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Reviewed: 12/28/03

Become King of the Underground with NFSU

Review for Need For Speed: Underground
Gameboy Advance

To start off, this game is wonderful. I love racing games, especially realistic ones. This is as close as a Gameboy game will come to being realistic. Need for Speed is a great series, and this game is no exception. They broke the mold and made a new type of game, but it worked out beautifully.

Gameplay: 10/10
Ok. This game is awesome. At first, it seems rather bad. However, as soon as you beat the initial 10-12 guys, you unlock a whole new slew of race modes. The choices are: Circuit Mode, Drift Mode, Sprint Mode and Drag Mode. All are unique race types, and are all fun to play. Once you get hooked on a type of racing however, you tend to keep going.
The only problem is, the game is quite easy. You can sit down and beat a section of it in a pretty short time. However, as you get to customize your car and upgrade it, it doesn’t seem to be too short.

Graphics 5/10; Sound 10/10
Ok, the graphics are pretty bad. Not unplayable bad, but bad. Everything seems rather grainy, and the colors aren't very good.
The sound for this game is awesome. Music is a very original soundtrack. You get to hear a bunch of rap that really sets the mood for street racing. The sound effects are great too. When you drift, your tires squeal, when you shift gears, it clicks.

Playtime: Good Length
There are tons of races to be beaten. You will have a good amount of time to beat all the races, as they don’t all finish quickly and easily. Once you beat all the races and have unlocked every single vehicle, you will have hours and hours of customizing to do. The goal is not only to beat every race, but have the slickest ride out there. Then of course, you get to race for fun with your tricked out ride.

Overall: 7/10
The game really is great. It is only held back by its poor graphics. This kind of game was meant to be made for a system with greater graphics ability. If you are looking for a sweet looking game (graphics wise) this isn't a game you will want to get. However, if you are a big race fan, and graphics aren’t too important for you, then this is a great game

Final Words
Well, I would say go out and buy this game. But I have talked to many people who are very differently opinionated. Many people disagree and say this isn't worth getting. So in the end, it all comes down to your personal taste. Go out and rent it, if you have a place that rents Gameboy games, but otherwise I would say it is definitely a safe investment that will bring hours of fun. Go become the king of the underground.

Rating: 7

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