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FAQ/Walkthrough by strawhat

Version: Final | Updated: 08/09/06

     __                     ___               __  ___  ___  _____         
 __ / /__ ___ _  ___ ___   / _ )___  ___  ___/ / / _ \/ _ \/_  (_)
/ // / _ `/  ' \/ -_|_-<  / _  / _ \/ _ \/ _  / / // / // / / /   
\___/\_,_/_/_/_/\__/___/ /____/\___/_//_/\_,_/  \___/\___/ /_(_) 
   ____                  __  __   _       
  / __/  _____ ______ __/ /_/ /  (_)__  ___ _  ___  ____  
 / _/| |/ / -_) __/ // / __/ _ \/ / _ \/ _ `/ / _ \/ __/  
/___/|___/\__/_/  \_, /\__/_//_/_/_//_/\_, /  \___/_/ 
                 /___/                /___/
   _  __     __  __   _  
  / |/ /__  / /_/ /  (_)__  ___ _                                         
 /    / _ \/ __/ _ \/ / _ \/ _ `/ 
/_/|_/\___/\__/_//_/_/_//_/\_, / 

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing(GBA)
by strawhat
Project began on 7/1/04
Final Version

Contact information at the bottom of document.

Version History:
Final Version: Initial Release.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
violation of copyright.

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Table of Contents
To quickly find what you're looking for, press Ctrl F to bring up the Find
function. Now copy and paste the section name into the Find option and press

{1.0} Introduction
{2.0} Basics
   (2.1) Controls
   (2.2) Field Screen
   (2.3) Basic Play Instructions
   (2.4) Gadget Listing
   (2.5) Tips
{3.0} Walkthrough
   (3.1) Mission 1
   (3.2) Mission 2
   (3.3) Mission 3
   (3.4) Mission 4
   (3.5) Mission 5
   (3.6) Mission 6
   (3.7) Mission 7
   (3.8) Mission 8
{4.0} Blackjack
{5.0} FAQ
{6.0} End
   (6.1) Contact Info

   |                         {1.0} Introduction                           |

Hello. It looks like your were one of the people who clicked on the only FAQ
on James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing for GBA at the current date of
7/3/04(By the way, which should only be posted here at Gamefaqs.com) This
guide I assure you will have everything you need to complete this game.

Arkady Yayakov has stolen the secret Nanotech. He is going to use it to
destroy the world. Can you stop him? Muahahahaha....

   |                            {2.0} Basics                              |

                               (2.1) Controls

| Button            | Effect                                                 |
| A Button          | Fire your gun/Confirm/Machine Gun(Car Mode)            |
| B Button          | Start hand-to-hand combat/Cancel/Rocket(Car Mode)      |
| R Button          | Crouch, press again to stand/Oil Slick(Car Mode)       |
| R Button(Hold)    | Manual Aim.                                            |
| L Button          | Use gadget.                                            |
| Select            | Scroll through gadgets.                                |
| Start             | Pause.                                                 |
| Control Pad       | Move.                                                  |

Extra notes:

1. You can't switch guns. You're forced to use the best one you have. Why
would you switch to a weaker one anyway?

2. Crouching makes enemies harder to detect you. When you shoot, you have to
stand. Crouching also makes you move much slower and unable to run.

                             (2.2) Field Screen

You'll see this at the top of your screen, wherever you are.

   (1)     (2)        (3)         (4)
    |       |          |           |  (5)
    |       |          |           |   |    (6)
    |       |          |           |   |     |
|  -----  -------- _____________   --     (Gun) |
| |  +  | |||    |                |  | #        |
| |    .| --------                 --           |
|  -----                                        |
|                                               |

(1) This is your radar. Your location is the plus in the middle. There will
always be a red point there showing you where to go. If triangles appear, that
means there are people/enemies nearby. The point of the triangle shows the
direction the person is facing.

(2) This is your alert meter. When it fills up to the max, you are seen and
enemies will swarm in on you, along with the "You've been spotted!" music.

(3) Your life bar. That's pretty obvious, when it's empty, you're dead. That
means Game Over starting from your last Save Point.

(4) Your current gadget. You can pick these up from enemies, blown up
computers and traps, and a couple of other ways that you will find out once
you start the game.

(5) The number you have of the current gadget shown on screen.

(6) Your gun. Each of the three guns you have have a different icon. The blue
bars represent how much ammunition you have. When it's empty, the bar will be
dull blue and you won't be able to shoot unless you have another gun.

There are also several things you should look out for while playing. Whenever
you see a barrel, shoot it. It explodes killing everyone around it and also
somtimes reveal gadgets and guns. There are also traps which look like green
panels that reveal things.

                        (2.3) Basic Play Instructions

Each level has a different mission you must achieve. You can look at these by
pressing Start on the field screen and going to objectives. You MUST do these
to proceed. Each task you do gets you 100 Style Points, which will be
explained in a couple of paragraphs.

Each level also has a secondary mission. You do not have do do these, but if
you choose to, you get 200 Style Points for each thing completed.

Sometimes, more missions will just pop up while you're doing your mission,
usually activated by someone saying something. Make sure you check your
objective screen if you think a new mission has been activated.

After you complete a mission, you'll be brought to the Q-lab. Here, you can
upgrade your inventory by using your Style Points. Here's the rundown:

| (1) |     |     || (5)   (6)  |
| (2) |     |     || (7)   (8)  |
| (3) |     |     || (9)  (10)  |
| (4) |     |     ||            |

(1) Flak Armor - Reduced projectile damage by 10%. Reduces explosive damage
by 5%. Cost to use: 200.

Ballistic Steel Armour - (Yes, only this one has a U) Reduces projectile
damage by 15%. Reduces explosive damage by 10%. Cost to use: 350.

Nanobot Armor - Reduces projectile damage by 20%. Reduces explosive damage by
20%. Cost to use: 400.

(2) Weighted Handle - Increases accuracy by 5%. Cost to use: 100.

Pearl Handle - Increases accuracy by 10%. Cost to use: 200.

Gold Handle - Increases accuracy by 20%. Cost to use: 300.

(3) Pistol Kit - Increases damage by 5%. Cost to use: 250.

Advanced Pistol Kit - Increases damage by 10%. Cost to use: 350.

Elite Pistol Kit - Increases damage by 17%. Cost to use: 400.

(4) High Grip Shoes - Increases speed by 5%. Cost to use: 50.

Penny Loafers - Increase speed by 8%. Cost to use: 100.

Handmade Leather Loafers: Increase speed by 12%. Cost to use: 150.

(5) High Capacity Magazine - Carry 50% more ammunition. Cost to use: 250.

(6) Hydraulic Reloader - Shoot 15% faster. Cost to use: 200.

(7) Explosives Kit - Increase the blast radius of all explosives found by 10%.
Cost to use: 50.

(8) Triage Kit - Start each mission with one Medical Kit. Cost to use: 400.
Cost to use: 400.

(9) Molecular Enhancer - Nanobots regenerate your health over time. Cost to
use: 800.

(10) Nanobot Contacts - Detect people with Nanobots.

There are only 3 guns in the entire game. You start out with the standard
pistol. This fires one shot at a time. Then there's the Mac10. This fires
several shots at a time before pausing. Finally, there's the MP5. This is a
machine gun and fires as long as you hold the A button.

                            (2.4) Gadget Listing

1. Grenade - Throws at a distance, killing everything within the explosive
range, or at least dealing damage.

2. Flash Grenade - No damage, but will stun everyone on screen for a short
amount of time. Stunned people will have a green ball over their head.

3. Mine - Drops a mine behind you. If anyone steps on this, they're dead.

4. Medkit - Heals about 40% of your max life.

5. Skreemer - Disables others' nanobots.

6. Holo Bond - Makes a hologram of yourself distracting enemy gunfire.

7. Cloaking Device - Makes you invisible for a limited time and shows others
that are cloaked.

                                 (2.5) Tips

1. Shoot everything that is shootable unless you are told not to.

2. Always take a look at your map. Try to strangle anyone that comes near you
for style points and also so nobody will start swarming in at you.

3. Don't waste ammo. Don't hold A with the MP5 when there's no one around.

4. Silencers are extremely useful. Just snipe by manually aiming holding R.

5. Don't hesitate to spend your style points on a good upgrade.

6. Always check to see if you can press B to activate anything.

   |                          {3.0} Walkthrough                           |

                               (3.1) Mission 1

As soon as you start a new game, your mission will begin. You will be taken to
the Sahara Desert where Bond begins to set up a bomb. Now, you take over. Get
out of there!

Move left to meet two guys. Press A to shoot them both dead. Now go down off
the edge of the building. Start walking down alongside it. Make sure you don't
walk on any glass because as soon as you step onto it, the glass will explode
and you'll take some damage. You don't fall through though. Air shoes? If you
want to kill some more guys, walk along the right(your right) and just shoot
whoever's there.

Once you get back onto ground, there are two more men waiting for you. Shoot
them both. If you see those green barrels there, you can shoot them. They will
kill whoever is surrounding it. The one on the very top right has a silencer
if you want to get it, but it's rather pointless here. Continue downwards and
shoot 2 more guys for an MPS. Go down the building to complete the first
mission. Already.

                               (3.2) Mission 2

This second mission takes place in the Cairo Casino. Your mission is to find
out what Arkady Yayakov knows about the stolen nanotech. Sounds easy enough,
right? That will get you your primary 100 style points. You can get a
secondary 200 points by "disabling 5 guards using stealth" which will be
explained in the game later.

Watch the guard moving around the two sofas. Crouch down using R and get a
little closer to him. If he's on the other side of the sofas, that's good.
Stand up and move around towards his back and use B to bring him down. That'll
get you 10 style points. If he sees you though, just shoot him. No style
points, but at least we didn't get hurt.

Move on to the next section. In this hallway, you will see another guard
moving up and down. Crouch behind a sofa and wait for them to turn around.
Now run up and press B just like before. Again, if he sees you, it doesn't
really matter that much if you don't want the extra style points to play

You will now be in a casino. There will be 3 guys that gang up on you. Don't
crouch like what the game says, when you shoot you stand up anyway so it
doesn't matter. Shoot all 3 of the guards and get the medkit. Use it if you
need it(you most likely will) and move on.

There will be a scene here. Mug the guy with the invitation(use your fists,
this time the game is telling the truth. By this point, you should be nearly
out of ammo, but don't worry. Go to the save point to begin the next part of
the mission.

When you first get here, you'll get a quick briefing about having to go
through these men unseen by hiding behing the pillars. Easy enough. The first
one you can kill with a gun, but the rest must be by stealth. Use the R button
to look ahead instead of aiming and make sure no one is coming near you before
you charge and stifle them.

Now, this room actually has people in it. They don't get suspicious if you try
to punch them from behind or pull out a gun, so do whatever you wish here.
Just make sure you talk to the people that will talk to you and leave through
the southern exit.

The lady who talked to you before will ask you for a drink. Bond will order,
then Arkady Yayakov will come in. He's the man you're looking for. The man you
mugged will then come in and whisper something to him. They both exit. Follow
them. You can stay hidden for some style points if you want, but if you just
want to complete the stage go shot happy and shoot everyone. Now, for the
next, rather fun part.

It's car chase time! Press A to fire your machine gun and hold B to aim your
rocket. R is for an oil slick. Shoot the big dark colored car to complete the
mission. I recommend that you stay at the very beginning of the road. Wait for
some random cars to come by, then machine gun them. If some cars just want to
stay behind, use the oil slick. Don't use the rockets until the big car comes.
For some easy aiming, Just go right behind it and tap B for a direct hit with
the rocket. Now lag back and fire the machine gun when you run out of rockets.
The boss car drops oil slicks too, so don't run into them. After you destroy
the car, the mission will be complete.

                               (3.3) Mission 3

Mission 3 takes you to the Cairo Train Graveyard. Stay at the very right and
look at your map. The closest guard to you you can take down with stealth. You
can do it with the other man too, but it's a bit more difficult. Watch out
though, if you're seen everyone else comes rushing at you.

After you finished all the guys, go towards your left. There should be a small
train car that's open. Go in and you will be able to take a sample of the soil
there. Press B to do it. As soon as you step down, two guys will home in on
you. Shoot them both dead. Now go to the right side and collect some more
residue samples. Now move up.

Kill some dudes, then make a left right behind the train car we were just in.
There will be a floor tile you are able to shoot. Shoot it to get a secret
data disk. Now move right and up killing some more dudes along the way. Will
these guys ever give up? *sigh* If you keep moving up, you should see a barrel
enclosed by some...box things? Anyway, use a grenade to blow it up and get a
secret data disk.

Go around all the train trash to find more guys. It's rather difficult to use
stealth with so many people, but if you can, go right ahead. Otherwise, shoot
your way through. Get the residue sample and exit south.

On this screen, you should see a small tile right in front of you. Shoot it
for ammo. Go left and make a right turn as soon as you can. Shoot the agents
here. Shoot the floor tile for a Mac10. Go back. This time, go all the way
Northeast before going down. Kill the guys here for a silencer. Nice. Go
around the corner to find more people. Kill them for some ammo. Shoot the
green tile for another Mac10 and MedKit. There will be a lot of people who you
could use Stealth on in this area. Before you kill everyone though, go left
and shoot the tile for your final data disk.

After you kill everyone, get the sample right up top. Your objective is now
complete. Move along the path and use Stealth on the person. Now the game will
show you ahead where there are two men, one standing next to a barrel. Shoot
the barrel to automatically kill one of them. Now go up to the other and shoot
him dead. Move on to the next area which will save for you. Now for a boss

Jaws is very difficult if you don't know how to beat him. You can't damage him
by using your fists or guns. Stay at a distance so Jaws will start throwing
barrels at you. Some of the barrels will explode, but some will not. Stand
behind about a bodylength away from a barrel. Make sure you can still see Jaws
on your map though. If any reinforments come, they will come towards the
Northwest entrance. Shoot them quickly and collect any MedKits or Ammo that
they drop. Wait for Jaws to come chasing after you. When he gets near a
barrel, shoot the barrel and it will explode, damaging Jaws. 3 hits will kill
When fighting him, make sure that there are no reinforcements around. It will
be extremely difficult to shoot a barrel when your angle keeps changing and
you take lag from the shot. Check on the map as Jaws won't always say "Get

Once you kill Jaws, go to the red flash thingy. You will learn that Jaws is
working again(apparently). Next mission please.

                               (3.4) Mission 4

This mission takes us to the Peruvian Jungle. Peruvian...is that a word?
Anyway, take off towards the mission. It starts out with Bond talking to 003.
Then some guys will confront you and say it's private area. Who cares? Kill
them all.  Go to the top left corner of the screen for a handy Medkit. You
will get a cutscene if you try to continue. 003 leaves. Now you're all alone.

The next person you can use a Stealth attack on. Wait for him to turn around
and just run behind him. Even if he sees you, nobody will be alerted. There
will be more people now. One of them holds a Mac10, so kill them all. There
will also be a floor tile containing a Medkit and 3 Frag Grenades. Continuing
South among the crates will be a couple more guys. Use Stealth if you can,
otherwise blow em through. Before the line of trees though, on the right
there's a satellite dish. Shoot the barrel next to it to destroy it.

Past the trees, there should be a tile which you can shoot. Beneath it is a
Medkit. After the skinny path ends, there will be some more people. *sigh*
These guys neverr give up. Shoot one of them for a machine gun and hold A to
kill every last person. Make a right to destroy a tile containing a Holo bond.
After that there will be more people. Make sure you get the two people that
come up from behind. You'll now be in an area with a tent. There will be two
guys behind it, they'll start running as soon as you get near. Kill them and
move south.

There will be another tent in this area. You can use stealth on these guys,
but there a lot of people and it's rather difficult to do. Kill everyone in
this area. You can shoot the barrels to kill everyone around it too. Go left
into the cliff area. Use Stealth on the person walking left and right, and on
the others too if you can. Otherwise, kill them all. (Note: The lower path and
right path both lead to the same place)

Walk towards the right for more dudes to kill. Make sure you take out that
communication device too by again, destroying the barrel next to it. The dish
is towards the top when you walk by. Go down to another tent guarded by
people. Kill them and continue downwards. Make sure you blow up some traps and
barrels for MP5(your machine gun) ammunition. If you are a little low in
health, don't forget about the Holo Bond and Flash Grenades.

Continue left to save and regenerate health. Thank goodness. in this area,
kill the two men and shoot the trap all the way to the left for a Medkit and
3 mines. Continue right off the cliff. You'll be met by new, unmanned aerial
machines. Shoot them and they'll splatter green crap all over the place. When
you get off the cliff, you'll be met by more dudes. Shoot them all(you still
have MP5 ammo?)

Jump off the cliff again. Shoot more aerial things and get to the save point.
In this area, you are already started off with a bunch of people. Kill them.
You can get an easy stealth near the beginning though. Go through the
checkpoint and the virus will be installed immediately. Now, hopefully you
have an MP5 machine gun with you because you have to bust your way through
these people to get to the next checkpoint. If you see a Medkit dropped, grab
it before killing the rest. If you can run, do so. Your Holo Bond may come in
handy here. The next checkpoint it right, then left on the path. After that
one, keep going left. If you have time and health, go to the left and destory
a communication device. Otherwise, go down and through the tent.

Your mission is done now. If there are still guys chasing so you so if you
have low health, use a Grenade or Holo Bond and run. The end of this part if
just to the right. However, there is still one communication device left. If
you want to destroy it, go right on the path right after the jeep. There
should be a barrel here. Kill anyone around and walk all the way left. There
will be your last device. Destroy the barrel and backtrack. Go all the way
right. Your game will be saved, but the level isn't over yet.
Watch the sad scene.

Press B on all 3 dynamites. Kill everyone in this area and just follow the
only path out of here. Now, here's another car boss challenge. This one is
unbelievably easy though. They don't fire anything at all, only dropping mines
which strangely don't effect you if it is dropped right on top of you. Ignore
all the Jeeps except the big yellow one, the Boss. Go up and use your machine
gun right on its ass. Use Rockets when you are right behind it too. Don't
worry about getting damage. If you stay right on it while firing your machine
gun and rocket, it'll be dead before you are. After this, the stage is

                               (3.5) Mission 5

Here in New Orleans, go all the way to the right. Let me warn you, like the
game says, stealth is very, very important here. If you get spotted, A LOT of
guards will come and shoot the crap out of you. You'll also lose out on some
valuable style points. 

To start off this mission, go right, the down behind the gravestone. Use
stealth on the guard. You're pretty much forced to do this, so get your 10
style points anyway. Right next to that guard should be two more guards
standing near another gravestone and one guy walking back and forwards. As
soon as you get near them, the two next to each other will start to move
around the gravestone. You can use stealth on all 3 of these guys, but it's
very difficult since one or the other will probably see you. I chose to ignore
them and walk along the very top wall and right up the steps.

From the steps, if you want one of the data disks, go Southeast and blow up
the panel. In this greenish area, guards are pretty much random. These are
easy to use stealth on though. The people in brown don't sound the alarm, just
to let you know. Hide behind each gravestone and use stealth on just about
everyone here. Make sure you don't let the guards on the other side of the
gate see you though.

After that, go right through the entrance like door frame thing. You can go
left onto the stairs, or right past some more guards to get another hidden
data disk. Back on the stairs, go all the way left and up to find a way to
proceed. There is another data disk all the way to the right if you want it.
Now before you reach the Save Point, at the very left, there should be a
building with one window broken. Press B on the window next to the broken one
to get a data disk. Now just go up and reach the savepoint.

Here's another easy part. Remain unseen and follow the man inside. Just hide
behind a gravestone, crouch by pressing R, then wait. After the dude's inside,
you have 15 seconds to get in. Shoot his guards and walk in. You can crawl in
and it wouldn't really matter.

Here, move up and use stealth on the guard. Move up. Towards the right is a
panel trap that you can shoot to get a silencer. Cool. Keep going up. Avoid
guards if you need to. In this room, all the way to the left is a trap door.
You can press B to go down and get a Data Disk and a whole bunch of other
goodies. Back outside now. Keep going to eventually reach a point with some
guys in white lab coats. You can talk to them, but I wouldn't recommend if
because sometimes they'll call guards over. You can kill them too if you want.
Anyway, press B on the door. The elevator will be locked down.

Go to the previous room and walk towards the right. There will be a path
leading diagonally up. This path is littered with guards. You'll probably
waste a lot of health and ammo if you're scene, so just use stealth attacks on
them. Go right to reach a "safe" room where no one attacks you, but you can
kill them. Strange. Keep going South. This is the room we were looking for.
If you still have that silencerm kill everyone from afar aiming with R.
Towards the left wall of the room, you can activate one of the machines there
for a data disk. Now go to the central console.

Once that's activated, two more guards will come after you. One of them has a
Medkit if you need it. Go past them for a short scene. A new wave of guards
has come in through the path that you came through. You can hide or kill them
all, it doesn't really matter. Just make your way back towards the elevator
that wouldn't open before.

Once you're there, a whole new wave of people will come rushing in at you.
If you're low on health, just kill the two on you and rush through the
elevator to reach the save point.

In this room, one of the scientists will give you a Medkit. He'll be the only
guy who'll talk to you, so just go in front of each guy and see if you can
press B. Make sure you don't kill him though! There's also a console you can
blow up for some Holo Bonds. Anyway, when you're done go up to the main
console and complete your objective. Now, to get out of here.

The men that just came will be swarming with Nanobots. That, obviously, is not
good. Punch them out. Go back the way you came for a short scene. Kill
everyone there. You might want to use a Holo Bond as a distraction while you
kill the guy with the Nanobots. After that, you'll complete the mission. BTW,
sometimes the scientists will be annoying and alert guards, so kill them too.

                               (3.6) Mission 6

This mission has us finding what happened to Mya. We also get Skreemers which
disable nanobots. I would recommend just punching them if they are nearby
though. Remember that Nanobots are still vulnerable to Stealth.

In this room, kill the people and scout the area for a Medkit and 9 Skreemers.
There should also be an MP5 lying around somewhere. When you're done, jump off
the right edge. There will be a bunch of those aerial things you have to watch
out for. There will also be explosives because silly Mya escaped and thought
no one would rescue her. There aren't too many of those, just worry about
those aerial beasts.

When you land, kill the Nanobot guy to the left and grab the Medkit and ammo
from the panel you can shoot. Proceed right killing a couple more folks and
get on the elevator. When you get out of the elevator, many people will be on
guard. Kill all of them. Try to approach the ones with Nanobots with stealth
before using a wasting Skreemer. There's also a Mac10 under the panel up

Jump off the eastern edge. Watch out for all the explosives on the middle of
the wall. Kill the aerial things. When you touch the ground, there will be a
man in blue walking around. Be careful, he is very dangerous. He fires a shot
that damages you and messes up your controls making everything move in the
opposite direction of where it's supposed to go. You don't have to kill
everyone here, you can just go to the very bottom of the screen to save and
move on to the next area.

There's only one path here, so take it. You'll be confronted by those purple
aerial things, then some people, one of them having nanobots. You'll then
witness a short scene. Grab a Medkit from the top wall(the thing with the
medical + on it). There's also more near the next area to the right. This
place is heavily patrolled, so make sure you have plenty of health left.

Well, first let's get Mya's Holo Puck. Walk straight up and kill the Nanobot
man. Right above him is the Puck. That was easy. Now kill everyone else around
here. The gas valve is right in the middle of the room. Get there, then go to
the bottom right corner for a scene.

If you need yet another Medkit, there's another one near the left wall at a
corner. Go along the only path kill everyone you need to. In the new section,
go to the lower left corner to proceed. You'll see a scene with the woman
running away. Bust through everyone and follow her. The path shall end the

                               (3.7) Mission 7

In this mission, you cannot kill more than 4 civilians. Those are the dudes
in the white lab coats, like the ones that called the guards on you. Anyway,
this should be simple enough.

the first thing you should do is blow up the panel there for some guns and a
Medkit. Now jump off the cliff. Stay on the left side. Try not to move to the
right too much as the edge has some people on it and then there are those
large ray things. Kill everything and move downwards.

Go left. There will be some folks blocking you from moving upwards. If you
want to use Stealth, go around the corner of the room. Take any path you want,
as long as it goes up. Go through the doors to see a lab full of "civilians."
Try to continue, and they start firing at you. What sucks is that we can't
shoot them back. Excellent, hmm? You an kill the man in blue, but other than
that, run. Go south and hide behind the door.

Go right from the door and kill the guy in the cloak, but NOT the civilians.
Well, if you haven't yet, maybe one or two is OK :D When you get it, continue
Southeast. You'll see a civilian. Talk to him to get him to open the elevator.
Follow him. Make sure you don't accidentally kill him. Take the elevator to
get to a place similar to when the mission first started. Like before, jump
off the edge of the cliff and stay on the left side. The ray guns turn now,
so make absolutely sure you avoid them. Just keep going down, try to avoid the
flying things. If they really get pesky, kill them. You'll recover health when
you get all the way down anyway.

Note: At this point, you'll have gotten an extra secondary mission. To get all
the fragments, just kill everyone. Only people hold these and they're not too
hard to spot.

When you get out of the elevator, kill some guys below you as one of them
carries a Nano-Suit Fragment. Go left. There is one path snaking around like a
gigantic square. You should pass an elevator as you continue. Keep note of its

You will eventually reach a squarish room with a scientist in the middle. Talk
to the man and he will take you to the elevator unlocking it. Go through to
complete your mission.

                               (3.8) Mission 8

Final Mission. Moscow, by the way, is a city in Russia. M out ;)

The mission already starts off with a car sub-mission. Wee. This one is the
easiest one yet. Stand behind that enourmous tank and just hold A. That's it.
If the cars behind you get annoying, drop some oil slicks. The tank NEVER
moves. The tank will also miss you most of the time because it can't fire
directly behind you.

Once that's done, you'll be confronted by two guys. Kill 'em both. Also, take
note of the new thing you start with. This makes you invisible for a limited
amount of time. Press L to turn it on and off. Cool huh? Back on track,
destroy the computer console for a data disk and move forward. This part is so
easy, it's not funny. Just run along the only path and kill EVERYONE. They
don't even swarm at you, they come in 2's or 3's. Also watch out for those
consoles that you can blow up. They contain batteries and the other data disk.

Now you'll have to fight Jaws again. He's easy as ever. Look around and you'll
see computer consoles everywhere. Break the glass, then the screen with your
gun. Now keep punching Jaws until he slide into them, one by one. Each console
and only damage Jaws once though.

After you kill him, you automatically go into the next room. And the final
boss fight.

This guy actually isn't too hard. First, a bunch of guys will come in. You
MUST kill all of them. Don't worry, Yayakov won't do anything to you. Make
sure you kill the one in the blueish robe first so he won't confuse you. After
they're all dead, Yayakov will start to shoot you. See those tall blue things
around you? One of them will light up. Go to it and shoot the top. There will
be no target symbol on it. The thing will light up and fire at Yayakov,
damaging him. After a certain time or Yayakov gets damaged, a new wave of
people will come charging in at you. Kill them all again and repeat the
process. Yayakov is insanely easy.

After you kill him, there's going be ANOTHER boss, and you don't heal! Heh,
just kidding. Watch the scene and enjoy the ending. Of course I won't spoil it
for you.

   |                           {4.0} Blackjack                            |

Ho hum, I never thought this would make its way to a James Bond game. :o
After you recieve a total of 2500 Style Points in one game, you are able to
play Blackjack by going to Options in the main menu, then Blackjack. This
section will teach how to play, although most of you probably already know.

Blackjack is a gambling card game. Many old people play in Las Vegas or other
Casinos. It's very, very simple but rather fun to play.

GOAL: The goal of the game is to have a total close to 21, but not over. Each
----- card is worth its number. Ace is worth either 1 or 11, and all face
cards are worth 10. You automatically win if you achieve "Blackjack", having
a card worth 10 and an Ace and the dealer does not. If both the dealer and the
player have the same amount, it's a "push", meaning a tie and you don't win or
lose anything.

HOW TO PLAY: You start off with 10 credits. Each time you win, you get 25
------------ credits. Each time you lose, you lose 25 credits. You can play as
much as you want as long as you have credits. At the start of the game, both
of your cards are shown and one of the dealer's. There are now two options you
can do, either hit or stay. To "hit" means to draw another card hoping you get
closer to 21. To stay means you'll stick with what you have and wait for the
dealer to draw. Also, in this video game you'll always bet 25 credits.

When your turn is over, the dealer reveals his facedown card. The dealer goes
by special rules. He/she must hit at 16 or less, and must stay at 17 or over.
This is an advantage to you.

TIPS: Several tips for you. First, if you have around 15 or 16, stick with it.
----- The chances are that you'll get a 10, or something that'll put you over
21. Second, if you have an Ace, always hit. It can be worth 11 or 1, so take
go for it. If it goes over 21 while it's worth 11, it'll be worth 1 now and
you'll have a second chance.

Remember, this game is just for fun if you don't feel like playing the actual
game, this doesn't count towards anything.

   |                              {5.0} FAQ                               |

Q: What is a silencer?
A: Whenever you shoot, your gun doesn't make a sound so nobody will be
alerted. Extremely useful gadget.

Q: Is this game good in your opinion?
A: Honestly, not really. There are many much better Bond games out there than
this one.

Q: Are there any secrets to this game?
A: No, not other than Blackjack.

   |                              {6.0} End                               |

Thank you everyone for reading my guide. I hope this helps.

E-mail: plasmad00d13smooth(at)gmail(dot)com

CJayC for hosting my FAQ at Gamefaqs and for his disclaimer.

Thank you, and good day.

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