How do I get past kraids lair?

  1. I need help getting to kraid.

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    colby346 - 9 years ago

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  1. Missile the top right red door upon entering and follow this path until you come to a room with a Jumper. Use this and bomb the blue section on the wall while falling back onto the Jumper. Follow this secret path to restore power to the deeper part of the dungeon. Keep following the path and kill Acid Wyrm. After Acid Wyrm, go left from her room and back onto the Jumper. Backtrack all the way back to the entrance of Kraid. Now go to the 2nd blue door on the left and follow this to reach the deeper part of the dungeon. After you go through the blue door in this hallway, there will be a shaft with enemies in it. Bomb the floor and continue to the right. You'll go through 2 blue doors and be in a hallway with a red door. Bomb the floor and go through the shafts. Next, there'll be a save station to the left and an Unknown door to the right. Above the Unknown door is a platform; use this and shoot the top-right corner on the wall. Go through to get to the Unknown. Go through the door and go through the ducts above you, using the platform from before, to reach it. Go through this door and Bomb the floor to get to the chamber-room. Climb up the block above you while walking to the right in this hallway. Shoot through the Unknown blocks and continue through the door. In the next room, there'll be an eye blocking the red door. When the eye opens, Missile it and it'll die. Continue to the next room to fight Kraid. Missile his 3rd eye and shoot Missiles into his mouth to kill him. Continue through the door after the fight and claim the Speed Booster. Speed Boost out of the room to the right and keep shooting to go through the blue door. Keep holding right and you'll hit the stopping point where you can climb to the top of the shaft (NOTE: you can Comet to the top if you tap Down while Speed Boosting and then jumping while holding Up). Take the top-left blue door and use the Grip Machine to escape. Shoot the enemies behind you with Missiles while on the Grip. Go through the tunnel and Bomb the block and go through the blue door. Climb up the shaft and exit Kraid through the elevator at the top. =)

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  1. Try using a walk through or looking at the maps.

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