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FAQ by NDS_Master

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/05/2004

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
3. Characters
4. Unlockables
5. Items
6. Unique Items
7. Ancient Artifacts
8. Upgrades
9. Artifacts
10. Secret Areas
11. Bosses
12. Legal Information
13. Credits

1. Introduction

The Return of the King is a Game Boy game where characters collect items and
get upgrades to help them in their various quests. This game has six main
characters and two sub characters, for eight characters in all. The six main
characters have a journey of their own, with the exception of Gimli, Legolas,
and Aragorn who take the same path. The sub characters can only play on
multiplayer and on the bonus missions. Throughout the game each character must
perform certain tasks in order to help defeat the dark lord Sauron and assist
in the Ring's destruction. 

2. FAQ

Q: What is the point of this guide?
A: This guide is meant to help gamers enjoy Return of the King to its fullest
by attempting to provide as much information possible about the game. If you
are new at the game check out the items section Your instruction booklet tells
what some of the statistics of an item do, but they leave so many out. That is
why I put what the statistics of an item do in the items section, so you can
figure out what the best item to equip would be. Also look at the section on
Unique Items for a few words on these mysterious items that will help you
identify them. I would advise you to read the FAQs section first as it
provides quite a bit of information concerning the game, even things some
experienced Lord of the Rings may not know about the game.

Q: How many characters are in the game? 
A: There are eight characters in all. Read the introduction and character 
guide for more information on these characters.

Q: There are only four save slots! Does this mean I can only save profiles of 
just four characters?
A: Unfortunately, yes. You can only save four characters, although the game 
will save the artifacts each character gets and will also save whether or not 
a character has beat the game.

Q: Since I can only save four character profiles, which characters should I 
have profiles for?
A: It’s your choice. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. My 
only advice is to leave one save slot open so you can beat the game with each 
main character and get all the artifacts. After you have completed the game 
with each main character and have collected all the artifacts, then you should 
decide which character to fill the final save slot with. You could also buy 
another copy of the game so you could have profiles for all eight characters. 
If you decide to do this just make sure you get all the artifacts and beat the 
game with all characters on both games so you will have all the unlockable 

Q: What does the arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen do?
A: This arrow tells you which way to go to get to the exit of the area. It 
will turn red when you are right next to the exit (or sometimes the entrance 
of a secret area). While this arrow is useful, there is so much stuff you can 
find in each area so it is advisable to search each area thoroughly before 
moving on to the next area. 

Q: The arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen disappeared and was 
replaced with another bottle type thing with green stuff in it. What happened?
A: This simply means you are at a boss. The bottle on the bottom right corner 
is his health meter. When you hurt the boss the green stuff goes down. When it 
is completely gone the boss is defeated.
Q: After linking up my GBA to my Gamecube I began to find quite a few items 
whose names are in blue. What are these?
A: After linking up with a Gamecube you unlock ancient artifacts. See Ancient 
Artifacts, Section 7, to learn about these items.

Q: What are experience points?
A: These tell how much experience your character has. After you collect enough 
experience points you upgrade a level. Look at Next Level on your experience 
screen right below where it lists your experience points to see how many more 
points you need to upgrade a level.

Q: How do you get experience points?
A: You get experience points by defeating enemies, experience pools, and 
possibly by performing certain tasks.

Q: What is the bottle on the lower left corner of the screen?
A: That bottle slowly fills up with green stuff. The bottle merely shows you 
how close to achieving the next level you are. When it is completely filled up 
with the green stuff you upgrade a level. You can also look at your experience 
screen for a more accurate reading of how close you are to achieving your next 

Q: Any tips for how to get more experience points when you get to higher 
A: If you find the amount of time it requires to get experience points to 
advance to the next level troubling when you get to higher levels do not be 
discouraged, there are ways to get a lot more experience points. The best way 
is to play the game on hard or grueling mode. Killing enemies gives you more 
experience points on these modes. Besides, once you get into high levels you 
can easily play the game on hard and grueling. When I got to level 40 I 
started playing on hard, and when I reached level 45 I only played grueling 
mode. When you get to those levels the added difficulty level is usually only 
enough to keep the game interesting, it does not become that hard.

Q: What is the highest level your character can get to?
A: Level 52. Once you reach that level you will be able to have all the skill 
points possible. This is with help from the shrine of course, where you can 
purchase skill points until they are worth 12,000 gems and can no longer be 

Q: What happens when your character reaches level 52?
A: Well, for starters let me tell you that to get even one character up to 
level 52 it takes a considerable amount of time, since the amount of 
experience points to reach higher level is unbelievably high, over one hundred 
thousand experience point per level when you get into the 40s. Also, when you 
get your character to level 30 you only have one forth of the total experience 
points needed to get to level 52. Once you get to level 50 keep playing until 
you get to the next level. When you do it will skip level 51 and take you 
straight to level 52, giving you two skill points and ten attribute points. 
After that look at the amount of experience points you need to achieve your 
next level. Instead of a number it will say N/A, indicating you can no longer 
gain another level. Also, from that point on your experience points (now well 
over two million) will never increase. Your character will be fully upgraded 
in skill points (if you bought all of the skill points at the shrine) and you 
continue on as normal. Unfortunately nothing really special happens. Come on 
game designers; give us the One Ring or something.

Q: How does purchasing skill points and attribute points work?
A: To purchase attribute and skill points go to a shrine. There you can buy a 
skill point for 750 gems, and each skill point afterwards increases the price 
by 750 gems. Once their price reaches 12,000 you can no longer purchase them. 
Attribute points start at 100 gems and increase 100 gems every time you 
purchase one. I assume you can no longer purchase them when their price 
reaches 12,000 gems, but since I have not got their price that high yet I 
cannot guarantee this.

3. Characters

Aragorn: The rightful heir of Gondor, Aragorn must go through the dreaded 
Paths of the Dead to assist the men of Gondor during the siege of Minas 
Tirith. He also is the only character that can wield two one handed swords at 
the same time.

Legolas: An Elf who is a marksman with his bow, Legolas accompanies Aragorn on 
his quest.

Gimli: A stout but loyal dwarf, Gimli lends his skill of wielding an axe to 
help Aragorn on his journey.

Eowyn: The daughter of King Theoden, Eowyn longs to fight for her country. 
Upon learning she cannot go she disguises herself as a warrior and goes along 
with the rest of the men of Rohan to Minas Tirith.

Frodo: A young Hobbit who was given the burden of being the ring bearer, Frodo 
heads to Mt. Doom along with Sam and Gollum in order to destroy the Ring.

Gandalf: A powerful and wise wizard, Gandalf is a key figure in the defense of 
Minas Tirith.

Sam: A loyal friend to Frodo, Sam is only available to play in multiplayer and 
bonus levels, although you do play as him for a short period of time on 
Frodo's quest.

Gollum: Frodo's guide and a tough creature with strong claws, Gollum is only 
playable on multiplayer and bonus levels.

4. Unlockables

Here is a list of things you can unlock and how to unlock them.

Bonus Maps
Helm's Deep Bonus Level:      Beat the game once with any character.
Mines of Moria Bonus Level:   Beat the game with a character that has at least 
2,000 kills.
Fangorn Forest Bonus Level:   Beat the game with the six main characters.
Weathertop Bonus Level:       Collect all 8 artifacts.

Play as Gollum                Beat the game with two characters.
Play as Sam                   Link up to the Gamecube Game.

Additional Items
Ancient Artifacts             Link up to the Gamecube Game.

Secret for playing as Sam without linking up: Play Frodo's quest and get to 
Shelob so you switch to Sam. Save the game and quit. Now whenever you play 
Frodo's game on multiplayer or on one of the bonus maps you will play as Sam.

5. Items

Items can be picked up during your quest. They are used to fight and defend 
against enemies, protect from various natural dangers, and make your character 
more powerful. Here is a list to help you understand how an item helps you. 
This list tells what the various descriptions on an item actually do to 
upgrade an item. The * stands for where a number should be. These descriptions 
most likely are not all exactly the same as the game's descriptions, but they 
are close. Also, where there is a + sometimes in the game there is a -, which 
decreases the various attribute instead of increasing it. Unless specifically 
specified on the item, the item must be equipped in order for its qualities to 
be in effect.

The following properties are not listed in your instruction book.

*-* Melee Damage: This tells you the minimum to maximum melee damage an item 
can do. As in most statistics, the higher, the better.

*-*Impaling Damage: This tells you the minimum to maximum impaling damage the 
item does. Items with impaling damage usually do not do more damage than items 
with melee damage, but they usually are more critical.

*% Critical: This shows how critical the item is to an enemy. This helps in 
finishing off enemies, and it helps in several hurting them. I do not know the 
exact importance of critical attacks, but it appears better to have high melee 
damage instead of high critical attacks.

+* Damage: This simply increases the minimum and maximum damage (either 
impaling or melee) of an item by the number shown.

+* Dmg. to Orcs: The Dmg. is simply an abbreviated form of damage. This 
increases the damage your weapon does to Orcs, with Orcs being virtually 
everything except animals. (Such as Wargs, Crebian, Trolls, and Spiders. These 
are not Orcs)

+* Dmg. to Animals: This increases the damage your weapon does to animals.

* Melee Armor: This tells how much protection that item offers from direct 
attacks. (Such as attacks using swords)

* Missile Armor: This shows how much protection that item offers from arrows.

Critical Armor: This shows how much protection the item provides against 
critical hits which severely damage your character. I believe critical attacks 
are the attacks that knock your character down.

(2H): This means the weapon must be wielded with two hands. (In other words, 
you cannot have a shield)

+*% Resistance to Poison: Poisoning (when your health meter turns green) does 
less damage to your character. The higher the percentage, the less your 
character is damaged by poisoning.

+*% Resistance to Fear: Fear (when your spirit meter turns yellow) does not 
affect your spirit points as much. The higher the percentage, the less your 
spirit points are affected.

*% Extra Treasure: Equipping these items increases the amount of items you 
will find by the percent shown.

+* Fire Protection: This offers a certain amount of protection against fires 
and explosions.

Cursed: I am not sure what this does exactly, but I believe it increases the 
Eye of Sauron more when Crebian escape.

+* Strength: Increases your strength by the number shown.

+* Accuracy: Increases your accuracy by the number shown.

+* Health: Increases your health by the number shown.

+* Defense: Increases your defense by the number shown.

+* Courage: Increases your courage by the number shown.

+* All Primary Stats: Increases your strength, accuracy, health, defense, and 
courage by the number shown.

+*% Dodge: Increases the chance of your character dodging blows.

*% Shield Block: Shows how much your shield will block.

+* Spirit Regen: (Regen stands for regeneration) Makes your spirit power 
increase faster. Quite useful for those high spirit point abilities.

+* Hit Points Regen: Slowly increases you hit points.

+*Hit Points per Slain Foe: For each enemy you kill it increases your 
remaining hit points by the number shown.

+* Hit Points: Increases your maximum hit points by the number shown.

+* Spirit Points: Increases your maximum spirit points by the number shown.

Extra Projectiles: Shoots more that one arrow. (Legolas only)

Unique: Indicates the item is a unique item.

Keep in backpack to use: This means that the items statistics are in effect 
even if the item is not equipped.

+*% Experience Bonus: This gives you extra experience points for defeating 

The following special properties are listed in your instruction book.

Extra Shot: Allows a bow to fire additional arrows. (Legolas only)

Knockback: Knocks a foe back with each hit.

Immobilize: Has a chance of immobilizing a foe for several seconds.

Armor Piercing: Reduces the effectiveness of a foe's armor.

Fragile: Has a chance of breaking. 

Wisdom: Spells do bonus damage. (Gandalf only

Sunburst: Has a chance of producing a sunburst which stuns nearby enemies.

Nightburst: Has a chance of producing a nightburst which damages nearby 

Corrupt: Ringwraiths and monsters do additional damage to the character.

Fire Burst: Inflicts additional fire damage if armor is breeched.

Backstab: Opponent loses armor bonuses if attacked from behind.

Gemfinder: Increases the chance of finding additional gems.

Venomous: Inflicts bonus damage if armor is breeched.

Valuable: Sells for a higher price than it is worth.

Cheap: Sells for a lower price than it is worth.

Words Concerning Normal, Hard, and Grueling Modes:

In each of the different modes of the game play there are notable differences. 
Obviously the game gets harder, but certain things also change with regards to 
the items. You will notice that in grueling and hard modes there are many item 
modifiers that are not in normal mode. These are frequently very good 
modifiers, so it may be worth your while to tackle the game in grueling mode.

When to keep items to sell:

You would probably want to keep every item you get to sell, but since your 
backpack space is limited you cannot do so. Here are a few tips on deciding 
what items to keep. If the item says valuable in its description it is 
definitely a seller. Those items can sell for a hefty price so be sure to keep 
and sell them. Items whose name is in red (red items) are rare and should be 
sold if they are not very good. Red items can sell for high prices. If the red 
item has valuable in its description it definitely should be saved for selling 
if you do not like its statistics. I once found an item like that and it sold 
for 1066 gems! Items whose name is in yellow (yellow items) are hardly worth a 
thing, are never valuable, and usually should be discarded if they are not 
good. Items whose name is in green (green items) are worth slightly more than 
yellow items and occasionally are valuable. They also can have good 
statistics, so be sure to pick up all green and red items. If the item says 
cheap in its description it is just that, cheap. These items are worth hardly 
a thing and usually should be discarded, unless their statistics are good or 
their name is in red. Occasionally an item says it is both cheap and valuable. 
If you find one of these sell it, the valuable outweighs the cheap. I once 
found an item that was both cheap and valuable and it sold for over 300 gems! 

Hints for determining valuable items:

In this game the yellow items are normal items, green items are items with a 
word preceding the normal item name, and red items have a short phrase after 
the item such as "of the glen." The words preceding and following the item 
usually add the same statistics onto the regular item every single time. By 
learning the preceding and following words well you can usually tell the 
statistics of an item. What does this have to do with finding the value of an 
item? Well, certain words before the item always make the item valuable. Look 
for these words and always pick up an item that has one. Below is a small list 
of words that make an item valuable:

Note: Words that make an item valuable are not limited to the words on this 

Artisan’s Beryl
Gold Trimmed
Gold Plated
Gondor Gold
Valuable (go figure)

These are just some of the words that make an item valuable. There are also 
words that make an item cheap. These words are usually easy to figure out and 
include things like torn, smelly, and used.

Fragile items:

Be warned, fragile items can break after hitting only two barrels they are so 
weak. (Yes, it's true. It happened to me the first time I used a fragile 
item.) These items are not very good in a large battle because they may break 
without you realizing it, leaving you easy to defeat. They do have good 
statistics though, so it's up to you whether you should use them or not.

6. Unique Items

Unique items are ultra rare items whose names are in blue and most of them 
glow red when you see them on the ground. Some of the unique items even have 
the word unique in their description, though this is not a requirement for a 
unique item. Do not confuse these with ancient artifacts, whose names are also 
in blue. (See Ancient Artifacts) Unique items are usually extremely good, and 
even if they are not good I would still advise you to keep them due to their 
rarity. You cannot carve runes on unique items. Of the 51 unique items in the 
game so far I have only seen fourteen, but I will add more as soon as I find 


Min Level 9
8-17 Damage
+8 Dmg to Orcs
Knockback Unique


Min Level 9
8-17 Damage
+5 Courage
+5 Wisdom


Min Level 9
15-30 Damage
+10 Accuracy
+10 Strength
+5 Courage


Min Level 9
9-18 Damage
+4 Strength
+8 Health

Brakash’s Dwarf Axe of Hacking

Min Level 9
12-25 Melee Damage
+5 Strength
+15% Critical

Green Mace of the Outlander

Min Level 14
5-10 Melee Damage
+5 Hit Points Regen

Crystal Crook of Jas Mynn

Min Level 9
3-6 Melee Damage
+5 Courage
+5 Wisdom

Staff of Five Mages

Fomac’s Mail

Min Level 9
+10 Melee Armor
+ Missile Armor
+3 Courage
+2 Wisdom

Blue Chainmail of Zephyrmaster

Min Level 9
+11 Melee Armor
+6 Missile Armor
+5% Speed
+50% Fear Resistance

Gauntlets of Numbers

Min Level 9
+4 Damage
+4 Health

NIckohare’s Foot

Min Level 9
+13 Defense

Devitt Crystal Amulet

Min Level 9
+1 Accuracy
+3 Courage
+15% Poison Resistance
+1 All Primary Stats

The Unknown Amulet of Kempor

Min Level 9
+5 Damage
+5 Strength

The following two items are red and are not considered unique items by the 
standards, but they are unique in that they never have words modifying them, 
so I will put them in. They are fairly common, so it is best to sell them.

Orc Head: +1 Courage. Keep in Backpack to use. (Sells for 300 gems)

Orc Drum: -5 Accuracy Keep in backpack to use. (Sells for 500 gems)

The following is a handy little thing you can do to give unique items to your 
friends. When you get a unique item save your game. (Obviously) Then quit your 
game (or finish if you want to) and find a friend to link up with. Link up and 
go into multiplayer mode. Once you are in the multiplayer game go into your 
backpack, select the item, and go down to trade. When your friend receives the 
item have him/her save and quit. After that quit without saving and both of 
you will have the item. This works because it saves on your friend's game that 
he/she got the item, while on your game if you do not save it will not record 
you giving the item away.

7. Ancient Artifacts

Ancient artifacts are just normal items that are unlocked after linking up 
with a Gamecube. Their names are in blue to signify that they are ancient 
artifacts. This can be somewhat confusing because their name color does not 
change if they are uncommon (names appearing in green) or rare, (names 
appearing in red) like normal items do. To tell what an ancient artifact would 
be look at its name. If there is a word before the weapon's name (remember, 
the weapons name is sometimes longer than one word) then it would be an 
uncommon item. If there if a phrase after the item's name, (such as "of the 
sun," or "of Bree,") then it is a rare item. Besides having their name in blue 
ancient artifacts are just like any other item, and they add some variety to 
the items in the game. Do not confuse ancient artifacts with unique items, 
whose names are also in blue. The key to separating a unique item from an 
ancient artifact is in the description. You cannot carve runes on unique items 
while you can carve runes on ancient artifacts, this would be one of the best 
ways to identify unique swords and shields. Also, unique items sell around 278 
gems, so if the selling price is considerably below that number it is most 
likely an ancient artifact. Unique items are extremely rare and are always 
available to find-you don't need to link up with a Gamecube to find them.

8. Upgrades

Here is a list of the primary statistics you can upgrade on each character and 
what they do.

Strength: Increase maximum hit points by 1 for each strength point and every 
few strength points your minimum and maximum damage is increased by 1.

Accuracy: Increases the chance of hitting an opponent by 1% for each accuracy 

Health: Increases maximum hit points by 4 and maximum spirit points by 1. This 
might also increase resistance to poison, but I am not sure.

Defense: I am not sure what this does, but I think it increases your missile 
and melee armor every few points. If it does not it simply assists in 
defending against enemy attacks, even if it does not show up on the statistics 

Courage: Increases maximum spirit points by 4 and maximum hit points by 1. 
This might also increase resistance to fear, but I am not sure.

Advice for spending skill points:
(This is largely my personal opinion. You may find other skills are more 
suited for you, although this may provide useful information that will help 
you decide how to spend your skill points. This list only contains skills that 
use spirit points. These are not the skills that are always in effect.)

Aragorn: His Sword Throw skill is very good, especially when you need to use 
long range attacks to survive. You should at least get it to level three so 
the sword will track. Also, Numenorean Will is good since it last a long time 
and increases your damage. I would highly recommend it once you have some 
items that increase your spirit regeneration, though it is useful early on as 
well. The Call of the Dead skill is okay, but they only attack once and then 
they disappear, and they also use a lot of spirit power so that is not an 
advisable skill to get. The ghost warriors are somewhat good if you upgrade 
enough so you get all five and there are a lot of enemies around, but I think 
it is a waste of skill points. They are especially helpful in large numbers at 
the Black Gate, since the help you take on the hoards of enemies. The King's 
Command skill is very useful, since it allows you to attack enemies with tough 
armor without getting hurt trying to score a hit. Since each level only 
increases the stun time by 0.5 seconds and it starts out with 3 seconds, this 
skill is a good skill to just put one skill point on. You will find it is 
extremely useful, so put at least one skill point on it. I would recommend 
waiting to get your other skills better before upgrading this skill past level 
1, but it is your choice, and every half-second counts in battle.

Gandalf: His Lightstrike skill is powerful, and at full strength it can kill 
Saruman of a Nazgul in just two hits. This is a useful skill since it is long 
range and can become quite powerful. Gandalf's Shield skill is good since it 
protects you from damage and can keep you alive in the heat of battle. Just 
for warning, Gandalf's shield does deteriorate even without taking damage, but 
it deteriorates so slowly that it is still a good skill to get. The Sword of 
Power skill where Gandalf's sword gets struck by lightning is good since it 
increases damage and last a long time. The Blinding Aura is also a useful 
skill since it blinds and damages enemies. (Blinded enemies still attack, they 
just wildly attack everywhere instead of making good attacks against your 
character. The Summon Gwaihir skill where Gandalf summons an eagle is not 
recommended because the eagle only does a little damage and often misses 
enemies completely, making it quite frustrating. It is an okay skill though, 
and it is your own personal choice.  

Frodo: His Knife Toss skill is almost a must, since Frodo is quite weak at the 
beginning of the game and will easily get killed in hand-to-hand combat. Using 
The One Ring skill is good, but because it attracts the Eye of Sauron I 
usually do not use it, although it is good for areas with many enemies. The 
higher level it is, the better. Galadriel's Cloak skill is good too, since it 
does not attract the Eye of Sauron, even if it does not last as The One Ring. 
The Ring's Persuasion is a useful skill, but it is not very effective until 
level 4 or 5 due to how close you must be to an enemy to use it and how little 
of a chance there is of it working until levels 4 or 5. Once it gets up to 
levels 4 or 5 it can be quite useful. The Snare skill also helps against 
strong enemies, allowing you to hurt them without getting to close to them. 
Seeing how they use more spirit power and are only weaker than the Knife Toss 
I would recommend that one get the Knife Toss over the Snare skill. Also, even 
though you get more traps for each extra level you still have to use 35 skill 
points to put down each snare, making it take quite a few skill points to 
place all the traps on higher levels.

Legolas: His White Knives skill is useful for close up attacks, but it is 
somewhat of a pain to use one of your backpack spaces for this skill. It comes 
in handy though. The Friend of Mirkwood skill is awesome, especially when it 
is high in levels because each hawk both stuns and damages a foe. When the foe 
is stunned you can finish him off with your bow without the enemy being able 
to hurt you. This is especially useful when your opponent has tough armor. I 
personally did not like the Spread Fire skill because you had to be standing 
right next to your enemy to use it effectively, but is a relatively good skill 
to use.

9. Artifacts

Here is a list of artifacts and how to get each artifact.

Artifact                             Character
Simbelmyne                           Eowyn
Witch King's Crown                   Eowyn
There and Back Again                 Legolas, Gimli, or Aragorn
Galadriel's Lock                     Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, or Gandalf
Saruman's Palantir                   Gandalf
Gwaihir's Feather                    Gandalf
Shelob's Stinger                     Sam (Frodo's Quest)
Deagol's Skull                       Frodo


When you get to the area where you are with Merry and he talks about how 
dangerous staying near the river is, you are at the place where Simbelmyne is. 
(I believe that the official name is River Crossing, but I am not sure) Go 
across the bridge but do not go down the stairs that take you to a different 
part of the area. In between the bridge and the stairs the camera should pan 
down and reveal a group of enemies in a small valley. Go down to the valley 
and Simbelmyne should be on a piece of small black ground in the valley.

Witch King's Crown

After you destroy the Witch King with Eowyn (The boss who is riding on a fell 
beast and then comes after you when you kill the beast) go to Theoden. The 
Witch King's Crown should be right above him.

There and Back Again: 

In the first area after the Paths of the Dead where the snow stops being on 
the ground (there is a little snow on the ground at the start of the area, but 
it is only a small amount) and there is a small portion of in-game dialogue at 
the beginning of the area talking about the need to get to the Corsair ships 
there is a woman who asks you to bring her brother back to her. Bring her 
brother back to her, and then go to the beginning of the area. Under one of 
the trees you will see a woman. She will ask you not to give away her hiding 
place. Next kill all of the enemies around you. She will thank you and open 
the door to a nearby warehouse. Go through the warehouse and on the other side 
there is a boy, a shrine, and several barrels. Inside one of the barrels is 
There and Back Again.

Galadriel's Lock

After a short slide show about how they must travel to Black Gate you will 
start off in a grassy area where a troll will come and attack you with his 
hammer. In this area go up until you are at the edge of the area and then go 
right. You will go under a waterfall. Keep going until you come to a tree that 
marks the edge of the area. Go left a little ways and go down the first road 
going down you come to. (It is close to the tree. You do not have to go far to 
reach the road.
Now go straight down and go next to a tree that is above a short, small cliff. 
Butterflies will come out of the tree. Follow the butterflies up to the tree 
at the edge of the area and Galadriel's Lock will be on the ground next to the 
Note: There are a group of trees on the road going down. You may have to 
search a while to find the tree with butterflies.

Saruman's Palantir

When you confront Saruman in his tower as Gandalf go to the top of the area. 
There should be a small platform with a treasure chest on it and a small set 
of stairs leading up to it. (Do not confuse this with the other platform to 
the right of the area) Go up the stairs, onto the platform, and open the 
treasure chest. Saruman's Palantir will be the only item in the treasure chest
Note: You must do this before you defeat Saruman. After you defeat Saruman you 
cannot get the artifact.

Gwaihair's Feather

After you visit Minas Tirith for the first time you will leave and go into a 
small field just outside Minas Tirith where Faramir is under attack. Save 
Faramir, and exit the area. You will go through two or so more areas and then 
go to an area called the Pellenor Fields Fork on the save game screen if you 
save there. It has several cliffs with archers, and there are several Crebian 
on a fence. Go and exit the area and it will take you to another area with a 
beacon. Go up, light the beacon, and leave that area. Now you will be back in 
the Pellenor Fields Fork. Instead of following the arrow on the right of your 
screen and going to the next beacon, go back down to where you originally 
started the first time you came. You will see an eagle flying away, and 
Gwaihir's Feather will be right where the eagle was.

Shelob's Stinger

You may be confused about why you get this artifact with Sam. When you get to 
Shelob Frodo is poisoned and you play as Sam for that portion of the game. 
Speaking of Shelob, when you get to her defeat her and Shelob's Stinger will 
be lying next to Frodo.

Deagol's Skull

Around Mt. Doom there will be a mountain with several flights of stairs 
leading to the mountain peak to the left of the area, and stairs leading one 
level up if you go right, and a flat, somewhat narrow path if you go straight 
right. First start by going up the flight of stairs on the left and then keep 
going up. Eventually the camera will show the top of the mountain. There will 
be a treasure chest and an Orc holding a flag that will laugh at you. Go to 
the top of the mountain, kill the Orc, and open the treasure chest. Then go 
back to the base of the mountain, the place where you started the area. Go 
straight right on the narrow path that stays flat. After a while you will come 
to a dead end, and you will see Gollum and a treasure chest. Open up the 
treasure chest to find Deagol's Skull.

10. Secret Areas

In this game there are many things you can find. This is a small list of 
secret areas inside normal areas. Secret areas and secret objectives have 
various things they do to help you. Some secret areas yield runes, whereas 
others give you better items.

Legolas, Gimli, or Aragorn: Near the end of the Uruk Hatchery the camera will 
change views and show you several Uruk pods. Your character will say something 
like "Saruman is hatching more Uruk Hai. I must destroy the pods so the filthy 
Uruks are never born." Destroy all the pods and an extra treasure chest will 
appear on the bridge that leads to the exit.

Legolas, Gimli, or Aragorn: After you cross the mountains of snow in the area 
where the snow stops and the characters discuss the need to capture the 
Corsair ships go right until you pass a warehouse. Then go up as far as you 
can go and go right. You will meet a woman that will ask you to bring her 
brother back to her. Then it will show you where her brother is. Bring her 
brother back to her to receive an item and an attribute point.

Legolas, Gimli, or Aragorn: After defeating the boss on the Corsair Ships 
(Legolas and Gimli are with you) go up and right instead of going down the 
stairs and exiting the area. When you come to the side of the ship, fight your 
way up the small passageway until you come to a treasure chest. Open the 
treasure chest and collect the items inside. 

Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, or Aragorn: After the cut scene where they decide to 
go to the Black Gate you will enter an area where a troll instantly attacks 
you. Go to the top of the area and then go right. There will be a waterfall. 
Go under the waterfall and then go up. You will enter a secret cave with a 
Ranger Hollow, a Forge, and several stumps and barrels. Go up to the man next 
to the main house that the arrow is directing you toward.. He will talk to you 
and then give you a rune.

Frodo: Whenever you see a small opening in the wall with webs around it you 
should go up to it. Most of the time these openings will take you to secret 
areas or move you forward or backward in the area you are in. One of these 
openings worth noting is after you escape from Shelob's cave in one of the 
following areas you will start off with two weak pitchfork holding Orcs 
attacking you. Afterwards you can go up the stairs or to the right. Go right, 
and two strong Orcs with swords will be guarding a webbed opening. Small 
spiders will come out of the opening. Go into the opening and destroy the 
pods. Here is where I found Orcrist, and several red items. Each time I went 
in the opening, however, the items I found were less and less good.

Frodo and Sam: In the area where Shelob is there is a webbed opening before 
you get to Shelob. After you switch to Sam and defeat Shelob go back to the 
opening. It will now lead you to a different secret area than it did when you 
were Frodo. 

Frodo: After you become Frodo again immediately after being Sam for a short 
while in the game go down the first small set of stairs you see. These are not 
the stairs next to the Rune Forge, they are before that. At the end of the 
stairs is a rune.

Frodo: When you are on or around Mt. Doom you will come to an area with 
several craters and barrels next to the craters. If you destroy a barrel it 
will fill the crater next to it up with lava. Then you must go up a long 
narrow path with thin lava strips on each side. At the end of this path are 
two Orcs with spears. Instead of going right to the exit, just go a small way 
right after you are at the end of the narrow path so you are on the opposite 
side of the lava strip. Then go straight down, destroying the barrels. One of 
these barrels when it explodes opens up a small stairway in the crater. Go 
down the stairs and you will be taken to a secret area with a few treasure 
chests, a troll, and a few other things.

Eowyn: In the Mumakil Camp (The area with several tents and archers around the 
tents. There are also penned up Mumakil [Oliphaunts] behind fences in places 
where you cannot go. Go directly left. After passing a tent or two you will 
pass a small stone structure that has a campfire above it. A squirrel that was 
next to the campfire will begin running. Follow right next to the squirrel, 
for there are two gates that close immediately after the squirrel runs through 
them. After going through to gates the squirrel will stop running and will act 
like a normal squirrel. Go left (the only direction you can go) and you will 
find a treasure chest. Open it up and you will occasionally find good items 
inside of it. 
Note: To keep the items in the treasure chest good it is advisable to save as 
soon as you enter the Mumakil Camp area. Keep going to the treasure chest and 
only save your game if you find a good item. If you do not find a good item, 
quit without saving and try again. I advise you to do this because whenever I 
save after going to get several good items from a secret area the items I get 
afterwards seem to keep going down in rarity and usefulness.

11. Bosses

Shelob: Shelob is relatively difficult, but with throwing knives and your
herbs her difficulty goes down considerably. When you start your battle with
Shelob you are on the bottom right corner of the arena. Stay against the wall
and go to the upper right corner of the arena. Shelob will begin slowly coming
up to you. When she gets relatively close run up to the upper left corner of
the arena. (Since the arena is somewhat diamond shaped this will be the top of
the arena, where the webs are. The upper right corner is the corner to the
right of the upper left corner) While you are running Shelob should quick turn
around and jump at you if she got close enough to you before you run.
Hopefully you ran past her quick attack. Next go left a short ways and go
down. Only go left a short ways. You only want to make sure you don't run into
Shelob, but don't go too far away from her. While you are running down Shelob
should shoot a line of web at you. If you did it right she will miss you. Go
up and attack her for about three seconds. After three seconds she will begin
attacking again. Run to the lower left corner to wait for her, and then run to
the lower left corner when she prepares to shoot her web. If done right she
will again miss you and then run up to her and attack her for three seconds.
After you finish attacking her quickly run up to the upper right corner and
repeat the process over again. If you have knives throw them at her while you
are waiting for her to come to you. I am not sure if traps hurt Shelob, but
they probably do. If you have herbs, those will come in handy as well. But, if
you are out of herbs, have no long range attack abilities, and only bothered
to get a sword with 2-5 damage, this is the best way to defeat Shelob. (It is
also good even if you have all those things, since this is one of the only
ways you can defeat Shelob without getting hurt much) Believe me, I know from

Frodo's Guard: When you finally see Frodo again he is guarded by a blue Orc
that is by no means weak. After defeating two Orc archers you have to fight
this tough Orc. Technically he is not considered a boss, but his is like one
so I decided to put him in. Since he is strong and you are weak-and you will
die if you engage in normal hand-to-hand combat-the best way to defeat him is
by using your traps or your throwing knives. If you do not have any of these
run up to him so he will attack you, then run back so his attack will miss
you. Then run back up to him and quick attack and then back off so his next
attack will also miss you. Repeat until he is defeat. This is a risky way of
attacking him, so it is best to use throwing knives or traps to defeat him.

Gollum: Gollum is weak, so your direct attacks will probably take away half of
his health with each hit. Of course, his attacks can half kill you as well.
Because of this it is advisable to use either knives or traps to attack Gollum
from a distance. Due to his weakness it will not take long to defeat him.

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli:
King of the Dead: When you first see him go up instead of heading straight to
him. If you go straight to him boulders will fall and block your path,
destroying a good path later on in the fight. Go up and around to avoid this.
When you get close enough to him he will send out his skeleton warriors.
Destroy them. It is best to use your Sword Throw with Aragorn or your Axe
Throw with Gimli to defeat these warriors, since their armor is strong and
they could hurt you a great deal before you actually get a hit on them. With
Legolas use your Friend of Mirkwood to damage the warriors and stun them,
giving you time to try to make a hit on them since your arrows are not good at
piercing their armor. You do not need to use these skills, but they help
considerably. Besides their tough armor these warriors are quite weak. Do not
get to close to the king, or he will zap you. Instead, go around and defeat
all of his warriors. After they are gone the king will surrender.

Commander of the Corsair Ships: This boss is not tough in itself, but the
hoards of enemies around him makes him somewhat of a challenge. Fortunately
you have your two friends to help you. To deal with the enemies have Gimli get
in a battle with one if you are Aragorn, or have Aragorn get in a battle with
one if you are Gimli. Then go up and attack the enemy from behind. This is an
effective way to eliminate enemies without being damaged. If you are Legolas
just let Aragorn and Gimli get in a battle with the enemies, then stand back
and shoot arrows at the enemies from a distance. Slowly make your way through
the enemies, destroying every one of them, until you get to the boss. Have
Gimli (and or Aragorn, depending on who you are)  attack the boss while you
come up from behind and attack him (or just stand back and shoot him if you
are Legolas). Soon the boss will be defeated and you can continue on. Long
range attacks are also useful.

The Mouth of Sauron: You encounter this boss at the Black Gate. First, go up
and go to the left and right sides, moving the levers so the doors letting out
the tough enemies will close. When both doors are closed they will reopen, but
will let out weaker enemies this time. Next defeat he enemies with tough
shields and spears. These Orcs are tough, but Aragorn's King's Command or
Legolas's Friend of Mirkwood skill will turn them around, allowing you to
score hits without trying to get through their nearly impassable shield.
Gimli's Axe Throw would be useful here as well. When those enemies are gone,
defeat the archers. When the majority of enemies surrounding him are gone, the
Mouth of Sauron will come to attack you. He only uses a sword attack, so long
range attacks would be useful against him. Hand-to-hand combat is also a
recommended attack. A good strategy would be to engage in hand-to-hand combat
until you are half dead, and then run away and fight the weaker enemies around
in order to get food, which you get reasonable often. When you are strong
enough return and continue to fight him. Keep doing this until the Mouth of
Sauron is dead. If you are Legolas just shoot at him until he gets close to
you, and then run away and then start shooting at him. When he is dead go to
the right to reunite with your friends.

Mumakil: These huge creatures are relatively easy to defeat. When you
encounter one run behind it and attack it. If you attack it from the front or
the sides you run the risk of being knocked over by its powerful tusks. The
archers on it will shoot arrows at you, but for the most part ignore them and
keep attacking. They will injure you some, but it is hard to avoid arrows and
still kill the Mumakil in the time allotted. Your Shieldmaiden of Rohan skill
is useful here, although it is not necessary. Your Double Strike skill is also
helpful but again, not necessary.

The Witch King: When you encounter this boss you will see it knock down
Theoden. After a short amount of dialogue the battle begins. At first there
are no enemies around. Go up to his steed, a fell beast. It will be flapping
its wings. Get reasonably close but do not get in the way of its wings. If you
get in the way of its wings you will be knocked down and reasonably injured.
When its wings go back run up and attack the fell beast. It will fall after
only a few hits. Now the real battle begins. The Witch King will get off his
steed and come after you. Suddenly several Orcs will also be in the arena. Run
up to the Witch King, attack him, and run away. He will swing at you and if
you get away in time he will miss you. After he attacks colored lightning type
things spread around him. They will be blue, red, or black. The blue lightning
drains your spirit power. The red lightning drains your life and, if you are
nor extremely strong and have a lot of hit points, it will drain all your 
health, killing you. I believe the black lightning drains both health and
spirit points. This powerful lightning makes it imperative that you run away
after you attack him and he attacks you. One mistake and you are gone. Killing
the Orcs around the Witch King will provide ways for you to get food, but with
so many Orcs and the Witch King coming after you with his powerful attacks,
you will spend most of your time running. The Rohan Sprint allows you to get
away from the Witch King and have some time alone to defeat Orcs and gather
health. The lightning also kills Orcs, so if there are Orcs around him he will
usually kill them, providing you with food. I am nearly certain that when he
kills Orcs it increases his health, so try not to let him have a lot of kills.
Still, its effects are quite small, so it is not imperative that you prevent
him from killing Orcs. Besides, it provides you with health. Keep on attacking
him in the manner specified above until you finally defeat him.

Faramir's Attacker: This boss is relatively weak, and you have help, so he is
easy to defeat. Your Shield will help you be protected from the many enemies
around, and your Lightstrike will allow you to attack from a distance. It is
best to treat this boss as a normal Orc due to his weakness. Besides, he is

Grond: This is the battering ram that is attacking the gate. Next to it will
be two small trolls. Fight them. Use your Shield lest you accidentally get hit
by their hammer, and attack them with your Lightstrike for maximum safety.
Another way of attacking them is running in front of them so they'll start
smashing the ground, then running behind them and quickly getting a few hits
in. Repeat until they are dead. When you kill each little troll Grond's health
will go down. When both are dead a big troll will come. It is best to use your
Lightstrike on him, although you could use the run around method I just
described even though it is a much riskier to use on the big troll, since he
only smashes the ground once, takes longer to run around, and causes a lot
more damage if he gets in a hit. The Shield will be useful in protected
yourself against him. When he is dead there will be no more trolls to move
Grond so Grond will be immobilized.

Denethor: Denethor is quite easy when you know what to do. Activate your
Shield to protect from his occasionally wild attacks. Although your Shield is
not necessary in defeating Denethor, it is useful in keeping your health full.
Denethor will walk around, getting fire. When he throws it at the pyre stand
in front of it so it will not reach the pyre. It will not damage you, but it
will damage Denethor if you block it. Fight off the few guards and continue to
deflect Denethor's fire. After blocking several fires Denethor will be
Note: If too many of the fires get on the pyre Denethor will stop getting fire
and will only attack you. At this point it is impossible to defeat him. Save,
quit, and try again.

Nazgul: When you head up to the Black Gate suddenly shield Orcs will form a
small arena and two strong knife-throwing Orcs will come out. Defeat them. It
is wise to use your Shield so your health will still be high for the other
enemies that come out. Your Lightstrike is also useful on these Orcs. It is
possible to push through the shield-holding Orcs and even defeat them, but it
is difficult and it wastes time, so I would not advise you to do it. After
those two Orcs are defeated to small trolls come out. Fight them the same way
you fight the small trolls that are with Grond. (See Grond) When they are gone
a Nazgul will come out. (Additional Nazgul will come out if you take too long.
That is why you should not bother the shield-bearing Orcs) If you try to
attack the Nazgul in hand-to-hand combat you are only committing suicide. Use
your Lightstrike against the Nazgul. At full power the Lightstrike will kill
the Nazgul in two hits, making it quite useful. It is imperative that you have
the Lightstrike here. Without it the Nazgul is next to impossible to defeat.
When the Nazgul is dead the shield-holding Orcs will leave, allowing you to
reunite with your friends.

12. Copyright

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private use.  This game guide may only be posted on GameFAQs unless you have
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you for your understanding and cooperation.

13. Credits

I would like to thank EA and Griptonite for their hard work in creating this 
game. I would also like to thank zephyrmaster for the information concerning
the unlockable levels. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to New Line
Cinema and Peter Jackson for making the Lord of the Rings movies. Most of all,
my deepest and sincerest thanks goes to J.R.R. Tolkien, the creative and
inspiring author of the Lord of the Rings books.

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