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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Relle

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              _    _     _       _                _______                    
             | |  | |   (_)     (_)              (_______)                   
              \ \ | | _  _ ____  _ ____   ____    _____ ___   ____ ____ ____ 
               \ \| || \| |  _ \| |  _ \ / _  |  |  ___) _ \ / ___) ___) _  )
           _____) ) | | | | | | | | | | ( ( | |  | |  | |_| | |  ( (__( (/ / 
          (______/|_| |_|_|_| |_|_|_| |_|\_|| |  |_|   \___/|_|   \____)____)
          ___                                     _    _                  ___ 
         | . \ ___  ___ _ _  _ _  _ _  ___  ___ _| |_ <_> ___ ._ _   ___ | | '
         |   // ._><_-<| | || '_>| '_>/ ._>/ | ' | |  | |/ . \| ' | / . \| |- 
         |_\_\\___./__/`___||_|  |_|  \___.\_|_. |_|  |_|\___/|_|_| \___/|_|  
            _    _          ___            _     ___                          
          _| |_ | |_  ___  | . \ ___  _ _ | |__ | . \ _ _  ___  ___  ___ ._ _ 
           | |  | . |/ ._> | | |<_> || '_>| / / | | || '_><_> |/ . |/ . \| ' |
           |_|  |_|_|\___. |___/<___||_|  |_\_\ |___/|_|  <___|\_. |\___/|_|_|
    by Relle
    Winner of the May 2004 FOTM contest!
    Table of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Latest Updates
    3.  Frequently Asked Questions
    4.  Characters
    5.  Walkthrough
      5a. Chapter 1
      5b. Chapter 2
      5c. Chapter 3
      5d. Chapter 4
      5e. Chapter 5
      5f. Chapter 6
      5g. Chapter 7
      5h. Chapter 8
    6.  Card List
      6a. Hero Cards
      6b. Villain Cards
      6c. Card Data
    7.  Changes Made to Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
    8.  Revision History
    9.  Acknowledgements
    10.  Copyright Info
     1.  Introduction
    Why Shining Force?  Why not?  While I am out for blood in my hunt for a prolific
    review spot, I'm not always fond of writing FAQs because it slows down my game
    playing (gotta play a little, write some notes, play some more, etc.) I figured
    Shining Force is worthy of my efforts.  Not that my efforts are terribly
    outstanding in the first place.  In any case, Shining Force is one of my
    favorite titles, ever since a friend told me I was an idiot for selling my
    Genesis because I missed out on this game.  Yeah, well, I needed the money...
    Anyway, this is a spoiler-free walkthrough.  I'm here to tell you how to get
    through the battles of the game without telling you the intricate details of
    the plot.  I'm not going to include information on items or magic or weapons,
    because I'm a lazy bastard and you don't need to read up on all that technical
    crap when the game tells you what you need to know.  So in the immortal words
    of the Linux gurus, RTFM and enjoy.
     2.  Latest Updates
    1.37 - For some odd reason, I left out a small but crucial part in chapter 4.
    Well, it's added now.
     3.  Frequently Asked Questions
    Okay, I admit it, no one's asked me these questions personally, but I see a
    lot of them on the board, so I'm answering them here.
    Q.  How do I recruit Hanzou, Musashi, etc.?
    A.  Read the walkthrough.  I've detailed how to recruit every character,
    including the elusive Hanzou and Musashi.
    Q.  When should I promote my characters?
    A.  Some people on the board have tested this, and unlike Fire Emblem, the
    extra ten levels you get from promoting at level 20 don't mean much.  You
    gain the bulk of your end-game stats from your promoted levels.  However, if
    you have a character that can learn magic, you benefit most from waiting.
    Characters learn magic based on their level (1-40) so if you promote Tao at
    level 10, when she reaches promoted level 20 she'll be at level 30 overall,
    so any spell learned at level 40 will require you to get her to level 30
    promoted, which is not an easy task unless you spend a lot of time leveling up.
    In other words, wait till level 20 for magic users, and levels 15-20 for
    everyone else.
    Q.  How do I get [blank] card?
    A.  Read the appropriate section.  Every card in the game is covered, hopefully
    well enough that you have no problems getting them.
    Q.  What are the cards for?
    A.  Mawlock.  He can equip and use the various cards to gain certain abilities
    and powers.  You won't get to equip him with anything until he joins your
    party, though.
    Q.  What does Super Egress do?
    A.  Takes your party out of battle and restores everyone to full health and
    status.  It also revives dead characters, which saves you the money for
    raising them.
    Q.  What are the secret items?
    A.  There are three secret items that are basically costume changes for four
    of your female party members: Tao, Anri, Khris and Narsha.  Besides changing
    their outfit (and in Anri and Tao's case, giving you a healthy dose of T&A)
    they don't do anything.  Still, they're fun to have.
    Q.  What do the stat growth charts mean?
    A.  Those are an indication of the stat gains a character will have.  The red
    part shows whether they'll have low gains at first and high gains later on,
    steady gains throughout the game, or major gains early on, then even out later.
    Honestly, I think they're a bunch of crap.  It's all randomized anyway.
    Q.  What's different in the New Game+?
    A.  For one thing, you keep all the cards acquired in the last game, and Mawlock
    will join you before the first battle.  Also, the enemies will be slightly
    stronger and have a point or two more HP.  This effect is cumulative, meaning
    if you play through two or three New Game+'s, the enemies will become much
    more powerful.
    Q.  How do I get the Teeny Bikini?
    A.  Now, that has been a conundrum for me, because this FAQ only covers the
    initial play-through, and the costume for Tao/Narsha can only be acquired after
    receiving every card, which means it can only be gotten during a New Game+.
    To get this elusive costume, complete the above requirements (get every card)
    and start a New Game+.  The first card you get in this New Game+ will be
    followed by the Teeny Bikini.
     4.  Characters
    Here I will give a summary of the characters.  Unlike other FAQ writers, I 
    won't give a numerical rating on a ten-point scale (or any scale, for that
    matter) because judging someone like that is rather arbitrary, and I'm bad
    at that sort of rating anyway.  Characters will be listed in the order you
    meet them and not by class, but I will refer each character to their proper
    class in the summary.
    Max - This guy's your main character.  You can name him anything you want
    (I called him Rend) but I will refer to him as Max.  As a Swordsman, he is,
    of course, one of your best warriors.  He has great stat growth across the
    board, though according to his charts his attack, defense and speed stats
    start out low and end up high.  Either way, he will be your main guy
    throughout the game, both for his abilities and his Egress spell to take you
    out of the battle.
    Ken - This guy's your first Knight.  He's got a two-square attack range
    thanks to his spear, and while he's not as strong as your hero, he's got
    decent power to start out and should be one of your frontline force till
    you get some flying creatures.
    Tao - Your first Mage.  She's invaluable throughout the game, though she
    becomes outclassed in terms of stats later on.  She learns Blaze 2 at level 4,
    which means she'll have the first area effect spell for a while.  While she's
    not the best of her class, she is very strong and can easily wipe out groups
    of enemies that have foolishly clustered themselves together.  Just make sure
    to watch her MP.
    Hans - A Swedish Archer?  Okay.  This guy's pretty fast, but has low defense
    and attack at about par with Ken.  His bow is his main draw (har har) since
    he can attack from a distance while your melee fighters close in for the kill.
    His charts give him fast growth in HP, attack, and defense, but he'll never
    be strong enough to be more than a support fighter.
    Luke - Luke, I am your...bah, I can't pull that off.  Luke is a Warrior, and
    is the strongest character you'll have for a while.  In terms of pure attack,
    he can easily outclass most of your allies.  However, he's slow as a brick,
    so by the time his turn comes up, either your allies have beaten all the
    enemies, or they've trampled you.
    Lowe - Your first Healer, Lowe is essential.  While his healing magic can't
    affect an area till much later in the game, he's a good substitute for healing
    herbs and such.  However, since he'll gain his XP mainly from healing, he'll
    likely be behind the rest of your party in levels unless you're regularly
    getting pounded, in which case you need to level up your party.
    Gong - One of the 'secret' characters, Gong has decent stats across the board,
    but he hasn't got much more attack power or HP than Ken or Hans.  He gains
    stats pretty evenly and even has some magic resistence going for him, but he's
    eventually outclassed by later and more powerful allies.
    Gort - Another Warrior class, this guy is a semi-secret character that may join
    after the second battle if you do...something.  He's got better defense than
    Luke and similar attack strength, but almost identical speed.  Basically, he's
    a frontline guy to both absorb damage and dish it out.  However, he's also like
    Luke in that his slow speed and movement rate will likely make him a waste of
    space in large battlefields.
    Mae - Your second Knight, Mae is a slightly more powerful version of Ken with
    less HP.  She seemed to gain stats sporadically for me, with some level gains
    being sparse, while periodically she would get a huge boost to her stats and
    suddenly become incredibly powerful.
    Khris - Another Healer.  In terms of stats she's comparable to Lowe (after all,
    they're both dedicated Healers) but what sets her apart is the Aura 2 spell
    she'll eventually learn.  Area healing > Lowe's fat ass.
    Narsha - A Shaman, she's a brand-new character you'll use in the chapter
    epilogues until she joins your main force.  She starts off very weak, but she
    has incredible stat gains early on that make her a force to be reckoned with.
    Combine that with Attack, Aura, Boost, and Step magic, and she's quite a
    fighter.  While her stat gains taper off the higher her level, she's still
    a great asset.
    Zuika - This guy's an Assassin.  Initially he's quite powerful, but he doesn't
    have as many stat gains as Narsha, and is eventually dwarfed by her.  However,
    he has a secret.  Once he's promoted and his HP drops below 25%, he will change
    and his attack power, attack range and movement rate will double.  Yes, double.
    Booyah.  The only downside to this is the obvious: to get these boons, you have
    to keep him near-death, and his defense is the 
    Anri - She's the second Mage you'll pick up, and while Tao uses fire spells,
    she uses Freeze.  She learns up to level 4 in Freeze, plus Blaze 2 and Bolt 1.
    Arthur - Arthur's kind of a mixed bag.  He's a Knight that can learn magic
    (Bolt 1) and his stats aren't that great.  He's above-average as a fighter,
    but there are better Knights to be had, even with Bolt.  Earnest and Mae will
    likely end up stronger, depending on random stat gains.
    Balbaroy - While he will be your first flying unit, he's not that strong.
    His big draw is that he can use Swordsman weapons, meaning any weapon your hero
    can equip, he can too.  While that gives him a stronger range of weaponry,
    there are other, stronger, flying units that will help you out more over the
    long haul.  Until you get them, however, he'll do fine.
    Amon - Much like her husband, Amon's biggest asset is her flying power.  She
    can be strong in terms of attack, but she'll often be shot out of the sky
    before too long.
    Diane - She's your other Archer, and very similar to Hans in terms of stats.
    Neither one is very useful when you consider you have knights that can attack
    from two squares away.  Later in the game when you get bows with better range,
    she and Hans become useful again, but until then you'd be better off with
    someone else.
    Zylo - This guy's a powerhouse.  He'll be one of your strongest warriors for
    a while, until later in the game when you get the really fantastic people,
    then he's just a god among gods.  Use him as much as you can, and he won't
    disappoint you.
    Mawlock - He's a Cardmaster, and the final new party member added to the GBA
    version.  His strength is entirely dependent on the cards you provide him
    with, so it's hard to give an accurate assessment.  His stats aren't anything
    fantastic, but if you can get the more powerful cards in the game, he'll become
    extremely useful.  Many of his cards will damage all enemies or turn an ally
    into a flying unit, or give them an extra turn, so if you can get the better
    cards, give him a try.
    Pelle - While he starts out with great stats, he doesn't end up very strong.
    Basically, he's yet another average Knight.
    Yogurt - This little critter sucks.  Seriously.  He's the worst character in
    the game, and this is confirmed by everyone who plays it.  Check his stats.
    All 1's.  If you should happen to level him up by some miracle, you'll get
    the Yogurt Ring, which turns any character who equips it into a Yogurt.  In
    other words, if you should happen to be cursed with this pile of walking crap,
    don't ever use him.
    Vankar - Vankar's in the same boat, though there are some people who swear
    he becomes uber if you level him up.  Considering the stat gains are random,
    it could just be luck.
    Kokichi - This guy not only flies, he can use spears!  He's your only Winged
    Knight, which is good because if there were more of them, the regular Knights
    would become obselete.  He's a decent warrior if you can level him up a bit,
    and he's much better than a certain other pair of flying units...
    Guntz - This guy's your tank.  He's a Steam Knight and can't move very far,
    but he's got high attack, defense and will steamroll over anything in his path,
    but until you find an item to increase his movement rate (Step won't do for
    extended battles) he might not get any action unless the rest of your forces
    hold back.
    Domingo - He's...a Magic Egg?  His attack power is absolute crap to start out,
    but not only can he fly, he has a ton of magical power.  Don't underestimate
    him just because he sounds like a Pokemon, he can dish out a lot of damage
    with his spells, and he's capable of taking quite a few hits, both magical
    and otherwise.
    Earnest - Another Knight, he will eventually become very powerful if you take
    the time to level him up.  As I recall, he wasn't that strong in the original
    game...go figure.
    Hanzou - He's a Ninja, and a damn good one!  He's one of the game's 'god'
    characters, meaning he'll be kicking ass from the moment you get him.  Great
    stats across the board, and he'll even learn a little magic, including the
    very nice Desoul spell.
    Lyle - He's an 'Assault Knight,' which basically means he's a centaur who uses
    bows.  He only has the movement range of a regular Archer, though (only 5 as
    opposed to a Knight's 8) so he's not as special as you might think.  He's
    about on par with Diane and Hans, so just take your favorite along.
    Musashi - Wow, a Samurai!  He's another 'god,' and it really shows when you
    first find him.  He starts out unpromoted with an attack of nearly 50, and he
    just gets stronger...and stronger.  His only downside?  His movement range is
    only 5.  Pretty lousy for a melee fighter.  If you should find a turbo pepper,
    give it to him immediately and he'll totally destroy everything in his path.
    Bleu - Bleu is the one and only Dragon you'll get, and in the original Shining
    Force he was the game's 'super character.'  He had it all: attack, defense,
    speed, flight...now there's a chance he'll be beaten with the nerf bat.  I say
    a chance, because many people report Bleu ended up with low attack and high
    defense, but again, I say a chance because I ended up with a powerful Bleu.  In
    the end, it's the dreaded stat randomizer that'll determine the fate of your
    plucky little dragon, but you should at least spend some time raising him
    proper just in case he becomes a dragon god.
    Torasu - Just as Khris is Lowe's replacement as a healer, so is Torasu Khris'
    replacement.  He will eventually learn Aura 4, literally the best healing magic
    in the game.  While stat-wise he isn't anything spectacular, he is the best
    healer you'll have alongside Narsha.  Unfortunately, he comes in very late in
    the game and is at level 16 unpromoted, which is the same promoted level most
    of your characters will likely be at.
    Alef - Sweet, a foxgirl Mage.  Tao's specialty is Blaze, Anri's is Freeze, and
    by process of elimination, Alef's is Bolt magic.  She'll learn up to Bolt 4
    and the useful Desoul spell, making her the best Mage in the game in terms of
    sheer firepower.  Her only downside is the same as Torasu's: she requires a
    lot of training in a relatively short amount of time.
    Adam - In the original he was quite powerful, and in this one he's not too
    bad.  However, you get him so late in the game it's pointless to waste time
    leveling him up when you've already got a team of skilled fighters laying
    waste to the enemy.
     5.  Walkthrough
     5a. Chapter 1 - Runefaust Invasion
    As you start out, you'll be treated to a little intro battle between Max and
    his instructor.  When you get control, go inside the house and talk to Lowe,
    then go back out again (kinda have to, fatass Lowe is blocking the way) and
    you'll officially be in chapter 1!  Wander around town and talk to the folks
    if you want, and push the cart out of the way to get to another area.  You
    have no money, so go up to the castle and speak with the king and his buddies.
    After that, leave for town, then be stopped by a soldier and taken to your
    headquarters to meet up with your first troops, fatass Lowe included.  If you
    want, you can talk to your new troops in the HQ and they should eventually
    hand over their cards.  If they don't, those cards are either found later, or
    the bastards are holding out on you.  Either way...
    If you haven't already, get your money from the king and buy an herb or two,
    sticking them with the people you think will most get their asses handed to
    them in the middle of a battle (Lowe...)  Once you're ready, leave and be
    escorted to the Gate.  Immediately retreat from the battle and go to the
    small hut near the shrine.  If you didn't save with the priest in Guardiana,
    you'll automatically appear in the hut.  Talk to the monk outside and he'll
    join your force.  Enter the cabin and speak with the woman to get Gong's card.
    Now, save with the old man inside and hit that Gate once again!
     Battle 1 - Shaking Things Up
    Goblin 5x
    Dark Dwarf 2x
    Rune Knight
    Card:  #34 Rune Knight - Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    This battle is pretty simple, even if you didn't get Gong.  Make use of Tao's
    Blaze spell to weaken the Rune Knight before going in with your hero and Luke.
    The goblins aren't a challenge, though the Dark Dwarves will do some serious
    damage to your support fighters like Hans.  This is the first battle of the
    game, so take advantage of Max's Egress spell to warp out and come back in.
    You retain XP even when you retreat, so you can use this battle to level up
    a little.
     Clear Bonus: 8 Turns
     250 Gold
    This section is for meeting the clear bonus.  For this battle, it's simple.
    Just pound on the enemies.  Leave and return at levels 2-3 to beat it in
    four or less turns.
    === End Battle ===
    Now then, when you regain control, leave and you'll immediately go into
    another battle.
     Battle 2 - The Road's Blocked!
    Goblin 6x
    Dark Dwarf 3x
    Rune Knight 2x
    See, this is why you leveled up in the last battle.  The goblins are once
    again of no consequence, so steamroll over them and worry about the dwarves
    and knights.  Those are just as strong as before, and hopefully you're
    stronger now.  If not, practice on the goblins, then use Egress, etc.
     Clear Bonus: 12 Turns
    This one's a little tougher because you have to travel farther and through
    the mountains.  Just let your fastest people through and slam on the enemy
    relentlessly.  Use Egress if you need to, but quite honestly this sword is
    not worth the effort, unless you want to sell it for spare cash.
    === End Battle ===
    Go to Guardiana and take a look around.  Much destruction...go into the
    tavern and talk to Gort to get him to join up, then hit the shops if you
    really want to.  They have nothing new in terms of weaponry.  It's basically
    all the stuff your allies are already equipped with, so buy herbs if you
    need and otherwise save your money.  Go down the stairs in the house at the
    left corner of town and talk to the woman there for Gort's card.  Spiffy.
    Visit the castle again and watch the action, after which Mae will eventually
    join up with you.  Hurray, two Knights!  Now then, you can buy her a spear to
    replace her lance, but the spear has a lower attack rating, so it's your call.
    To the left of the castle is a storeroom that was previously blocked by a
    sentry.  That sentry is fairly busted up now, so you can take the treasure,
    which includes a DEF and Power Potion, some regular items and the Rousing Ring,
    an item that will prevent the sleep status.  Equip it on your hero immediately.
    The potions will permanently increase their respective stat by 1-2, but it's a
    random gain.  Find a priest and save before you use it, and if you only get 1,
    reset and try again.  Yeah, it's a little cheap, but so what?  Those things are
    rare and valuable.  Give it to whoever you think needs it, but I usually hand
    them to my weaker characters to balance out the party.  
    When you're ready, leave Guardiana and attempt to head north.  You will, of
    course, be thrown into a battle.
     Battle 3 - Eek, I Have Bats in my Hair!
    Giant Bat 5x
    Dark Dwarf 5x
    Rune Knight 5x
    Such orderly numbers of enemies.  The game suggests that you can distract
    the enemy and just have Max enter Alterone to end the battle, which is a
    nice idea, but you can kill every enemy and still get the clear bonus easily.
    The only thing to watch out for is the bats.  They have annoyingly high
    evasion and can put your characters to sleep, so if someone is conked out,
    make sure to protect him/her.
     Clear Bonus: 10 Turns
     400 Gold
    I actually got this one the first time without trying.  Send a couple guys
    over to the side to take care of the bats, and have the rest of your forces
    just plow on through to Alterone.  The bats up top will close in once you get
    close, making them easy pickings for your main force.
    === End Battle ===
    On to Alterone!  This place has some new equipment, but nothing terribly good.
    They sell the middle sword here, so buy one for those who can use it and will
    benefit from it.  Talk to Mishaela near the entrance for your fortune...
    cryptic, is it not?  Yeah, not.  There are a bunch of chests with some nice
    stuff around town, including a free middle sword!  Just explore everywhere,
    only one chest requires some thought.  Once you're done gathering up stuff,
    check out the chest in the middle of the river.  See the woman nearby?  Go
    to the east of her (to the right, for those directionally challenged) and
    you'll find a cart.  Shove that cart at her, then talk to her.  She'll push
    you into the river and you'll come up on the small island with the chest.
    It is...a Power Potion!  Once you're all done in town, go up to the castle.
    Another treasure trove awaits you here, all spread out along the first floor.
    In the northwest corner you'll find a bevy of chests granting you another
    middle sword and a Life Loaf!  This item is similar to the Power Potion and
    increases your max HP by 1-2.  Again, save before you use it and give it
    to whoever has the least HP...or just power up your hero.  Go down the stairs
    to the southwest of the many chests to see a scene, then go back up and speak
    with the king.  He'll go to the northeast, and you should follow.  Before you
    go down the stairs, go all the way to the left for a chest with a wooden
    staff you can sell for money, then follow the king.
    Talk to Mr. Skullhead to further the game, then when you regain control, talk
    to the priest and save your game, then speak to the bars.  Khris will come by
    and free you, then join your party.  Go down the stairs and follow the path
    to your HQ and a battle.
     Battle 4 - Alterone Under Attack
    Giant Bat 4x
    Dark Dwarf 4x
    Rune Knight 4x
    Sniper 2x
    Dark Mage
    Oh, they're out in force this time!  The snipers and dark mage are a new
    opponent and should be treated cautiously, but the knights and dwarves are
    nothing special anymore.  The bats should still be feared for their sleep
    effect, but if you can take them out quick, you should have no trouble.  Try
    to be at levels 5-6 by the time you complete this battle.
     Clear Bonus: 12 Turns
     Jagged Flash
    The problem with this battle is that the objective is to defeat all the enemies
    and they're spread out all over town.  If you listened to the guy giving advice
    in your HQ, then you'll know what to do.  Split your team in two, putting fatass
    (Lowe) with one team and Khris with the other.  The team going off to the right
    will meet more opposition initially, but the team going straight will have to
    deal with the knights and snipers.  Make your own judgments on this, since
    you'll have to make more difficult decisions later on.
    === End Battle ===
    Afterwards, go up to the castle.  Talk with Khris' admirer to get her card,
    then speak with the king.  The dragon statue, you say?  No kidding!  Go examine
    it and go through the passage that opens up, and you'll be treated to an
    epilogue.  It's just a bunch of cutscenes, so don't worry about what you should
    do until you're in battle.
     Epilogue Battle 1 - A Princess in Danger
    G. Scorpion 2x
    G. Rat 4x
    G. Spider 3x
    Dark Mage
    Don't worry about fighting, you're not meant to beat all the enemies with
    just Narsha.  Eventually Zuika will arrive and THAT is how you are meant
    to beat up the enemy.  Zuika is level 6 and can kill every enemy with one
    hit, plus he has enough defense to only take one damage per attack...except
    for magic.  So here's how you do this: take Narsha and go to the left.  Don't
    go right, because a dark mage is waiting for you.  While Narsha fights the
    two rats, Zuika should clear out the spiders and rats up top, opening chests
    as you see fit.  It's mostly healing herbs and other curatives, which is good
    because you need them.  Narsha will do only 6 or so damage to the rats, so
    expect to use up four turns killing them, and you should have only Narsha kill
    them, as she needs the XP.  She will get massive stat gains on level-up, so
    you'll want to take the time.  To beat this level, you only have to kill the
    dark mage.  Obviously, using Zuika for this task is the best method.
    === End Battle ===
     5b. Chapter 2 - Spirit of the Holy Spring
    You're now in Rindo, so play nice.  For some ungodly reason, the only new
    weapon in the shops is a staff for your magic-users.  It gives them a great
    attack rating, but it's also very expensive, and if you're using your magic
    users as front line attackers, you're doing something wrong.  Check out the
    playhouse for a fairly skewed view of your forces.  Go to the storehouse in
    the northeast corner of town for a speed ring, then talk to the guy near
    the docks.  Now go north to the big house and talk to the old guy.  You can't
    get a boat, but rather directions to the next town.  Buy what you need and
    save, then leave.  Battle time!
     Battle 5 - Oh No, the Undead!
    Giant Bat 4x
    Dark Dwarf 3x
    Zombie 4x
    Sniper 2x
    Dark Mage 3x
    New monster here, zombies.  I hate zombies.  The rest you've dealt with
    before and should know how to handle (stabby stabby!) but the zombies are
    tough sons of bi--well, they're tough.  They have about double the defense
    against regular attacks that the other monsters have, they're incredibly strong
    and cause poison, plus they're backed up by a couple Blaze 2-casting dark
    mages.  Caution is recommended, and if you can get Tao up there to cast a
    little Blaze 2 action of her own, so much the better.  Let your strongest
    warriors be on the front lines to absorb hits, and have your healers ready
    at a moment's notice.  Forget about your centaurs, though.  The desert will
    reduce their movement rate to squat, so they won't be able to get in the fray
    till it's too late.  If your hero is poisoned, get Lowe in there with a Detox
     Clear Bonus: 18 Turns
     Doll Hater
    There's a reason you've got 18 turns: the battlefield is huge and you can't
    always move quickly.  The dwarves blocking the bridge are the biggest problem,
    because you can only fit one melee fighter in there and ideally, Tao.  Get
    her in there with Blaze 2 to kill off those bastards, then troop your forces
    up and out.  Just go straight up the center and the enemies on the side will
    close in, making them easy pickings.  While you should be able to get by the
    bridge in four or five turns, the real reason for the 18-turn limit is the
    desert.  It slows you down something fierce.  Just keep pushing, and you
    should reach the final opposition soon.  The turn limit isn't terribly hard
    to meet; I did this battle in 17 turns, but I ended up with a lot of people
    poisoned and near-death.
    === End Battle ===
    Yay, new town!  Go straight up to meet with Anri, and after a cutscene, she'll
    join up with you!  Congratulations, your second mage!  Now, go to the northeast
    and into the library and talk to the mage by the strange statue...thing.  Talk
    to him until he tells you about an egg in the statue.  Examine said statue to
    get the Domingo egg.  Stick it in a safe place and we'll get to it later.  Also
    check the bookshelves for Anri's card.  Now, take the stairs up.  Go down and
    talk to the mage to be turned into a chicken!  Yikes!  You can't go back, so
    go up.  Ignore Arthur (he doesn't say anything to you as a chicken) and keep
    going up till you reach an area with a walkway going to the west.  Push the
    mage there down the slide, then follow and go downstairs.  See that guy
    blocking your way?  Talk to him (as a chicken) and he'll let you past to see
    a VIP mage who will turn you back to normal.  What was the point of all that,
    you ask?  Well, open that chest you see and you'll get Tao's card!  ...yeah,
    kinda stupid, but hey, at least you had fun as a chicken.  Now then, go back
    to where you first met Anri and go through the door she was blocking.  Talk
    to Otrant, then go down the stairs to the north.  Keep going down until you
    reach a battle.
     Battle 6 - Eek, More Undead!
    Giant Bat 5x
    Zombie 3x
    Sniper 2x
    Dark Mage 4x
    Card:  #35 Skeleton - Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
    More undead...a skeleton, this time.  While this battle looks simple on paper,
    take a look around the map.  See all those dark mages?  They're bastards.
    Because there are a couple zombies right where you start, use this battle to
    power up Anri to level 7, along with the rest of your crew.  The monsters on
    the way to the skeleton are all those you've met before, so plow right through
    them.  When you get to the end, group your forces together outside the mage's
    spell range (they won't move until you get in close) then rush them all at
    once.  You want these mages to be dead before they can triple-cast Blaze 2 and
    wipe out your troops.  The skeleton is a level 17 monster, so let Tao and
    newcomer Anri Blaze him to death.  Don't try to kill him with physical attacks,
    he'll only take 2-3 damage from most of your fighters, and he hits like an
    undead truck.
     Clear Bonus: 10 Turns
     500 Gold
    This one is fairly easy.  There's no tricks or shortcuts to this battle, so
    just kill the enemy as fast as you can.  Make sure to use spellcasters against
    the skeleton at the end to save time.
    === End Battle ===
    Now then, before you open the chest that magically appeared, go around the
    cave and snatch all the treasure you saw on your way to the skeleton.  You
    could've gotten it all during the battle, but there's no point since you can
    get it now anyway.  Equip the power ring on your weakest front-liner, which
    should be either Mae or Ken.  Grab the Orb of Light and leave the cave, then
    go north to the eye door.  Keep going up to meet the Spirit of the Spring.
    She'll fill you in on some backstory and tell you to go to Metapha.  Now
    leave, talk to Otrant, and before you leave town, go back and talk to Arthur
    to get him to join up with you.  Go back to Rindo (no battle on the return
    trip) and go to the guy by the boat.  He'll tell you to talk to the mayor, so
    do that.  His house is to the north.  The mayor will ask you to find his son,
    and since that nets us a boat, we'll do it.  Now, talk to the turban-wearing
    guy near the docks that's blocking the path to have him move.  Go inside the
    tent for a battle!
     Battle 7 - The Puppets are Alive...
    Mannequin 3x
    Giant Bat 3x
    Evil Puppet 3x
    Dire Clown 2x
    Card:  #36 Marionette - Gort must deliver the finishing blow.
    Dig that great music!  This is the battle you've been preparing for with all
    the leveling, and if you haven't gotten up to at least 7, practice on the
    mannequins until you fight for real.  While the enemies aren't terribly
    numerous, the Marionette is your first real boss.  Let's put it this way:
    it can cast Freeze 4, which will very nearly kill anyone it hits.  Yeah.
    Level up to 8 on the regular enemies if you haven't already, then assault
    the stage.  The clowns won't move unless you attack them or get close, similar
    to the mages of the last fight.  The puppets will cast Freeze 1, which can take
    off 10 HP, so be careful.  Once you've got the normal enemies dead, regroup
    and prepare to hit the Marionette with everything you've got, all at once.
    Make sure your healers are ready to keep your hero healthy, and don't be
    afraid to lose someone to Freeze 4.
     Clear Bonus: 8 Turns
     Zombie Charmer
    Your priority here is mostly to survive the Marionette, but the doll enemies
    can hit hard and poison you, so that might slow you down.  Bear in mind you
    only have to defeat the boss to win, so ignore the regular enemies as much
    as possible and rush the stage.  The Marionette actually has less defense than
    the clowns, so let your heavy hitters in there first to chip away at its HP.
    Your hero will do huge amounts of damage to it, but if he's hit with Freeze 4,
    he'll likely be dead or close to it.
    === End Battle ===
    Congrats, you saved the mayor's son!  Go back inside the tent and grab all
    those chests you saw, then talk to the mayor to finally get your boat!  Go
    down to the docks and board, and...well, at least you saved the mayor's son.
    Go talk to the mayor again, then his son, then leave Rindo.  See how that
    wall north of Rindo has opened up?  Follow the path north to Shady Abbey.
    Inside, talk to Amon, then go in the Abbey and talk to whoever you want.
    Creepy place...  Well, Balbaroy's card is hidden in one of the bookshelves on
    the ground floor, so pick it up before doing anything.
    Make sure you've saved before going to the chapel.  You'll see why soon.  When
    you're ready, go up to the chapel (it's straight north, big building, you can't
    miss it) and talk to Balbaroy.  Whoops, it's battle time!
     Battle 8 - Dead Things Walking
    Zombie 6x
    Skeleton 3x
    Card - #37 Ghoul - Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    You can't retreat from this battle, which is why a saved game is handy.
    If you got the Zombie Charm from the last battle, make sure it's equipped to
    one of your mages.  Take out the zombies on the right first, then focus your
    attention on the ghoul and skeletons.  While the zombies and their damn poison
    may complicate things, this isn't a very difficult battle.
     Clear Bonus: 8 Turns
     1000 Gold
    Honestly, this is too easy for me to bother with a detailed strategy.  About
    the only thing I can recommend is hope that the skeletons bunch themselves up
    when they move away from the ghoul like they did in my game so you can Blaze 2
    their asses and make them easy pickings for your warriors.  Don't bother with
    magic against the ghoul, it's immune to ice and resistant to fire.  Just mop
    up here and get your 1000 gold.
    === End Battle ===
    Immediately Amon and Balbaroy will join the Shining Force!  Yay, your first
    flying units!  If you need to decide who to take into battle, swap out Hans
    because he's a damn weakling.  Anyway, you won't be able to do anything yet,
    since that last battle was the last of the chapter.  Here we go again with
    the epilogue...
    Watch the cutscene until it's time to fight.
     Epilogue Battle 2 - City Fighting
    Outlaw 7x
    Card:  #38 Gobgovitch - Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.
    As you can see, you're plainly outnumbered.  Use Narsha's attack magic to buff
    Zuika, then charge through the throng.  Once Narsha hits level 3 she'll learn
    Aura 1, which will greatly increase your chances of winning.  Whatever you do,
    don't let Narsha near the Kraken, because it will likely kill her in one hit.
    Use Zuika and have Narsha use either Aura or a healing item if you have one.
    After you kill the Kraken and before you cross the bridge, go down and snag the
    healing seed and DEF potion, and make sure to give the heavy mace the Kraken
    drops to Narsha, because it makes her ungodly powerful.  Use the DEF potion on
    Narsha if you feel lucky, and pray for a 2-point increase.  Finally, let Zuika
    cross the bridge first to deal with the outlaws, then have him and Narsha pound
    on the 'boss,' Gobgouitch until he falls.
    === End Battle ===
     5c. Chapter 3 - Secret Weapon of Runefaust
    We open in Bustoke, land of...what is this the land of, anyway?  Well, it looks
    to be a land of mountains.  The weapons shop FINALLY has new stuff for your
    front-liners with the power spear for your Knights and the middle axe for your
    warriors.  If you don't have enough money, sell off some of your swag from
    past battles.  Once you're done outfitting your party, go all the way to the
    west and go up into the house there.  Talk to Diane's mother, then Diane, and
    you'll have a new archer!  Congrats!  Now go through the door to the immediate
    right and talk to...Diane's mother...about Zylo.  Go north to the outdoors,
    then west and south down the stairs and talk to...Diane's mother...about Zylo
    again.  There's no point to this in terms of advancing the game, but really,
    what was Sega thinking, making Diane have three lesbian mothers?  Mmmm...
    (Note that the above was drawn from a mistranslation in the European version of
    the game, which this walkthrough is based on.  I am, in fact, American, but the
    European version came out first, so that's what I used to write this.  If you
    have the American version, you'll notice the three women are properly marked as
    Diane's Aunt and Cousin.)
    Okay, perverted thoughts aside, go to the right of the weapons shop and you'll
    notice the girl blocking the path is now wandering around.  What a ditz.
    Anyway, go that way and into battle.
     Battle 9 - Quarry Quarrel
    Skeleton 8x
    Dark Mage 2x
    Dark Elf 4x
    Dark Priest 4x
    Master Mage
    This is your first battle where you'll have to select who fights and who stays
    behind.  I'll only be giving advice on this aspect of the game when you'll
    really need a particular person's skills.  Otherwise, use your own judgement.
    Personally, I swapped out Hans for Diane and Arthur for Balbaroy.
    As for the battle, you've got your classic undead (eek!) combined with mage
    power and three new foes, dark elves and priests and the new lizardman.  The
    elves are strong, and give great XP just for damaging them, so feel free to
    use them to gain a level or two.  For the most part all you have to do is get
    through the mass of enemies on the east side (near the elves) then survive
    the Master Mage and his cohorts.  No Freeze 4 this time, but instead Freeze 2,
    so don't bunch up your forces.  Kill off the nearby priest first, or he'll
    heal Master Mage.  The lizardman isn't a cause for much concern as long as
    you use your warriors against him.
     Clear Bonus: 15 Turns
     Elf Slayer
    While this map looks big, it isn't that hard to traverse.  As long as you
    trash the big group to the east in due time, you'll be able to get this
    bonus with time to spare.  Just don't let Master Mage take advantage of you.
    === End Battle ===
    First off, go inside the cave and get the Moonstone.  Now I'm going to guide
    you to one of the hidden items in the game.  Trust me, it'll be worth it.
    Now, you remember where the dark elves were situated?  Go there.  See the
    little semicircle of grass that's poking into the cliff?  Press A in that
    area to get the Maid's Outfit, a special item for Khris.  Just keep tapping
    A around that area if you can't get it at first.  Trust me, it's there and
    you want it.
    Now, leave the battlefield and go into the first house you see.  Talk to
    the old geezer and get yourself some Lunar Dew from the Moonstone.  Go back
    to where Diane's third mother (what the hell...) is guarding Zylo, and talk
    to her to go inside.  After some talking, Zylo will join the Shining Force.
    Adjust your formation if necessary, but let me just say that you'll want
    Zylo on your team.
    Before leaving for the next battle, you'll want to do one last thing.  Go
    to the first level of the town and go to the far left door.  Go downstairs
    and examine the machinery near the floating guy.  Watch the scene.  Now leave.
    Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking, but he'll show up again later.  Talk
    to the assistant to get Kokichi's card.  Now, go to the second level of town
    and to the path the lady was previously blocking.  Remember to save first,
    then go down that path and out into the world.
     Battle 10 - Burn the Forests!  Burn!
    Skeleton 5x
    Lizardman 2x
    Dark Priest 2x
    Dark Elf 2x
    Pegasus Knight 5x
    Card:  #39 Pegasus Knight - Zylo must deliver the finishing blow to the
    Lv 14 PegasusKt in the top-right corner of the map.
    Now we're talking!  Heed the advice of your party and make good use of Zylo
    and the birdpeople (if you're using them) otherwise you'll have to wait for
    your knights to plod along through the woods.  The skeletons and lizardmen
    are, of course, of no real concern, and while the dark priests can annoy you
    by healing the enemy, they're not the threat.  As you may have guessed, the
    Pegasus Knights are the real problem here.  They can fly, so they're not
    hampered by the forest like your knights, and they hit fairly hard.  Keep
    your troops together and assault the two enemy groups on the road with your
    knights (since they can move easier out of the woods) and let the others
    take care of those pegasus knights.
     Clear Bonus: 15 Turns
     2000 Gold
    Another one of those battles where the biggest threat to your turn count is
    the terrain.  Let Zylo and whatever flying unit(s) you're using go around the
    enemy force in the middle and take out the knights on the middle right side,
    plus the party of three near the bridge.  While they're doing that, the rest
    of your (slower) troops should be heading up to the middle to take out that
    group.  The two knights in the lower right will find their way to you on the
    first few turns, so don't worry about them.  Don't wait on your main force to
    get up to the bridge, just let Zylo and your flying unit(s) do the job.
    === End Battle ===
    Now then, see that bridge?  Don't cross it yet.  There's anothe secret item
    nearby.  Remember Khris' item?  Yeah, you want this one too.  See the gray
    mountain range to the northwest of the bridge?  Anri's Daring Dress (heh heh)
    is a little to the north of the tiny outcropping of brown mountain sticking
    into the gray mountain.  I apologize if my directions suck, but it's really
    not that hard to find as long as you tap A and move slowly against the side
    of the gray mountains.  Anyway, before you go onto the bridge, head back to
    Butoske and save, check the weapon shop for any deals, then head out and
    go for the bridge.
     Battle 11 - Laser Aye-ay-ay!
    Lizardman 6x
    Dark Priest 2x
    Dark Elf 3x
    Pegasus Knight 6x
    Laser Eye
    Silver Knight
    Cards:  #40 Laser Eye - Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
            #41 Silver Knight - Tao or Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
    I apologize for the hokey title.  You have two main enemies in this battle:
    the Silver Knight boss and the unbelievably powerful and annoying Laser Eye.
    The eye will go through a countdown sequence, so if you wait until after it
    fires to cross the bridge, you may be able to make it over with a minimum of
    casaulties.  If you're using flying units, you might be tempted to have them
    divebomb the eye, but the elves and pegasus knights are blocking your airspace.
    As I said, wait till the eye first fires to go onto the bridge, then fight like
    mad and try to get to and destroy the eye before it fires again.  Fortunately,
    unless you're going for the clear bonus, you can let the laser fire twice to
    wipe out most of the enemy troops on the bridge, then dash on over and destroy
    it and the Silver Knight.
     Clear Bonus: 16 Turns
    On the other hand, if you are going for this bonus (the Duelist is a special
    weapon for promoted archers) then you've got no time to lose.  Granted, going
    across the bridge while the laser is counting down is suicide, so surrender a
    few turns in favor of your health.  It won't fire till turn 6, leaving you
    with only ten more turns in which to get the bonus.  Once the laser fires,
    haul ass over the bridge and get to that laser!  Fortunately, the eye doesn't
    discriminate between friend and foe, so it will damage any enemy troops on
    the bridge for 13-14 hit points, leaving them as easy prey.  If you mass your
    troops just underneath the eye's firing range near the west end of the bridge,
    you should be able to make it to the other side and destroy the eye just before
    it fires.  After that, regroup if necessary and take out the Silver Knight.
    === End Battle ===
     Epilogue Battle 3 - The Terrible Trio
    Ghost 8x
    Will-o-wisp 4x
    Wizary 2x
    Soul Eater
    Card:  #42 Soul Eater - Zuika must deliver the finishing blow.
    They just keep raising the stakes, don't they?  You finally get to use Mawlock,
    and he's not too bad.  The ghosts, being the most numerous and able to fly and
    move across half the goddamn field, are your initial threat.  They'll likely
    swarm you, and if Narsha is of any respectable level (4-6) she'll be able to
    take them out in one hit, while Zuika and Mawlock may require a second strike
    per ghost.  The will-o-wisps have just enough MP to cast Freeze 1 on you before
    resorting to physical attacks which are, thankfully, weak.  If you can get
    Narsha up to level 7 (not terribly difficult) then she'll gain the Step spell,
    which will increase one person's movement range by 2.  Suddenly Mawlock's a
    lot more maneuverable!
    All the ghosts and two will-o-wisps should come after you in the beginning,
    and once those are down, use Aura and items to heal, then assault the final
    enemy group.  The Wizary's know Freeze 2, and the Soul Eater...well, it's
    honestly not that powerful, but it does have an interesting attack that is
    fairly strong.  It did about 9-10 damage to Zuika, but his defense is pretty
    crappy, so I'll chalk that up to stats.  It doesn't seem to move and it only
    has an attack range of 1, so you can heal up and then assault it en masse and
    kill it quick.
    === End Battle ===
     5d. Chapter 4 - The Great Fortress of Balbazak
    Yay, Pao, the land of caravans!  Check the building to the immediate southeast
    and talk to Elliot for some backstory.  The house to the east of that place has
    a chest with a long sword which you should equip on your hero.  The wagons have
    a bunch of treasure, including a Quick Chicken (increases your agility) and a
    Life Loaf (for HP).  The weapons store is also here, and has tons of stuff.
    The new power lance is expensive, but powerful, and the long sword can also be
    used by your flying units.  Yogurt's card is underneath the control panel at
    the front of the caravan (to the east) and Diane's card is in a chest in the
    sheep pen to the north of the caravan.  Go to where you came into Pao and go
    north to find it and the church.  Inside the church, walk to the back of the
    inside of the building.  You should see a strange creature outside.  If you
    find you can't move, the creature (Yogurt) will join your team.  I'm not sure
    what the conditions are for this (some say you have to do something in an
    earlier chapter) but Yogurt is quite literally the worst character in the game,
    so if you don't get him, really, don't worry about it.
    When you've picked the town clean, talk to the queen (little redheaded girl
    one car left of the control car) and the caravan will leave.  Now's the time
    to buff up your forces!  If you did what I said in Bustoke, Kokichi will fly
    down and join you.  Now go to the west and you should see a Knight wandering
    around.  Talk to him and Vankar will join!  You're done here for now, so go
    and adjust your formation, save, and head out.
     Battle 12 - A Duel Between Heroes
    Lizardman 5x
    Dark Priest 3x
    Pegasus Knight 4x
    Silver Knight 4x
    General Elliot
    Card:  #43 Elliot - Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    This battle is terribly uncomplicated.  It's nothing more than a straight-up
    smackdown.  You're on one side, the enemy's on the other.  Well, it's a little
    complicated.  The enemy continues to outnumber you, and they've got artillery
    support.  The lizardmen and other units continue to be pests, and Elliot is
    another of those lovely bosses who hit hard and can take as much as they dish
    out.  The enemies give decent XP, so you can level up a bit if necessary.  Just
    be careful of Elliot when you finally get to him.  Not only is he powerful,
    able to counterattack, and has an annoying tendency to dodge your attacks, but
    his defense is so high you'll have to surround him and pound on him till he
    falls.  He won't move or strike till you first attack him, so you can get your
    troops into position and converge at once, which will likely help.
    Note:  One of the Lizardmen will drop a Heat Axe, a good weapon for either Luke
    or Gort.  Pick it up if you get the chance.
     Clear Bonus: 10 Turns
     Raging Drum
    There's really nothing to this battle aside from moving fast and striking
    hard.  There's no forests or mountains to traverse, obviously, so just head
    straight for the enemy ala all those great battle scenes in Return of the King.
    This clear bonus is entirely dependent on how fast you can kill the enemy, so
    if you're not making it in time, Egress and level up a little before trying
    === End Battle ===
    Watch the sad scene, but rejoice as Narsha and co. finally join up with you!
    Hell yeah!  Put Narsha in your party immediately as a replacement for fatass
    Lowe, as she will be one of your greatest assets till late in the game.  As
    for the other two...use your best judgment.  Now then, go to the east to see
    a castle and Pao...again.  Go to the castle if you want, but you won't be able
    to enter yet, so leave and go to Pao.
    Okay, this place is the caravan's new location.  The weapon shop won't have
    anything new, but odds are you didn't get a power spear for Kokichi before
    Pao the 1st moved.  Not a problem, just get one now.  Go next door to the item
    shop and talk to the egg warmer (guy standing by the basket) to hatch the
    Domingo egg you got earlier.  Domingo will naturally hatch from it, and you
    have another person to add to your formation.  East of the item shop is a
    pigpen with a hunk of metal in it.  That hunk (of metal) is Guntz.  Talk to
    him and he'll join, and should be put into your formation immediately.  Damn,
    all these great characters joining you...
    If you go north from the pigpen and into the queen's caravan car, you'll find
    two chests with a steel sword (save it for when your hero's promoted) and
    an elven arrow (for your promoted archers).  Before going out to battle, talk
    to the guy in the Queen's caravan to get the Blaze Bomb.  Save and leave Pao
    when you're ready, then hit the fortress.
     Battle 13 - Taking the Fortress
    Dark Priest 3x
    Pegasus Knight 3x
    Silver Knight 10x
    Artillery 2x
    Card:  #44 Hellhound - Guntz must deliver the finishing blow.
    Lookit all those knights...wow.  However, those two knights at the beginning
    are great for leveling up your cavalcade of new characters.  They should be at
    around level 14 or more before you fight this battle for real.  When you're
    ready, make good use of your flying units, because they'll be the only ones who
    won't have to go through the ladder which will bottleneck your ground forces.
    The artillery later on is a bit of a pain considering the damage it can do, but
    by this time you should be able to take them out in one or two hits.  The
    Hellhound's not terribly difficult, since it's yet another boss monster that'll
    be showing up as a regular enemy in later fights.
     Clear Bonus: 10 Turns
     4000 Gold
    Once again what foils you is not the enemy, but a ladder.  A lot of the enemy
    troops (the pegasus knights especially) will go to you and create a choke point
    at the ladder that you'll have to fight past.  Then once you get past that,
    there's more ladders!  Joy!  If you're having trouble, just ask yourself: is
    4000 gold really worth the trouble?  However, if you really want to get yourself
    the money, use Mawlock.  Equip him with Balbaroy and Kokichi's cards, then use
    them to turn your ground units into flying units to bypass the initial choke
    point and make it into open ground sooner.  From there, just wipe out the rest
    of the enemies.
    === End Battle ===
    Well, now that that's over with, go inside the door and down the stairs.  South
    is a mage lamenting his loss in your last battle, and north is stairs leading
    down.  Take the stairs and follow the path, then talk to Earnest.  Congrats,
    another Knight!  Go north some more and up the stairs, into what is apparently
    friendly enemy territory.  The large building has a staircase heading upward,
    and upstairs is a bookshelf with Earnest's card.  There's an item shop if you
    need curatives, and you see that arrow sign pointing to the building?  You can
    visit your HQ in the lower right corner, down some stairs.  North of that
    building is the docks, protected by a large door.  Talk to the guard to get him
    to open it, then save and go in there for a battle.
     Battle 14 - Rumble in the Docks
    Seabat 5x
    Silver Knight 2x
    Artillery 3x
    Hellhound 2x
    Dark Priest
    Blue Dragon
    Card:  #45 Balbazak - Earnest must deliver the finishing blow.
    This fight's pretty simple, battlefield-wise.  Just go straight up, butt some
    heads and clash some swords.  Use Tao, Anri and Domingo to blast the inevitable
    enemy groups with Blaze and Freeze 2 magic while your melee fighters mop up.
    The hellhounds will do around 8 or so damage per hit and can counterattack,
    while the artillery is only dangerous in groups...like now.  The seabats, a
    new enemy, are just as weak as the regular bats and they've lost their ability
    to put you to sleep, so they're of no consequence.  The dragon, on the other
    hand, is built like a tank.  Don't even attempt to fight it with melee attacks,
    it has incredible defensive strength.  Use Tao's Blaze 3 or Anri's Bolt 1 to
    put it down.  My strategy was to lure it out with Domingo and let the dragon
    beat on him (he only did 3 or so damage to Domingo's shell) then target it with
    magic.  Balbazak is the real threat, though.  With 65 hit points and a powerful
    melee attack, he can bring your weaker units down with a single hit.  Have
    Khris and Narsha on stand-by for healing purposes, and if you didn't buy some
    curatives for your fighters...well...good luck.
     Clear Bonus: 8 Turns
     Merman Buster
    This isn't terribly difficult due to the small battlefield, but you might
    have trouble with Balbazak and his dragon after fighting through his forces.
    That dragon is a royal pain in the neck, and Balbazak isn't much better.  I
    would actually recommend you ignore the dragon completely and just pound on
    Balbazak, since once he's dead, the battle is over.
    === End Battle ===
    Watch the scene that follows, then prepare for an epilogue battle!
    Gotcha!  No battle this time, just a little behind-the-scenes look at the
    villains' dark plot.
     5e. Chapter 5 - Gateway to the Hidden Shrine
    Ah, Waral, the land of...water?  Not yet.  After a short scene with Narsha,
    the hero, and Mae, you've been surrounded!  Fight on!
     Battle 15 - Surrounded at High Sea
    Conch 6x
    Seabat 4x
    Pegasus Knight 3x
    Shellfish 2x
    See anything familiar?  The pegasus knights behind you aren't too tough
    anymore, are they?  Let your flying units deal with them while you split the
    rest of your forces in half and go above and below the obstruction in front of
    you.  You're doing this in order to coax the seabats toward you so you can
    beat the crap out of them while you fight the Conches and Shellfish.  While
    the Conch aren't too strong, they can poison you, which means unless you
    stocked up on antidotes, you'll need Lowe for this battle.  Except for the
    rampant poisoning, this battle isn't too difficult.  Just don't let your
    support fighters (archers, mages, etc.) get surrounded by Conches.
     Clear Bonus: 8 Turns
     5000 Gold
    Not very hard unless you don't take the fight to the pegasus knights.  They
    won't come after you for a few turns unless you go up to them, so let your
    flying units beat the crap out of them and just mop up the land units on deck.
    Easy money.
    === End Battle ===
    I knew Waral was the land of water!  After the scene you'll dock there, so look
    around.  The item and weapon shops (both run by the king...) have some good
    stuff, and they'll start selling promoted-unit-only items from now on.  If you
    haven't started promoting your fighters, now would be the time.  Remember to
    wait and promote your magic-users at level 20.  The church is only available
    by boat, which is at the docks south of where you enter.  Before you do
    anything else, go talk to the king via the doorway in between the weapon and
    item shops, then go into the weapon shop through the back way and pick up the
    agility ring from the chests.  It will increase any unit's movement by 2, so
    give it to Guntz to make him that much better.
    Now then, go talk to Shell's mother (Shelra...) who is blocking the only space
    through the buoys.  When you regain control, go upstairs and talk to the
    priest to get the story on what happened.  Wait till you can move again, then
    go upstairs and outside.  Follow the path to see...a robot?  Follow it down
    into the strange portal, then keep following it.  When it says your hero's
    name and runs off, go up the long walkway you see.  Really, there's only one
    path you can take, since all the other paths are blocked or lead to dead-ends.
    Ready?  Fight!
     Battle 16 - At the Gate of the Ancients
    Seabat 4x
    Skeleton 5x
    Hellhound 5x
    Worm 3x
    Master Mage
    Card:  #46 Master Mage - Mae must deliver the finishing blow.
    You should recognize the boss for this fight.  The rest are monsters you've
    fought before, except the worms.  Forget all the beasts flanking you and just
    go straight up the middle, even if you're not going for the clear bonus.  The
    worms aren't as strong as other monsters you've fought, but they can cause
    sleep.  The hellhounds are still as nasty as ever, and the Master Mage can
    cause a lot of damage with his magic.  Rather than worry about the hellhounds
    guarding the boss, just hit the Master Mage hard and fast to end the battle
     Clear Bonus: 10 Turns
     6000 Gold
    If you are going for the bonus (who doesn't want more money?) then again, go
    straight up the middle and just clear a path to the Master Mage.  You can
    actually use a flying unit like Kokichi to get close to the boss's pedastal
    while staying out of the hellhound's range, then fly around them and hit the
    mage from behind.  Fun.
    === End Battle ===
    Well, now that that's over, you might think you're getting a free pass through
    the gate.  Nope.  When you regain control, sail on over to Waral and talk to
    the king.  Your ship has been repaired, but don't leave yet!  It's time to get
    Hanzou.  To the left of the castle is a sign.  Read it.  "Floating on the sea,"
    huh?  Now grab a boat and paddle to the building to the right of the church.
    On the lower-right side is a small sign hanging from the supports.  Read it
    from the boat.  It should say "Not the bookshelf."  Now go out to the reef
    (past the buoys) and go to the island.  You'll want to boat yourself into the
    newly-created pool that was brought about after the last battle to reach the
    sign on the far left side of the island that says "A cross atop the spire."  Go
    back to the church and search the crate in the upper-right corner.  It will read
    "Practicing a secret ninja technique.  Those wishing a duel should search the
    fish."  Now sail off to the northeast corner of Waral.  Stand on the large fish
    north of where they're all lying out in the sun, and Hanzou will appear.  Boken
    might show up first, though.  You'll want Hanzou in your party, trust me.  Now
    go talk to the king again and say you want to leave and you'll sail off into
     Battle 17 - Surrounded at High Sea...Again!
    Pegasus Knight 2x
    Conch 2x
    The gargoyles are the next evolution of flying critters, and are much stronger
    than the previous incarnations, plus they can attack from two squares away!
    There's only one of them, though, and not many enemies...or so you may think.
    This battle isn't that difficult, so you shouldn't need a play-by-play at this
     Clear Bonus: 6 Turns
     Soul Buster
    Wow, you don't have a lot of turns for this.  Fortunately, there are as many
    turns as there are enemies.  Oh, oh, wait...more enemies!  Suddenly that six-
    turn limit doesn't seem so easy, now does it?  Anyway, more Conches will pop
    out of nowhere after a few turns.  At the beginning of this battle, have
    Narsha use her Step magic on Tao and Anri (Domingo can fly...) so they can
    get to the battle and blast the enemy with magic.  If your troops happen to
    get poisoned by the Conches, don't bother trying to heal them, just press on
    and deal as much damage as you can.  Use Egress and try again if all else
    fails.  Good luck.
    === End Battle ===
    Once again disaster strikes, and the chapter ends.  Enjoy the epilogue scene,
    then prepare for more danger.
     5f. Chapter 6 - Descendant of the Sacred Dragons
    Dragonia, land of sharp, pointy rocks!  Well, your ship's busted for good, so
    get out of bed and talk to the nice kids.  Go outside and go into the building
    directly to the southwest, then up both sets of stairs.  Talk to the knight
    there, and...it's Lyle, there to join your team!  Huzzah!  South of that
    building are the stores, and the weapon shop now has some nifty stuff, but only
    for promoted units.  Now then, the building north of the dragon statue (the one
    surrounded by a little moat) is the library, and is home (I guess) to the girl
    you need to talk to in order to advance the plot.  Do so, then go to the west
    end and talk to the boy by the rubble to have him clear it away for you.
    Before you leave, we're going to find Musashi.  Go to the building northwest of
    the one you first woke up in (Krin's place) and examine the second scroll from
    the right.  Now go outside and to the entrance/exit of town.  To the left you
    should see a very obscure sign on the wall of the building, which you should
    also check out.  Now comes the hard part.  Go through the exit, but don't go
    too far!  Edge your way up and to the left until you run up against the outside
    wall of Rudo.  Just rapidly press Up while holding Left.  It might take a few
    tries, but trust me, it's possible.  Walk around the entire town, through trees
    and along walls until you reach the southwest end.  There you'll find a sign,
    which you should read.  Now either leave town and retreat from the battle or
    walk back and go to the roof above the building you first woke up in (there's
    a ladder near the dragon mural) and examine the lone shirt hanging on a line
    away from the others.  The clue here is self-explanatory, so go to the dragon
    statue in the center of town and examine it to have Musashi join.  Add him to
    your party if you want (you should, trust me) and leave town (finally) for a
     Battle 18 - To Dragonia, and Glory!
    Artillery 5x
    High Priest
    Master Mage
    Card:  #47 Dullahan - Domingo must deliver the finishing blow.
    Again, not a lot of units...riiiiight.  The artillery is so outdated, I
    question why they're here.  Most of your units should be able to kill them in
    one hit.  Once turn 5 comes to a close, more enemies appear!  Two master mages,
    two worms, and a grand total of five golems show up to make things even more
    interesting!  At the end of turn 6, another master mage and worm appear!
    While this may seem overwhelming, Dullahan is another of those monster bosses
    that'll show up as a regular enemy later on, so he's not that tough once you
    kill off the high priest that will inevitably heal any damage dealt.
     Clear Bonus: 10 Turns
     7000 Gold
    As you can tell from the regular battle description, trying to win by killing
    everything won't get you your money.  Instead, take the alternate approach and
    just rush Dragonia, kill Dullahan, ignore the appearing enemies as best you can
    (take out any that happen to be in your way, of course) and just complete the
    objectives listed for victory (kill Dullahan, reach Dragonia).
    === End Battle ===
    Go to Dragonia.  Take a look around.  Seem a little odd?  The item shop is to
    the west of the entrance, and your base is northwest.  A bit east and north of
    HQ is a building you should enter, and stairs you should climb.  In the
    building you find is Bleu, your next recruit.  Talk to him, watch the scene,
    gain a dragon as a party member, and get the Shower Cure from the chest.  Go
    outside and...ACK, IT'S KANE!  Talk to him, then go to your HQ to save, make
    any last minute changes, promotions, etc.  Leave when you're ready...for
     Battle 19 - Duel with Kane
    Golem 4x
    Gargoyle 3x
    Master Mage 3x
    High Priest 2x
    Dullahan 2x
    Card:  #48 Kane - Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    Oh yeah!  Let's get it on!  There's enough enemies close by for me to declare
    this battle best for leveling up, so if you still have characters to promote
    (or Bleu if you decided to take him along) this is the battle to do it in.
    Gain as many levels as you want, then fight for real.  The master mages are
    still the same, but because there's a pair of them being guarded by golems,
    they can cast Freeze 2 on your party and be annoying.  The Gargoyles only
    complicate things with their ranged attacks, but after you've leveled up
    sufficiently, they're nothing special.
    As for the rest of it, Kane is protected by two dullahans, a mage and a priest.
    The priest should be one of your first targets to eliminate its healing, then
    take out the mage and dullahans.  Kane is definitely a worthy boss: strong,
    tough, and he has 70HP to boot.  If your hero has leveled up enough, use
    Narsha's Boost and Supernova 3 to wipe out a good portion of his XP.  Give him
    all you've got, and he'll fall to your superior might!
     Clear Bonus: 12 Turns
     Ogre Slayer
    This really isn't too difficult.  You should be done with the gargoyles,
    golems and master mages/high priest within a few turns, especially if you
    used this battle to level up your troops.  Getting to Kane will take another
    turn or two, leaving you with five or six to take out him and his troops.
    Focus on Kane if you find yourself using too many turns, since the condition
    for victory is only to defeat him.
    === End Battle ===
    Now then, go up into the shrine, talk to Kane and you'll open the way.  Follow
    the path and watch a cutscene, then leave Dragonia entirely and go back to
    Rudo.  Go back and talk to Karin (girl in the building where you woke up) then
    go and talk to Krin in the library.  Now go back and talk to Karin twice for
    Bleu's card!  Now leave Rudo for a short scene and a big battle.
     Battle 20 - Onward to Demon Castle!
    Gargoyle 3x
    Bowrider 2x 
    Golem 4x
    High Priest 2x
    Master Mage 4x
    Belail 3x
    Ah, a pair of new enemies!  The Bowriders are as their name suggests: strong
    archers, while the Belail are yet another iteration of the flying enemy.  If
    you can, your best bet is to group a few strong ground units together and use
    Narsha's Step magic (the highest level you can cast) to cover more ground.
    You'll need it once you hit the mountains and forests.  Zylo and Diane are
    useful in this fight, since they aren't hampered as much by unfriendly terrain.
     Clear Bonus: 20 Turns
     8000 Gold
    20 turns, huh?  Sounds like a lot of time, right?  Well, you're partially
    right.  Once again the terrain is your biggest time-waster, since none of the
    enemies in this battle are that strong after the last fight.  Take a lot of
    flying units to speed things up.  Unfortunately Domingo won't be able to go
    over the mountains, but Bleu can.  The first mountain pass will be your biggest
    hurdle, since it's basically a choke point even after you kill the enemies
    waiting there.  If they haven't had Step cast on them, your Knights will likely
    get left behind at that point, but press on, and try to get to the end to help
    out Bleu if he needs it.  Guntz will more than likely end up battling the
    enemies at the end alone, since he's not affected by terrain as much as anyone
    else, and at this point he should live up to his 'tank' status.
    === End Battle ===
    Go into the Demon Castle.  It's time for another showdown.
     Battle 21 - Mishaela's Last Stand
    Belail 3x
    Master Mage 4x
    High Priest
    Dullahan 2x
    Gargoyle 3x
    Bowrider 3x
    Card:  #49 Mishaela - Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    This lady's still going on about her marionettes?  Get over it!  While you'd
    think with Mishaela's starting position that this will be a short battle,
    she'll quickly retreat to the throne with her dullahans and wait for you there.
    Send someone off to the right to grab the Power Potion in the chest in the
    lower-right corner.  Follow Mishaela, taking out her troops along the way.
    Mishaela herself is a massive pain in the ass.  Besides the very strong and
    wide-range Bolt 2, she has a spell resistence of 80% and a defense of 30,
    meaning spells are all but useless against her, and physical attacks won't do
    too much.  I'd say don't keep your units bunched up, but with Bolt 2's attack
    radius, it doesn't really matter.  Use Aura magic to keep your health high
    and beat on her till she falls.
    As a final note, see those chests around the battlefield?  They contain a
    White Ring, Shower Cure, Evil Ring, Black Ring, and Healing Seed.  Unlike the
    Genesis version, these chests can't be picked up after the battle is over
    because Mishaela will surrender the Light Sabre automatically.  Use Bleu or
    one of your Knights early on and just have him/her/it grab the chests while
    the rest of your forces go after Mishaela.  That is, if you want the treasure.
    Alternatively, you can collect the treasure, cast Egress, then go fight and
    kill Mishaela without worrying about missing anything.
     Clear Bonus: 16 Turns
    This one's easier than you think.  If you use Step magic on your Knights, you
    may be able to catch up to Mishaela before she gets very far.  The only real
    problem is the quadruplet master mage brothers, which can and will slow you
    down.  However, if you can get within Mishaela's spell range, she'll stop and
    cast magic on you rather than run away, giving your other units a chance to
    catch up.  Stay in her spell range as long as you can (don't be stupid and let
    your units die) until you can clear out the mages and other monsters, then just
    let loose on Mishaela.
    === End Battle ===
    You'll get the Light Sabre (note it says Sword of Light) and a thoroughly
    disappointing epilogue, then it's on to the next chapter!
     5g. Chapter 7 - The Lost Civilization
    Prompt, land of punctuality!  Get it?  No?  Bah.  After the scene, go to the
    left for the weapon/item shop and buy some stuff if needed.  Also make sure
    to equip the Light Sabre on your hero (note it can cast Bolt 2 when used.
    Sweet!)  Wander around and talk to the folks, then go south and down the long
    staircase, then down the stairs on the west side of this pit.  Keep going down
    until you reach the castle, then speak to the king via the central staircase.
    He'll toss you in the clink, so examine the bars to get out.  Talk to the king
    again (he'll apologze) and go back north through the doorway, then wind around
    south to find Kane in bed.  Talk to him, then leave when you can (it might take
    a couple tries) and then leave the castle entirely.  Go to the large building
    in town with two doors.  Search the wall in between the doors to find Musashi's
    card.  Now then, to the east of the stairs leading down is a bridge with a guy
    that used to be guarding it.  Pick up Alef's card from the chest and leave for
    more combat.
     Battle 22 - Run for the Tower
    Dullahan 4x
    Torch Eye 2x
    Jet 2x
    Belail 2x
    Whoa, tons of new enemies!  Let's go over them, shall we?  Minotaurs are the
    next evolution of the 'strong' melee attackers, so don't let it get at your
    spellcasters.  The Jets are odd things with an immunity to all attack magic,
    good defense and attack, and they can fly.  The Wyverns are similar, but they
    aren't quite as immune to magic.  Now, the Torch Eyes are real bastards.
    Remember the Laser Eye?  Well, they're not quite as bastard-ish, but they
    still shoot fairly strong lasers and have a bit of magic resistence, but
    level 3 magic seems to kill them off nicely.  The Jets are the real problem
    here due to their various strengths and immunity to magic.  Let Bleu or any
    flying unit besides Domingo take care of them, or just gang up on them if
    they're stupid enough to fly over the low mountains.
     Clear Bonus: 8 Turns
     9000 Gold
    Does gold really matter now?  Seriously, by this time you shouldn't need it.
    Anyway, Step magic is the key here, because without it, you'll plod along in
    the mountains and forests for eight turns at least.  Take your allies' advice
    and ignore the enemies, since getting your hero to the tower will end the
    === End Battle ===
    Go into the tower!  Follow the path and go up, opening chests along the way.
    One of the chests contains a Turbo Pepper, which will permanently increase
    your movement rate!  If you got Musashi, run back and save, then have him use
    it to get a +2 bonus to his movement range.  Eventually you'll run into your
    next battle.
     Battle 23 - To the Top of the Tower
    Ice Worm 5x
    Steel Claw 4x
    Torch Eye 3x
    Jet 3x
    Wyvern 2x
    Card:  #50 Demonmaster - Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.
    The Steel Claws are yet another melee unit, but they can hit you from two
    squares away.  The Ice Worms can use a Freeze attack from two squares away
    that'll do 10-15 damage, and the Demonmaster uses Freeze 3, so Tao will have
    a field day with these guys.  Just be careful of the Torch Eyes, since their
    lasers can bypass your regular defenses (ordinary attacks done to Bleu deal
    perhaps 1-2 damage, while a Torch Eye attack did up to 20).  Aside from the
    return of the infamous choke points, this is a straight fight to the top, so
    get ready to bash in some heads.  The chest at the bottom of the main staircase
    contains the Valkyrie, one of the best spears in the game, so pick it up either
    during the battle or afterwards.
     Clear Bonus: 16 Turns
    Your flying units can head up the tower on their own, but given the number of
    enemies waiting for them, I wouldn't recommend it.  Step magic for your Knights
    is once again a must, as they can go ahead and clear out the enemies fast.  The
    stairs again present more choke points for the enemy and a waste of time for
    you, so if the enemy is ready for you, send in your strongest melee fighter
    with a mage and an archer (who should have a 2-3 range bow at this point) to
    back him/her up.  The Demonmaster is another in a long line of bosses that
    are just regular enemies given a moment of glory, so take him down as you would
    any other mage.
    === End Battle ===
    Get the Valkyrie in the chest if you haven't, then go through the door to meet
    up with Torasu and Alef (what a fox!)  After you're done talking, go up the
    stairs for a lengthy scene, then go back to Prompt when you're able.  Fix up
    your team to include Torasu and Alef if you want, then go talk to the king.
    Once done with that, go back downstairs and around to the north end of the
    castle, taking the stairs north of the stairs to the king...right.  Go to the
    north end of the room and check out the odd symbol to have the wall open up.
    Go through and into the teleporter to get to Metapha.  Go to the right and
    talk to Adam, then stand on the weird symbol to talk to the spirit girl again
    for more info.  Talk to Adam once more, then after the long scenes, you'll have
    yourself a battle.
     Battle 24 - Violence in Metapha
    Jet 4x
    Torch Eye 4x
    Ice Worm 4x
    Demonmaster 2x
    Minotaur 2x
    Card:  #51 Chaos - Adam must deliver the finishing blow.
    You've fought all these monsters before, so you should know how deadly they can
    be.  You can't cast Egress thanks to your hero getting a sudden case of
    shyness, but unless you're leveling up Alef and Torasu, you shouldn't need it.
    If you absolutely need to retreat, you can always use angel wings or Kane's
    card with Mawlock.  Chaos is fairly strong, and not another 'regular enemy
    as boss,' so take him seriously and don't be careless.
     Clear Bonus: 8 Turns
     10000 Gold
    Come on, do you really need money at this point?  Well, anyway, the objective
    is to kill Chaos, so just send your entire force up against him if you really
    want the money.  He'll move in toward you on the left side, so just go left
    and around, kill him, win.
    === End Battle ===
    Now, go through the path that just opened and read the tablets.  It's time to
    get yourself that Chaos Breaker.  Walk around the central peninsula to a pair
    of pedastals.  Just walk up to them and the proper swords will be taken out of
    your inventory and placed on the pedastals.  The Chaos Breaker will be formed,
    so go get it and continue up to talk to the Lady of the Lake once more, then go
    off to the right and into the teleporter.
    Well, we're back in Prompt.  Short trip.  Go talk to the king and say Yes to
    proceed.  Save, promote Alef and Torasu if needed, then leave town and prepare
    for an annoying battle.
     Battle 25 - Wilderness Sucks
    Demonmaster 2x
    Minotaur 3x
    Horseman 3x
    Skullforce 4x
    High Priest
    Cerberus 4x
    Another new bunch of enemies.  The Cerberus are the new hellhounds, while the
    Horsemen are another breed of enemy archers.  The Skullforce are bastards.
    Powerful bastards.  Think around 60 attack power, with decent defense.  Yeah.
    Bastards.  If you can get Domingo near them, hit them with a Desoul spell to
    take them out quickly.  The rest of the enemies just require a moderate amount
    of beatings to take down.  
     Clear Bonus: 8 Turns
     Dragon Slayer
    This is tough.  Really tough.  Between the terrain and all the enemies, you
    might need to make a few attempts at this.  Stock up on angel wings, because
    your hero still can't cast Egress, so you need those wings to escape from
    battle.  Zylo, Guntz, Bleu and any other flying units are once again your
    saviors.  Go down on the far left side, along the coastline, and cut a path
    straight for the Chimera.  Ignore the other enemies and just go for the boss.
    Your main hurdle is the terrain, while the secondary is the group of enemies
    on the way to the boss.  Compounding your difficulties is the rest of the enemy
    units on the field will run for you as you attack that group.  Sneak strong
    allies like Guntz and Zylo past them and have them take on the Chimera.  They
    should be strong enough to fight it until the rest of your force can make it.
    If you have enough MP, have Narsha cast Attack 3 on whoever's going to attack
    the Chimera to speed things up.  Also, just in case you're wondering, the
    Dragonslayer is an especially powerful lance that does extra damage against
    dragons.  Trust me, it'll be worth it soon.
    === End Battle ===
    That's it, we're almost there.  It's time for the final chapter.
     5h. Chapter 8 - Rise of the Ancient Castle
    Runefaust, land of...well, it better be the land of snowcones, I can tell you
    that!  After all the crap the Shining Force has been through, they need a
    snowcone!  Runefaust itself is to the southwest of where you appear.  Enter.
    Aside from the info Narsha gives you on Runefaust, there's two things of note
    here.  The item and weapon shop is to the west of the entrance, near a blockade.
    The weapon shop sells the Buster Shot for your archers, while the item shop
    sells the very useful Prayer Ring.  This handy little item grants any unit 20
    points of magic resistence.  Not only that, but the effects stack, meaning you
    could equip someone like Bleu or Zylo with four rings and give them 80% magic
    resistence.  Buy as many rings as you can afford.  You won't need money for
    much longer.  Pass them out first to all your non-magic-users (those with zero
    magic resistence) then beef up your magic-tossing units, depending on how many
    rings you have left.  As a final note, you may find a Holy Ring in the deals
    section of the weapons shop.  This ring can negate the effects of cursed items,
    allowing you to use their beneficial effects with no penalty.  While it says
    you are cursed, the regular penalties won't apply.  Equipping the Black and
    Evil rings on a unit will boost their attack power by 14 and give them access
    to some nice spells.
    Anyway, to advance the plot some, go into the castle (north of the entrance to
    the city) and talk to Mahato.  After the scene, the soldiers blocking the road
    near the shops will let you past, and you'll be well on your way to the end of
    the game.  Go up when you reach the castle to meet Darksol, then go inside.
     Battle 26 - Attack on the Castle
    Chimera 5x
    Horseman 3x
    Skullforce 3x
    Cerberus 3x
    Blue Dragon 3x
    Dark Priest 2x
    Good god, they came out in force this time.  The Blue Dragons are as strong as
    the one you fought several chapters ago, but thankfully you're much stronger.
    There is no clear bonus this time, and your objective is to just kill anything
    and everything.  There's only one break between the pair of chimeras that come
    after you and the three groups of enemies that will attack you all together.
    Start on the left and work your way over.  Make sure to send someone like Zylo
    or one of your Knights grab the chests nearby, which contain the Atlas and
    Miracle Mace (Narsha's final weapon).  After this battle is over you'll go
    straight to the next one and you won't have an opportunity to get the chests
    till later.
    === End Battle ===
     Battle 27 - Fall of the King
    Steel Claw 6x
    Torch Eye 6x
    Card:  #52 Ramladu - Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.
    Holy Jebus.  Lookit them machines behind you.  The clear conditions only
    require you to kill Ramladu, so forget the enemies behind and press on.
    When they come after you, use your tanks (Bleu, Guntz, Zylo) to keep them busy
    while you fight Ramladu.  Use Narsha to deal the final blow with her new
    Miracle Mace in order to get his card.  Would you have it any other way?
    === End Battle ===
    If you didn't get the chests in the previous battles, now's the time.  Grab
    them and go back to Runefaust.  Talk to Mahato again, then go back to the
    castle.  There will be a staircase in the west corner of the entrance.  Do as
    Mahato said and go to the coast to bring something very big out of the ocean.
    Go back to Runefaust and save!  You're about to go through several big battles
    with little to no chance for a rest.  When you're ready, go in the little fort
    next to Runefaust castle, through the previously locked double doors, into the
    teleporter, and up into a battle.
     Battle 28 - The Ultimate Guardian, Colossus
    Horseman 2x
    Skullforce 3x
    Jet 3x
    Chimera 6x
    Blue Dragon 3x
    Colossus 3x
    Card:  #53 Colosus - Luke must deliver the finishing blow.
    Heed Nova's advice.  If you don't feel up to a prolonged fight, focus all your
    attacks on the middle head of Colossus.  This battle's a pain because the blue
    dragons and chimeras will flank you and breath ice and fire respectively at
    you, and generally harassing you while you make your way through the long choke
    point.  Half the battle is in defeating all the regular enemies.  The rest of
    it is the damn Colossus.  It's not the strongest enemy you've fought, but it's
    got fairly balanced stats, plus there's three of them.  Not only that, but the
    heads can cast Bolt 4.  By this time everyone should have a Prayer Ring, so it
    shouldn't be a huge problem anymore.  Be liberal with the healing magic, and
    you'll come away fine.
    === End Battle ===
    At this point you should return to Runefaust if you want to save.  You'll have
    to fight the next two battles back to back.  You can use an angel wing or
    Mawlock to leave either one of the battles, but even if you beat the first and
    leave the second, you'll have to replay the first fight when you come back.
    Anyway, press on when you're ready.
     Battle 29 - Showdown with Darksol
    Steel Claw 5x
    Torch Eye 8x
    High Priest 2x
    Blue Dragon 2x
    Card:  #54 Darksol - Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    Here we go...the enemies are all ones you've fought before, and by this time
    the steel claws and high priests should be fodder.  The many torch eyes
    complicate matters, as will the dragons.  Then there's Darksol.  He is, of
    course, a bastard among bastards.  Powerful magic, incredible stats, and he
    can take a beating and a half before you even get through a third of his HP,
    plus he counterattacks nearly everything.  Rather than go straight toward him
    through that ominous-looking choke point, only send a few units through there
    (your stronger ones) and send the rest off to the left.  Don't go right, as
    there's more enemies that way, plus more choke points.  Regroup before
    attacking Darksol.  Like most bosses, he won't actively come after you, and
    since there's no clear bonus, you can take the time to heal and cast buffs like
    Attack and Shield magic.  You'll need it if you want to survive and take off
    his 240(!) HP.  Surround him and pound on him (forget magic, his resistence is
    too good) and eventually he'll fall.  Try your best to keep your allies alive,
    because there's no turning back from this.
    === End Battle ===
     Battle 30 - The Final Battle
    Skullforce ?x
    Dark Dragon 3x
    Card:  #55 Dark Dragon - Mawlock must deliver the final blow.  It doesn't matter
    which head Mawlock destroys as long as he kills the last one standing.
    This is it.  As the title will imply, this will be your final battle, and
    what a battle it is!  Ignore the skullforces, they'll continuously spawn in the
    squares beside Dark Dragon, and there's only two of them.  The dragon himself
    has three heads, and if that isn't enough, the center head can spew demon
    breath that will do an upwards of 30 damage to a very wide area.  Your first
    target should be the center head for this very reason.  Narsha, Torasu or Khris
    should provide healing power with Aura, and if either Narsha or Torasu has
    learned Aura 4, abuse it like hell.  Once the center head is gone, the other
    two should fall as soon as you can surround and pound on them.  Freeze 3 works
    quite well, doing anywhere from 30-40 damage to a head, so Domingo and Anri
    will be a big help here.  Keep your health high, and good luck!
    === End Battle ===
    Assuming you've won, congratulations!  You've saved the world!  Enjoy the
    credits and save when prompted to try the New Game+!
     6.  Card List
    This list is borrowed from Tyma's FAQ, with permission.  I also borrowed the
    info on the friendship cards because if I didn't, I'd get e-mails.  Basically,
    everything in this section was originally written up by Tyma and co. who have
    saved me from my state of bum-hood...for now.
    A note on 'Friendship Cards':
    Friendship cards cannot be found in any specific location, and will only be
    entrusted to you if you go out of your way to form a bond with that specific
    character.  In order to form a bond, make sure that you ALWAYS:
    * Include the character in your party
    * Protect the character in battle
    * Make sure the character levels up properly
    * Speak to the character in your HQ after EVERY battle
    As the game progresses, these characters will start confiding in you, whenever
    you talk to them in the HQ, sharing thoughts and stories.  When they have
    sufficient trust in you, they will entrust you with their card.  This can happen
    in any town, in any chapter, and will only happen if you pay them attention
    throughout the duration of the game, although some characters find Max much
    easier to trust than others do.
    If at any point the characters stop confiding in you, then the trust cannot be
    regained.  You'll have to pay them more attention during your next game in
    order to get the card.
     6a. Hero Cards
    #01 Max                                                           [Chapter 8-2]
    Awarded upon completion of the game for the first time.
    #02  Mae                                                      [Friendship Card]
    #03  Pelle                                                    [Friendship Card]
    #04  Ken                                                      [Friendship Card]
    #05  Vankar                                                   [Friendship Card]
    #06 Earnest                                                       [Chapter 4-3]
    Hidden in a bookshelf in Urbanatol.
    #07 Arthur                                                        [Chapter 2-2]
    After the battle to find the Orb Of Light, talk to Arthur in Manarina to
    recruit him.  He'll hand over his card as he joins.
    #08 Gort                                                          [Chapter 1-2]
    After returning to Guardiana, recruit Gort in the town pub.  After the scene in
    Guardiana castle, visit his grand-daughter (in a basement near the center of
    town), to receive his card.
    #09 Luke                                                      [Friendship Card]
    #10 Guntz                                                     [Friendship Card]
    #11 Anri                                                          [Chapter 2-2]
    Search all the bookshelves inside Manarina castle.
    #12 Alef                                                          [Chapter 7-2]
    Hidden in a chest in Prompt.  Pick it up before going to Metapha.
    #13 Tao                                                           [Chapter 2-2]
    After the chat with Anri in Manarina castle, search the castle for the madman
    with the ability to turn humans into chickens.  If you've triggered the cutscene
    with Anri, he'll perform his magic.  Once in chicken form, you can sneak into
    the 'VIP Mages Room,' where you'll find Tao's card hidden in a chest.
    #14 Domingo                                                       [Chapter 4-2]
    Once Pao re-locates to the other side of the Pao Plains, enter the town and
    head to the 'Pao pigpen' in the bottom-right (where you'll find Guntz).  Talk
    to all the of Paopigs wandering outside the pen until one of them surrenders
    Domingo's card.
    #15 Lowe                                                      [Friendship Card]
    #16 Khris                                                         [Chapter 1-3]
    After Khris' first battle (Battle 4), find her admirer, hanging around outside
    the castle.  After seeing Khris fight by your side, he'll donate his most prized
    possession to your cause. ^^;
    #17 Torasu                                                        [Chapter 7-2]
    Inside the room with the Prompt Elders.  Search the room on the left.
    #18 Gong                                                          [Chapter 1-1]
    Egress out of the first battle of the game and go to the 'Mountain Hut' on the
    right of the world map. Talk to Gong outside to recruit him into your party,
    and then talk to the woman inside the cabin, to receive his card.
    #19 Diane                                                         [Chapter 4-1]
    Inside Pao town, hidden in the top-right corner of the Paopig cage.
    #20 Hans                                                      [Friendship Card]
    #21 Lyle                                                          [Chapter 6-1]
    Hidden in a chest in the far top left corner of Rudo.  You'll have to inch your
    way up and left out of the town exit to locate a secret path around the outer
    edge of Rudo.
    #22 Amon                                                          [Chapter 2-4]
    Balbaroy hands it to you when he and Amon join the Shining Force.
    #23 Balbaroy                                                      [Chapter 2-4]
    Hidden in a bookshelf in Shade Abbey.  Pick it up after first meeting Amon, but
    before the battle where you meet Balbaroy.
    #24 Kokichi                                                       [Chapter 3-2]
    Find Kokichi in Bustoke, and watch his demonstration of Guntz' steam suit.
    After the demonstration, talk to Kokichi's assistant to receive his card.
    #25 Bleu                                                          [Chapter 6-2]
    After the battle with Kane, talk to Karin, then Krin, and then talk to Karin
    twice more.  She should surrender Bleu's card.
    #26 Adam                                                          [Chapter 8-2]
    Inside Castle Runefaust's entrance hall, on the wall opposite the stairs to the
    ancient castle.
    #27 Zylo                                                          [Chapter 3-1]
    Examine the church sign in Bustoke.
    #28 Musashi                                                       [Chapter 7-1]
    After speaking with Kane in Prompt, search the large building with two doors.
    On the wall in between the doors you'll find Musashi's card.
    #29 Hanzou                                                        [Chapter 8-1]
    Hidden in a tree in Runefaust east of the pub.  This is the spot where Hanzou
    was recruited in the original Shining Force game.
    #30 Yogurt                                                        [Chapter 4-1]
    Inside the front carriage of the caravan located in the middle of Pao town.
    Examine the control panel at the front of the carriage both before and after
    Pao relocates.
    #31 Narsha                                                    [Friendship Card]
    #32 Zuika                                                     [Friendship Card]
    #33 Mawlock                                                   [Friendship Card]
     6b. Villain Cards
    The 'villain cards' make up the members of the enemy forces, and can only be
    obtained during battle.
    In each battle, one of the enemy forces will be holding a card.  To win the
    card, you have to kill that enemy with one specific member of the Shining Force.
    This character doesn't have to fight the battle alone, they only have to deliver
    the finishing blow.
    #34 Rune Knight                                                   [Chapter 1-1]
    Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    #35 Skeleton                                                      [Chapter 2-2]
    Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
    #36 Marionette                                                    [Chapter 2-3]
    Gort must deliver the finishing blow.
    #37 Ghoul                                                         [Chapter 2-4]
    Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    #38 Gobgovitch                                                    [Chapter 2-E]
    Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.
    #39 Pegasus Knight                                                [Chapter 3-2]
    Zylo must deliver the finishing blow to the Lv 14 PegasusKt in the top-right
    corner of the map.
    #40 Laser Eye                                                     [Chapter 3-3]
    Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
    #41 Silver Knight                                                 [Chapter 3-3]
    Tao or Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
    #42 Soul Eater                                                    [Chapter 3-E]
    Zuika must deliver the finishing blow.
    #43 Elliot                                                        [Chapter 4-1]
    Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    #44 Hellhound                                                     [Chapter 4-2]
    Guntz must deliver the finishing blow.
    #45 Balbazak                                                      [Chapter 4-3]
    Earnest must deliver the finishing blow.
    #46 Master Mage                                                   [Chapter 5-2]
    Mae must deliver the finishing blow.
    #47 Dullahan                                                      [Chapter 6-1]
    Domingo must deliver the finishing blow.
    #48 Kane                                                          [Chapter 6-2]
    Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    #49 Mishaela                                                      [Chapter 6-4]
    Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    #50 Demonmaster                                                   [Chapter 7-2]
    Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.
    #51 Chaos                                                         [Chapter 7-3]
    Adam must deliver the finishing blow.
    #52 Ramladu                                                       [Chapter 8-2]
    Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.  Would you have it any other way?
    #53 Colosus                                                       [Chapter 8-3]
    Luke must deliver the finishing blow.
    #54 Darksol                                                       [Chapter 8-4]
    Max must deliver the finishing blow.
    #55 Dark Dragon                                                   [Chapter 8-5]
    Mawlock must deliver the final blow.  It doesn't matter which head Mawlock
    destroys as long as he kills the last one standing.
     6c. Card Data
    ## Card         Ability                     Effect                      MP Cost
    01 Max        | Attack with Supernova     | Super Egress              | 20 MP
    02 Mae        | Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any range     |  8 MP
    03 Pelle      | Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any distance  | 10 MP
    04 Ken        | Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any range     | 10 MP
    05 Vankar     | Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any distance  | 10 MP
    06 Earnest    | Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any distance  | 10 MP
    07 Arthur     | Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any range     | 10 MP
    08 Gort       | Well-balanced warrior     | Increase ally attack      | 11 MP
    09 Luke       | Well-balanced warrior     | Raise ally defense        |  7 MP
    10 Guntz      | Superior defense          | Reduce ally's damage to 1 | 20 MP
    11 Anri       | Attack with Freeze        | Attack enemies within a   | 30 MP
                  |                           | range of 2                |
    12 Alef       | Attack with Bolt spell    | Attack from any distance  | 15 MP
    13 Tao        | Attack with Blaze         | Attack from any range     |  6 MP
    14 Domingo    | Attack with Freeze        | Attack enemies within     | 30 MP
                  |                           | 2 spaces                  |
    15 Lowe       | Restore attacked ally's HP| Restore 1 ally's HP       | 10 MP
    16 Khris      | Restore one ally's HP     | Restore all allies' HP    | 25 MP
    17 Torasu     | Restore attacked ally's HP| Shield for all allies     | 26 MP
    18 Gong       | Monk with super attack    | Cancel one enemy turn     | 20 MP
    19 Diane      | Archer with distance of 2 | +2 to ally's distance     | 24 MP
    20 Hans       | Archer with distance of 2 | +1 to ally's distance     | 12 MP
    21 Lyle       | Knight with distance of 3 | +2 to ally's distance     | 18 MP
    22 Amon       | Increase movement range   | +3 to ally's movement     | 10 MP
    23 Balbaroy   | Increase movement         | Ally movement type        | 20 MP
                  |                           | changed to "Flying"       |
    24 Kokichi    | Increase movement         | Ally movement type        | 20 MP
                  |                           | changed to "Flying"       |
    25 Bleu       | Great ATK and DEF         | Attack enemies within     | 30 MP
                  |                           | 2 spaces                  |
    26 Adam       | Robot with high ATK       | Attack with enemy's own   | 20 MP
                  |                           | ATK power                 |
    27 Zylo       | Increase MOV in forests   | Ally movement type        | 15 MP
                  |                           | changed to "Beast"        |
    28 Musashi    | Super attack              | Ally's next attack is     | 20 MP
                  |                           | a super attack            |
    29 Hanzou     | Ninja with high speed     | Raise 1 ally's speed      |  8 MP
    30 Yogurt     | Rendered useless          | Something BAD happens     |  1 MP
    31 Narsha     | Boost ally's strength     | Restore 20MP to ally      | 30 MP
    32 Zuika      | Warrior with high speed   | Instant death attack      | 25 MP
                  |                           | on enemy                  |
    33 Mawlock    | Return to original form   | Restore used cards        | 30 MP
    34 Rune Knight| Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any range     |  5 MP
    35 Skeleton   | Regain HP automatically   | Put 1 enemy to sleep      | 20 MP
    36 Marionette | Attack with Blaze         | Attack from any range     |  2 MP
    37 Ghoul      | Regain HP automatically   | Poison 1 enemy            | 20 MP
    38 Gobgouitch | Well-balanced warrior     | Extreme random damage     | 20 MP
    39 Pegasus KT | Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any range     |  7 MP
    40 Laser Eye  | Attack with Bolt          | Damage all enemies        | 30 MP
                  |                           | in range                  |
    41 Silver KT  | Fast-moving knight        | Attack from any range     |  7 MP
    42 Soul Eater | Regain HP                 | Ally regains HP for       | 30 MP
                  |                           | 5 turns                   |
    43 Elliot     | Balanced stats            | Attack from any range     |  3 MP
    44 Hellhound  | Powerful beast attack     | Attack from any range     | 20 MP
    45 Balbazak   | Great stat balance        | Raise ally's ATK/DEF/SPD  | 40 MP
    46 Master Mage| Attack with Blaze         | Attack enemies within     | 20 MP
                  |                           | 2 spaces                  |
    47 Dullahan   | Regain HP                 | Instant death to 1 enemy  | 25 MP
    48 Kane       | Attack with Desoul        | Cast Egress to return     |  8 MP
                  |                           | to town                   |
    49 Mishaela   | Attack with Bolt          | Attack all enemies        | 40 MP
    50 Demonmaster| Attack with Freeze        | Attack from any range     | 25 MP
    51 Chaos      | Robot with great ATK      | Attack with enemy's       | 15 MP
                  |                           | ATK power                 |
    52 Ramladu    | Excel in all areas        | Prevent enemy from acting | 20 MP
    53 Colossus   | Attack with Bolt          | Raise allies' defense     | 30 MP
    54 Darksol    | Excel in all areas        | Attack all enemies        | 50 MP
    55 Dark Dragon| Huge dragon of darkness   | Attack all enemies        | 50 MP
     7.  Changes Made to Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
    Considering this is a remake, there have been some extensive and somewhat
    noticable changes, though I couldn't be bothered to find the original SF game
    to find out what.  So, I got a submission.  The following things were changed
    in the transition from the original Shining Force to the GBA iteration.
    1.  You meet your first companions (Luke, Tao, Hans, Ken, Lowe) in the HQ for
    GBA, but in the Megadrive version you meet them down the path leading to the
    2.  The characters have different battle poses and portraits.
    3.  The attack styles are different.
    4.  At the beginning you see a battle screen between Max and Varios, but in
    the Megadrive version, you just hear beeps and slashes.
    5.  Cards were added to the GBA version.
    6.  Three added characters:  Narsha, Zuika and Mawlock.
    7.  The battles are slightly easier.
    8.  Various characters have had certain stat balances and tweaks.
    9.  Damage from enemy attacks has been lessened.
    10.  Max now learns the Supernova spell.
    11.  Epilogues were added to some chapters.
    12.  Hanzou and Musashi can now be promoted.
    13.  The New Game+ mode has been added.
    14.  Domingo (among others...) have altered dialogue.
     8.  Revision History
    0.01 - Just started out.  Going to do the initial character reviews and the
    first four battles.  More later.
    0.10 - Beat chapter 2.  More characters, battles, etc.
    0.15 - Added info on how to get Domingo even though I completely missed him
    in my game.  I used a Codebreaker to add the egg to my item box so I could
    give strategies for him later if necessary.  Also wrote up the first two
    battles of chapter 3.
    0.17 - Added a FAQ section.  More battle data.
    0.25 - More battle data and I added Tyma's card list.  Yay.
    0.27 - I realized I forgot to list a couple characters in their section.
    Also fixed some random problems.
    0.65 - Added a lot of stuff...characters, battles, you name it.  Fixed a couple
    bits in the card section.
    0.70 - Goddamn it.  I realized I missed Hanzou in Waral and Musashi in Rudo,
    so I'll have to add the info to get them when I play a New Game+.  Oh, I also
    added a bunch of info for chapter 7.
    0.85 - Almost done with the walkthrough.  I won't turn the version over to 1.00
    until I get Hanzou and Musashi, but I will complete the general guide for the
    benefit of everyone.  I just have two battles to go, then I'm starting over.
    0.95 - Done with the main walkthrough.  Starting over to get stuff I missed.
    0.97 - Added Yogurt to the character list.  I'm up to chapter 4, so it won't
    be long till I get Hanzou and Musashi.
    0.98 - Got Hanzou.  Going for Musashi.
    1.00 - Musashi gotten!  Also added Adam to the character list since I forgot
    to do it last time.  For all intents and purposes this is the last major
    update, and likely one of the last at all.  The guide's complete and I really
    gotta fix a couple other FAQs of mine...
    1.10 - Totally redid the layout.  I read some of Kao's FF7 guide and decided
    he really knew what he was doing in terms of layout.  I like this a lot better,
    actually.  More space for things like titles.
    1.12 - Some minor changes made.  I went through and leveled up some characters
    to get a more accurate assessment of their abilities.
    1.13 - Fixed the copyright information.
    1.15 - Yay, ASCII art!
    1.16 - Layout changes again.  Trying to get all my FAQs to use the same system
    of navigation.  Also added Dark Dragon's card to the list.
    1.18 - Made a layout change to one guide, so all the rest will follow suit.
    1.20 - Added a Changes section, which was prompted by a user submission.  Also
    clarified how to get a couple cards, since people are still asking about them.
    1.22 - Made a note on Diane having three mothers.  Apparently they fixed that
    in the NA version of the game.
    1.23 - Various additions.
    1.24 - More additions.
    1.25 - A question added to the FAQ section, and some additional clarification
    on Hanzou and Musashi's recruitment process.  Hopefully they're easier to
    understand now.
    1.26 - As of this version, my FAQ has won the May 2004 FAQ of the Month contest!
    Amazing, considering I've never won a contest before in my life.
    1.27 - Once again fixed up Hanzou's recruitment method.  I figure writing down
    what the signs actually say will help people who are reading the wrong ones.
    1.28 - Cheat Code Central's recent theft of my FAQs has prompted an addition to
    the copyright section.
    1.30 - On a suggestion from Azortex, I added the villain card data to the
    battle strategy sections so you can tell at a glance who needs to beat up the
    boss to get the proper card.
    1.31 - Lots of minor fixes, mostly in the Cards section.
    1.35 - Well, thanks to a reader submission, I now have a chart detailing cards
    and their effects.  Thanks, Tinytode.  Also wrote how to get the Teeny Bikini
    in the FAQ section, finally.
    1.36 - 'nother update.  Little addition this time.  See if you can spot it.
     9.  Acknowledgements
    Thanks to you, the reader and gamer, for taking the time to read my faq.
    Thanks so much to Tyma for letting me use the info on the cards, and as for the
    contributors for that, here's Tyma's...rather extensive...list of those who
    helped with the cards: PhatoseAlpha, patapikachu, Gohanks, Prince Medion, Tyma,
    AlasterB, jtelec, Blastoff, Produn, erneighbour, SILKA, I WIll Not Stab You,
    saihyyamoy, theweirdmusician, siczor, notoriousviv, NeoZeroX, fredkkc, Dark
    Isaac, SageAcrin, OblivionKnight, Caxin, xescapeplanx, Shdw and Outrun 2.
    Wow.  Great list, there.  Also thanks to patapikachu for telling me how to get
    the Dark Dragon card.  Thanks goes to Ken for the list of changes from the
    Megadrive to GBA version.  
    Kudos to Tamlin for a bunch of hints here and there.  Also, thanks to azortex
    for telling me what's written on the signs leading to Hanzou, and for the
    suggestion about putting the cards in the battle strategy sections.  More thanks
    to Forget Me Not (weird name...) for some corrections.  Some thanks to Matt
    Tsui for the tip on the Heat Axe.
    Some gratitude flies off to Malohkan for a quick and dirty suggestion.
    Domo and all that to Tinytode, who wrote up the chart with the cards and
    ASCII art was done compliments of http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
     10.  Copyright Info
    This file is Copyright (c)2002-2005 to its respective author, namely myself.
    All rights reserved.
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any web site
    other than those listed below, or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Sites allowed to use this FAQ:
    If you find this FAQ on www.cheatcc.com, it has been stolen by the webmaster
    there and is being used in violation of intellectual copyright laws and more
    importantly, against my wishes.  Simply, www.cheatcc.com and its respective
    webmaster does not have my permission to use this FAQ on his website.
    To contact me for permission to use my FAQ on your website, e-mail me here:

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