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White/Black/Blue Differences FAQ by The Dark Unknown

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 10/31/2003

Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Differences Guide

By: The Dark Unknown
Version: 0.9

Any suggestions can be posted on the Megaman Battle Network 3 W/B Message
Board at www.gamefaqs.com. Or if it's an emergency, e-mail me at

This document is Copyright 2003 The Dark Unknown. Break this copyright, and
Title 17 Chapter 5 Section 506(d) of US Copyright Law you can be fined for up
to $2,500.For usage of this document on any other places, web sites etc, please
contact me via e-mail: powerclash_192@hotmail.com.

Places where the FAQ is currently available: www.gamefaqs.com

--------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------

A) Introduction to Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue

B) Difference 1: Battle Chips (Standard and GigaChips)

C) Exclusive GigaChip descriptions

D) Difference 2: Navis (MegaChips of Mistman and Bowlman)

E) Difference 3: Styles and Navi Customizer Blocks

F) Difference 4: Shop Merchandise

G) Miscellaneous Differences:
i) Box/Cart Art
ii) In-game Decoration
iii) Others

H) Important Information
i) History
ii) Credits
iii) Contact Me
iv) Copyright Information

-------------------------A) Introduction-----------------------------
Let's get down to business!

The main differences between the White and Blue version are:
1) GigaChips
2) Standard Chips
3) Navis you can fight + Navi Chips you can get
4) Styles and Navi Customizer Blocks related to the Style

These make White and Blue distinctively different in terms of Gameplay.
As most people ask: Which version is better? The answer depends on you.
I can only show you the difference, not force you to choose 1 version.

For those of you that have not played any previous Megaman Battle Network
titles, and don't have much knowledge of how MMBN Titles (especially, MMBN3)
work, here
is some info for you.
Megaman Battle Network 1/2/3 are all RPGs, with an Action genre mixed into the
Battles, and aren't related to the timeline of Megaman SideScroller Titles
(MM1-10, MMX1-7). Just a bit of info for all you MM Fans :P.
Basically, in the game you control Lan, the main character of the real world.
He (and you) can travel around the real world etc. At certain places (all of
which are somehow computerized), Megaman.EXE, Lan's Navi can plug/jack in into
the Internet World via the PET, or Personal Terminal.
Megaman goes around the Internet World (controlled by you as well), and can
travel from
place to place within the Internet. There are different types of Networks. Some
are just
jack/plug in points, with a Diamond shaped area. Others are part of the
network, like
ACDC Area 1-2-3 (which you can go through without plugging out) Within the
Internet Areas,
there are Viruses (which appear randomly, as of most RPGs). You get into a
Battle Sequence
(this is all explained in the Game Manual), where you select chips and fight in
in a stage like so:


M = Megaman (where he starts in the battle)
V = Viruses (can be in different places etc)

You are allowed to move around in the 9 panels to the left (3x3 area), which are
all Red. The rest are Blue, and show where the opponent can move.
Other opponent Navis will appear throughout the game, which you are able to
battle and perhaps gain chips from.
Chips gotten from Viruses or Navis can be put into a set of 30 chips, known as
Folders. All of this will be explained in the Instructions Manual that comes
with your game.

-------------------------B) Difference 1-----------------------------

The Battle Chips that are obtainable in each version are different. Firstly,
Standard Chips have shared codes amongst the two versions as well as
unique codes only found in one version. Example: AirSword has a * code
in Blue, but not in White; MetaGel 1 K can be found in Blue only, MetaGel
1 Y is only in White.

The more important difference between the Battle Chips: The Gigachips.
There are 5 unique Gigachips in each version. They are listed below. (NOTE:
Since GigaChips can't be traded, they remain exclusive to each version)

Note: Forte GS is a Capcom Promotion, and replaces Forte or Forte Another
in the Library.
|     Chip Name     | Version |    Where to get it    |
|   Navi Recycle    |  White  |  UnderNet 4 Merchant  |
|     Forte/Bass    |  White  |        Forte GS       |
|      Serenade     |  White  |  Serenade Time-Trials |
|       Double      |  White  |   NetBattle: Both     |
|     Punishment    |         |  carts need 3+ Stars  |
| Proto Arm Sigma   |  White  |Proto SP(with 7 stars) |
|    FolderBack     |  Blue   |  Undernet 4 Merchant  |
|Forte/Bass Another |  Blue   |        Forte GS       |
|  Darkness Aura    |  Blue   | Serenade Time-Trials  |
|  Delta Ray Edge   |  Blue   | NetBattle: Both       |
|                   |         | carts need 3+ stars   |
| Proto Arm Omega   |  Blue   |Proto SP (with 7 stars)|

-------------------C) Exclusive Gigachips Description-----------------

For those who want to know what each chip does, in order to decide which
version to get, here's the list (Format is the same as the one I did in the
Netbsttle Strategy Guide for MMBN3).
The ones listed are only the exclusive ones. The V5 Navi Chips that are
shared between each version are not listed. The Gigachips are listed in
this order:

-->NaviRecycle (WX1)
-->FolderBack (BX1)
-->Forte/Bass (WX2)
-->Forte Another/Bass+ (BX2)
-->Serenade (WX3)
-->DarkAura (BX3)
-->Proto/Alpha Arm Sigma (WX4)
-->Proto/Alpha Arm Omega (BX4)
-->Balance (WX5)
-->Delta Ray Edge (BX5)

Please search the number allocated to the GigaChip [eg. BX1 or WX1].
Use the Search Function CTRL + F. WX is a White Exclusive Gigachip, and
BX is a Blue Exclusive Gigachip. The Gigachips that share the same number
(WX4 and BX4) are obtained in the same method in both versions.
NOTE: The numbers given to the Gigachips by ME, and are in NO WAY RELATED to
the game and its sorting system.


Number: ~Number given to make searching easier~
Name: ~Self-explanatory, its name~
Exclusive to: ~Exclusive to which version (White/Blue)
Obtaining Method: ~How you get it~
Requirements: ~Does it need anything special to activate, like the chip Hole.~
Damage: ~Damage it deals (Without Atk+)~
Code: ~The code of the chip (A-Z, *)~
Description: ~What the chip does~
Pros: ~Good things about this chip~
Cons: ~Bad things about the chip~
Effective with: ~What chips and combos it works well with.~


Number: WX1
Name: Navi Recycle
Exclusive to: White
Obtaining Method: 200 BugFrags: Shop in Undernet 2
Requirements: None
Damage: Equal to last used Navi (as well as any Atk+)
Code: *
Description: Reuses the last Navi chip used, including any Navi+
or Atk+ you've used with it. If you haven't used a Navi Chip before using
Navi Recycle, it'll disappear. Also works on certain PAs.
Pros: Allows you to reuse any powerful Navi you've used, perfect for Navi
Chips like Darkman, Flashman, Plantman and Yamatoman. Also, PAs like
BigHeart, GutsShoot and BodyGrd can be recycled, allowing another PA for
just 1 chip. Gigachips like Serenade and Forte/Bass can be Recycled too.
It can also be Preset (50MB), effective for Folders which rely on Navis.
Cons: Doesn't work without Navi chips
Effective with: Lots of Navis.


Number: BX1
Name: FolderBack
Exclusive to: Blue
Requirements: None
Obtaining Method: 200 BugFrags: Shop in Undernet 2
Damage: None
Code: *
Description: Recycles your Folder, meaning all chips you've used in the battle
can be reused again. Since Folderback itself is recycled, it means you have
unlimited chips. Preset Chip stays preset, plus Folderback acts as a
instant FullCust Chip.
Pros: Unlimited chips for hard battles like Forte/Bass SP. Allows reuseage
of strong PAs like PrixPower. It also resets Rush, Tango and Beat Support
NC Blocks in Netbattles.
Cons: Not many...the only con is that it acts as a FullCust for opponents
in Netbattle, and resets THEIR Rush/Beat/Tango.
Effective with: Everything!


Number: WX2
Name: Forte/Bass
Exclusive to: White
Obtaining Method: Defeat Forte/Bass GS
Requirements: Hole Chip/ DarkLicense NCP
Damage: 90 (x15~)
Code: X
Description: Requires Hole to use. Forte/Bass appears, then shoots around
15 Airbursts horizontally across the Stage. These can be blocked by
obstacles. The shots are fired randomly down each row.
Pros: Long range, lots of hits. It can hit Prisms, doing massive damage.
Cons: Easily blocked with Rooks or other obstacles. Requires Hole Chip
or DarkLicense NCP.
Effective with: Navi+ and Atk+, obstacle removing chips.


Number: BX2
Name: Forte Another/Bass+
Exclusive to: Blue
Obtaining Method: Defeat Forte/Bass GS
Requirements: Hole Chip/ DarkLicense NCP
Damage: 550
Code: X
Description: Requires Hole to use. Forte/Bass appears, then goes above
the enemy closest to him. He then uses "Earth Breaker", which is where
he hits down, hitting 1 vertical "row". Piercing, and it also cracks the
Pros: Can break practically any shield/Aura. Piercing, so it goes through
obstacles. It also hits Moles, since the chip hits the Panel itself.
Cons: Only 1 row, bad for multiple opponents.
Effective with: Navi+ and Atk+, Wind/AirSword to get enemies in line (if
there's more than 1)


Number: WX3
Name: Serenade
Exclusive to: White
Obtaining Method: Finishing all Serenade TimeTrials
Requirements: Hole Chip/ DarkLicense NCP
Damage: 100 (x20~)
Code: S
Description: Requires Hole to use. Serenade appears, then she uses her
HolyShock, hitting and cracking panels. The hits are random.
Pros: Can be made to be more accurate. With the opponent left wit 1 Panel,
and Serenade powered with with Navi+ and Atk+, this chip is able to do
over 3000 damage (210 per hit, times 15-20), thus making this the STRONGEST
Cons: Not many...weak if you've been Areagrabbed lots.
Effective with: Navi+ and Atk+, lots of Areagrabs.


Number: BX3
Name: DarkAura
Exclusive to: Blue
Obtaining Method: Finishing all Serenade TimeTrials
Requirements: Hole Chip/ DarkLicense NCP
Damage: None
Code: A
Description: Requires Hole to use. Megaman gets a 300 Aura. This can't
be broken unless a 300 damage single hit is used on the Aura.
Pros: The best Aura available in the game! It withstands most attacks,
only LifeSword, Bass+/Forte Another, certain pumped up V5 Navis and
PrixPower can break it. It can be made to a 600 Aura by standing on
HolyPanels. It can also be Preset (55MB)
Cons: Requires Hole, waste of Hole, since other Gigachips do immense damage.
Also can be removed with a NorthWind.
Effective with: Sanctuary/HolyPanel, AntiSword (for LifeSword), AntiNavi
(Bass+, V5s etc)


Number: WX4
Name: Proto/Alpha Arm Sigma
Exclusive to: White
Obtaining Method: Defeating Proto/Alpha SP
Requirements: None
Damage: 50 (x16)
Code: V
Description: Proto/Alpha appears in the middle panel (where Megaman
usually appears in Battles), then fires its Lightning Bolt, doing 400 base
damage to the side rows, and 800 base damage to the middle row.
Pros: The second most damaging Single chip in MMBN3, it can do up to 160
x16 damage to the middle row, almost as good as Serenade's insane damage.
This DOESN'T REQUIRE HOLE, meaning you can practically defeat an opponent
with just this chip.
Cons: If there's an obstacle over the panel where Proto/Alpha appears,
then the chip won't work.
Effective with: Obstacle removers (AirShot? GutsPunch? Poltergeist?),
Navi +, Atk +.


Number: BX4
Name: Proto/Alpha Arm Omega
Exclusive to: Blue
Obtaining Method: Defeating Proto/Alpha SP
Requirements: None
Damage: 500
Code: V
Description: Proto/Alpha appears in the middle panel (where Megaman
usually appears in Battles), then fires its Nuclear Missile forward, doing
500 damage. If it hits an obstacle/opponent in front, then it wil explode,
doing 500 damage to all 9 surrounding panels. However, if the missile
travels OFF the screen, it does 500 damage to the back two rows.
Pros: Although this cannot compare to P/AAS' crazy damage, it does have
spreading capibilties.
Cons: If there's an obstacle over the panel where Proto/Alpha appears,
then the chip won't work.
Effective with: Obstacle removers (AirShot? GutsPunch? Poltergeist?),
Navi +, Atk +.


Number: WX5
Name: Balance (Double Punishment)
Exclusive to: White
Obtaining Method: Netbattling with opponents that have at least 1 Star.
A 1/32 chance of getting it. You must play in Real Mode though.
Requirements: None
Damage: 1/2 of FULL HP
Code: Y
Description: Bolts of Lightning comes down on everyone (including the
who used the chip), and takes away 1/2 their FULL HP. (You are left with
1 HP if it does too much damage)
Pros: Can quickly defeat high HP opponents (you can get up to 3000HP, so 1500
Cons: Damages you, can leave you with low HP.
Effective with: LifeSword (comes in Y code), Murmasa: Can do damage equal
to your HP loss, in this case, at least 1/2 your HP. Strong PAs that do
heavy damage. Tango Support (To recover you when Balance hits you down to low


Number: BX5
Name: Delta Ray Edge
Exclusive to: Blue
Obtaining Method: Netbattling with opponents that have at least 1 Star.
A 1/32 chance of getting it. You must play in Real Mode though.
Requirements: None
Damage: 220 X 3
Code: Z
Description: Protoman's Triangle/Delta Attack. Protoman appears, and
slashes the opponent, doing 220. If you press A at the correct time (with
a flashing cursor), then Protoman can hit up to 3 times, doing 660.
Pros: High Damage, good accuracy.
Cons: Bad Code, requires good timing. Hard to master...
Effective with: Atk +10 or 30, Flashman, Plantman (to stop opponent)


-------------------------D) Difference 2-----------------------------

Aside from 2 Navis, all the rest of them that you find in MMBN3 will remain the
same in both versions. The Navi Mistman V1 to V4 can only be found in White
Version, and the navi Bowlman V1 to V4 can only be found in Blue Version. Both
are located in the same location (Location disclosed to prevent spoilers)

You can only obtain the chips Mistman V1, V2, V3 and V4 in White, and you
must trade or use Library Compare from a Blue Cartridge to get Bowlman's
chips. Same with Bowlman, Bowlman V1, V2, V3 and V4 is only obtainable
in Blue. However, Mistman V5 and Bowlman V5 are obtainable in both versions,
in ~SPOILERS~ +SP Mode, by defeating the respective SP Navi.+

Punk, Mr. Famous' new Navi, can be found in Blue Version only. There is
simply no Navi in the place of Punk in White Version. Unfortunately, Punk
doesn't yield a chip. Punk's Chip is a Capcom Event Promotion only.
The only item you get from Punk is Zenny.

-------------------------E) Difference 3-----------------------------

One of the biggest differences between White and Blue Versions is the Unique
Style of each version. White has Ground Style, while Blue has Shadow Style.
Ground Style has the ability to crack panels using a Charged Buster Shot.
If Ground Style's Charged Buster hits any obstacle or Virus, the Panel
it is on gets cracked. HeatGround is an exception, since the flame itself
counts as an obstacle, so the 3 Panels in front are cracked.

Shadow Style has the ability to turn Invisible, similar to the chip Invis,
using a Charged Buster Shot. Megaman will turn invisible for a few seconds
(2-3). If any Weapon +1 NC Blocks are put into the Navi Customizer, then
the Invis Charged Buster reverts to the Element Charged Shot, at LV1.

Through Ground Style you can obtain the Navi Customizer Blocks: SetGrass
(LV2), SetIce (LV3), SetMagma (LV4) and SetHoly (LV5), which turn the normal
panels on the stage into that type. Set Holy only turns your normal panels to
Holy Panels. These NC Blocks are the same as the ____Stage (The ____ being
the type of panels it changes the panels to)

Shadow Style gives the Navi Customizer Blocks: ShadowShoes, FloatShoes,
AntiDamage. ShadowShoes ignores Cracked Panels, which
means stepping over a Cracked Panel will not cause it to break. FloatShoes
neglects the bad effects of Panels: Damage standing on Magma Panels,
Sliding on Ice Panels, and Slowing down on Sand Panels, but not the good
effects, like recovering on Grass Panels, or 1/2 damage on HolyPanels.
However, FloatShoes does NOT prevent poison from Poison/Swamp panels.

AntiDmg is a combination of Reflect and the chip AntiDamage. If you
press <- + B just before you get hit (meaning it's activated when you're
hit), you will "block" the attack, and instead fly up and throw 1 Shrunken
like the Chip AntiDamage. A ???? will appear in the top left corner of
your screen (Under HP) when you use AntiDmg, like with the Anti Chips.
AntiDmg only lasts for 1 second, so you have to time it well. Reflect is
generally recommended, instead of AntiDmg.

For additional information, please refer to zidanet129's FAQ on Styles,
which is available at www.gamefaqs.com
Link: http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbadvance/file/rockman_exe_3_style.txt

-------------------------F) Difference 4-----------------------------

There are many shops in Megaman Battle Network 3. These sell a variety
of chips, as well as Subchips and HP Memories. The Shops in White have
different Chips on sale than the Shops in Blue, but they are in the same
location in both versions.
For more information, please refer to my Shop List (By: The Dark Unknown)
available at www.gamefaqs.com.
Link: http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbadvance/file/rockman_exe_3_shops.txt

-------------------G) Miscellaneous Differences ----------------------

i) Box and Cartridge Art


The Box for Megaman Battle Network 3 White shows Rockman's Head, with Lan
and his PET in Front, on a white Background. The Box for Megaman Battle
Network 3 Blue shows Punk's Head facing left to the left of the box and
Rockman in HeatShadow Style facing Right to the right side of the box.
Lan stands in the middle of Punk and Rockman in the middle on a Blue
The Cartridge Art of Megaman Battle Network 3 White is silver on the left
side and white on the right side. Lan and Megaman are in white on the silver
side of the Cartridge Label, with the title "Battle Network Rockman EXE
3" on the white side. The Blue Cartridge has Megaman in HeatShadow Style
on a Blue and blue background, with Blue to the left and blue to the right.
"Battle Network Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue" is on the left of Megaman.

ii) In-Game Decoration

There are miniscule differences to the decoration within the Game. The
Plug/Jack In screen in White is colored Blue, while it's Green in Blue
version. The Garbage Cans in the Metroline are different, as well as the
mini statues of outside and in the DNN Building are different. The DNN
Battle Console, as well as the Jigoku Island Battle Consoles are Orange
in White version and Blue in Blue version. The most noticeable difference
is the colour of the Start Menu. The start menu is Blue in White version,
and is Grey in Blue version. The Megaman Icon to the Top left corner next
to the PET Icon is also different.

iii) Others

Some other Differences not listed in the categories above are the different
Preset Virus Battles throughout the game. Most of them are different in
each version. Also, some of the chips available in Blue Mystery Datas are
different in White and Blue versions.

---------------------H) Important Information------------------------

i) History
V0.1: Completed main text of Guide.
V0.2: Changed Table
V0.5: Changed names to those of the English Version
V0.6: Added extra content, made some of the text easier to understand.
V0.8: (Why did I skip one?) Added GigaChips Description Section.
V0.9: Corrected mistakes, fixed it up a bit (Thanks to Magenta Galaxy),
added basic info for newbies to MMBN3 to Introduction.

ii) Credits

Nintendo & CAPCOM: For making this great game!
GameFAQs Megaman Battle Network 3 Message Board: My main source of info
for this guide.
Ratix0: For help with ACSII Art (Table of GigaChips)
Magenta Galaxy: Pointing out mistakes, helping me to check through the guide.

iii) Contact Me

You can contact me over the Megaman Battle Network 3 W/B Message Board
at www.gamefaqs.com; my Username there is "The Dark Unknown". For
emergencies, you may e-mail me at powerclash_192@hotmail.com, or add me
onto your MSN Messenger contact list.
Feel free to contact me about this Guide, but please only send e-mails
concerning THIS Guide. Any SPAM or Junk mail will not be tolerated, and
you will be sliced to bits with a HeroSword.

iv) Copyright Information

This guide belongs rightfully to me, The Dark Unknown. No one is allowed
to use this guide on any other website UNLESS I have given permission.
Using this guide for any other purposes is not allowed without my
If I do see this guide anywhere else without my permission, or someone
plagiarizing it, I WILL come and sue you!

Megaman EXE, Lan, Megaman Battle Network, and all names, items associated
are copyright of Capcom. Don't use them as your own unless you like Capcom
suing you.

Places this guide is currently available: www.gamefaqs.com
Copyright 2003 The Dark Unknown (aka. Brian Fong in the real world)

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