• Misc. Passwords

    Enter this on the Data page where you enter passcodes:

    Fight ChaudName: CHAU Code: 93(clover)5-WXNH-9MWT-(star)VX8-DY7M-88H0
    Fight DexName: DEX Code: FD(star)3-3JW1-PS(star)V-(diamond)01(diamond)-(heart)6R(clubs)-1J32
    Fight KaiName: KAI Code: M(star)SP-3(heart)(diamond)C-6KGQ-(heart)9FM-X0N(heart)-M(diamond)P1
    Fight LanName: LAN Code: NG75-H5RF-R0MN-440N-2QX(club symbol)-X341
    Fight MaryName: MARY Code: CX4(star)-1G(spade)9-5JKL-S(clubs)GD-3L5B-90Z1
    Fight MaylName: MAYL Code: 8NT8-JZFL-3Q9D-7RPX-T(diamond)CH-JX51
    Get HubStyl ChipName: LAN Code: 5(star)4H-B81R-(star)KKZ-P15X-ZS5B-(club)XK0

    Contributed By: Kaboobi, Esper, and hockeyguy8.

    3    3


  • Getting the Data chips

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Data chip 1Talking to Higsby for 20 times
    Data chip 2Finish the Ajina Free battle
    Data chip 3Finish S class
    Data chip 4Finish the 128 tournament

    Contributed By: Mastermind Chaud.

    1    0

  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AntiElecBeat Tournament 32
    AntiFireBeat Tournament 32
    AntiWatrBeat Tournament 32
    AnubisBeat Tournament 16
    Aqua+40Beat Tournament 64
    AquaCustBeat Tournament 128
    Atk+30Beat Tournament 64
    BigBombBeat Tournament 16
    BlckHoleBeat Tournament 128
    DblSnsrBeat Tournament 16
    DropDownBeat Tournament 32
    Elec+40Beat Tournament 64
    ElecTeamBeat Tournament 128
    Fire+40Beat Tournament 64
    FireRatBeat Tournament 16
    FrntSnsrBeat Tournament 16
    GeyserBeat Tournament 32
    GodStoneBeat Tournament 32
    HeatGutsBeat Tournament 128
    Kunai3Beat Tournament 64
    LavaDrgnBeat Tournament 32
    Navi+40 (rare)Beat Tournament 64
    OldWoodBeat Tournament 32
    PopupBeat Tournament 128
    Recov200Beat Tournament 16
    TimeBom3Beat Tournament 16
    UnderShtBeat Tournament 16
    Wood+40Beat Tournament 64
    WoodShldBeat Tournament 128

    Contributed By: netPikatron.

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  • Secret tournaments

    You need to complete the regular game by clearing tournament class S to unlock tournament classes X to Z.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Class X (Shadow Tournament)Complete class S (Master Tournament).
    Class Y (Ashura Tournament)Complete class X.
    Class Z (Chaos Tournament)Complete class Y.
    Yami Net Area (Survival)Complete Class Z.

    Contributed By: White Dragon Nall.

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  • Secret Boss

    Complete the Yami Net Area survival tournament. At the 100th battle, Forte GS will appear and attack you. Defeat him to obtain his chip.

    Contributed By: White Dragon Nall.

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