How do i hack FireRed version?

  1. Can someone tell me how to hack Fire Red so i can get the Rare Pokemon because i didn't go to the Nintendo event so i want to get those Pokemon???

    User Info: tjkblaze13

    tjkblaze13 - 10 years ago


  1. I don't know the codes but I have a link. or
    They will probably have them.

    User Info: PokemonHero17

    PokemonHero17 - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. go to and download hack your Pokemon Fire Red Emerald ruby Saphire (for example:Advance Map can change the city and pokemon found on the route)

    User Info: haris900

    haris900 - 7 years ago 1   0
  3. First you need to by a cheat device like Gameshark or Action Replay. Then you need to find the codes online to put into the device unless the device has the desired codes pre set.

    User Info: Jvalant

    Jvalant - 5 years ago 1   0
  4. If you need more help than you should look up a Cheat FAQ in the bottom of the Hints and Cheats Section.

    It'll tell you what to do in detail and you only have to press ctrl + F and type in what you're looking for and it'll take you there.

    Hope this helps.

    User Info: MexicanWalrus

    MexicanWalrus - 9 years ago 1   1

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