GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

  1. From Sceptre (02/09/2004; 64KB) 2 screens unlocked, with Original metroid. Beaten, now Brinstar 00:01:25
  2. From XxThunderxX (07/27/2004; 64KB) All Gallery Pics, All Fusion Pics, Original Metroid Unlocked, Time Attack Unlocked.
  3. From junkyardwillie (02/22/2004; 64KB) File 1 Beaten On All Difficulties,File 2 Samus With All Upgrades,File 3 Suitless Samus Unlocked All Bonuses Unlocked NES Metroid Has A Password & It Starts at Ridley's Hideout With 255 Missles and 6 Tanks
  4. From junkyardwillie (02/23/2004; 64KB) Files 1-3 Time Attack Mode All Difficulties Beaten All Bonuses Unlocked
  5. From junkyardwillie (02/14/2004; 64KB) It's Beaten only on Easy Mode Need a few more things And it has All Unlockables!!!
  6. From Sceptre (06/05/2004; 64KB) Time Attack Unlocked on Save 1, Full Gallery & Fusion Gallery

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

  1. From xXFred5460Xx (02/13/2005; 64KB) Everything unlocked. Save location right before meta ridley boss, and with about 1 hour and 15 minutes spent. Action Replay Save.
  2. From TeknoBlade (02/19/2009; 64KB) Nearly finished the game, 8 health tanks, missing one weapon, one armor, and one ability.
  3. From JockoMay (01/23/2006; 64KB) Save A 7 tanks, Norfair-easy, Save B: 8 Tanks, Norfair-easy, Save C: All Tanks Chozodia Unlock: Gallery, Metroid Fusion Gallery, Original Metroid

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

  1. From RubenPikachu (07/04/2009; 64KB) 100% Complete Total Time 5:43 Near Final Boss
  2. From cesarl2 (12/04/2004; 64KB) Game save after mother brain
  3. From Mikael_Fr (10/26/2018; 64KB) Unlocked all : all Gallery Pics (in gold), all Fusion Pics, Original Metroid, Sound Test, Hard Mode, Time Attack. SaveA : 100% items at final boss. SaveB : before Mother Brain. SaveC : Tourian start

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