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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ayndin

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/14/03

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart                                           

Written by Ayndin ( ayndin@mandelswamp.com )

Last Update: June 14, 2003

As you may have noted, this FAQ uses Shift-JIS characters, so you
may need a special viewer to read them.  If you've installed Japanese
support on your OS, you may be able to read them by flipping some
settings around, but failing that, you can download an excellent
Japanese/English word processor called JWPce at 


0) Introduction, or I Clicked the Wrong Link, What is this All About?

Assuming the title isn't true, you've probably heard of (and maybe even
played) the first two games from the Dragon Quest Monsters (DQM) series.
DQM:Caravan Heart (DQM:CH) follows fairly closely on the heels of the second
game (only a year and a half later, pretty quickly considering how much the
gameplay has changed), and gives us more of the monster-raising,
critter-bashing, level-mongering gaming we know and (hopefully) love...mostly.
The core of the game is the same, but it's chock full of new elements,
ranging from human helpers and combo attacks to little things like a plot.

As for me...just your humble little gamer-for-life.  While I've played through
lots of games (mostly RPGs), and have wanted to write FAQs for some of them
(and in a couple of cases, actually started to), this will (hopefully) be the
first FAQ I actually write, finish, and put up somewhere.  A couple of things:
Firstly, while I have been studying Japanese for a few years now, I am by no
means a native speaker or even fluent, so I may make translation mistakes here
and there.  If you happen to catch one of these, please drop me a line saying
so.  In fact, if you have any questions, contributions, praise, or criticism,
feel free to give me a write.  Secondly, while I do like playing games (and in
this case, writing about them), I am in Japan to study first and foremost, so
I'm busy sometimes.  If updates are erratic, I apologize, but I probably had
to do some homework or some other mundane task.

Anyway...on with the show!

1) Table of Contents

 0) Introduction
 1) Table of Contents
 2) Version History
 3) Story
 4) How is this different from DQM I & II?
 5) Controls & Menus
 6) Game Systems
 7) Walkthrough
 8) FAQS
 9) Tinymedals
10) 転身 Lists
11) Item Lists
12) Monster Lists
13) Skill Lists
14) Member Lists
15) Thanks to...
16) Legal Stuff

2) Version History, or I Can't Believe How Many Mistakes He's Made So Far

2003/04/02 - Started work on game; here begins the note file, which the FAQ is
             a cleaned-up version of.  No official version number yet.

2003/04/03 - Version 0.0 .  Started writing the actual FAQ itself.

2003/04/06 - Version 0.1 .  First version releasable.  Walkthrough complete
             just past the start of Chapter 2.  Information on some systems
             and menus are included, but are by no means complete, as are the
             item and monster lists.  Needs a lot of work, but this will
             hopefully be helpful to those starting the game.  Decided to
             wait a little while and fill out the walkthrough more before

2003/04/09 - Version 0.25 .  Walkthrough complete through Chapter 2.  This one
             actually gets uploaded.  Also fixed some things in section 6, now
             that I was able to verify them in-game.  Added section 12, Skill

2003/04/13 - Version 0.50 .  Walkthrough complete through Chapter 3.  Fixed
             formatting errors.  Cleared up some information in chapter 6,
             hopefully for the last time.  Added section 14, Member lists.
             Translated story and completed section 3.  Added chapter
             summaries for chapters with complete walkthroughs.  Added section
             9, Tinymedals.

2003/04/29 - Version 0.67 . After a break from the game (partially voluntary,
             partially not) I'm back on track and Chapter 4 is complete.  With
             the aid of the official guide I now have a clearer idea of how
             Tenshin works, and have updated Chapter 6 some to reflect this.
             Decided that I will probably wind up filling in section 10 at a
             later update, as it's going to be a triple list plus some extra
             tables and as such a whole dang lot of writing.  It may wait until
             after walkthrough is done.  Raged silently at formatting errors,
             will fix them once and for all eventually.  Added a note to
             section 4 on the combat system.  Changed Turnover System to
             Tenshin System, because the former sounds really, really dumb,
             even though it's a pretty literal translation.  Finished section
             9, as I forgot to last time ^_^;;;

2003/06/14 - Version 1.00 .  Gwah, it's one thing when it takes forever for me
             to get around to playing the game, and another thing entirely
             when I take way too long to actually update.  Anyway, here I
             cover up through the end of the main game; info on the Color Orb
             quest will come as I play more.  Unfortunately, crunch time at
             school approaches, so it may be a while before the next update.
             In any event, I also have added a list of tenshin by family, for
             your bree...err...job-changing pleasure.  Next update will
             *hopefully* fix the stupid formatting issues once and for all.

3) Story, or Wow, We Get a Plot This Time?

(loosely translated from the game manual)

In a world with only one island, Estard, Prince Keifer of the ruling country,
Grand Estard, had just turned 10 and was looking for some mischief.  He
thought of various ways to escape from the boredom of castle life.

One day, a mysterious swirl of light appeared in Keifer's room.  A voice
from it called for help...guided by the voice, Keifer jumped into the swirl
of light, and there completely different scenery spread out before him.

Lost in an unknown world, Keifer meets Ruin's companions, beset by monsters.

Ruin, searching for a way to save his bed-ridden parents from their incurable
disease, took along a caravan to travel the world.  On the evening of their
chance meeting, Keifer and Ruin received a mysterious message in their dreams:

"I will grant the wish of those who bring me the Orb of Loto..."

If the Orb of Loto exists, Ruin may be able to cure his parent's sickness, and
Keifer may be able to return to his original world.  To search for the Orb,
start a journey of adventure with Keifer and his companions!

4) How is this different from DQM I & II, or Where Did All the Breeding Go?

Okay...there are several big, honking differences between this game and the
older titles in the series.  I'll add more as I come across them.  Note that
this is more of a listing of the difference with some short explanation: go to
part 6 if you want to learn the mechanics of some of the new systems.  If
you think something needs to be put here, send me an email and I'll see what I
can do.

A) Party system

No longer do we simply run out and entice monsters to our side with some
Jerky.  All the food items in the game replenish your food supply (more on
that later).  You need to get new wagons to actually have more than one
monster fighting at a time, as well.  However, you do have human (or at the
very least not-monster) characters who can help out in battle.  It's an
interesting twist, I think.

B) Food

Well, food isn't a new thing in the DQM universe, but it serves a very
different purpose now.  Instead of using it to lure over new monsters, you use
it to keep your guard monsters fed and fit.

C) Breeding

..or rather, the lack thereof.  Instead of a breeding system we have this
funky new Heart merging system, which vaguely resembles the monster pairing
from the first game, if it decided to take a cue from the monster class
system from DQVII.  Considering the circumstances under which you get the
ability to use this process, that's probably what it actually is...

D) Combat system

Gone are the days of fighting one to three enemies.  We now have a combat
system that's more or less the same as DQVII's was; I've seen six or seven
enemies on screen at once at times.  Moreover, it does the same sorting of
baddies into groups that you've seen in other DQ games, and makes (most of)
the spells that used to hit all enemies in older DQMs act like their normal DQ
counterparts.  In other words, if you're fighting two Mommonjas and a
BabbleKing and cast Firebal, you can probably only hit the BabbleKing *or*
the Mommonjas.  In other words, attack magic is by and large less effective
than it was in previous DQMs.  Oh, and yes, the enemy's attack spells *do*
hit all of your characters.  Because outnumbering you isn't advantage enough,
you know.

E) Races/Monsters

They've actually done a lot of mixing up of the species of monsters we have
access to in the game.  Gone are most of the boss monsters (DragonLord is 
still around, but he seems to only have one form now) and significant members
of other races.  In fact, they've gotten rid of entire race divisions!  Slimes
are still Slimes and get their own family, but the Beast family has absorbed
the Bird family, the Plant family now includes the bugs as well, Devil has
grabbed the Zombie family while losing a couple of its members to other
families (noticeably the Orc), Dragon family is renamed something like the
Magic Beast family and also has other tough critters.  Material family hasn't
really changed, and they have added the Element family, which has critters
like Gizmo, CloudKing, DragonLord, Durran, and an odd group of new, rare
creatures.  Good luck getting the latter.

5) Controls and Menus, or What Does This Button Do?

Controls, in general...

Crosspad - Moves cursor or character (on map screens).  Note that unlike the
           previous DQMs, you are not bound to tiles, so you have true 8-way
           movement on the map.

A button - Accept.  Move the cursor to something and press A, and you'll
           be choosing that thing.  Also used to call up the main menu when
           you're roaming around on the world map and to talk to people.

B button - Cancel.  Move back a screen in menus.  Also says "no" to yes/no

Start    - Nothing.  This is the function of L & R, also.  Whee.

Select   - Brings up the map, assuming you have a navigator in a caravan. Also
           sorts items and hearts on the appropriate screens.


Main Menu:
ばしゃ  どうぐ    とくぎ        Wagon    Item    Skill
ちず   さくせん   キャンプ       Map      Plan    Camp

ばしゃ  - Wagon - Go to the Wagon menu
どうぐ  - Item  - Go to the item select screen, where you can choose between
                hearts and normal items
とくぎ  - Skill - Use a monster's special ability
ちず   - Map   - Look at the map.  You need a navigator to do this.
さくせん - Plan  - Check out the present combat settings of your monsters and
                caravan members; also change message speed
キャンプ - Camp  - Set up base camp.  It'll be a little while before you can do

Combat Menu:
たたかう   Attack
どうぐ    Item
さくせん   Plan
にげる    Run

たたかう - Attack - Act based on current Plan settings.  Monster and presently
                active caravan member will go.
どうぐ  - Item   - Use an item.
さくせん - Plan   - Change your monster's combat settings, and view which caravan
                member will act this turn.
にげる  - Run    - Run from battle.

Town Menu:
どうぐや    Item Shop
やどや     Inn
きょうかい   Church
みんか     Private Home (note: does not always appear, or may be a specific
                            person's house, as in the first town; also there
                            may be more than one before the option to leave
                            the town.)
まちをでる   Leave the town.

<More to come>

6) Game systems, or Why Must They Try to Confuse Us?

Here I'm going to give a brief run-down of some of the new systems in DQM:CH,
namely the Caravan system and the Turnover (heart-merging) system, as both
have significant differences from the old systems that they add to/replace.
I will also make a brief but important note about food and its consumption.

On Wagons and Caravan Members

First things first:  A wagon is made up of (in this order) one guard monster,
a wagon, and up to four caravan members.

For a given wagon, you are allowed a certain amount of weight (おもさ), which
monsters and members consume in varying amounts.  For example, at the
beginning of the game, you'll have Slaron (1 weight), Alex (4 weight...best
lay off the Steaks, bud), Dekson (3 weight), and Randall (1 weight), for a
total of 9 weight.  Soon thereafter you meet Ripple; if she was a little
chunkier, we'd have to switch out people to use her, but she's only 1 weight,
so she can join in.  If we wanted to use Alisa (2 weight), on the other hand,
we'd have to take someone out to put her in.  Keep in mind that monsters also
take up weight, so if you go and make a big stompy critter, you may have to
take out some people.

As for the people...caravan members do various things, ranging from letting
you look at the map to healing or attacking in battle.  Those that do things
in battle will act based off of their position in the caravan.  For the time
being, we'll use the following example caravan:

M W A Ri D Ra - guard monster, wagon, Alex, Ripple, Dekson, Randall

On the first turn, the guard monster will attack, but before its turn comes,
the first person in the caravan order will go.  In this case, it's Alex, and
he'll let loose with an axe strike.  On the second turn, your monster will
act again, but before it goes, the second person in the order (here, Ripple)
will do their special action, in this case, dance to inflict some nasty effect
on the enemy.  On the third turn, Dekson will heal your monster, assuming that
it is hurt, before the monster goes, and on the fourth turn, Randall would do
something, except that he has no combat purpose, so there'll be no effect.
If we didn't have Ripple in the wagon order (making it M W A _ D Ra), on the
second turn no one would go (as opposed to it "falling through" to Dekson).
Also, on the fifth turn, the caravan members need to rest/prepare, so only
your monster will go on that turn.  After that, the order repeats from the
first member.

If you have multiple caravans, who acts when is determined by the speed of the
guard monster heading each wagon.  On the first turn, the first member of the
wagon with the fastest monster would go, followed by the monster, then the
first member of the wagon with the second fastest monster followed by that
monster, and so on.  On the second turn, the second members would go, and so
on.  The game seems to state that this order is based on _current_ speed, not
the speed that you walk into the fight with, so the order can change from
round to round.

On top of this, depending on what members you have in your wagon, the attacks
of the characters will change.  Basically, the more of a single role you have
in a given wagon, the better the attack they will collectively do is.  For
example, if you have one warrior in a wagon, he'll attack with an axe strike
(オノだげき) on the appropriate turn.  If you have two of them in the same wagon,
then the attack will instead be a heavy axe hit (オノもうだ), and with three, it's
an axe combo (オノむそう).  Note that you can also run across veteran and master
characters for roles, and they count as two and three of that role
respectively.  For example, if you had a veteran warrior, he would do a heavy
axe hit if there were no other warriors in that wagon, and if there was
another warrior in there too, together they'd do an axe combo.  A master
warrior would do an axe combo all by himself.

If you have four of the same role in a particular wagon, they'll join together
to perform a combination technique.  I am presently unsure if this is a hard
requirement or if you can have levels of characters that add up to four or
more to do this special move (for example, a master and a normal warrior
together).  In this case, and the case where you have multiple people working
together to do a stronger attack (for example, 2 warriors), the action will
be executed on the turn of the first person in the caravan order, and all the
people who participated in the attack (in other words, everyone with that role
in that wagon) will do nothing on their turn until the next cycle of caravan

On the Tenshin System and Hearts

DQM:CH's Tenshin system (転身) replaces monster breeding as we knew it in DQM
I and II.  In order to use it, you will need both a monster to change and two
hearts (心).  As before, the monster you wish to change must be level 10 or
higher for you to change it, and monsters have maximum levels which they
cannot exceed (in other words, time to change them), which I assume is
dictated by a combination of their plus level (we remember that from the
previous games, right) and their species.

In any event, when you've decided to change a monster, go to Fozu and select
"てんしんする", then select the monster in question and two hearts.  The resulting
monster's name and rarity will be displayed under the space for the monster
and hearts; you will also be able to see the change in weight for the wagon
that monster is in (if any) under that. Note also that in the text window at
the bottom there'll be a list of skills you can get from the heart the cursor
is currently pointing to. Accept the settings you've selected and boom, you've
got a new monster!

Much like in the previous games, your new monster will start from level 1.  It
will start with any abilities it had before (makes sense, it's the same
monster), and it will be able to learn the abilities native to the species it
is at present and those of the hearts used to make it, as well as continue to
power up any abilities it already had.  It will be roughly as strong as it was
when it was changed (about 80% according to the boards and my observation),
but you'll gain levels quickly, so you'll get that back in no time.  Note
though that there seems to be a cap to starting stats (500, or so says the
friendly people on the boards; none of my monsters are good enough to even be
close to that), so you actually don't need to raise your monster past 625 in
all stats if you don't intend to keep them around in a particular class.

As to how Tenshin actually works, there's several variables:

-Family of base monster and two hearts used
-Species of base monster and two hearts used
-Rank of base monster and two hearts used
-Plus level of base monster

Rank is simplest to explain.  Basically, using normal tenshin, you will
either stay at the same rank when you merge, or you'll go up a rank.  Using
hearts of the same or lower rank only will cause your rank to stay the same;
if you use a heart of higher rank, the resultant monster will be from the next
rank of monsters.  Note that this only applies when breeding by family; if
you're using a specific combination to get a monster, you can jump from D to A
or something without a second thought.

Speaking of breeding by family, that gets explained next, as you'll probably
be doing quite a lot of it for a while.  First, you look at your base
monster's species. Now, using the resulting rank from the hearts we put in
(we'll say we're going up a rank), we look at what we get if we use hearts of
those families together on a monster of that family, and we determine what
monster we get.  That's confusing, so I'll use an example.  We'll start with a
Slime (Rank D) and add in a DarkHorn heart (Rank A) and a GateGuard heart
(Rank B).  Based on the rules, the resulting monster will be Rank C.  We look
at the Slime family breeding table and find the column for Beast + Devil
and look at Rank C.  We've made a PutrePup!

Species-based breeding works more or less like it did in the previous DQMs,
with the added complication of having to consider the base monster too.
Basically, given a particular base monster, you need to use a particular set
of hearts (or sometimes one particular heart and one from a family) to make
a particular (usually rare) monster.  For example, if you have a Phoenix and
add in a Phoenix heart and a Blizzardy heart, you get a RainHawk, as opposed
to what you'd expect to get off of family breeding.  Sometimes you need to
have a particular plus level in order to go through with this type of tenshin;
this is most common in cases where you go from basic monster to the upgraded
version of that monster, for example, from a Mommonja to a BigMommanja.

Another important situation:  if you use two of the same type of heart at
tenshin, barring those combinations that result in a special monster like
this, you will wind up with that monster as a result.  If you have a Golem and
give it two Snaily hearts, it'll probably wind up as a Snaily.  This is
probably the simplest way to kick monsters back in rank.

Alternatively, sometimes adding in a human heart (from kicking out a person,
or one you randomly found somewhere) may cause a monster to lower in rank to
something else, but I'm not clear on how the specifics of tenshin using human
hearts works yet.  More on that later.

You're probably wondering where and how to get these "heart" things.  Well,
once you get into Chapter 2, you'll be able to go meet this crazy old dude
who will give you the Heart-Getter, a weird device that sits in your
inventory (for the most part).  Once you have it, sometimes after battle you
will get a message saying that you got the heart of one of the monsters
(there'll be a message along the lines of "<monster name>の心をキーファに手にはいた").  You
now have that monster's heart!  Use it well.

In chapter 3, you'll run into Fozu, a priestess from Dharma temple.  She'll
put her job change training together with the old guy's research, and the
result will be that you'll finally be able to change your monster's classes.

On Food

Food supply is an important (if annoying) new aspect to DQM:CH.  Basically,
you have a certain maximum amount of food you can carry, and it gets used up
as you move around (in general, if you can see the food amount window as you
travel, you'll be using food as you move).  The rate at which it gets used
depends on the terrain you're moving over.  For example, you'll find that you
use food pretty slowly when traveling on dungeon floors or on the plains, but
it gets eaten up pretty quickly should you head into the forests, and even
faster if you go over hills or the desert.  Should you be towing around your
base camp rather than just wagons, you'll use up food twice as fast.  If
your food supply reaches zero, your monsters will start slowly losing HP, not
unlike moving around while poisoned.

To refill your food supply, you can either use a food item (りんご,
おおきなりんご, さかな, ステーキ, or apple, big apple, fish, and steak,
respectively) or purchase food from a shop or the old lady in camp at
1 Gold per food unit.  Also, some monsters may drop food when defeated, but
don't count on this as a way of keeping your monsters alive...

As a side note, I've received messages in a random encounter saying that my
characters have been eating really well lately and decide to go on a diet,
which supposedly lowers my food consumption.  They'll stop doing so at some
point later on.  Honestly, I haven't noticed a real difference between that
mode and normal consumption.

7) Walkthrough, or A Slight Aid for the Lost

I'll divide this into chapters, starting with the (untitled) prologue.


-Run from dad
-Talk to maid
-Hide in closet
-Enter portal

The game opens with the King yelling at Keifer for attempting to sneak away
from the castle to explore.  You can't do much but listen to him rant for a
bit, but eventually someone will come up and say that the King is serious this
time and that you had better run away.  Do so by heading southwards to the
stairs; if you'd like, you can run about and talk to people in the room.
Once you've left, the King blows his stack at your running away and chases
after you, eventually cornering you in your room.  Talk to the maid there;
she'll suggest you hide.  Do so in the dresser by walking up to it and
pressing A, then selecting yes (the top choice).  The King will come in and
ask the maid if she's seen Keifer, and she'll say no, causing him to leave
still seeking your hide.

However, as this is a Dragon Quest Monsters game, something weird involving
dressers has to happen at the beginning of the game, and CH is no exception.
In the dark depths of the dresser, Kiefer hears a voice introduce itself as
the Demon Lord Magaruki, who then explains that Keifer's desire to go out and
explore called him (her?  it?  it's hard to tell...) forth, and that they'll
flex their magical might a bit and send him on an adventure.  It wonders if
you'll be lonely on the trip, but laughs this away and goes ahead with its
plan.  As you exit the dresser, you'll notice a large spinning portal of light
(which looks suspiciously like a Traveler's Gate) in the middle of the room.
Right after you see it, you'll be notified that a voice calls for help from
within the portal.  Being a brave, rambunctious kid (and seeing how the door
is barred with an invisible force), Keifer jumps in, taking us to...

Chapter 1:  A Boy Sets Off

-Help out Ruin & co.
-Agree to become caravan leader
-Head to base camp and meet Gyaban
-Head to Darkondale and talk to people until you're allowed into the cave to
   the northeast
-Go to the cave and cross to the next chapter

Keifer lands in a small clearing in a forest.  Head left a bit to encounter a
small caravan in a bit of a predicament:  their caravan leader, Ruin, has
fainted, and without him, the guard monster can't do anything, which means
that the pair of Drakees menacing them will be free to make meals out of the
travelers.  This won't do, so talk to the Slime near the Drakees.  He
introduces himself as Slaron (スラロン) and asks you to act as caravan leader
so he can fight these beasties off.  Agree by choosing the top choice (はい),
and Slaron will tell you to tell the other caravan members to get into the
wagon. Do so, and they'll introduce themselves before getting in.  The kid's
name is Randall (ランドル), and he's a navigator.  The big dude in red is Alex
(アレクス), a warrior helping to guard the wagon; he praises you on your bravery.
The last of the (conscious) caravan members is Dekson (デクソン), who is there to
treat the wounded.

Once those three are back in the wagon, talk to Slaron again.  He'll give a
brief description of the Wagon screen and the abilities of the party members.
Soon thereafter, the Drakees will get tired of waiting and attack.  At this
point, all Slaron can do is attack, so just choose the first option on the
combat menu and you should win in a couple of rounds.

After the battle, Ruin will wake up and thank you for taking charge of the
caravan.  He says that he's not cut out to be a leader, and asks you to take
command of the caravan in his place.  Say yes (top option) and he'll be very
happy, and say that it's time to leave the forest.

The exit is to the southeast, but you'll have to beat some more Drakees to get
there.  The number depends on what path you take; if you go south and then
east, you can get by with only killing one, but the other path has you fight
four of them.  Personally I would kill them all, as it's basically free XP,
but that's up to you.

Once you're done there, Ruin will ask you to lead the party to the base camp;
say that you will (top option).  He'll then give a short explanation of how to
bring up the map and food consumption, which shouldn't matter if you've read
the explanation of such in (6) above.  Say no to his next question (bottom
option); you don't need him to explain that again.  The camp is to the right
of where you are now; head over to it.  You'll probably get into a fight on
the way; if you killed all the Drakees in the forest, this fight will probably
cause Slaron to level.  Also keep an eye out for small discs with a star on
them laying around the world map.  These are Tinymedals, which veterans of
the series know and love.

Once you get to the camp, your new fiends will chat a bit about how they
didn't find what thy were looking for in the forest, and then Ruin will take
you to meet Gyaban in the main tent (it has a red scroll-thing over the door).
The three of you will exchange pleasantries and thanks for helping Ruin and
company in the forest, after which Gyaban will ask a question I didn't quite
get.  I answered yes to it and he seemed satisfied and commented that Kiefer
was pretty brave to be in the forest alone.  At this point you should talk to
Ruin again; he'll tell you to talk to everyone in the camp, which you should
go do.

Slaron, Dekson, and Alex will comment about how they're looking forward to you
acting as caravan leader.  Randall will ask you if you're from around here; if
you want to tell the truth, say no (bottom option), but it doesn't really
matter either way.  Another person of note here is the old woman in purple;
that's the Food Lady.  Later on you can buy food from her, one Gold per unit.
Also, make sure to inspect the whitish pot with the star on it.  You'll notice
that you have a rather long conversation, considering that you're talking to a
pot; that's because it, to your surprise, talks back!  This pot apparently
collects Tinymedals; give them to it as you come across them.  I can only
assume you get something nice for bringing over lots of them, but I'm not sure
what exactly (smart money says rare hearts).

Once you've talked to everyone (don't miss the people in the inn and church
tents!), go back to where Ruin and Gyaban are and talk to them again.  They'll
ask if you have any particular future plans, and as it seems that you don't,
they'll ask if you could help Ruin go on a longer trip in search of medicine
for his sick parents.  Agree to take the helm of the caravan again (top
option) and they'll be happy.  One of them will mention that it's getting sort
of late and that it's better if they head out tomorrow; Ruin wants to
apologize, to his parents for running off all of a sudden. For now, though,
you should go rest in the inn tent.  Head outside and you'll be surrounded by
assorted caravan members about how they're happy you're leading them and
such.  Once you're done talking to people, head to the inn tent and go to

You immediately fall into a deep sleep, in which you dream of Magaruki, who
says that he will grant a wish to whoever brings him the Orb of Loto, and that
it'll take courage and strength and all of that stuff to find it and get it
to him.  When you wake up, go out of the inn tent and talk to Ruin; he tells
you to get everyone ready.  Talk to the other party members (including
Slaron!) to get them to join for real again, and then talk to Ruin again.  He
seems to have had the same dream as you, as did some of the other children in
camp.  Hmmm...Anyway, tell Ruin that you're ready to leave (top option) and
you'll exit the camp.  Head north.

See that little tent?  Stop there for a second.  This seems to be a traveling
merchant caravan; they don't have much you should care about now, except that
the guy on the right in between the chest and pot will give you 100 food
absolutely free each time you talk to him (at least for the time being).  Fill
up and leave; feel free to stop here whenever you need food.

If you'd like, head to the little cave-shrine thing to the NE to see Alisa
try to talk here way past the guard; he's resolute, though, and insists that
you need to have the village headman's approval to enter the cave.  Ah well.
Leave for now.

Head around the mountains and then go south through the forest (stay on the
plains to conserve food; it's not important now because you can get free food,
but later, when it costs you, you'll want to take the cheapest path).  Enter
the little town there, which is Ruin's home town of Darkondale.

Choose the fourth option (ルインのいえ) to head to Ruin's house and meet his folks.
Plunder the Tinymedal from the barrel in the bottom left (don't forget to feed
it to the Pot o' Tinymedals later) and go into the other room and talk to
Ruin's parents.  He apologizes to them both, but they're not mad; his mother
is happy that he's okay, as is his father.  They're both happy to have a son
willing to go to such lengths to help his parents, and they agree to let him
go traveling again.  Ruin's father tells him that he should talk to the
village headman about entering the cave to the other continent.

Seems like a good idea, so exit the house and choose the fifth option on the
town menu (おやしき).  Head upstairs and talk to the village headman.  He's
happy that Ruin is okay and that his parents aren't mad at him, but says that
the caravan is still too small to safely make it past the terrible critters
in the cave. However, if you were to find another member, he'd allow you to

Leave his house and go to the bar (third option, さかば).  There's a girl in
the middle of the place; go talk to her.  She's the resident dancer, Ripple
(リップル) and she'll do a "dance" for you.  Afterwards, she asks if you liked it;
say yes (not sure if this matters) and she'll be very happy.  Keep talking to
her and she'll eventually say that she wants to leave town so she can get some
exposure, at which point Ruin will ask if she wants to join.  She'll say yes
and ask you if she can come; this is the only way you can get into the cave,

so say yes (top option).  She'll fill in the fourth slot in your wagon; I
recommend that you go and arrange the order so that Alex is first, she is
second, Dekson is third, and Randall is last, as this makes good sense for
battles.  Before you leave the bar, check the pots and barrels at the top for
a couple of herbs (やくそう), as well as a funny message when Keifer gets a whiff
of some alcohol.

Return to the headman's house and talk to him again.  He'll give you
permission to take the cave to the other continent, but requests that Ruin
talk to his parents again before leaving.  Leave his house and go to Ruin's;
talk to both of them.  Ruin's mom wishes him a good trip and gives him a
bento for when he gets hungry, and his dad gives him some advice about
ordering party members now that you have two offensive characters (none of
which should be new if you read the discussion of the wagon system in combat).
Leave Ruin's house and then pick the last option on the menu to leave the

At this point I would consider fighting some random battles to gain a little
cash and some more herbs.  Keep in mind that you have effectively unlimited
food thanks to the merchant camp, so take advantage of it when you need to
resupply.  You'll need the money later when you actually have to pay for food.
In any event, once Slaron is level three you should be more than ready for the
cave, so fill up one last time (visit your base camp to drop off that
Tinymedal, if you haven't already), save, and head to the cave.

Talk to the guard and he'll acknowledge that the headman gave you permission
and move aside.  Alisa will seize the opportunity to go ahead and zip for the
stairs; follow her.  In the cave, head east from the entrance to find a cave
with...a herb.  Wow.  Head back a bit and take the fork to the north, and
then take the east path to the stairs.  Go upstairs and you'll run into Alisa,
who will thank you for your aid in getting past the guard, and then leave.
Leave the cave, and...

Chapter 2 - Search for a Legend

-Find a town to gather information about Loto's Orbs
-Encounter Venus at Rofa and follow him back to Kakaron
-Accept Kakaron's quest to find delicious food
-Learn how to move base camp
-Find Rastan and convince him to make the Last Steak for you
-Find the Crimson Cactus by wandering in the desert
-Go to Ririza and get the Heart-Getter from the old man
-Get the Holy Water from the bottom of the Holy Water Cave
-Buy some Black Pepper from the traveling merchants for 200 G
-Show the guy at the dock the Heart-Getter to get the Bullbird Meat
-Return to Rastan and have him cook the Last Steak
-Give the Last Steak to Kakaron for the Orb of Protection
-Head to the next continent & join up with Venus

Ruin will pop out right away and ask to set up camp.  You don't really have
a choice in the matter, so wait for them to finish preparations, at which time
you'll find yourself in Gyaban's tent.  He tells you to consult with Ruin so
you can figure out what to do next, so head out of the tent and walk around.
If you're up for the Japanese, you might want to talk to the people around
camp; most say nothing of any real relevance, but Randall does mention that
there is a town to the north.  Sounds like a destination, and when you go talk
to Ruin, he in fact does want to go there.

Before you can leave, though, Alisa shows up again and says that she can't
make it on her own here, and asks to join the caravan.  You should of course
okay this (top option), but it seems five people is a bit much for one wagon,
and Ruin sends you to Gyaban to see what he can do.  He'll congratulate you on
finding another friend and tell you that you can only take four people in each
wagon, but that you can change who is riding if you talk to him.  He then
brings up the menu to do so.

Choose the first option on that list to enter the screen that lets you
manipulate caravan members.  It seems that Alisa is weight 2, so if we want
to include her, you'll have to take out either both Randall and Ripple (and
since you may want to have a map, I wouldn't really take Randall out), or
ditch Alex or Dekson.  I heavily suggest not taking Dekson out, as if you do,
you need to use herbs to heal, and that can get expensive.  I left the party
as it was before Alisa joined, but do as you please. Once you're done here,
exit the tent and go back to talk to Ruin to leave the camp (top option, when
he asks something).

Head north a ways (keeping to the plains when possible) to get to the town of
Rofa.  If you enter the church, you'll meet a guy who looks a little like
Randall and who mentions a map and heading west.  Interesting.  Finish your
business here (now's a great time to save if you haven't in a while...) and
exit the church.

Pick the fourth option (みんか) and you'll wind up in a private home with a kid
and his mom.  Talking to the kid, it seems he had the same dream that all the
other kids seem to be having...weird.  He also mentions something about a
castle to the northwest, which we might want to check out later.

Anyway, talk to the mom, who apparently is cooking dinner...what's this?  A
voice from outside says that it smells something good, and all of a sudden an
Eggplation walks in!  It introduces itself as Venus (ビーナス), and apparently
it's looking for a good meal.  As it seems nice, the mother invites it (and
you) to sit down for a meal.  After the meal, Venus says that while it was
tasty, it wasn't good enough for Lord Kakaron, and leaves after a brief
thank-you, saying it wants to see if it can get anything good at the shop. 
This gets your hostess pretty steamed; she refuses to believe that the shop
could have better food than hers.  Leave her house and follow Venus to the
shop by picking the first option on the map (どうぐや).

If it's the first time you've come to this store, you'll come in to find a
guy at the counter arguing with the shopkeeper to let him man the counter.
The shopkeeper refuses, saying he's not experienced enough, and the man vows
to create an excellent store, and then starts ambling around the shop.  Sounds
like we might be able to recruit him sometime...

Leave and reenter and Venus will be at the counter.  The shopkeeper will be a
little surprised that a monster is here shopping, but says that as long as he
has money, there's no problem, and asks if Venus would like an apple.  Venus
realizes that he's not finding good food at the shop, or in the town, for that
matter, and says he's giving up and heading home.  Talking to him further, we
find that Kakaron is another demon lord and is watching over this land.  Venus
is looking for good food on her behalf, but he can't find any here, so he goes
back to Rolisha Castle.  You should follow; exit the shop (unless you want to
buy something) and leave the town.

Head north and then west a little (stick to the plains...it's much more
important now that it's harder to get free food) to get to the castle.  It's
sort of run-down, and also full of spirits that talk about the power of Loto
protecting the land and keeping them around to help.  If you want, you can
head right and then down to pick up some treasure, but most of them are empty
and the ones that do have things in them are sort of cruddy treasure, so I
would wait to see if you can get better items for being patient.

Anyway, head straight up from the entrance to hear Kakaron and Venus'
conversation.  Venus is apologetic for not being able to find his lord
food, but it seems he's taken so long that even not that good food would
do, and Kakaron is mad.  Talk to Venus, who will ask you to talk to Kakaron
on his behalf; Ruin will ask you to agree to save him, to which you should
say yes (top option).  Venus will step aside so you can talk to Kakaron.

She will say that it's pretty rare for a human to act on behalf of a monster,
and agrees to forgive Venus because of this.  She then goes on about how
powerful she is and how she protects the spirits of monsters, and asks you if
you have any business with her.  Say yes (top option) and Ruin will ask her
if she knows of the Orbs of Loto.  She'll say that she does, and on top of
that, she has one!  She's not entirely sure of how you know of them, but
they're apparently full of the power of Loto, and aren't really something you
just give away.  She'll stop talking a bit, after asking to give her a moment
to think.

Go talk to her again; she'll say that if you really want the Orb, she'll give
you a task, and if you can complete it, the Orb is yours.  Since you need it,
Ruin says yes, and looks to you to agree; say yes (top option) to okay
whatever task it is that Kakaron has.  Unsurprisingly, she sends you to go
find some tasty food.  Ruin, ever the silly little child, is a bit confused
and says that we should go back to camp to discuss what to do next.  Agree to
this (top option) to be automatically returned to camp (hooray for saving
food, sort of).

Back in camp, you'll note that it's good that we actually know the Orbs exist,
and then ponder your current predicament a bit.  Gyaban will then pipe up that
it might make life easier if you were to start moving the base camp around.
Ruin will agree and go tell everyone to start making preparations.  You might
want to talk to Gyaban, who will note that we'll probably need some rare
ingredients to make some good food.  Useful to know; looks like this is going
to be a nice long fetch quest.  If you saw the Randall look-alike in the church
in Rofa, talk to Randall (he's somewhere...I usually find him in the church
tent or in the inn tent) and he'll say that boy may have been one of his
siblings, who he's been looking for.  Someone else mentions that we may need
some good water for the dish, which we should keep in mind.  Once you're done
talking to random members, go talk to Ruin again.

He'll give you a short explanation of how to set up camp.  Basically, from
camp, talk to Ruin and choose the second option (from this point on, instead
of him giving you a yes/no menu of "Do you want to leave camp", he'll be
giving a three-choice menu, "Take out a caravan", "Move Base Camp", and
"nothing", respectively) to pack up camp (you won't have to do that this
time).  Now, walk around with the camp in tow until you find a good spot (I
don't think you can do it in, say, a dungeon) and open the main menu and
choose the "camp" option; say yes (top option) to the question and your
present location will become the new base camp, and you'll enter it.  Say no
to Ruin's first question ("shall I repeat what I said"; bottom option) and
then say yes when he asks if we should prepare to move. Head out; I'd go
towards Rofa.

Now that you have a little freedom to run around, you may start noticing that
not all the encounters you get into on the world map are standard fights.  For
example, while walking through the plains or forests, you might encounter a
large tree.  You'll notice it has some apples on it; choose the top option
when asked to pick an apple or two and add it to your inventory.  Free food is
always good.

You may also randomly encounter...nothing.  Actually, you'll get a message
that God speaks to you from above and wishes you well on your journey, and
restores your HP and MP.  In light of the events of DQVII, this is
interesting.  You might also run into a KillerMole (or two or three) that
will steal a little food from your caravan, but it might take pity on you
and not take anything.  If you're lucky, you may run into a friendly magician
named Rura who will offer to take you back to camp for free.  It's great if
you run into her when you're about to run out of food, like I did.

In the desert (which drains food about as fast as hills, so watch out), you
may randomly find that you see an oasis in the distance; if you keep heading
towards it, you'll burn up food, but eventually you'll get there, and if it
is a real oasis, it'll fill you to full!  You might also come across a dancing
girl who will offer to do an MP-restoring dance on your monsters for a little
cash.  At this point, it's probably not very useful, but do as you will.

Anyway, once you're in Rofa, you should head back to that lady's house (fourth
option).  She's cooking again, and will ask you if she can help you with
anything.  Say yes (top option) and you'll tell her that you're looking for
tasty food.  She'll talk for a bit about the Last Steak, which is apparently
the best food one can make.  She can't make it herself, but the cook she 
learned from, Rastan (ラスタン), can.  Unfortunately, he doesn't live here
anymore, and she doesn't know where he went.

Oh well...talk to her again and she'll give you the ingredient list for the
Last Steak:  Bullbird Meat (うしどり肉), Crimson Cactus (紅サボテン), Black Pepper
(くろこしょう), and Holy Water (きよめの水).  Maybe the fortune teller can help us
find these...Go to the Inn (second option at town menu, "やどや"; she's near the
beds) and talk to her.  She'll give some cryptic clues, like "the desert
sands...", "a crumbling ship...", "an underground spring where water gushes
forth...".  It's a start.  Since she mentioned a desert, and we saw one of
those up near the castle, drop camp near its edge.

In camp, Ruin will ask you to talk to Gyaban again.  Do so; he'll talk of a
town somewhere in the country named Ririza.  He apparently knows someone from
there, and says that he may be able to give us some help with guard monsters.
If we wind up in that town, we should look him up.  Sounds doable.  Anyway,
go talk to Ruin again and take a caravan out; head into the desert.

You want to go west.  Actually, once you see swamp (the nasty purple tiles),
you may want to dip south some, as to the south from there you can travel on
plains, which doesn't kick your food supply nearly as badly as the desert
does.  If you happen to come across a screen that has a big red cactus in the
middle of it, great; you've found the Crimson Cactus, walk up to it and hit A
to take a chunk.  If not, come back after the next step and wander the desert
until you find it.  Anyway, eventually you'll see a town (if you went south,
just follow the edge of the desert back north); head there.

We seem to have found Ririza...maybe the private residence here is where
Gyaban's pal lives.  Go there (fourth option) to find an old guy poring over
some papers.  Talk to him and he'll babble about combining monsters a bit,
and then he'll realize you and Ruin are there and ask if you have any business
with him.  Say that you do, and you'll find out that he is Gyaban's friend,
and he's been devoting his life to the study of monsters.  He then exclaims
that you're here to scout him, and that he thinks he'll be an indispensable
help to you.  Say yes to letting him join with you (top option) and he'll
give you a short explanation of his research.

Apparently monsters as well as humans have hearts, and he says that if two of
their hearts were to come into contact, it could bring about startling
changes.  He's still trying to figure out a way to do this, but he has created
a device that steals the hearts from monsters: the Heart-Getter!  He gives it
to you and says that you can use it to steal the hearts from monsters you
encounter...sometimes, anyway.  He then adds in that he promised to show it to
some merchant, so he doesn't want you to sell or break it (or something).
Leave his house and go to the shop (first option).

Here, it seems that it's really hard to find Bullbird meat; the guy on the
bottom is really frustrated about the situation, and the other man goes on
about how that meat only gets delivered once a month by a special ship which
lands in the northeast.  Sounds like a place to investigate.  After you shop
(if you want to), head to the Inn (second option).  Plunder an Apple from the
drawers there, and then talk to the merchant.  Her name is Kachua, and she
asks you if it takes more than money to be a great merchant.  Say yes (top
option) and she'll offer to join; I'd accept if I were you (top option,
again).  Apparently she can find money in battle, and as cash is sort of rare
at this point in the game, I swapped Ripple and Alex out for her and Alisa.

Head over to the Church (third option).  The warrior there will tell you
about a blessed spring that a great warrior (Loto?) once bathed in; it's to
the northeast.  The old lady here will tell us that Rastan went in that
direction as well; looks like we should head that way soon.  Before that,
we should talk to the kid we saw before (assuming you talked to him in Rofa).
It seems he still hasn't found Randall, which prompts him to come in.  It
turns out that this kid is Vandall, Randall's older brother, and he'll ask to
join.  Make Randall happy and say yes (top option).  Together they can read
the map better, so if you're into that, put them both in.  Leave the church
and the town.

Head as far east as you can, then head north.  You should see a little shrine/
tower/cave thing; enter it.  We seem to have stumbled upon the dwelling of an
old man; talking to him, we learn that he is Rastan!  He'll talk about how he
stopped cooking, but Ruin will ask him to get back in the saddle and make a
Last Steak for you.  He's reluctant, but after you tell him the story of
Kakaron, he agrees to make it, once you bring him the ingredients.  Leave his

From there, head a little west and then north for a while; if you see a poison
swamp, you're almost there.  You should see another one of those building
markers; this time it's a cave.  Enter and head north; you'll come to a fork.
Take the right fork (there's nothing on the left path) for a bit until you hit
another fork.  Head down and you'll pass by a side room with a chest that has
a Chimera Wing.  By the by, if you have a navigator and a merchant in your
wagon (like you will if you've been following the party I've been using),
you'll be able to see chests on the map.  Handy.  Anyway, continue downwards
and follow the path and you'll eventually reach a chest with 100G inside.

Head back to the last fork and take the upwards path this time.  You'll reach
some stairs before long.  Head downstairs to find a spring.  If you talk with
the priest here, he'll tell you that this is the holy spring that was
mentioned back in Ririza.  You don't need to bathe in it, but you do need
some, so answer yes when he asks if you've come here for some and he'll tell
you to take it.  Walk up to the pool, press A, and it'll be added to your
inventory.  Assuming that you already have the Crimson Cactus, we're halfway
there.  Leave the cave.

From the cave, head west and slightly south; you want to follow a narrow,
forested path between mountains (there is some plains on this path, which you
should walk on) to the west.  If you get a bit lost, just return to Ririza
and head north.  Either way, you should see a small tent to the west; go in
there.  It's a trading caravan.  No free food this time, but if you talk to
the martial-artist-garbed girl here, she'll introduce herself as Ann (アン)
and ask to join.  Say yes (top option); she fights more or less as well as
Alex and weighs less.

Anyway, talking to the merchants here, they say that they have Black Pepper
here.  Go buy some.  It's not cheap at 200G, but you need it to move on, so
shell out the cash.  If you're low right now, go put Kachua in your party and
wander around the northern part of the continent; the battles are harder
there, so you should be able to get her to grab cash in each fight.  If that's
not good enough, try returning to Rofa and going back to that shop; you may
be able to get the merchant that was turned down earlier, Reidaa (レイダー) ,to
join, and he does the same thing as Kachua.  If he won't join yet, go back
after the Last Steak is made; I was able to recruit him then.  On the other
hand, if you have more money than you know what to do with, they have
Lovewater, WorldDew, and Potions here at insane prices.  Once you have the
pepper, leave.

Head back towards the holy water cave, but this time go past it.  You'll cross
a few bridges and eventually reach a little port.  Looks like the boat is
wrecked, which would explain why it's been so hard to get Bullbird meat...
hopefully we can still get some.  Before we look into that, go to the person
with the bowl-like hat; this is Nana (ナナ) the fisherwoman.  Let her join (top
option) and then go grab an herb from the barrel all the way to the right.

Talk to the guy right next to it after that.  He has a piece of Bullbird meat,
He doesn't want to sell it, but he'll give it to someone who can show him
something interesting.  Hey, maybe this is the guy that weird old man wanted
(or didn't want?) us to show the Heart-Getter to.  You'll whip it out, he'll
recognize it as the thing that the old man was making, he'll be happy, you'll
get the Bullbird meat.  That's everything (unless you haven't roamed the
desert enough to get the Crimson Cactus.  Bad!  Go walkies).  Head out and go
back to Rastan's place.

Talk to him there and he'll walk over to the stove.  You'll give him the
ingredients, and he'll start cooking.  You'll have to talk to him several
times.  He goes into various antics in this period; for example, he stabs
himself with a cactus thorn, then causes himself to sneeze from the pepper,
and tops it off by deciding to cook the steak rare, because demon lords
probably like bloody food.  Anyway, at the end of that craziness, he'll hand
you the Last Steak.  Finally!  We're nearly done.  Leave his house.

From here you can go straight to Kakaron's castle, but I would head to camp
and restock your food supply, and maybe save.  If you want to do anything
else here, like hunt for hearts (try to get a Healer heart...I tried for
a while and had no luck) or grab some people you forgot to (like the merchant
in Rofa), now's a good time.  Level up if you feel like it, but there'll be
better opportunities for that shortly.  When you're ready to move on, head to
Kakaron's castle.

Venus takes a whiff of the Last Steak and says that we found something good,
so head over to Kakaron and talk to her.  She asks us if we've got anything
tasty for her; choose the top option to give her the Last Steak.  She tries
some, and likes it.  Very much, if how she bounces off the walls is any
indication.  She'll sing the dish's praises for a while (juicy, pleasing to
the eye, etc.) and thank you for getting it for her.  She then produces
Loto's Shield, which is full of his protective power, and turns it into an
orb.  It's all yours!

Ruin will be happy, as he thinks he can cure his parent's illness now, but
Kakaron says that it's impossible to do so; you only have one of Loto's Orbs.
She goes on to say that there are other demon lords who have the other orbs.
Ruin takes this in and vows not to give up.  Kakaron encourages him, but notes
that the true power of protection doesn't lie only with fighting for
something.  After that, she mentions that she'll open up a way to a new land
to the northwest.  Venus is grateful for your help, and mentions that he wants
to talk to Kakaron about something.

Leave the castle and head north.  Go past the poison swamp a bit, then head
west until you see a little gap between the coast and some mountains that you
can head into.  Travel north a bit more and you'll find a shine that you
haven't been to before (unless you came here accidentally).  There's a
Traveler's Gate swirling on a raised platform, but before you can enter it,
Venus shows up with a wagon in tow and says that Kakaron is allowing him to
come along with you, and even gave him a wagon to help out.  He then asks to
become a guard monster.  Say yes (top option).  After that, you'll pop to
the wagon window and be allowed to assign people to the new wagon.  For now,
I say leave Slaron in the Eagle wagon (the top one), and add Venus to the
Kakaron (...) wagon (the bottom one).  Party-wise, I went with (in order) Ann,
Nana, Dekson, and Ripple in the Eagle wagon, and Kachua, Alex, Vandall, and
Randall in Kakaron.  When you're done here, enter the portal.

You'll get a message from Magaruki noting that you have one of the orbs, but
that there are four in total, and that you need to find all of them to get
Loto's true power.  He laughs a bit much for me to trust him, honestly...

Anyway, you'll end up in a chamber similar to the one you left from.  Talk to
the merchant here to find that you're in the land of Samarutoria (サマルトリア).
Head outside to begin...

Chapter 3 - Body and Heart

-Go to the castle town of Samarutoria and meet the prince and an adventuring
   band bound for Rorra Gate
-Get the prince and Carol to join by agreeing to his experiment and picking
   him up at the castle
-Get the prince to move the guard at Rorra Gate
-Meet Fozu at the shrine to the south and open up the Turnover system
-Head to the Lake Cave and beat the Gargoyle to get your third wagon
-Get the key at the bottom of the Lake Cave
-Level up and do species change
-Beat Barubaruu for the Orb of Power and move on to Chapter 4

You'll automatically head west a bit into the desert (no food will be used,
worry not).  Ruin will say that the powers of the demon lords are amazing,
and then suggest that we set up camp.  After that's done, you'll be in
Gyaban's tent again, and before you can go anywhere, the old coot from Ririza
will show up.  He'll say that he came running after he met you as he thinks
a trip will let him meet lots of monsters and really help out his research.
Gyaban seems a bit skeptical, but let him come along anyway (top option) and
he'll call you a nice kid.  Riiiiight...

Anyway, he says that because he can't fight, he can't really ride on a wagon.
He says this is a shame, because that'd let him meet lots of monsters, but for
now, he'll stay in camp.  Talk to him again and he'll ask if you've found any
hearts; unless you haven't (what have you been doing?  Running away from every
fight?), say yes.  He'll be really happy; he thinks it'll aid his research a
lot.  Great.  He'll refer to himself as Professor (ハカセ) from this point on.
Leave the tent and go talk to Ruin; he wonders if a demon lord lives in this
land.  Pick the second option to take the camp with you when you leave.

In this land, too, you'll get non-combat encounters.  In one, you'll come upon
a spring.  A beautiful woman will rise out of it and introduce herself as the
spirit of the spring, and tells you that if you throw an item into the spring,
she'll give you back something better.  I gave up an Apple and got a Lovewater
(アモールの水).  Giving her a Lovewater gets you a Potion.  If I run into this
encounter more, I'll post more exchange results here.

You might also run into a shadowy monster (*not* a Shadow itself, though you
can encounter those in this land).  Apparently it died and forgot what it is,
and it needs someone to tell it what form it is in before it can go to its
eternal rest.  Name that Pok...err...Tell it the correct name and it'll thank
you and give you its heart.

I've also encountered a bored traveling noble.  He asks you to do something
interesting for him; if you do (top option) and he likes it, he'll give you
110 G in thanks.

In the hills, you may be prompted that you're hearing some rumbling and be
asked which way you want to move (right, left, or nowhere was the order, if
I remember correctly).  Choose wisely, or you'll get hit by a big rock.

Head westward through the hills.  If you run low on food and have Nana in your
party, head near the coast and go to the Plan command on the main menu; there,
select Member (メンバー) and have him fish.  If you get lucky, you'll land a fish
(さかな) worth 80 food.  You have to wait a while between attempts at this point
if you want to actually catch anything, though.  Anyway, keep heading west
and you'll eventually reach a castle town.  Enter.

Apparently this town is called Samarutoria as well.  Head to the shop (first
option); feel free to pick up anything you need, but note what the people here
have to say.  The man here talks about some problems getting fish for pets;
something about it being too far to go to a supply ship to the west.  The
little girl talks about a scary dream she had involving a big scary man with
a huge sword.  Leave here and head to the inn (second option).  The guy here
mentions that the king's pet is not a normal cat; after talking to him, head
to the back room and take the herb in the right bookshelf.  Also, that
fortune-teller is here; when you ask her to tell you your fortune this time
(top option), she'll introduce herself as Rirra (リッラ), tell you that she's
interested in looking into the Orb of Loto, and offers to join.  Say yes (top
option); if you'd like, switch Ripple (or someone else not so useful) out for

Now, head to the castle.  The guards talk about how people are going to
exterminating a particularly nasty monster at the Rorra Gate (ロッラの門) to the
southwest.  Heading down the hall a bit, another person mentions that the
prince, Iksas (イクサス), never comes out of his room; he seems to be studying
medicine intensely.  Talk to him (the kid in blue) and he'll recognize you as
a traveling caravan right away and tell you to come to see him at the inn.  He
says he can't really say why he wants to see you here, but makes you promise
to come and runs off.  Talk to the woman in his room and she'll mention how
the royal pet, Carol (キャロル), is very important to both the king and the

Head down the hall to the left to enter the throne room.  The king is speaking
to a small band of adventurers, asking them to do go off and wipe out some
monsters.  They accept happily, telling him that they'll mow down any beasts
that get in their way.  They then head off for Rorra Gate.  Control now goes
back to you; before talking to the king, talk to the royal guard, who mentions
that the King is of the line of Loto.  Talk to Carol to see exactly how much
the king likes his pet; that's a lot of cooing at how cute Carol is.

When you talk to him, he'll wonder for a second if you're also here to
participate in the monster-slaying, but realize that you're a couple of kids,
and say that there's no way you could do that.  He warns you not to go near
the Rorra Gate, as the monsters there are way too strong.  Well, he was a lot
of help.  Leave the castle and head to the inn again (second option).

Iksas is waiting there.  Talk to him and he tells you to take some medicine,
and not to worry about what it does.  Despite this being about as shady as
the ground under an oak tree, drink it down (top option).  He asks you how
your eyes are feeling, and Ruin asks him what he had you drink.  It turns out
that it was a sleeping potion (!) and that he was conducting an experiment.
He then says that he wants to try this medicine out on monsters, and asks you
to take him back to your caravan after he tells his father where he's going.
He heads out; follow him back to the castle.

Go to the throne room to find the two of them talking.  The king doesn't seem
too keen on him going traveling at first, but Iksas explains that he's already
decided to go, and that there is nothing he can do to change his son's mind on
going along to observe.  The king more or less lets him go, and the Wagon
screen pops up.  I'd put Iksas in instead of Rirra.

As you're about to leave, Carol pipes up and steps forward, and the prince
asks her if she wants to come along.  Apparently she does, and she also joins
up.  She's a BabyPanther, and unless you've been leveling fairly hard since
you got Venus, she'll have more HP and MP than either Venus or Slaron as well
as good attack; her defense and intelligence aren't stellar, and speedwise
she's better than Slaron by a bunch but not quite as good as Venus.  In any
event, the Wagon screen comes up again; replace one of your monsters with
Carol if you so desire.

Talk with the king after that and he will repeat his warning to not go to the
Rorra Gate because of the monsters.  Considering the crazy old man back in
camp and Iksas, I'd say that's exactly where we want to go for now (especially
because we don't have any other place to go particularly).  Leave the town and
travel a bit south from the castle, and then a little west.  You should see
a shrine marker; set up camp near it.

When you enter, you'll come upon a guard, who will refuse to let you kids in.
However, Iksas shows up and tells the guard to let you through.  He defers to
the prince, but tells you that you'll need a key to get inside.  Head
downstairs to run into...a gigantic door.  The guard wasn't lying; it's
locked.  A message on the door says that if you're strong and brave enough,
the key is in the lake cave...and it's signed by the demon lord Barubaruu
(バルバルー)!  Looks like we have a new destination in mind.

Head out of the cave for now and go south from the Gate.  You'll see an
ornate-looking shrine marker across a bridge; while it isn't the lake cave,
it does look interesting (and it's nearby), so head in.  Upon entering, a
swirl of light appears.  If you had talked to Rirra in camp, you might
remember that she said that something like this would happen, but that a
girl would be involved...

Sure enough, a young lady pops out of the gate.  She's not really sure where
she is, and she's still a little dazed form her trip, so when Ruin pipes up,
it startles her.  He apologizes, and she asks where she is.  Ruin tells her,
and she replies that she's never heard of this kingdom before.  She then asks
why you're here, and Ruin will explain a bit about your quest for the Orbs of
Loto.  She says that she heard about those in a dream, and asks if it's okay
for her to come with you.  Ruin says that it's fine, and she'll introduce
herself as Fozu (フォズ) and asks you if it's okay to come.  Have Keifer say yes
(top option), and she'll thank you, though she's not sure if she can help
you.  Ruin suggests that you return to camp, and you will do so automatically.

Back in camp, Fozu introduces herself to Gyaban and the Professor.  Gyaban
will ask her how she ended up traveling alone, and she'll say that she's from
Dharma (ダーマ) Temple and is training to be a priestess.  Ruin asks her if she
can do magic, and she'll say that she can't; all she has learned is job
changing, but she doesn't think she can do that right now.  The Prof will perk
up at this; apparently job changing is an interest of his.  Before he can go
on, though, Gyaban will say that Fozu must be tired, and that the Professor
should talk to her tomorrow morning after she's rested.  The Prof says he
will, and Ruin goes to check on the wagons.

If you talk to Fozu, she'll pull you close so she can whisper in your ear.
She asks you if you're from a different world than this one.  You are, so tell
her the truth (top option).  She'll tell you that she's the same, and explains
a bit about how she got here.  Apparently someone who said that they are a
demon lord said that she'd be needed, and then that swirl of light appeared
and took her in.  She says that she must have been taken here for a reason, so
she'll stay here for now.  If you talk to the Professor, he says that someone
skilled in job changes may be able to help him finish his research.  Leave
the main tent and go to sleep at the inn tent.

When you wake up, you may notice a little purple tent.  Ruin says Fozu put it
up.  Enter it to be accosted by the Professor.  He's apparently finished with
his research; he combined what he was doing and Fozu's job change abilities,
and came up with the Turnover system.  Go over to him for an explanation,
which is largely information contained in section 6 of this FAQ.  If you talk
to Fozu, she'll explain the level side of the system, which is also covered in
section 6.  She'll then ask you if you want to try it out.  Do so, but don't
actually transform any of your monsters.  Ideally you should let them hit max
level before you change their race, and that's still about five levels or so
off (assuming you haven't been leveling like mad).  Talk to Ruin again and
pack up camp.

Head northwest until you come upon a cave on a little island in the middle of
the continent.  You'll have to wind around mountains some, but it shouldn't
be too hard to find.  If you start running into much harder monsters than
normal (especially GulpBeasts, which can probably kill one of your monsters
in three or so hits at this point), then you've gone a bit too far west.
This is the cave that they were mentioning.  Drop camp near it (trust me;
you'll be in and out of this cave a lot).  If you're not around level 11 or
12, I highly suggest fighting until you are.  Buy a nice big stack of herbs
(8-10 should do), save, and enter the cave.

You'll notice that on the first floor you don't use up food, nor are there any
monsters.  Head east and then north to run into those adventurers from the
castle.  They're getting the stuffing beaten out of them by a Gargoyle, which
will then notice you.  It'll ask you if you are strong, and say that it is
doing its duty to Lord Barubaruu.  Then it'll attack.

The Gargoyle is probably the hardest monster you'll have fought so far.  It's
got somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 HP, does around 20-25 damage with
its physical attack, and casts Defense and one of the "~20 damage to each
party member" spells.  Use herbs and such as needed, and plug away.  You might
want to have Slaron cast Sap on it, as this'll speed up the process.
Eventually you'll drop him.  After the battle, he'll say that he has finished
his duty to Barubaruu, and that he wants to see him one last time.  He'll give
you his heart, which is great, considering it's a level three heart.

The adventurers will thank you and tell you that you're strong, and wonder why
a bunch of kids are in a place like this.  They'll ask if you're here for
Barubaruu's key, which happens to be the case.  They're here for the same
reason, and they need to keep their promise to the king, so they ask to join
you.  Say yes (top option), and they thank you and introduce themselves.  You
get the knight Gordon (ゴードン), the swordsman Jura (ジュラ), and the hunter
Kurast (クラスと), and they bring along a wagon (the Great Wagon), too!  Arrange
wagons as you please and go downstairs (though I highly recommend that you go
back to camp and save first).

Downstairs, you'll notice a few things.  Firstly, the monsters here are quite
a bit tougher than what you're used to (unless you've been playing with the
GulpBeasts a lot).  They also give a lot more experience than most of the
monsters you've been fighting up until this point.  Of particular note here
are the Metalys (メタルスライム); while they only have 4 HP, they have insane
defense (such that you'll only do 1 damage even if you hit, barring criticals)
and give a ton of experience (something like a thousand points a piece).  They
tend to run away before you can kill them, though, so it's mostly luck that
dictates if you can beat one at this point in the game.  In any event, be
wary, as the monsters here can do a lot of damage and take a lot of damage to
kill (especially the Mudmen, who have high defense).

Anyway, follow the path to a fork.  If you take the south branch, you'll find
a chest with a Memory Bell in it.  Go back to the fork and take the west path;
head south at the next fork.  Follow that for a while, and go south at the
next fork for a chest with a Big Apple.  Go back to that last fork and head
west, ignoring the next path to the south.  When the west path turns south,
follow to reach the stairs to the next floor.

Ignore the first path to the west here and head south.  Go into the room to
the east for a chest with a Lovewater, and then go south to reach a four-way
junction.  Head west and you'll find a treasure chest with a Healer heart in
it.  Go back east and head south.  You can then either go west or east; to the
west is a chest with a Warpwing, and to the east are more stairs down.  Take
them to find a small room with a chest; inside is Barubaruu's Key.  Exit the

At this point I suggest you take the time to level your characters until they
max out, and then change their species.  You'll notice that the enemies here
are fairly tough, and the overworld monsters in the next area are about as
hard (and we're quite close to finishing this chapter now).  Changing over
your party will help greatly, to the point that with doing that and getting
some of the easy first levels once you've changed, you should be able to
handle the monsters in the cave and the tougher critters to the west with
relative ease.

Speaking of heading westward, when you feel up to it, head west from the lake
cave.  You'll reach a port before long; this must be the place that guy from
the beginning of the chapter was talking about.  Sure enough, you can buy fish
here, but we get them for free, so who cares?  You do care about the heart
that you can get in the barrel by the merchant, though.  If you talk to the
people here, they'll say that business has been bad because of the distance
and the monsters, and because the sea has been rough lately.  Leave when
you're done here.

When you're ready to move on, save, rest up, buy new herbs, and pack up the
base camp.  Head back to the Rorra Gate and open the door.  Ahead you'll meet
a mean-looking guy, who praises your ability for getting through the lake cave
and introduces himself as the Demon Lord Barubaruu.  He says that if you want
his orb, you'll have to beat him; say yes to him twice (once for it being
okay, once to start the fight; top option both times) to get the battle going.

Barubaruu comes with two helpers (the Demon's Axe and the Demon's Sword).  He
has somewhere over a thousand hit points (another reason I recommend doing a
species change before going to the next chapter; your old monsters won't have
the damage output to deal with him effectively), and his weapons have about
200 each.  Crush them fast and cast Sap on Barubaruu to expedite the winning
process.  Note that all of your opponents can be put to sleep, which can be
helpful.  Heal as needed and he'll eventually go down.

With that, he'll be amazed at the power of monsters and humans working
together, and says he'll give you the orb he promised.  Loto's Sword comes
down, and he turns it into an orb like Kakaron did the shield.  He tells you
that its power may be used for things other than destruction, and asks you to
think about that a bit.  With that, he disappears.  Continue through the
tunnel behind him and you'll end up in...

Chapter 4: Beautiful Things

-Head to Moonpeta for info and caravan members
-Go to Kusharami's castle to meet her and get the quest
-Go to the Wind Tower to recruit the bard
-Get the guard to let you pass to the other part of the land
-Go to Tepa and talk to Machua and get info
-Go to the Traveling Caravan and buy a Moon Fragment (optional)
-Climb to the top of the Full Moon Tower for items or a Moon Fragment
-Climb the Lighthouse to get Machua to join
-Present your stuff to Kusharami to get the Orb of Courage
-Head through Dragon's Path to get to the next chapter

Some random encounters here, too.  Aside from the old ones, you'll run into a
thief who'll steal an eight of your gold, a priest who refills your MP for
one-fourth of your gold (ouch!), and a clown who'll play video poker with
high-low for 100 gold.  Supposedly there are good prizes, but the odds are
pretty harsh, so I don't know what you can get.

Ruin will pull you over to a clearing in the forest and set up camp.  Gyaban
says that you're in the land of Moonbrook (ムーンブルク), and that we should go to
a town to gather information.  Head out with the base camp in tow and go
south; you'll come across a town in the middle of a forest before long.

The town is called Moonpeta (ムーンペタ).  Enter the item shop and talk to the guy
near the counter to find that the fishing is good here because there are a lot
of rivers.  You'll notice that there's also a little girl at the counter; talk
to her and she'll mention that she hasn't run into her older brothers here,
either.  Their names are Randall and Vandall.  Ruin will wonder if she's
their sibling, and she'll ask him if he you know them.  With this, Randall
comes in.  Her name is Ronmill (ロンミル).  She'll ask about Vandall, and Randall
will tell her that he'll explain later, as he's on an important trip with Ruin
and Keifer.  He'll ask her to come along; you should okay this (top option).
She doesn't particularly improve the mapping if she's with her brothers, but
you can replace one of them with her if you so decide.

Head to the inn to talk to a bard who is looking to gather material for a love
song.  He mentions heading to the Tower of the Wind by heading to the eastern
shore and going south.  Sounds like a lead.  Now, head to the church.

The old lady here will tell you a little bit about a famous princess from this
land, which should seem sort of familiar if you know Dragon Quest II.  The man
here is apparently a big fan of wagons, and offers to up the weight limit of
one of your wagons for free.  Sweet!  Now talk to the fisherman-looking guy.
He yells at you a bit, because he's about to leave on a big fishing pilgrimage
and is here to ask God to protect him.  After he does so, he notices that
you are a group of travelers and asks to come with you, offering his services
if you accept.  As this will make it easier to catch fish, accept (top
option), and put him into a wagon.  Leave the church and the town.

Continue heading east, base camp in tow.  Follow the plains, turning south
when the plains head that way.  Assuming that you can look at it, you'd have
noticed that there is a town or some other friendly settlement to the
southwest of Moonpeta; that's our goal, but we have to wind around a river
to get there.  Anyway, once you head south, head back west and you'll
eventually get to the castle, which is in the middle of a swamp.  Lovely.
Head in and approach the empty throne.

Suddenly, a figure appears on the throne, startling Ruin, who calls it a
ghost.  She takes offense at this, as she doesn't think that anyone would say
that her beautiful self is a ghost.   She forgives you, though, because you're
cute kids, but says that next time you'll be in trouble.  Ruin apologizes, and
the woman introduces herself as the Demon Lord Kusharami (クシャラミ).  She knows
that you're here for the orb, and offers to give it to you...not for free, of
course.  She asks you to bring her beautiful things, and says that three of
them will do.  She doesn't get any more precise than that, though, which
leaves both you and Ruin scratching your heads wondering what we need to get.
Leave the castle, but drop off your camp near it before you go farther afield.

If you go southeast from the castle, you can *see* the Wind Tower, but if you
go into the cave you'll find your way barred from the other side.  Grrr...head
north from there and wind your way east, then back south.  You should notice
a harbor before long.  Head in to pick up a Merman heart from the barrels at
the entrance.  One of the guys here mentions that a couple of women went to
the Wind Tower in search of the Wind Mantle; he thought it was impossible for
people to climb that building.  Nice information to have.  Buy some fish here
if you want it (why, when you can just fish for it...) and head out.  From
here, you'll need to go a little more southwest and then you'll be able to
head back north to take the back route into the Wind Tower.  As a side note,
the critters here are slightly stronger than you're used to, but not much.  If
you can, grab a DarkHorn heart, as it's A rank.

There's a guard here.  He'll say that the two women haven't come back yet, and
that it really does seem like it's not possible to climb the tower.  At this,
that bard from the first town will show up again and ask to be let in.  The
guard says that a single person couldn't possibly make it to the top and
refuses him entry, but he sings a lullaby and sends her to dreamland.  He
heads upstairs, you should follow.

Snag the Potion in the chest to the right soon after you enter.  From here,
go past the random merchant, ignoring the first stair you see, and go to the
stairway in the northeast.  Follow the path up (it's pretty straightforward),
stopping to pull a KingSlime heart out of a chest a few floors up.  A couple
of floors after that you'll have a choice of stairs up; take the easternmost
one and keep going upwards.  Eventually you'll reach the top, and you'll find
the bard and the two female adventurers.  They're not happy, because there's
no Wind Mantle here, and without it they apparently can't cross the Dragon's
Path and get home.  The bard will then chime in that he's happy, because he
can hear the wind's voice.  He'll then sing a little song.  He follows by
remarking that he thinks it's sort of odd to see a female warrior, but he
shuts up when she takes offense at this.

Talk to the warrior and she'll clarify her plight a bit, and then asks if
you're enjoying your travels.  Say yes and she'll wonder if your meeting her
here is fate.  The priest will say that she thinks it is, and will say that
they should go with you.  They introduce themselves as Sesuka (セスカ) and
Tasha (ターシャ); allow them in (top option), especially Tasha, as free healing
is groovy.  I'd put her in a wagon unless you're really hurting for space.

Now talk to the bard.  He'll appraise your situation and say that he doesn't
know much about beautiful stuff, but he's been praised as handsome and that
his voice and songs of love could be considered beautiful and might have an
effect on Kusharami.  He'll ask to join; SAY YES (top option).  If you don't,
you may have difficulty beating this chapter.  He introduces himself as Boldo
(ボルドー) (or is that Voldo?  I disbelieve that anyone with the same name as
Mr. Bondage-Pants from Soul Calibur would be a bard...) and joins.  Ruin
rejoices at getting the first of the beautiful things...probably ^_^;;  Leave
the tower.

Head back towards the castle; go through the cave you saw before and open up
the gate.  Pick up your camp and head west following the southern beach.
You'll hit a little cave before long.  The guy waiting there wants to cross,
but apparently you need to be working for Kusharami to get across.  You are,
so talk to the guard to be let across.  He'll instruct you to head towards
Tepa (テーパ) on the other side and moves aside.  Before you cross, talk to that
other guy again.  He'll note you have permission to cross and ask to join,
after introducing himself as Ryuuga (リュウガ).  Let him in if you'd like; at
this point, if you've been collecting people following how I've been going,
you'll need to kick someone out.  I suggest Reidaa.  Anyway, leave the cave
and head west across the little desert, then go south and then east towards
Tepa.  You'll have to move past it and then south a bit and back west to the
town due to a mountain range.

Enter the item shop first.  There's a kid shopkeeper here named Hoomii
(ホーミィ) who will offer to join you if you talk to her.  When you've done that
(or not), talk to the girl at the counter; she wants something from the
merchant, but he's not interested, and she apologizes for getting in your way
and leaves.  Talking to the other person here she says that girl, Machua
(マチュア), has only cared about raising monsters since her boyfriend died, and
then wonders why she told you that.

Next up is the inn.  The old man here talks about the Full Moon Tower to the
south.  He says beautiful moonlight comes from the top and that there is
apparently a beautiful stone there.  That might satisfy Kusharami's
conditions.  There's a Stepguard cane in the jar here, yoinks.  Talking to the
other person here, it seems he's a cook, and doesn't really like working in
this small place.  He'll ask to join; say yes to him twice to bring him in.
Personally I'd take him in, as his in-battle power is to restore the MP of his
caravan's monster a bit, which is great to keep you in healing.  His name is
Ricardo (リカード), by the way.

Heading into the church, someone there will talk about a lighthouse to the
north.  Apparently there was a guy working there, but he passed away recently.
Despite this, light still comes from the lighthouse.  Maybe it's ghosts...
Anyway, you're about done here, so head out.  Go south a drop to get near the
Full Moon Tower and drop off the base camp, then head back to where you went
east to start going to Tepa.  Head south instead, about as far as you can go;
you should eventually be able to cross a bridge to the west to get to that
long strip of land that is blocked off by rivers and mountains elsewhere.

Head back north a ways.  You'll have to cross a lot of mountains is this area,
which is actually a good thing, as Bombcrags live in the mountains on this
continent.  They're worth a cool 300 XP each, which is great considering that
they're not very hard.  If you feel like leveling, I highly suggest picking on
them for a while, though you may want to wait for the next chapter.  In any
event, you should see a desert before too long; hunt around in it for a
traveling caravan.  Go to the merchant and buy the first item on his list, a
Moon Fragment.  This is actually the treasure you're supposed to get at the
top of the Full Moon Tower, but we have a reason to get it here (not cheap,
though, at 500 G).  Leave the caravan and head east and then north a bit.  You
should see a little shrine and a tower.  The tower is the lighthouse, but
we're more interested in the shrine for the moment; it's a portal back to
Kusharami's castle (which, for what it's worth, I bet is called Moonbrook
Castle, as I get the vague DQII-based sense of deja vu when I go there).  Say
hi to the demon lord if you so desire (she says nothing important, except
verifying that the bard and the moon fragment are items she will accept) and
go back to your base camp.  Get ready (buy Lovewater, rest, save, drop off
Tinymedals) and head into the tower.

You'll notice that the monsters here (also the monsters outside, to a lesser
degree, as well as the monsters in that northern desert) are quite a bit
tougher than before.  In particular I would watch out for those green-robed
invisible mage critters; in addition to casting a multi-target spell that
does around 40 damage to each of your monsters, they can cast Beat, which
may well work at this point.  If you have Vivify great, but I didn't, and
WorldLeaves are hard to come by at this point.  AgDevils also have a similar
multitarget spell; in fact, most of the enemies here do.  Heal often and well;
I suggest keeping your priests in the first slot to keep your HP high.

Anyway, head left from the entrance for a LoveWater in a chest.  Take the
nearby stairs up and follow the path to the central space and go north to a
room with a chest that has a Warpwing.  Go back a bit to those stairs you
passed on the way to the central space and head up them for a room with a
GoldBell in a chest.  Head back down and then go down the stairs in the
southeast on the second floor for a PuppetMan heart on the first floor.  Woo.

Go back to the second floor and take the center stairs up.  From here, go to
the south room and grab the contents of the two chests, 400 G and some more
LoveWater.  Head back north and then east to take the stairs up, and then go
straight south to some stairs down.  Head aaaaaall the way to the first floor
to get a chest with a WorldLeaf.  Return to the floor that you went down from
and take the stairs up this time.  Follow the windy path around to get to the
roof.  Heal up, because when you approach the chest, lightning will blast
down, and a group of monsters will show up.  They explain that they are the
guardians of this tower (and may be from the moon) and that if you want the
Moon Fragment in this chest you'll have to beat them.  The fight starts soon

You're up against two BlazemoreStars (メラミスター) and four HealingMoons
(べホイミムーン), which are arranged in two groups of two.  Despite looking like
a bunch of Healers, this is a quite dangerous assortment.  The Stars can
whack you for something like 20-25 damage or cast Blazemore (only on one of
you, thankfully...) for about 45 damage.  The Moons do much less damage
(maybe 10), but can cast HealMore...and do.  A lot.  What you need to do to
win (unless you're insanely leveled/tenshin'd) is focus on one group of the
Moons with your attackers; making sure to have at least one of your monsters
fire off a group-attacking spell to try and get the Moons to spread out their
healing.  Hopefully you'll take one out on the second turn, and then the
other.  Kill the other pair of Moons and the Stars are fairly easy to off.
Just make sure to keep your monsters healed and alive.  Your reward for
enduring this is about 900 XP for each of your monsters and 300 G.

You can take the chest now.  I assume that if you didn't purchase it already
you'd be able to get a Moon Fragment here, but if you did, you'll pick up a
General's Soul (at least I think that's what it is) instead.  A word on this;
you might have noticed that when you kick someone out, you get a soul of that
type of person (assuming you have space for souls).  These can also be used
in tenshin, mainly to play with the stats of your monsters.  Anyway, as you
try to leave an old wizard will show up and demand the Moon Fragment.  Ruin
will more or less call dibs, and the wizard will be sad, as he says that he
can't finish his research now.  Talk to him and he'll explain that he's living
in Tepa but can't quite afford his bills; if he doesn't make money fast he'll
be kicked out by his landlord.  Ruin suggests that he come with you ("We may
not have houses, but we do have tents!").  Say this is okay and he'll give you
his name, Zenon (ゼノン), and join.  If you put him with Alisa they'll pick from
a few of the second-level spells for their attack, which is very useful, so I
might give them a whirl.  Anyway, exit the tower.

Pack up camp after healing and whatever else and head back over to the
lighthouse.  Note that you can cheat and go back to Kusharami's castle and
take the portal to land next to the lighthouse, but we like fighting monsters
for XP and hearts, right?  Regardless of how you get there, drop camp, do
anything you normally do before entering a dungeon, and head in.  I personally
suggest taking along some extra Antidotes, as Here There Be Babbles.

Monster-wise this place isn't too bad; AgDevils make a return performance, as
do the blobby critters from the Full Moon Tower.  Babbles are only annoying if
they poison you.  The other monsters are nothing you can't handle if you
survived the other towers. However, this place has more stairways than an
Escher painting.

From the entrance, head east, north, and then west around the outside hallway.
You'll have a choice of three halls south to take at the end of the northern
hallway; take the middle one for a chest with an ExitBell.  Take the left one
to go back around and be fed towards the set of four stairs in the middle of
the tower.  There's a chest near the upper-right one with a Reaper chest in
it, yummy.  Anyway, head to the bottom-right staircase and go up.  Follow it
up a while for some WorldDew.  Head back to the first floor and take the
bottom-left stairs.

Head up a couple of floors and go up the first stairs.  Head south for a
WarpWing in a chest, then take the nearby stairs up a floor and then back down
to get to a chest with an Ork heart.  Head back to where you got the WarpWing
and go north; take the western stairs up several floors.  Eventually you'll
head south and come to two stairs down; take the southwestern one down
several floors to get to a chest with a LifeAcorn...sweet!  Anyway, head back
to the WarpWing floor and return to the previous floor.

From here, head north ignoring the stairs down until you get to another stairs
up in a separate room.  Take it up and keep ascending to make it to the roof.
There's a Hork here who is apparently tending to the beacon fire, in its
zombie-like fashion.  Machua shows up again and talks to him, trying to get
him to follow her commands; apparently this is her dead boyfriend, Smith
(スミス).  She tells him that she's become a monster user, like he wanted, but
that it's no use.   Talk to her and she'll accuse you of being here to kill
Smith, but Ruin will say no and she'll explain what happened.  After he died
he turned into a monster, possibly from the sickness he was infected with.
You'll invite her to join you so she can improve her skills to the point that
Smith will listen to her; DON'T TURN HER DOWN (pick the top option).  You may
have problems finishing the chapter if you do, as though they don't say it,
she (or rather, her love for Smith) is the third beautiful thing you need.
Leave the tower.

Head back over to Kusharami's castle (hint:  use the portal) and go talk to
her.  You'll hand over the Moon Fragment first, and she'll say it's pretty
good.  She'll ask for the second, and you'll call out Boldo.  He'll show up
and introduce himself (with no little amount of flattery), which impresses
Kusharami, and then asks her why she's looking for beautiful things.  She says
that she has no special reason, it's just that she likes that sort of thing.
He then asks if it's okay for him to sing; he sings a song about a lonely man
in the darkness who meets a girl from the light and they wind up being happy
together.  Kusharami praises the song and his voice and says that the tale was
a beautiful thing.  Boldo then says that the story is true, and calls for

She's not really sure why Boldo called for her, but she came anyway.  Boldo
then explains that her relationship with Smith formed the basis for the song
he just sang.  Kusharami says that she understands, and that Machua really has
the heart of someone in love.  She accepts that as a beautiful thing as well.
Boldo will thank her for her time and generosity (and compliment her again),
and he and Machua will leave.

Kusharami will then honor her promise.  Out comes Loto's Armor, and it is
transformed into the Orb of Courage.  She gives it to you, and Ruin says that
there's only one left to get.  Kusharami will excuse herself, saying she has
things to do, and disappears, but not before telling you that you can cross
the Dragon's Path now.  Go back to camp and pack it up.

Head west across the desert and then north.  You'll notice once again that the
monsters have gotten tougher; watch out for the OnionMasters, as they have
another fairly high-damage group-target spell for your displeasure.  Keep
going north and you will eventually come to a tower; this is the southern part
of the Dragon's Path.  Enter and climb to the top.  Yay!  A portal.  Enter to
assumedly be taken to the other tower of the Path.  You'll startle a knight
standing there.  Amazed that it's children who have shown up, she'll assume
that God had something to do with meeting you and ask to join.  Do as you
will; her name is Ilene (アイリン).  Head down from the roof to enter a new

Chapter 5 - A World Reaching to the Sea

-Head to Rupugana to catch a boat to Beranuuru
-Take the boat from Beranuuru to Rondarukia
-Head to Rondarukia Cave to find out about the door
-Go to Kusharami's Castle (in Moonbrook) to get Kusharami's Feather
-Return to the cave and pass through it
-Go to Domedi's Castle and make your way up to talk to Domedi
-Go to the shrine north of the castle to place Loto's Orbs and raise Alefgard
 from the sea
-Go to Samultoria to take a boat to Alefgard

You'll pop north a bit and set up camp right away.  Ruin will wonder if the
last orb is here and give a little pep talk, and then set up camp.  Apparently
this land is called Rupugana (ルプガナ), and Gyaban says there's a town nearby.

Head on over (you should be able to see it, on your map at the very least) to
see Ruin get all excited over the port in the city.  How...cute.  The item
shop has an AttackSeed in a barrel.  One of the women here is a nurse, and
will join you if you ask her; her name is Maurice (モーリス).  If you head over
to the inn, you can have the thief Getts (ゲッツ) join up.  The church here has
a man who will talk about how there is a land to the north that's been sealed
away, but no one knows how to get there or what the key to the place is.
Food for thought, I suppose.

When you're done with normal town activities, head over to the harbor.  The
barrel to the bottom has a WorldLeaf, and the upper barrel on the right
contains a WalrusMan heart.  Now that you've looted the place, talk to the
sailor who's standing around near the barrel you got the heart from.  He'll
offer to sail you to Samultoria or a place called Beranuuru (べラヌール) for 100G.
Well, we haven't been to Beranuuru yet, so let's see if the next orb is there.

You'll get to see a little sailing scene, and wind up at another harbor on a
different continent.  Now, if you're happy with the people you have to choose
from for your wagon, and don't have money coming out your ears, you can just
talk to the sailor here and head over to the continent of Rondarukia
(ロンダルキア); there's nothing important to the plot on this island.  If you want
the odd item and a wagon upgrade, though, you'd better exit the harbor and
start winding your way vaguely south.

While this island looks suspiciously like the one Rimuldar was on in Dragon
Quest 1, it is actually not that landmass.  Regardless of that, eventually
you'll get to the town, sitting on an island in a lake, which is also called
Beranuuru.  If you run over to the item shop, you can loot a MysticNut from
a jar, but of more interest is the statue hanging around in here.  Looks like
a Statuekid, no?  It turns out that it is indeed a monster, and the old guy
near it is selling it...for the low, low price of 10000G.  Yikes.  If you
don't have the cash right now (I didn't despite the amount of leveling I had
gone through at this point), come back later, particularly after you've
finished the game:  the last chapter will cram you full of money, among other

Once you do have the cash, you'll buy the statue (surprising the old man...I
mean, really, who'd think a bunch of kids would have that much cash?).  Go
over and talk to it and it'll move, then talk, startling the old guy.  It asks
how it wound up here, and the old guy tells it that he found it and took it
to sell it...which he just did.  The StatueKid asks how much he was sold for,
and when the old man tells him, he says that's a pretty good amount and agrees
to honor the deal.  You get a new guard monster, Zugatts (ズガッツ).  He's ready
for a tenshin when you get him, so have fun.

The church has a wagon-loving old guy; he'll upgrade your wagon for you, free
of charge; don't miss this if you stop by.  A fisherman named Garusu
(ガルス) is hanging around the inn, if you're interested.  If you wander over to
the bar, you'll meet a bunny girl (whose name you later find out to be Lunlun
(ルンルン)).  If you say yes to her question, you get to see (well, read about)
Ruin getting Puff-puffed, which should definitely tickle your funny bone.
After you've done that to your heart's content, talk to her again and say no;
she'll be insulted and demand that you let her come along.  I would; she's
actually sort of useful.  Anyway, with that done, you're mostly finished for
this town.

Make your way back to the harbor and set sail for Rondarukia, but before
taking the ship, go grab a Fish from the barrel by the merchant here.  When
you get to the new continent, you can grab more Fish from one of the barrels,
and talk to the guys here.  It seems that there's an oddly shaped island to
the north, and if you've looked at the world map, you'd probably agree that
is one strangely shaped island.  In fact, it is Slime Heaven, and you don't
need to concern yourself with it until after you've finished the quest for
Loto's Orbs.

Exit the harbor and go north, swerving around some mountains when you need to.
Enter the desert to get to the town of Pelpoi (ぺルポイ); Ruin notes that there is
a jail there.  The item shop has a kid who asks if you're in a caravan; if you
say yes she'll be happy and leave, but if you say no she'll ask to join.  I
believe she's a thief; I didn't actually let her join, so I'm not sure what
her name is exactly.  There's also a bard here who will ask to join if you
tell him you like his songs, but I didn't let him, so I don't know his name
either.  The church has a fortuneteller by the name of Oost (オースト)
hanging around; he'll offer to help you out by telling your fortune, and when
he fails to do so, he asks to join.  Do as you wish, I say.

Once you're done there, head to the jail.  The odd-looking guy to the right is
a metalhunter; we want him to join, as he makes killing metal critters much
easier, which makes leveling much easier.  Go up to the bars and talk to him.
It turns out he was thrown in jail mostly for being weird, which makes me
personally glad I am nowhere near Pelopi.  Say yes when he asks you to talk to
the guard on his behalf, and then go talk to the guard.  He'll ask if you
really want that weird metalhunter to go free; say yes.  The guard will open
the door, and you can go talk to the 'hunter to get him to join up. His name
is Guillerme (ギルメ).

Now that you have a metalhunter, you can actively go about beating down on
Metalys (Metabbles are a bit tougher, and relatively hard to find now).
Considering that the monsters have gotten quite a bit harder (and they're
only going to get worse), it might be prudent to go and level up some.  You
have two choices for this.  One is to head back to Samultoria and go to the
Lake Cave again; it's full of Metalies, and is rather easy to live in by now
(I hope, anyway), so it is fairly easy XP.  Instead of that, you could hang
around in the forests here and kill the monsters that live here.  This will
be much harder on you, at least at first, but offers better XP overall, and
more gold.  I highly suggest you pick a place and get cracking.  It'd be
helpful for you to be using A-rank monsters (my team was a DarkKnight, an
IronHawk, and a BattleRex when I was done) for the rest of the chapter, as
the monsters will be a little on the brutal side from here on.

Once you've powered up (or not, for those who consider themselves tough), head
a bit west of town and enter the cave.  Much as you would like to progress,
there's a big door here, and unsurprisingly, it is sealed.  Apparently an evil
god has gone and sealed the Demon Lord Domedi (ドメディ) away, and if you want to
unseal the door, you'll need to use...the power of love and friendship!
Actually, no, you just need the power of another demon lord.  Uh-oh...didn't
they all disappear after we finished talking to them?

Head over to Kusharami's castle (take boats to Moonbrook continent) to talk
to see if she is around.  As it turns out, she is, and you explain the
situation to her.  She's a bit worried, too; neither she nor the other demon
lords can contact Domedi, which is odd.  She hands over one of her feathers
for you to use to open the gate; you can also use it to warp back to her
castle (at least for now...).  Head back to the Rondarukia cave; with the
feather, you can enter, but it isn't long before you're stopped by a pair of
big, nasty guards.  Looks like you'll have to beat them if you want to pass...

They're Rondarukia Guards, and there's two of them (and sadly, they don't
group).  They've got somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 HP each, and can
inflict about 80 damage per hit on average.  I highly recommend toasting their
defense for starters and then beating down on one of them until it falls over.
Heal preemptively; they're sort of fast, and seem to like to target weaker
monsters, so you need to make sure they won't have the chance to kill anyone
(as all you likely have now is Vivify, and you can waste *turns* getting that
to work).  Eventually they'll kick the bucket.

With that out of the way, head downstairs.  Veterans of the DQ series will
find this cave familiar, as it seems much like the cave that led to the final
castle in DQ2.  Also, you'll notice that the monsters here are not kind.  Many
have third-level attack spells which can cause quite a bit of damage, and
several have annoying status-alignment attacks (Mummies and Robosters can
paralyze, for example, and BabbleKings poison, so bring Antidotes).  You'll
also notice that there are Flames here; try to get one of their hearts, as
Element-family monsters are pretty rare.

Anyway, follow the path until you get to a room with a ton of stairs.  Head
down one of them (doesn't matter which, really) to get to a room that has a
chest with an ExitBell.  Go back upstairs; you'll probably note that the
stair-filled room has some holes in the floor.  Peachy.  Make your way to the
upper-left stair up and follow it for a little while to get to a chest with a
Berserker heart.  Once you have that, take either of the two other stairs up
to get to the Infinite Room.

Simply put, this room wraps around.  There's two stairs down you can use for
reference, and one stair up.  I believe that if you take the middle stairway
up in the many-stairred room, and head north for two passageways in the
Infinite Room, you'll see the stairs to your right.  Failing that...wander
around until you find them, I guess ^.^;;

On the next floor (floor 2), head down and then right a bit to find a chest
with a Callwing (よびよせのつばさ) in it.  This handy little toy instantly calls
your base camp to you, which is nice if you left is somewhere far away.
Anyway, head to the southeastern extent of this floor to find a stair that
will take you to a chest with a Steak.  Go back downstairs and head to the
southwestern corner of the map to find stairs that take you to a chest with
a WorldLeaf.  Go back to the second floor and head to the northwestern corner
of the map to climb to a room with a WorldDew (left chest) and a Roboster
heart (right).  Now that you've looted the place, go back to the second floor
and head to the northeastern corner to climb some to the fourth floor.

Seems pretty simple, but as you might have guessed, this floor is full of
holes.  Here is my vague attempt at ASCII art to guide you through this; S
indicates the stair you want to get to, E is the stair you came out of, P is
the stair you'll come out of if you fall into a pit (you'll fall into a room
with nothing in it, and have to go to the NE corner to go back upstairs), and
# is a wall or pillar.

#      ##      #         P #
#                   ____/  #
#                  /########   
#                  |#
#  ##      ##      /###
#  ##      ##     /   #
#     ##         /##  #
#     ##    ##  / ##  #
###         ## /    ###
###     ##    | ##  ##
#  ##   ## ___/ ##  E#
#  ##     /##        #
#     ##  |##    ##  #
#     ##  \      ##  #
# ##       \         #
# ##        | ##     #
#        ## | ##   ###
#        ##  \__   ###
#####           \__  #
    #              \S#

I hope that's helpful; as you can probably tell, I'm pretty bad at ASCII maps.
Basically, you'll want to hop into a pit ASAP so you can come out the top
stair, and then hug the right wall until you're just about to pass the point
where the right wall widens out to the west.  Then you should head between
the pillars like it shows on the map, giving more of an emphasis to going
south than to moving west.  Once you make it to a little open space (you'll
have passed four pillars on the east side of the room), head mostly west and a
little south to swerve around the central pillar, then go mostly south and a
little east so that you end up passing between the two pillars closest to the
exit.  Once between them, head mostly east and a little south until you get to
the exit.  Phew!

The good news is that you're nearly done.  On the fifth floor, head east to a
large junction, and take the path that heads northeast.  Ignore the first pass
east and take the second, then go north right after it.  Head north until you
cannot anymore, go east just a bit, and your work in this cave is done.

Wow, there's all this snow on the ground, and new monsters (most of which use
ice attacks) to go with it.  Try to get a Blizzard heart (look in the hills);
they're also Elemental-family monsters, which are fairly rare.  Anyway, head
northeast and look for a bridge; it'll take you to a shrine.

Here you can buy food and items (including CallWings and WorldLeaves), and
save your game.  The portal here will take you to the swamp entrance to the
Rondarukia Cave, but it's one-way, so don't go through it yet unless you like
wandering the cave.  Once you're done here, head west and then north, and
follow the forest on the northern edge of the land west and then south.
When it ends (you'll notice a shrine; don't go in, but take note of it, as
we'll be back here shortly), head east, then south, then back west and north
to finally make it to Domedi's Castle.

The castle is rather straightforward; you'd have to try pretty hard to get
lost.  On the first floor, head left just before the little room the stairs up
are in to go to a chest with an ExitBell (do they need to give you one of
these in each dungeon or something?); head right from that same point for some
ElfWater.  The monsters here aren't much worse than the ones in the cave, but
do watch out for the MadHornets; they can paralyze.

Once you make it to the fourth floor you'll notice there's a monster sitting
on the stairs up.  It's a Gigantes-like critter, and you'll have to beat him
to move on.  Aside from hitting hard, he's not very tough, and you'll go
through his 2000 or so HP without too much of a problem.  He'll drop a bushel
of XP, and you'll go upstairs.

Here there's a AgDevil lookalike guarding the stairs.  It relies on spells a
lot more than the Gigantes did, but it has less HP (about 1500).  Off the
critter and head upstairs to run into an ArcDemon clone on the stairs up.
Same story; whack away at its 1700 HP, collect about 4000 XP per monster,
and go to the last floor, the throne room.

Sure enough, Domedi is there, and introduces himself after thanking you for
helping him.  He tells you that he has the orb, but he asks you why you want
it.  Ruin tells Domedi about his parents' illness, and he is satisfied.
Domedi goes to give you the orb, but is interrupted by Magaruki, who says that
there is little time and tells you to bring the orbs now.  After this, Domedi
brings out the Helmet of Loto and turns it into the Orb of Intelligence, then
hands it to you.

While he is very happy that we now have all four of Loto's Orbs, Ruin wonders
what we need to do next.  Domedi says that the way is to the north.  Satisfied
with the answer, you head off, but just after you go downstairs, Domedi says
not to go, and before he can say why, he fades away.  Uh-oh.

Leave the castle and head back to that little shrine I said to ignore.  Go in
and talk to each statue; you'll put one of Loto's Orbs on each statue.  When
all four are in place, the earth will shake, and a new continent will rise
from the sea.  Magaruki gives you another message, saying that you've raised
the legendary Alefgard (アレフガード) from the sea, and that you should
go there if you want your wish.  Ruin will babble about the noise and
earthquake for a bit, and then ask about the wishes.  He realizes that you
all need to go to the new continent to get your wishes, which, he says, is a
bother, but that it has to be done.  Leave the shrine.

Take boats to Samultoria.  At its harbor, you'll notice that there is now a 
third choice, which is Alefgard.  Pick it and you'll sail over, ending up at
the harbor in a place called Garai (ガライ), which is located where we expect
Garinham to be.  Anyway, there's a warrior and a chef for your recruiting
pleasure in the inn; I didn't bother, as I really have no use for them.  There
is a Slime heart in the dresser here, for what that's worth.  Head over to the
church before leaving, as there's another old wagon freak who will upgrade
your wagons like before.  Exit the town to start...

Chapter 6 - Demon Lord

-Head counterclockwise around Alefgard, crossing the Swamp Cave
-Go to Radatome Castle and descend to the sixth basement
-Defeat Magaruki
-Watch the credits
-Save your game

As you exit the town, as usual, Ruin pulls you aside to talk.  He can't
believe that we're actually in Alefgard, but before you go exploring, you need
to set up camp and consult with Gyaban.  Everyone will make camp, and you'll
be sat in front of Gyaban.  He says that there won't be much other than nature
and monsters here, and that it is pretty likely that if we want information
about the land, we'll have to get it ourselves.  Not a problem.  Get moving;
take base camp with you if you don't have a CallWing or don't want to use one.

Head east at first.  This will take you to a merchant caravan; they don't have
anything special for sale, but there is a Big Apple in the jar, and the
fighter here, Fannu (ファンヌ), will join you if you want.  Go back towards Garai
and then head south.  When you can head east to take a desert path, do so.
You should see a town marker near a patch of swamp; go in to find it ruined.
However, there is a Golem heart in the jar to the lower left.  Exit and cross
the patch of swamp to wind around and keep going east.  You'll see a shrine
before long; enter it.

Inside, two guys are talking.  The younger one tells his master that it seems
time has started again.  Apparently they've been waiting for the traveling
kids that are destined to come...I wonder who that might be.  The younger man
says that he'll go out with you, and thanks his master for taking care of him
all these years.  The master tells him to get going, and the younger guy
approaches your group.  His name is Izrag (イズラグ), and he says that he's been
waiting to join you.  He's a Sage, which means healing and attack magic (good
attack magic, too) in one package, so let him join up and put him in right
away.  Exit the shrine.

Head north until you hit the southern entrance to the good ol' Swamp Cave.  If
you're curious, you can head west to go to DragonLord's castle, but it's been
sealed by Rubiss and you can't do anything there now (and possibly at all,
but I sort of doubt that you can't enter later on).  Anyway, enter the Swamp

Inside, you'll note a kid sort of hanging about in a corner.  If you go talk
to him, he'll ask if you're looking for treasure.  If you say yes he regards
you as competition and clams up, but if you say no he asks to join for
added protection as he goes to loot the world.  His name is Dogi (ドギー),
and he's a weight 1 Thief, which may or may not be better than the one you
have now.  Have him join if you so desire, and continue north.

You'll notice a Dragon sort of standing around as you head up the cave; if you
talk to it, it'll accuse you of trying to steal from it (I am unsure if it was
talking about you taking its eggs or its treasure) and attack.  It has about
1700 HP and packs a punch with its physical attack and high-level fire breath,
but you should be able to beat it without too many problems by now.  It gives
over 5000 XP per monster when beaten, as well as 2000 G and 20 Food.  When
you're done with that, exit the cave.

Head west and then south a little to come upon Radatome (ラダトーメ) Castle.
Drop camp here, heal up, and head in.  As a side note, depending on how
buff your monsters are, you may well want to do another tenshin before
going after the final boss; with a pair of S-Rank monsters and an A I had
a fairly easy time of it, so long as I was cautious about healing.  Regardless
of whether you want to fight him now or not, I would go in once to clean out
the treasures and minibosses before the last show.

You'll notice that the main gate is closed, but the service entrance to the
right is not.  Go in through there and wander the empty halls; the treasure
room to the west side of the castle has a WorldDew and a WorldLeaf in chests.
Once you're through looting, head upstairs.  In the throne room, go outside,
and then walk around to the back end of the castle.  You'll note that there's
a spot with no railing; jump down there to be able to head to the basement.

The first basement is pretty simple; at the first intersection, take the
southern path left and right to get to a chest with an ExitBell (...) on the
left and a Mimic on the right.  No, not a Mimic heart, a Mimic.  It has about
1000 HP, but isn't particularly dangerous (or at least shouldn't be at this
point).  Once you're done with that, head back to the fork and head along the
north path to get to the stairs down.

The second basement is a little more complicated than the first, but overall
it's pretty hard to get lost there.  Head south from the stairs up, following
the passage, and keep going east when you have a choice.  When that path ends,
go north and turn east into a room with a chest with a DarkKing heart.  I'd
save that for a really cool tenshin, if I were you.  Anyway, take the path
north right outside of the room to get to another chest; this one has a
WorldDew.  Go back to the intersection outside of the little chest room and
head west all the way, then north a bit, to get to another Mimic chest.  You
know what to do.  From that chest, head west, curving around a wall, to go to
the stairs down.

The next floor features warp pads.  Take the top one in the starting room to
be dropped in sight of a chest with a LifeAcorn, then go back to the starting
room and take the bottom pad.  Head west from where you appear to find a
chest with an ElfWater inside, then go east all the way to a different warp
pad.  Hop into it and follow the new path east and then south; at the junction
go east a bit and then north to two warp pads.  The left one takes you to the
stairs down.

The fourth floor adds damage floors to the mix.  These do something like ten
damage a step, so watch your HP.  Anyway, from the start, cross the damage
floor to get to a second teleport pad.  In the room it takes you to, cross the
damage floor there to get to a chest with some ElfWater, then cross the other
patch of damage floor to get to a teleport pad.  In the new room, cross the
floor and pass the pad to cross some more damage floor (gah, I wish I had
StepGuard for this floor...) for a chest with a WorldLeaf.  Take the pad that
we passed up for the chest and cross two damage floors in the new room.  You
can take the stairs now if you want, but if you head east and cross a large
patch of damage floor, you'll get a chest with an AttackSeed in it.  Go

To the north there is a large door that is sealed by a mysterious power.  Head
into any of the side rooms to find a monster there; if you talk to it, it'll
note that you have to beat it to pass through.  The monster in the northwest
room is a ChainGolem (くさりまじん), which has about 2000 HP, and is worth roughly
4000 XP (total) and 500 G.  He's not terribly hard; just follow the tried-and-
true "toast their defense in round 1 and try for Surround, then beat them to
death while healing as needed" strategy and you should win without much of a

The northeastern room has a RoseVine (ロースバトラー), which also has about 2000
HP, and is worth about 5200 XP total and 126 G.  He's not particularly
different from the ChainGolem.  The southeastern room has a Griffinx
(グリフィンクス), which is somewhat different;  it uses Thordain, which will do
something like 150+ damage to each of your monsters.  Like the others, it has
2000 HP, and gives you 4000 XP total; however, it drops 2980 G (!).
Definitely worth it, especially considering that you need to kill it to move
on.  Anyway, the last monster, in the southwest, is a ChaosDrake; it has about
2250 HP and is worth 3192 XP and 245 G; it can be Surround'ed, but it will
happily use PoisonAir on you, which is annoying (I hope you have spare
Antidotes if you intend to move on after this).

Once you've killed all four monsters, the door opens and you can head
downstairs.  Sitting on the throne is none other than Magaruki.  He welcomes
you, taking no little credit for your getting here and getting the orbs.  He
then praises you for showing off the strong points of monsters and humans, and
calls the orbs to himself, again noting that you got them all.  At this point,
Ruin asks about the wish he was supposed to get from the Demon Lord, but
Magaruki says that he doesn't know anything about Demon Lords; he's only
inhabiting his (her?) body!  Magaruki rather sarcastically thanks you for
bringing him the orbs, as now he can have his wish:  to rule the world!  But
before that...you need to die.  Forward into battle!

Magaruki comes with two attendants: a DarkFlame (ダークフレイム) and a
DeathBlizzard (デスブリザード).  Each has about 400 HP, and do mildly annoying
attacks, so kill them off quickly.  Don't bother with stat-lowering or other
status-affecting spells until after his helpers are dead, as one of them has
a spell that gets rid of them, and uses it if you try anything.  Aside from
that, he's not really that bad; he hits for about 100 damage on 300-400
defense monsters, and that seems to be about it.  Heal as needed and you
should be able to go through his 3250-odd HP in good time.

Once you're done smacking him around, he'll get annoyed and use the power of
the orbs to transform himself to give you a good killing.  Before he can do
that, though, Domedi shows up to tell Magaruki off.  Magaruki is surprised to
see him still alive, and probably just as surprised to see Kusharami show up.
She notes that the Genma Lord's body really has been taken over.  Following
that, Kakaron shows up and says that he thought it was strange that Magaruki
would want the orbs all of a sudden, and Barubaruu also appears, saying that
it's good that they managed to get here before it was too late.

Magaruki laughs at their thinking that they could beat him when he has the
power of the orbs behind him, and blows the four demon lords away with a
massive spell.  He marvels at the power of the orbs a bit, and then turns his
attention back to you.  He says that he's going to eat you; it's your job
to make him lose his appetite.

Impressive, isn't he?  So are his hit points, something like 11000 HP.  I
*highly* recommend having two of your monsters lower his defense to make this
not take an eternity.  Don't bother with Surround, it won't work.  In any
event, aside from casting SlowAll periodically, he will once in a while cast
Thordain, which is just as bad as when other monsters cast it, but what you
really need to be worried about is his physical attack.  Expect to take 250 to
350 damage per hit on monsters with defense in the 300s or 400s; hope that he
doesn't manage a critical hit, because it'll almost definitely kill the
monster it hits.  As you may not have Revive yet, and your supply of
WorldLeaves is limited, it'll be in your best interest to focus one monster on
healing whoever was hit and letting the other two whack away.  It'll help to
have several offense-oriented caravan members, too.

After some large amount of beating on Magaruki, you'll finally win the fight.
He'll say that he won't forgive you, and the dark spirit will rush out of the
Demon Lord's body.  She will be slightly confused and ask what happened. Ruin
worries that we might not have gotten rid of the bad spirit yet, but he notes
that her voice is different now, so it's probably okay.  Magaruki thanks you
for helping her, and talks a little bit about the evil spirit.  Basically, he
wanted the four orbs, so he sent a dream to the world's children to try and
get them to collect them, as he knew courageous children like you would do it.

She then talks a bit about your courage, saying how people who went on a big
quest and did things like saving the world became heroes, all called Loto.
Ruin says that is good, but would prefer to have his parents cured.  It seems
that some strings were pulled to get them in that state (probably the evil
critter's doing), so Magaruki says that she can fulfill his wish, as well as
send Keifer back to your home world.  Ruin is startled by that information,
and Magaruki explains that neither Keifer nor Fozu are from this world, and
that they probably should be sent home.  Ruin, only slightly oblivious, didn't
know this, but is okay with you going back, and is happy to have traveled
with you this far.  Magaruki says that it's time for you guys to go, and
thanks you for your help once again.

Sit back and watch the ending and credits.  Oddly, the credits for the
Japanese version are in English.  Don't turn off the power yet, though; we
have a bit more work left here.

Once the credits have finished rolling, you'll be in the Lost Forest with
Ruin, Gyaban, and Fozu, with a familiar whirl of light waiting for you.  Ruin
will thank you for all your help.  He's a little sad that he won't be able to
travel with you gone, and moreso, that he can't travel with you anymore.  He
then tells you to hurry home, as people are probably worried about you, but
asks you to come to see him when you can.  He says not to bother with
goodbyes, as he's sure he'll see you again.

If you talk to Gyaban, he'll talk to you a bit about the trip you had, and ask
you a bit about Grand Estard.  He'll note that you are the prince there if you
say yes to his question, and say that it isn't too surprising from how you
act.  He also invites you to come back when you can, but for now you had best
head back.

Talk to Fozu to find out that she has learned a lot about changing jobs while
here; she'll then ask you if you have learned anything here.  If you say yes,
she'll talk about how you met a lot of people and learned about the importance
of heart.  She then says that she'd like to come back here, but she's not sure
if she'll be able to.  She then goes into the portal after saying goodbye to
Ruin and Gyaban.  You should follow; Ruin will say goodbye one more time.
There will be a strange graphic with the four demon lords and three blinking
eyes, and then you will be asked to save your game.  Do so.

Congratulations on beating the main quest of Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan
Heart!  We're not done yet, though; select your save at the title screen to

Quest Two:  The Search for the Color Orbs

You'll pop out of the gate back at the castle in Grand Estard.  The maid will
show up and ask you if you've been napping; if you say no, she's a little
surprised, as it's been quiet lately.  She'll then comment that you seem a
little taller, but shrug it off as nothing.  She then tells you to go talk to
the king, as you should apologize to him for your earlier actions.  Head out
of the room to do so.

The king will scold you a bit, but overall he seems to have calmed down a bit.
When he asks if you understand what he's saying, say yes, and he'll be happy
that you're acting a bit more like a prince and listening to him for a change.
He'll then tell you to go to bed, as it is late.  Go back to your room.

Talk to the maid again and she'll tell you a bit about how Keifer's dad is
worried about him, being that he is to become King at some point.  She will
then tell you to go to bed, and leave.  Continue the following-orders trend
and go to bed.  Naturally, you'll get an odd dream.

Once again, it is Magaruki, but thankfully it is the good one this time.  She
has a request of you; apparently darkness has fallen over the world, and she
wants your help with solving this problem.  You'll wake up, and there will be
a gate on the floor.  Head towards it; before you can jump in, you'll get a
letter.  It turns out that it is from Ruin, and that things have gotten pretty
tough in his world, and he too asks for your help.  Hop into the portal to
head over again.

Ruin is waiting, and quite happy to see you.  He says that since the portal
was here, he thought you might be around and sent the letter through.  He then
asks you to become leader again so you can go traveling; naturally, you should
say yes.  With that, you go off to talk to Gyaban.

He gives a bit of an explanation of what has been going on.  Other people have
been having that dream about Magaruki saying the world is falling into
darkness.  Moreover, it seems the other four Demon Lords have not yet
reappeared, and we need to find them.  Somehow, Color Orbs are also involved.

We're about done talking to Gyaban, so head outside and go to the tenshin
tent.  If you talk to the Professor, he says that with Fozu gone we can't do
tenshin anymore.  Fortunately, just after he says that, she appears again,
saying she too heard Magaruki's call and decided to help out.  Great.  Head
outside and talk to *everyone* in camp.  Once you've done that, you'll be able
to talk to Ruin and head out.  He says we should go to Alefgard to talk to
Magaruki, but that he wants to see his parents before we set out, so head over
to Darkondale and go to his house.

His father has no problem with Ruin setting out again; in fact, he's going out
himself, to search for a land where rare slimes live.  Ruin's mom says that
because he'll go even if she says not to, she gives him permission to go...and
a bento.  You're done here, so head out.

Cross the little cave to the northeast and go to Kakaron's castle.  He isn't
there, but there is a BabyDevil there that will hand you Kakaron's Feather;
apparently he was charged with giving it to you.  It doesn't do anything right
now, sadly (nor does Kusharami's Feather, for that matter), but I assume it'll
be handy later on, so take it and set off for Samultoria again.

Head towards the harbor aaaaaall the way to the west (steamrolling over the
now-pathetic monsters on the way) to take a ship to Alefgard.  As a side note,
now is a great time to head over to Beranuuru to purchase Zugatts, if you
haven't already; you're probably swimming in cash after the last chapter, and
failing that, duck into one of the caves that has popped up all over the place
(more on those later...) to kill some stuff.  I've been getting absolutely
ridiculous amounts of money from the monsters there, something like 10000 G in
half an hour of fighting there.

Once you've arrived in Alefgard, make your way back to Magaruki's castle and
head upstairs.  She's here, so no need to head outside to go all the way
through the basement again.  Walk over and talk to her and she'll greet you
and thank you for coming.  She then says that the person who has been
manipulating her body is still lurking on this world, and the world is slowly
being taken over by darkness.  She can't match the darkness taking over the
world with her power, so she called for you, based on guidance from Loto's
Orbs.  Say yes when she asks to help and she thanks you.  She tells you to
go look for some old friends...yup, the other demon lords; apparently their
power is also necessary.

Magaruki then says that she's been talking to her friend Rubiss about this,
and that Rubiss said to get power from some orbs; apparently some of Rubiss'
power is in them.  With those, it might be possible to help the other demon
lords.  Magaruki tells you to start gathering orbs, and that you should head
to SlimeLand, east of Pelpoi, once you have them.  Get going.

Speaking of orbs...you may see red tents from time to time on the world map.
If you do, head in and talk to everyone there; one of them will give you a
color orb.  I've received purple and green orbs there.

<to be continued...>

8) FAQs, or Look Here Before You Email Me, Please

Well, I don't have any actual questions yet, but I'll put a couple of
important little things here for the time being.

Q:  How do I save the game?  It's getting really annoying starting the game
    over every time I have to change batteries...

A:  Go to a Church (きょうかい) in town or the sister (who may or may not be in a
    church tent) in the camp.  Pick the first option (おいのりする), and pick the
    first option when they ask you a question.  Wait a little bit, the game
    is now saving.  Do *not* turn off the power while the game is saving, you
    may lose your game.  Once new text scrolls in, your game is saved, and
    you can turn off the power as you desire.

Q:  How does <game function> work?

A:  Have you looked at section 6?  Some of the newer nuances to the game are
    explained there.  If the one you're looking for isn't, try looking at this
    section, and if it's not there, give me an email and I'll try to answer
    your question; assuming it's more than a little thing, it'll probably be
    added into part 6.  If it's a menu, look at section 5; if I haven't
    covered it yet, drop me an email asking to add it.  Worst case is that
    I haven't reached a part of the game that has it yet and you'll have to
    wait a bit until I can work on it.

9) Tinymedals, or Shiny Things I Find On the Ground

The Dragon Quest games have a proud tradition of collecting little medals,
typically well-hidden, and redeeming them for prizes.  DQM:CH is no
different, except that the medals aren't really well-hidden; they're just
sort of randomly placed on the world map.  Pick them up and take them to camp.
You can give them to the jar with the star on its side (aka the Pot o'
Tinymedals), and if you collect enough, it'll allow you to redeem them for
some decent monster hearts.

The hearts available are:
FlowerBeat (はなもどき)  5 Medals
Cloudking  (くものだいおう) 10 Medals
Dragon     (ドラゴン)   20 Medals
Metabble   (はぐれメダル) 30 Medals

10) 転身 lists, or It's Time To Create A Monster

Part 1 - How to Use These Tables

There are two types of lists in this section.  The first set is for breeding
by race, and the second set is for breeding by special combination.  As
special combination lists take a bunch of time to write, and I'm not entirely
sure how I want to format those tables yet, they will be forthcoming.  Also,
for the time being I'm just putting the English names in; I will probably put
in the Japanese names when I play with formatting in an update or so.

To use the breeding by race tables, first select the table that matches the
race of your monster at present; we'll call that the base monster.  Now, pick
your two hearts; find the row on the table that has the appropriate races
(for example, if you use a Slime family heart and a Magic Beast family heart,
look for the row that shows Slime and Dragon.  Note that order does not
matter). Go along that row until you find the entry with the same rank as the
base monster.  If none of the hearts you used were higher rank than that of
your base monster, that is what you will get; otherwise, you will get the
monster that is one rank higher (i.e., one entry to the right).  Note that
you can't get SS rank monsters in this manner; you'll have to breed those

Some abbreviations - S  - Slime family
                     B  - Beast family
                     D  - Magic Beast (Dragon) family
                     P  - Nature (Plant) family
                     M  - Material family
                     A  - Devil family
                     E  - Element family
                     R  - Base Monster
                     H1 - Heart 1
                     H2 - Heart 2

Now, without further ado, the tables.  Again, many thanks to the writers of
the official guide to the game for this information; it would be nearly
impossible to gain it through gameplay.

Part 2 - Breeding by Race

A quick note/plea:  If anyone has an Element-family monster laying around,
would you be able to go check some random breeding combinations using it?
Judging from the combinations of monsters, I suspect that the guide's table
for the Element family may not be right (specifically, I think that the order
of the hearts in that case may actually matter, so try both ways).  If this
is the case, this section will probably become a lot smaller, as I can
organize the data in it in a different (and hopefully better) way.

Slime Family:
H1 H2 |      D      |      C       |      B      |        A      |      S
S  S  |    Slime    |    Healer    | SlimeKnight |   HaloSlime   |  SpinSlime
S  B  |   Babble    |    Snaily    | BabbleKing  |   DarkKnight  |   DarkKing
S  D  |  AquaSlime  |    Metaly    |  DarkSlime  |   DarkKnight  |   DarkKing
S  P  |    Slime    |    Leafer    | BabbleKing  |   HaloSlime   |  SpinSlime
S  M  |  Conpeito   |    Snaily    |  DarkSlime  |   DarkKnight  |  SpinSlime
S  A  |  AquaSlime  |    Healer    | SlimeKnight |   MageSlime   |   DarkKing
S  E  | MagmaSlime  |    Snome     |   Metabble  |  CrystalSlime | MasterSlime
B  B  |  Mommonja   |  Toungella   |   Unicorn   |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
B  D  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
B  P  |  StarFish   |  Toungella   |   Unicorn   |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
B  M  |  SpikyBoy   |  SabreMan    |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
B  A  | VampireRat  |  PutrePup    |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
B  E  |  Mommonja   |  Toungella   |   Unicorn   |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
D  D  |  DragonKid  |    BigEye    |   Boobaa    |   BattleRex   |   RainHawk
D  P  |  DragonKid  |    BigEye    |   Boobaa    |   BattleRex   |   RainHawk
D  M  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
D  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  E  |  DragonKid  |    BigEye    |   Boobaa    |   BattleRex   |   RainHawk
P  P  |  GiantWorm  |   MadPlant   |  StubSuck   |    FooHero    |  DeadTrunk
P  M  |    Goopi    |    MudMan    |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
P  A  |    Ghost    |  PomPomBomb  |  Berserker  |  DragonRider  |  GrandDevil
P  E  |    Slime    |    Leafer    | BabbleKing  |   HaloSlime   |  SpinSlime
M  M  |    Goopi    |    MudMan    |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
M  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
M  E  |    Goopi    |    MudMan    |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
A  A  |    Ghost    |  PomPomBomb  |  Berserker  |  DragonRider  |  GrandDevil
A  E  |    Ghost    |  PomPomBomb  |  Berserker  |  DragonRider  |  GrandDevil
E  E  |  RougeWave  |   Blizzard   |    ????     |     ????      |     ????

Beast Family:
H1 H2 |      D      |      C       |      B      |        A      |      S
S  S  |   Babble    |    Snaily    | BabbleKing  |  DarkKnight   |   DarkKing
S  B  |  Mommonja   |  Toungella   |   Unicorn   |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
S  D  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
S  P  |  StarFish   |  Toungella   |   Unicorn   |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
S  M  |  SpikyBoy   |  SabreMan    |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
S  A  | VampireRat  |  PutrePup    |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
S  E  |  StarFish   |  Toungella   |   Unicorn   |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
B  B  |  Mommonja   |  Toungella   |  KillerApe  |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
B  D  | BabyPanther |  GiantBat    |  Goategon   |   DarkHorn    |  LandShark
B  P  |  StarFish   |  BullBird    |  MadCondor  |   TriWinder   |  LandShark
B  M  |  MadGopher  |  ArmyCrab    |  IronTurt   |   IronHawk    |  MuscleKong
B  A  |  CragDevil  |   CatMage    |   Grizzly   |   DarkHorn    |  MuscleKong
B  E  |   RamFish   |   Almiraj    |   Unicorn   |  GiantSquid   |   KingLeo
D  D  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
D  P  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
D  M  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
D  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  E  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
P  P  |  Gophecada  |  Toadstool   |  HammerMan  |   BeezleBug   | DeathScyther
P  M  |  SpikyBoy   |  SabreMan    |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
P  A  | VampireRat  |  PutrePup    |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
P  E  |  StarFish   |  BullBird    |  MadCondor  |   TriWinder   |  LandShark
M  M  |  SpikyBoy   |  SabreMan    |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
M  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
M  E  |  SpikyBoy   |  SabreMan    |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
A  A  | VampireRat  |  PutrePup    |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
A  E  | VampireRat  |  PutrePup    |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
E  E  |  WindBeast  |    Flame     |    ????     |      ????     |     ????

Magic Beast (Dragon) Family:
H1 H2 |      D      |       C      |      B      |        A      |      S
S  S  |  AquaSlime  |    Metaly    |  DarkSlime  |  DarkKnight   |   DarkKing
S  B  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
S  D  |  DragonKid  |    BigEye    |   Boobaa    |   BattleRex   |   RainHawk
S  P  |  DragonKid  |    BigEye    |   Boobaa    |   BattleRex   |   RainHawk
S  M  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
S  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
S  E  |  DragonKid  |    BigEye    |   Boobaa    |   BattleRex   |   RainHawk
B  B  | BabyPanther |   GiantBat   |  Goategon   |   DarkHorn    |  LandShark
B  D  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
B  P  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
B  M  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
B  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
B  E  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
D  D  | PudgyDragon |    Dragon    |  Swordgon   |   GreatDrak   |  GigaDraco
D  P  |    Droll    |    Wyvern    |   Snapper   |   Armorpion   |   RainHawk
D  M  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
D  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  E  | EarthFiend  |    BigEye    |  Blizzardy  |    Orochi     |  ChaosDrake
P  P  | FlowerBeat  |     Icky     | OnionMaster | PumpkinKnight |  Drollrium
P  M  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
P  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
P  E  |    Droll    |    Wyvern    |  Blizzardy  |   Armorpion   |   RainHawk
M  M  |  StatueKid  | PhantomGlass |    Golem    |  DeathMasker  |   Griffinx
M  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
M  E  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
A  A  |    Hork     |  DeadKnight  |  ArcDemon   |    Jamirus    |  LandShark
A  E  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
E  E  |  WindBeast  |    Flame     |    ????     |      ????     |     ????

Nature (Plant) Family:
H1 H2 |      D      |       C      |      B      |        A      |      S
S  S  |    Slime    |    Leafer    | BabbleKing  |   HaloSlime   |  SpinSlime
S  B  |  Mommonja   |  Toungella   |   Unicorn   |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
S  D  |  DragonKid  |    BigEye    |   Boobaa    |   BattleRex   |   RainHawk
S  P  |  GiantWorm  |   MadPlant   |  StubSuck   |    FooHero    |  DeadTrunk
S  M  |    Goopi    |    MudMan    |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
S  A  |    Ghost    |  PomPomBomb  |  Berserker  |  DragonRider  |  GrandDevil
S  E  |    Slime    |    Leafer    | BabbleKing  |   HaloSlime   |  SpinSlime
B  B  |  StarFish   |   BullBird   |  MadCondor  |   TriWinder   |  LandShark
B  D  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
B  P  |  Gophecada  |  Toadstool   |  HammerMan  |   BeezleBug   | DeathScyther
B  M  |  SpikyBoy   |   SabreMan   |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
B  A  | VampireRat  |   PutrePup   |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
B  E  |  StarFish   |   BullBird   |  MadCondor  |   TriWinder   |  LandShark
D  D  |    Droll    |    Wyvern    |  Blizzardy  |   Armorpion   |   RainHawk
D  P  | FlowerBeat  |     Icky     | OnionMaster | PumpkinKnight |  Drollrium
D  M  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
D  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  E  |    Droll    |    Wyvern    |  Blizzardy  |   Armorpion   |   RainHawk
P  P  | Eggplation  |   FloraJay   |   Snapper   |   FaceTree    |   Rosevine
P  M  |  CactiBall  |    Saccer    |  Armorpede  | GiantScorpion | DeathScyther
P  A  |  GiantSlug  | ChestnutMan  |  DanceVegi  |   MadHornet   |  Drollrium
P  E  | Eggplation  |   FloraJay   |   Snapper   |   FaceTree    |   Rosevine
M  M  |  SpikyBoy   |    MudMan    | RockSpider  |    LavaMan    | DarkCrystal
M  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
M  E  |  SpikyBoy   |    MudMan    | RockSpider  |    LavaMan    | DarkCrystal
A  A  |   Reaper    |   PutrePup   |  Berserker  |   BossTroll   |    Gracos
A  E  |   Reaper    |   PutrePup   |  Berserker  |   BossTroll   |    Gracos
E  E  |  RougeWave  |   Blizzard   |    ????     |     ????      |     ????

Material Family:
H1 H2 |      D      |       C      |      B      |        A      |      S
S  S  |  Conpeito   |    Snaily    |  DarkSlime  |   DarkKnight  |  SpinSlime
S  B  |  SpikyBoy   |   SabreMan   |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
S  D  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
S  P  |    Goopi    |    MudMan    |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
S  M  |    Goopi    |    MudMan    |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
S  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
S  E  |    Goopi    |    MudMan    |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   |  DarkCrystal
B  B  |  MadGopher  |  ArmyCrab    |  IronTurt   |    IronHawk   |  MuscleKong
B  D  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
B  P  |  SpikyBoy   |   SabreMan   |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
B  M  |  SpikyBoy   |   SabreMan   |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
B  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
B  E  |  SpikyBoy   |   SabreMan   |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
D  D  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
D  P  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
D  M  |  StatueKid  | PhantomGlass |    Golem    |  DeathMasker  |   Griffinx
D  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  E  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
P  P  |  CactiBall  |    Saccer    |  Armorpede  | GiantScorpion | DeathScyther
P  M  |  SpikyBoy   |    MudMan    | RockSpider  |    LavaMan    | DarkCrystal
P  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
P  E  |  SpikyBoy   |    MudMan    | RockSpider  |    LavaMan    | DarkCrystal
M  M  |    Facer    |  KillerAxe   | ProtoKiller |   Roboster    |   Griffinx
M  A  |  MadCandle  |    Mimic     |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
M  E  |   MudDoll   | TreasureBag  |  BombCrag   |    IceMan     |  LandShark
A  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
A  E  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
E  E  |    Gizmo    |  CloudKing   |    Ellow    |     Alue      |    Burlle

Devil Family:
H1 H2 |      D      |       C      |      B      |        A      |      S
S  S  |  AquaSlime  |    Healer    | SlimeKnight |   MageSlime   |   DarkKing
S  B  | VampireRat  |   PutrePup   |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
S  D  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
S  P  |    Ghost    |  PomPomBomb  |  Berserker  |  DragonRider  |  GrandDevil
S  M  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
S  A  |    Ghost    |  PomPomBomb  |  Berserker  |  DragonRider  |  GrandDevil
S  E  |    Ghost    |  PomPomBomb  |  Berserker  |  DragonRider  |  GrandDevil
B  B  |  CragDevil  |   CatMage    |   Grizzly   |   DarkHorn    |  MuscleKong
B  D  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
B  P  | VampireRat  |   PutrePup   |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
B  M  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
B  A  | VampireRat  |   PutrePup   |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
B  E  | VampireRat  |   PutrePup   |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
D  D  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  P  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  M  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  A  |    Hork     |  DeadKnight  |  ArcDemon   |    Jamirus    |  LandShark
D  E  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
P  P  |  GiantSlug  | ChestnutMan  |  DanceVegi  |   MadHornet   |  Drollrium
P  M  | VampireRat  |   PutrePup   |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
P  A  |   Reaper    |   PutrePup   |  Berserker  |   BossTroll   |    Gracos
P  E  |   Reaper    |   PutrePup   |  Berserker  |   BossTroll   |    Gracos
M  M  |  MadCandle  |    Mimic     |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
M  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
M  E  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
A  A  |  Demonite   | GhostCoffin  |  GateGuard  |  DevilPriest  |  GreatMage
A  E  |   Merman    |    Shadow    |   AgDevil   |   LampGenie   |    Gracos
E  E  |  WindBeast  |    Flame     |    Ellow    |     Pino      |    Burrle

Element Family:
H1 H2 |      D      |       C      |      B      |        A      |      S
S  S  |    Slime    |    Healer    | SlimeKnight |   HaloSlime   |  SpinSlime
S  B  |  Mommonja   |  Toungella   |   Unicorn   |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
S  D  |  DragonKid  |    BigEye    |   Boobaa    |   BattleRex   |   RainHawk
S  P  |    Slime    |    Leafer    | BabbleKing  |   HaloSlime   |  SpinSlime
S  M  |    Goopi    |    MudMan    |  Armorpede  |   MadMirror   | DarkCrystal
S  A  |    Ghost    |  PomPomBomb  |  Berserker  |  DragonRider  |  GrandDevil
S  E  | MagmaSlime  |    Snome     |   Metabble  |  CrystalSlime | MasterSlime
B  B  |  Mommonja   |  Toungella   |  KillerApe  |   WalrusMan   |  Trumpeter
B  D  |   Drakee    |     Orc      |  GulpBeast  |   BattleRex   |  ChaosDrake
B  P  |  StarFish   |   BullBird   |  MadCondor  |   TriWinder   |  LandShark
B  M  |  SpikyBoy   |   SabreMan   |    Golem    |   StoneMan    |   Griffinx
B  A  | VampireRat  |   PutrePup   |  Gigantes   |   BossTroll   |  ChainGolem
B  E  |   RamFish   |   Almiraj    |   Unicorn   |  GiantSquid   |   KingLeo
D  D  | PudgyDragon |    Dragon    |  Swordgon   |   GreatDrak   |  GigaDraco
D  P  |    Droll    |    Wyvern    |  Blizzardy  |   Armorpion   |   RainHawk
D  M  | PudgyDragon |  MadDragon   |  Swordgon   |   Skullgon    |  Serugeinas
D  A  |    Lipsy    |  LizardMan   |  Gargoyle   |    Andreal    |  Serugeinas
D  E  | EarthFiend  |    BigEye    |  Blizzardy  |    Orochi     |  ChaosDrake
P  P  | Eggplation  |   FloraJay   |   Snapper   |   FaceTree    |   Rosevine
P  M  |  SpikyBoy   |    MudMan    | RockSpider  |    LavaMan    | DarkCrystal
P  A  |   Reaper    |   PutrePup   |  Berserker  |   BossTroll   |    Gracos
P  E  | Eggplation  |   FloraJay   |   Snapper   |   FaceTree    |   Rosevine
M  M  |    Facer    |  KillerAxe   | ProtoKiller |   Roboster    |   Griffinx
M  A  |  Demonite   |    Mummy     |  EvilArmor  |  DragonRider  |  ChainGolem
M  E  |   MudDoll   | TreasureBag  |  BombCrag   |    IceMan     |  LandShark
A  A  |  Demonite   | GhostCoffin  |  GateGuard  |  DevilPriest  |  GreatMage
A  E  |   Merman    |    Shadow    |   AgDevil   |   LampGenie   |    Gracos
E  E  |    Gizmo    |  CloudKing   |    Dreen    |     Alue      |    Burlle

Part 3 - Breeding by Combination

<Coming Soon...er or later...>

11) Item Lists, or The Stuff Your Caravan Carries For You

Incidentally, this is the first game I can think of which has a pretty clear
explanation of why your characters have not been crushed under the weight of
their inventory.


Japanese Name | English Name | Price (G) | Effect
              |              |           |
やくそう          | Herb         |     8     | Restore 30-40 HP
アモールのみず       | Lovewater    |    50     | Restore 60-70 HP
まほうのせいすい      | Potion       |    100    | Restore 20-30 MP
どくけしそう        | Antidote     |    12     | Cure poison
めざめのこな        | Awakesand    |     ?     | Cure sleep
てんしのすず        | SkyBell      |     ?     | Cures confusion
まんげつそう        | MoonHerb     |    30     | Cures paralysis
げっけいじゃ        | Laurel       |    50     | Removes curse
りんご           | Apple        |    20     | adds 20 food to supply
おおきなりんご       | Big Apple    |    55     | adds 50 food to supply
さかな           | Fish         |    85     | adds 80 food to supply
おべんと          | Bento Box    |     -     | adds 100 food to supply
キメラのつばさ       | Warpwing     |    50     | Return to camp
おもいでのすず       | ExitBell     |     ?     | Return to dungeon entrance
まもりのオーブ       | Protect Orb  |     -     | Legendary orb
ちからのオーブ       | Power Orb    |     -     | Legendary orb
ハートゲッター       | Heart-Getter |     -     | Mysterious heart-stealing device

<more to come...>

12) Monster Lists, or Let's Get Ready to Kill Things

The status of the section may change depending on if you can encounter the
same monster type at different experience levels depending on how far you are
in the game.  Until I verify if this is the case or not, you can find how much
XP, Gold, and food/items a monster drops here.  If no item is listed, this
doesn't mean that that monster doesn't have any items to give, it just means I
haven't gotten one from it yet.

Additionally, I'm using the English names here if possible.  When one does not
exist, I'll make something up based off of translation or something.

Chapter 1:
 Forest    :  Drakee    (ドラキー)     : 1 XP
 Overworld :  Confetti  (こんぺいと)    : 3 XP 3 G 1 Food
              Drakee    (ドラキー)     : 1 XP 1 G Herb
              Gophecada (せみもぐら)    : 2 XP 3 G Herb
              GiantSlug (おおなめくじ)   : 2 XP 2 G
 Cave      :  Madcandle (おばけキャンドル) : 3 XP 2 G Herb
              GiantSlug (おおなめくじ)   : 2 XP 2 G Apple
              GiantWorm (おみみず)     : 3 XP 3 G 2 Food Apple

Chapter 2:
 Overworld  : Saccer      (ミノーン)     : 3 XP 4 G Herb
              Spikyboy    (とげぼうず)    : 2 XP 3 G 3 Food
              Healer      (ホイミスライム)  : 4 XP 6 G
              Cactiball   (サボテンボール)  : 5 XP 3 G 6 Food Antidote
              Puppetman   (パペットマン)   : 5 XP 5 G
              Windbeast   (かまいたち)    : 8 XP 10 G
              Momonja     (ももんじゃ)    : 6 XP 3 G 3 Food
              Slime       (スライム)     : 4 XP 2 G Apple
              KillerMole  (キラースコップ)  : 6 XP 6 G 3 Food Herb
              FlowerBeat  (はなもどき)    : 6 XP 5 G 5 Food
              VampireRat  (バンパイアラット) : 4 XP 4 G Awakesand
 Water Cave : Ghost       (ゴースト)     : 7 XP 5 G
              Earth Fiend (つちわらし)    : 6 XP 3 G
              PudgyDragon (ドラドン)     : 8 XP 6 G 7 Food ExitBell

Chapter 3:
 Overworld  : ChestnutMan   (マロンマン)     :   20 XP   6 G 4 Food
              Toadstool     (マタンゴ)      :   22 XP   5 G Antidote
              Lipsy         (リップス)      :   22 XP   5 G
              Reaper        (しにがみ)      :   17 XP   8 G
              CatMage       (ねこまどう)     :   18 XP   8 G
              Sabreman      (ひとくいサーベル)  :   16 XP   6 G
              TreasureBag   (おどるほうせき)   :   17 XP  24 G SkyBell
              BabyPanther   (ベビーパンサー)   :   22 XP   3 G
              Tonguella     (ベロゴン)      :   30 XP   4 G
              Facer         (トーテムキラー)   :   24 XP  10 G
              PomPomBomb    (ポムポムボム)    :   24 XP   4 G
              Leafer        (リーファ)      :               3 Food
              Demonite      (ベビーサタン)    :   22 XP   8 G
              MadPlant      (マッドプラント)   :   22 XP   6 G 5 Food
              Stubsuck      (きりかぶおばけ)   :   26 XP   5 G
              GulpBeast     (ストロングアニマル) :   34 XP   8 G 3 Food
              Shadow        (シャドー)      :   27 XP   7 G
              Armorpede     (よろいムカデ)    :   30 XP   6 G
              Gizmo         (ギズモ)       :   26 XP   4 G
 Lake Cave  : Gargoyle      (がーゴイル)     :  360 XP 100 G BOSS
              Droll         (ドロル)       :   90 XP   8 G
              Metaly        (メタルスライム)   : 1000 XP   2 G
              Mudman        (ドロヌーバ)     :  102 XP   8 G
              Snaily        (スライムつむり)   :   54 XP   6 G
              DragonKid     (ドラゴンキッズ)   :   63 XP   7 G 5 Food
 Rorra Gate : Demon's Axe   (げんまのオノ)    :
              Demon's Sword (げんまのけん)    :
              Barubaruu     (バルバルー)     : 1000 XP 300 G 6 Food (total for 3)

Chapter 4:
 Overworld :  Tonguella     (ベロゴン)     :  30 XP  4 G
              KillerApe     (キラーエイプ)   :  60 XP  8 G BigApple
              GiantBat      (ジャイントバット) :  59 XP  7 G 
              Icky          (オパビー)     :  56 XP  6 G
              Goopi         (マドハンド)    :  42 XP  5 G 
              BeezleBug     (ベルザブル)    :  54 XP  9 G
              DarkHorn      (ダークホーン)   : 126 XP 11 G
              FloraJay      (はなカワセミ)   :  42 XP  6 G
              BullBird      (おばれうしどり)  :  54 XP  6 G 6 Food
              DanceVegi     (ダンスキャロット) :
              RockSpider    (ガンセキクモ)   :  50 XP  8 G 
              Berserker     (バーサーカー)   :  45 XP 12 G
              Bombcrag      (ばくだんいわ)   : 300 XP  5 G
              Unicorn       (ユニコーン)    :  72 XP  9 G 3 Food
              FooHero       (ポチヒーロー)   :  65 XP 13 G
              GhostCoffin   (ばけものしんぷ)  :  78 XP 14 G
              GiantScorpion (おおさそり)    :  67 XP  7 G
              Phoenix       (ひくいどり)    :  72 XP 10 G 4 Food
              MageSlime     (まどうスライム)  :  60 XP 10 G
              OnionMaster   (オニオンマスター) :  96 XP 18 G 3 Food
              Grizzly       (グリズリー)     : 162 XP 16 G
              IronTurt      (アイアンタートル) : 126 XP 16 G
              MagmaSlime    (マグマスライム)  :
 Wind Tower :
              Wyvern        (キメラ)      : 69 XP  8 G 4 Food
              Killeraxe     (つじぎらアックス) : 69 XP  9 G
              MadCondor     (ヘルコンドル)   : 78 XP 16 G
              PhantomGlass  (ファントムグラス) : 75 XP 10 G
 Full Moon Tower :
              SilentProwl   (さまようしんかん) : 117 XP 15 G
              Boobaa        (ブーバー)     :  91 XP 11 G 2 Food
              MadMirror     (あくまのカガミ)  :  84 XP 10 G
              AgDevil       (シルバーデビル)  : 120 XP 12 G
              RougeNite     (さまようよろい)  : 141 XP  9 G
 Lighthouse : Babble        (バブルスライム) : 95 XP 9 G
              DeadNite      (しりょうのきし) :
              DarkSlime     (ダークスライム) : 129 XP 10 G
              PutrePup      (アニマルゾンビ) : 100 XP 8 G
              Hork          (くさったしたい) :
              Boobaa        (ブーバー)    :  91 XP 11 G 2 Food
              AgDevil       (シルバーデビル) : 120 XP 12 G
              RougeNite     (さまようよろい) : 141 XP  9 G
 Dragon's Path :
              Dragon        (ドラゴン)     : 141 XP 14 G 5 Food
              GateGuard     (じごくのもんばん) : 135 XP 21 G
              DragonRider   (ドラゴンライダ)  :
              StoneKid      (とつげきこぞう)  :
              OnionMaster   (オニオンマスター) :  96 XP 18 G 3 Food

Chapter 5:
 Rupugana Overworld :
              MageSlime     (まどうスライム)   :  60 XP 10 G
              OnionMaster   (オニオンマスター) :  96 XP 18 G 3 Food
              Grizzly       (グリズリー)       : 162 XP 16 G
              IronTurt      (アイアンタートル) : 126 XP 16 G
              FooHero       (ポチヒーロー)     :  65 XP 13 G
              Phoenix       (ひくいどり)       :  72 XP 10 G 4 Food
 Beranuuru Overworld :
              MadPanther    (キラーパンサー) :  180 XP 28 G
              HammerMan     (おおきづも) :  156 XP 23 G
              BabyPanther   (ベビーパンサー) :  148 XP 42 G
              Skullgon      (スカルゴン) :  177 XP 26 G
              Metaly        (メタルスライム) : 1000 XP   2 G
              ArmyCrab      (ぐんたいガに) :  152 XP 18 G 6 Food
 Rondarukia Overworld :
              PumpkinKnight (かぼちゃのきし) :             8 Food
              SlimeKinght   (スライムナイト) :  153 XP 26 G
              Snapper       (ひとくいそう)   :  147 XP 25 G 2 Food
              StoneMan      (うごくせきぞう) :  220 XP  7 G
              BigEye        (ビックアイ)     :  169 XP 23 G
              Metaly        (メタルスライム) : 1000 XP  2 G
              Skeletor      (がいこうけんし) :
 Rondarukia Cave :
                Roboster      (キラーマシン)       : 282 XP 26 G
                Flame         (フレイム)           : 192 XP 23 G
              Mummy         (マミー)             : 202 XP 30 G
                Andreal       (アンドレアル)       :
                MadDragon     (ドラゴンマッド)     : 207 XP 22 G
                Almiraj       (アルミラージ)       : 192 XP 20 G 3 Food BigApple
                CrystalSlime  (クリスタルスライム) : 222 XP 37 G
 Snowfields : Gigantes      (ギガンテス)       : 600 XP 30 G
              Blizzardy     (ホークブリザッド) : 360 XP
                Goategon      (ゴートドン)       : 297 XP 26 G
                BigMommonja   (ビッグももんじゃ) : 447 XP 40 G
                ArcDemon      (アークデーモン)   : 621 XP 37 G
                Snome         (スノーム)         : 285 XP 30 G
                CloudKing     (くものだいおう)   : 702 XP 40 G
 Domedi's Castle :
                Swordgon      (ソードドラゴン) : 376 XP 31 G
                ArcDemon      (アークデーモン) : 621 XP 37 G
                MadHornet     (へるホーネット) : 348 XP      4 Food

Chapter 6:
 Overworld :  GreatDrak  (グレイトドラゴン) : 681 XP 57 G
              LandShark  (グランドシャーク) : 576 XP 60 G
              BattleRex  (バトルレックス)   : 573 XP 58 G
              BossTroll  (ボストロール)     : 739 XP 70 G
              TriWinder  (トライワインダー) : 570 XP 60 G
              LampGenie  (ランプのまおう)   : 741 XP 78 G 6 food
              GigaDraco  (ギガントドラゴン) : 1001 XP 66 G
              Slime      (スライム)         : 201 XP 4 G
              Trumpeter  (パオーム)         : 555 XP 50 G
 Radatoomu Castle :
                DarkKnight (ダークナイト)   : 666 XP  65 G
                Golem      (ゴーレム)       : 513 XP  62 G
                EvilArmor  (デビルアーマー) : 795 XP  69 G
                KingSlime  (キングスライム) : 999 XP  93 G
                Gracos     (グラコス)       : 522 XP 354 G 74 Food

<more to come?>

13) Skill Lists, or Things Your Monsters Can Do Other Than Attacking

I'll add to this as I get them...

Japanese Name | English Name | MP Cost | Effect
              |              |         |
ルカニ           | Sap          |     3   | Def Down.
ピオリム          | SpeedUp      |     3   | Speed Up (group)
マホトラ          | MPAbsorb     |     0   | Absorb MP from target
ギラ            | Firebal      |     4   | Fire Attack (group) ~20 d.
スカラ           | Upper        |     2   | Defense up
メラ            | Blaze        |     2   | Fire Attack ~10 d.
マヌーサ          | Surround     |     3   | Enemy hit rate down
ねむりこうげき       | NapAttack    |     2   | Attack + sleep effect
とラマナ          | StepGuard    |     2   | Protection from damage tiles
なめまわし         | LushLicks    |     2   | Paralyze an enemy for next turn
リレミト          | Outside      |     2   | Get out of dungeons/towers
ボミオス          | Slowall      |     4   | Speed down (group)

14) Member Lists, or The Peoples We Meet So the Monsters We Can Beat

At some points in the walkthrough I note that I saw a character I was not
interested in and as such did not recruit.  If anyone has their names, please
tell me so I can include them here.  Also, I kicked some people out before
I could get their weight; if you happen to still have them, drop me a line
and tell me how heavy they are.

Randall (ランドル) - Weight 1 - Your first navigator.  As the map gets more and
                            more useful as the game progresses, it's a good
                            idea to take him (or at least one or two of the
                            navigators) along.  I think he (and his siblings)
                            allow the monster they support to strike from the
                            back and thus not miss.  Cannot be kicked out.
Alex    (アレクス) - Weight 4 - A warrior.  Attacks with an axe.  Good damage at
                            second level (when paired with, say, Kurast).  A
                            bit heavy, though.  Also cannot be kicked out.
Dekson  (デクソン) - Weight 3 - Cleric.  Absolutely indispensable.  Basically a
                            free herb every turn.  Switch him around to heal
                            all your monsters, if the critters you're
                            encountering aren't very tough.  He, too, cannot
                            be kicked out.
Ripple  (リップル) - Weight 1 - Dancer.  Tries to drain a few MP from all the
                            monsters.  Not a very effective member.
Alisa   (アリサ)  - Weight 2 - Mage.  Casts Blaze on a monster, which is sort
                            of useless not too long after you get her
                            (unless you fight high DEF enemies).  Not a bad
                            choice, though, and can be effective if used with
                            other mages in a combo.
Kachua  (カチュア) - Weight 2 - Merchant.  Runs an item store in camp.  Steals

                            money in combat, which rocks at the beginning of

                            the game, when you're poor.  Lets you see treasure

                            chests on the map if you've got navigators around.

                            Pretty useful, all in all.
Vandall (バンダル) - Weight 1 - Another navigator.  Basically the same as Randall.

                            If two navigators are in the same wagon, you'll be

                            able to see a larger map and the world map.  Guess
                            what?  You can't kick him out either.
Ann     (アン)   - Weight 3 - Fighter (martial artist).  Reasonable damage.  A

                            lighter alternative to Jura or Alex.
Nana    (ナナ)   - Weight 2 - 
Fisherwoman.  Throws bait in battle, which cancels

                            an enemy's next turn if it works.  Lets you catch

                            fish outside of battle.  Indispensable.  Really,

                            take her everywhere.
Reidaa  (レイダー) - Weight 3 - Merchant.  Same as Kachua, I think, just heavier.

                            Don't think there's a benefit for having both of

                            them together, so I don't use him.
Rirra   (リーら)  - Weight 1 - Fortune teller.  Tells fortunes at base camp,

                            which basically gives you a semi-cryptic clue as

                            to where you should be going next.  Has some

                            effect on the map, but I'm not sure what it is;

                            I suspect it is marking where to go next.  In

                            battle, tells you approximately how many HP an

                            enemy has left.  Handy character.
Iksas   (イクサス) - Weight 1 - Does *something* in battle.  It's never worked;

                            I suspect he cures status ailments or something.

                            Could be useful.  Basically, he's needed for plot

                            in Chapter 3 and he's light and possibly helpful,

                            so he's sort of higher than Ripple.  I guess.
Gordon  (ゴードン) - Weight 2 - Knight.  Uses Knight Shield.  I have *no idea*

                            what that does, or if it does anything at all.

                            Doesn't seem very useful, honestly.  At least he's

Jura    (ジュラ)  - Weight 4 - Swordsman.  Attacks twice in one round, pretty
                            strong, all told.  Highly useful, IMHO.  Thanks
                            to those who pointed out that this character is
                            actually female...
Kurast  (クラスと) - Weight 2 - Another warrior.  Just like Alex, but half the
                           weight.  I've only ever used him to combo with

                            Alex, so I'm not sure how he is alone, but I

                            suspect he's fairly good.
Ronmill (ロンミル) - Weight 1 - Navigator.  See Randall and Vandall.  Can't kick
                            her out, either.
Renda   (レンダ)  - Weight 2 - Another fisherman.  Doesn't seem to get better if

                            put with Nana, but I believe you can catch fish

                            more frequently if both are with you at the same

                            time.  Definitely worth taking.
Sesuka  (セスカ)  - Weight 3 - A warrior.  Whee.  See comments on Alex and
Tasha   (ターシャ) - Weight 2 - A priest.  We love free healing, and it loves us
                            too.  I'd use her if I were you.
Boldo   (ボルドー) - Weight 2 - A bard, and vital to the main quest of Chapter 4.
                            I'd wait until after that to kick him out, if you
                            do.  Seems to cast Stopspell on enemies, and lets
                            you rename monsters and wagons when in camp.
Ryuuga  (リュウガ) - Weight 4 - A fighter.  I didn't use him, particularly, and
                            he's gone now.  Nothing special, I'm sure.
Hoomii  (ホーミィ) - Weight 2 - Another shopkeeper.  Not really different from the
                            others.  Remove for more room, I suppose.
Machua  (マチュア) - Weight 3 - A monster tamer.  Indeed seems to make it easier
                            to get hearts, but it seems like you need to kill
                            the monster she targets on that round for her 
                            effect to help.  If anyone else can verify this,
                            I'd be quite happy.  Anyway, you also need her
                            for the Chapter 4 quest.
Zenon   (ゼノン)  - Weight 3 - Another mage.  Pretty effective when teamed with
                            Alisa, give it a whirl.  Also casts StepGuard
                            outside of battle.
Ilene   (アイリン) - Weight 2 - A knight.  Does the defensive shtick.  Still
                            don't think they're worth the space...
Maurice (モーリス) - Weight ? - A nurse, like Iskas.  As poison and paralysis get
                            more common near the end of the game, their kind
                            might be sort of useful.
Getts   (ゲッツ)  - Weight 2 - A thief.  Unfortunate name aside, steals stuff in
                            battle, sometimes.  Runs the bank in camp, and
                            can use EagleEye outside of battle.  Fairly handy
                            to have around, but you'll probably want to ditch
                            him for a lighter thief later on.
Garusu  (ガルス)  - Weight 1 - A light fisherman!  Why I kicked him out instead
                            of Nana, I'm not sure.
LunLun  (ルンルン) - Weight 1 - A goof-off, to borrow the phrasing from the NES
                            DW III.  Tells jokes in battle, which paralyzes
                            an enemy for a round.  Works on *anything* (yes,
                            I've seen it work on Magaruki's last form),
                            but sometime's she'll...well, goof off...for the
                            round instead.  Can be told to go fool around on
                            the field, which I think sometimes gets you random
                            items for 100G.  Runs the casino in camp.  All
                            this and puff-puff for one weight?  How can you
                            say no?
Oost    (オースト) - Weight ? - A fortune teller.  No better than Rirra, I'd
Guillerme (ギルメ)- Weight 3 - A metalhunter.  That's someone who can inflict
                            amounts of damage greater than one to metal
                            slimes; however, it's not much more than one (he
                            was doing five damage when I had him, even with
                            fairly powerful monsters), and he does the same
                            damage to non-metal monsters, making him suck-
                            tastic for non-leveling situations.  Moreover,
                            Metabbles later in the game (notably in the Orb
                            Dungeons) have a whole bunch of HP, so he's doubly
                            useless.  Handy for quick XP until your monsters
                            are strong enough to hurt metal slimes on their
                            own, then he's sort of outdated.
Fannu   (ファンヌ) - Weight ? - A fighter.  Just like the others.  A different
                            flavor of warrior, more or less.
Izrag   (イズラグ) - Weight 3 - A sage.  Sages are cool; it's like getting a
                            second-level priest and a second-level mage at
                            once.  His spells include Healmore, Bolt, and
                            Boom.  Quite handy to have around, though the
                            healing isn't as certain as from a priest.
Dogi    (ドギー)  - Weight 1 - Here's that lighter thief I mentioned earlier.
                             Have fun.

<more as I find them...>

15) Thanks to...

My parents, for letting me go abroad and thus allowing me to be in Japan to
pick up this game when it came out.

The nice people on the GameFAQs DQM:CH message board, for a nice forum for
discussing this title, and the occasional statistic/pointer.  Many thanks to
lyonnie in particular.

The insanely well-informed people who wrote the official guide to DQM:CH.
The information in that book has helped clarify a lot of things that I just
didn't know, and the assorted lists in the book help me fill in a lot of gaps
in play mechanics, and make it so that I can get out breeding information
before the next ice age rolls around.

GameFAQs, for hosting this FAQ/Walkthrough, and being around forever and
inspiring me to write FAQs.

16) Legal Stuff

Personally, I don't really care where this FAQ gets posted; it would annoy
me a bit if other people took credit for it, though.  Therefore, please
notify me if you wish to post this FAQ on your site.

Presently the most current version of this FAQ can be found on...my computer.
The most current *released* version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQs
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This document is not intended to be used in any way that is profitable to
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Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart and related characters are trademarks of
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You must all worship the BabbleKing.

(c) Copyright 2003 Ayndin

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