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Megaman Upgraded 07/29/03 athlon11
Happy birthday megaman! 07/04/03 Bahamuttiamat
Great game and your going to be a megaman fan after this game! 03/20/06 Bass260
One of THE best games I've ever played 07/23/03 Chaos and Order
Still great, but lacks a little charm 07/17/04 Darkscythe77
The Megaman RPG just keeps getting better. 06/26/03 DarkTelepath
Mega Man is still good, but he's declining. 07/01/03 finalchao forever
Battle Network seems to be the best! 07/02/03 funky1
Haven't I seen this before... 09/01/03 Kaine76X
Another great (program) Advance in the right direction! 06/25/03 kroboz
MegaMan is forever staying young 06/27/03 LanceHeart Gothann
Time to save the world....again! 05/23/05 livewyr90
Perfect again! Don't change anything capcom! 07/04/03 Mojobaby817
Mega Man returns for his 3rd, and possibly final, run in the .EXE series 07/12/03 numberonecubsfan 2
Megaman keeps getting better! 07/01/03 ShaheerRahman
Despite a few annoying additions, MMBN3 is a fantastic game. 07/13/03 Shiro Sirius
The Blue-Bomber has done it again! 08/11/03 SSJ2Onilink
Jack-In Megaman... for another adventure! 10/09/03 takamanexe
Megaman hasn't let us down yet!!! 06/28/03 Thegreekweezel
Capcom never seems to lose their touch! 06/27/03 Treiden
Mega Man on the Internet and... getting stale. 01/02/07 Turbo Speed
Capcom pulled a Pokemon. For the Better or for the Worse? Of course, The better. 07/09/03 Ultimate cheater
MegaMan -> bigger, better, than expected 11/11/03 warriorlink7
Awesome Game! 07/17/03 WhiteMage
Blue is the version to get! 07/06/03 Xander to Faith

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