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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 04/12/04 Darkness X Unlimited Final 70K
FAQ/Walkthrough 09/12/03 Mogg 13-42 1.1 113K

In-Depth FAQs

Battlechip Navi Codes List 08/04/04 hardcore rpg gamer 1.05 28K
Character Guide 05/29/05 LiteYear 1.01 140K
Chip Guide 12/17/04 LiteYear 1.10 79K
Chip List 06/20/04 Adori Yami 20K
Enemy Deck Guide 12/27/04 Shadowboy 1.2 28K
Enemy Guide 05/13/14 icevenant 1.0 157K
Fodder Navi Code List 06/16/04 PhQ / Kuru Seed 1.04 9K
Game Script 04/12/04 PPike 0.632 377K
Higsby's Shop Guide 03/31/05 PhQ 1.01b 6K
Mega Man Series Ending FAQ 06/18/05 ReyVGM 0.4 268K
Navi Chip FAQ 07/31/05 Shado Man 1.10 21K
NetNavi Codes FAQ 06/24/08 RandyPandy 1.37 21K
Tournament Folder FAQ 09/28/04 Shado Man 1.00 29K

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