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Guide and Walkthrough by jmucchiello

Version: 0.41 | Updated: 12/13/2003

The Sims: Busting Out for Game Boy Advance
FAQ/Walkthru version 0.41

Copyright 2003 Joe Mucchiello

The use of The Sims, The Sims: Busting Out, Game Boy Advance,
Gamecube and any other Trademarks in this document is not a
challenge to those Trademarks and are used without permission.

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web
site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

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to distribute this document in their normal FAQ download areas.

Questions regarding this FAQ should be sent to
jmucchiello@yahoo.com. Be sure to include "BUSTING OUT FAQ" in
the subject or it may get sent to my Spam folder, never to be
seen again. I will not answer any questions posed that are
already in the FAQ so don't ask. Strategies and Corrections are
always welcome.

1.   Introduction
Welcome to SimValley, Name! I am so excited to have you here for
the summer. We may not be as big as SimCity(tm), but we've got
twice the character! Come see me as soon as you arrive!
 -Uncle Hayseed

2.   Game Controls

When you start the game it says 'Press Start'. You can hit Start
or the A Button here to get to the main menu.

As with most games, when navigating the menus and screens, use
the A Button to select an option and the B Button to return to
the prior menu.

2.1  Game Menu
There are four choices on the main menu. Only two of them are
terribly interesting.

Create-a-Sim: This allows you to create your Sim. See Create-a-
Sim below.

Load-a-Sim: If you have saved a prior session, this lets you load
the saved game.

Options: In the option menu, you can set the Music Volume, the
SFX Volume, the game Language, or view the Credits.

GCN Link: This option lets you move a character from the GameCube
version of The Sims Busting Out into your GameBoy Advanced. Since
the GameCube cersion hasn't been released yet, there isn't much
to say about this option.

2.2  Main Screen
The main screen shows you a view of the town. In the upper right
corner of the screen is the game time and how many Simoleans you

In the lower left corner is your mood indicator. Around your
portrait are 8 little lights. The four lights across the top of
your portrait glow green when your mood is good. The more lit,
the better your mood. The four lights along the right of your
portrait glow red. The more red lights lit, the worse your mood.

The Left shoulder button toggles a display across the bottom of
the screen. This display shows you mood across 8 needs. They are
hunger, hygiene, energy, social, comfort, bladder, fun and room.
Each is indicated by a bar that goes from green to red as your
need becomes more urgent. The bars are described by icons. See
Needs below for details on the screen icons.

Pressing the Start button brings up a set of three different
screens described in the next few sections: the Character screen,
the Goals screen, and the Pockets screen.

Pressing the Select button brings up a menu of still more
screens: Show Map, Catalog, Jobs, Options, Save Game, and Quit

Show Map: Use the PAD to scroll around on the map. When the
little man is floating over a building or special location, the
building or location will glow. Hitting the A Button while it's
glowing will cause the name of the location to be shown on the
bottom of the screen. Later in the game, you acquire a scooter,
it is indicated by a small scooter icon on the map. This can help
you find it if you get separated from your scooter unexpectedly.

Catalog: The catalog screen show you all of the stuff that you've
encountered in the game divided into 6 categories: Appliances,
Decorative, Electronics, Furniture, Recreation, and Utilities.
Use the PAD to move from category to category and then from item
to item within each category. The lower portion of the screen
contains the item's name, cost, and description.

Jobs: This screen shows you the 8 minigames and your character's
progress in each of them. There are three information windows for
each game: The game name, the level title you have attained in
the game, and a description of what you need to attain the next

Options: This brings up the same Options menu described above.

Save Game: Saves the current game. There are three slots for
saving the game numbered 1 through 3. A fourth save slot for a
GameCube character is not available without access to the
GameCube version of the game.

Quit Game: The game will ask are you sure. It will NOT remind you
if you have not saved the game recently so be sure to save before

2.3  Character Screen
In the upper left and right corner of this screen are left and
right arrows respectively. These indicate that the Left and Right
shoulder buttons move to the Goals and Pockets screens

The top line of the screen contains your name and your Popularity
rating. See Popularity below for an explanation of Popularity.
Below your name is your astrological sign.

Along the left side of the screen are two sets of terms: your
personality traits and skill levels. Vertical bars indicating the
number of ranks in each personality trait or skill. Each trait or
skill can ranged from 0 to 10 ranks. Personality traits and skill
are described below.

Six character portraits are visible on the right side. A red
selection outlines one of the portraits. A description of the
selected character is shown in a box in the lower right portion
of the screen. A relationship indicator on the right edge of the
screen shows how much this character likes you using a red/green
bar and a number ranging from -100 to 100.

2.4  Goals Screen
In the upper left and right corner of this screen are left and
right arrows respectively. These indicate that the Left and Right
shoulder buttons move to the Pockets and Character screens

The top line of the screen says Goals. Your Simolean total is
below the title line. To the left of these is your portrait.

Five chapter tabs are just below your Simolean total, numbered 1-
5. Below that are 6 squares that have symbols indicating the
missions of that chapter. You can use the PAD to move from
mission to mission or chapter to chapter.

The lower half of the screen contains the name of the mission as
well as a list of tasks needed to complete the mission. A circle
to the left of each task contains an X when the task is

2.5  Pockets Screen
In the upper left and right corner of this screen are left and
right arrows respectively. These indicate that the Left and Right
shoulder buttons move to the Character and Goals screens

The top line of the screen contains the title "Pockets" and how
many Simoleans your Sim has. Below that are two parts.

On the left are 5 pictures of objects in the game with numbers
next to them indicating how many you possess. The 5 objects are
Aluminum Cans, Old Glass Jars, Mechanical Cogs, Nuclear Fuel
Rods, and Three-Eared Mice.

On the right are 8 boxes indicating the objects you are carrying.
You can move a red selection box over each object to read a
description of the object in the bottom half of the screen.

3.   Create-A-Sim

3.1  Looks

3.1.1     Gender
3.1.2     Hair
3.1.3     Clothes
3.1.4     Shoes

3.2  Personality
(This section will eventually discuss the strategy of choosing
which traits to make which parts of the game easier/harder.)

3.2.1     Neat
3.2.2     Outgoing
3.2.3     Active
3.2.4     Playful
3.2.5     Nice

3.3  Skills
In the Library, reading each skill point takes longer and longer
in game. level 1 = 30 minutes, level 2 = 60 minutes
(This section will eventually list public areas where these
skills can be learned.)

3.3.1     Cooking
3.3.2     Mechanical
3.3.3     Creativity
3.3.4     Body
3.3.5     Logic
3.3.6     Charisma

3.4  Needs
(This section will eventually list public areas where these needs
can be fulfilled.)

3.4.1     Hunger
3.4.2     Hygiene
3.4.3     Energy
3.4.4     Social
3.4.5     Comfort
3.4.6     Bladder
3.4.7     Fun
3.4.8     Room

3.5  Popularity
Your popularity score is the total of all your relationship
scores divided by 24. There are 24 NPCs in the game so this is
just a strict average.

3.6  Pockets & Simoleans
Aluminum Cans: These are cans that people didn't recycle... shame
 on them! But you can pick them up and recycle them for a little
 extra cash.
Old Glass Jars: Old-fashioned jars. Some people like to collect
 these as antique relics. Others just throw them out. But the
 collectors wil buy them if you can find them.
Mechanical Cogs: Some mechanical object fell apart and left these
 cogs scattered all over the place. Whomever's mechanical device
 it is will probably want them back.
Nuclear Fuel Rods: These rods fuel a nuclear reactor! For some
 odd reason they are laying around waiting for you to pick up!
 Though this kind of radation should make you glow, in this game
 you can safely pick them up.
Three-Eared Mice: These mice have 3 ears. Whether caused by an
 errant generic experiment or the effects of those fuel rods
 you're collecting, we may never know. But someone will want
 these things gathered up for safe keeping.

3.7  Astrological Sign

4.   Goals/Walkthru

4.1  Mission 1: The Barn (Tutorial)
During the tutorial, as your needs go down you should interrupt
the walkthru at a convenient place fulfilling those needs. Use
your Uncle's stuff until you fix your stuff. Use the stereo in
the house for quick fun. During the tutorial, eating does not
cost money. Once you unlock the mower madness game, it does cost
money, so make sure your hunger bar is full before finishing
Farmhand Blues.

4.1.1     Meet Uncle Hayseed
*  Befriend your Uncle (Relationship 30)
*  Give Uncle Family Photo Album

Activation: First time you talk to Uncle Hayseed

Talk to Uncle Hayseed. This is easy since you start with a
Relationship of 25. See Uncle Hayseed's entry in the NPC section
below for the best way to butter him up. Select "I've got
something for you" and select the family album from your pockets
to give him the album.

4.1.2     Welcome to SimValley
*  Find Something to Eat
*  Take a Nap
*  Take a Shower

Activation: Uncle Hayseed asks if you are settled in/use to your

Go in the house and grab a snack from the refrigerator. Since you
don't have any cooking skill, using the stove is dangerous. Next
go into the bathroom and take a shower. Finally go to the bed or
the couch and sleep.

Completion: Talk to Uncle Hayseed.

4.1.3     Inherit the Barn
*  Decorate the Barn with the Wood Chicken
*  Bring Uncle's Broken TV to the Barn
*  Bring Uncle's Broken Fridge to the Barn
*  Move the Old Couch into the Barn
*  Move the Bed into the Barn

Activation: Once you are cleaned up, Uncle Hayseed offers you the

Go through the house and out the back door. Pick up the Chainsaw
Chicken, the Spartan Special Bed, the Biker Sofa, the broken Sno-
Time Refrigerator, and the broken Monochrome Television. Go back
through the house, across the yard to the left and enter the
barn. You cannot place anything in the front area so go up the
stairs. Hit Start and go to the Pockets menu. Select each item in
turn and place them in the upstairs area. Pay attention to the
arrows to make sure you don't block them or you won't be able to
use the items. (Optionally, go through the door on the ground
floor and put all your stuff in with the toilet for that true
living-in-a-barn feeling.

4.1.4     Farmhand Blues
*  Tune up the Tractor
*  Fix the Old Refrigerator
*  Fix the Old Television

Activation: Once you are settled, Uncle Hayseed informs you that
your TV and Refrigerator are broken and that the tractor could
use a tune up.

Fill up any low needs indicators then go to the tractor (in the
main yard) and tune it up. When that finishes you get your first
Mechanical skill. Now you can try to fix the other items. Go into
the barn and fix the refrigerator and the television. With any
luck you won't get electrocuted. If you do, you wake up in the
house bedroom. Fix your needs and try again. (If you want to
reduce the chance of electrocution, tune-up the tractor a second
time before attempting the repairs so that you have 2 Mechanical
skill points.)

4.1.5     Earn some Simoleans
*  Mow the Lawn
*  Get a Promotion

Activation: Once everything is working, Uncle Hayseed asks you to
mow the lawn.

Make sure your hunger bar is fully green before you first mow the
lawn. Go to the fence in the main yard between the house and the
barn where the sign with the big, blue Simolean symbol and hit
the A button. It will ask if you want to play Mower Madness (if
it's between 5am and 7pm). Say Yes. See the Minigames section
below for strategy in this game. To get a promotion you must earn
enough money as listed in the minigame requirements below. If you
don't get promoted you have to wait until the next day to try
again. (If you are uncoordinated at minigames, wait until near
7pm before your first attempt so you can sleep through the night
to try again the next day. You need $20 to eat a snack. $40 to
cook a meal on the stove.) You probably need a shower now.

4.2  Mission 2: The Farm Redux
The only difference between this chapter and the last is that you
have to pay for food now. This chapter also opens up the roads.
Once they are open, break from the walkthrough and get to know
SimValley. Also, greet everyone you meet for the first time so
that when you need to find them, you have them on your phone

4.2.1     Escape of the Chickens
*  Bring 8 chickens to your Uncle
*  Find Detective Dan

Activation: Once promoted, Uncle Hayseed tells you his chickens
have been let loose for the 6th time this month.

Go to the barn, there's a chicken on there stairs (or in the
loft). When you are next to it hit A and it will ask if you want
to put it in your pocket. Do so. You can give this chicken to
Uncle Hayseed now or wait until you have more of them. Waiting is
better because you will know when you have all 8 once you fill
your pockets. If you happen to run into Detective Dan while
looking for chickens, do so.

Go downstairs and through the door on the first floor of the
barn. Get the chicken in this room. Exit the barn, leave the farm
and take the road to the left. Follow the road around (keep
right) past a bench into an alley behind the Biker Bar. Get a
chicken. Go into the bar and get the chicken in the bathroom.
Continue down the street and past the general store until you
reach the line of motorcycles. Go into the fenced off area toward
the bottom of the screen. Get the chicken and the aluminum can.
Don't bother with the squirrels, you can't pick them up. Go
straight up from the fenced area into the parking lot behind the
general store. This chicken is hard to pick up because he has
lots of room to run away. Head north and then west out of the
parking lot and follow the fence back toward the farm. The last
two chickens are somewhere along this road, probably near the
south side trees.

Once you have all eight chickens, go to Uncle Hayseed and give
him all 8. The mechanism to give things will ask how many you
want to give. This is why it's easier to wait until you have them
all to give them back.

If you have not run into Detective Dan, use the phone in your
barn, in the house, or by the biker bar to call Detective Dan.
The one by the bar costs $1. Where ever he says he is, get there
quickly (use the B button to run) and talk to him. If he says
he's somewhere unreachable, take the time to mow the law, meet
people and call him again in a game hour to see if he's moved to
somewhere you can reach.

4.2.2     Shopping Time
*  Sell the Old Couch to the Bartender
*  Buy a Shower
*  Place Shower in the Barn

Activation: Once you tell Hayseed about the Veloci-Rooster, he
suggests you spruce up the barn.

Go into the Barn and put the Biker Sofa in your Pocket. Go to the
Biker Bar, walk up to the bar and hit A. The bartender will try
to sell you some stuff and you can sell you sofa. You'll get $25
for it. If you have at least $130 (plus meal money), go to the
General Store and purchase the Savvy Shower. Head back to the
Barn and put into next to the toilet (or where ever you prefer).

Completion: Inform Hayseed you have a shower.

4.2.3     Serve the Public
*  Become Pals with Nora (Relationship 10)
*  Attend General Store Auction - 5pm to 7pm

Activation: Uncle Hayseed thinks Detective Dan has a job for you.
Find the Detective and talk to him.

Find Nora and schmooze her until Relationship 10. Go to the
General Store between 5pm and 7pm and talk to the clerk. You
don't have to buy anything in the auction, but do select an item
so the auction takes place.

Completion: Report back to Detective Dan.

4.2.4     Clear the Roadblock
*  Calm Dusty Hogg (Relationship 25)
*  Return Dusty Hogg's missing Helmet
*  Fix Dusty Hogg's Bike

Activation: Tell Uncle Hayseed about meeting Nora. He tells you
about Bikers blocking the road to the market.

Find Dusty Hogg and get him to like you. He is most likely next
to his bike in the dirt lot next to the Biker Bar. Takes a bit of
effort but he's not too bad. Go to the run down park across from
the General Store to find his Helmet and return it. Use your mad
Mechanical skills to fix Dusty's bike.

Completion: Tell Dusty everything is fixed.

4.2.5     Get some Wheels
*  Tend Bar at the Burning Spoke
*  Paint Dusty Hogg's Bike
*  Collect 5 Aluminum Cans
*  Bring Cans to VirtuChem

Activation: Dusty has a few more tasks for you.

To tend bar at the Biker Bar, go to the blue Simolean sign by the
bar between 8pm and 11pm. Once you do this, the other 3 tasks
will appear. If you have time to kill, improve you relationship
with someone or go around town exploring.

Once you tend bar, find Dusty. He offers you his old bike if you
paint his and if you deliver some cans to VirtuChem. You should
already have 5 aluminum cans but if you need more, check the
location section of the FAQ for the common location of aluminum
cans. Once you have the cans, go East out of the farm and follow
that road past the hospital, turn left and continue East to the
VirtuChem building. Only go there at night (between 8pm and 8am)
or they won't let you in. Go to the clerk in the back of the
store and sell (at least) 5 cans. If you have other stuff, you
can sell it. The prices fluctuate so make sure you get a good
deal. The potion for sale will maximize on of your 8 needs. Save
your money for now since you have rent to pay next mission.

Head back to the bar and paint the bike.

Completion: Find Dusty and tell him you are done.

4.2.6     Moving Out
*  Get help from Giuseppi Mezzoalto
*  Make 1 Friend (Relationship 50)
*  Give $500 for Rent to your Uncle
*  Earn a Second Job Promotion

Activation: Tell your Uncle you got the roads opened.

From now on your Uncle will want to know about the rent so if he
isn't already your friend, you'll have to get someone else to be
your friend. Finding Giuseppi can be a real pain. He's either
behind the biker bar or behind Cheatum and Howe's near his van.
Use the phone to pin him down.

Do the jobs and make deliveries to earn the money. You have to
reach level 2 of Smoothie Slider or level 3 of Mower Madness to
earn a Second Promotion.

Completion: Once you tell Giuseppi to do the move, you find
yourself at the clock tower with a crate in the main room. Take
everything out of the crate and return the crate immediately. If
you have more stuff than you have pocket space just dump the
stuff anywhere to make room for whatever's in the crate. You can
arrange the stuff after the crate is gone.

4.3  Mission 3: The Clock Tower
This mission is not as linear as the prior two. The missions are
activated in whatever order you find and talk to the various NPCs
who start the missions. You can accomplish some of the goals
listed below before the mission is activated.

The Clock Tower is a great location, with easy access to most
everything but the docks.

Rent in the tower is $300 every three days. Watch your spending.

4.3.1     At the Waterfront
*  Impress the Fisherman (Relationship 40)
*  Earn Mechanical 2
*  Buy a Fishing Pole
*  Buy a Good Fishing Book

Activation: Find and talk to Old Salty.

O. Phil McClean is usually on the main pier during the morning
and early afternoon. Chat him up. It's slow but not too
difficult. If you have not gotten your second Mechanical, head
back to the farm and tune-up the tractor again. (It's blocking
the barn entrance now.)

You can buy the book at Bric-A-Brac ($25) and the fishing pole at
the General Store ($105).

Completion: Talk to O. Phil McClean. This unlocks the Bait
Flinger Minigame. Give him your fishing pole so you don't have to
carry it around for no reason.

4.3.2     The Raging Chicken Competition
*  Earn Body 2
*  Impress Eddie Renalin (Relationship 40)
*  Pay the Membership Fee of $200

Activation: Find and talk to Vernon Peeve.

While you could go into the gym and use the punching bags to earn
body, it is much easier to stand in the comfy library and read
about it. (Assuming you've finished the Library Card mission).
Have the $200 (plus additional spending money) before you talk to
Eddie. (Once you give him the money, the second floor is opened
up, but not the minigame.) Schmooze him up to get access to the
second floor of the Gym and access to the Power Lifter minigame.

4.3.3     Library Card
*  Destroy all 15 Bookworms
*  Get 3 Books from other Sims
*  Return 3 Books to Hester
*  Learn Cooking

Activation: Find and talk to Hester Primm.

Go to the library and step on the 15 bookworms. Some of them are
upstairs. Read one of the Cooking (upstairs near the corner)
books while you are there so that you receive Cooking 1. Talk to
Claire Clutterbell, Daddy Bigbucks, Mad Willy Hurtzya, Nicki
Knack and Misty Waters to get their library books from them. Give
the books back to Hester. (Yes, that's 5 books, but if you don't
get all 5 they will give them to you later and you won't be able
to get rid of them except by giving them to Hester.)

4.3.4     The Rise of Club Rubb
*  Get permission from the Original Owner
*  Befriend the Cop that Closed the Club (Rel 30)
*  Pay $1,000 in back taxes
*  Distribute 10 Flyers to other Sims

Activation: Find and talk to Bucki Brock

Find Maximilian Moore and get his permission to reopen the club.
Acquire $1,000 plus spending money and bills money ($300 every 3
days). Pay the back taxes to Detective Dan. If you haven't done
so already, get Detective Dan's relationship up to 30.

Go to Bric-A-Brac and buy 5 flyers. Distribute them to 5
different sims. Repeat. (Doing them 5 at a time leaves room in
your pockets for delivery missions and other things you may be


4.3.5     Deep Dark Secrets
*  Acquire a Crowbar
*  Find the City Blueprints
*  Lower the Maintenance Ladders
*  Give Blueprints to Giuseppi

Activation: Talk to Giuseppi Mezzoalto.

Go to Uncle Hayseed. He'll let you borrow a crowbar (be sure to
return it later). In the clock tower, a trap door is now located
at the bottom of the stairs up to the clock. Go down the trap
door and pick up the blueprints in the middle of the room. Head
to manhole cover near the Country Cafe and Library. There will be
a red arrow pointing down. Step on the arrow and enter the
sewers. Go to your right and step on the raised button in the
corner. Give the blueprints to Giuseppi and his boys will clear
the roadblocks out of the sewers.

Completion: Once he gets the blueprints and tells you to scram,
the sewers are completely accessible.

4.3.6     Moving Out
*  Make 4 Friends
*  Earn $3,000 for Rent
*  Earn 2 promotions (Bait Flinger or Powerlifting)

Activation: Talk to Nicki Knack once the other missions are

Not much to say here. See the rest of the FAQ for general tips on
making friends, earning money and beating minigames.

Completion: Talk to Nicki Knack and she'll send you to Giuseppi
to arrange your move. (Just like in Chapter 2.)

4.4  Mission 4: Waterfront Villa
In this chapter, you are living in the Waterfront Villa. While
it's not far from the Club Rubb, it is far from most everything
else that you need this chapter. Make frequent use of your
Uncle's hospitality in this chapter.

Rent on the villa is $400 every three days so watch what you

4.4.1     Experience the Paranormal
*  Pick the Rusty Lock
*  Find a Ghostly Gift
*  Learn `Crazy Talk' (Logic 4)
*  Answer the Ghost's Riddles

Activation: Talk to Claire Clutterbell.

Enter the sewer behind the General Store. Head southwest,
southeast, and southwest to the next ladder and climb up. Go over
to the gate and pick the lock. It may take a few tries. The Urn
is also in the sewer, not far from the manhole cover outside
Cheatum and Howe's. Ephram only manifests between 12am and 5am on
the ground floor of the Haunted Shack.

Once you understand Ephram, you ask him about the furniture. He
offers some of it to you if you answer some riddles:
Q: How many sides does a circle have? A: 2
Q: Which does not belong in the group: Apple, Grape, Banana,
Pear? A: Banana
Q: How many letters are in THE ALPHABET? A: 11
Q: What other letter fits in the following series: B C D E I K O
X? A: H
Q: When I am filled I can point the way. When I am empty, nothing
moves me. I have two skins - One without and one within. What am
I? A: a glove

Completion: Ephram reveals a secret trapdoor in the yard. Go in
and grab everything down there: a Suit of Armor, Mummy
Sarcophogus, a Zen Fountain, a Venus Flytrap, and a Crystal Ball.
(Sell the Flytrap, at least, unless you want to get eaten.)

4.4.2     Art for Art's Sake
*  Navigate the Maze to `Lover's Leap'
*  Paint a Beautiful Seascape
*  Sell your Masterpiece to Daschell

Activation: Talk to Daschell about the lack of arts in SimValley.

See the Maze in the locations section for how to find Lover's
Leap. You can paint your painting here or on your own easel. It
tends to be a seascape on your 5th Creativity point. Return to
Daschell with the framed seascape for $5,000 reward. (Tell him
you think it's worth $1,000.) He won't buy the one that looks
like it was done in crayon, only the painting that looks like a
seascape. (Although he says he'll buy other painting, he doesn't,
he just thanks you for them. Sell paintings at Nicki Knack's Bric-

4.4.3     Rock Star!
*  Find a place to Jam
*  Get Noticed (Popularity 25)
*  Develop a Look (Creative 3/Charisma 2)
*  Acquire One Cool Guitar
*  Impress the Local Band Leader

Activation: Talk to Mel Odious.

Get the skill points and schmooze various people in town (include
Vera) to get your popularity up. Visit Uncle Hayseed to use his
barn as a place to jam. Buy a guitar out of Giuseppi's van
(usually parked behind Cheatum and Howe's near the center
staircase down to the Docks, only at night). You have to raise
your relationship with Vera (local band leader) up to 50.

Completion: Tell Vera you've got it all done.  This opens the Jam
Session minigame.

4.4.4     Pizza Pandemonium
*  Befriend the Cook (Rel 60)
*  Prove Your Worth (Cooking 5)
*  Pay the Show Entry Fee

Activation: Talk to Lottie Cash

Befriend Chet R. Chase and earn a lot of cooking skill. Pay
Lottie the $2,500 entry fee.

Completion: Tell Lottie you are all set. This opens the Pizza
Pandemonium minigame.

4.4.5     Champion of the Simverse
*  Catch the Veloci-Rooster
*  Beat Bullriding Record (Body 6, lots of rest!)
*  Knock Out `Mad' Willie Hurtzya

Activation: Talk to Daddy Bigbucks

Now you can walk up to the Veloci-Rooster and hit A to put him in
your pocket. Although Bigbucks tells you to buff up to do this,
you can pick up the rooster, now, with Body 2.

Rest up after getting to Body 6 and go to the Country Cafe. Ride
one of the bulls, don't get off until your Sim gets off on his
own. If that doesn't beat the bullriding record, try it again
with more rest or more Body.

Go to the Gym to find Mad Willie in the boxing ring. To Knock him
out, run into the ring (holding the B button) and hit the A
button when you are next to him before he can flatten you.

You can give the Rooster to Detective Dan (to get it out of you
pockets) but he just Thanks you for it. He should have been more

Completion: Tell Daddy Bigbucks you've succeeded.

4.4.6     Moving Out
*  Make 8 Friends
*  Earn $10,000 for a Down Payment
*  Earn 3 promotions (Jam Session or Pizza Pandemonium)

Activation: Talk to Daddy Bigbucks once the other 5 missions are

You pay the down payment to Daddy Bigbucks. (Selling the stuff
from the Haunted Shack can help you to amass that cash.)

Completion: Find Giuseppi to have him move you to the Imperial

4.5  Mission 5: Imperial Estates
In this chapter, you are living in the Imperial Estates. It's a
large space with decent sewer access, but a lot of the action
takes place far away making it annoying to get around.

Rent on the Estates is $600 every three days so don't overspend
too much.

(As of FAQ version 0.3, I have not finished Loony Lemmings, Take
over the town, or Summer's End.)

4.5.1     A Monumental Accomplishment
*  Find Sculpter's Number
*  Hire a Sculpter
*  Collect 30 Aluminum Cans
*  Gain Popularity 50

Activation: Talk to Detective Dan

Ask Daschell Swank if he knows any sculptors. The number becomes
an extra entry in the Services list on your home phone. You must
have the 30 cans in inventory and the Popularity goal must be
checked before you call him.

To gain Popularity 50, you might want to focus on the NPCs listed
in the other missions in this chapter. Get Detective Dan and
Daddy Bigbucks up high to satisfy both the Popularity requirement
here and the relationship requirements below. Also, avoid raising
your relationship with Misty Waters and O. Phil McClean too high
as it will make getting them to hate you harder later.

Completion: Talk to Detective Dan about the success of raising
the statue. You can see the statue in the octogonal pool behind
the Clock Tower.

4.5.2     The Loony Lemmings
*  Find the Cliffs
*  Pester the Lifeguard (Rel -50)

Activation: Talk to Duane Doldrum

Wait until you have Popularity 60 for the next mission before
making Misty Waters hate you. The two objectives are listed in
reverse order, the Cliffs are unavailable until you get Misty
Waters to relent and allow the Cliff Diving. Once she does, the
final barricade over by the Country Cafe disappears giving you
access to the minigame: Cliff Diver X.

The fastest way to get someone to hate you is to use the insults,
hugs and kisses options. Every time you reduce your relationship
with Misty by about 10 points, end the conversation and then hit
A again to talk to her. If your relationship score drops by too
much (about 30) in one conversation, she will stop talking to you
and won't talk again for 2-3 days. By exiting and going back, you
do not trigger her "not speaking to you" response.

Completion: Talk to Misty to unlock the game.

4.5.3     Take over the Town!
*  Give $10,000 Fee to Nora
*  Gain Popularity 60
*  Persuade O. Phil McClean to Drop Out (Rel -50)

Activation: Talk to Nora Zeal-Ott

Again, wait until you achieve the Popularity 60 goal before
getting on McClean's nerves. Use the same method you used with
Misty to get your relationship with McClean down to -50.

4.5.4     Mystery of the Cosmos
*  Make a Significant Scientific Discovery
*  Get a Grant from Daddy Bigbucks (Rel 80)
*  Earn Logic 7

Activation: Talk to Maximillian Moore

Although there is talk about meteors, you actual go to the Barn,
in the lower floor back room a haystack disappears showing a
trapdoor. Go down there and get the Rocket. Schmooze up Daddy
Bigbucks and get him to give you a grant for research.

Completion: This opens the Petri Dish minigame. (You have to talk
to someone, probably Max Moore.)

4.5.5     Apprehend the Van Man
*  Convince Det. Dan to Set Up Sting (Rel 60)
*  Acquire the Camera
*  Get a Picture of the Crime

Activation: Talk to Vera Vex

Buy the Camera at Nicki Knack's Bric-A-Brac. Once you have the
camera and Dan is ready to help you nab Giuseppi, go to your
Uncle's Farm. When you enter the farmhouse, the screen will pan
to show you Giuseppi robbing the place and your uncle tied up in
a corner. Walk up to Giuseppi and take a picture of him (I prefer
'Say cheese'). Detective Dan will arrive and take him off to

Completion: Exit and re-enter the farmhouse to set everything
back to normal. Talk to Vera to let her know Giuseppi is gone.

BUG: Once Giuseppi is in jail, he can still be targeted by the
delivery missions. If this happens you cannot complete the
delivery and cannot start any more delivery missions since you
cannot get rid of whatever was to go to Giuseppi.

4.5.6     Summer's End
*  Make 13 Friends
*  3 Promotions (Mad Scientist or Cliff Diver)
*  Repair the Rocket
*  Move the Rocket to the Mansion

Activation: Automatic when you complete the other missions. Once
activated, you cannot get back into your Uncle's farmhouse.

Put the Rocket on the launch pad (northwest side of the mansion),
repair it if you haven't already.

Completion: Talk to Uncle Hayseed. You find him in the mansion.
Once you start to talk with him, the game will end.

4.6  Finale
You: Uncle Hayseed, what are you doing away from the farm?
Hayseed: Well, Name, summer's over. Sure went fast, didn't it?
Y: As fast as the Veloci-Rooster!
H: And you, on the ballot for Mayor of SimValley! You made me
proud, kid.
Y: Thanks, Uncle Hayseed!
H: And this rocket you restored. You're one of a kind, Name. But
it's time for you to leave SimValley.
Y: But... I don't want to leave. I love it here! It's my home.
H: No, Name, it's not. Not anymore. It never was... your mother
never told you how I found you in that cornfield all those years
ago. You repairing this rocket isn't coincidence. It's time for
you to really go home, kid.
Y: But...
H: If that rocket leaves the ground and you're not with it,
you'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon
and for the rest of your life. Goodbye, Name. Perhaps I'll see
you again someday.
Y: I understand.
H: ...

You leave the house, wave to many SimValley residents who came to
see you off and climb into the rocket. It takes off and plummets
back to earth. Then, the credits roll and you are back at the
Start menu.

5.   Mini Games
Hours: When is the game playable
Location: Where is it located
Unlocked by: What mission makes the game available.

Promotions: Indicates titles and requirements for promotion by

Controls: The controls are indicated with the following symbols:
A   -The A button
(A) -Hit the A button repeatedly (Smash it)
B   -The B button
^   -Up direction on the PAD
>   -Right direction on the PAD
<   -Left direction on the PAD
v   -Down direction on the PAD
PAD -The PAD indicated direction
L   -Left shoulder button
R   -Right shoulder button

Scoring: In some games, scoring is complex and depends on your
timing. In others it varies by level.

5.1  Mower Madness
Mow the weeds! Press the A Button to accelerate the mower, and
LEFT and RIGHT on the Control Pad to steer it. Avoid the rocks
and your uncle's precious flowers!

Hours: 5am to 7pm
Location: Hayseed Farm
Unlocked by: Mission 1: Earn some Simoleans

Level 1. Lawn Dude (Mechanical 1, Game Score ??)
Level 2. Grass Gobbler (Mechanical 2, Game Score 150)
Level 3. Green Thumb (Mechanical 3, Body 2, Game Score 300)
Level 4. Lord of the Lawn (Mechanical 4, Body 3, Game Score 600)
Level 5. Master Mower

A  -Accelerator (Hold down to maintain top speed)

Level 1. Each Crab Grass is worth $1. Flowers cost -$5.
Level 2. Each Crab Grass is worth $2, Flowers cost -$10.
Level 3. Each Crab Grass is worth $4, Flowers cost -$20.
Level 4. Each Crab Grass is worth $7, Flowers cost -$35.

Strategy: Don't run over your Uncle's flowers. :-) There are
about 100 crab grass growths to mow. You don't need to get all of
them if you avoid the flowers. Hitting a rock is only dangerous
if it puts you in line with a flower. (It also wastes a small
amount of time.)

5.2  Smoothie Slider
Slide the drinks on to the coasters! Press the A Button to stop
the direction meter, and again to control the power of your
slide. Don't break too many mugs!

Hours: 8pm to 11pm
Location: Burning Spoke Biker Bar
Unlocked by: Mission 2: Get some Wheels
Level 1. Busboy (Game Score 75)
Level 2. Bar Back (Cooking 2, Charisma 1, Game Score 250)
Level 3. Shake Slinger (Cooking 2, Charisma 3, Game Score 450)
Level 4. Drink Master (Cooking 2, Charisma 5, Game Score 900)
Level 5.

A  -Stop Direction Indicator
A  -Send Drink

Strategy: It seems that the farther down the bar you successful
send each glass (to a customer who wants that kind of drink), the
more it scores. On the other hand, you can go through more
glasses, the shorter the distance you send them. (Does anyone
know what the numbers next to the glasses means?)

5.3  Powerlifter
Compete in a battle of brawn! Press the A Button rapidly to lift
the weight., press DOWN to set the weight, then mash the A Button
again, before pressing UP for the final lift.

Hours: 3pm to 5pm
Location: Flex-Dome Fitness Center
Unlocked by: Mission 3: Raging Chicken
Level 1. Weightlifter (Body 2, Game Score 50)
Level 2. Bodybuilder (Body 4, Game Score 150)
Level 3. Strongman (Body 7, Game Score 450)
Level 4. Ironman (Body 10, Game Score 800)
Level 5. Mega-Hulk

(A)-Exert Effort (Hit repeatedly)
v  -Jerk (Move bar from waist to up-right position)
^  -Lock forearms to finish lift

Level 1: Failure, 1st Stage: $2, 2nd: $5. Success 70 kg: $20, 75
 kg: $25
Level 2: Failure, 1st Stage: $4, 2nd: $10, Lifting 90 kg: $40, 95
 kg: $45
Level 3: Failure, 1st Stage: $6, 2nd: $15, Lifting 110 kg: $95,
 120 kg: $100

5.4  Bait Flinger
Fish for Simoleans! Select your lure and press the A Button to
cast. Once you've hooked a fish, press DOWN to fling him out of
the water, and the A Button repeatedly to reel him in!

Hours: 3am to 3pm
Location: Boat Docks (2 locations at docks)
Unlocked by: Mission 3: At the Waterfront

Level 1. Bait King (Mechanical 1, Game Score 70)
Level 2. Fisher (Mechanical 2, Body 1, Game Score 150)
Level 3. Salty Jr. (Mechanical 4, Body 2, Game Score 300)
Level 4. Fisher King (Mechanical 6, Body 3, Game Score 500)
Level 5. Cappy

A  -Stop Direction Indicator
PAD-Choose your bait. The number indicates how much of that bait
    From top to bottom, the baits lures blue, green, or black
A  -Cast the line
v  -Pull the rod back to lift the fish out of the water.
(A)-Exert effort reeling in the fish (hit repeatedly)

Strategy: The black fish tend to be larger than their silhouette
indicates. Thus they score higher than the other fish but are
also more likely to get away. If the fish seems to be getting the
better of you, use the DOWN arrow to weaken him.

5.5  Jam Session
Master the guitar! Follow the rhythm and press the Control Pad
and proper button when the combo is in the green bar. Watch the

Hours: 7pm to 2am
Location: Club Rubb
Unlocked by: Mission 4: Rock Star!

Level 1. Drummer (Creativity 2, Charisma 2, Game Score 80)
Level 2. Strummer (Creativity 4, Charisma 2, Games Score 130)
Level 3. DJ (Creativity 6, Charisma 3, Game Score 400)
Level 4. Rock Star (Creativity 8, Charisma 4, Game Score 690)
Level 5. The King!

Controls: As indicated on the scrolling chord chart.

Strategy: There isn't much strategy here, you either have hand-
eye coordination or not. You have to press the key relatively at
the same time. The middle of the circle must be within the red
timing square to count.

5.6  Pizza Pandemonium
MATCH Papa Chet's Pizza! Use the A Button to toss the pizza in
the air and grab ingredients. Use the L Button and R Button to
switch slices. Remember, no one in SimValley likes anchovies!

Hours: 11am to 10pm
Location: Dockside Diner
Unlocked by: Mission 4: Pizza Pandemonium

Level 1. Waiter (Cooking 3, Charisma 2, Game Score 100)
Level 2. Doughey (Cooking 5, Charisma 3, Game Score 200)
Level 3.
Level 4.
Level 5.

A   Throw dough up to hit the ingredient
< > Move the pan left or right
L R Rotate to the slice you want the ingredient to end up on

Strategy: (I'm not very good at this game. But...) Make sure is
you don't move the pan while the pizza is in the air or it will
go spat and you'll have to start that pizza over.

5.7  Cliff Diver X
Extreme diving! Use the Control Pad to perform aerial acrobatics.
Enter the water straight DOWN, then press UP before you hit

Hours: 9am to 4pm
Location: Next to the Country Cafe
Unlocked by: Mission 5: The Looney Lemmings

Level 1. Cliffdiver (Body 3, Creativity 2, Game Score 90)
Level 2. Daredevil (Body 4, Creativity 3, Game Score 180)
Level 3. Plummeter (Body 5, Creativity 4, Game Score 425)
Level 4. Stuntman (Body 6, Creativity 5, Game Score 650)
Level 5. Cliff Master

A   Start Dive
>   Forward Flip
<   Back Flip
v   Twist
^   Tight Forward Flip

Stragtegy: These stunt, done on all three dives, will yield the
 proper score.
Level 1. Do two back flips before hitting the water. After two
 dives you should be close.
Level 2. Do three back flips before hitting the water. Hard, you
 have to time it well. Substitute a tight forward flip if you
 have problems with the timing.
Level 3. Do three back flips and a twist.
Level 4. Do two tight forward flips and three back flips.

5.8  Petri Dish
Destroy the amoebas! Select an amoeba with the Control Pad and
press the A Button to vaporize nearby ones of the same color.
Beware the mutagens which trnsform the amoebas around them!

Hours: Midnight to 8am
Location: VirtuChem Lab
Unlocked by: Mission 5: Mystery of the Cosmos

Level 1. Lab Technician
Level 2. Chemist (Logic 6, Cooking 4, Game Score 225)
Level 3. Super Scientist (Logic 8, Cooking 5, Game Score 450)
Level 4. Doctor Amoeba (Logic 10, Cooking 6, Game Score 900)
Level 5. Mutagen Master

A   Irradiate the indicated spot
PAD Move the irradiation point around.

Strategy: Because of the random element, you cannot play this
with too much planning ahead so select the largest continuous
area of the same color to maximize your score.

6.   NPCs

When you are trying to schmooze the SimValley residents, it helps
to know why lines of conversation will peak their interest and
which will turn them off. The Loves and Hates entries below
should guide your schmooze attempts.

(Complete dialogs may arrive here if I'm ambitious and bored.)

6.1  Bucki Brock
Loves: Compliments
Hates: Indian/Old West Talk
Delivery Item: Cowboy Hat
Maximum Delivery Tip: $240

6.2  Chet R. Chase
Well hello there, kid. Chet R. Chase is sure happy to meet you.
 Are you a contestant on his Papa Chef's Pizza Pandemonium show
 yet? If so, step into the kitchen. If not... why not?
Loves: Jokes
Delivery Item: Pizza
Maximum Delivery Tip: $240

6.3  Claire Clutterbell
Loves: Compliments, Poetry
Hates: Bourgeois Attitude
Delivery Item: Poem
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.4  Daddy Bigbucks
Wonderful to meet you, Name. Peopl around here call me Daddy
 Bigbucks. If you like what you see in SimValley, it's a good bet
 I own it.
Loves: You knowing your station, Compliments
Hates: Anything about you
Delivery Item:
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.5  Daschell Swank
Greetings my good Sim. I am Saschel Swank - art aficianado and
 esteemed university professor, though not necessarily in that
Loves: Compliments
Hates: Art Criticism, Photography, Abstract Sculpture
Delivery Item: Book
Maximum Delivery Tip: 160

6.6  Det. Dan D. Mann
Loves: Jokes, Underhanded Dealings
Delivery Item: Wanted Poster
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.7  Duane Doldrum
Delivery Item: Picture of Duane Doldrum
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.8  Dusty Hogg
Delivery Item: Sunglasses
Maximum Delivery Tip: $26

6.9  Eddie Renalin
I've heard of you. Haven't you heard of me? Eddie Renalin, the
 strongest, handsomest, most buffed-up beefcake the world has
 ever seen.
Loves: Gossip, Tickles (from women)
Hates: Weak Attitude
Delivery Item: Barbells
Maximum Delivery Tip: $240

6.10 Ephram Earl
Name? Name? What kind of name is Name? My name, Ephram Earl, is
 much nicer. Do you want mine? I don't really need it. I've had
 it for almost 200 years... and I'm dead.
Loves: Jokes
Delivery Item: Skull
Maximum Delivery Tip: $0 (of course)

6.11 Giuseppi Mezzoalto
Loves: Insults, Telling him what he's all about
Hates: Jokes
Delivery Item: Briefcase
Maximum Delivery Tip: $380

6.12 Hester Primm
Loves: Books, Gossip, Compliments
Delivery Item: Cookbook
Maximum Delivery Tip: $190

6.13 Lottie Cash
Loves: When you talk about yourself.
Delivery Item:
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.14 Mad Willy Hurtzya
Hey Name. My boxing coach calls me `Mad' Willy Hurtzya. Not
 because I'm angry, but because I'm fearless.
Delivery Item: Trophy
Maximum Delivery Tip: $26

6.15 Maximilian Moore
Loves: Jokes
Hates: Apologies
Delivery Item: Prescription
Maximum Delivery Tip: $160

6.16 Mel Odious
Loves: Gossip, Compliments, Laid-back Attitude
Delivery Item: Bongos
Maximum Delivery Tip: $285

6.17 Misty Waters
Hey, what's UP! My name's Misty Waters. I'm SimValley's best and
 only lifeguard, which means I get a lot of sun, but not a lot of
 swimming practice.
Delivery Item: Whistle
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.18 Nicki Knack
Pleased to meet you Name. I'm Nicki Knack, owner and manager of
 Nicki Knack's Bric-A-Brac trinket shop. If you ever need
 anything you don't really need, you come see me.
Delivery Item:
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.19 Nora Zeal-Ott
Loves: Politics/Public Affairs
Hates: Risque' behavior
Delivery Item: Campaign Button
Maximum Delivery Tip: $240

6.20 O. Phil McClean
My given name is O. Phil McClean, but most everyone around here
 calls me 'That Crazy Old Squid For Brains Fisherman.' That's why
 I don't like most everyone.
Loves: The Sea. Fish
Hates: You, Apologies
Delivery Item: Lures
Maximum Delivery Tip: $50

6.21 Olde Salty
Hates: Excuses
Delivery Item:
Maximum Delivery Tip: $225

6.22 Uncle Hayseed
Delivery Item: Miniature Wood Chicken
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.23 Vera Vex
Delivery Item:
Maximum Delivery Tip:

6.24 Vernon Peeve
Delivery Item: Stapler
Maximum Delivery Tip:

7.   Locations
The map below is basically accurate. It shows how the places are
located with respect to one another. Any more detail is silly as
you can see the locations much better in the game than in ASCII
art. (The Labyrinth, Park, Paradise Island, and Sewer maps will
follow shortly as may closeup views of each game panel.)

             /\            Park    /
      Farm  /  \   Gym         \  /  CC /\C
           /    \              /\/     /  \
         \/      \            /   Lib /    \
     /\  /        \          /       /      \
   \/  \/          \         \     \/\ Club  \
Bar/          Tower \         \ Lab/  \       \
  /                  \         \  /            \
 /                    \         \/             /
 \                     \        /             /
  \GS/                  \  Hos /             / h
   \/                    \    /       Knick / c
  \ \                     \  /     a /\    / a
   \/\                     \/     l /  \__/ e
      \                    /     l /    || B
       \                  /     i /
 Estate \                /     V /
       / \              /       /     T = Public Restroom
      /   \            /       /      | = Stairs or ramp
          |\          /       /      GS = General Store
        T/  \        /       /      FnC = Fish n' Chips
         \   \   C&H/Jail   /       C&H = Cheatum and Howe's
          \  |      \      /          A = Sail to Paradise Island
          /\         \ Pet/           B = Play Bait Flinger
     FnC /  \        /\  /            C = Play Cliff Diver X
        /    \ Diner/  \/            CC = Country Cafe
      \/     /\    /                Lib = Library
       \    /  \  /                 Lab = Laboratory
        B  /\   \/                  Hos = General Hospital
          /  A                      Pet = Pet Store
         B                         Maze = Labyrinth  (E = Easel)

Each location below is described using the following sections:

Availability: Explains the time of day the building is open and
 what missions open (or close) the area.
Facilities: What publicly available stuff can you access in this
 place (and what does it cost to use them).
Sells: What can you buy there.
Buys: What can you sell there.
Minigame: What minigame, if any, is found there.
Secrets: Any secret locations in the place.
Division: Any sub areas found within the location. (Which are
 separate screens, not places with walls you can walk to on the
 same screen.)
Access To: What area does this spot grant access to.
Freebies: Location of cogs, mice, etc.

7.1  Hayseed Farm
Availability: Closes when Mission 5: Summer's End is activated.
Facilities: Phone (free), Toilet, Shower, Fridge ($20), Stove
 ($40), Bed, Sofa, Chair
Minigame: Mower Madness (From main yard)
Divisions: Yard and Street, House, Backyard
7.2  The Barn
Availability: Closes after Mission 2 completes. Opens again when
 Mission 5: Mystery of the Cosmos is activated. Closes again
 once Rocket is removed from the basement.
Secrets: Basement in backroom.
Divisions: Front/Loft, Private 1st floor Room, Secret Basement

7.3  Burning Spoke Biker Bar
Availability: 10am to 2am, after Earn some Simoleans.
Sells: Root Beer McCloskey ($5), Grease Burger Deluxe ($25),
 Biker Brat ($15), Fruit Smoothie ($10).
Facilities: Jukebox, Pinball Machines, Chairs, Sofa (after
 Shopping Time mission), Sink, Toilet

7.4  General Store
Availability: 4am to 8pm, after roads open in Clear the
Facilities: Chair, Auction
Sells: Four random items from the general catalog, see Stuff

7.5  Flex-Dome Fitness Center
Availability: 4am to 8pm, after roads open in Clear the
Facilities: Toilet, Sink, Shower, Vending Machine (Energy Drink
 and Snack, $20 each), Mirror, Punching Bag, Weights, Treadmill,
 Swimming Pool
Minigame: Power Lifter (on second floor)
Divisions: First and Second floors
Notes: You have to complete the Raging Chicken mission to gain
 access to the second floor.

7.6  Clock Tower
Availability: Residence, only during Mission 3: The Clock Tower.
Facilities: Swimming Pool
Secrets: The basement is made available during the Deep Dark
 Secrets mission.
Divisions: Yard, Main Floor, Tower Floor, Secret Basement

7.7  Imperial Estates
Availability: Residence, only during Mission 5: Imperial Estates.
Facilities: Swimming Pool, Launch Pad
Divisions: Driveway/front yard, back yard, north yard, main
 floor, second floor

7.8  Fish-n-Chips
Availability: 3am to 9pm, after roads open in Clear the
Sells: Fish n' Chips ($15), Olde Salty's Salty Special ($20),
 Ocean-flavored Water ($5), Dolphin Pop ($15).
Minigame: Bait Flinger

7.9  Boat Docks
Availability: After roads open in Clear the Roadblock.
Facilities: Sailboat to Paradise Island
Minigame: Bait Flinger

7.10 Dockside Diner
Availability: 11am to 11pm, after roads open in Clear the
Facilities: Chairs
Sells: Cheese Pizza ($10), The Omerta Pizza Deluxe ($25), Italian
 Soda ($5), Lemon Ice ($10)

7.11 Cheatum and Howe's Retail
Availability: 9am to 10pm, after roads open in Clear the
Facilities: Chair, Sink, Toilet, Auction.
Sells: Six random items from the general catalog, see Stuff

7.12 SimValley Jail
Availability: After roads open in Clear the Roadblock.
Facilities (Only if arrested): Bed, Toilet, Sink, Barbells

7.13 Pet Pals Animal Shelter
Availability: 9am to 6pm, after roads open in Clear the
Sells: Two random Animals, see animals under Stuff below.

7.14 SimValley General Hospital
Availability: After roads open in Clear the Roadblock.
Facilities: Sofa, Vending Machine (Snack and Drink, $10 each)

7.15 VirtuChem Labs
Availability: 8pm to 8am, after roads open in Clear the
Sells: Potion ($59)
Buys: Aluminum Cans, Old Glass Jars, Mechanical Cogs, Nuclear
 Fuel Rods, and 3-Eared Mice (prices vary each day)
Minigame: Petri Dish

Potion ($59): Raises a random need to full. Consumed as soon as
 it is bought.

7.16 Public Library
Availability: 10am to 6pm, after the Library Card mission.
Facilities: Study all skills, GBA Link
Divisions: first and second floor
Outside: An Aluminum Can is found on the steps of the library
 each day.

7.17 Country Cafe
Availability: 1pm to 1am, after roads open in Clear the
Facilities: Chairs, Toilet, Sink, Mechanical Bull Riding, Dance
 floor, Casino.
Sells: Grits ($15), The Man's Fiery BBQ Sandwich ($25), Robert E.
 Tea ($10), Southern Lemonade ($10).
Divisions: Main floor, 2 bathrooms, casino loft.
Outside: Pay Phone ($1), Cliff Diver X minigame.

7.18 Club Rubb
Availability: 7pm to 4am, after The Rise of Club Rubb.
Facilities: Dance Floor, Guitar, DJ Mixer
Sells: Cocomonkey Banana ($30), SimCity(tm) Cosmomixer ($35),
 Kangaroo Surprise ($25), Three Umbrella Juicer ($35)
Minigame: Jam Session

7.19 Nicki Knack's Bric-A-Brac
Availability: 9am to 5pm, after roads open in Clear the
Facilities: Chair
Sells: See Bric-A-Brac under Stuff below.

7.20 Waterfront Villa
Availability: Residence, only during Mission 4: Waterfront Villa.
Divisions: Yard/Porch, Lower Floor, Main Floor, Upper Floor,

7.21 Someshine Sands Beach
Availability: After roads open in Clear the Roadblock.
Facilities: Grill ($20), Sand, Beach Ball
Divisions: west beach, east beach

7.22 Dr. Turing Memorial Park
Availability: After roads open in Clear the Roadblock.
Facilities: Grill ($20), Telephone, Bench

7.23 The Turing Labyrinth
Availability: After roads open in Clear the Roadblock.
Facilities: Grill ($20), Bench, Easel

7.24 The Sewers
Availability: After Deep Dark Secrets.
Secrets: Enter the sewers from the park to activate a switch that
 leads to a secret area containing your Astrological Recliner.

7.25 Haunted Shack
Availability: After you pick the lock during Experience the
Facilities: Chairs, Bed, Decorative Pieces.
Secrets: On completion of Experience the Paranormal, a trapdoor
 to a secret basement appears.
Divisions: Graveyard, main floor, upper floor, secret basement.

7.26 Paradise Island
Availability: After roads open in Clear the Roadblock, only if
 the Game Cartridge has been involved in a GBA Link.
Facilities: Grill, Beach Ball, Sand, Paradise Island Emporium
 (see wares below)
Divisions: Island, Secret Residence, Paradise Island Emporium

Denizen Cane Bamboo Bed ($900): Curiously light, curiously tough,
 this bamboo bed frame sums up the joy of the tropical in a
 single glance. Comes standard with a mattress woven from palm
Denizen Cane Bamboo Chair ($650): The geniuses at Denizen Cane
 industries have bestowed us with this little treasure: A
 comfortable, sturdy Bamboo chair for the office, home, or
Denizen Cane Bamboo Recliner ($750): Resting comfortably on the
 new Bamboo Recliner from the craftspeople at Denizen Cane,
 you'll be convinced you're deep in the arms of paradise, in you
 very own Xanadu.
Giant Tiki Head ($1,300): Each Tiki mask is hand-carved from the
 finest block of palm wood available by a single specialist using
 only tiny chipping instruments. New models are no longer cursed!

8.   Stuff
When you buy stuff, it goes into your pockets. In your house, you
can place things in you pockets in any room in the house. Items
you own have at least these two actions attached to them: Put in
Pocket and Move. Other common actions include Admire, Sit, Sleep,
Study X.

Put in Pocket: Moves the item to your pocket. You can only have 8
items in your pockets at one time.

Move: Enables you to move the item around the room. The PAD moves
the item, the shoulder buttons rotate the item's orientation (the
arrow on the item silhouette points in the direction you must
approach the item to use it). When the silhouette is yellow, you
can press the A Button to place the item. If the silhouette is
red, something is in the way of the item, or of the square from
which you stand to use the item.

Admire: Admiring an object causes you to improve your House need
because you take the time to enjoy seeing the item in your house.

Change X: Found on furniture, this option allows you to change
your clothes/shoes.

Clean: The only real difference between Appliances and Furniture
is that Appliances get dirty. When the clean option appears you
have about a day to clean the object before flies start gathering
on the dirt.

Make a Call: Telephones have this ability to find out where you
can find your friends. Your home telephone also has a services
menu to calling the fire department, a maid and a repairman. See
using the telephones below.

Make X: Food and drink appliances have this option. X can be
fixed, like on the Espresso machine, X is Espresso. Or it can be
time dependent, changing from Breakfast to Lunch, Diner and Late-
Night Snack. Food or Drink created in this manner are consumed as
soon as they are made.

Repair: Appliances and Electronics can break. When this option
appears you cannot use the item until it is fixed. Fixing it
yourself succeeds depending on how much Mechanical skill you
possess. If you fail, you are electrocuted and pass out. See
Passing Out below. If successful a progress bar shaped like a
wrench appears to show you your progress repairing the item.

Sit: Take a load off. Increases your Comfort motive rather

Sleep: Increases your Energy and Comfort needs. The game clock
moves rapidly while sleeping.

Study X: Use the device to earn points in skill X. Using an item
in this manner usually causes your Comfort need to drop. Some
Study items improve your Fun need.

Turn On: This activates the appliance. You must then hit A again
to make use of the options available when the appliance is On.

8.1  Appliances
Arctechnology 2-Door Refrigerator ($1,650) Arctechnology knows
 the value of space and style and their new 2-door refrigerator
 proves it. More storage space for less room, this unit also
 features an ice-maker and easy-to-read LED temperature
Dialectic Range and Stove ($440): Affordability and class are
 typically opposing forces. But the folks at Dialectic have
 managed to synthesize these qualities in what could easily be
 called the keenest range in town!
DishDuster Deluxe Dishwasher ($1,200): DishDuster Deluxe
 Dishwasher. Dust those dishes with DishDuster.
Gagima Simore Espresso ($350): One pull on the ergonomically
 crafted side lever and this hyper-efficient, automated espresso
 machine grinds, brews, and serves your espresso all by its
Positive Potential Microwave ($250): Perfect for popcorn and pot-
 roast alike, the Positive Potential microwave is compact, safe,
 and easy to use. (Some restrictions apply)
Sno-Time Refrigerator ($525): There's no time like Sno-Time!
 Their newest economy class refrigerator features climate
 control, two crispers, and ample door space large enough to fit
 a whole turkey.

8.2  Decorative
Most decorative items only have one option on them: Admire.

Chainsaw Chicken ($180): To think that it was a skilled chainsaw
 that turned this lowly stump into a colloquial work of art.
Heavenly Halogen Floor Lamp ($65): A popular luminary in the
 Contempto lamp-line, the Heavenly Halogen lamp proudly adds
 hospital quality illumination and mood to any room. When you've
 got Heavenly Halogen, who needs the sun.
Mummy Sarcophagus ($717): Do not mistake this for a replica! This
 authentic sarcophagus was found in a desolate tomb over a
 hundred feet under the Nile sands. The mummy is thought to be
 King Phut, who died in a horrific hippopotamus attack.
Potted Jade Houseplant ($160): Nothing crass about the Crassula
 Arborescens here. Originally smuggled into SimValley by a man
 driving a dark van, the Jade Plant is now the Valley's most
 popular, if somewhat needy, decorative flora.
Prognoss Family Sized Crystal Ball ($2,500): Alchemy was last
 week's trend - next week Fortune Telling will be all the rage.
 How do we know? Prognoss Industries has foreseen it!
 Introducing their new consumer line of crystal balls.
Suit of Armor ($915): Our overseas experts at Ironman Industries
 have reproduced this incredible suit of armor from an actual
 suit worn in the Hundred Years War. Includes a stunning basinet
 with mail aventail!
Tropical Birdcage ($650): These exotic, multicolored birds were
 flown in direct from SimIsle shortly before it was overrun by
Venus Fly Trap ($1,190): This giant Dionaea Muscipula may look
 like a beast but you can rest assured that it only has leaves
 for pesty insects and assorted other nuisances (may include
 some Sims).
Zen Fountain ($700): Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Wet. What more can
 you ask of a fountain?

8.3  Electronics
Brahma 5000 Behemoth Computer ($2500): If there is a faster, more
 powerful computer out there, only the government knows for
 sure. Otherwise owners of the Brahma 5000 can rest soundly with
 dreams of total bandwidth dominance.
FireSmart Fire Detector ($450): Everyone knows smoke detectors
 save lives, but why stop there? Stealing prediction tehnology
 from the 23rd century, our engineers crafted this amazing
 device - it stops fires BEFORE they start! Shop smart. Shop
Monochrome Television ($150): Look into this glass casually and
 you will see a reflection of our culture; look into it more
 closely and you will see the reflection of a Sim staring at
 cheap TV.
Scratch N' Spin DJ starter pack ($650): Like music? Hate
 musicians? Throw your own party and spin the tunes you like
 with the Skratch N' Spin DJ starter pack.
Soma Electronics Plasma Television ($2,500): Some Electronics
 takes a brave new step towards total sensory emersion
 entertainment. Featuring nanopixel technology, the ultra-thin
 display is sharper and more colorful than the real world.
Zimantz Unity Stereo ($650): An integrated radio, three-disc CD
 player, and dual cassette deck, the Zimantz Unity Stereo brings
 affordable entertainment to people who hate messing with

8.4  Furniture
Dressers: Change Shirt, Change Pants, Change Shoes.

Amberson's Magnificent Sleigh Bed ($750): Whether you're an
 automobile tycoon or an incorrigible buffoon, this plush bed
 will carry you across the snowy plains of sleep in warmth and
Amorous Inc. Love Seat ($620): A traditional love seat with a
 modern twist. This sofa for two features a slightly beveled
 base beneath two cozy rayon cushions guaranteeing your date
 will fall helplessly into your arms. Amorous Inc. puts the V
 back in love!
Anywhere End Table ($45): Part of the ever popular Anywhere line,
 the Anywhere End Table is usable whereever flat, compact,
 elevated surfaces are desired, demanded, or dreamed of.
Astrological Recliner ($2,000): Practical comfort for the weary
 space traveller.
Back Slack Recliner Chair ($250): Inspired by sunsets and whale
 songs, the Back Slack recliner features overstuffed, oversized
 arms and luxurious cushions... the perfect chair for sleepy
Biker Sofa ($50): A ratty, tattered, mess of a sofa, severe but
 sincere, much like the biker you will come to know in the next
 few days. It may smell odd, but it won't let you down.
Country Class Chair ($150): A delightful, and some say
 improbably, blend of English country style and mass-market
 affordability, the armchair delivers down-filled comfort at a
 modest price.
DTS Wood Countertop ($100): Manufacturer DTS Service Products
 Group. Target: Nouveau Riche Niche. Price: So affordable we
 must be mad. Aesthetic goal: Soon we will redecorate the world!
London Mesa Dining ($350): Inspired by the flat mesa landforms
 found in America's soutwest, this English-built table may not
 improve on this naturally occuring form, but it sure makes it
 more useful!
Pinegulcher Dresser ($175): Machine-cut pine panels and nature's
 own pine aroma without all that bothersome pitch. Our best
 seller in the Pinegulcher line, this dresser is perfect for all
 your apparel.
Spartan Special Bed ($275): For those on a tight budget and tight
 schedule, there is no better model than the Spartan Special by
 Cheap Eazzze. Barrack inspired comfort and design.
Zebra Recliner ($610): Relax already, it's fake.

8.5  Recreation
Dilly Taunt's Portable Easel Kit ($290): You don't need to know
 how to paint to enjoy painting... you just need to think you
 konw how to paint to enjoy other people admmiing you for
 attempting to paint. Boost your creativity with this starter
Max Matewell's Pro-Chess Board ($375): So few rules, yet so many
 emergent possibilities. Chess was the original complex system
 and it still manages to delight and confuse. Play a game and
 raise that logic skill.
Offender Guitar and Amplifier ($600): Ask any guitarist and
 they'll tell you that the Offender line of guitars is the only
 choice for rock and rollers, who aren't afraid of giving fans a
 dose of angst, sweat, and tinitus.

8.6  Utilities
Garbage Bin ($30): A squat, slender, plastic bin perfect for
 holding garbage or the promise of garbage. Comes in a neutral
 color guaranteed to match 99 percent of all kitchens and
Hanging Telephone ($75): A cute, almond-tinted telephone with 25
 quick-dial memory banks, mute, redial, and volume control. Call
 your parents, they miss you!
HygeiaOmatic Toilet ($120): Just the basics: No frills, no
 spills. The HygeiaOmatic Toilet is all you'll ever need to
 satisfy your fundamental urges. Available with optional puffy-
 seat for unexpectedly cold nights.
The Savvy Shower ($130): The tiles are Moroccan, the shower head
 is Polish and the grout was made the U S of A. Without damaging
 your wallet, this shower makes a cosmopolitan out of all who
 wash here.

8.7  Food
Cheese Pizza ($10 at Dockside Diner): Made with the finest
 SimDairy cheeses, this plain pizza is a mouthwatering treat.
Cocomonkey Banana ($30 at Club Rubb): Coconut juice, banana
 extract, and a plastic monkey make this a nightclub classic.
SimCity(tm) Cosmomixer ($35 at Club Rubb): Cranberry juice,
 sherbert, and fresh marionberries are blended together for this
 hip drink.
Kangaroo Surprise ($25 at Club Rubb): No kangaroos were harmed
 making this drink.
Three Umbrella Juicer ($35 at Club Rubb): There are more
 umbrellas in this expensive drink than there is juice, but it's
 really fashinoable right now.
Dolphin Pop ($15 at Fish n' Chips): Though Olde Salty joes that
 these are made from `real baby dolphins,' these ice cold treats
 are just frozen juice. Really.
Fish n' Chips ($15 at Fish n' Chips): These golden fish crisps
 are battered in Olde Salty's  own secret recipe, deep fried,
 and served on old SimCity(tm) newspaper.
Grits ($15 at Country Cafe): Sometimes they're soggy, sometimes
 they're cold, sometimes they're tasty. In any case, grits are
 cheap and filling.
Italian Soda ($5 at Dockside Diner): This fine continental
 beverage is available in three flavors - lemon, lime, and
Lemon Ice ($10 at Dockside Diner): A heaping scoop of imported
 and aged lemon ice. Delicious!
The Man's Fiery BBQ Sandwich ($25 at Country Cafe): The hottest
 sandwich in the world! You eed to sign a waiver to eat one of
 these nuclear-hot BBQ sandwiches. Yeah baby!
Ocean-flavored Water ($5 at Fish n' Chips): `It tastes like the
 beach' said famous movie star Sly Spalloni after sipping this
 beverage on the set of the short-lived television series,
 `SimValley Vice'.
Olde Salty's Salty Special ($20 at Fish n' Chips): Years ago, Old
 Salty found the recipe for this meal on a sunken pirate ship.
 Only the finest shark tongue is deep fried and heavily salted.
The Omerta Pizza Deluxe ($25 at Dockside Diner): Chet's pizza is
 the result of two year's of scientific research, combining over
 seventeen free ingredients, including pine nuts, yellow
 peppers, and hundred-year-old salami.
Robert E. Tea ($10 at Country Cafe): This iced tea is sun-brewed
 then sweetened to perfection. Served with a suger cane swizzle
Southern Lemonade ($10 at Country Cafe): Fresh-squeezed lemons
 (direct from the SimFarm) snow white sugar, and a touch of
 honey makes this beverage a summer classic.

8.8  Bric-A-Brac Items
Book of Poetry ($19): This leatherbound book is quite old, and
 contains over thirty sonnets, poems, and the occasional haiku.
Box of Chocolates ($22): Introducing the Corinne Chocolate
 Nouveau Collection. This box contains twelve traditional creamy
 caramels smothered in milk chocolate.
Comic Book ($8): Reaction Comics #19 - Doc Damage battles his
 nemesis, LlaMattock for the final time... this time, on Strange-
 o world where everything is upside down!
Gold Ring ($55): This fine gold ring is cool to the touch and
 etched with delicate writing around the inside and outside of
 the band.

8.9  Animals
Miniature Llama ($3200): This odd creature escaped from VirtuChem
 Labs a few months ago, though the lab vociferously denies this.
Scottish Hoose Cat ($650): This Hoose Cat is utterly dependable
 and loyal, though quite independent. These cats make a good pet
 for someone who understands their feisty nature.

8.10 Other
Skull: Alas, your gorge rises whenever you look at this poor
 skull. (Ephram Earl's delivery item.)
Sunglasses: These Mokely-brand sunglasses define 1980's cool.
 (Dusty Hogg's delivery item.)

9.   Gameplay Stuff

9.1  Using the Telephones
The telephones in your house and on the Hayseed Farm are free to
use. All of the public pay phones cost $1 to dial, whether or not
you get through.

9.2  Making Deliveries
9.3  Driving Vehicles
Your Scooter: You have the option to repaint your scooter. It
starts out red and each time you repaint it, it moves through
each of the following colors, in order: red, blue, dark green,
black, brown, yellow-orange,

9.4  Roommates
9.5  Getting Robbed
9.6  Going Shopping
9.7  Attending Auctions
9.8  Pets
There are only three things you can do with a pet, not counting
putting it in your pocket. Pets can make a mess (that you have to
clean) in the room the are left in.

Heel: The animal follows you around. The animal will not leave
the room it is in unless you pick it up.

Stay: The animal stops roaming the room for a while.

Pet: You bend down and pet the animal improving your Comfort and
Fun needs a little bit.

9.9  Secret Items
Once you've unlocked the sewers, go sewer entrance by the park.
When you descend it will show you a button on the ground. Press
it and you will end up in a secret room with two recliners. The
recliners will be named with your astrological sign. Thus you
will find Libra Recliners or Capricorn Recliners. They have
different color. (A chart will be placed here once I know enough
of the colors. Capricorn is dark green with white stars. Aquarius
is light blue with white stars.)

9.10 Passing Out/Dying
9.11 Going to Jail
9.12 The Ninja
(Contributed by SillyBoy)
For two hours a week you can purchase cheats from Heidi Shadows,
The Cheat Ninja (Secret Character). You must be in the right
place at the right time, and thats no easy feat. Heidi appears at
the following times and places:
-Southwest of Imperial Estates, Mondays 11:00pm-midnight
-Park Maze (Top right hand corner), Fridays 3:00am-4:00am
The hard part is knowing what day of the week it is. To find out
what day of teh week it is:
1)Press "Select" and save your game.
2)Press "Select" and select "Save Game" from the menu (but dont
save again)
3)Look at the game file; it states the time and day of the last
save. Unfortunately, the day is a number, not a day of the week.
It's confusing but not impossible.
The game starts on a Monday, so that's day 1.
Therefore Mondays are days 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 36, 43, 50, 57, 64,
71, 78, 85, 92, 99, 106, 113, 120, 127, 134, 141, 148, 155,
Fridays are 5, 12, 19, 26, 33, 40, 47, 54, 61, 68, 75, 82, 89,
96, 103, 110, 117, 124, 131, 138, 145, 152, 159, etc...
You can buy cheats from Heidi like any shop, She sells:
- Rosebud: adds $5,000
- Slip of paper: contains a password "Bucket" that might come in
handy in, say, a sequel of some kind ;)
- Silver Tongue Berry- adds 1 charisma skill point
- Gourmet Berry- adds 1 cooking skill point
- Clock Berry- adds 1 mechanical point
- Buff Berry- adds 1 Body point
- Mind Berry- adds 1 logic point
- DaVinci Berry- adds 1 creativity point

10.  Tips for Day-To-Day Living

Abuse your Uncle's Hospitality: Your uncle's stuff will not break
when you use it. His food costs twice as much as your food
though, so eating out or at home can be better than eating here.

Use the Public Grills: The public grills fill you up full and
have the same cost as a stove in your place ($20).

Visit your House Occasionally: Bills arrive starting from the
Clock Tower onward. Don't keep using the maintenance free stuff
on the farm so much that you come home to a stack of 3 or 4

Clean, then Use the Shower: Cleaning the shower reduces your
hygiene, which you then immediately replenish.

Use, then Clean the Toilet: Only because having to use the toilet
is usually an emergency (especially after schmoozing). Using it
will only lead to having to clean it again sooner.

Use the Toilet, then the Shower: Using the toilet reduces

Run, Don't Walk: No matter what your needs, you run far better
than you walk. In general, time passing in the game is more
costly than the slight amount of discomfort running causes.

11.  Linking GameBoys/Linking to GameCube

(The game booklet is very complete about this. Discussion of
Paradise Island will go here when I get around to writing it.)

12.  Credits
This FAQ was created by Joe Mucchiello and last edited on 2003-12-

Typhoon89  Cliff location clarification
SillyBoy   The Ninja information

13.  Revision History
2003-12-13  0.41  Added crude map.
2003-12-12  0.4   Walkthrough basically complete. Minigames
               nearly complete. Major work on Stuff and Locations
               started. Major parts of Game Controls written.
2003-12-10     0.3  First public release. Walkthrough nearly

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