What is the purpose of metal panels?

  1. I know the effects and interactions of just about every other panel in the game... So what's even the point of using SetMetal?

    User Info: carvool

    carvool - 1 year ago

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  1. hey kids,how's it going I'm SansTheComical.So as ToxicKyubi said(love the name by the way)metal panels can't be broken.The is a good chip to use when your facing navies like Drillman,Gutsman,Bass,Metalman,and Alpha!Gutsman for instance,will break your panels and activate Z-guts punch,which is not something you wanna get hit by.I should know!I've been a complete FRICK FRACKIN' IDIOT before.I've also beaten Bass...GX.

    User Info: SansTheComical

    SansTheComical - 11 months ago 1 0


  1. It's like normal panel but it can't be broken. There is no elemental advantage in these panels.. only one thing.. can't break.

    User Info: ToxicKyubi

    ToxicKyubi - 11 months ago 0 0

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