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Reviewed: 04/03/06

Law & Order, part 3

Shortly after playing the only "Phoenix Wright" game already available for the Nintendo DS, I thought I should finally give a try to the other games of that series, known in Japan as "Gyakuten Saiban".

Obviously this game seems to follow the same gameplay as the rest of the series, with the player controlling (usually...) a lawyer who has to prove that his client isn't guilty. In order to do so, he will have to visit the crime scenes and several other locations, always trying to find as many evidence as possible. Then, in a second phase, you will go to court and you are required to use these same pieces of evidence as a backup to prove the truth (or the lies...) in the witness's testimonials. While this may seem an easy to follow concept, it surely is a lot more original than most games published nowadays, and you won't be able to stop playing before discovering the truth behind each of the 5 cases contained in this cartridge, which may be related or not, something you will find later on.

While this concept seems quite good and simply amazing, you must think of something: the language barrier. Usually I would give this game an higher score and even recommend it to everyone, but at the time of this review there is no English version of the game, and without good knowledge of the language it turns out being impossible to play this game.

Another note about the previous paragraph, even with knowledge of the language you may sometimes have problems with the complexity of some parts of the game, since it isn't always obvious on what you should do or what evidence you may want to use in each situation.

Going into the story, your first case will actually be the first case of the hero's mentor, with her (Mia, in the English version) having to save the hero (Phoenix is his name in the English version) from a complicated situation. That makes Phoenix want to be a lawyer, eventually making this first as an interesting cameo to learn some more about the hero's past. Then, in the second case you will be playing with Phoenix once more, in his current day and yet another interesting case, but I must say that there are some more surprises waiting for you as you advance further in the game.

There's also the point of a lack of replay value in the game, as I doubt most players will ever replay it after completing it once. Some extras would have surely been nice...

While the menus and all types of interface look exactly as in the previous versions the characters and evidence are all quite well drawn, which is surely a plus for this game.

As for the sound, I have to state that it's nothing special, you can sometimes hear 2 different phrases from the mouth of the characters but besides that the music seems to be exactly the same as in the previous versions, making it boring by now, as we could expect them to at least add some new tunes to this release...

Finally, who should get this game? If an English release was ever made, this would be a game that everyone would like to have. However, with only a Japanese version currently available, most people may want to stick away from this product. Currently recommended only for people who have knowledge of the Japanese language.

Rating: 8

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