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Guide and Walkthrough by 23jasdog23

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/22/2010

	     OOOOO          OO           CCCCC        CC
            OOOOOOO       OOOOOO        CC    C     C    C
           O   OOOOO     OOOOOOOO      C   C   C   C   C CC
           O   OOOOO Ooo OOOO   O      C   C   C   C  C   C
            O OOOOOOOOOOoOOOO   O       C C   C CccC  C   C
            C   OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO        C                C
           CE E E     EE   EOOO C  CPPC E E  E     E  E E CPPC  C
        tttt     uu    EEEEOOtttt  PPPC        uu         CPPP
          Ct   c  c   c     ttC        C     c  c  c      C
        tttC    cctccc       Cttt        C    cc cc     C
            C     tt        C             C ss     ss  C
            OO SS     SS   OO            C cc s   s cc  C
           O  S  S   S  S   OO          C    c     c     C s 
          C   SSS     SSS    C s        C                Css
          C                  Css        C                Cs
          C                  Cs          CccccRRRRRRccccC
           CcccccRRRRRRcccccC            s   s      s   s
          S   SS        SS   S            sss        sss
           SSS            SSS 
||||||||||It’s the HAMTARO HAM-HAM HEARTBREAK walkthrough/guide!||||||||||||||

Hello, reader!!! Here is a pledge from me to you before you read this guide:
I, jasdog,  will make some easy-to-follow chapters and sections so as not to 
confuse, and lists of everything in the game except for accessories. Stuff in 
( ) will be extras that you can ignore, but that also might make the game go 
faster. Stuff in [ ] will be little facts about the situation or characters
that you can ignore also. I’ve beaten this game over 17 times, so there is 
no need to worry, everything is crystal clear!

Mar. 21, 2010 ~ VERSION 1.1!! Woo! It's been more than three years!! I've
changed a few things: mistakes in directions, mistakes in general, and
(drum roll please)... I added a clothes section! Enjoy! In addition, I
made the gem and key lists a lot more legible since they were pretty bad
before! (I also put some well-needed paragraph breaks to separate the text
so it's now easier to read...yay!)

Mar. 18, 2007 ~ VERSION 1.0!! Ho-kay, now this took a long time to make!
But I’m sure that everything that needs to be known is here!


Directions: how do I use this thing??/Some vocabulary
Intro: beginning scene/first hamchats
1: a little list of who’s who in the game
2: a quick Walkthrough from start to finish:
     -Sunny Peak 1
     -Sandy Bay 1
     -Fun Land 1 
     -Boo Manor 1
     -Sandy Bay 2
     -Boo Manor 2
     -Fun Land 2
     -Boo Manor 3/Fun Land 3
     -Wildwoods 1
     -Sunny Peak 2
     -Wildwoods 2/Sunny Peak 3
     -Wildwoods 3
     -Sunny Peak 4
     -Wildwoods 4
     -Spat Tower 1
     -Wildwoods 5/Spat Tower 2
     -Wildwoods 6
     -Spat Tower 3
     -Sandy Bay 3/ Sunny Peak 5/ Sandy Bay 4/ END OF GAME
3: all of the Ham Chats in alphabetical order
4: a Gem list
5: a Ham Jam list
6: clothing section (NEW!!!...for now...)
7: items/keys/extra stuffs
8: copyright info!

p.s. Looking for certain items instead of long, drawn out directions?? Just
     type (for PCs) Control+F or (for Macs) Apple+F and type in the item you
     are so desperately looking for!!! It works like a charm!!!
     It even works for stuff like hamchats (in caps, remember)!!
     example: I wanna know where to find the green marble, but I don't know
     where the heck to find it!! Let me type in (on my PC) Control+F and
     type in "green marble" and see where it's mentioned!! There it is! I win!

How do I use this thing??/Some vocabulary

To those who have never ever used a game boy advance before, it might look a 
little confusing. The switch on the bottom left turns the console on (slide 
to the right), the volume control is on the far right bottom (slide to the 
right to get louder), the headphone plug-in is right next to the volume con-
trol, and the outlet for the wireless adapter is on the very top between the
L and R buttons. Here are the basic buttons you’ll need to know backwards,
forwards, and upside-down:

#BUTTON#               #FUNCTION#                              #LOOKS LIKE?#
|The D-pad             |It’s how you move! (up/down/left/right)|  +         |
|The “A” Button        |It selects things! (saying yep-p)      | (A)        |
|The “B” Button        |It’s like a back button! (saying no-p) | (B)        |
|The “Start” Button    |Brings up your Ham-Chat dictionary!    | start O    |
|The “Select” Button   |Brings up your status!                 | select O   |
|The “R” Button        |Same as start button!                  | (R  )      |
|The “L” Button        |Same as select button!                 | (  L)      |
                       outlet for wireless adapter
               L Button->________v________<-R Button
		        /   ___________  o\<-power light (turns red when
              	D-pad->|_|_|  GAMEBOY  |   |          batteries are low)
		       | | |           |(A)|<-A Button
		start->|o  |  ADVANCE  |(B)|<-B Button
	       select->| o |___________|   |
             power switch ^            ^ ^ headphone plug, volume control

Now, I’ll also be using some vocabulary that may or may not confuse you, so 
here’s some clarification on some terms:

Ham, noun- A male hamster. (In my opinion, at least)
Hamie, noun- A female hamster. (In my opinion, at least)
Ham(ie), noun- I have no clue as to what this hamster’s gender is.
Left, Right, Up, Down, adverbs- So here’s the deal: when I say “go left” or
something like that, it means to exit into the next panel in that direction.
So if you’re in the middle of Boo Mansion, and I say go up and then right,
that means go up into the next panel and then go right into the panel after
that one. Clear?
“Say [hamchat] to him/her”, phrase- This means that you have to press A in
front of the ham(ie) in question and select the said [hamchat] from the ham-
chat menu. This goes for things like using a ham-chat as a verb, too (i.e.
“tuggie on it as hard as you can”).
Hamtaro/Bijou, nouns- Although you may not have named your two main characters
by their given names, this is what I call them by because I can’t read your 

The beginning scene/first hamchats

You start out with a disturbing dream. A hamster in a black devil costume 
is breaking the hearts of all the hamsters! Horrors! He then turns and…
comes for YOU! That’s when you wake up. You then see that Boss is walking
towards you, telling you that you look awful. He hears about your dream 
and laughs rudely; he also asks you for a favor, but he wants to discuss
it downstairs. Obviously, you use the D-pad to move around. (If you press
B while you move around with the D-pad, you can run instead of walk.)
To your surprise, there is something at the bottom of the stairs and you
slip, tripping over Snoozer, and then you fall into a bucket full of
water! You get up and shake all of the water off, and in doing so, you
drop your soaking wet Ham-Ham Dictionary. Boss runs over, exclaiming,
“Oh no!! The Ham-Ham Dictionary is soaking wet!! *Sigh… most of your
Ham-Chats are gone!!” But he shakes the drama off by saying, “oh well…
What happens happens…” Easy for him to say! So he hands it back to
you and says that his original favor was for you to find Bijou for him.
[“Bijou” in French means “jewel”.] So, after that shenanigan, he takes
you into the dance room and teaches you the four basic Ham-Chats:
“Hamha”, “Hif-hif”, “Tack-Q”, and “Dig-dig”. Just do what he tells you
to do and you can be out of there in no time at all!
[Although tack-Q comes before hif-hif, they will later switch places.]
After you leave the dancing room you should have: 10 sunflower seeds
and one Love Meter. So, it’s off to Sunny Peak, where we begin our adventure!

1. WHO’S WHO? :

The list of characters (I will be using their real names so read this part!):

Hamtaro (or however you named him): He’s the main ham in the story. He’s cute,
lovable, and pretty naïve. He has distinct orange and white markings on his
body and is friends with everyone.

Bijou (or however you named her): She’s the main hamie in the story. She’s
French and has little blue pigtails to match her silky white fur. She secretly
has a thing for Hamtaro and will teach you one or two Ham-Chats in the
beginning of the game.

Boss: He’s the larger one with the little yellow hat and the dark brown
markings who woke you up. He takes care of the Clubhouse and works on building
new attachments.

Snoozer: He was the one who you tripped over in the intro of the game! His
name should explain what he does all day: snoozes. But don’t look down on
him and his spotted sock. If you need some help on the game, he’ll give little
hints to you! (Not that you'll need them...)

Harmony: Harmony is the hamie of love. She dresses in an angel costume and has
little wings that actually work! She will tell you where Spat is at certain
times of the game and also makes up Ham-Chats whenever your Love Meter is
raised a level.

Spat: He’s the one in the devil costume whose wings unfortunately also work.
His main goal in life is to break up all of the hams and hamies!

Seamore: Being the one ham that can swim, Seamore comes in handy in the
middle of the game. He wears a shell on his back and is in charge of the
photo shoot in the Clubhouse (lower-left door).

Barrette: She’s the love of Seamore’s life. She lives up to her name by
wearing a little ponytail clipped with a barrette on the top of her head
and also helps out with the photo shoot.

Cappy (or as I say, the Capster): This ham loves hats. In fact, he loves
them so much, he gets mixed up with Spat and steals a hat from another ham!
He’s white with brown ears and has a cute, green cap.

Postie: This grey ham hangs out at the Clubhouse, acting as the postman.
If you fill out the Ham-Chat form next to the stairs, he’s the ham to give
it to.

Pashmina: This kind hamie treasures her scarf and her younger sister,

Penelope: Pashmina’s sweet little sister who is too young to talk yet.
She wears a yellow sheet over her head for reasons unknown and all she
can say is, “Ookwee!”

Dexter: This know it all ham has a huge crush on Pashmina. His markings
give him little glasses that I think are adorable. His main rival is Howdy,
who shares the same feelings as he does about Pashmina.

Howdy: This Texan ham has a cute little apron, a crush on Pashmina,
and a rivalry for Dexter. He’s brown-and-white with little squinty eyes.
He and Dexter are always fighting over who Pashmina likes best.

Oxnard: He’s a fat ham with grey-and-white splotches and two loves: Pepper
and sunflower seeds. Although he can get emotional, he is still Hamtaro’s
bestest pal.

Pepper: A hamie with pigtails jutting out of the sides of her head, a
bandana, and really neat markings. She and Oxnard are a hot item, but
she can get mad at him at times.

Panda: He’s the working ham. He has panda markings in black-and-white
(surprise, surprise) and lives for building and fixing things. His talent
comes in handy near the end of the game as well.

Seedric: This very tall ham is sort of an orange color but you can really
recognize him by his backpack and awesome acorn hat. He loves finding
acorns, so if you collect some, give them to him and he’ll give you sunflower
seeds in return.

Maxwell: Another tall ham who loves books. Sometimes he gets so caught up
in his books that he can go on reading without even noticing his girlfriend,

Elder Ham: A very old and wise ham that loves snoozing. He tells stories that
don’t make much sense, but that will get you through the game. He has a beard
and a walking cane.

Sandy: She’s a sporty hamie who loves gymnastics; therefore she usually carries
around a ribbon with her. Her tail is tied up in a ribbon, too. She has a
flirty twin brother, Stan, and a thing for Maxwell.

Stan: He’s the lady’s ham. Well, not really. He loves chasing girls, but they
don’t love being chased. He’s constantly being watched and put under
constraint by his twin sister, Sandy. Both he and his sister are orange with
tiger stripes.

Jingle: The music ham, if you will. He has a guitar, a Mohawk, and a tendency
to ramble and forget people’s names.

There you have it! All of the hams equipped with names that matter!!

(everything that’s in Caps is a new Ham-Chat)

Sunny Peak 1

So, here’s where the fun really starts. You dig yourself out of a hole to find
yourself next to a large tree; go ahead and walk towards where the river is
[forward] and you’ll see good ol’ Bijou walking to you right across the river.
You’ll then hear a crunching noise and a scream! Go across the river and take
a small step to your right. You’ll notice that the bush is moving, so go and
stickie it. A yellow-cream hamster will fall out and exclaim the Ham-Chat
BLUSHIE, which will be very useful in times to come. If you follow where he’s
gone [right], you’ll see poor Bijou crying. But you can’t do anything right
now to save her. You have to go back to the left and go up, where you’ll see
two distraught hams, one pink, and the other blue. Press A and you’ll notice
at the bottom of the list of basic Ham-Chats there’s a question mark. That
means there’s a Ham-Chat that you need to learn in order to get the game
moving along. Say hamha to them anyway and they’ll tell you their predicament:
they want to reach the sunflower to your right, but aren’t tall enough. That’s
ok, just pass by them and go up the wooden steps, where you’ll find Oxnard
crying! Hamha him and he’ll say that Pepper has left him and that he’s BLUHOO.

See that tree stump next to you? Go ahead and climb up the stairs and you’ll 
hear a ham shout HEYHOO at you. Go back down to where the pink and blue hams 
were and press A. No more question mark! In its place is the missing chat, 
heyhoo. Heyhoo the pink ham(ie) and he/she’ll jump on the blue ham(ie)’s head,
creating the new Ham-Chat, hamlift. But you can’t learn it yet without a
partner, so go back to where Oxnard was and go to the right. You’ll see in
the middle of the clearing a handkerchief. Step on it and an angry hamie will
come and scold you, teaching you GOGO. After she pulls the thing from under
you, go back to the left where Oxnard was. This time when you go back to the
right, it’s a newspaper. Step on it and she’ll come back again. Leave again
and come back. This time it’s a strap. But she won’t take it from you
because it’s “filthy” and so you receive it. [If you’re wondering what the
hole in the top left corner is, it’s a clothes shop. It’s pretty useless
at the moment, but when you get more seeds you can buy clothes and take
pictures at the photo shoot wearing them.] As you might have noticed,
there's a little pile of leaves above your head. Go to the leaves and right
under the tree, do a tack-q so that you hit the tree. This will cause an
acorn to fall. Hif-hif it and it’s yours. Exit to the right and again you’re
in another clearing. Go up and you’ll see Seedric, the acorn-
loving ham. Don’t hamha, but hif-hif him and he’ll talk a bit and then ask you
for your acorn. Say yep-p and you’ll get 20 seeds. Good trade when you’re low
on seeds, so gathering acorns is good. Exit once more to the right and find a
ham who seems to be waiting for someone. He won’t give you any useful
information, so step onto the feather that looks like the French flag and
do a hamha. A bird will fly over and you’ll receive your first Ham Jam,
Condor’s Wings. Climb down the vine and you’ll see Pepper on a sunflower
leaf. Ignore her and continue going down where there’s a boat. Skip the boat
and go to your left to find a worried-looking ham that’s a slate color. Say
lookie to him and he’ll mention his little brother’s missing something. When
he realizes you’re talking about Bijou, he teaches you PAKAPAKA. (Now would
be a good time to press start, and then press select, and put your Ham-Chat
dictionary in alphabetical order.) Go back to the boat and get in. Press
A and select pakapaka to cut the rope. This sends you falling down the river
to a dock. Get off the boat and talk to the orange-brown ham that’s walking
around. Say yep-p to his question and he’ll teach you PUTPUT.

Exit to the left, and you’ll see something swimming in the water: Seamore!
Go up and heyhoo to get his attention. Do him the favor of getting that potty
seat off his shell and he’ll teach you OFFDOFF. He will then take the training
seat with him to the Clubhouse. After he leaves, go to the battery that makes
up part of the bridge. When you’re right in front of the battery, press A and
select offdoff. Exit to the right and putput the battery in the boat. Get in
and dock at the place where Bijou is and she’ll ramble a bit and then teach
you MEGA-Q. She’ll be following you from now on. Although you have Bijou and
can return to the Clubhouse, you have to get Oxnard and Pepper back together!
So return to where the pink and blue hamsters where and say hamha. They’ll see
that you finally have a partner and teach you HAMLIFT, which is also a handy

Go back down to where the boat was and drive over to the far end. Climb up to
where Pepper is and use hamlift to talk to her. Once she’s down, say bluhoo to
her and she’ll teach you OOPSIE. You follow her and see that the two are
together once more. You’ll learn GOSSIP-P from them and your first love is
saved! [1] Walk down and you’ll run into Spat! He will ramble and then run
away, showing on the map that Spat is in this area. Bijou will start shaking
you and she will teach you SMOOCHIE. You immediately go to the Clubhouse and
encounter Boss, where Bijou tells the tragic tale of Spat. Boss acknowledges
your dream and all of a sudden, Harmony the love hamie appears. She explains
the situation quickly and then goes upstairs. You are then sent out of the
Clubhouse. But before you go back to Sunny Peak, go to the Clubhouse again
and hif-hif Snoozer to learn ZUZUZU. Also, talk to Postie and he’ll explain
that he’s your delivery ham. (You must do this now or he will not accept your
letters later.) Now go to Sunny Peak and run to where the blue and pink hams
were. You’ll see the blue one with a broken heart over his/her head. Hamha
him/her and find out what’s wrong. Then, go over to where the sunflower is
that they were mooching off of and hamlift. You’ll get 20 seeds. Go down twice
and right once to ride on the boat to the sad slate ham and say hamha.
You agree on looking for the seat. Go to where the orange-brown ham is and say
hamha and he’ll teach you BESTEST. Go back to the Clubhouse and go into the
photo room (you’ll see a little camera on the doormat). Tell Seamore lookie
and he’ll give the training seat to you. Go back to the slate ham and give
it to him. He’ll run back to where the little waiting ham was and you’ll learn
that the slate ham’s name is Arnie and that that little ham is his younger
brother. When they enter the cave, you’ll learn SESAM-E, which opens doors.
Use it to go inside and head up into the cave opening. Run across the corridor
and you’ll find yourself in what looks like a four-way intersection.

Go though the top door and be ready for a surprise. You walk out to find that
Bijou isn’t the one following you, it’s Arnie’s little brother! Say hamha to
him and he’ll start crying. Continue walking to the right and buy the bananas
from the sales-ham. (If you say no-p to the sales-ham, he’ll drop the price
on everything, this works better later in the game, but is still useful when
you’re tight on seeds. In this case, say no-p once and only once to drop
the price one sunflower seed.) Go back and give the bananas to the monkey.
Go once more to where the sales-ham was and immediately go back to where the
monkey was in the monkey’s place will be a note and a rock. Hif-hif both of
these items and then step on the banana peel. Your clumsiness and pain will
cheer up Arnie’s little brother. Go back left to the four-way intersection
and Arnie’s little bro will explain which ways to go to get to their house.
From where you are standing, the directions are: left, down, left, 
up, and up. Use sesam-E to open the door, and you’ll find that Arnie’s
not there! This will cause the little one to cry again...
Walk towards him, and Arnie and Bijou will enter the room. When Arnie and
his little bro reunite, you learn HAMIGOS and another love will form [2]! Once
you’re out of their house, go down once and then go right to get you back to
the four-way intersection where the sales-ham is. Go to him and say no-p once
and then buy the oilcan. Go up and to the right where there is a cart. Putput
the oilcan on the cart but don’t gogo on it yet. Instead, climb up the rope
to find Spat and the pink ham(ie)! Go to Spat, press A, and select hamigos.
After he walks to the right, do this once more and Spat will fall off the
bridge, only to rise again and fly away, sending him off the map. [If you
follow him while he’s still flying away, he’ll say, “Don’t follow me, pfpth!”]

Then after he leaves the screen, pakapaka the pink ham(ie) so that she’s
and can teach you LIBERT-T. You follow him/her back to the blue ham(ie)
and when reunited, you will learn LOVEDOVE and another love will be saved![3]
Now, go down and then up again to where the pink and blue hams were to find
that they’re both lying on the ground. Talk to the pink one and you’ll learn
BLOAT-T. (If you want to start polishing rocks, go back into the cave and
putput the oilcan on the switch and turn it by pressing A. Climb up to the
peak and gogo in the cart. When you fall, you’ll be greeted by two small
hams who will teach you RUBRUB.) Now you can return to the Clubhouse for
your next mission!


Sandy Bay 1

You enter the Clubhouse to find that Seamore has found a love note for his 
sweet Barrette from some Broski ham. Go up and talk to Boss and he’ll send you
to Sandy Bay. When you arrive at Sandy Bay, you see Barrette and Spat, [Spat
appears on the map]. Go down and talk to the hefty-looking pinkish ham and say
yep-p to his question. He’ll ask you to find a ball for his soccer team, but
we’ll deal with that later. [In the bottom right corner there is a jar that
you can unearth with digdig. There are two other jars in Sandy Bay that can
be traded for sunflower seeds. The jars are always in the bottom right corners
of panels, so have fun looking!] Go to the left, where you see a purple ham
with brown ears coaching a yellow ham with green ears. Go towards the large
pail and digdig to find a blue marble. Then talk to the green-eared ham and
after much rambling, you’ll learn FUSSFUSS. After a failed attempt at swim-
ming, the green-eared ham and his coach resume what they were doing in the
first place.

You can exit once more to the left to see Broski with his surfboard. Tell him
lookie to ask if he’s seen Barrette. It turns out that he doesn’t even know
her! Go up next to the umbrellas where you’ll find a sad-looking hamie with
black ears. Say hamha and you’ll learn that her husband BLANKOed on their
anniversary. Go to the sun-bathing ham and tack-q him to learn BIZZAROO.
Exit to the right to find a hamie with a pineapple. Go up to her and hif-hif
the pineapple. After she’s done talking, press A and select bestest to
learn DAZZLIE. Exit to the right to find two hamies talking to each other.
Go up to them and say hamha to learn TINGLIE. Now, go back to the pineapple
hamie and tell her tinglie, and she then gives you her pineapple.
Exit to the right and then go down to where the hefty-looking pinkish ham or
“coach” was and say hamha. Once coach sees your pineapple he will accept it 
as a soccer ball and you can join the team. He then does a practice round of 
headers with you and the rest of the team. You hit the ball by pressing A. 
[If you don’t want to miss, try pressing A just as the pineapple appears at 
the top of the screen.]After you’ve completed the drill successfully, go
back to the two hamies and say lookie to the one with blue ears. She’ll tell
you that Barrette is at the other end of the beach. Say hamha to her and say
yep-p to her question. She’ll teach you TA-DAH and give you a love note,
revealing the identity of the soccer hunk she’s been talking about. He’s
the one with the blue tail, but you can’t get the love note to him until
you learn the “?” Ham-Chat from Boo Manor.

Go to the left two times and down once so that you’re back where Broski is. 
He’s blocking the way to the “other side of the beach” so just tell him lookie
and he’ll move. Then go left and hang tight, because there’s a lot of
talking. After Spat leaves poor Barrette on a plank in the ocean, she’ll
teach you GASP-P. To save her, go back to the Clubhouse (right, up, right,
right) and alert Seamore that she’s stuck out at sea. After you follow him
back to where Barrette is, you’ll see him go out and save her. The situation
is resolved after a few words and you will have saved another love [4] upping
your Love Meter! You also will learn FEND-D from them. When they leave,
hif-hif the board and the strange-looking jar to find that the jar has a
sort of a riddle in it that gives you directions to a song: Mi Do Mi Re
Fa Fa Re Mi So Do. To complete this song, you must know what to do and
how to put these notes together. That’s why I’m here. Go exit to the right
to where Broski is. Bijou will say something of no importance and then you
can get cracking on putting the riddle together. On the far end of the panel,
you’ll see two things that sort of look like upside-down buckets. Remember
this: the one at the top is So and the one at the bottom is Do. Now go up to
where the black-eared and sun-bathing hams are and you’ll see more buckets,
one to the left and one to the right. The left one near the umbrellas is Re
and the one near the sun-bathing ham is Fa. Go exit to the right and you’ll
see the last little bucket, Mi, which is your starting point. So go and follow
the riddle and when you’ve ended on Do, you’ll hear it played back to you and
feel something move. Go to the pineapple hamie and you’ll find the big rock
has moved back. Tack-q it to get the Ham Jam, Hidden Riches and digdig to
get to the secret cove, where there is a sad-looking blue ham. Say hamha to
him to discover that he’s the ship’s captain but doesn’t feel like sailing
his ship because he forgot his anniversary. Tell him fussfuss and he’ll dig
his way back to Sandy Bay. Now, go down to where Broski is, walk down the 
pier, and hamha the captain to get a ride to the island across the beach.

Climb up the ladder to find a disturbing scene: Pashmina trying to pull
Penelope’s sheet off her head! After Pashmina rips the sheet and leaves, go
and say hamha to Penelope. Things aren’t right according to Bijou, so exit
to the left where Pashmina left to find another disturbing scene: Penelope
jumping on Pashmina’s treasured scarf! Go and hif-hif her scarf to give it
back to her. When you confront her about ripping Penelope’s sheet she
exclaims innocence. Go left once more to see a black-and-white ham entering
the green room, accompanied by a blue ham and a blue-green (blreen, for short)
ham. After the black-and-white ham enters the green room, go back to where
Pashmina is and enter the performance room above her head. You'll see Elder
Ham, a blue-grey ham, and the blreen ham. Talk to the blreen ham, answer yep-p
to his question, and he’ll give you the Ham Jam required to enter in the Hula

Go back down and left to the blue ham guarding the Green room, say hamha to
him and he’ll let you in. Once you’re inside, you see Pashmina at the mirror
acting very nervous. Go up and tack-q her. She’ll get a little angry and
another list of Ham-Chats will appear. You will then use stickie and scrit-t
to get her to say “pfpth” and reveal that it’s really Spat. Run after her
all the way to the end of the coast and follow Penelope up the ladder, where
the two Pashminas are standing on either side of poor Penelope, arguing who’s
the real Pashmina. After they’re done talking, go back down, left, and up to
the performance room and hamha Elder Ham. He doesn’t hear you, so you have
to heyhoo to get his attention. He starts the story ok, but he snoozes off
in the middle so you’ll have to wake him up again. He then tells you that
the two Pashminas should TUGGIE on Penelope to see which one of them loves
Penelope more. Go back to Penelope and say tuggie to get them into action.
Turns out that the one on the left was the real Pashmina and the other was
Spat; and before Spat can do anything else, Penelope pushes him off the ledge!
He falls and is carried away by a fish, sending him off the map. You have
reunited another love [5] and learn SNORKLIE in the process! Now, go back down
to the green room and press A in front of the mirror to practice and polish
up your dance. You can arrange your dance how you want, but here’s a dance
I made up that works, too:

[       ]
[       ]
[       ]

*These Ham-Chats will also be used in the final dance.
When you’ve finished your wonderful dance, talk to the orange ham to the right
of you and say yep-p to participating in the dance. After you’ve danced and
won the prize [an orange hibiscus], return to the captain and ta-dah it to
him (from where you are, down, right, right, and down the ladder. To him,
it’s an anniversary present for “the missis” so he gladly takes it to give
it to the sad hamie with the black ears. So you return to the beach and
reunite the captain and his wife, bonding another couple [6] and learning
HAMBOND. When the captain goes back to business as usual, talk to his wife
and trade those jars for sunflower seeds. She gives you 10 seeds for every
jar you have. Now, go back to the Clubhouse for your next mission!


Fun Land 1

After Harmony gives you a new assignment, go to the newly acquired Fun Land
and walk up to the yellow-and-purple [yurple] ham and you will be greeted by
his robot. Say hamha to him and he’ll show you just what his robot can do.
It cleans up trash. Whoop-dee-doo. But there’s a reason for everything, so sit
through the demo. You’ll also learn SCRUB-E in the process. Now go up to the
rubbish bin and digdig a pile of trash for later use. Then, you go left, up,
and up once more so that you’re with Maxwell and his book. Next to him is the
entrance to a roller coaster. [See the sunflower list at the end of this
section to see how to get 50 seeds!!!] Climb up those stairs to find that the
rides are malfunctioning horribly and poor Sandy and Stan are stuck on the
coaster! After the bow-tie ham mentions the Control Room, go down back to
Maxwell, and right three times, seeing in the last two panels how everything
in the park is not working properly. After you hit the Ferris wheel, go down
twice and tack-q the balloon cart. A pink hamie will make a startling
entrance and teach you KOOCHIE-Q.Go down to where the clothes hole is and walk
in a straight line in the eastern direction (to the right) to find the Control
Room, where Spat is messing everything up! Go untie the blue ham with pakapaka
and he’ll try to stop Spat but fail miserably. So he asks you to heyhoo for
the yurple ham’s robot. Say yep-p and head back to the Fun Land entrance (left
twice from where you are). Tell the yurple ham and his robot heyhoo and
they’ll come to the rescue! ...Or will they? That lame robot can only pick up
trash, not take out hams in devil costumes! So, quickly go outside and walk up
to where there’s an angry green hamie. Say yep-p to her question, and after a
long-winded complaint, she’ll teach you CHUCKCHUCK. Now, go back into the
Control Room and stand in front of Spat and select chuckchuck. This will send
that trash flying onto him. Then go to the robot and say scrub-e to get him to
locate the “trash” and send Spat off the map once more! The robot will come
back and he and the yurple ham will teach you TIPTOP, thus creating an odd
love between beast and machine [7].

Go back outside and to the Fun Land entrance again and head up to where all
the games are. You’ll see a red ham with his back turned. Go try to tack-q him
and he’ll teach you BLASH-T. Now go to the stickie game on the left, learn how
to play it, and once you get better at it, aim for 600-790 points to get the
green marble. When it’s in your possession, go back outside and go up to the
tack-q game. Stickie the bow-tie ham and he’ll teach you DELIN-Q. Go back to
the Fun Land entrance and make a left. The happy family in the lower left
corner is now shaken by the loss of a wallet. Go and talk to the pink-and-
black (plack) ham and say hamha and he’ll teach you LOST-T. Once the plack ham
has run away, go up two times and right twice to find Sandy and Stan looking
pretty down.

Say gasp-p to Stan and he’ll ask you to HAMTEAM with him to get that darn
Maxwell to put his book down. Say yep-p. He will then ask you to offdoff the
book. Now go left twice back to Maxwell. No dice. Come back and tell Stan that
didn’t work. He will ask you to heyhoo to get Maxwell’s attention. Go back to
Maxwell. No dice. Go back to Stan and tell him the bad news again. He then
runs out of ideas and you have to come up with one: getting blash-t. But once
you try that on Maxwell, that doesn’t work, either. Tell Stan the bad news
once more and in turn, Sandy will teach you MINGLIE, your 50th Ham-Chat!!
Go back to Maxwell and tell him minglie, and he’ll realize why he came here
in the first place, to have fun! So he goes back to Sandy they decide on
going on the teacup ride and teach you TWIRLIE. You’ve reunited another couple
[8]!! But before you return to the Clubhouse, go into the digdig it game and
stand in front of the prizes sign. Select hamteam and the ham will teach you
GOODGO. Now it’s time to get back to the Clubhouse and to meet up with Harmony
for your next mission!


Boo Manor 1

Yes, it's Boo Manor! If you’re at the entrance, keep going forward. You’ll see
a Spat scene that confirms on the map that he’s here. Go to the ham that was
harassed by Spat and say hamha. He’ll explain that you need an ID card to get
in, so head back to the entrance and you’ll see a little flyer drop down from
what seems to be the ceiling. But if you go to the pipe and digdig, you’ll
find yourself with none other that the squinty-eyed sales-ham. Now here’s
what you'll do to get the ID card cheap: go to him and say blash-t twice,
then buy the ID card. 50 seeds to 5 is pretty good bargaining.

Digdig your way down the pipe again and ta-dah your ID card to the security
ham and he’ll let you in. [When at the top of the pipe, you can tack-q your
way down for a nasty shock.] Bijou will say some stuff and then you can
approach the old ham. [If you go towards the blue chair, Hamtaro will sneeze
and a ghost will appear.] Heyhoo to get the old ham awake and he’ll teach you
THUMP-P. He’ll also give you a card key for the doors if you ta-dah your ID
card. But once you learn thump-p, do not go on exploring. Instead, it’s back
to Sandy Bay!


Sandy Bay 2

Once you’ve arrived at Sandy Bay, head down to where your soccer coach is.
If you try to step on the field, he’ll yell at you and tell you you have
terrible timing. So instead, stand on the towel and select thump-p to get
the soccer players to show their colorful rumps. Go up to Mr. Blue and give
him the love note and you’ll find out who it’s really from. The shy grey
hamie in the corner! So, somehow, a new love is born [9] and you get a love
boost. You then learn from the little grey hamie JAMOUT. But once again you
must travel afar, back to Boo Manor!


Boo Manor 2

Once you’re at the reception desk with the old ham who taught you thump-p, go
left twice and down the stairs, staying at the bottom of the stairs. See the
crack in the wall? Tack-q it to open a cave, but for now continue to the
right. You see a yellow and a blue ham, obviously dealing with issues in their
relationship. When they’re both at either ends of the room, go up to the blue
one and thump-p him to learn the Ham-Chat GO-P. The yellow ham, in vain, will
come and defend her boyfriend, only making matters worse. But ignore them and
go back up to the old ham/reception desk, this time going right twice. (If
you’re wondering how to open these doors, just go up to the little buttons at
their sides and press A) [If you’re also wondering what this first door on the
right is it’s a clothes shop.] Once you’re in the last room and have collected
the piece of paper, run in front of all the back mirrors to find the mirror at
fault, press A in front of it and select go-p, opening the mirror portal.

Once you’ve fallen out of the mirror on the other side, you’ll be forced into
a game of hide and go stickie, where you stickie the ghost while he’s still
helpless [cowering in a little ball] to receive the silver card key that opens
the first elevator. You can try to chase after him or stay in one spot; it
doesn’t matter because there’s no time limit. When the deed is done, hif-hif
the board, putput it across the gap, and then offdoff it to keep. You exit to
find yourself where the angry couple was; walk up the stairs past the blue
hamster and get in the elevator. When you get out, you see that Dexter and
Howdy are at it again and it’s up to you to hamha them and then blash-t them
to get them to teach you HAMSPAR. Once they’re gone, enter the first door on
the right and go in front of the fireplace. Select hamspar to light the fire
and two ghosts will appear. You can talk to either one of them; they’ll both
teach you NOPOOKIE. Go back to the elevator and go left twice and up the

One move to the right and you see a ghost blocking the doorway. You
have to tack-q him first and then hamspar him. Enter the room and go in a
straight line towards Dexter. OOPS! Now it’s only Bijou! Talk to Dexter and
he’ll say the same thing happened to Howdy. He then remembers a long rope he
saw and goes downstairs. To follow him from the room you are in, you go:
down, left, down the stairs, right, right, right and right into the room.
Dexter finds the rope, but he gets trapped in the coffin! Go back into the
hall and go left into the room where you learned nopookie and use hamspar to
create another fire. The two old men will return, and this time you have to
talk to them separately. You tack-q the green one to get NOK-NOK and you
tack-q the orange one to get PUSHIE. Go out of the room and head left twice.
Go towards the middle of the wall and select nok-nok. If Bijou doesn’t say,
“My, what a strange noise!” or something of that nature, then shimmy over to
the left a little and try it again. Then select pushie to open a secret door!
You enter to find Howdy and Hamtaro in a cage! Select heyhoo after Howdy stops 
talking to get Hamtaro awake and get out of the room and go up the stairs
again [to your left]. Run right until you encounter two large hams, one pink
one green. Say libert-t to the green one and they’ll say yes to helping you,
so follow them back to where the cage was. Say libert-t to the green one again
and after some words are exchanged, you and Hamtaro are reunited! Then you
learn the Ham-Chat FLIP-FLOP and save another love [10]! But don’t leave the
room; go to the upper right corner of the panel and select hamlift on the rope
to pull it and to open up another mirror portal. Go inside and play the game
to free the hamie and you’ll go flying out of the room to where the blue ham

Once they’re happy again, you’ve reunited another couple, saving another
love [11] and also learning DING-DING. Once you’ve learned that, go up the
elevator and right a couple times and go into the room where Dexter is stuck.
Howdy will say that you have to rescue him, but you can’t do anything right
now. Instead, go left until you get to the stairs, go up the stairs and in the
second door to the right, go inside and play the scrub-e game to win another
card key. When you exit, go right to the green ham and say hamha to make them
both leave and hamlift to get into the elevator. Once you’re on the fourth
floor, go right twice and thump-p the hamie who’s jamming to the tune and
she’ll teach you PERSKIE. When she vanishes, go to the wall and select pushie
to get inside. Go up to the piano and select jamout, to get a ghost piano
teacher to appear. If you answer her questions correctly, you’ll receive
Moonlight, a Ham-Jam. Here are the Q’s and A’s (they come in different
orders with different games):

Q: Including this one, how many questions have I asked during the test?
A: Depends, really (if you can't count, too bad for you).
Q: What is the song entitled?
A: Moonlight.
Q: Who plays this song?
A: Beethoven.
Q: In this jamout, which instrument is playing?
A: Piano.

Now before you go on exploring, go back to the room where Dexter and Howdy are
and jamout on the piano. Once Dexter is out, you’ll create another love [12]
and learn STEAD-E after some pretty random talk from dumb and dumber. Now go
back to the fourth floor and you can continue onwards to the left after the
perskie hamie. After the ghost ham goes through the wall, go to where he
entered and tack-q the wall until there’s a hole and go through to take the
final test. The questions are extremely easy to answer, so don’t fret. When
you’ve answered all of them correctly, a mysterious voice will come out of
nowhere. It’s Spat! He’ll start attacking the bow-tie ham when he learns that
the prize is immaterial, and it’s up to you to save him! Select flip-flop to
give the bow-tie ham an idea. Too bad it doesn’t work! Select nopookie to make
him flip-flop into a cat, and that will send Spat off the map! The bow-tie ham
will then give you 5 rocks [all diamonds] and you can return to the third
floor. Go right twice into the room and lookie at the picture of the sad blue
hamie. Select perskie to find that she’s a ghost looking for her lost boy.
This is when it’s time to leave Boo Manor and head out to Fun Land.


Fun Land 2

Make a left from the entrance and go up to where mister plack and his lost-t
wallet are and say hamha. Once he’s done talking, press A and select dingding.
After he runs off, go up to the roller coaster and wait for him to get off
only to get back on a second time; this time with you on it. You’ll notice
that in on the coaster you’re accompanied by a little blue ghost boy who just
happens to be the missing son! You can’t get to him now, so follow placky down
and tell him lost-t to remind him of his wallet and he’ll run off again. To
get to where he is, travel to where the Ferris wheel is (head right) and
travel down and you’ll see him on a bench. Say dingding to him and you’ll see
a butterfly land on a flower. Go to the right side of the flower bed and say
hamha to get the butterflies flying. Placky will realize that he lost his
wallet while he was getting a butterfly for his kid! Go back to where the
rest of his family is (down, left, left) and hamha him. His little kid will
come and teach you TRUST-T and another love will be saved [13]! Now you can go
back to the Ferris wheel (right, right, up, up) and into the bathrooms.

You’ll see a yellow ham inside one of the stalls. Nok-nok on the door to get 
him out and then say hamha to him. He tells you his problem and you can then
help him by saying hamteam. Here’s what you’ll tell him to say in order to
save the love between him and his girlfriend: gossip-p, koochi-q, and then
smoochie. You’ll then save another love [14] that seemed to be there in the
first place and you’ll learn LUCK-E. Go to the left and you’ll hear the bell
for the Ham Rangers show. Go left again and you’ll see little blue ghost and a
troubled looking bow-tie ham. Say fussfuss to the ghost and he’ll have a
fit and refuse to go. Hamha the bow-tie ham and he’ll state his problems
to you: some of the Ham Rangers [HR’s] are missing! Different HR’s are
missing in different games at different times, so here’s where the HR’s are
located: Ham Yellow is sleeping behind the fountain in the ghost boy panel;
Ham Green is hanging out in the panel below the roller coaster; Ham Blue is
watching the stickie note game; Ham Pink is in the balloon cart; and Ham Red
is stuck in the bathroom and can’t come out! Tell the missing HR’s fussfuss,
ending with Ham Red and he’ll tell you to get someone else… that someone else
being the ghost boy’s mother. So it’s back to Boo Manor!


Boo Manor 3/ Fun Land 3

As you might have noticed on the map, the little sunflower on Boo Manor is 
twirling! [This indicates that all of the unsaved loves have been saved.] Go
up to the third floor and back to where the ghost-mother is (3rd floor, last
room to the right) and tell her gasp-p. She’ll take care of things by changing
into Ham Red to save the day! After the show’s over, the little boy and his
mother will reunite and another love will be saved [15]! You’ll also learn
HARDIHAR and get a love boost. [If you go back to where the mother’s portrait
was when you first met her, you’ll see her and her son with a heart over their
heads. Awww!] Now it’s time to go back to the Clubhouse and Harmony for your
next mission!


Wildwoods 1

Ahhh… the wilderness! Go to the right and talk to the old ham pacing back and
forth. He’ll teach you WAIT-Q and say that the wedding singer is missing.
After that, go right into the inventor’s home and talk to his laughing wife
and then talk to him, just so that you’re acquainted. Leave their home, exit
left, go down, right and down to find the Capster with Spat! He’ll leave
before you can get to him, sending him off the map. Go up to the Capster and
hamha him. Once he’s done pfpth-ing, say bizaroo to him; you’ll learn the
Ham-Chat HAMPACT and that Spat is getting a hat for him; an acorn hat;
Seedric’s acorn hat!! So quick! It’s back to Sunny Peak!


Sunny Peak 2

When you’ve arrived at Sunny Peak, go to where Seedric was in the beginning of
the game (from the entrance, up, up, up, right, and right) and you’ll see a
hole. Try to enter it and Spat will appear, talk, and run away sending him off
the map. You hear a surprised Seedric after Spat leaves. Digdig to get inside
Seedric’s home, only to see him crying his eyes out; hamha him and then climb
into his sand bath. Once you’re in, digdig three times to get these three
items: hot spring egg, the Ham Jam Great Springs, and a rock [ammonite, you’ll
need it later in the game]. (If you have trouble finding a rock, go towards
the front of the hot spring and try digdiging there.) Then go back to


Wildwoods 2/ Sunny Peak 3

Go back to where the Capster was (from entrance, down, right, right, down) and
see that you’re too late. The Capster has already got the acorn cap! Go up to
him and say lovedove and he’ll throw a fit about the hat being his and will
run away. Follow him until you fall into a trap set by Bog, the jungle ham.
He’ll let you go; when you’re free, go up to him and say hamteam to get him
to set a trap for the Capster. Continue chasing Cappy until he’s in Bog’s
trap, and tell him bluhoo. He’ll think it over one more time and agree to
give it back to Seedric back in Sunny Peak. Once the ham and his cap are
reunited, you’ve saved another love [16]! You’ll also learn HAMBOREE from the
two cap-lovers. Go back outside only to return to Wildwoods again.


Wildwoods 3

You’ll see Bog pacing around in the clearing in front of you. Go up to him and
ta-dah the hot spring egg to him; in return, he’ll teach you a special Ham-
Chat: CLINGIE. It lets you go from vine to vine, anywhere there is a vine,
and is also you’re 70th Ham-Chat learned. Go down and right to where the
music is coming from and clingie on the vine there, where you’ll find Jingle.
Go up to him and tell him wait-q and he'll teach you THANK-Q, for he is the
missing wedding singer. Go back to where the old pacing man was to find that
he and Jingle are talking. You’ll follow them and see a wedding taking place.
After it all goes wrong and Spat appears, it will confirm on the map that
Spat is back. Once he pushes past you, exit down. Go back up and you’ll see
that everyone is in shambles. Go exit to the upper left to see a crying boy
and a baffled mother. Hamha the boy and after he’s done talking, say minglie
and you’ll play with him. When you’re done, he’ll teach you BYE-Q and you
can move on to the house in the upper left corner, where there is a hamie
washing dishes.
Go hamha her and she’ll teach you HULAHULA. Leave and go to the house next to 
her's and buy the rubber band from the sales-ham (there’s no bargaining this
time.) You’d think that that hamie would at least give you another Ham-Chat to
learn, but all she does is say thank you. So now exit to the left and down to
get another nasty surprise. Bijou says something about a pattern forming and
bam! You’re assaulted by a scary-looking kid with a sling-shot! Go to the left
twice and down once to find Spat near the swamp. Heyhoo to get his attention
and he’ll throw a forked stick at you. Hif-hif this stick and take it back to
the inventor’s room (up, right, right, right, and right into his house) so
that he can fashion a sling shot out of it when you say putput.

Go back outside and up to where the wedding people are. Exit to the right
corner to find the creepy kid picking on grown hams. Go back to where the
wedding people are and down only to be hit again by the kid. But he makes
the mistake of teaching you HAMSCOPE. Select it and hit the kid so that you
never see him again. Now go back to Spat and hit the beehive above his head
with hamscope. This will make him jump into the water and send him off the
map. Get the red marble and get back to that wedding (up, right, right, right,
up)! This time it works out and another love is saved [17]! They’ll teach you
VAST-T and you can now get that marble; the old ham will give you the marble
because it’s part of the legend. Now go into the inventor’s house and you’ll
see that something’s wrong. Talk to the hamie first and then to the inventor
and to the hamie again; she’ll tell you that the spoon her hubby’s looking
for is in Sunny Peak so it’s back to Sunny Peak!


Sunny Peak 4

Go all the way into the cave (from Sunny Peak's entrance: up, up, up, right,
right, right, and up into the cave) and atop the peak (but first make sure
that the lever on the first floor is switched to the left!!), ride down the
cart to where the two rub-rub hams are and travel into the next room [down].
Go in front of this “sword in the stone” device, putput those three marbles
into their rightful places and tuggie as hard as you can on the legendary...
spoon. Once you have it, it’s back to Wildwoods!!


Wildwoods 4

Run to the inventor’s house and ta-dah the spoon to his wife and she’ll show
it to him, shining new light on their marriage. In other words, another love
is saved [18] and you'll learn WAKE-Q. After you leave their house, go left
twice and go down twice, where you’ll see Bog and his monkey friend, Ukii
[who you saw earlier in the game]. Hamha Bog to see what the trouble is and
go tack-q the monkey, discovering that he’s on the ground because he ate some
bad bananas [uh-oh]. You finally work out a solution: get the medicine fruit.
Go up three times to get to it, but it’ll be taken out of you're reach by the
parakeet gang. To get it back, shoot the green parakeet in the middle without
hitting the blue ones on the sides. Once you’ve got it, head back to Bijou
and the monkey and things will get a lot better. You’ll learn MIGHT-T and
you’ll have saved another love [19]! Digdig your way out of that place,
because it’s time again to go back to the Clubhouse for your next mission!
[Your Wildwoods sunflower should be twirling.]


Spat Tower 1

You won’t be staying long here, because you have a problem: getting to the
other side of the bridge! Go up to the river and try everything that is
offered when you press A, and then Bijou will say, “If only we could fly
through the air...Whoosh!!” That’s your cue to head back to Wildwoods!


Wildwoods 5/ Spat Tower 2

Head to the inventor’s home and say yep-p to his question to get the
Hamapult 2 to Spat Tower. Gogo on it and then stickie the rope to get you
flying! You’ll see a Spat scene bringing him up on the map again. After the
angry grey ham talks to you, gogo on the green button to fix the puzzle and
bring down the door. Then go into the entrance in the right upper corner and
go to the door. Perskie to hear a hamie scream and quickly go to the

You’ll be greeted by Harmony and Boss and they’ll teach you some Ham-Chats
that Harmony made up: PASSCHAT, TRAN-Q, and GOFOR. Then return to Spat Tower
and say to the grey ham passchat to tell him about the voices in the cave.
He’ll say that it’s his sweetie in there and that she’s trapped. Press A and
select libert-t to tell him that you’re on his side and he’ll let you into
Spat’s chamber. Once Spat is in his robot head, get your hamscope out and hit
him with a rock. He’ll be unfazed and send you out with a gust of air.
The grey ham will tell you about something called love shots that a certain
hamster makes, a certain hamster named Harmony. Go back to the Clubhouse, up
the stairs and tell Harmony chuckchuck and then hamteam to get her to give you
love shots. Go back to Spat in his tower and try shooting again. You’ll be
pulled into a game where you have to hit his robot’s mouth while it’s open;
but not while it’s sending a gust of wind or shooting lasers. Once you’ve won,
Spat comes out wearing a Harmony costume! Ick! He’ll teach you POOIE and then
leave never to come back again! Huzzah! This will bring on some credits. When
the credits are over, there’ll be a music change and you can go outside and
back to...Wildwoods.


Wildwoods 6

Remember where the creepy sling shot kid hit those two grown hams? Well,
go back there again and this time go inside the palace (from the entrance,
right, up, right). Tell the ugly purple hamie pooie and she’ll give you a
list of gems to find for an accessory [the gems being pretty common:
banana stone, ammonite, and 2 glass beads.] You actually already own the
first two gems, and all you need to do is search in Fun Land [the bathroom
stall that says “closed”], Sunny Peak [the place where you first met the
monkey, a.k.a the cave of the peak], and Wildwoods [behind where Jingle was]
for small rocks that are round in shape. When you rub-rub your collection
of rocks in the Rub-Rub Room [Clubhouse] and a rock turns blue, skip
it and go on to the next rock: glass beads only need to be rub-rubed
once. Once you’ve found all four, talk to Boss and he’ll give you an extra
wood board. Then go into the Accessory Room and make “Pooie Earrings” to
take back to Wildwoods to the ugly purple hamie. After you ta-dah them to 
her, she’ll give you a star key. It’s now time to go back to Spat Tower!
[If you have no idea where the Sunny Peak cave is, do not despair... from the
entrance/first panel of Sunny Peak, you travel: up, up, right, into the boat,
right, right, right, up the vine, up, into the cave door, up, left, up, and
whamo! You just enter the Sunny Peak cave entrance and there you go!]


Spat Tower 3

Go back inside the cave where the voices were and use the star key to open the
door and save the hamie from the horrible, terrible, gruesome…TV. When the
grey ham comes to rescue his “sweetie”, you learn his name is George; when
things are smoothed over, you’ll learn SWELLIE and save you’re 20th love! [20]
When you leave the lovers alone, Bijou will say that the Love Meter is full
and you go straight to Harmony to show what you’ve accomplished. A little
movie will roll showing everyone that you brought together. But what’s this?
Harmony says there’s one more couple out there that needs to be brought
together, you two! [21] So, your broken hearts come together and fill the Love
Meter to the top, getting a love boost. 21 loves have been saved! Harmony will
tell you to go down to the bottom floor so that she can teach you a new
Ham-Chat, LALALALA. Go behind Boss and Harmony and fill out the Ham-Chat
contest with all of Harmony’s Ham-Chats and give them to Postie. Leave the
Clubhouse, come back, and collect the keys you won in the Ham Chat contest
(talk to Postie). Then leave again, because it’s time to go to Sandy Bay!


Sandy Bay 3/ Sunny Peak 5/ Sandy Bay 4/ END OF GAME

Go take the boat out to hulahula isle and enter the dance contest with the
same Ham-Chats as you did the first time, with using hulahula at the end
instead of lovedove. Now, go out to the blreen ham who’s wandering around
and say hamha. He’ll teach you GREATCHU, which you’ll need in the final
dance. Now it’s time to head to Sunny Peak back to where Spat held his first
hostage, the pink ham(ie) who taught you bloat-t [a.k.a., the peak of the
cave]. You’ll see none other than Panda, working his paws to the bone on
fixing that bridge. Hamha him and then go up to him and press A to give him
all those boards you collected and that strap. He’ll finish when you go back 
down to where the lever is [first floor]. Go back up and he’ll teach you
HAMTAST. Go across the bridge and tack-q the boulder to get the rainbow key.
Now go back to Sandy Bay and enter the dance contest with these Ham-Chats
[you’ll notice that they’re all chats that were learned without a love being
saved, so they’re considered extra. Also, there are no empty spaces.]:


You'll win a “mysterious rock” and Boss and Harmony will come to you and teach
you the final Ham-Chat: HAMCHEER [which I think is totally weird]. Another set
of credits will roll and you’re free to go after that. THE GAME IS BEATEN!!!!! 
Now you are free to roam about, collect gems, find Ham Jams, make accessories
and the like.

3: THE HAM-CHATS (and the phrases that inspired some but not all of them):

I didn't bother marking up the obvious ones...


BLANKO – FORGET (to draw a blank)
BLUHOO – SAD (boo-hoo)

CHUCKCHUCK – GIVE UP (to chuck something is to throw it away)
CLINGIE – HANG (cling)

DELIN-Q – BAD (delinquent)
DIGDIG – DIG (duh, dig)
DINGDING – REALIZE (when an idea pops into your head, it goes “DING!”)


FEND-D – DEFEND (phonetically, it’s “defend” backwards)
FLIPFLOP – SWITCH (like politicians!)
FUSSFUSS – WORRY (fussing over something)

GASP-P – OH NO! (when you’re unpleasantly surprised, you gasp)
GOFOR – GOAL (when go for something)
GOODGO – GOOD LUCK (to have a good go at something)
GO-P – BATHROOM (this one speaks for itself)
GOSSIP-P – SMALL TALK (gossiping is considered small talk)
GREATCHU – GREAT (just great with CHU attached to it)

HAMBOREE – PARTY (like the word “jamboree” with HAM)
HAMCHEER – CONGRATS (when you cheer someone on)
HAMHA – GREETING (some form of “hi”)
HAMLIFT – PIGGYBACK (lifting an item)
HAMPACT – PROMISE (a pact is a promise)
HAMSCOPE – AIM (scope like “telescope”)
HAMSPAR – RIVAL (sparring with someone means fighting with them)
HAMTAST – PERFECT (fantastic)
HARDIHAR – LAUGH (hardihar is a way of saying “that’s funny”)
HIF-HIF – SNIFF (the noise one would make while sniffing)



KOOCHI-Q – PRETTY (what you’d say to a baby)

LIBERT-T – FREEDOM (liberty)
LOOKIE – SEE (look)
LOST-T – LOSE (lost)
LOVEDOVE – CHERISHED (the dove is the bird of love)

MEGA-Q – BIG (mega = big)
MIGHT-T – STRONG (mighty)
MINGLIE – PLAY (to mingle)


OFFDOFF – REMOVE (to take off)
OOPSIE – SORRY (oops!)

PASSCHAT – TELL (to pass some chat)
PERSKIE – LISTEN (perk your ears up)
POOIE – UNCOOL (speaks for itself)



SCOOCHIE – CLIMB (scooch up something)
SCRUB-E – CLEAN (scrub)
SESAM-E – OPEN (open sesame!)
SMOOCHIE – LOVE (smooching someone)
SNORKLIE – DEEP (snorkeling)
STEAD-E – SOLID (steady)
STICKIE – POKE (to stick)
SWELLIE – IT’S OK (swell!)
TACK-Q – ROLL (tackle)
THUMP-P – STARTLE (thumping of the heart when frightened)
TIPTOP – EXCELLENT (tiptop shape)
TRAN-Q – PEACE (tranquility)


VAST-T – WIDE (vast)



YEP-P – YES (yep!)

ZUZUZU- SLEEP (>o<) ~zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


Name | Description | Location(s) | Rarity |

Uni-Star | This unique Uni-Star makes  | Spat Tower | * * * * * |
         | dreams come true            |            |           |
Peace    | Unique moon-like, crescent- | Boo Manor  | * * * * * |
Moon     | shaped stone                |            |           |

Sun      | A unique flame looms inside,| Wildwoods  | * * * * * |
Stone    | but it’s not hot!           |            |           | 
Wave     | This unique stone has waves | Sandy Bay  | * * * * * |
Stone    | imitating the sea           |            |           |

Ice      | Crystals shine playfully in | Fun Land   | * * * * * |
Stone    | this unique stone           |            |           |

Rainbow  | A unique stone that’s as    | Sunny Peak | * * * * * |
Stone    | colorful as a rainbow       |            |           |

Garnet   | This stone has the power to | Sandy Bay  |    * *    |
         | heal. January gem           | Boo Manor  |           |

Amethyst | For instincts and true love.| Sunny Peak |    * *    |
         | February gem                | Boo Manor  |           |

Aqua-    | Soothing stone that can     | Sandy Bay  |           |
marine   | restore youth. March gem    | Fun Land   |   * * *   |
         |                             | Boo Manor  |           |

         | The most desired of all the | Fun Land   |           |
Diamond  | gems. April gem             | Wildwoods  |  * * * *  |
         |                             | Spat Tower |           |

         | Deep green, it soothes      | Sunny Peak |           |
Emerald  | souls. May gem              | Wildwoods  |  * * * *  | 
         |                             | Spat Tower |           |

         | Milky in color, it evokes   | Sandy Bay  |           |
Pearl    | charm. June gem             | Sunny Peak |   * * *   | 
         |                             | Spat Tower |           |

Ruby     | The red color earned its    | Wildwoods  |  * * * *  |
         | name as the queen. July gem | Sunny Peak |           |

         | Green stone lifts one’s     | Sunny Peak |           |
Peridot  | spirits. August gem         | Wildwoods  |    * *    |
         |                             | Spat Tower |           |

         |                             | Sandy Bay  |           |
Sapphire | Blue stone opens the mind   | Sunny Peak |  * * * *  | 
         | and soul. September gem     | Boo Manor  |           |
         |                             | Spat Tower |           |

         | Lustrous stone unlocks      | Sandy Bay  |           |
Opal     | Cupid’s powers of love.     | Sunny Peak |   * * *   |
         | October gem                 | Fun Land   |           |

Topaz    | Increases the bearer’s love | Boo Manor  |   * * *   |
         | and fortune. November gem   |            |           |

Turquoise| Courage stone keeps bearer  | Sandy Bay  |   * * *   |
         | from danger. December gem   | Spat Tower |           |
Cube     | Small in size, this stone   | Spat Tower |           |
Stone    | is very powerful. Look      | Fun Land   |   * * *   |
         | familiar?                   | Boo Manor  |           |
         |                             | Sunny Peak |           | 
Cheese   | It will cause a stomachache | Wildwoods  |           |
Stone    | if eaten. Look familiar?    | Spat Tower |   * * *   |
         |                             | Sandy Bay  |           |

Storm    | It shines like a lightning  | Spat Tower |    * *    |
Stone    | bolt. Look familiar?        | Boo Manor  |           |

Ham      | This stone makes strong     | Fun Land   |           |
Stone    | friendships. Look familiar? | Sunny Peak |    * *    |
         |                             | Boo Manor  |           |

Banana   | This stone brings health to | Wildwoods  |     *     |
Stone    | the bearer. Look familiar?  | Fun Land   |           |

Berry    | This stone is recognizable  | Wildwoods  |    * *    |
Stone    | by its shape. Look familiar?| Spat Tower |           |

Sweet    | Sweet and sour, much like   | Sunny Peak |           |
Stone    | love itself. Look familiar? | Fun Land   |    * *    |
         |                             | Wildwoods  |           |

Feather  | This old stone brings       | Fun Land   |    * *    |
Stone    | happiness to its bearer     | Spat Tower |           |

         |                             | Sandy Bay  |           |
Ammonite | A fossil of the Ammonite    | Boo Manor  |     *     |
         |                             | Sunny Peak |           |

Dino     | Old dinosaur bones buried   | Sandy Bay  |           |
Fossil   | deep underground            | Sunny Peak |     *     |
         |                             | Wildwoods  |           |
         |                             | Boo Manor  |           |

Glass    | Humans have worn this old   | Sunny Peak |           |
Bead     | stone since long ago        | Fun Land   |     *     |
         |                             | Wildwoods  |           |

         | A clear stone of many       | Sandy Bay  |           |
         | colors, it can be found all | Sunny Peak |           |
Crystal  | over!                       | Wildwoods  |     *     |
         |                             | Boo Manor  |           |
         |                             | Fun Land   |           |

|#| Name: How to get it.

|1|  Hamtaro Time: This is a default Ham Jam, so you have it from the start.

|2|  Condor’s Wings: To get this, go to Sunny Peak where you first met Arnie’s
     little brother at the cave mouth and stand on the French Flag feather.
     Say hamha and a bird will drop this Ham Jam on your head.

|3|  Great Springs: In Sunny Peak, enter Seedric’s house and get in the hot 
     spring. Digdig anywhere and you’ll get a hot spring egg. Digdig again
     and you'll get this Ham Jam.

|4|  Hidden Riches: When you’ve completed the Sandy Bay riddle and the big
     rock has moved, tack-q the rock and Hidden Riches will fall off the top.

|5|  Dizzy for You: You get this Ham Jam from the blreen ham inside of the
     performance room on the hulahula isle.

|6|  Go Ham Rangers: Remember that great show you saw at Fun Land? Well see 
     it for a second time after gathering up the team again and when it’s over
     the bow-tie ham will give you this Ham Jam.

|7|  Flower Waltz: You will receive the Flower Waltz when you score a perfect 
     score at Tic-Tack-Q in Fun Land.

|8|  Moonlight: On the fourth floor in Boo Manor, nok-nok on the wall next to
     the jammin’ hamie and then pushie it. Jamout on the piano and a ghost 
     hamie will appear. Answer her questions right (see Boo Manor 2) and
     she’ll give you this Ham Jam for keeps.

|9|  Monkey Salsa: Back at Wildwoods, Bog’s hot spring egg has just hatched!
     Give his little duck a name and Bog will give you the Monkey Salsa.

|10| Hamour: To get this Ham Jam, go back to Spat Tower. Go inside past the 
     umbrella-equipped ham and talk to the rabbit-looking creature that is
     running about. He’ll tell you that he’s a reporter on Spat’s case…only
     that he’s a little late on the action. Go back outside and talk to the
     umbrella-ed ham and he’ll confess that he’s Drizzle, your weather
     reporter! Because he’s so generous, he’ll give you this Ham Jam before
     it’s even released!


Feel like a game of cowboy- and Santa-dress-up but just can't find the right
items? My friends, you have come to the right place!

Area :: Location (From entrance) :: Clothes (Price)

Fun Land :: Right :: Reindeer Suit (10), GBA (10), Santa Cap (5), Headband (5)
	    Kimono (10)

Boo Manor :: Up, up, right :: Silk Hat (10), Rubber Nose (3), Wedding
	     Dress (20), Fan (3), Astro Suit (20)

Spat Tower :: Shop is in first panel :: Astro Helmet (15), Santa Suit (10),
              Wedding Veil (15), Shogun Wig (15), Space Helmet (15)

Wildwoods :: Down, right, down :: Fancy Wig (15), Space Ship (5), Astro
	     Ship (5), Leather Coat (10), Shogun Suit (15)

Sunny Peak :: Up, up, up, right :: Antlers (10), Corsage (3), Bouquet (5),
              Kercheif (5)

Sandy Beach :: Down, left, left, take ferry :: Tuxedo (10), Cowboy Hat (5),
	       Lasso (3), Coin Purse (3), Space Suit (20)


==>ITEMS: Need 'em. Want 'em. Have 'em<==

*Sunflower seeds*: Sunflower seeds buy things like clothes and accessories! 
Although there are many digdig patches and sunflower seeds lying on the
ground, there are also “hidden” places where you can get quite a number of

At Spat Tower, re-enter the room where you fought Spat. See the piles 
of rubbish on either side of his platform? Stickie each pile to get a total
(that means 25 each) of 50 seeds! Great for buying stuff! Also, go to where 
George and his sweetie are and tack-q the dresser in the top left corner to
get a total of 8 seeds (this goes for all the dressers found in the game).

At Wildwoods, there are mushrooms EVERYWHERE! If you tack-q them, they’ll 
either: make you laugh, make you cough, or give you seeds of different

At Sunny Peak, go to where the bloated pink and blue hams are and hamlift on 
the sunflower they had been mooching off of to get 20 seeds! Also, go to where
you first met Pepper (that’s right, rack your brain) and scoochie up that
sunflower to get 5 seeds. Collect as many acorns as you can throughout the
game and then come back to Seedric’s place. If he’s outside, hif-hif him and
he’ll give you 20 seeds per acorn that you have!

At Fun Land, go to the entrance of the roller coaster ride. Now this part’s 
important: stop right in front of the stairs leading up to the ride but don’t 
go up them!!! Instead, head left to find yourself right above a digdig patch.
Digdig here to get 50 seeds!

At Sandy Bay, talk to coach again and play a perfect round of headers: he’ll 
give you 20 seeds for each time you complete a perfect round, no matter how 
many times you do it! Also, go back to where you got the blue marble and
digdig to get 3 seeds. You can also tack-q the palm tree next to the grey
hamie and her pallie to get seeds. Collect all three of the jars on the beach
and go to the captain’s wife to exchange them for 10 seeds each! Go to
hulahula isle and dance again to get 10 seeds from the orange ham.

At Boo Manor, fight and beat the mirror ghost again and you’ll get 20 seeds!
Go to the room where Dexter got stuck and tack-q the roses across from the
piano to get 3 seeds. Go to where Hamtaro and Howdy were stuck in a cage,
hamlift the curtain, and play the closet game to win 5 seeds. Also, go to
where the ghost mother and her son are and run over the rug. You will trip.
Go to the top of the rug and tuggie to find 20 seeds!

*Rocks*: Rocks can be won in many games and found in all of the caves in Ham-
Ham Heartbreak, they can even be bought, so there are no “special” ways of 
acquiring them.

*Acorns*: Acorns are great! Take them to Seedric’s (Sunny Peak) house and if 
he’s outside, hif-hif him and he’ll give you 20 sunflower seeds per acorn in
your inventory.

The first time you visit Spat Tower, there is an acorn sitting to your left
across from the Ham-a-Pult.

At Wildwoods, go to the tree standing to the left of you and tack-q it to
get an acorn to fall. Also, re-visit the nasty parakeet gang and they’ll
be guarding an acorn instead of a medicine fruit.

At Sunny Peak, there are many, many, many acorns: on the ground, in a tree,
and in the cave. But here’s one that’s always there: tack-q the big tree next
to the clothes shop to get an acorn.

At Fun Land, you can get acorns in all of the games. You can also (after
defeating Spat in Fun Land) get an acorn from the little green angry hamie
pacing about, but you’ll need to talk to her twice: when she’s mad, and when
she’s calm.

At Sandy Bay, unless anyone corrects me, there are no acorns. Anywhere.

At Boo Manor, back where Dexter was trapped, jamout on the piano again and
an acorn will appear in the coffin.

*Marbles*: Can't find that one marble you've been looking for? Well, here are
their locations.

BLUE: At Sandy Bay, from the entrance go down and left. Digdig facing the
blue bucket and you'll have your blue marble!

GREEN: At Fun Land, from the entrance go up and then enter left into the
stickie note game. If you score anywhere between 600-790 points, you'll win
the green marble!

RED: At Wildwoods, defeat Spat and save the wedding! After the wedding is over
and everyone is partying, talk to the old ham and he'll give you the red


List of Keys: Keys open things. Things that will give you cool accessories
and help rescue your second-to-last love.

| Name | Where to get it | How to get it | What it opens |

| Star  | Wildwoods | Give pooie earrings to  | Spat Tower cave door |
| Key   |           | ugly purple hamie       |                      |

| Moon  | Clubhouse | Win in Ham-Chat contest | Boo Manor cave door  |
| Key   |           |                         |                      |

| Sun   | Clubhouse | Win in Ham-Chat contest | Wildwoods cave door  |
| Key   |           |                         |                      | 

| Wave  | Clubhouse | Win in Ham-Chat contest | Sandy Bay cave door  |
| Key   |           |                         |                      |

| Ice   | Clubhouse | Win in Ham-Chat contest | Fun Land cave door   |
| Key   |           |                         |                      |

| Rain- |   Sunny   | Other side of Panda’s   |                      |
| bow   |   Peak    | completed bridge        | Sunny Peak cave door |
| Key   |           |                         |                      |


==>EXTRA STUFFS: Stuff that falls into no category. May be helpful, may be 
boring. See for yourself.<==

Where? Clubhouse. What? The TV in the bottom right corner of the first floor.
Go in front of it and select lookie. You can see the credits again.

Where? Clubhouse>Accessories Room. What? Tip: when you enter the accessories
room and there’s an old ham, don’t give him your everyday gems to work with, 
only give him your five-star gems. Why? There's a chance he'll mess up any
accessory that doesn't have a fiver in it.

Where? Clubhouse>Photo Room. What? If and when you dress up for your photo 
shoot, the picture you took will be the background of the title screen when
you start the game.


K, that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed using this guide because I enjoyed 
writing it for you!!!


Yes, I, jasdog, thought and wrote this entire thing! That means that you did
not, so PLEASE no one post this on ANY site of yours!!
If you find yourself doing so anyway, just remember to credit me, jasdog!!!
Thank yous: Nintendo for making the game, dad for testing the efficiency of
this guide, and GBA for being such a cool game console (even though you may
seem old by now, I will always love you)!!!

Copyright (c) 23jasdog23 2007.
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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