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Luigi's Big Break! Oh...and Mario's in it too. 12/11/09 AK_the_Twilight
The RPG not to be missed 04/17/06 Auz_Papermario
A star is born. Now play it. 11/07/04 clarkisdark
Bar none, the greatest RPG for the GBA 08/18/05 Computerbug8
The third installment of the Mario RPG series shows the one area it excels in the most: Humor 09/24/04 Daredevil3181
Mario and Luigi: Fun for All Ages 08/29/04 Daveman424
'It's a me, Mario!' 'And Luigi!' 03/27/06 Dbzmaniax
Buhahahahahahahahah.........I am the Mustard of Thy Doom XD 12/20/09 EJRICH
The Most Fun Mario RPG Yet 04/22/05 Flaming Homer
Luigi joins Mario on this adventure. Bad thing? I think not! 06/30/09 gamer_boy997
Mario and Mr. Green 01/30/06 idiotman7
One excellent adventure boosted up by the very funny comical parts. Nintendo still has their magic. 01/13/04 Jules Rules
Forget Mario Brothers, forget Mario 64, forget Paper Mario! Mario and Luigi is by far the best Mario title! 12/05/04 Kashell Triumph
Mario and Luigi star together in a fantastic Paper Mario-esque GBA game 01/05/05 MetalHarbour
The Superstars Live On!!! 03/14/06 PickYourName
Amusing at first but it gets boring towards the end. It simply cannot compare to Super Mario RPG and the two Paper Mario games 01/16/07 Shivan Reincarnated
Brothers in arms 12/10/03 Snow Dragon
A tale of not one, but two legit superstars. 05/04/11 steamliner88
Mario's first portable RPG becomes a blast for any gamer to remember for an eternity. 01/03/11 StephenYap3
Long live Luigi! 08/05/04 strawhat
Mario is not alone this time...Luigi joins him in this exciting RPG for the Game Boy Advance! 06/25/07 Super Slash
One of the finest Role Playing Games on the Gameboy Advance 06/22/04 THayes
Putting the "Bros." back into "Mario Bros."! 01/02/04 TheDeadHeart
The Adventure Begins... Again! 10/27/04 WindYoshi X
By far the best Mario RPG to date. 07/23/07 Zenax

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Mario and Luigi: Not as good as they say 11/24/03 Caly
Luigi finally joins Mario! 11/18/03 Chrono87
Superstar Saga, the only RPG proven to cause gas. 07/01/09 comicfire
Could it be? Another Mario RPG? My goodness, on the Advanced GB. I HAVE FURY! 11/29/03 CrazyGuy247
Finaly, another Mario Rpg is done on the GBA! 12/24/03 Demon Bane
Two questions: Did you like SMRPG or PAPER MARIO? 12/06/03 gamefreak8728
It's Mario and......Some other guy in green.....But look Mario! 11/24/03 Got Yoshi
Nintendo needs more RPG's like this and less games like Luigi's Mansion 11/18/03 huskyhawkcougar
Join Mario and Lui...that other guy in a great game! 11/20/03 JamesBJames
Who knew so much fun could be crammed into such a small cart? 11/19/03 Kooper113
Mario and Luigi strike back! 11/18/03 Kung Fu Tiger
Mario and Luigi, Finally a New Mario Game for GBA! Great. 11/24/03 Marth exe
Forget the mediocre graphics and sound, it's all about the game play 11/24/03 nabuch
Man this game Still blows me away 11/29/03 napster
First Impressions 11/24/03 Ninja Kirby1231
This game is the best GBA game out there. You still need convincing? 11/29/03 Platinum Sonic 10
A very challenging Mario RPG 10/27/09 Quilavatrainer
It's Mario and Mr. Green! 11/19/03 Relle
Mario RPG on the go! 04/16/09 Showerman
One of the best Handheld RPG's to date 11/24/03 Talga
Better than Paper Mario, but not better than SMRPG 11/17/03 Thegreekweezel
A wack walk in the park? 11/29/03 Wicked Caped Kid
The best time to buy this game is right now. 11/18/03 Wiser Guy
Nintendo drops the ball again 12/28/03 wolverinefan
Nintendo's much needed boost and one of the best Handheld RPGS ever! 11/20/03 YeIIowYoshi

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