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FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 06/07/04

River City Ransom EX FAQ/Walkthrough (Game Boy Advance)
Version 1.21
June 7, 2004
By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)

Table of Contents

1.  River City Ransom EX Story
2.  Version History
3.  Getting Started
4.  Basic Controls
5.  Techniques
6.  Characters and Gangs
7.  Shops
8.  Walkthrough
9.  Cheats
10. Frequently Asked Questions
11. Acknowledgements

|1. River City Ransom EX Story |

River City High was your ordinary high school. That is, until two transfer 
students arrived and all hell broke loose. Calling themselves the "Dragon 
Twins", these two miscreants instituted a reign of terror throughout the 
school, utilizing fear and brute force to subjugate everyone under their 
control, students and teachers alike. With a small army of gang members under 
their control, it seems that they could take over the entire town if they 
wished. One day the twins did indeed take control over River City High, 
trapping all the students and faculty within its gates.

Alex, a senior at River City High, wasn't present when it was taken over, but 
he quickly found out about the situation. He knew that despite the strength of 
the Dragon Twins, they couldn't have taken over the entire school by 
themselves. There must have been someone else involved, and Alex set out to 
find exactly who it was. Vastly outnumbered, Alex realized that he would need 
help to take back the school, and there was only one other person in town whose 
strength was equal to his own...

Across town at Cross Town High, Ryan just left his class and went to his 
locker. Inside he found a note, saying that his girlfriend Cyndi had been 
kidnapped and taken to River City High. If he wanted her back he would have to 
personally come and get her. The note was signed "Slick". Ryan raced outside 
the school, determined to rescue his girlfriend from her mysterious abductor. 
It was at this time that he ran into a familiar person outside...

|2. Version History |

Version 1.21 (6/7/04) – Added recommendations to the technique section. 
Miscellaneous updates in the walkthrough, including how to get Blade to join 
your group and Jinny's secret stash.

Version 1.2 (6/4/04) – Added a section on techniques. Added character moves to 
the character section. Added a cheat code section. Added a FAQ section.

Version 1.1 (6/3/04) – Updated the character section. Added stat bonuses to the 
items in the Merlin's Mystery shop. Added more information on allies and events 
in the walkthrough.

Version 1.0 (6/2/04) - First version of this FAQ.

|3. Getting Started |

River City Ransom EX doesn't have the user-friendliest interface on the Game 
Boy Advance, so here's a brief explanation on the menu options.

When the game starts up you'll see two options:

|Story       |
|Manage Data |

Don't worry too much about Manage Data for now. It's just used to check the 
status of characters you've already saved to file. Select Story to begin the 
game. You'll get another screen like this:

|Alex + Ryan       Level   Normal |
|Ally        4     Attack  Weapon |
|Enemy       4     Text    Normal |
|                                 |
|What do you want to adjust?      |
|OK  Change   Brightness   File   |

Every time you start the game, the options here will return to their default 
settings. To start the game just select OK. To change the options listed here 
select Change. Selecting Brightness will allow you to adjust the brightness 
settings for the game. File lets you load characters you created previously. 
You'll probably want to just to change some of the options for now.

Character Settings (Alex + Ryan, Ryan + Alex, Alex, Ryan)

This option selects whether or not you'll play with a CPU controlled character 
or not. The character you'll play is listed first, followed by the second 
character if any. For example, if you select Alex + Ryan you will control Alex 
and Ryan will be CPU controlled. If you select Alex you will only control Alex 
without Ryan. Note that certain events can only occur if you're playing alone 
as a certain character. Once you decide on this setting, it cannot be changed 
when the game begins. Default setting is Alex + Ryan.


This determines the maximum number of characters can than be in your group 
(including yourself). Allies cannot be saved and must be re-obtained every time 
you start the game. Once you decide on this setting, it cannot be changed when 
the game begins. Default setting is four.


This determines the maximum number of enemies that will appear on screen at 
once. This does not include special bosses such as Benny and Clyde, who always 
appear together. This affects only normal gang members. Setting this to one 
will make fighting much easier, while setting it to four will keep you on your 
toes. Default setting is four.

Level (Wussy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy)

This determines the strength level of the gang members and bosses. Wussy level 
greatly reduces their power and stamina, while Crazy level makes even low-level 
enemies unnaturally strong. Default setting is Normal.

Attack (None, Weapon, All)

This determines whether or not certain attacks you perform will damage your 
allies (and vice versa). None means that allies cannot damage each other. 
Weapon means that only weapon attacks can damage allies. All means that all 
attacks can damage allies. Default setting is Weapon.

Text (Crawling, Slow, Normal, Fast, Very Fast)

This determines the rate at which text scrolls across the screen. Default is 

When you're done altering the options, select OK to begin the game. If you want 
to load characters you've created previously, select the File option. There you 
will load character data for "Alex" and "Ryan". Note that this doesn't 
necessarily mean you will be loading data for those two specific characters. If 
you load character data for "Alex", that character will replace Alex in the 
game. The same goes for Ryan. Note that certain events will only occur for Alex 
or Ryan. The character you select to play initially determines which events 
will occur.

|4. Basic Controls |


Control Pad - Moves character. Double tap left or right to run in that 
A Button - Punch/Swing Weapon/Select (menu)
B Button - Kick/Throw Weapon/Go Back (menu)
A + B Button - Jump
Start Button - Pause/Command Menu



Use this to check, use, or discard the items you purchase from the stores. You 
can keep up to twelve items here. Certain items can teach you special 
techniques when used. You can view them with the Technique option.


This displays your character's current status. Abilities can increase by using 
certain items. The maximum value for all abilities except Willpower and Stamina 
is 128. The maximum value for Willpower and Stamina is 255.

Punch: This value determines how powerful your punch based attacks are.

Kick: This value determines how powerful your kick based attacks are.

Weapon: This value determines how powerful your weapon based attacks are.

Defense: This value determines how effectively you can block attacks.

Toughness: This value determines how much damage you receive from attacks.

Strength: This value determines how effective strength based specials are.

Agility: This value determines how effective agility based specials are.

Jump: This value determines how effective jumping based specials are.

Willpwr (Willpower): Willpower differs from stamina in that it has no maximum 
value (there is still a 255 max) but needs to be filled up using certain items. 
When your willpower is high, your attacks will be more effective and you will 
be able to block attacks easier. Normally willpower doesn't go down unless you 
are at low stamina. When you receive damage at low stamina your willpower will 
go down. If you have high willpower sometimes an attack that would cause 
massive damage will be reduced, but will also greatly reduce your willpower as 

Stmna (Stamina): You can think of stamina as "hit points". The first value is 
your current stamina and the second value is your maximum stamina. As you 
receive damage from attacks your stamina will go down. When it reaches zero 
you'll be defeated and lose half the money you have. You can restore your 
stamina by consuming food items or medicine.


You can change the CPU behavior of your allies here.


You can save/load your game here. The saving system is a bit unintuitive. The 
most recent game saved will be at the _bottom_ of the list, not the currently 
highlighted one. So if you want to make room for more files, delete the ones at 
the top. Note that when you save your game, it only saves the character, not 
your position. When you load a game, you load the character, but you still 
start over at the beginning.


Here you can view and enable/disable your special techniques. You can learn up 
to a maximum of 12 special techniques. If you want to learn another technique 
you will need to discard one.


Here you can view various statistics for your character. The one you might want 
to keep an eye on is the "Foul Play" average. Having a low average in this 
value may cause certain events to occur that might not have otherwise.


Here you can adjust some of the various game play mechanics for your pleasure. 
I would advise you not to touch anything here until you've gotten a feel for 
the game at its normal settings. The two exceptions are "Stock" and "Enemies". 
Stock affects how frequently the stores in the game restock their inventory. If 
you set this value to Every, then the store will have different inventory every 
time you enter the store. If you were having trouble finding a certain item I 
would change this value. The default value is Normal. Enemies affect how many 
gang members appear in a certain area before they are "cleared out". You'll 
need to clear out certain areas before bosses appear, and increasing this value 
will make it harder for you to meet with them since you'll need to take out 
that much more enemies for them to appear. This can make things more 
challenging, but also give you much more money since you'll be fighting more 
enemies. You can set this value to 10 or 20 (10 is default).


Here you can change the options that you set before the game started. You 
cannot change the characters or number of allies here however.


You can block certain attacks by pressing the A or B button before an enemy's 
attack strikes you. The rate of success is dependent on your Defense ability 
and Willpower. You can block a thrown weapon by kicking it, or by striking it 
with a weapon of your own.


Pressing the A and B buttons together causes your character to jump. You can 
jump left or right by pressing in the appropriate direction while jumping. You 
can also jump onto objects or walls by pressing up while jumping, or jump off 
objects by pressing down and jumping (or by just pressing down). If you jump 
while running you will jump much farther than normal. The longer you run the 
farther you'll jump. You can attack in mid air by pressing the A or B buttons. 
You can't block while jumping so be careful of attacks while in mid air.


When an opponent is down on the ground you can pick them up by pressing the B 
button, or lift them by their legs with the A button. Picking up an enemy 
allows you to use them like a weapon (A button), or throw them (B button). 
Picking up an enemy by their legs allows you to swing them around (A button) or 
throw them (B button).


To pick up a weapon on the ground press the A or B button when next to it. You 
can strike with the weapon by pressing the A button, or throw it by pressing 
the B button. Pressing down and the B button will drop a weapon down on the 
spot. Any character that takes a hit will drop their currently held weapon. You 
can keep a weapon as long as you like (i.e. take it through the game with you), 
but it is possible to lose weapons if you run into walls in the shopping areas 
(running into a wall will cause you to lose your weapon, you'll automatically 
drop it and you can't pick it back up since you're in the mall).

Stick: A wooden stick. Popular with gangs throughout River City

Lead Pipe: Similar to the stick, except it's gray in color. Does slightly more 
damage than the stick.

Chain: A length of chain popular with gangs due to its reach and power.

Cone: Normally found at road construction sites, it can be used as a weapon.

Crate: A weapon of emergency. It's probably more effective thrown than swung.

Pallet: A wooden crate used to move stuff. Like a crate only flatter.

Trash Can: You can sometimes smash this over someone's head.

Tire: This rolls along the ground when thrown. If you time it just right, you 
can jump on one and take it for a ride.

Rocks: It's better to throw this, but you can bash someone with it too. A 
favorite of the Dragons.

Brass Knuckles: This gives a punch quite a bit of power. You can throw it too 
if you want.

Long Chain (Rare): A long length of chain with incredible reach. Carried 
exclusively by the Eagles gang.

Pole (Rare): A long pole with quite a reach. Slow but powerful.

Ladder (Rare): Slow, but with a long reach. Who uses a ladder for a weapon?

Bucket (Rare): Who would use a bucket for a weapon?


At the beginning of each game your character starts out with a certain level of 
"reputation". This is a measure of your character's honor and affects certain 
encounters in the game. If you have low honor, chances are no one will be 
willing to help you out. If you have high honor, certain characters in the game 
might be persuaded to join your cause and fight the good fight. While there is 
no way to determine whether or not you have high or low honor in the game, you 
can get a feel as to how honorable your character is by avoiding certain 
behaviors and keeping your "foul play" percentage as low as possible. You can 
check this statistic in the log option in the command menu. Ideally you will 
want to keep foul play as close to zero as possible, as the higher the foul 
play value is, the lower your reputation will be in the game. Note that having 
a low foul play percentage does _not_ necessarily mean you have high honor.

Things that increase your reputation:

Defeating all gang members in an area.
Defeating a boss.
Getting an ally to join your group.
Getting beaten up.
Running into a wall.
Being defeated.

Things that decrease your reputation:

Hitting a boss while they're talking.
An ally is defeated.
Hitting an opponent while they're on the ground.
Using "cheap" attacks over and over (Skaterz, Slick Trick, etc.).

|5. Techniques |

[Technique List]

Note: If a price is listed the technique can be purchased at the bookstore for 
that amount.

Acro Circus (Run + Jump) $300.00
Description: A spinning attack that mows down enemies like a bowling ball. It's 
sort of like Blanka's spin attack from the Street Fighter series. The character 
will keep spinning around until they break out of it (jump twice). This attack 
is great fun as you can run over quite a bit of people with it. Just be careful 
not to roll straight into a pit. Slick starts with this move.

Bat Fang (Up, Up (with stick))
Description: Jump into the air with a twirling stick attack. This is one of 
Tex's trademark attacks.

Big Bang (Stunned + Up, Up)
Description: This move is somewhat of a joke, as you'll most likely never have 
a chance to pull it off. You need to be stunned (hunched over) to do this move. 
This technique lets out the mother of all farts, hitting everyone for huge 
amounts of damage. This is Conan's trademark attack.

Bike Kick (Run + Hit B) $200.00
Description: A series of mid-air kicks. You can think of it as the aerial 
version of mach kick with a much longer range. Randy and Andy start with this 

Bomb Blow (Hold A, Hit B)
Description: Charge up with a powerful lunging punch. Holding down the A button 
to the second stance increases the attack power. This is Gary's trademark 

Boomerang (Hold B (with weapon))
Description: This throws a weapon and sends it back like a boomerang. You don't 
catch it on the return however. This is Benny and Clyde's trademark attack.

Chain Chump (Down, Down (with chain))
Description: Tosses a chain to tie the enemy up. A chained enemy cannot attack 
until the chain gets knocked off. This technique is a bit useless, since it 
doesn't really do any damage and can be easily dealt with. This is Blade's 
trademark attack.

Charge It (Hold A)
Description: Charge up and strike with a powerful punch. This is Rocko's 
trademark attack.

Deadly Shot (Run + Jump + Hit B (with weapon)) $150.00
Description: Throws a weapon from mid air at great speed. While it does decent 
damage, it does require a great deal of set up to use.

Dragon Kick (Hit B)
Description: A series of lightning fast kicks. Alex starts the game with this 
technique, and it keeps getting stronger as his kick value goes up.

Dragon Knee (Press B, Hit A)
Description: Charge and attack with a powerful jumping knee. This is Randy's 
trademark attack.

Flip Throw (Hit B (close range))
Description: A powerful shoulder throw. Press B rapidly to toss the opponent 
over again. This is Ted's trademark attack.

Flying Kick (Hold B, Hit A)
Description: A powerful somersault kick that sends the enemy flying across the 
screen. This attack has minimal range, so it's more of a counter attack than 
anything else (think Guile's somersault kick from the Street Fighter series). 
This is Rick's trademark attack.

Glide Chop (Jump + Up, Up)
Description: A flying chop attack. This technique sends you flying through the 
air like Superman. This is Thor's trademark technique.

God Fist (Press A, Hit B)
Description: Charge and attack with a flying uppercut. This is like Ryu's 
Shoryuken from the Street Fighter series, except it goes straight up. Holding 
the A button for the second stance launches a spinning version, like Ken's 
super from the Street Fighter series.

Grand Slam (Hit A (with weapon)) $200.00
Description: A rapid series of strikes with a weapon. This is one of the best 
techniques in the game, especially if you have a high weapon score and a weapon 
with great reach such as the long chain, pole, and ladder. Jesse starts with 
this move.

Head Bomb (Hold B)
Description: Hold the B button to charge up, then release for a powerful aerial 
headbutt attack. This is a variation of the headbutt attack that Ivan uses.

Headbutt (Run + Press B)
Description: A powerful running headbutt. This is Ivan's trademark attack.

Helicopter (Down, Down (body grab)) $100.00
Description: Swings an opponent around and around, lifting you off your feet 
like a helicopter, hence the name.

Hyperguard (guard) $150.00
Description: This is the same as Top Spin, except it only activates when you 
successfully block an attack. Obviously this is only useful if they enemy are 
next to you, but it also helps if you're surrounded on all sides. Thor starts 
with this move.

Javelin Man (Hit B (body grab)) $100.00
Description: Throws the enemy like a missile. Ted starts with this technique.

Jet Kick (Press B)
Description: A powerful windup kick. This sends enemies high into the air like 
punting a football. This is Rex's trademark attack.

Kickstand (Up, Up (leg grab)) $100.00
Description: This is a rather brutal move. Grabbing the opponent by the legs, 
this technique delivers a painful kick to the crotch. You can keep doing this 
over and over again too.

Killer Kick (Run + Press B, Hit A) $150.00
Description: A powerful flying kick. This one's a bit hard to pull off. Slick 
starts with this move.

Mach Punch (Hit A)
Description: A series of lightning fast punches. Ryan starts the game with this 
technique. Like Alex's Dragon Kick, the Mach Punch deals more damage as Ryan's 
punch values gets higher.

Nitro Port (Run + Run (Face Enemy))
Description: A bit awkward to pull off, but the effects are well worth it. This 
technique teleports you to the nearest enemy you're facing (regardless of how 
far away they are) and hits them with a powerful knee attack. This is Turk's 
trademark attack.

Pulper (Down, Down (with stick))
Description: A powerful spinning attack with the stick. You can move while 
doing this attack. One of Tex's trademark attacks, but you'll need a stick/pipe 
to use this.

Shuriken (Run + Down, Down)
Description: A powerful flying spin attack that sends you through the air like 
a shuriken. This is Moose's trademark attack.

Slam Punk (Hit A (close range))
Description: Grabs the opponent with a leg lock around the head and brings them 
to the ground hard. This is Mojo's trademark attack.

Slap Happy (Run + Hit A) $150.00
Description: A series of strikes while spinning around. This is a great move to 
use to against crowds. Rocko starts with this move.

Slick Trick (Up, Up)
Description: The cheesiest move in the entire game. This psychic technique 
causes all weapons on the screen to levitate upwards. Pressing the A or B 
buttons sends them all flying at the nearest opponent, dealing massive amounts 
of damage. This technique has _zero_ lag time, and can be done over and over 
again to cheese everyone to death. It can summon objects all the way across the 
screen, and even lifts up fallen enemies as well. This is Slick's trademark 
attack (hence the name).

Speed Drop (Jump + Up, Up (body grab))
Description: Grabs the opponent and smashes them into the ground. This is 
Jesse's trademark attack.

Twin Kick (Jump + Hit B)
Description: A powerful spinning kick. Pressing the B button repeatedly causes 
you to spin higher and higher. A trademark attack of the dragon twins Randy and 

Topspin (Down, Down) $150.00
Description: Spin like a tornado to drive back enemies. This is a defensive 
maneuver since you can't move during this attack. Otis starts with this move.

Torpedo (Jump + Hit A) $250.00
Description: A spinning attack that goes through enemies like a torpedo. It's 
kind of like M. Bisons' Psycho Crusher from the Street Fighter series. It 
differs from Acro Circus in that you can't change direction unless you jump, 
then it starts to lose some momentum. To break out of it just jump twice.

Wheel Throw (Hold B (leg grab))
Description: The move input is actually "Hold B then release". This technique 
grabs the opponent and sends them spinning in the air. This is Otis' trademark 


Grand Slam is probably the most useful of the techniques, especially with the 
longer weapons. The fact that you need a weapon isn't much of a drawback 
considering that just about everyone in River City is carrying one.

Acro Circus and Torpedo are fun to use, and a great way to take out groups of 
enemies. Acro circus is much more controllable than Torpedo, hence its slightly 
higher cost.

Slap Happy and Bike Kick are great running attacks. Both are useful for nailing 
enemies who are out of melee range. Bike Kick has a longer range than Slap 
Happy, and is a bit more expensive.

Hyperguard is a nifty trick, but your defense needs to be high for you to make 
the most of it. You might want to consider getting it later in the game when 
you're filling out the remaining technique slots.

Of the grapple techniques, Javelin Man is probably the most useful. Helicopter 
and Kickstand are fun to watch, but are less useful in the heat of battle.

Deadly Shot and Killer Kick require a great deal of set up to use, and 
therefore aren't very useful in a brawl. Topspin is a highly defensive 
maneuver, but you may as well get Hyperguard since it does the same thing while 

|6. Characters and Gangs |


Techniques: Dragon Kick
History: A senior of River City High, Alex is a bit of a rebel, but with a 
heart of gold. He has a strong reputation of helping others in need, especially 
with all the gangs in River City. While he prefers brawling to academic 
studies, Alex is still cherished by the student body at River City High.

Techniques: Mach Punch
History: A senior of Cross Town High, Ryan is Alex's chief rival. The two have 
a long history of competing with each other. A bit more studious than Alex, 
Ryan can still hold his own in a fight. Although loathing asking Alex for his 
assistance, he realizes he'll need all the help he can get to rescue his 

Techniques: ?
History: Alex's good friend since junior high, Simon has always admired Alex 
for his strength and bravery, and constantly tries to get stronger to emulate 
his friend.

Techniques: Big Bang
History: The leader of the Generic Dudes. He doesn't want to help Slick, but 
goes along with his plans through sheer intimidation.

Techniques: Bomb Blow
History: Like Alex, Gary is determined to put an end to the madness going on in 
River City. If Alex could find him he would make a valuable ally.

Techniques: Flying Kick
History: Ryan's old friend from Cross Town High. He made a promise many years 
ago to Ryan to help him if he ever needed it. Now he intends to fulfill his 

Techniques: Jet Kick
History: A street punk through and through, Rex lives only for fighting. 
Despite his appearance he could be useful if you could get him to join you.

Techniques: Flip Throw, Javelin Man
History: This student is a wandering martial expert looking to strengthen his 
techniques. Joining out heroes against Slick's forces could prove to be a true 
test of his martial arts skills.

History: Another one of Alex's good friends, Roxy admires Alex not just for his 
physical strength, but for his inner strength as well.

History: Ryan's girlfriend was abducted by the mysterious gang leader known 
only has "Slick". She is currently being held captive in River City High.

History: Another one of Alex's classmates. She has a definite crush on Alex.

History: The sister of Ivan, Abby is worried for the safety of her brother.

History: A mysterious girl who protects the weak. Where did she come from?

Techniques: ?
History: A mysterious student of whom even Slick is wary. What kind of terrible 
powers could such a person have?


Frequents: Sticksville - 2nd Street, WSL Co. Warehouse - East
Reward: $4.20
Techniques: Shuriken
History: A low ranking gang leader within River City, Moose fights like there's 
no tomorrow. While he isn't the strongest fighter around, he can still catch 
the unprepared off guard with his vicious attacks.

Frequents: Riverside Park, Oak Hill Mall
Reward: $4.50/$4.50
Techniques: Boomerang
History: This duo is always seen together, more for their mutual protection 
than any sense of friendship. They talk a lot of smack, but they always fight 
together and with weapons. Benny uses brass knuckles, while Clyde prefers 

Frequents: WSL Warehouse
Reward: $5.40
Techniques: Charge It, Slap Happy
History: Don't let the glasses fool you. Rocko is one tough fighter, with the 
moves to match. He's in charge of the warehouse district of River City High.

Frequents: Sherman Park
Reward: $7.20
Techniques: Chain Chump
History: One of the four territory gang leaders known as "Zombies", Blade is a 
viscous fighter who specializes in chain attacks. He often frequents the 
Sherman Park area of River City.

Frequents: WSL Co. Entrance
Reward: $7.80
Techniques: Nitro Port
History: The second of the Zombies, Turk is another viscous fighter. While he 
attacks unarmed, he's not above picking up and using a weapon if he has to.

Frequents: WSL Co. Entrance
Reward: ?
Techniques: Speed Drop, Grand Slam
History: A long time friend of Turk, Jesse is just as capable of fighting as he 

Frequents: Empty Lot
Reward: $7.50
Techniques: Slam Punk
History: The third of the Zombies, Mojo prefers smashing his rivals with a 
pipe, a convenient weapon considering he hangs around the construction areas.

Frequents: Vacant Tire Factory (3rd area)
Reward: $9.30
Techniques: Glide Chop, Hyperguard
History: The fourth and leader of the Zombies, Thor is the strongest of the 
quartet. With his brass knuckles he'll pound his opponents into so much paste.

Frequents: River City High
Reward: $9.90
Techniques: Headbutt, Head Bomb
History: The gatekeeper of River City High, Ivan seems to have doubts as to his 
current loyalties. Ivan has plenty of power and a mean head butt as well.

Frequents: RC High - Gymnasium
Reward: $10.50
Techniques: Wheel Throw, Top Spin
History: Otis is crazy about sports and frequents the gymnasium of River City 
High. While he enjoys athletics, he also enjoys pounding on other people just 
as much.

Frequents: RC High - 3rd Floor
Reward: $9.00
Techniques: Pulper, Bat Fang
History: Tex is an unrivaled master of martial arts weapons, especially pole 
arms. He'll be more than happy to demonstrate his attacks on any who dare set 
foot in River City High uninvited.

Frequents: RC High - 4th Floor
Reward: $11.70
Techniques: Twin Kick, Bike Kick, Dragon Knee
History: One half of the "Dragon Twins". Randy's strength and martial arts 
prowess are matched only by his twin brother Andy.

Frequents: RC High - 4th Floor
Reward: $11.50
Techniques: Twin Kick, Bike Kick, God Fist
History: The other half of the Dragon Twins. Alone his strength is formidable. 
Together with his brother Randy, their power is almost unstoppable.

Frequents: RC High - Rooftop
Reward: ?
Techniques: Slick Trick, Acro Circus, Killer Kick
History: The mysterious leader of the gang that kidnapped Ryan's girlfriend. 
What role does he have with what has been going on at River City High?


Color: Light Blue/Green
Reward: $0.30
Description: A generic gang made up of generic students. They have problems 
with PE, much less street fighting.

Color: Pink
Reward: $0.40
Description: These party animals are quick to start a fight, and even quicker 
to run away. They usually carry weapons to even the odds.

Color: Orange
Reward: $0.50
Description: This sneaky gang will do anything to get the upper hand against 
their opponents. A favorite tactic of theirs is to throw rocks from a distance, 
then close in with anything they can get their hands on.

Color: Bright Green
Reward: $0.60
Description: A gang of athletic bullies. Their physique gives them an advantage 
in a brawl, but they aren't above using weapons if need be.

Color: Red
Reward: $0.70
Description: These punks charge into battle fearlessly, swinging away with any 
weapon they can find.

Color: Light Blue
Reward: $0.80
Description: These odd students have banded together out of solidarity, since 
most other gangs won't accept them.

Color: Yellow
Reward: $0.90
Description: These vicious fighters aggressively punish anyone foolish enough 
to intrude on their territory. 

Color: Bright Green
Reward: $1.00
Description: These gang members carry special chains that they use to bash 
enemies senseless.

Color: Gray
Reward: $1.10
Description: These gang enforcers are in charge of the WSL Warehouse district. 
Interestingly their choice of weapon is a tire, possibly due to the abundance 
of them in the local factory.

Color: Dark Orange
Reward: $1.20
Description: This gang boasts some of the greatest brawlers in River City. A 
few of them possess some martial arts skills of their own. They tend to carry 
brass knuckles, and use flying kicks to disarm their opponents.

Color: Green
Reward: $1.30
Description: A motley crew of gang members from around the world. While they 
may be of different cultures, fighting is the international language.

Color: Blue
Reward: $1.40
Description: These cheerful gang members prefer good old-fashioned street 
brawling over riding horses or cattle driving. Despite their demeanor, they can 
give as much as they take when it comes to a fight.

Color: Bright Red
Reward: $1.50
Description: The strongest gang in River City, the Plague guards the hallways 
of River City High. They are usually armed to the teeth.

Color: Dark Red
Reward: $1.60
Description: These gamers turned gangsters fare better at playing video games 
than fighting. They usually carry unusual weapons along with them.

Color: Gold
Reward: $7.00
Description: These imitation gang members are more apt to run away than 
actually fight. They carry unusual weapons for protection, but are quick to 
flee if things actually get rough. Entrees carry a great deal of money to 
satisfy their specialized tastes.

|7. Shops |

There are four basic areas (and one secret area) in the game where you can 
purchase items: Grotto Mall, Waterfront Mall, Flatirons Mall, and Oak Hill 
Mall. A fifth store, Merlin's Mystery, can be found hidden inside the Armstrong 
Thru-way inside the tunnel. There are four basic categories of items you can 
purchase: Food, medicine, books, and miscellaneous. Food can be either consumed 
on the spot or taken out to go, depending on the store. Eating food usually 
restores stamina and/or increases various abilities. Medicine usually restores 
more stamina than food. Books increase various abilities when read, and some 
may actually teach you a new technique. Miscellaneous items include toys, CDs, 
and magical items. They have various effects when used, but some are quite 

[Grotto Mall]
Stores: Latte Caffeine, Metro Bakery, Sushi Bar, Read All About It

[Waterfront Mall]
Stores: Read All About It, French Italia, Mao's Place, Metro Bakery, JCS 

[Armstrong Thru-way]
Store: Merlin's Mystery
Note: The entrance is hidden in the wall after the fourth light in the tunnel.

[Flatirons Mall]
Stores (1st area): Read All About It, Latte Caffeine, Sweet Tooth
Stores (2nd area): Happy Feet, Meat Market, Toys 'B' We, CD Cellar

[Oak Hill Mall]
Stores (1st area): Latte Caffeine, Metro Bakery, Read All About It
Stores (2nd area): Read All About It, Metro Bakery, JCS Pharmacy
Store (3rd area): Health Club


Description: Latte Caffeine has branches throughout River City, and offers a 
wide selection of food, not to mention powerful coffee.

Recommendations: Waffles are the cheapest item on the menu if you need a quick 
stamina boost. If you need a boost of willpower have a coffee or tea.

Coffee           $3.50     Willpower+30 Stamina+1
French Toast     $5.50     Willpower+1 Stamina+40
Fruit Juice      $5.00     Agility+2 Stamina+10
Hot Cocoa        $4.00     Defense+1 Willpower+10 Stamina+10
Lemon Tea        $4.00     Weapon+1 Stamina+10
Pizza            $5.50     Jump+2 Stamina+36
Sampler          $6.00     Defense+1 Stamina+40
Spaghetti        $6.00     Stamina+60
Tea              $3.50     Willpower+30 Stamina+1
Toast            $4.00     Strength+1 Stamina+12
Waffles          $2.50     Stamina+28
Yogurt           $6.00     Punch+1 Stamina+32


Description: A popular chain of bakeries in River City. Offers cheap pastries 
and baked goods at reasonable prices.

Recommendations: If you need just a little bit of stamina the doughnut makes a 
good snack. Other good pick me ups include the bagel dog, cream puff, 
croquette, honey bun, multigrain, and sandwich.

Bagel            $1.00     Toughness+1 Stamina+6
Bagel Dog        $1.20     Stamina+13
Cream Puff       $1.00     Stamina+10
Croissant        $1.00     Jump+1 Stamina+4
Croquette        $1.20     Stamina+13
Doughnut         $0.80     Stamina+8
Fruitcake        $1.10     Agility+1 Stamina+4
Honey Bun        $1.00     Stamina+10
Muffin           $1.00     Defense+1 Stamina+6
Multigrain       $1.20     Stamina+12
Rye              $1.00     Stamina+10
Sandwich         $2.00     Stamina+20
Sourdough        $1.00     Defense+1 Stamina+6


Description: The best sushi bar in River City. Offers exotic ingredients for 
the discriminating connoisseur of gourmet sushi.
Recommendations: Eating sushi increases various abilities in small amounts. In 
general you get more ability increases as the price goes up. It does get quite 
expensive, so you're probably better off eating somewhere else if you're low on 

Ark Shell        $9.00      Toughness+6 Stamina+32
California Roll  $4.00      Punch+1 Stamina+12
Conger Eel       $4.00      Stamina+44
Crab             $8.00      Weapon+2 Stmaina+32
Egg              $2.00      Toughness+1 Stmaina+12
Fatty Tuna       $9.00      Willpower+30 Stamina+32
Fish Eggs        $8.00      Weapon+1 Strength+1 Stamina+32
Flounder         $20.00     Punch+3 Kick+3 Willpower+30 Stamina+30
Halibut          $3.00      Defense+1 Stamina+20
Kappa Roll       $2.00      Stamina+20
Kyuri Roll       $2.00      Toughness+1 Stmaina+12
Mackerel         $8.00      Defense+2 Toughness+2 Stamina+40
Mixed Roll       $2.00      Jump+1 Stamina+10
Octopus          $2.00      Jump+1 Stamina+12
Prawn            $6.00      Agility+1 Stamina+40
Salad Roll       $2.00      Agility+1 Stamina+8
Salmon           $5.00      Kick+1 Stamina+24
Scallop          $10.00     Agility+4 Willpower+20 Stamina+30
Sea Urchin       $12.00     Weapon+2 Defense+3 Jump+3 Willpower+20 Stamina+30
Shrimp Roll      $2.00      Defense+1 Stamina+12
Squid            $2.00      Jump+1 Stamina+12
Swordfish        $7.00      Agility+2 Stamina+32
Toro             $30.00     Defense+5 Toughness+5 Strength+4 Will+40 
Tuna             $6.00      Punch+1 Stamina+32
Tuna Roll        $6.00      Willpower+20 Stamina+20
Wasabi Roll      $10.00     Stamina+100
Yellowtail       $8.00      Strength+2 Stamina+32


Description: A popular bookstore with locations all over River City. There's 
bound to be something interesting here for everyone.

Recommendations: Gaming Magazine is probably the best deal in the bookstore. 
For less than $10 it adds +10 to your toughness. No other item in the game 
offers a better point to dollar ratio. If you plan on using weapons 
exclusively, be sure to pick up Grand Slam when you have the funds to do so. It 
drastically increases the amount of damage you can deal with a weapon attack.

(T) = This book teaches a special technique.

Acro Circus (T)  $300.00    Learn 'Acro Circus'
American Anime   $25.00     Punch+3 Weapon+3 Jump+4 Willpower+50
Bike Kick (T)    $200.00    Learn 'Bike Kick'
Comic Times      $30.00     Willpower+200 Max Stamina+10
Deadly Shot (T)  $150.00    Learn 'Deadly Shot'
Fashion Magazine $6.50      Toughness+4 Willpower+20
Gaming Magazine  $9.80      Toughness+10 Willpower+5
Grand Slam (T)   $200.00    Learn 'Grand Slam'
Helicopter (T)   $100.00    Learn 'Helicopter'
Hyperguard (T)   $150.00    Learn 'Hyperguard'
Imported Manga   $4.50      Toughness+5
Indian Lore      $8.00      Punch+1 Kick+1 Agility+1 Willpower+60
Javelin Man (T)  $100.00    Learn 'Javelin Man'
Kickstand (T)    $100.00    Learn 'Kickstand'
Killer Kick (T)  $150.00    Learn 'Killer Kick'
Mystic Seer      $4.00      Willpower+27
Nuclear Spy      $6.00      Defense+1 Toughness+1 Willpower+45
Scandal Rag      $4.50      Willpower+40
Slap Happy (T)   $150.00    Learn 'Slap Happy'
Swimsuit Magazine$15.00     Strength+4 Willpower+60
Topspin (T)      $150.00    Learn 'Topspin'
Torpedo (T)      $250.00    Learn 'Torpedo'


Description: A unique restaurant featuring a fusion of French and Italian 

Recommendations: The Veal Walle is expensive, but boosts quite a bit of 
abilities for its price.

Caviar           $2.00      Stamina+20
Cornish Hen      $35.00     Strength+5 Agility+5 Max Stamina+20
Lasagna          $1.50      Toughness+1 Stamina+10
Nero Pizza       $1.50      Stamina+16
Onion Soup       $1.20      Stamina+12
Ravioli          $1.00      Jump+1 Stamina+10
Salad Paris      $1.00      Stamina+10
Veal Walle       $45.00     Punch+5 Kick+5 Toughness+5 Agility+5 Max Stamina+35


Description: The finest place for Chinese food in River City.

Recommendations: There isn't anything really special here. Most of the food 
gives a stamina boost along with a minor boost in ability. If you want to just 
eat and run grab the orange chicken.

Chow Mein        $6.00     Kick+1 Stamina+35
Ducklets         $6.00     Defense+1 Stamina+50
Egg Roll         $4.50     Agility+1 Stamina+36
Fried Rice       $6.00     Strength+1 Stamina+30
Garlic Pork      $6.00     Weapon+1 Stamina+35
Orange Chicken   $5.00     Stamina+56
Pepper Beef      $5.00     Punch+1 Stamina+30
Sweet & Sour     $6.00     Jump+1 Stamina+50


Description: The most popular fast food restaurant in River City. You can find 
one almost everywhere.

Recommendations: Fast food isn't very nutritional, so the food here won't boost 
your abilities very much. If you want a stamina boost try the milk, Souper 
Merv, Merv Burger, or chicken sandwich.

Apple Pie        $1.50     Toughness+1 Stamina+8
Cheese Merv      $2.20     Agility+1 Stamina+8
Chicken Sandwich $2.50     Stamina+28
Iced Tea         $1.50     Willpower+10 Stamina+1
Merv Dog         $2.00     Toughness+1 Stamina+12
Merv Burger      $2.10     Stamina+24
Merv Fries       $2.20     Jump+1 Stamina+12
Merv Malt        $2.20     Defense+1 Stamina+12
Milk             $1.20     Stamina+12
Mondo Merv       $4.00     Defense+1 Jump+1 Stamina+20
Soda             $2.00     Agility+1
Souper Merv      $1.50     Stamina+16
Spicy Chili      $3.00     Weapon+1 Stamina+10


Description: The most convenient drug store in River City. You can find 
virtually anything to cure what ails you.

Recommendations: Plasebol, Vita-Mints, and Digestol all restore increasing 
amounts of stamina, and are quite affordable. Be sure to stock up on some 
before heading for a boss fight. Antidote 12 is a real bargain, as it boosts 
your maximum stamina by 20 for only $15.

Antidote 12      $15.00     Willpower+30 Max Stamina+20
Date Saver       $12.00     Stamina+150
Digestol         $8.00      Stamina+90
Ginseng          $10.00     Toughness+2 Willpower+35 Stamina+60
Karmajolt        $25.00     All+1 Willpower+40 Stamina+100
Lion's Milk      $10.00     Defense+2 Willpower+50 Stamina+50
Love Potion      $10.00     Toughness+3 Stamina+85
Omni Elixir      $9.00      Willpower+50 Stamina+80
Plasebol         $2.00      Stamina+30
Recharge!        $10.00     Agility+3 Willpower+40 Stamina+40
Soma             $20.00     Punch+1 Kick+1 Willpower+50 Stamina+130
Vita-Mints       $5.00      Stamina+60


Description: A mysterious shop hidden somewhere in River City. Who knows what 
kinds of stuff you can find in here.

Recommendations: Some of the best stuff in the game can be found here, but as 
you might expect you're going to pay top dollar to get your hands on them. The 
two best items are Magic Pants and Skaterz. Magic Pants allows you to 
regenerate stamina over time, and Skaterz allow you to teleport behind enemies 
at will when you attack. Both of these items cost $500.00, but both are well 
worth their weight in gold. Rocketeers allow you to run super fast, allowing 
you to move between in areas in record time. Pandora's Box adds $0.10 to your 
coffers every time you get hit, which can add up to quite a bit of money over 

Note: Some items are unavailable unless you clear the game at least once.

Air Merc's       $200.00     Increases jump height
Cough Meds       $30.00      Changes stats randomly
Custom Char      $999.90     Change characters
Custom Fit       $300.00     Run in mid-air
Custom Move      $9.90       Change technique inputs
Custom Self      $99.90      Change appearance
Excalibur        $100.00     Punch+10 Kick+10 Weapon+10 Strength+10 Will+50
Hemlock          $20.00      Changes stats randomly
Inlines          $250.00     Slide while running
Isis Scroll      $100.00     Toughness+50 Willpower+60 Max Stamina+30
Lotto Tix        $10.00      Chance to win big money
Magic Pants      $500.00     Regenerates Stamina
Narcishoes       $300.00     Unlimited jumps
Pandora's Box    $40.00      $0.10 every time you get hit
Pheonix Wing     $300.00     Float during jump
Rocketeers       $200.00     Run super fast
Rodan Wing       $100.00     Defense+50 Willpower+60 Max Stamina+30
Seraph Cola      $20.00      Changes stats randomly
Skaterz          $500.00     Teleport attack
Springlines      $250.00     Bounce while you jump
Xray Specs       $20.00      Willpower+40 Max Stamina+20
Zeus' Wand       $200.00     Agility+40 Jump+40 Willpower+Max Max Stamina+50


Description: A chocoholic's delight, Sweet Tooth offers a wide variety of 
confections to satisfy your candy cravings.

Recommendations: There isn't anything worth buying here. If you're craving 
candy for the stamina boost you should get either the fudge bar or rock candy.

Chocolate Egg    $1.50     Defense+1 Willpower+2 Stamina+7
Fudge Bar        $1.00     Willpower+2 Stamina+10
Jawbreaker       $1.00     Jump+1 Willpower+2
Lollipop         $1.00     Defense+1 Willpower+2
Mint Gum         $1.00     Toughness+1 Willpower+2
Rock Candy       $1.00     Willpower+2 Stamina+10


Description: Your one stop shop for all your footwear needs. When someone tells 
you your mother wears army boots, you can proudly say "So do I!"

Recommendations: There's a lot of expensive stuff here, most of which increase 
your kick, agility, and jump. You're probably better off going to the CD Cellar 

Army Boots       $60.00     Punch+10 Kick+10 Agility+10 Jump+4
Board Shoes      $20.00     Kick+3 Willpower+30 Max Stamina+6
Boat Shoes       $45.00     Agility+13 Jump+20
Cleats           $50.00     Kick+8 Defense+4 Toughness+4 Agility+12
Cross Trains     $45.00     Kick+6 Strength+6 Agility+6
Flipflops        $9.80      Kick+1 Jump+8
High Tops        $45.00     Kick+8 Toughness+5 Agility+8
Insoles          $7.00      Agility+4
Mod Boots        $60.00     Kick+10 Defense+8 Toughness+8 Agility+10
Kung-Fu Shoes    $30.00     Punch+2 Kick+5 Agility+4 Jump+4
Loafers          $90.00     Kick+10 Agility+10 Jump+40
Pump Sneakers    $45.00     Kick+2 Agility+20
Sandals          $5.00      Agility+4
Slippers         $5.00      Kick+1 Weapon+1
Sneakers         $40.00     Kick+4 Toughness+15 Jump+15
Texas Boots      $120.00    Kick+30 Weapon+8 Strength+8


Description: The #1 butcher store in River City for steaks, chops, and other 
assorted meats.

Recommendations: Most of the stuff here increases your punch ability to varying 
degrees. The T-Bone is your best bet if you want meaty fists.

Chuck Roast      $5.00      Punch+1 Defense+2
Lamb Leg         $25.00     Punch+8 Willpower+80
Rib-Eye          $6.00      Punch+1 Weapon+1
Sirloin          $5.00      Punch+1 Toughness+2
T-Bone           $10.00     Punch+4


Description: A toy store with neat stuff the whole family will enjoy.

Recommendations: The Techno Belt is a great toy to improve your offensive 
abilities. The Teddy bear does the same except for defensive abilities.

Maze Craze       $20.00     Willpower+190
MauiLauren       $30.00     Agility+10 Jump+8 Willpower+40
Ninjaman 2       $50.00     Weapon+5 Strength+5 Willpower+100
Techno Belt      $28.00     Punch+3 Kick+3 Weapon+2 Strength+3
Teddy Bear       $30.00     Defense+12 Toughness+12 Willpower+40


Description: River City's most popular music store that carries a huge 
selection of music for just about everyone.

Recommendations: Probably the most economical store in the game to boost your 
abilities. For $10.00 you can add 3 (or more) points to a particular ability of 
your choosing.

Classical        $10.00     Defense+9 Willpower+50
Country          $10.00     Punch+3 Willpower+50
Emo              $10.00     Toughness+8 Willpower+50
Game Tunes       $10.00     Kick+3 Willpower+50
Jazzy Blues      $10.00     Strength+3 Willpower+50
Movie OST        $10.00     Weapon+3 Willpower+50
Pop              $10.00     Jump+8 Willpower+50
Rock             $10.00     Agility+5 Willpower+50


Description: After a hard day's work (or fighting), you can enjoy a nice 
relaxing bath and sauna here to ease your tired muscles.

Recommendations: Its close proximity to a certain duo makes this stamina 
replenishing facility very convenient indeed. 

Sauna            $4.50     Stamina+50

|8. Walkthrough |


You'll encounter either the Generic Dudes or Frat Boys here. Either way they 
make easy pickings, but you can get in trouble if you're just starting out and 
get surrounded. Be sure to grab a weapon as soon as the opportunity presents 
itself and let them have it.


More gang members await you here. If you're low on stamina make a break for the 
exit. Otherwise, you should keep fighting and building up your cash on these 

[Getting Gary] (Alex only)
If you're playing as Alex and have cleared both Cross Town High and 3rd Street 
of enemies, if you head back to Cross Town High you'll encounter Gary. He'll 
offer to join you on the spot. If you're just starting out he'll make a 
valuable ally.

[Getting Conan]
If you defeat the entire Generic Dudes gang three times, come back to 3rd 
Street and defeat the Generic Dudes one last time to make Conan appear. He'll 
ask to join your group. If you accept, not only will Conan join you, but so 
will the entire Generic Dudes gang. Unlike normal allies, once a member of the 
Generic Dudes is defeated, they are gone for good. Conan, however, will join 
permanently. You can still only have him and two other Generic Dudes on the 
screen at once though. Conan's special technique is Big Bang, which you won't 
see very often since he'll usually get knocked out before he has a chance to 
use it.


If you took some hard knocks, grab a quick snack at the coffee shop or bakery. 
Otherwise, you might want to invest in either an imported manga or gaming 
magazine at the bookstore. Reading one will increase your toughness by 5 or 10 


There's an entrance here that leads to Sherman Park. Remember this, as you'll 
be coming back here later one. For now you can just head past it to the next 

[Getting Rick] (Ryan only)
If you're playing as Ryan, you can meet up with Rick in Sherman Park. He'll 
offer to join you there. Rick is quite a powerful ally, and will make an 
excellent addition to your team. This special technique is Flying Kick (more of 
a somersault kick actually), which sends enemies flying across the screen.


Watch out for the large pit in the center of the area. If you fall in you'll 
die instantly. It's handy to throw enemies into, but you won't get any money 
that way. There are a few cones here you can use to throw as weapons, so make 
use of them. Once all enemies have been defeated the first boss of the game, 
Moose, appears. 

Boss: Moose
Reward: $4.20

Wait till he gives his speech, and then let him have it. Moose's Shuriken 
special attack sends him flying towards you like a, well, shuriken. If you get 
hit with it, it will most likely kill you, if not wound you severely. With luck 
and persistence you'll eventually beat him, whereupon he'll direct you to his 
boss Rocko in the warehouse district.  


You'll find the first pharmacy store here. If you have the money I'd recommend 
the Antidote 12, as it boosts your max stamina by 20 per dose. You might want 
to pick up some Plasebols or Vita-Mints as well (restores 30/60 stamina 


Here you'll face the next boss Roxy. Just kidding. She's actually Slick's ex-
girlfriend and is here to give you a somewhat valuable clue. After she's done 
talking you can continue onward or head up to the park area above for an 
optional boss fight.


Bosses: Benny & Clyde
Reward: $4.50/$4.50

They're both armed to the teeth and just itching for a fight. If you're playing 
solo the best strategy is try not to get double-teamed. Their special technique 
is Boomerang, where they throw their weapon and it swings back towards 
them. Suffice it to say you'll want to avoid it when it comes back. They're not 
too effective without their weapons, so try to make disarming them a priority. 
Defeat them and they'll retreat for now. But don't worry, as you'll be seeing 
them later on.


Not much to see here. Just beat everyone up and move on.


What is up with River City and these pits? Like 2nd street you can knock 
everyone into the pit, or just ignore them and head for the warehouse door.


You'll usually meet the Mob inside the factory, and they're quite tough 
opponents. They'll usually bring a bunch of tires to the party, but you can 
disarm them and try some tire tossing of your own. Defeating all of them brings 
out the next boss, Rocko.

Boss: Rocko
Reward: $5.40

Rocko's Charge It power punch does incredible damage. If you want to take 
the safe route, just keep back and toss tires at him. He has a lot of stamina 
though, so this might take a while. You can also run around the crates for some 
breathing room. Once Rocko's down for the count, he'll tell you that the next 
boss can be found all the way back at Sherman Park. You do remember where that 
was, don't you? You'll need to head back to Sticksville Park Dr to get there. 
Take your time getting there to build up your cash by beating on the punks 
along the way.


[Getting Gary] (Alex only)
If you're playing as Alex, Gary will ask to join your party at this point (if 
you didn't get him previously). He's a decent fighter with a powerful lunging 
punch attack (Bomb Blow). Defeating Blade will be much easier with his help.

Boss: Blade
Reward: $7.20

Blade is the first of the Zombies, Slick's elite fighting force. He's an expert 
with a chain, so your priority is to disarm him ASAP. His special attack is a 
chain toss (Chain Chump). If the chain connects it will wrap itself around the 
target, preventing them from attacking until it comes off. Fortunately, you can 
just run into an object to knock it off, and Blade loses his chain when he uses 
this attack, so it's kind of to your advantage if he does use this attack. If 
you have Gary's help this fight becomes much easier. Defeat him and he'll tell 
you about Thor at the tire factory. It's time to head all the way back to the 

[Getting Blade]
If your reputation is high at this point in the game (and I mean _really_ 
high), Blade will offer to join you when you defeat him. You might need to run 
into walls a few dozen times to get a high enough reputation.


Not much do to here, though if you defeat all the enemies here you'll get the 
opportunity for an optional boss rematch.

Boss: Moose
Reward: ?

It's the same Moose with the same attacks. But at this point you should be much 
stronger than when you last met. Just watch out for his spin attack and you 
should be okay.


Not much of interest here, only your standard gang members loitering about.


There's a secret shop located in the tunnel where you can find some interesting 
(and expensive) stuff. The entrance is located in the wall past the fourth 
light in the tunnel.


Defeat all the enemies here and the second Zombie, Turk, will make his 

Boss: Turk
Reward: $7.80

Turk is lightning fast, and his special move (Nitro Port) actually teleports 
him next to his target before he nails them. You can't dodge it, but you can 
block it with good timing.

[Getting Turk]
If you have a good reputation at this point, Turk will actually offer to join 
your party after you defeat him.

If you defeat Turk five times (obviously he can't be with you for this to 
happen), his friend Jesse will appear, and both Turk and Jesse will attack you 

Bosses: Turk & Jesse
Reward: ?

Despite the boss music, Jesse isn't much stronger than your average gang 
member. Turk is still the main threat here.

[Getting Jesse & Turk]
If you defeat both, and you have a very good reputation, then Jesse 
will actually ask to join you. If Jesse joins you, Turk will automatically join 
you as well (you need to have two available spots in your group).


There's yet another Zombie encounter here after you defeat all the enemies.

Boss: Mojo
Reward: $7.50

Mojo is pretty crazy. If you get close he'll use a powerful slam attack (Slam 
Punk) that does crazy amounts of damage. Needless to say, allies will be quite 
useful to distract him. 

[Getting Mojo]
If you have a very good reputation, Mojo will offer to join your group when you 
defeat him.


By now you should have money burning a hole in your pocket, so you might want 
to pick up a technique at the bookstore here, or head on over to the second 
area of the mall to peruse the new stores there. 


All four stores here are exclusive to this area. Of the four, the most 
interesting would probably be the CD store where you can pretty much improve 
your abilities ala carte.


It looks more like a construction area, but who are we to argue? Just beat on 
the punks and move on.


Not much to look at here. Defeat the enemies and move on.


This multi-tiered area can make fighting pretty chaotic. Take the door at the 
bottom to reach the upper level and move on. If you want to go back the way you 
came, you'll have to make a long running jump to reach the other side from the 
top level.

Warning: Don't try to use Acro Circus to jump across the gap from the right or 
you'll fall to your death!


There's a huge hole in the center of this area, and if Gary's with you chances 
are good that he'll fall to his death as soon as he uses his special attack. 
Stick to the long walkway above and defeat everyone here for the final Zombie 

Boss: Thor
Reward: $9.30

Thor is the leader of the Zombies, and you're about to see why. His special 
Technique Glide Chop has him flying through the air like a thunderbolt from the 
lightning god himself. If you're too close to the gap it's game over, so be 
careful where you're standing.

[Getting Thor]
If you have an excellent reputation (very, very high), Thor himself will offer 
to join your group when defeated. Note that Thor will never join your group if 
you have a Zombie in it (Blade, Turk, or Mojo)

Note: If your reputation is high enough that Thor offers to join your party, 
you can trigger the Tidus side quest events listed below.

[Finding Tidus]

1. If you head back to Waterfront Mall you'll get to meet the mysterious Tidus. 
He'll talk for a while then disappear to parts unknown.

2. After Ivan is defeated, come back to the River City High entrance and defeat 
all the enemies there. Tidus will appear a second time to talk to you.

3. If you've meet Tidus twice, Roxy will appear on the third floor of River 
City High to talk to you. (Alex only)


Boss: Ryan/Alex
Reward: $9.00

If you're playing as Alex and don't have Ryan as an ally, Ryan appear here and 
challenge you to a fight and vice versa. If you've gotten this far, you should 
have no problems beating him, more so if you've recruited any of the Zombies in 
your gang. Beat him up and move on.

OAK HILL MALL (part one)

Not much here other than a bookstore for last minute technique purchases.

OAK HILL MALL (part two)

Shel appears here and tells you that she rescued Abby from River City High. 
Then she goes along on her merry way. Abby is the sister of Ivan, who is 
currently guarding River City High. If you could convince him to join your 
group, he could be a powerful ally in the fight against Slick. If you have 
room, in might be worth your while to try to win him over, but it requires a 
bit of backtracking.

1. After talking to Shel you'll need to find her again. She's moved all the way 
back at Flatirons Mall. Head back there to meet with her again.

2. After meeting with Shel a second time, she'll mention that Abby is out 
shopping at another mall. You'll need to head back to Oak Hill Mall.

3. Abby is in the first area of Oak Hill Mall on the left side. Speak with her 
to complete this side quest.

Once you've done this, Ivan will join your party once you defeat him at River 
City High's gate (you obviously need to have an open space for this to happen).

OAK HILL MALL (part three)

Bosses: Benny & Clyde
Reward: ?

It's time for round two with this duo. Despite what they say, they're exactly 
the same as they were when you last met them way back when. Unlike them, you've 
gotten much more stronger, so this fight is somewhat of a joke. The dynamic duo 
will reappear every single time you enter this area, so it's a fast way to make 
some quick money. The amount you get each time does diminish however.

[Meeting Jinny/Pink]
If you defeat Benny and Clyde four times in a row, and have high reputation, 
Jinny will appear and berate you for picking on the weak. She'll then ask you 
if you want her help. If you say yes she'll mention something about helping you 
in the future and disappear. If you answer "I don't know", Jinny will give you 


[Getting Rex]
If you clear this area, and have only one ally with you, Rex will appear and 
ask to join your group. He's a pretty good fighter, and his special kick (Jet 
Kick) is useful in a brawl. If you have two allies Rex won't appear at all. If 
you have three allies, and they are all Zombies (Turk, Mojo, and Thor), Rex 
will actually attack you at this point.

[Getting Ted]
If you met the conditions for meeting Rex and refused his help, exit and 
reenter the screen and clear all the enemies again. Ted will appear and ask you 
join you. Ted is a much better fighter than Rex and will prove invaluable in 
the boss fights ahead.


Clearing this area of enemies causes Ivan to emerge. You must defeat Ivan to 
gain access to River City High. No ifs ands or buts about it.

Boss: Ivan
Reward: $9.90

Ivan is feared throughout River City for his powerful head butt attacks. You'll 
need to be on your guard less you experience it firsthand. Having Gary or Rex 
(or both) makes things much easier. If you have Zombies in the group, it's even 
better. Once Ivan has hit the dirt the way to River City is clear. If you met 
Tidus previously, he'll appear again if you reenter the area and clear it of 

[Getting Ivan]
If you have a spot open on your team, and you've done the Abby side quest (see 
Oak Hill Mall part two), Ivan will join your team when he's defeated.


Chances are good you'll encounter the Plague gang here. They're the toughest 
fighters in the game, second only to the Zombies in power. Once you've cleared 
the Gym, a new boss appears.

Boss: Otis
Rewards: $10.50

Otis isn't as powerful as Ivan, but he is quite robust, so it might take a 
while to whittle down his stamina. If you have Ivan or Zombies in the group, 
Otis will express some surprise before the fight.

Once Otis is dealt with, head up to the second level via the doorway or by 
jumping up to the basketball hoops. Be careful not to trip on the backboards on 
the way to the exit.


There are no bosses on this floor, so you can just head up to the next floor. 
Defeating the enemies here is optional.


If you're playing as Alex, and have met Tidus twice previously, Roxy will 
appear here and offer words of encouragement.

[Getting Tex]
After clearing the floor of enemies Tex, the final boss before the dragon 
twins, appears. What happens here depends on whether or not you have Ivan in 
your party. If Ivan isn't in your party, Tex will just attack you. If Ivan is 
in your party, and you have a full party of four, Tex won't bother you and will 
peacefully walk away. If Ivan is in your party, you have a space available, and 
you have a high reputation, Tex will join your party.

Boss: Tex
Reward: $9.00

Tex is a master of fighting with sticks, and most of his special techniques 
revolve around using them. Therefore, you should always attempt to disarm him 
whenever possible. His multi-hit attack can do severe damage so keep your 
distance and try to get him away from his stick. If he does try to pick it back 
up, run at him and knock it away ASAP.


It's the final push before the last boss. Clear out the floor and get ready to 

Bosses: Randy & Andy (& Otis?)
Reward: $11.70 & $11.50 (& ?)

Ah. Listening to that soundtrack brings back fond memories. Randy and Andy are 
known as the "Dragon Twins", and each of them have attacks that do quite a bit 
of damage. Randy has a powerful knee attack (Dragon Knee), and Andy has a 
powerful flying uppercut (God Fist). Both have spin kicks that can quickly 
clear an area. If you have a Zombie in your group, Otis will appear with the 
twins to try and even the odds. There isn't much strategy here than just go in 
with fists and feet flying and hope your group outlasts theirs.

When the dust settles and you stand victorious, don't head for the door just 
yet. Head back down the hall and take the third door. Inside you'll find Cyndi. 
This scene is purely optional, but it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, 
right? Once she's been rescued, head back out the door. 

Note: If you met with Jinny/Pink earlier and asked for her help, you'll 
discover that Cyndi has already been rescued by her!

If the fight with the twins left you busted up, it would be a good idea to head 
back to town and stock up on medicine, as you'll need in the final battle. 
Fortunately, you don't have to fight the twins again to gain access to the 
roof, where the final battle takes place.


Boss: Slick
Reward: ?

If you're weapon ability is high and/or you have the Grand Slam technique, you 
might seriously consider picking up the ladder or other impromptu weapons lying 
about the roof. At this point reputation isn't very important so feel free to 
get the first attack on Slick while he's talking. Otherwise, you'll have to 
listen to him ramble on and on. There are two major things you should know 
about Slick. First, his stats are pretty much close to max, so his normal 
attacks tend to deal a whole lot of damage if they're not blocked. The second 
is Slick's ultimate technique, the "Slick Trick". When he uses this he'll hold 
his arms out to the side, and every weapon on the ground will levitate upwards. 
Then he'll send them all shooting towards his target, dealing ungodly amounts 
of damage. Needless to say, the only way to stop this is to nail him before he 
shoots. Other than preventing the Slick Trick, there isn't much else in the way 
of strategy than to keep wailing on him. Allies will prove very useful in 
drawing Slick's ire, but the Slick Trick can eliminate them rather quickly, so 
be sure to knock him down once you see him start it up. Defeat Slick, and River 
City is saved!

Note: To save your data after the ending you'll need to wait until after the 
music has stopped playing before the option appears. This might take a while, 
so you'll need to be patient.

|9. Cheats |

The following cheat codes were taken from the River City Ransom EX Codes & 
Secrets section of GameFAQs. Credit actually goes to Questionmarktarius for 
originally posting the codes first on the message boards at GameFAQs.

To get the following cheats to work, you must change the current character's 
name to the cheat code by renaming them in the status menu. You can use 
multiple codes together, and you can rename the character again with the 
effects still in place. For example, you could rename Alex to PLAYA and DAMAX 
and back to Alex for an Alex character with a lot of money and max stats. All 
cheats use upper case letters for the name.

DAMAX – All stats at maximum
PLAYA - $999,999.99 cash
XTRA0 – Adds Custom Char to inventory
XTRA1 – Adds Custom Self to inventory
XTRA2 – Adds Custom Move to inventory
FUZZY – Adds Mach Punch, Dragon Kick, Acro Circus, Grand Slam, Javelin Man, 
Slick Trick, Nitro Port, Twin Kick, Deadly Shot, Top Spin, Helicopter, and 
Torpedo to techniques
WUZZY – Adds Slap Happy, Pulper, Headbutt, Kickstand, Big Bang, Wheel Throw, 
Glide Chop, Head Bomb, Chain Chump, Jet Kick, Shuriken, and Flip Throw to 
WAZZA – Adds Boomerang, Charge It, Bat Fang, Flying Kick, Speed Drop, Bomb 
Blow, Killer Kick, Bike Kick, Slam Punk, Dragon Knee, God Fist, and Hyperguard 
to techniques
BEAR – Adds Pheonix Wings, Inlines, Springlines, Rocketeers, Air Merc's, 
Narcishoes, Magic Pants, Pandora Box, Skaterz, and Custom Fit to techniques

|10. Frequently Asked Questions |

Q: Why won't Blade/Turk/Jesse/Mojo/Thor join me?
A: You need to have high reputation for them you join you. If you have any of 
the three named characters above, Thor will not join you at all.

Q: How can I tell if I have high reputation?
A: You can't. It's an invisible statistic kept by the game. The dialogue for 
the bosses does change if your reputation is high, so that's one indication.

Q: My foul play percentage is low. Doesn't that mean I have a high reputation?
A: Not necessarily. It just means that you've avoided using cheap shots.

Q: How do I get high reputation?
A: Defeating all the enemies in an area raises your reputation, as does gaining 
new allies and defeating bosses. Running into walls also increases your 
reputation. Actually falling down increases it, but running into walls does the 
same thing.

Q: Does reputation carry over from game to game?
A: No. Reputation restarts at zero at the beginning of each game.

Q: What raises the foul play meter?
A: Hitting enemies when they're down, hitting bosses while they're speaking, 
and using cheap attacks (such as Magic Pants and Slick Trick) all increase the 
foul play meter.

Q: How do I get Gary?
A: Playing as Alex, either clear out one gang and return to Cross Town High 
where he'll meet you, or meet him later at Sherman Park during the Blade 

Q: How do I get Rick?
A: Playing as Ryan, meet him at Sherman Park.

Q: Can I get Jesse alone?
A: No. Turk always joins you along with Jesse.

Q: How do I meet Jinny?
A: You need to have a high reputation. Then defeat Benny and Clyde four 
consecutive times at the health spa. 

Q: Why won't Rex/Ted appear?
A: Rex/Ted will not appear if you have exactly two allies in your group.

Q: Can you save your allies to file?
A: No. Allies are not saved in the save file. You need to get them all over 
again when you start the game again.

Q: Can you get allies to leave your group?
A: No. Allies join you for good. If you want them to leave you need to start 

Q: Why can't I block?
A: Increasing the defense ability increases your chances of blocking an attack.

Q: How do you play as the bosses?
A: Using the Custom Char item allows you to change your character to any other 
character in the game. It only appears in the Merlin's Mystery shop after you 
defeat the game, and sells for $999.99. Of course, you could always use the 
cheat code to get one as well.

|11. Acknowledgements |

Special thanks to Atlus (www.altus.com) and Million for the rebirth of a 
classic game.

Questionmarktarius for originally posting the cheat codes at the GameFAQs 
message boards.

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission by the author. Use of 
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

The following have explicit permission by me to post this FAQ on their web 


Copyright 2004 Brian Nii

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