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The Attack Failed, But it was powerful 10/12/05 A Friendly Cactus
Pokemon at its finest. Thank you, Nintendo. 02/01/04 AstralFire
"Gotta Catch 'em all!"...again...and again... 01/29/04 CAHowell
Ahhhhh the good old times but renewed 12/16/05 Darkstorm16
Way better than the originals, and possibly the best pokemon game yet...... 02/06/04 DarkWizardThree
My Review of Pokémon FireRed Version 01/18/05 DigimonMan03
Havn't I done this before? 06/08/06 Dragonslayerrrr
These Monsters are Exceptional 07/12/08 EdwardTiv
The "off" switch is a thing of the past. 02/16/04 EspMiles
Game Freak has done it again! 09/25/04 eviljecht90
Newbies would be better off choosing Ruby or Sapphire. 10/22/04 freshym
A trip down memory lane....but not without a few new surprises! 08/31/04 IceTorchic
Nintendo, You Lazy Monkeys...They're Called Original Ideas 09/21/04 James
Charizard! Light my FireRed! 09/16/04 Kelamon
Back to basic. 09/09/04 Link San
This is amazing! Nintendo finally is doing what I want! 02/01/04 Linkman 145
Hmmm...This Game seems awfully familiar... 01/29/04 Maxinator
Pokemon returns!? 08/04/06 Moonsummit
If everyone had a pokemon, there would be peace worldwide. 07/31/06 MrSty
Again? 09/14/04 Mykas0
Great game, Great idea. 06/16/08 notbob11
Simply one of the best remakes I have ever played.... 11/11/04 peach freak
A nostalgic blast from the past- Nice job Nintendo 11/09/04 PojoPooka
De Ja Vu...It's a good thing! 09/21/04 SiegTheKnight
Beautiful! Simply Beautiful! 01/30/04 Starkin Warrior
NINTENDO's Leech Life sucked money from CONSUMER's pockets 10/18/04 The Shining Wizard
Good try Nintendo,you just killed the best Pokemon Game. 02/01/04 TheEvilCubivore
Remaking a 8 year old game is bad. Remaking a 8 year old game badly, is a crime. 02/09/04 Wasabi X
It's better than slice bread! 08/31/07 zack6pack
Remaking a classic? Winnar!! 07/27/06 ZOMFGWTFBBQHAXR

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