How do I solve the Brinstar Speed Booster Puzzle to earn the Super Missile Upgrade?

  1. You know in Brinstar where they have that hidden area with a regular missile in the upper room and on the bottom of the passageway is a Super Missile Tank blocked by Speed Boosters. Ive tried for hours on several different saves and cannot get it. Please help me! Otherwise everything else I can get.

    User Info: Raccoon_Mario22

    Raccoon_Mario22 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Start at the bottom of the right central vertical shaft (you should be three squares to the right of the Super Missile on the map). Open the door to the right and run into the horizontal section that leads toward Norfair. You should have just enough room to build up speed for a boost. Save it, run back to the left, and reopen the door. From the bottom of the little hill in front of the door, roll into a ball, jump, and boost to the left, continuing to hold left as you do so. You should go through the door and the next wall and into the secret room between the two shafts. In this secret room, you'll hit a small hill and start rolling again as long as you keep holding left. Right after going over the hill, quickly hit down to save the charge again. Roll back down the tiny hill, jump in ball form, and boost left again. This should carry you all the way to the expansion.

    User Info: Shadowlynk

    Shadowlynk - 10 years ago 1   1

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