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Guide and Walkthrough by Tarrun

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/04/2007

Double Dragon Advance

Table of Contents

I - Introduction 
Legal Information
Version History

II - Miscellaneous

01.0 - Cast of Characters 
02.0 - Attacks
03.0 - Codes

III - Walkthrough 

Prologue - Basic Strategies
001.0 - Mission 1
002.0 - Mission 2
003.0 - Mission 3
004.0 - Mission 4
005.0 - Mission 5
006.0 - Mission 6
007.0 - Mission 7
008.0 - Mission 8

Welcome to my Double Dragon Advance FAQ. 

Any questions, comments, corrections, or contributions are welcome, my email 
is tarrun75(at)gmail(dot)com. Please make sure to add something related to 
Double Dragon in the subject line so I don't have to figure out what game 
you're talking about. Also, questions regarding something that's already 
covered in the guide will not be answered. Credit will be given to anything 
sent to me that I add or major corrections. For corrections, please email me 
only if it's something really important, something that will clearly confuse 
anyone reading.

Legal information:
This document is copyrighted Tarrun 2005.
This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstance except for personal 
or private use. It may not be placed on any web site, magazine or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advanced written permission. This guide may not 
be used for profit, and may only be used on gamefaqs.com. Use of this work on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is a violation of 
copyright and is strictly prohibited.

First Submission: April 24th - April 26th - Version 1.0

II - Miscellaneous 

01.0 - Cast of Characters 

01.1 - The Good Guys

- Billy Lee - One half of the Double Dragons and a champion of justice, Billy 
Lee is the hero of the game. After training for eight years, he became a Sou-
Setsu-Ken master at age 20. The Shadow Warriors took his girlfriend Marian 
hostage, and Billy is determined to rescue her.

- Jimmy Lee - The other half of the Double Dragons, Jimmy has a major rivalry 
with his brother, both in martial arts and for Marian's love.
- Marian - Billy's girlfriend who was kidnapped by the Shadow Warriors so 
that the Dragons would hand over the book of the Sou-Setsu-Ken.

01.2 - The Bad Guys

- William - Your average street thug. Will often carries knives or other 
weapons to give himself and advantage. 

- Linda - Another street thug, Linda may be a female but she can still hold 
her own in a fight, especially when she has her whip or knives. 

- Roper - The third and last thug, Roper isn't much different from Wills. 

- Chin Taimei - A master of Boujutsu (stick fighting) and one of the first 
martial arts masters you'll encounter. 

- Abobo - The very large man with huge muscles. He can beat you to a pulp by 
slapping you around or throwing you, and is one of the most common enemies in 
the game.

- Mibobo - A green version of Abobo, Mibobo is slightly faster on his feet 
than Abobo.

- Burnov - Similar to Abobo, Burnov relies on brute strength to win fights. 
His signature move is picking up opponents and beating them with his free 
hand. He can also resurrect himself after being killed.

- Steve - Although he's nicely dressed, don't think that Steve has a problem 
getting his hands dirty. He has a powerful combo attack that should be 
avoided at all costs. 

- Hong - One of the Two Tigers that control Chinatown. His agility and 
powerful attacks make him a formidable opponent.  

- Kikucho - A samurai who relies solely on his sword for protection. 

- Raymond - The leader of the Five Emperors of Gen-Setsu-Ken, he is the 
second in command in the ranks of the Shadow Warriors. He uses deception to 
win his battles, creating copies of himself and become a shadow on the floor. 

- Willy - The leader of the Shadow Warriors. He's not much of a fighter, but 
he makes up for it with his machine gun.

02.0 - Attacks (all of the following information was taken from the manual)

02.1 - Standing

- Punch - A

- Kick - B

- Low Kick - Down + B

- Head Butt - Left or Right + AB

- Elbow - R + A

- Back Kick - R + B

- Block - L

- Parry - L (at the exact moment when an enemy punches you)

02.2 - Power Moves

- Crouching - AB (while standing) 

- Hyper Uppercut - A (while crouching)

- Hyper Knee - B (while crouching)

- Dash - Tapping Left or Right twice

- Dragon Hook - A (while dashing)

- Side Kick - B (while dashing)

- Jumping Spin Kick - AB (while dashing)

02.3 - Enemy Is In Pain

- Uppercut - A (when enemy is bent over)

- Roundhouse - B (when enemy is bent over)

- Tae Kwon Do Kick - Down + B (when enemy is bent over)

- Head Grab - Make contact (when enemy is bent over)

- Judo Throw - A (when enemy is in Head Grab)

- Muay Thai Knee - B (while enemy is in Head Grab)

- High Kick - Up + B (while enemy is in Head Grab)

02.3 - Jumping 

- Jump Kick - B (while jumping)

- Jump Back Kick - Opposite of the direction you're facing + B

- Cyclone Kick - AB (while jumping)

- Dive Kick - Down + B (while jumping)

02.4 - Holding/Being Held

- Arm Lock - Approach the enemy from behind.

- Break Free - R (while being held)

- Front Kick - B (while being held)

02.5 - Knocked Down

- Stomp - AB (near an enemy that is knocked down)

- Pin - Down (near an enemy that is knocked down)

- Jujitsu Punch - A (while an enemy is pinned down)

- Push Off - Repeatedly press A (while being pinned)

02.6 - Other

- Triangle Jump - R (while jumping and exactly when you hit a wall)

- Oil Drum Kick - Down + B (next to an oil drum)

- Throw Weapon - AB (while holding a weapon)

02.7 - Combo

- Launch to Head-Butt - Launch an enemy into the air with a move such as the 
Uppercut or High Kick and then hit them with a Head Butt while they're still 
in the air.

- Hyper Uppercut to Hyper Knee - Launch an enemy into the air with the Hyper 
Uppercut and then immediately perform a Hyper Knee.

03.0 - Codes

- Begin With 10 Credits - At the Options screen, hold Select and press L, R, 
Down, L, R, Down, L, R, Right. 

- Unlock BGM Mode - At the Options screen, hold Select and press R, L, R, L. 

- Unlock Expert Mode - At the Options screen, hold Select and press Up, Up, 
Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.

III - Walkthrough 

Prologue - Basic Strategies

- The Jumping Spin Kick (A+B while running) is one of the best attacks in the 
game when it comes to dealing with crowd control. If you aren't careful, it's 
easy to be swarmed by enemies, so use the Spin Kick to take out multiple 

- Don't get swarmed by enemies. Bad guys attack you when you pass a certain 
point in the game, so take your time and kill the enemies currently on screen 
before proceeding.

001.0 - Mission 1

The game begins like any Double Dragon game: Marian is kidnapped by thugs and 
Billy heads out to rescue her...

As this is the first level, it's one of the easier ones, so take this 
opportunity to get used to some of the special attacks and combos. 

Immediately after taking control of Billy, a William attacks you, so beat him 
up and continue. Three Ropers and another Will come at you. Try using the 
Head Grab and throw one of them into another (don't forget to knee your 
victim in the stomach twice before throwing him), and then focus your 
attention on the remaining thugs. 

When that group has been wiped out, continue forward. A Will is sitting on a 
higher level, so walk forward just enough to get him to jump down and fight 
you. Beat him up and head a few feet more; Linda comes out through the door, 
and she's armed with a whip. Kick her in the stomach to make her drop the 
weapon before she can use it, and then kill her. Past the door is a Roper, 
and a Will attacks you from behind. Beat the two of them up, but don't pass 
the picture of the Volkswagen on the wall or else you'll have to fight 
another Will and Abobo on top of the other guys already on screen.

When you do meet Abobo and Will, kick Will to make him drop his bat and 
defeat him so that you don't have to worry about him while fighting Abobo. 
Abobo's only leverage is his attack range; his long arms can strike you 
before you even get close. To defeat him without taking damage, stand 
diagonal from Abobo and wait for him to walk down the screen to attack. 
Quickly kick him to prevent him from throwing a punch and then use any 
powerful attack (head grab or hyper knee work well) to knock him down. Repeat 
this until he gives up. 

Continue on until you reach a Roper and a Will. Roper is carrying a knife, so 
you priority is to take it away from him. After doing so, beat them both up 
and pick up the knife. Head forward and another Abobo will appear. He's this 
level's boss, so all you have to do is defeat him. Try and stay in this area 
and not on the right side, where two Wills, a Linda, and a Roper are waiting. 
If you stay on the left, they won't attack you, meaning that you only have to 
worry about Abobo.

When you beat him, the mission ends. During the intermission you learn of a 
"monster" that wears a mask, who resides in the rundown factory and reports 
to the leader of the Shadow Warriors. 

002.0 - Mission 2

After moving a few feet right, a Roper hops off of the fence in the 
background. Defeat him and jump onto the next level, a William will meet you. 
He's armed with a lot of dynamite, so be careful not to be near any of it 
when it explodes. Another Roper comes from behind to surround you, and he's 
also equipped with dynamite. When both of them are dead, jump up to the next 
level and fight the group of thugs: a Will with a bat and four Ropers. Try 
and knock them into the pit on the left to quickly finish them off, but be 
careful not to fall in yourself (the roundhouse or jumping spin kick works 

Pick up Will's bat and jump up the two levels to reach the next section of 
the factory. A Roper jumps down after entering the area, beat him up, but 
don't move into the next screen if you don't want to fight a pair of Abobos. 
When Roper dies, slowly enter the main area until the first Abobo is in view. 
Throw your baseball bat at him (A+B) to knock him down and force him to fight 
you. Kill him and continue to fight the second Abobo. Try kicking him onto 
the conveyor belt to defeat him prematurely. 

After the second Abobo dies, a pair of Steves make their entrance. Their 
combos are devastating, but they pause afterwards to adjust their suits. 
That's the best time to attack, so try and hit them onto the conveyor belt to 
get rid of them. 

When both of them are dead, a knife-carrying Will, a Linda with a whip, and a 
Roper attack you. Disarm Linda and Will and then beat the three of them up. 
Three more Steves attack you next, so use the jumping spin kick to break up 
their party (and hopefully land them on the conveyor belt). When the last of 
them is dead, one final Steve takes the lift up to take up the fight. While 
he does look different from the ones you've fought before, there's no change 
in his fighting style, so finishing him off quickly shouldn't be a problem. 

Afterwards, drop your weapons and take the lift down to fight Burnov and his 
group of minions: three Lindas and two Steves. Avoid Burnov and quickly 
defeat the Lindas, one of which carries a whip and one that has dynamite. 
Defeat Steve just as before, and then face Burnov. Get on the right side of 
him and use the jumping spin kick to get him right up against the left wall. 
Since Burnov will be mostly off-screen, you won't be able to jump on him, and 
will crouch down instead. Wait for him to get on his feet, and then use a 
hyper knee on him. When he gets back up, repeat this. Eventually he 
disappears as if he is dead (even though his mask and overalls are still 
present) and reappears shortly after. Use the hyper knee a few more times to 
make him disappear for good. 

003.0 - Mission 3

Soon after the mission begins, two Ropers and Chin, a new enemy, attack you. 
Chin is always armed with Kali sticks, so you won't be able to pick them up 
like you normally would from an enemy with a weapon. He isn't too difficult 
to defeat, though, so just use a good combo to take him down.

Two Wills attack you after the first group is defeated, so take it to them 
like you have been for the past two levels. Afterwards, a Will, Roper, and 
Chin appear. Chin drops a pair of Kali sticks (but still keeps his own), so 
pick them up and beat them up. A good strategy to use with the Kali sticks is 
to kick an enemy once and then use the Kali sticks and perform the final 
knockdown attack. After the three of them die, a pair of Abobos attack you. 
As long as you prevent them from attacking you at the same time you should be 
able to kill them without any trouble. 

In the next screen, a pair of Chins and a Linda enter the fray. Knock the 
knife away from Linda and use it against one of the Chins to deplete his 
health quickly. After they all die, two Lindas (both of which are armed with 
knives) and two more Chins appear. Again, use the knives to kill the more-
powerful Chins and then head after the Lindas. 

Next to confront you are three Chins and a pair of Wills. It's very easy to 
get surrounded by these guys, and their combined attacks can drain your life 
gauge pretty quickly. Use the spin kick to reduce their numbers; it may take 
longer to kill all of them, but it's a lot safer then using conventional 

When nearly all of those enemies are dead, the Two Tigers enter the scene and 
attack you. These guys have a cyclone kick that does a decent amount of 
damage, and it also prevents you from getting very close to them for too 

Before taking on the Two Tigers, however, clean up the remaining Chins and 
Williams. Use the same strategy against the Tigers that you used against the 
previous group, but you have a little more leeway since there aren't as many 
of them. 

Defeating the Tigers ends the level.

004.0 - Mission 4

Despite how short this level is, it's actually one of the most difficult to 
get through without losing a life. You're on top of a speeding truck and have 
to fend off dozens of Steves and Wills without falling off of the sides. 

Also, some of the Wills are equipped with dynamite, so try and take them out 
quickly before they can litter the truck with explosives. This can lead to 
having to fighting in a very small space, making it easy for Steve to knock 
you off of the truck. The one positive is that since you can fall off, so can 
they. Since they enter the screen on the right, you have to quickly get 
behind them and attack from there. Use the spin kick to break through their 
line and then again to knock them near the end of the truck. Making sure to 
stay away from the back, use the cyclone kick to knock them off. 

Keeping that strategy in mind, the enemy's number increase exponentially. It 
begins with two Steves and a Will, and then adds one Steve in each round. The 
only difference is that a Will does not appear in the last round.

When all four groups are dead, the truck crashes and you hop off in a 
courtyard. Kikucho and his samurais are waiting for you. Since you obviously 
don't want to fight more than one at a time, stay away from the left side of 
the area. The samurai aren't very difficult, but you won't be able to get 
them in a head grab easily, so use the uppercut and spin kick to take them 
down. When he dies, head over to the left side until you see two samurai; get 
close enough to hit one of them (but not too close) and lead him over towards 
the right. Use the same strategy as before, and then fight the third one. 
Defeat him and run over to the last samurai, Kikucho himself. Unlike his 
disciples, Kikucho's sword will kill you in one hit, so stay on your guard. 
However, his attacks are just as limited, so taking him down shouldn't be too 
much of a problem. 

005.0 - Mission 5

You begin the level with a Roper and an axe wielding Will, so disarm Will and 
beat them up. The axe, while being an interesting new weapon, is slow and 
difficult to use, so throw it at someone to get some use out of it. Two more 
Ropers and another Will (who has dynamite) now appear, so take them down as 
well. Continue to the next screen and a group of enemies, a Will with an axe, 
a Roper with a knife, a Linda with a mace, and Abobo, surround you. To make 
short work of them, pick up the barrel lying on the ground a toss it at the 
group; try getting them packed together to hit them all. You can also throw 
one of them into the rest after getting them in a head grab.

The next area leads into the woods, and a Roper quickly drops from the trees. 
Beat him up and nab his set of Kali sticks. Continue forward to face two 
Ropers; you can knock them into the hole at the bottom of the screen to make 
short work of them. 

Past the hole is a small bridge being guarded by an Abobo; if you still have 
the Kali sticks you can perform the kick/Kali stick smash combo to knock him 
off the screen and into the water. Now move forward just a little, you'll see 
that the bridge is broken, so you have to jump over the gap (amazing that 
this martial arts master can't swim). Get to the left side of the screen and 
run towards the bridge, jumping right before the end; you should make the 
jump with plenty of room for error. 

On the other side is another Abobo, so get on the right side of him to make 
sure that he doesn't pull off a cheap kill and knock you into the water. Beat 
him up (or knock him over the bridge) and head forward, where a Will with a 
knife is waiting. Take his knife and use it against the next pair of enemies, 
another knife-carrying Will and a Roper with nunchucks. Another Roper with an 
axe and Chin attack next, but by now you should be able to take them down 
without a problem. 

This next screen can become a little hectic; you face two Wills (one with 
knives, the other armed with dynamite), a Linda, and one of the Two Tigers 
(named Hong). After defeating a few of them, two more Lindas join the fight, 
both of which are equipped with knives. Use the spin kick to decrease their 
numbers, and use the head grab/throw combo and toss them into the hole on the 
right. Your priority should be the Tiger, however, as he's clearly the most 
dangerous of the group. 

When all of them are dead, scale the side of the mountain and head over to 
the right. A Will with dynamite, Chin, and a Roper carrying a boulder come at 
you, so kick them off the side of the mountain to make short work of them. 
Just be sure to knock them off at the bottom, as there's a bridge in the 
middle that they'll land on instead of plummeting to their deaths. 

Afterwards, another Roper with a boulder and two Burnovs appear. You'd be 
insane not to try knocking them off of the cliff, considering the amount of 
life each Burnov has (use the spin kick to get the job done).  

Hop off of the middle of the cliff and land on the bridge below. A Linda 
carrying a whip and another one carrying a knife attack you, as well as two 
Tigers. Use Linda's knife to drain some of the life of one Tiger and use the 
other's whip to finish them off from a distance. Continue down the bridge and 
fight the pair of Chins and Roper. Get behind them and knock all of them off 
with a single spin kick, and then climb up the mountain. 

At the summit of the mountain is a door that leads to the Shadow Warriors' 
base (eventually), but it's heavily guarded by Wills, Ropers, Tigers, and 
Burnovs. The first set of enemies include a Will with a boulder, a dynamite-
carrying Roper, and a pair of Tigers. Use the cliff on the left to your 
advantage and kick at least the Tigers off the side. Soon after, Linda (with 
a knife) and two Burnovs attack you, so use spin kicks to push them over the 
cliff and down the mountain. 

The last group to meet you is a Will with a boulder, a Roper with dynamite, 
and a third pair of Burnovs. You can knock the Burnovs off the cliff, but it 
might be easier to use the boulder and dynamite to kill them. After one or 
two enemies are left, Mibobo, the green Abobo, comes out from the cave 
entrance to fight you. Mibobo is basically a regular Abobo, but he is a 
little quicker on his feet, so keep that in mind. Unlike the first level, you 
have to defeat all of the enemies here before proceeding to the next mission.

006.0 - Mission 6

Similar to the truck level, Mission 6 is both easy and difficult at the same 
time. The cave is almost always surrounded by water, which means that taking 
down groups of enemies can be done in a matter of seconds. 

The level begins with your back against the cave wall while three Wills (two 
with dynamite and one with Kali sticks) and Roper, who's carrying a boulder. 
Use the spin kick to knock at least two of them into the water, and finish 
the rest of the group with head grabs and hyper knees. Leap to the next rock 
and fight the pair of Ropers, but be careful not to get knocked over; since 
the area's so small there's almost no chance of not going for a swim if you 
take a beating. 

Jump across the river and get ready to fight a pair of Abobos (the blue 
version). Use spin kicks and head grabs to throw them into the water and hop 
over to the next section. Three Lindas (one with a knife, another with a 
mace) and Abobo are waiting for you. Disarm Linda and use head grabs to land 
a group of them in the river, and then deal with Abobo, who shouldn't be a 
problem by now. As you head forward, another Linda and Abobo will jump up the 
ledge and fight you, so beat them up and proceed. 

Now here's where things get tricky; the area you have to work with is tight 
and there are a lot of enemies coming to attack you. There is a body of water 
on the left that makes things a lot easier, but getting pushed in yourself 
can happen just as fast. 

It begins with Roper, Will (with a knife), and a pair of Abobos, so use the 
spin kick to knock the Abobos in the water and then deal with the others as 
you wish. Begin to head up to the final area, and five samurai join the 
fight. Use head grabs, hyper knees, and spin kicks to land them in the water, 
and then proceed to the exit. Three Abobos are guarding it, so beat them to a 
pulp, or better yet try and knock them in the water (it's definitely become a 
smaller area, but it's still possible if you get in the very corner). Use the 
same strategy on the next trio of Abobos, and then on the gold and silver 
Abobos that appear next. When they die, the "boss" of the level, a black 
Abobo, attacks you. He has a nice amount of life, but after dealing with so 
many before, this Abobo shouldn't cause any trouble. 

When you defeat the black Abobo, Raymond, the leader of the Gen-Setsu-Ken, 
challenges you to a battle. 

007.0 - Mission 7

This is a fairly short level, but it's still packed with enough enemies to do 
some serious damage to you. The biggest problem is the sets of spikes that 
are on the bottom of the screen. There are only a few places where you're 
able to knock enemies over, so all the spikes do is limit the amount of space 
you have to work with. 

Immediately after the level begins, three Chins attack you. Two of them are 
on the top level, so use a spin kick to knock them back in the dragon statue 
that breathes fire. If you're lucky, they should take damage from the statue 
when they stand up, but it's not necessary. Hop down to the lower level and 
fight the other Chin, making your way to the bottom right corner. Stand 
against the right wall and fight any of the Chins that are still alive, 
trying to hit them into the spikes as you go. 

When they die, three more Chins enter, so use the same strategy as before. 
Luckily, as long as you stand against the right wall on the bottom level, you 
can't be attacked from behind; this forces enemies to jump down in front of 
you, making it easy to perform a cyclone kick and knock them over the side. 
Another Chin and Will (who has Kali sticks) appear afterwards, so take them 
down and then continue. 

Two Tigers and Burnov are waiting for you in the next screen, so drop down to 
the lower level and hide out in the bottom right corner like before. Wait for 
them to follow you and knock them into the spikes. It's especially important 
to stay against the wall here, because the Tigers and Burnov both have 
powerful attacks that can send you flying. When you defeat them, the same set 
of enemies (two Tigers and a Burnov) attack you, so take them down the same 
way you did before. Jump back up to the higher level and continue to the next 
screen when you beat them.

There's no second level here, so all of your fighting has to be legitimate, 
no cheap kills. It can be rough having to fight enemies from both sides on 
the small strip of catwalk, so it's imperative that you use combos and keeps 
enemies from ganging up on you. 

Two Chins and Roper are the first set to fight you, so quickly defeat Roper 
do prevent any him from throwing any dynamite (don't want to be limited in an 
already-small area), and then worry about the Chins. When the three of them 
are out of action, two Tigers and another dynamite-wielding Roper attack you 
from both sides. Do your best to fight the Tigers off and maybe even use 
Roper's dynamite against them. Two Abobos enter from either side after they 
die, so use whatever strategy you've been using to take them down.

You're finally able to leave the catwalk and enter the battle arena. Two 
members of the Gen-Setsu-Ken come out from the door at the top of the screen 
to fight you, so consider this an introduction to their fighting styles. 
While one of them has no special abilities (he's never used them against me 
if he does), the other creates shadows of himself whenever he's knocked on 
his back. The shadows aren't anything to sweat over; one good attack will 
dissipate them, so figure out some good attacks to fight with (the 
uppercut/head butt one works very well). 

The next pair of warriors that enter both have new abilities: one is able to 
create four identical clones of himself, and the other can become a shadow on 
the floor and randomly rise and attack you. The clones, like the shadows 
before, are a joke to take down, a spin kick when they first appear can wipe 
them all out. The shadow can be a little trickier, but still shouldn't be a 
problem. If you watch as he moves around the room, right before he's about to 
attack he stops and moves straight at you. This is your signal to jump, so 
unless you're actively fighting the other warrior you should be able to avoid 
his attack. 

The last Gen-Setsu-Ken warrior, Raymond himself, has all of the attacks 
mentioned above, but it's actually easier to fight him since you only have to 
focus your attention on one character, rather then two. This final battle 
should be reminiscent of Double Dragon II: The Revenge, as the fighting style 
of Raymond is similar to the Shadow Boss' and the final battle music plays in 
the background. You even get to watch Raymond fall down in slow motion and in 
black and white. 

Quite nostalgic, but unlike in Double Dragon II you still have you fight 
Willy and save Marian.  

008.0 - Mission 8

Right out of the gate you have some trouble; two Ropers, both of which have 
dynamite, and two Wills with Kali sticks and nunchucks come out to fight you. 
Take care of Roper and pick up one of the weapons before continuing. The 
infamous rock traps are ahead, but they're not nearly as dangerous as they 
were in the Nintendo version of Double Dragon. Not only do they inflict less 
damage, but any rock that's about to pop out at you will move out a few feet 
as a warning signal as well. And if that wasn't enough, you can run, which 
makes it a hell of a lot easier. 

Unfortunately, the simple rock trap is made up for by the spear traps up 
ahead, which pose quite a threat. Wait just below the spear until after it's 
jabbed down, and then quickly slip past it as it's brought back up. You now 
have to fight Roper and Will, both of whom have dynamite, and a pair of 
Chins, all between a set of spear traps. Making sure to stay away from the 
sides of the screen, beat the group up; use uppercuts and cyclone kicks to 
quickly take them down without having to move very far. But now for the hard 
part: getting past the two spear traps ahead. The spears jab down a split 
second apart from each other, so you have to time this almost perfectly. Just 
after the first spear jabs down, begin running; if everything works out 
you'll pass the first spear just as the second one is resetting itself.

Just remember that if you're killed by one of the spear traps, use the 
invulnerability time when you use your next life to run past. It's a little 
cheap and it costs a life, but it works and it's better than getting 

In the next screen (which is thankfully spear-free), two Abobos break through 
the wall and attack you in the middle. By now, Abobos should be elementary, 
so use whatever tactics have been working for you to take them out. I prefer 
to knock them into the left wall and use hyper knees (as described in the 
fight with Burnov in Mission 2). After they're defeated, two Mibobos appear 
through the same breaks in the wall, so use the same strategy to take them 
out. Now proceed to the final arena...

You enter the arena to find Marian tied up and hung in the corner, and Willy 
watching everything that takes place from a balcony on the other side of the 
room. Before he allows you to fight him, you have to fight through the 
remaining members of the Shadow Warriors. 

The first group to attack is a pair of Abobos, a baseball bat-carrying Will, 
and a Roper with a knife. Immediately go after Will and knock the bat from 
his hands. Pick it up and throw it across the room, any enemies caught in its 
path will take serious damage. The bat will strike the wall on the other 
side, so run over and pick it up and hurl it to the other side. Repeat this 
as often as possible to easily defeat the group of enemies that attack you.

The next set of Willy's minions to attack is made up of Roper, Will, and two 
Chins. Use the bat strategy or simply beat them up, and a pair of Tigers 
enter the arena next. The bat works wonders against the Tigers since it's 
difficult to get close to them. Next to join the fray are three Steves 
(haven't seen them in awhile); you'll definitely want to use the bat here as 
well. Lastly, a pair of Burnovs and a dynamite Roper attack you, so take them 
down to fight Willy.

Willy enters the arena with two Abobos, but you should only focus your 
attention on the big boss himself, since his defeat will end the game no 
matter if the two Abobos are still alive. Willy isn't much of a fighter, but 
he makes up for it with his machine gun (cheater), which deals a decent 
amount of damage (still not as bad as in the Nintendo version). Try not to 
stay directly in front of Willy to avoid any of his shots; instead, stay just 
under or above him and then move up or down to catch the boss in a head grab. 
After throwing Willy down, jump on his back and then use the sitting face-
punch move until he throws you off. Repeat this until he finally goes down to 
win the game.

Now here comes the surprise. If you were playing the two-player mode (or the 
single player Double Dragon mode) you receive an extra cinematic where Jimmy 
challenges his brother to a fight over Marian. 

The fight is basically for fun (and possibly bragging rights if you're 
playing with a friend), and there's no difference in terms of endings if 
either Lee wins.

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