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FAQ/Move List by CeDARebellion

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/24/04


Version 1.1 (01/24/04)
By Christopher David A. Reyes
Copyright (c) 2003-2004 CeDARebellion
E-mail: cedarebellion@hotmail.com













Hi! I am Christopher David A. Reyes from the Philippines in the Bicol Region.
I am graduating High School at the University of Saint Anthony, Iriga City.
Welcome to version 1.1 of my first FAQ. This FAQ tackles everything you need
to know about the game. Dragonball Z Taiketsu is one of the best DBZ games
ever. With great graphics and superb game play, this game would be on top of
the charts for a long time. If you want to earn everything the game has to
offer, just follow my guide.

When you start to begin a round of fighting, you will see a...

Red Color Bar ====== Represents Health. When you finish a round with no
                     decrease of health, you get a Perfect Win.   

Yellow Color Bar === Represents Recovery. When you block an attack the yellow
                     color bar decreases until a point where you can't block
                     an attack anymore.

Blank Bar ========== Represents Energy. Needed to produce Ki blasts and
                     supers. It consists of three (3) energy levels:
                       Green Color      = Energy Level 1
                       Blue Color       = Energy Level 2
                       Light Blue Color = Energy Level 3

Timer ============== Represents time left for each round. When it reaches
                     zero, the fighter with the most health left, wins.

Z Points =========== Represents the number of points. It adds to the total
                     number of Z Points needed to spend at the Z Store

Up      = Jump
Down    = Duck
Back    = Move Left
Forward = Move Right
B       = Light Punch
A       = Light Kick
L       = Heavy Punch
R       = Heavy Kick
Start   = Pause
Select  = Taunt

Block           = Hold Back during the enemy's attack.
Crouching Block = Hold Down, then press Back
Dash            = Tap Back or Forward twice, then hold on the second tap
Charge Ki       = Hold L + R	
Small Ki Blast  = Press Down, Forward + B
Sky Battle      = Press Down, Down, Up + B

Sweep           = Hold down, then press A
Crouch Punch    = Hold down, then press B
Uppercut        = Hold down, then press L
Chop            = Hold forward, then press B
Sideward Chop   = Hold back, then press L
Roundhouse Kick = Hold back, then press R
Throw           = Forward + L
Signature Attack= Back + B
Combo 1         = Press B, B, A, L Consecutively
Combo 2         = Press A, R, B, L Consecutively

A Sky Battle happens when both fighters fly to the air. Press Down, Down, Up
+ B, then your opponent would fly to the air too. The same would happen if
your opponent would fly first. Just press Down, Down, Up + B. While the sky
battle is happening, you must press many buttons as you can. As you press many
buttons, a tug of war happens. If you make the red and green color bars at the
bottom entirely red, you win the sky battle. But if it is colored entirely
with green, you lose the sky battle. The loser of the sky battle loses a chunk
of your health. The Sky Battle can't be used on the two Endurance Modes.

This mode is available at the Z Store. The game play of Sky Battle 2 is
similar with the first but this type finishes one round. You need to follow a
pattern of buttons. The fighter who follows the pattern most times wins the

You can only turn to Super Saiyan when using Supers.

TOURNAMENT     = Defeat a number of opponents to unlock characters or to earn
                 25,000 Z Points 

ENDURANCE      = Defeat a number of opponents without stopping.

TIME CHALLENGE = Defeat a number of opponents as fast as you can to unlock 
                 Android 16 or earn 25,000 Z Points

SPARRING       = Try moves, supers and combos on a dummy or CPU

ENDURANCE 2X   = Defeat twice number of opponents more than the ordinary

Use the GBA to GBA link cable to fight with other Taiketsu owners. 

SOUND      = can be turned On or Off
MUSIC      = can be turned On or Off
SETTINGS   = Change the settings of the game
   DIFF    = Change the game difficulty; Easy, Medium, or Hard
   TIME    = Change the time limit; 30, 60, 99
   HEALTH  = Change the number of health points; 50 or 100
   ROUNDS  = Change the amount of rounds; 1, 3, 5, or 7
   DEFAULT = Change the settings to the way they were at the time you first
RECORDS    = High Scores for Endurance, Time Challenge, and Endurance 2X.
ERASE DATA = Delete all game data
CREDITS    = People who made the game a success

This game consists of 15 great and cool characters with different fighting
styles and supers. There are 7 available characters and 8 hidden characters.

Born a Saiyan named Kakarot, he was originally sent to Earth to destroy it. 
As a child, he had an accident, and forgot about his evil mission, and thus
the good-natured, honest, and caring Goku was born. He trained with Master
Roshi and King Kai to learn skills to help save the Earth, and was the first
Saiyan in 1000 years to learn the ability to go Super Saiyan. Goku is the
central character in Dragon Ball Z. He is a longtime friend of Krillin,
husband to Chi-Chi, father to Gohan and Goten, brother of Raditz and of the
same Saiyan Race as Vegeta, Trunks, and Broly. His special abilities include
the Kamehameha Wave and the Spirit Bomb.

Affectionately named after his adoptive grandfather, Gohan is Goku and
Chi-Chi's eldest son. As a young boy, Gohan cried a lot and was easily
frightened, few would have guessed he would grow up to be such a strong
fighter. After his father died fighting Raditz, Gohan trained hard for a full
year under the supervision of Piccolo. Because Gohan is half-human, and
half-Saiyan, his strength can actually exceed Goku's. However, Chi-Chi often
insists that he concentrate on his scholastic matters rather than fighting.
Gohan has the ability to become a Super Saiyan, and his special abilities
include the Kamehameha Wave, and the Masenko Ha.

Piccolo originates from the planet Namek. He was born as an egg from the mouth
of the evil Piccolo Daimaou. Originally, evil Piccolo intended to destroy
Goku. It wasn't until the fight with Raditz, where Goku gave his own life for
the sake of Earth that Piccolo realized Goku had a pure spirit and was a
caring person. He helped train Gohan to be courageous fighter, and in the
process made a good friend. He has had an awkward life, living on a planet
that isn't his own, and making the conscious decision to fight for good
instead of evil. His special abilities include being able to duplicate
himself, and his signature, the special beam cannon.

Despite his size, Krillin is one of the strongest men on Earth! However,
because he is an Earthling, there are times when he can't keep up with the
Saiyans and their massive power levels. Nonetheless, Krillin is a very good
fighter, and he and Goku have fought alongside one another since childhood,
when they trained together under Master Roshi. Some of his abilities include
the Super Head-Butt and Destructo Disc.

Android 18 is one of the most dangerous creatures to ever threaten the earth.
She and her twin brother, Android 17, were the brainchild of Dr. Gero. The
Androids were originally programmed to destroy Goku, but in the spirit of
teenage rebellion, they disobeyed their creator, destroyed him and wreaked
havoc around the world in a carefree manner. While she may look delicate and
graceful, Android 18 can be virtually emotionless, and she is very, very
powerful. She has the ability to shoot a solid energy beam, and to 

Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma. As a result, he is a great warrior, and
also have keen technical abilities. In order to save the world, he traveled
back in time to organize the Z Fighters in a race to destroy Dr. Gero's
Androids before they destroyed the planet. Because he is half-Saiyan, he has
the ability to go Super Saiyan. Trunks wields a sword, and uses it in his most
powerful attacks, such as the Triple Slash and the Final Slash.

Vegeta was formerly a prince of the planet Vegeta. He came to Earth with Nappa
with the intention of capturing the Dragon Balls, but eventually made it his
home. He has always been jealous of the fact that Goku is merely a descendant
of the peasant class, yet somehow always seems more powerful. Vegeta is an
excellent fighter though, and through endless self-determination, he has
trained himself to go Super Saiyan, and raised his power level to unbelievable
accolades. As he grew older and adjusted to the good nature of the Z Fighters,
he softened up a bit, and had a child with Bulma, named Trunks. Vegeta's
special abilities are the Galick Gun, Big Bang, and the ability to turn into a
giant Oozaro monkey.

The mere mention of the name "Frieza" strikes dread in the hearts of many
across the universe. In his quest to acquire all seven dragon balls, he
destroyed the planet Namek. The only person capable of defeating him was Goku,
who did not quite finish him off, and Frieza was rebuilt by King Cold,
his ruthless father. With a new cybernetic body, Frieza went to Earth to get
his revenge. However his attempt was thwarted by Trunks. Frieza has the
ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, and to create a Death Ball, which
unleashes a powerful blast upon the Earth if it is allowed to detonate.

Android 16 was an experiment of Dr. Gero's that was never supposed to be set
free. Disobeying Dr. Gero's orders, Android 17 and 18 did just that. His
programming was never complete, so he was very single-minded: determined to
destroy Goku while never harming anything else. After almost being demolished
by Cell, Bulma re-programmed him to fight for the good side. The strong,
silent type, he is massive and muscular but can be very gentle outside of a
fight. He has the abilities of rocket punch, and self-destruct, to name a few.

Cell was the last, and most dangerous, of Dr. Gero's creations. His name
refers to the fact that he is composed of cells of the best fighters in the
world, including those of the Z Fighters. His quest is to absorb Android 17
and 18 and become a perfect being. Cell can fight with the abilities of all
the fighters he has absorbed, and some of his moves include the Kamehameha
Wave and Tail Stab.

The Metamora art of fusion allows the two friends, Goten and Trunks, to join
together to become a single, very powerful fighter. Like the boys themselves,
Gotenks has the ability to learn new moves quickly, as well as go SS3. Despite
his size Gotenks is an excellent fighter, and his moves include the Kamehameha
Wave, Super Ghost Kamikaze, and Gekitotsu Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball.

Buu was created 300 years ago by an evil wizard named Bibidi. He was reckless
in his destruction of planets, so he was unleashed to destroy Earth by 
Bibidi's son, Babidi. Thankfully, Buu was convinced by Hercule not to hurt
people anymore--but he's not too bright, and he definitely has an angry side.
Buu's large, rubbery body affords him a unique edge in the match, and he can
be a tough fighter. His special abilities include molding himself into a fist,
and the Henka Beam, which can help curb Buu's appetite by creating food.

Broly is an exceptional Saiyan; he was born a Super Saiyan! Born at the same
moment as Goku, he harbored a mysterious resentment toward him. Broly's father
tried to use him as a weapon to rule the universe, but eventually his power
was too strong, and he broke the control mechanism. Once free, he attempted to
kill Goku. Broly is an overwhelmingly powerful fighter--and in his Super
Saiyan state, he is a force to be reckoned with! His super moves include the
Hovercraft Punch and Seismic Punch.

Nappa is a Saiyan warrior, and came to Earth with the intent of capturing the
Dragon Balls. Nappa is very brawny and muscular, but is also often impulsive.
With Vegeta's discipline, however, he has learned to stay relatively calm.
Still, Nappa sometimes has trouble with the mental aspects of fighting, but he
can usually make up for it in strength. His special abilities include his
signature Mouth Beam, a One-handed Power Throw, and the Earthquake Slam.

Raditz is Goku's Saiyan Brother from the planet Vegeta. Raditz came to Earth
to find out why it had taken so long for Goku to destroy such a helpless
planet. When he found out that Goku loved the Earth, he kidnapped Gohan, and
tried to use any trickery possible to convince Goku to do the job. He abused
Goku's trusting nature, and lied to him to get the upper hand. Raditz is a
Saiyan warrior, and is exceptionally strong. His moves range from the Flying
Elbow Drop to the Energy Beam Chop.

These supers make the game very live and colorful. When you execute a super to
defeat an enemy in a round, you get a Super Win. You can only execute a
certain super at a certain Energy Level.

Energy Level 1, Kamehameha Wave         = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Super Kamehameha Wave   = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Spirit Bomb             = Back, Down, Forward, Up + L

Energy Level 1, Multi-Ki Blast          = Down, Back, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Masenko Ha              = Back, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Super Kamehameha Wave   = Down, Forward + B, Down, Forward + L

Energy Level 1, Special Beam Cannon     = Forward, Back, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Duplication             = B, B, A, A, Forward + R
Energy Level 3, Hell Zone Grenade       = Down, Back, Down, Back + L
Energy Level 1, Super Head-Butt         = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + A
Energy Level 2, Kamehameha Wave         = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 3, Destructo Disc          = Back, Down, Forward, Back + L

Energy Level 1, Multi-Ki blast          = Forward, Down, Back, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Solid Energy Beam       = Back, Forward, Back, Forward + B
Energy Level 3, Triple Rocket Attack    = Forward, Down, Back, Forward + L

Energy Level 1, Ki Slash                = Down, Back, Down, Back + B
Energy Level 2, Triple Slash            = Down, Back, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Final Slash             = B, R, Back, A, L, Forward

Energy Level 1, Galick Gun              = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Big Bang                = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Giant Oozaru Monkey     = Back, Down, Forward, Up + L

Energy Level 1, Flying Elbow Drop       = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Energy Beam Chop        = Back, Forward, Back, Forward + B
Energy Level 3, Fireball Somersault     = Back, Forward, Down, Forward + R

Energy Level 1, Mouth Beam            	= Forward, Down, Back, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, One-Handed Power Throw  = Back, Forward, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Earthquake Slam         = Back, Down, Forward, Up, Back + R

Energy Level 1, Kamehameha Wave         = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Super Ghost Kamikaze 	= Down, Back, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Gekitotsu Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball
					= Back, Down, Forward + R
Energy Level 1, Eye Laser               = Forward, Back, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Kienzan                 = Forward, Back, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Death Ball              = Forward, Down, Back, Forward + L

Energy Level 1, Hell Flash              = Back, Forward, Back, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Rocket Punch            = Back, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Self-Destruct           = B, B, R, A, L

Energy Level 1, Tail Stab               = Back, Down, Back, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Uppercut Kamehameha Wave= Down, Forward, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 3, Super Kamehameha Wave   = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + L

Energy Level 1, Hammer                  = Down, Forward, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 2, Henka Beam              = Back, Forward, Down, Forward + L
Energy Level 3, Annihilation            = Back, Down, Forward, Up + L

Energy Level 1, Hovercraft Punch        = Back, Down, Forward + B
Energy Level 2, Seismic Punch           = Back, Down, Forward, Down, Back + R
Energy Level 3, Ultimate Ki Blast       = Down, Back, Down, Forward + L

RADITZ     = Beat the Tournament Mode with any character.

NAPPA      = Beat the Tournament Mode with Vegeta.

GOTENKS    = Beat the Tournament Mode with 4 people, then Goku if necessary.

FRIEZA     = Beat the Tournament Mode with every character, then Goku if

ANDROID 16 = Beat the Time Challenge Mode with Two (2) to Four (4) characters,
             if necessary

CELL       = Beat the Tournament Mode with Android 16.

BUU        = Beat the Tournament Mode with every character, then Goku if

BROLY      = Beat the Tournament Mode with Buu.

Note = Sometimes it varies on the way to unlock a certain character. So just
----   use every character on Tournament Mode and Time Challenge Mode if you
       cannot unlock a certain character.	  

I advice you to finish the Tournament Mode and the Time Challenge Mode first
to save enough Z Points to buy the items to be sold. If there is still a lack
of Z points, use the Instant Death bonus setting, then you would finish
Tournament Mode or Time Challenge Mode immediately to earn 25,000 Z Points.

These are the items to be sold:

IMAGE GALLERY - are images that can be bought
 1) SSJ VEGETA smiling
 2) ANDROID 16 and 18
 3) SSJ 2 SON GOKU Charging
 4) ANDROID 18 kissing KRILLIN
 5) The GREAT SAIYAMAN kicks a rock to a criminal
 6) NAPPA Grudging
 7) First Form of FRIEZA with some Ginyu Forces
 8) SSJ TRUNKS raising a large Ki Ball
 9) PICCOLO removes his white clothing
10) RADITZ smiling
11) SSJ VEGETA blocking a punch from Android 18
12) SUPER BUU with pink aura
13) VEGETA training which lifts small rocks to air
14) MAJIN BUU scaring his master Babidi
15) First Form of CELL
16) Perfect form of CELL
18) SSJ TRUNKS dashing with a sword
19) Legendary SSJ BROLY
20) Hercule uses his strongest punch on the unaffected Android 18
JUKEBOX - are songs from the Taiketsu game
3) NAMEK         6) GO GO GOKU    9) SNAKE WAY
BIOs - are descriptions of each fighter
1) GOKU          6) TRUNKS         11) GOTENKS
2) GOHAN         7) VEGETA         12) BUU
3) PICCOLO       8) FRIEZA         13) BROLY
4) KRILLIN       9) ANDROID 16     14) NAPPA
5) ANDROID 18   10) CELL           15) RADITZ

BONUS SETTINGS - can be turned On or Off   
1) Fast Clock      = Faster speed of the time to run out
2) Invisible       = Both characters become invisible from time to time
3) Free Supers     = Allows execution of supers even without energy
4) Supers          = Special moves that require energy
5) Explosive Touch = Causes an extreme collision when two fighters touch
6) Fast Recovery   = Fast increase of the yellow color bar
7) Instant Death   = Allows instant defeat whoever receives damage first

BONUS MODE - can be turned On or Off
Sky Battle 2  = a different type of sky battle in which it ends the
                round after the battle.

1) With the Instant Death bonus setting bought at the Z Store, turn it on. You
   would be able to finish a round immediately at the first attack you inflict
   on your opponent. But if you were the first one to be damaged, you lose the
   round. This is very useful in the Tournament Mode and Time Challenge. You
   can't use it on the two Endurance Modes.

2) Sky Battles minimize major damage to you. I guarantee you that you would
   always win sky battles as long as you keep on pressing the buttons rapidly.

3) First Attacks, Perfect Wins, Super Wins, Sky Battles and Combos add to the
   total Z Points you gain after a fight.

I would like to thank GameFAQs for accepting my first FAQ. They have helped me
for the past 6 years in my gaming life. I submitted this FAQ to GameFAQs
because they have made a lot of FAQs for me. So this is how I repay all of
you. To all the people who worked hard in creating every FAQ on the site, they
have helped me in playing over a hundred games from the Nintendo Super NES to
the Sony Playstation 1 to the GBA and to the Nintendo GameCube. And most of
all, to the Almighty God who made everything possible. He should receive the
utmost gratitude. If He did not exist in our world, we would not be pressing
the A button of the GameCube Controller nor turning the right joystick of the
PlayStation 2 Controller. Thank you! And May God Bless the Earth! Alleluia!
This file is Copyright (c) 2003-2004 CeDARebellion. All rights reserved.
This file was entirely written by me. This may be not be reproduced under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. All trademarks and copyrights
contained in this file are owned by their respective trademark and copyright
holders. This file must NOT be posted on ANY website, except for the for some
websites listed below:

GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
GameWinners (http://www.gamewinners.com)

You can copy my work but at least credit me. Because I can't stop you if you
DO copy. But it still depends on your conscience. As long as I know that I
made my work all by myself and with my GBA. I just want to say peace and if
you need something from me or have anything to say about my FAQ, just e-mail
me at cedarebellion@hotmail.com. Thanks again! And MABUHAY to all!

  \+/=\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/END OF FILE\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/=\+/

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