderly man standing against the wall. He will talk about himself for a bit, then hand you HM06 ROCK SMASH. Shatters boulders like crackers, he says. All right then...walk to the center of the water to be fully healed, and then teach one of your Pokémon ROCK SMASH. Exit the spa and travel north to the body of water. Continue north along the water to reach the base of Mt. Ember.

Mt. Ember

Head north into the mountain/volcano. From here, you might want to talk to the Team Rocket members to the east. This will set the stage for your second island quest. Return to the entrance, and push the boulders out of your way. Continue north, then around to the east, then south. Break the two boulders blocking the first set of steps. Walk up the steps, then immediately turn left, travel west, and north to fight a Trainer. Dispatch your foe, and walk around him into the cave entrance he was guarding. Continue north into the next room, then northeast and up several flights of stairs. Now head east and south into the third room. Exit through the doorway to the south. Go west, then north up the steps. Get the items here if you want, but do not go south yet. Better yet, continue north up the narrow steps. Oh look, a boulder puzzle!

 XX  X
X 3  X
 X 21X
 XX   X

Push boulder 1 up, then boulder 2 left. Push boulder 3 left, and chase boulder 4 north and east. Save the game and continue north to face Moltres.

Moltres (Mt. Ember)

First of all, this birdie likes using AGILITY. It would make things considerably easier to put it to sleep. If you do not have that luxury, you will have to stick with paralysis. Secondly, I estimate 30 Ultra Balls will be needed to capture it, depending on your method. I notice it likes to use ENDURE as well, which guarantees that it will survive any hit with at least 1HP. If you can time a powerful attack just right, you might be able to leave Moltres with only 1HP left, which will make it even easier to capture. Keep in mind that Moltres FIRE SPIN keeps your Pokémon trapped for the duration of the vortex, so you will not be able to switch out your Pokémon if that move is in effect.

MOVESETAttack Name - Type
Agility - PSYCHICFlamethrower- FIREEndure- FIGHTINGFire Spin- FIRE


NameType 1/2AbilityLocation
ZapdosElectric/FlyingPressurePower Plant
ArticunoIce/FlyingPressureSeafoam Islands
MoltresFire/FlyingPressureMt. Ember

Mewtwo [E4]

The rogue child of Mew, this misunderstood experiment severely dislikes people (especially scientists). Mewtwo is hiding in the Cerulean Cave, which will only become available after you defeat the Elite 4 and complete the Network Center linking quest (obtaining the Ruby and Sapphire for Celio) on the Sevii Islands.



-PokéBalls: Ultra Balls (50)

-Items: Hyper Potion/Max Potion, Leppa Berries/Elixir/Ether, Revive, Escape Rope

Locating Mewtwo

Start in Cerulean City, and head north, crossing the Nugget Bridge on Route 24. After crossing the bridge, travel west, then south along the grass- covered path. You will reach a dead end here where the water meets the path; SURF along the water, following it along to the South along the turns and bends of the river. Before you reach the end, you will notice a patch of land, an entrance to cave. Hop onto the strip of land, and into the cave. From here, the dangerous path begins.


[LVs. 50-70] HIGH LEVEL POKÉMON LIVE IN THIS CAVE! Make sure you are prepared before you enter this area.

Upon entering the cave, travel north to the first body of water. SURF North, West, follow the bend to the West, then go all the way south, all the way west, then land on the area to the south with the rocks and item ball. The item ball contains a FULL RESTORE. Continue south and then head east and up the steps to the North. Follow the strip of land east, then North. Pass the large ladder and continue north, grabbing another item ball containing a MAX ELIXIR. Continue following this path west, then south, and follow the path until you reach an isolated ladder at the end. To get to Mewtwo from here, head West then south (then east) along the first fork in the road. Continue along this path until you reach another split. There are three paths at this point; go along the path farthest to the right. It will be down, right, and then North a bit. Once you cannot go North anymore, follow the path West until you reach a spot with ladder to the North. Go up the ladder. There is another ladder to the South here; go down it. Follow this path north a bit, then east, down the steps, east and north, and keep following the path, grabbing item balls along the way, until you reach a body of water. Save your game, then SURF on the water. A little ways west and north is a little island with Mewtwo. Be prepared for a harsh battle.

Mewtwo (Cerulean Cave, Route 24)

This is a considerably difficult battle. Mewtwo usually starts things off by using SAFEGUARD to protect itself from status effects. It consistently uses RECOVER when it is hurt, usually when it gets into the Yellow or Red zones. Mewtwo also unleashes a barrage of PSYCHIC and SWIFT attacks. Because of its level, it becomes difficult to match in terms of power or speed. Nintendo modified the AI on this monster since the old GBC games, and this time, they made Mewtwo quite brutal. With its combination of healing and devastation, it is fairly difficult to keep your Pokémon alive and Mewtwo the red zone at the same time.


NameType 1/2AbilityLocation
MewtwoPsychicPressureCerulean Cave
MOVESETAttack Name - Type
Recover- NORMALSwift- NORMALPsychic- PSYCHICSafeguard- NORMAL

Mew [E4/M]

This Pokémon was originally obtained through an event which is no longer available. It was provided through the Mystery Event feature as a Key Item, known as Old Sea Map. Upon displaying this to a ferryman, he would take you to Faraway Island, where you could chase a level 30 Mew around the tall grass, attempting to intercept its path to fight it. There are no known (legal) methods of obtaining Mew in the GBA versions of Pokémon.

The Legendary Dog Trio [E4/B]

You can only access the legendary dogs after you defeat the Elite 4. If you have ever tried to capture Latias or Latios in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald versions, this Pokémon hunt will seem vaguely familiar to you.


Only one of these Pokémon are available in the game, and which one you have access to shall be decided by your starter Pokémon.

Locating the Dogs

Unfortunately, the location of these Pokémon is entirely chosen at random. The Pokémon will be at a random spot somewhere on the main island or the Sevii Islands. Thats a lot of area to search. I have more bad news for you though: every time you enter or exit a building, fly to a new area, or move between routes, the Pokémons location changes. This means that it could show up at any point in time after beating the Elite 4, somewhere along a sea, grass, or mountain route. The trick to finding it is to run around and spark a few random battles, travelling back and forth along major routes until you get lucky and it appears. Keep in mind that if you fight one of the legendary dogs and you fail to capture it (unless you knock it out) you will be able to track its location and movement using your PokéDex.

Preparing for the Hunt

The legendary dogs are similar to Latias and Latios in the sense that they all run away at the first turn of battle. Therefore, capturing or disabling them is the only strategy available for these Pokémon. Your best options are disabling status effects or "blocking moves" and abilities. Status effects that will immobilize your enemy include Sleep, Freezing, and sometimes Paralyze. Two issues may arise from relying on status effects to prevent escape: Sleep and Freezing are not only difficult to inflict, but are temporary as well. Sleep will last about 3-5 turns and Freezing will last a random amount of turns (about a 30% chance that the victim will thaw out at the start of their turn). The issue with Paralyzing is that the enemy will only have a 70% or so chance of becoming immobile, with a major reduction in speed during the course of the paralyzed phase.

The strategy to remedy these problems, naturally, is to use blocking moves or abilities to your advantage. Moves like Block, Fire Spin, Bind, and Mean Look all prevent the opponents escape. Block and Mean Look prevent the foes escape as long as the user remains active (meaning if the user faints or switches out with another Pokémon, the effect is canceled and the enemy can escape during their next turn). Moves similar to Fire Spin, Wrap, and Bind will last for 3-5 turns and prevent the enemys escape for the duration of the move (as well as cause a small amount of damage per turn) and will not fade if the user faints or switches out. The last option is a Pokémon with a blocking ability (such as Wobuffets Shadow Tag) which prevent the enemys escape as long as the Pokémon remains in battle (similar to Mean Look or Block, with the exception of the ability always active rather than the need to use an attack).

As you can see, all of the above strategies have their benefits and flaws, so it is up to you, the reader, to decide which strategy you should useperhaps even combining the two strategies might give you an advantage, and added security in case something goes wrong. Keep in mind, however, that ALL of the above strategies, with the exception of Wobuffets Shadow Tag ability, require you to have a higher Speed rating than the enemy to work (or else the enemy will attack first, which will allow it to escape before you can even launch an attack). Furthermore, if you decide to use Mean Look, Block, or the Shadow Tag ability, keep in mind that if the Pokémon that triggered the move or ability faints or switches out, the trapping effect will no longer be active, which will allow the enemy to escape on its next turn.

There is another issue that all three know the move ROAR. This will force your Pokémon to flee, and the battle will end. You must protect yourself with a move such as Taunt to keep it from forcing a retreat. A glitch exists in Fire Red/Leaf Green where, if a roaming Pokémon uses ROAR to escape/flee, it will disappear, and you will lose your chance to capture it.


The legendary dog of thunder, Raikou.


-Choose Squirtle as starter Pokémon.

-Defeat the Elite 4 and gain access to the Sevii Island Ferry.

Be sure to take a look at the Preparing for the Hunt section above for details. Raikou is an Electric type; therefore, it uses powerful lightning attacks when it is unable to escape. Avoid using Flying and Water type Pokémon against it, and be careful with Ground attacks.


The legendary dog of fire, Entei.


-Choose Bulbasaur as starter Pokémon.

-Defeat the Elite 4 and gain access to the Sevii Island Ferry.

Be sure to take a look at the Preparing for the Hunt section above for details. Entei is a fire type; so, it uses strong fire-based attacks when it is unable to escape. Avoid Grass and Steel type Pokémon against it, and be careful with Ground- and Water-type attacks.


And the legendary dog of water, Suicune.


-Choose Charmander as starter Pokémon.

-Defeat the Elite 4 and gain access to the Sevii Island Ferry.

Be sure to take a look at the Preparing for the Hunt section above for details. Suicune is the Water type legendary that uses Water and Ice type attacks when unable to escape. Fire and Ground type Pokémon are at risk during this battle, and be careful using Electric- and Grass-type attacks against it.



Deoxys [E4/M]

Deoxys is a Psychic type Pokémon that is hiding on the triangle-shaped Birth Island.


-Auroraticket (Key Item)

-Ferry Access

Travelling to Birth Island

After obtaining an Auroraticket, travel to Vermillion City Docks and talk to the sailor standing by the Ferry Access. Two options will show for you, Sevii Islands and Birth Island. Select Birth Island, and exit the port you arrive at, and travel north up the steps and into the middle of the island, where you will see a small black triangle. If you press A on one of the triangles four sides (I know a triangle only has three sides, but you can stand around it at four different areas), it moves with some strange beeping noises, and slowly changes color. You will notice that sometimes it will move back to the center of the island and change back to black. What you need is a specific sequence to anger Deoxys enough to fight you. There are many correct sequences, but this one I have created here works for all of the GBA games.


Use this sequence:

Now that you have provoked Deoxys, its time to capture it!

Deoxys is only a level 30 Pokémon in this battle, so it shouldnt be too difficult to survive if you have Pokémon resistant to Psychic-type attacks. There isnt really a specific strategy to this; just the generic weaken and shower with PokéBalls. You may want to keep some PP restoring items close, as Deoxys Pressure ability will make you spend Power Points twice as fast as normal.

NameType 1/2AbilityLocation
DeoxysPsychicPressureBirth Island

Jirachi [E4/M]

Jirachi Was given out during a Pokémon event, so now it can only be obtained with a cheat device, by using an e-Reader Card, or from the Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc.

If you obtain the Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disk, once you complete the game, you can trade Jirachi from the Bonus Disc to your Ruby/Sapphire game. Jirachi is at level 45 when you transfer it from the GameCube.

NameType 1/2Ability
JirachiSTEEL/PSYCHICSerene Grace

Celebi [E4/M]

Celebi was given out in commemoration of the movie Pokémon 4 Ever, and was given out in an issue of Nintendo Power in the form of an e-Reader Card. Celebi can also be obtained from the Japanese Pokémon Colosseum bonus disc, in contrast to the English version of the Bonus Disc, which gives Jirachi.

NameType 1/2Ability
CelebiPsychic/GrassNatural Cure


                          ___        __
   ----   )__/_ _ _/ _/  (_  '  _/  /__)  / _ _      ----
     --  /  /(// (/  /() /  //)(/  /   ()/((-//)()/) --

This section lists hidden or hard to find Pokémon, giving you walkthroughs on how to obtain them. Keep in mind that we only give information for Pokémon that can only be found in specific or non-obvious areas. If you want information for a Pokémon not listed here, then email us for help.

Dunsparce [E4/B]

Locating Dunsparce: Dunsparce can only be obtained at the Three Isle Port. Once you defeat the Elite Four, sail to Three Island and investigate the cave to the east. Talk to the generous man near the end for a nugget. Free 5,000P, and a rare(ish) Pokémon. You can't go wrong there. Exit the cave to the south of him and run around for a while in the grass. The ONLY Pokémon you will encounter here is Dunsparce, and this is the only place you will find it.

NameType 1/2AbilityLocation
DunsparceNormalSerene Grace/Run AwayThree Isle Port


This is a decoder for the 26 letter English alphabet, plus a COMMA and PERIOD. This works with all of the Pokémon games for the GBA. This section will help you decipher the Braille displayed at the Dotted Hole and other places.

  | A| B| C| D| E| F| G| H| I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V|
- |. |. |..|..|. |..|..|. | .| .|. |. |..|..|. |..|..|. | .| .|. |. | -
- |  |. |  | .| .|. |..|..|. |..|  |. |  | .| .|. |..|..|. |..|  |. | -
- |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |..|..| -
  | W| X| Y| Z| ,| .|          VISUAL BRAILLE-> ENGLISH             |
- | .|..|..|. |  |  | The last two are COMMA and PERIOD.  These dots| -
- |..|  | .| .|. |..| can be found in Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf| -
- | .|..|..|..|  | .| Green, and Emerald Versions.                  | -


This section lists the change log for this guide; that is, the major changes that occur over the course of the guide's development process. Check through here to find out what has been updated between versions.

Before Release

07/27/2009 - Added Jirachi to the Pokémon list. Finished the Dunsparce location guide, and finalized formatting for the initial release.

After Release

10/14/11 Updated Jirachi section to explain the GameCube Bonus Disc in more detail.

10/22/11 - Applied format changes to comply with new features. Added Type information.

09/17/13 - Updated Raikou, Entei, and Suicune section -- a glitch exists that may cause problems with capture.

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and walkthrough generation. He also created the ideas and layout, and published the guide.

  • Vortexized helped gather information for several sections.


  • EPIC_FAIL999 contributed information about the ROAR glitch in Gen III's FR/LG, causing the roaming Pokémon to permanently disappear if ROAR was used.
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