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The fourth-most accurate GBA Duel Monsters simulator 02/20/04 KWang

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It's time to duel! 05/21/03 A B C
An entertaining game 10/07/02 blackdiamond
It has it's pros and cons... 11/07/03 ChaosChao2
I can't believe I wasted 3 hours beating this game. 11/24/03 Codester
People just keep making more yu-gi-oh games... 03/10/04 ConsoleTroll
So Close Yet So Far 12/06/03 Dash
Is it the series that are getting too old? Or too much Yu-gi-oh! games? 09/01/04 exarkunnn
Quite frankly, it's not a very good game...but it's much more addictive than you'd think 07/22/08 hyper_squirrel
Sort of an easy Challenge. 11/17/03 Janaak
The game itself is a god card 11/07/03 Justdog11
Konami just played their card of Franchise Butchering... 08/29/05 Raziel_S_RVR
Not the best of the Yu-Gi-Oh! games... 11/07/03 RWoolf
Gives Dark Duel Stories a Run... 11/16/03 SamboSimpson
Another horrible Yugioh game. 07/21/04 samwise22gamgee
Not as promising as it could have been. 11/11/03 SECRET BORAD PLACER
Yu-Gi-Oh fans, avoid this! 11/10/03 Seiferalmas
Doesn't live up to World Wide Edition. 11/10/03 ShaheerRahman
A good Yu-Gi-Oh game, but not the best 10/21/02 ShaheerRahman
The Scacred Cards 12/28/03 Sieg Strife
What the hell is this? 04/28/03 SomaCruz
Flavorless, Yet Addictive(Sorta like sunflower seeds) 12/23/03 SSJ2 Berly
RPG fans will enjoy this, although everyone will think it's way, WAY too short... 01/20/04 Tice90
Finally, a YGO game with a story from the series 03/16/03 TimeWizard
Let the duel commence!! 11/07/03 UltimateKajumba
The Sacred Cards reveals itself to be worthy of a rent. 11/10/03 Wiser Guy
Yugioh fans...THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!! 01/08/04 yugiohduel
A bit childish and geeky, but still fun to play. 04/11/06 Zeltica

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