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Frodo Guide Guide by Iam77

Version: 0.47 | Updated: 11/03/2004



1. Version History
2. Why Frodo?
3. Skills
-	Active
-	Passive
4. Stats
-	Frodo Starting Skills
-	Active Frodo
-	Fighter Frodo
5. Walkthrough
6. Leveling up Frodo Later in the Game
-     Bonus Maps
8. Items
-	Prefixes/Suffixes
-	What He Can/Can't Use
9. Still to Come/Contributions

**********Version history**********

Version 0.45
Oct. 28 2004

Version 0.47
Oct. 29 2004 (created)--
Just fixed a few glitches in the items section and elsewhere, including that 
footwear glitch.
Better leveling up for later game guide. Added bonus map enemy guide and 
*********Why Frodo? *********

Many people have asked why they should play as Frodo, when there are so 
many stronger, more defensive or cooler characters, such as Legolas

I say we should reconsider. Frodo active skills are not the strongest, but the
One ring is one of the most killing moves to enemies. Snare and knife 
Throw are both comparatively cheap and are good at picking off single 
enemies. Frodo is more fun to play with then other characters, such as 
Aragorn, where all you do is press B. With Frodo you are forced to 
consider using a variety of moves and tactics to defeat your enemies

Frodo's game, although not great for EXP after the first few times 
through, covers a variety of cool locations and hidden areas, plus he 
can get an artifact, which will help you unlock the Weathertop bonus 
lvl. The Frodo experience for LOTR: ROTK is a must



Luck: lvl 2 (+1 to all attributes/lvl) This is a good skill, +5 to all 
attributes when maxed, but really not good enough to get early on.

Fearless: lvl 2 (+1 armor toughness/lvl, +5% resist fear/lvl) A must 
have for Frodo who can use poor armor, +5 armor toughness really helps. 

Nimble: lvl 2 (+4% to dodge /lvl) This is OK, you decide. You could 
either go with this or an active skill, such as Snare.

Hardy: lvl 4 (+15 HP/lvl) OK, a few extra HP. Get it only if you seem to 
be dying a lot. BTW, fearless helps also is probably better to get or 
lvl up the health stat.

Woodsman: lvl 5 (+2 dmg to animals/lvl) DON'T GET THIS. The only animals 
you will ever be fighting are wargs and crebain. These will appear once per 
every 40 other enemies (wargs). Crebain you kill already. WASTE OF A 

Iron Will: lvl 8 (+10% health regen at low HP) Not that great, it 
becomes OK after a few points but sucks before that. Don't really put your 
points into this, unless you seem to be almost dead all the time.

Wise: lvl 15 (+3% EXP bonus/lvl). You probably won't want to put points 
into this the first time through the game, can be useful at high levels 
for getting that little bit of extra EXP though.

Battle Scarred: lvl 15 (+1 armor toughness/lvl) Really much like 
fearless, this is really going to help you so get it. That extra armor 
will compensate for the fact enemies are killing you in 2-3 hits at the 
end of the game

The Precious: lvl 20 (When wounded, 10% chance of entering a rage and 
doing triple damage for ten seconds) Wait, am I playing as Aragorn? 
It'll seem like it. Doing a good 20-30 dmg for Frodo on lvl 20 will 
mean your doing 60-90 when the precious is on. Great for slaughtering 
lots of hard enemies.


Knife throw: lvl 2--25 SP (Frodo throws his knife, +1 damage/lvl) Put a 
point in this early to take out crebain, even at MAX its not great for 
anything else.

Snare: lvl 2--35 SP (Frodo sets his trap doing 5 +3 dmg/lvl. Can set 
one additional trap/lvl.) Very cheap and effective. Choose this or 
nimble. If you go with this, you might consider a few more points in 

Galadriel's Cloak: lvl 2--40 SP (Cannot be seen for 2 sec +2/lvl) HE 
really don't get it, you will be better served either to run or use the ring.

The One Ring: lvl 3, start already with 1 point, improves every 3 lvls-
-75 SP (Become invisible for 5 seconds +2/lvl, can move around and 
attack). This is, in my opinion, Frodo's best skill. It KICKS butt!! 
Combos up well with a weapon with backstab. Trolls go crazy and kill 
their helpers trying to find you so it's effective vs. them. NOTE: The Ring 
corrupts you a LOT. If you plan to use it, lay off cursed items or the Morgul 
Runes, and be careful about birds (lucky for you Frodo's campaign has SO many).

Ring's Persuasion: lvl 12--150 SP (10% chance/lvl of converting enemies 
into allies. Lasts 10 sec, +5/lvl). Really not that great of a skill 
until 4-5 points are into it. Don't worry about this one, as it won't 
help you too much.

Herbal Healing: Cannot be Improved, no SP (Frodo uses a kingsfoil herb 
to heal himself). Really the bread and butter healing. Nothing else to 
say. If you need to know how this works, look at the game manual, I'm not 
here for that!!


The 2 Frodo configurations are very similar for 1 reason: Frodo has no "POWER" 
skills, so its all going to come down to the B in the end, with skills in a 
supporting role. It's just a question of how much of a role you want those 
skills in.

///////////////STARTING SKILLS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Strength: 16
Accuracy: 21 (boosted +2 by your starting weapon--Dirk)
Health: 18
Defense: 28
Courage: 30

//////////////Active Frodo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

An active Frodo relies on the One Ring, knife throw and snare to kill off 

It is important to have good courage but you will need to still be fighting 
many of the enemies as The One Ring, Frodo's best skill, requires you to kill 
the enemy the good old-fashioned way: B. I'll bet you no-one can finish this 
game, first time, without using the B button, so he's actually quite similar 
to a Fighting Frodo.

Get Skills in this Order: Accuracy>>Courage>>Defense>>Strength>>Health

Accuracy: I read somewhere accuracy was "One Stat to Rule Them All" Its too 
true. A lot of beginning players make the mistake of worrying too much about 
As you're going to be doing the vast majority of your killing strokes with 
the B button, Accuracy is a must have. The only character that can get away 
with low accuracy in my opinion is a Spells Gandalf. 

Courage: You probably won't need this any higher than 100 as 2/3 of Frodo's 
skills that you will be using are cheap, but if you don't have enough SP 
you're going to be in trouble.

Defense: A must-have for Frodo, especially in the later lvls where enemies 
are 10 times your size and do ten times your damage. 

Strength: Not that important of a stat, but if you don't do much damage 
you'll be hacking and slashing forever. You could raise this stat up to 
around 50 eventually, but you could also opt for higher damage items.

Health: This stat would be more important if Frodo didn't have so many ways 
to get by without it. The move hardy (see above) is a great alternative if 
you are working on another important stat. Or, you could just get health 
boosting items. NOTE: HP is also raised by 1 pt./pt. on strength. Also raised 
by Courage.

//////////////////Fighter Frodo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Although he looks weak, even Frodo can be a good fighter, just up there with 
the rest of them by doing the fighter thing. 

Again, Accuracy and Defense are your most important skills.

Get Skills in this Order: Accuracy>>Defense>>Strength/Health>>Courage

Accuracy: Again SO important, especially for a fighter as all hinges on that 
one B attack. This should be the one skill you've MAXED early and continue to 
improve with better items late.

Defense: A bit more important now that you've got only your sword between you 
and a horrible death. You should only start working on defense, though, when 
Accuracy is around 60, then switch them off until they're near MAX or at 
least 120 each.

Strength (Aggressive): If you go this way, you are hoping to kill the enemy 
before he can hit you. Make sure this is your priority to get to around 90 
after Acc./Def. are MAXED.

Health (Defensive): In this setup, you can take a few hits and before you 
kill the enemy. You should get this to around 100 before starting on 
strength. In general, this is a much better tactic if you are fighting tough 
enemies such as Trolls, Ringwraiths or Bosses, or Orcs on Grueling.

Courage: Right where it needs to be. You will basically never need to use 
this as its positioned fine for you to use The One Ring about once or twice/ 
area. In general you could only use it a bit more then this because of the 



***********Leveling up Frodo Later in the Game***********

Frodo does not have a great path for EXP; I would even go so far as to 
say it sucks. Here are some things you can do to maximize your EXP:

1.	MAX Wise. A 15% EXP bonus means you grow lvls 15% faster (am I 
right, please email me?)
2.	GO to bonus Maps. By the time hes on lvl 17-18, you shouldn't be 
playing his regular game any longer.
3.	Play Multi-player. Playing on Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli's path late 
in the game is EXP MEGA.
4.	KEEP AT IT! Frodo requires patience but, in my opinion, is the 
most rewarding.

///////////Bonus Map Guide\\\\\\\\\\\\

1.	MORIA (longest and easiest bonus map)
-	Regular Goblin: Take him out with regular B unless in very large 
-	Green Goblin: Take him out with B if you can, or use traps.
-	Regular Goblin Archer: Take out with B, easiest enemy
-	Green Goblin Archer: Should be able to take out with B, or use 
traps/knife throw if necessary
-	Small Spider: Use traps if you need to, if you are on low health run 
as they can surround you
-	Normal Spider: Easy kill with B, knife throw or traps
-	Green (Poison) Spider: The same as above, but a bit more damaging 
and can poison you, be more cautious
-	Swarms: Annoying, but easy kill with B or knife throw
-	Half Troll: Use the Ring if necessary, these can kill you pretty 
easily on low levels.
-	Large Troll: DEFINITELY use the One Ring, if you are anywhere below 
lvl 20, or 25 hard/higher on grueling.
-	Goblin Drummer: Very annoying, but don't become worried about them 
because they cannot make Ringwraiths come by themselves. They're speedy and 
can be taken out easily with B if you can lay them a good blow
-	Cave Troll: The big guy. If you thought the troll at the end of area 
#3 was big, you're going to be surprised. The One Ring is definitely 
the way to go on low lvls, or if you're playing Grueling and your 
health is not MAXED
2.	Helm's Deep (Virtually the same as the in TTT, but harder than Moria)
-	Uruk-Hai: Easiest enemy=easy kill
-	Dark Uruk-Hai: Only a little tougher, use B again.
-	Suicidal Uruk-Hai: Stay away from their suicide bombs and try and 
trick them into blowing up their friends
-	Two-Sworded Big Orc: Use B, or the Ring, as you won't have time on 
the deeping wall with all the explosions to set traps
-	Orc: Use B
-	Big Shielded Orc: Don't attack these as they can be difficult to 
kill for Frodo, wait until the half trolls come out which kills them
-	Red Uruk-Hai archer: Not so difficult, use B but don't set traps as 
it'll be harder to get the archers to chase you
-	Half Troll: Use the Ring if necessary, these can kill you pretty 
easily on low levels.
-	Large Troll: DEFINITELY use the One Ring, if you are anywhere below 
lvl 20, or 25 hard/higher on grueling.
3.	Weathertop (There is a good tactic for this on Normal, but if on 
Hard/GRUELING its pretty near impossible-the 2nd hardest (normal) and 
hardest (hard/grueling) bonus map)
-	Ringwraith (Normal): The only enemy you'll fight here, and they are 
the most difficult enemies in the game. Although not incredibly 
difficult for a lvl 40+ Frodo, they kick Frodo's butt before lvl 30. 
If you want to fight them, run around the fire, forcing the wraith 
into it. After around 4-6 seconds in the fire he'll die
-	Ringwraith (Hard): This time it's more difficult to execute the fire 
trick, but it can be done. Multiple wraiths will sometimes spawn. To 
pull this one off, you'll need to be lvl 35-40+
-	Ringwraith (Grueling): I really can't help you here as my Frodo (lvl 
39) can't fight them. If you're going to give it a shot, I would 
suggest having Accuracy MAXED and Defense nearly there, + good items 
you've found playing on Grueling. This is the ultimate test of a 
Frodo's ability.
-	NOTE: Don't try the Ring on Nazgul. It doesn't work. Yes, they can 
still see you and it raises you're corruption 
4.	Fangorn Forest (3 areas of crebain, goblin drummers, and the toughest orcs 
around, aided by the occasional troll)
-	I will be adding this in with my next update
-	NOTE: Fangorn is a REALLY laborious task to get. You'll have to beat 
the game with every character! 

*********Item Guide***********

/////////////Prefixes and Suffixes\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Look for these items for your Frodo, and here's what they do.

Of the Towers +9 Defense, +1 Wisdom
Of the Undead -25 SP, +15 Health (Fighter Only)
Of the Dark Lord +10 All Primary Stats, -90% corruption resistance (Grueling 
Peculiar. -27 strength, +31 defense, +10% EXP Bonus (Active Only)
Judgment's +3 dmg, +5 All Primary Stats (Grueling Only)
Of the Witch King +10 dmg, -90% corruption resistance


///////////////Item Usage\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Cloth Shirt (Yes)
Woven Shirt (Yes)
Padded shirt (Yes)
Leather Jacket (Yes)
Boiled Leather (Yes)
Brigandine (Yes)
Ringmail (Yes)
Chainmail (Yes)
Scale Mail (Yes)
Lorica (Yes)
Double Mail (Yes)
Lamellar (NO)
Breastplate (NO)
Corselet and Full Corselet (NO)

Spoon (NO)
Flint Knife (Yes)
Dirk (Yes)
Dagger (Yes)
Quillon (Yes)
Knife (Yes)
Long Knife (Yes)
Rudius (Yes)
Shortsword (Yes)
Courtsword (Yes)
Orcsword (Yes)
Galdius (Yes)
Cutlass (Yes)
Sabre/Cavalry Sabre (Yes)
Smallsword (Yes)
Backsword (Yes)
Scimitar (Yes)
Estoc (???)
Falchion (Yes)
Steelsword (???)-Pretty sure you can, will check up on
Broadsword (???)
Serrated Sword (NO)
Uruk Sword (NO)
Dastard Sword (NO)
Soldier Sword (NO)
All 2H Swords (NO)

Buckler (Yes)
Small Shield (Yes)
Heater Shield (Yes)
Round Shield (Yes)
Kite Shield (NO)
Large Shield (NO)
Tower Shield (NO)

Axes: (Valuable Weapons--they do more base damage then the knives/small swords)
Hatchet (Yes)
Axe (Yes)
Flat Axe (Yes)-best base damage for any Frodo weapon
Others: (NO)-this means every other axe not listed here he can't use

Mace (Yes)
Long Mace (???)
Others: (NO)--this means every other axe not listed here he can't use

Club (Yes)
Heavy Club (Yes)


Hood (Yes)
Cap (Yes)
Coif (Yes)
Pothelm (Yes)
Helm (Yes)
Imperial Helm (Yes)
Grethelm (NO)
Crown (Yes)





If you have any contributions to this guide, questions, comments 
suggestions, etc., please contact me at


I will be giving out FREE Gmail accounts to anyone who wants one and 
sends me a valid idea/contribution. PLZ INCLUDE in your email:

Name/Account Name
Email Address

*********Still to Come**********

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