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Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage
JP Namco AGB-A9PJ-JPN 4907892042131 03/07/03 A


The descendants of Kras make an outstanding performance!

In the year 4765 of the Aselia calendar, the descendant of the summoner "Kras F. Lester", "Frein," was on an adventure to collect "summoning rings."
While visiting a certain ruin that he stopped by on his way, he met the homunculus (artificial life form) "Macaron" and they continued the journey together.

"Tales of the World -Summoners Lineage-" is the first fantasy simulation RPG in the series that takes place in the world of Tales of Phantasia!
In addition to unique characters and attractive stories, the fun of growing units captivates players. The highly strategic and profound battle system is also appealing!

Is the year 4765 of the Aselia calendar. More than 400 years has passed since the events of Phantasia (4304)
A boy was studying summoning. He is the descendant of the summoner "Kras F. Lester", "Frein K. Lester".
He was interested in the summoning technique that his ancestor (Kras) was studying, and was adventuring around the world to collect "rings of contract".

One day, he went into an archeological site in search of a ring of contract. When he passed through the ruins and approached a door that went out into a huge chamber with a machine like a coffin placed in the center of the room, the whole room suddenly became bright. Then, the surrounding machines started to move, and a fairy-like creature with feathers pops out of the casket.
The creature calls herself "Macaron" and tells Frein that she has slept in the ruins for many years. Then, she decides Frein, who has awakened her, is now her master.
Frein, who doesn't care about small things (or rather, has no interest in anything other than the ring of contract), decides to continue traveling with her, wondering about her existence.

"Summoners Lineage" (abbreviated as "Samorine") is a simulation RPG in which the summoned units form a party, formulate a strategy, and fight against the enemy.
One of the pleasures of "Samorine" is the growth of the unit. In addition to leveling up with experience points, units can raise their stats by synthesizing items called "remains" that can be obtained during the game, and if certain conditions are met, they will "class change" to another unit.
By the way, if you "class change", the level will return to the initial value, so try various things and grow a powerful unit!
Of course, 2P battles are also exciting, such as battles where you change one cartridge and multi-cartridge battles that you can enjoy with your own grown unit!

With a name like "Tales of the World", expect to see guest characters from the series!
This time, the main character is a descendant of "Kras", so all the characters from "Phantasia" such as "Cress", "Ache", and "Kras" have appeared!
Who of course, join the battle as a unit!


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