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Legolas FAQ/Walkthrough Guide by Price Power

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/07/2004


               The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King(GBA)
                Legolas Character Guide/Walkthrough Version 1.00
                                 By Price Power

X Table of Contents X              Search Key (Ctrl+F)

1. Introduction                          (intr)
2. Playing as Legolas                    (lply)
 2a. Controls                            (ctrl)
 2b. Legolas Styles                      (styl)
 2c. Stat Distribution                   (lstt)
3. Legolas' Skills                       (lskl)
 3a. Legolas' Passive Skills             (lpsk)
 3b. Legolas' Active Skills              (lask)
4. Legolas Walkthrough                   (lwlk)
 4a. Main Game                           (lman)
 4b. Bonus Maps                          (lbon)
5. Enemy/Boss Guide                      (bsgd)
6. Legolas' Items                        (litm)
 6a. Equipment                           (lequ)
 6b. Runes and Whetstones                (lraw)
 6c. Artifacts                           (lart)
7. Codes and Secrets                     (lcod)
8. Version History                       (lhst)
9. Credits/Contact Me                    (lcrd)

X 1. Introduction X (intr)

This guide will cover Legolas' entire adventure, including the secret bonus
maps. Thus it will contain SPOILERS in the walkthrough sections for anyone who
has not yet completed the game.

From the character select screen, "Legolas is a noble Elven Prince, deadly
accurate with his bow, and trained in wilderness lore. He has sworn his
friendship and loyalty to Aragorn and Gimli." Legolas is the only character
that uses a bow in this game, and thus mainly attacks from a distance. Legolas
is a good character to start off with, as his quest picks up at a slow pace so
a beginner can get used to the game before they're faced with extremely strong
enemies. The only real downsides to picking Legolas are that his quest is
unoriginal (it's exactly the same as Gimli's and Aragorn's) and that he is not
a good treasure hunter (lacking any treasure-boosting passive skills and no
shield that could have treasure hunting benefits). In fact, this makes him
nearly the worst treasure hunter in the game, second only to Smeagol.

X 2. Playing as Legolas X (lply)

As mentioned before, Legolas uses a bow; he also has an infinite arsenal of
normal arrows at his disposal so there is no need to worry about wasting shots.
Legolas lacks a shield and the ability to wear some of the strongest armor and
headwear. That said, the aim of playing as Legolas is to take the enemy down
before they come within range to attack you. This makes positioning and speed
very important to playing as Legolas. You need to be able to outmaneuver your
target so you have time to get shots off before it can do major damage.

X 2a. Controls X (ctrl)

The controls in this game are extremely simple. As in most games, the D-pad
controls the movement of the character. The B button controls the basic attack
(in Legolas' case, shooting an arrow or breaking something open), while holding
B allows Legolas to use overdraw. After holding B and staying still for several
seconds, a glowing ring will form around legolas Legolas who can only swivel to
direct this powered up attack. The arrow does much more damage when overdraw
is used and auto-aims at the enemy like normal. The downside, of course, is
that it takes much longer. The A button controls the active skill that is
currently selected, while the L button scrolls through the available active
skills. The R button allows you to open chests, pick items up, and activate
shrines, forges, rune forges, and ranger hollows. Pressing Start in game will
bring up your inventory from which you can access your skills screen and your
stats screen by pressing L or R. Finally pressing select brings up a menu from
which you can see your current objective, save, quit, and change the options
you have selected.

There is one option that activates and deactivates something called Quick Skill
Select. This allows you to set three active skills to a button so you can just
hold L and press the assigned button to do the active skill instead of
scrolling through your list of active skills until you come across it. This can
really come in handy in a pinch, but it's hard for some people to get used to
if they're used to selecting manually.

X 2b. Legolas Styles X (styl)

While other characters may have several different working styles (melee, magic,
treasure hunter), Legolas really only has one good one, long range fighter.

Why a melee Legolas would be a bad choice: 
While it is technically possible to have a melee Legolas with the White Knives
skill, the downsides of this strategy are many and the upsides are, well, none.
Firstly, you would have to get close to the enemy to attack, which leaves you
wide open. This is espeicially bad since Legolas has no shield and cannot wear
the strongest armor and headwear. White Knives also only allows for a small
blade, and most of the passive skills that add damage only work for your bow.
Why a treasure hunting Legolas would be a bad choice:
While you could get a decent percentage of extra treasure with a Legolas, he
has no passive skills that boost treasure hunting and no shield, which just
makes the equpiment he can have treasure find on less by one. So, Legolas is
almost the worst treasure hunter in the game. Leave treasure hunting to Gimli
or Frodo.

Why an active skill (magic) Legolas would be a bad choice:
Legolas' active skills just aren't that good. Spread fire doesn't aim
automatically, so the percentage an arrow hits the enemy will be much lower.
Other than spread fire, most active skills are defensive, with the exception of
Friend of Mirkwood, which when fully leveled still only does 15 damage. A magic
Legolas would have such a small attack power it would be destroyed as soon as
an enemy got to it.

So, in the end, the only good choice for a Legolas is a basic long range
fighter. With this style, the basic attack and overdraw is most used to stop
enemies and VERY little emphasis is put on active skills. The passive skills
support this style the most and are very helpful to strengthening your Legolas.

X 2c. Stat Distribution X (lstt)

First of all, to get stronger you need to add points to your various stats.
Every time you level up, you are given 5 stat points to distribute among your
five stat categories as you wish. You also get 2 stat points for every 500
enemies you kill and can buy stat points at shrines. It is a terrible idea to
increase your stats evenly and an all too common mistake. All stats are not
equal in importance for what you want accomplished.

The hierarchy of stats for a Legolas goes like this:
Accuracy >> Strength > Defense > Health >>> Courage

Accuracy is at the top of the list because if you dont hit the enemy
consistently, there is no way you're going to be able to stop it before it gets
to you and has a significant amount of time to do its damage. It really doesn't
matter how much damage you could do with an awesome bow if you can't even hit
your target. When you level up, ALWAYS put points into accuracy until it is
maxed out. Accuracy should always be your highest stat until they're all maxed.
Hitting an enemy also slows it down significantly, so accuracy aids in
defending against attack as well as bringing the enemy down.

Strength comes in second to accuracy. You don't want to have to hit the enemy
too many times before you bring it down. While you can eventually take down one
very strong enemy with great accuracy by hit and run, if you get swarmed by
several enemies slowing one down won't be good enough. Every five or so points
put into strength raises the damage you do by one. While that seems slow, one
damage can make a lot of difference. Every point added to strength also raises
HP by one, so you're getting a little defensive help too.

The point of raising accuracy and strength is so that enemies don't have time
to get to you and attack before you kill them. Now, it is too much to hope that
you'll never get hit. Enemies will get their shots in, no matter how hard you
try to avoid it. While strength and accuracy help to minimize the time they are
within range, defense works to counter the enemies accuracy and prevent their
attacks from hitting you at all.

Health is sort of a failsafe for defense. There's no way defense will work all
the time, eventually an attack is going to hit. Each point in health gives 4
HP and 1 SP. Health just barely ranks below defense because its better for an
attack not to hit at all instead of an attack to do a small amount of damage.

As mentioned earlier, a long range fighter style requires VERY little emphasis
on active skills, which is what courage makes possible. Since you aren't going
to be using SP draining active skills much at all, you don't reall need any
extra points in courage. Never put and points in courage unless all the other 
stats are maxed. Each point in courage adds 4 SP and 1 HP.

X 3. Legolas' Skills X (lskl)            

Skills have special effects that strengthen your character even more. Unlike
stat points, you only get one skill point from levelling up, but you can buy
them at shrines too. Also unlike stats, most skills have a maximum of five
upgrades. Skills also have a minimum level requirement, so unless you meet it,
you can't add a point to it. This prevents you from using the strongest attacks
when you're at a low level. Skills have special effects that allow you to add
damage, do special attacks, and gain other abilities.  

There are both active and passive skills. Passive skills are always in effect,
doing things like adding damage or accuracy permanently. Each character also
has a special passive skill that only has one upgrade that can only be
activated at a high level. This skill usually does something very powerful (in
Legolas' case, allows you to shoot two arrows with your basic attack). Active
skills need to be activated to go into effect. Things like special attacks are
active skills and drain spirit points, or SP. Each character also has an active
skill called Herbal Healing which can't be upgraded and allows you to use
kingsfoil herbs that you find from killing enemies to regain HP.

X 3a. Legolas' Passive Skills X (lpsk)

Legolas has nine passive skills: Accuracy, Herb Lore, Rangemaster, Woodsman,
Orcslayer, Fleet of Foot, Arrow Parry, Galadriel's Blessing, and Archer of
Mirkwood. I will name the skills, say how many times they are upgradeable, tell
you what they do, then tell you when you should put points into them like this:

- Skill Name -
Times upgradeable
"What this does"
How good this is

- Accuracy -
Upgradeable 5 times
"You are amazingly accurate with a bow (+1 Accuracy, +3 Critical Damage/level)"
This is a very important skill. Extra accuracy should always be taken. Put some
points into this skill early and buy skill points early on so you can add even
more accuracy.

- Herb Lore -
Upgradeable 5 times
"You understand the secrets of herbs (Herbs heal an additional 10 hp/level)"
This is also very important, although you can hold off on it a little more than
you can on the skills before and after this. You won't need to do much herb
healing very early on, but still put a point or two in here before you get too

- Rangemaster -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Your bow attacks are strong and powerful (+1 damage/level with bows)"
Even more important than the previous two. Max this out as fast as you can.
Each damage point is almost like 5 points in strength, so this skill is great.

- Woodsman -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Creatures of nature fear you (+2 damage/level to spiders, wargs, and mumakil)"
You really don't fight that many creatures, just a few wargs. This skill can be
held off on for a while, only put points in it after you've filled the others.

- Orcslayer -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Years of fighting orcs has benefited you (+1 damage/level to orcs)"
Fill this up after you've filled all the others except woodsman, it isn't all
that great as it doesn't work on goblins, corsairs, trolls, or haradrim.

- Fleet of Foot -
Upgradeable 5 times
"You are fast and quick (Footspeed is increased by 5%/level)"
Very good, not only does it allow you to escape enemies and get a good position
but it also lets you get through the game quicker. Start upgrading this once
you've finished the first three.

- Arrow Parry -
Upgradeable 5 times
"You can parry arrows from the air (6% chance/level of knocking arrows out of
the air)"
Decent, it significantly prevents long range attack. Level up this while 
levelling fleet of foot up.

- Galadriel's Blessing -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Arrows shot +10% faster/level and they have a +3% level chance of critical
Also important. Buy lots of skill points so you can get this, arrow parry, and
fleet of foot upgraded.

- Archer of Mirkwood -
Upgradeable 1 time
"Legolas shoots an additional arrow"
This can only be activated at level 20. When you get to level twenty, put the
point in this. No matter what. This doubles your stopping power.

X 3b. Legolas' Active Skills X (lask)

Legolas has six active skills: White Knives, Spread Fire, Friend of Mirkwood,
Foraging, Silent Stride, and Herbal Healing. All active skills expend some SP.
I'll list everything I did for the passive skills plus how much spirit each
skill takes to be used. Remember, for Legolas you shouldn't put points into
any active skills until you've completley filled your passive skills, but
active skills can come in helpful if you find yourself in big trouble on one of
the harder difficulties. To select which active skills appear when you scroll
through them in game by pressing L, you just highlight a skill on the skill
menu and press select to toggle whether or not it appears while choosing a

- Skill Name -
Times upgradeable
"What this does"
Spirit points it takes to use
How good this is

- White Knives -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Legolas attacks with any small blade in his first inventory slot for +1 damage
25 Spirit Points
There's really no point to this at all. Your bow should always do more damage
than a small blade and there's no reason to waste an inventory slot on a knife.

- Spread Fire -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Legolas shoots extra arrows in an arc in front of him. +1 arrow/level"
90 Spirit Points
This is one of the more useful active skills that Legolas has. Since the arrows
don't aim automatically, though, it really isn't that good for what you would
think, killing a lot of enemies in a group when your swarmed. In fact, it's
better suited for pumping 6 arrows into one really strong enemy. This skill
works well when your on a higher difficulty and come across a troll or strong
enemy. Still, you need to be pretty close to the enemy to hit them with a good
amount of arrows, so then you're leaving yourself open for attack instead of
standing back and firing from there.

- Friend of Mirkwood -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Summons a hawk to distract foes. Each hawk (1/level) stuns a foe and does 3
80 Spirit Points
Another semi-useful skill. Might come in handy if a bunch of enemies are closed
in on you and you can't get out. The hawks can stun up to five enemies allowing
you to get to a better position and fire on your attackers.

- Foraging -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Use this skill by fallen enemies to find Elven herbs. Herbs heal up to
15 health and 10 spirit/level."
95 Spirit Points
The herbs come in five varieties (one for every upgrade): Shire, Elven,
Mirkwood, Rivendell, and Lothlorien. The major problem with this skill is that
you can only use it in the very short time period in between when you kill an
enemy and its body dissapears. Also, if you're in a situation where you need
quick health then theres a good chance you wont be able to kill enough enemies
in order to get enough herbs to make a difference.

- Silent Stride -
Upgradeable 5 times
"Legolas is unnoticed by foes for 2.5 seconds +0.5 seconds/level"
60 Sprit Points
Probably the most useful (and fun) of Legolas' spirit-draining skills. Like
Friend of Mirkwood, this skill works best when you're surrounded. Just activate
this and run to safety. This skill makes you relatively invincible because
enemies never attack you. It also works great for bosses if you are too weak to
hold off surrounding enemies, you can just activate this skill and focus on the
boss itself. I'd put points into this immediately after filling the passive

- Herbal Healing -
Not Upgradeable
"Legolas uses a Kingsfoil herb to heal himself. Cannot be improved."
0 Spirit Points
Using this skill automatically drains one fresh or dried Kingsfoil herb that
you collect (whether fresh or dried depends on how much health you have lost)
and heals you accordingly. You should NEVER be without Kingsfoil herbs. If you
run out, buy some dried herbs from a shrine. You can hold a maximum of 10 fresh
and 10 dried Kingsfoil herbs. There is also an option you can selet so the game
automatically uses this skill when your health gets too low, but I'd advise
against this because it can end up costing you unneeded herbs.

X 4. Legolas Walkthrough X (lwlk)

If you played The Two Towers, you'll find that this game starts exactly where
that game left off. You begin in Isengard, where the Ents have just decimated
Saruman's factories and laid seige to Orthanc.

Tips for Beginning:

Health Bar, Spirit Bar, Experience Bottle, and Compass - The red bar on the
bottom left shows how much health you have. The blue bar on the bottom right
showsw how much spirit you have. The green bottle on your bottom left shows how
much experience you have to gain to level up. The arrow on your bottom right
directs you to the level exit, and in some cases turns green and works as a
boss health indicator. The circle also shows how many special arrows you have
left when you're using special arrows (which have a finite supply). 

Corruption (the Eye of Sauron) - Corruption is raised by Crebain and Drummer
Orcs. When your corruption gets high enough to turn the eye that appears in the
upper right hand corner of the screen black, Nazgul will come in out of nowhere
and attack immediately. Nazgul are extremely powerful and will lay waste to low
level players. Luckily, Legolas can fire on Crebain from afar without having to
worry about them flying off and raising corruption. Also, items can raise and
lower resistance to corruption, changing how many Crebain it takes to turn the
Eye of Sauron black.

Fear and Poison - Some enemies instill fear and/or poison you when they attack.
Poison causes your health bar to turn light green and your health to fall until
the poison wears off (not that long). Fear works the same way but for spirit.
As with corruption, items can raise or lower fear or poison resistence.

Health, Spirit, Warrior, and Experience Pools - You'll come across basins of
Red, Blue, Orange, and Yellow liquid in your quest. Red basins fully replenish
health, blue basins fully replenish spirit, orange basins give a power boost,
and yellow basins give a small experience bonus.

Forges, Rune Forges, Shrines, and Ranger Hollows - On your journey you will
come across places where you can buy/sell things. A forge appears as a large
cauldron full of gold. At a forge, you can sell items and buy whetstones and
random items (the items get better the farther along the forge is in the
quest). A rune forge looks the same as a normal forge but has a dwarf standing
by it in the main game. At a rune forge, you can sell items and buy whetstones,
but instead of being able to buy random items you get a choice of two runes. As
you buy runes, more become available at the next rune forge. Shrines appear as
a statue on a pedestal. At a shrine, you can buy stat points, skill points, and
dried Kingsfoil herbs. You can also sell your items at a shrine. Finally, the
ranger hollow appears as a hollowed out dead tree. At a ranger hollow, you can
deposit or withdraw items and buy ent water, which refills your health if you
are ever killed in battle. You can not sell items at a ranger hollow, but all
character's ranger hollows are connected, so if you deposit a bow with a Gimli
you can take it out with a Legolas. See more information about Runes and
Whetstones in the respected section.

Overdraw - This is a very important trait of Legolas' and you should learn how
you use it effectively. Hold down B for a few seconds to charge an overdraw,
which is a much more powerful shot that can go through enemies and hit others.
This works extremely well when a large group of enemies are moving in on you,
just point an overdraw in their direction and you'll have a lot less orcs to
worry about. 

X 4a. Main Game X (lman)

Legolas' quest is exactly the same as Aragorn's and Gimli's level-wise. Just
like the other two fighters you will start out in Isengard fighting Saruman's
Uruk-hai. I will give the name of the level, if there are any shrines, forges,
rune forges, or ranger hollows and where they are in the level, list all the
enemies in the level, and give directions to get through the level like this:

- Level #: Primary Area, Secondary Area -

-There are blank forges/rune forges/shrines/ranger hollows and they are here.
-The enemies in this level (If I don't give a basic enemy type (like Orc,
Troll, or Goblin), its the last one I mentioned). See Enemy Guide in section
5 for descriptions of each enemy (Quicksearch: (bsgd)).
-To get through the level, this is what you do.

- Level 1: Isengard, Flooded Field -

-There is one forge, it is dead center in the large area past the walls.
-The only enemies here are Crebain and Uruk-Hai swordsmen and archers.
-This level is mostly a tutorial, Gandalf will be there to help you and at this
point he's a decent amount stronger than you so it's good to have him with you.
You start out in a small area, then make you're way up through an opening in
the wall to come to a large area. The exit is at the top center of the level
but it's a good idea to clear all the enemies out first to gain exp. Remember,
you're pretty weak so keep Gandalf with you. There's a chest at the bottom
right of the large area where you can get some more items, which you can sell
at the forge (every gem counts this early) if you don't want them. Buy a
whetstone at the forge if you can, then once the enemies are dead head out the

- Level 2: Isengard, Tower Base -

-There is one ranger hollow, in the upper right corner of the map.
-The enemies are Uruk-Hai swordsmen, archers, and a hero swordsman.
-Gandalf is with you again, but this will be the last level you'll have a
helper for a long time, so you might want to save after killing all the enemies
and do it over a few times to get more experience. At the beginning of the
level there are a few enemies, kill them and move onto the hero who's on the
steps to Orthanc. Make sure he doesn't come to close to you (Gandalf is good at
holding him back). After he's done, walk up to Orthanc's door to get a little
dialogue. Move onto the ranger hollow and buy Ent water if you can. Finally,
the exit is a cave near the bottom left corner of the area.

- Level 3: Isengard, Orthanc Tunnel -

-There is one forge, it is in the bottom left corner of the level.
-There are Uruk-Hai swordsmen, archers, bombers, and a hero swordsman.
-This level is pretty simple, just be careful because your on your own now.
Espeicially watch out for the Uruk-Hai bombers, they're extremely dangerous to
beginners, they just run up to you and explode, doing massive damage. Make sure
you take them down before they get to you. Move through the door to the left of
the area you start in. Go down the stairs and you'll reach the forge and health
pool. Go up the other stairs and activate the switch. Go back to the beginning
area, fight the new enemies and exit through the newly opened door. A little
after you go through the door rocks start to fall, so go as far until the
screen starts shaking then run back out immediately to avoid damage. Go back in
once the shaking is over and continue on to the exit.

- Level 4: Isengard, Uruk Hatchery -

-There is one shrine, it is after you take two flights of stairs up from the
start of the level, just a little to the left of the final flight of stairs.
-There are Uruk-Hai swordsmen, archers, bombers, and hero swordsmen.
-This level is the biggest so far, and one of the best to do over for exp.
There are several rock slides in this level, so make sure you turn back and
wait for them to subside instead of getting caught in the middle of one. First,
make your way right and down the stairs to find an out of the way chest. Go up
to the larger second level and clear ou the enemies, you'll find a couple of
chests in the upper right of that floor. Make your way up the next set of
stairs to the shrine and try to buy skill points if you can. Move up the final
set of stairs and on through the opening to the next part of the level. You'll
get a cut scene showing the Uruk-Hai eggs. Destroy the eggs while eliminating
the enemies (make sure to keep your distance from the hero) and then move onto
the bridge and reap your reward from the two chests before you leave.

- Level 5: Isengard, Tower Door -

-Uruk Hai bombers, hero swordsmen, and hero archers.
-This is a very small level but tough and easy to get killed on if you let
your guard down. Just hold back and fire at the hero archer and the bombers if
they get too close. Finish off all the enemies while trying to keep at a safe
distance, then move on to the door in the middle of the area.

- Level 5: Isengard, Tower Levels -

-One Uruk-Hai hero swordsman.
-Just kill the swordsman that comes down the steps and wait for Gandalf to
appear. You'll then see a scene that was cut from the movie and automatically
move on to the next area.

- Level 6: Isengard, Campsite -

-One rune forge and one ranger hollow, the rune forge is reached by heading
left when you reach Merry and Pippin. The ranger hollow is reached by heading
past the two hobbits.
-This is the first of many campsites on the quest. Campsites are areas in
between major areas that work as resting places with little or no enemies.
Head on the path, talk to the ally characters if you'd like and go to the rune
forge and/or ranger hollow if you want. Buy a rune if one looks good to you and
carve it on your bow. Also, pick up ent water if you're out, then move onto the
exit in the upper right corner.

- Level 7: Rohan, Plains -

-One forge is located through an opening in the cliff just below your starting
-Crebain, Uruk-Hai swordsmen, archers, and bombers.
-Not a hard level at all, but more bombers than usual. Make sure you stop them
before they get to you. When you move forward in the level, there willb be a
building that Uruk-Hai bombers will come out of. Take out the bombers and you
will notice enemies on the roof. They are seemingly unreachable, but you can
actually walk up on the roof through the corner near the haystack. Take the
Crebain perching on the top of the structure from the roof. Get back off the
roof and head to the top left of the stage. You'll see a cave there which if
you enter, you'll see a chest. Get back out of the cave and head south to the
forge. You'll see another structure near there which Uruk-Hai bombers emerge
from. Take them and the Crebain out and head for the exit which is at the upper
right corner of the map.

- Level 8: Rohan, Snowbourne Trail -

-One shrine is at the end of the two paths leading from the end of the first
-Crebain, Wargs, Uruk-Hai swordsmen, archers, hero swordsmen, and a hero
-Take the higher path when you get off the first bridge and turn up to get to
a small area where two Wargs should charge you. Try an overdraw on the Wargs,
they are fast and can do decent damage. Follow that path until it turns down
and you come to a shrine. Buy anything you can there, and move right down the
path you didng take. Head down and defeat the enemies around the path going
left. Instead of going down that path (which eventually leads to the exit), go
up a little and head through a hidden path on the left that leads to a chest.
Go back to the original path and go down it. You should come to a villager who
tells you about health pools. Speak of the devil, one will be close to you.
Eliminate the enemies in that area and head left on the next bridge. Clear out
the Uruk-Hai archers and Crebain around the exit. Head up to get a chest then
go back tot the exit.

- Level 9: Rohan, Hills -

-One Forge is in the upper left corner of the map, but to get to it you have to
go to the upper right corner near the cave and head left.
-Crebain, Uruk-Hai swordsmen, archers, hero swordsmen, and hero archers.
-First take out the Crebain all over this level carefully. There are two rows
of walls with Crebain perched all over them (after that, you can just leave
through the exit on the right, but there is a little quest on this level which
nets a lot of exp and items). After that, head to the upper right corner of the
level where there is a large cave. Enter the cave and head south to come to a
switch you can activate. The switch makes a group of Uruks appear around the
fountain. Exit the cave and take them out, more will come and finish them too.
Once you do all that, two chests appear in the cave. Go and get the treasure
from them and then head all the way south to another path with a few more Uruks
and Crebain. Then head to the exit.

- Level 10: Rohan, Campsite -

-One rune forge and one ranger hollow around the large building.
-Three Uruk-Hai swordsmen
-Another campsite. There are three Uruks that get killed by Rohirrim nearly as
soon as you enter the level. Go to the rune forge or ranger hollow as needed
then exit to the right. Note that your primary enemy in the next group of
levels will now be goblins as opposed to Uruks.

- Level 11: Dunharrow, Hills -

-One shrine located as far right as you can walk from the start point.
-Orc drummers, Crebain, Goblin swordsmen, archers, weak swordsmen, hero
swordsmen, and hero archers.
-This level is your introduction to goblins. They arent stronger than Uruks,
but they are much faster and attack more quickly. You also face more of them.
You might want to use more overdraws because they can hit more goblins. Now to
the level. Head right from the start (it's the only way you can head) until
enemies appear. Dispatch them, then continue on to the shrine. Do what you need
there, then head all the way up clearing out the enemies as you go. When you
come to a split with a bridge, head left and destroy the enemies there to get
the chest. If you're low on health, go down and get the health pool. Go back
to the shrine and sell unnecessary items, then take the bridge. You want to
get rid of the Orc drummers as fast as you possibly can. Don't just go running
after them though, because then you might miss a Crebain and have that to add
to corruption as well. Shoot the trees to get the Crebain and go for the
drummers. Don't break the barrels by the tents or you'll have a lot more
enemies to deal with. Eliminate any enemies that come at you in the area and
then go for the chests. Once you're ready, stand as far as possible away from
the barrels (they explode) and then crack them open. Goblin swordsmen will pop
out of the tents so mow them down. Once you've done that with all the tents
get rid of any surplus items at the shrine then head for the exit in the top
right of the area with all the tents.

- Level 12: Dunharrow, Plateau -

-One ranger hollow on a hill shortly past the second cave. Guarded by two
goblin hero swordsmen.
-Goblin swordsmen, archers, weak swordsmen, and hero swordsmen.
-Just head right from the start down the hill and left to a cave opening. As
soon as you get there several goblin swordsmen spill out. Continue left and
down to go down another hill and come out near another cave. This cave has
weak swordsmen and hero swordsmen. After beating them, head right until you
come to the entrance of another little hill area going the other way. Go up the
path and you'll find two goblin hero swordsmen and a ranger hollow. Do what you
need there then go back out and either backtrack to finish off any enemies
you've missed or head back left and take the path downwards to circle around
the hill with the ranger hollow and head to the exit which is in the bottom
right corner.

- Level 13: Dunharrow, Camps -

-One forge you can reach by circling around the wall that's just to the right
of the start point.
-A Half-Troll, Goblin swordsmen, and hero swordsmen.
-This level is a little different, you actually have a task to accomplish
before you can leave. You'll quickly learn that you have to save 3 children
from two goblin hero swordsmen and a Half-Troll. Follow the warrior right to
take out the Half-Troll first. The Rohirrim fighter will be killed so you have
to fight the Half-Troll on your own. Keep your distance! Trolls are extremely
strong so if they do get a hit in on you it'll be bad. Thus, you have to make
sure they don't. Pump arrows out as fast as you possibly can and run when it
gets too close. It might take a while to take it down. Once the troll is done,
move through the camps fighting the goblin swordsmen that come out of the
tents. If you follow you're compass you'll come to the second child, kill the
goblin hero swordsman to free him. Do the same for the third child. Before you
head back to the beginning of the stage (which is where the compass points
after you free all the children, go to the third tent up from the start point
and a goblin hero swordsman should emerge. He will be invincible as he runs
down near the forge near the beginning of the level. When he gets there, a new
chest will be there and several more goblins will be guarding it. Finish them
off and sell the excess items in the forge. Then go back to the start point,
talk with the characters there, and head to the real exit at the opposite

- Level 14: Dunharrow, Campsite -

-One rune forge and one ranger hollow are both in the lowered area on the path.
-Just follow the path to the stairs and use the rune forge or ranger hollow as
needed. There is also a chest near the exit after you go up the stairs near the
ranger hollow.

- Level 15: Dimholt, Road -

-One forge and one shrine are located on the right edge of the map at each
zig-zag. The forge is first, then the shrine.
-Wargs, a Haradrim fighter, Goblin swordsmen, archers, and weak swordsmen.
-The path from the begginning zig-zags from the left to right. Follow it,
clearing out enemies that pop out of the tents on the first zig-zag. From the
forge you reach by going right from the start, head back left and once you come
to the end, instead of going right go down. You'll reach a broken bridge with a
Haradrim fighter. It's pretty strong, but with good accuracy you should be able
to take him down. Go back right and you'll have to fight wargs to reach a
shrine. Head back left and down again (I told you it zig-zags) and you'll come
to the exit.

- Level 16: Dimholt, Dwimerberg Base -

-There is one shrine in this area, it is at the very top of the path you turn
up to get to from the path at the start.
-A Half-Troll, Wargs, Goblin swordsmen, archers, weak swordsmen, hero
swordsmen, and an Uruk-Hai hero swordsman.
-Head left from the start and instead of turning up continue left to come to a
cave. You'll see a Half-Troll go into the cave and two wargs will come out.
Enter the cave, defeat the Half-Troll and Uruk-Hai hero swordsman then exit
through an opening on the right and fight the enemies there. Go back to the
area with the Half-Troll through the opening and you'll see a Half-Troll
carcass being picked over by goblins. Kill the goblins and leave through the
opening on the right again. Head up from there to the shrine and then go left
to the stairs. Ascend them after killing the Wargs and go left to the exit.

- Level 17: Dimholt, Dwimerberg Mt. -

-There are two forges in this level, one on the left edge and one on the right,
both are about midway up the area.
-Crebain, Orc Drummers, Goblin swordsmen, archers, weak swordsmen, and hero
-First head left until the path ends and you turn up into a new area. Clear it
of enemies, then take the stairs that descend into the ground. The stairs
transport you to the top right corner of the level. Head left from there and
clean the enemies out of the tents you find on your way. Take the path below
the tree you get to when the path splits (unless you want to leave the area
immediately, then take the path above and you'll be at the exit.) and continue
down until you can move into a small area to the right. Make sure you shoot
the big tree to clear out the Crebain so you're corruption doesn't skyocket.
Take the stairs in that area and you'll get to another small area unaccessable
except by the stairs. Go back once you've finished up in that area, then go
back on the downward path. You'll reach a forge where you can get rid of
unwanted items, then exit to the right. Head all the way down and then take a
right and you'll find yourself at the start of the area. This time take the
upward path all the way until you reach those stairs in the upper right corner.
Take a left and this time take the path above the big tree to exit the level.

- Level 18: Dimholt, Campsite -

-There is one rune forge and one ranger hollow, the forge is on the first level
to the left of the start point. The ranger hollow is just at the end of the
stairs to the second level.
-There are bats in this level that fly out from the mine opening. Strangely,
this is the only area in the game where you encounter these enemies.
-Just do whatever you need at the rune forge and buy ent water if you're out.
Then exit to the top left corner.

- Level 19: Dimholt, Glen -

-There is one shrine on this map, it is located through a leftward path at the
bottom of the area with the health pool. You can reach it by heading right from
the bottom of the most leftwards set of stairs.
-Crebain, Orc Drummers, Goblin swordsmen, archers, weak swordsmen, hero
swordsmen, hero archers, and Orc fighters.
-There are many paths through this level via the several stairways that go down
it. The one I find the quickest is just heading left from the start until you
reach the very last set of stairs. Go down that, and work your way up and to
the right to clear out some Orcs and goblins. Then circle back down once you
reach the end making sure to shoot the Crebain off the trees before you
approach them. When you reach a health pool, head to the bottom of that area
and take the path left. You'll find a shrine so you can buy stat or skill
points. Once you've done that, continue on the way back left and head to the
bottom left corner of the area. You'll find a cave opening. Go to it and Gimli
and Aragorn will join you. Now you'll move on to the paths of the dead and face
a whole new set of enemies.

- Level 20: Paths of the Dead, Grey Vapors -

-There is one forge in this level. To get to it, either head right and down
from the beginning of the level to see three paths, take the rightmost one and
you'll fight a bunch of dead warriors then get to a forge.
-Ghost Warriors, bug swarms, and Floor Skeletons.
-You're going to have to get used to fighting different enemies now. These
Ghost Warriors can walk in areas not accessible by you, and sometimes turn
invisible, although they dont stay that way for long. You do have Aragorn and
Gimli to help you though. As long as you use overdraw when there are a group of
Ghost Warriors lined up, you should be fine. To get through the level, just
head right killing the Ghost Warriors as you go. Sometimes when you break open
barrels or crates a swarm of bugs will appear, just get back and attack them,
they can't do much damage but they do poison you. Follow the path down and left
until you come to an area where three paths converge with a crate in the
middle. Once you break the crate, a Ghost Warrior will come from each path and
attack. Make sure to take one out so you can retreat to his path to fire on the
others. Once that's cleared, head up on the respective path and take a right.
A Ghost Warrior should walk down the path and call many others. Make sure to
use overdraws on these large groups. Continue down the path and you'll come to
more Ghost Warriors and a forge. Do what you need at the forge and go back to
the area where the three paths converge, this time taking the left path going
down. More Ghost Warriors will appear. Head right until the path turns down,
then wait for your two comrades. Let Aragorn and Gimli go first, as skeletons
will pop out of the ground and attack. As soon as the skeleton emerges shoot
at it. This will prevent you from taking any damage from the skeletons. The
path will turn down again, and you'll come to a row of crates. Once you destroy
the last one a group of Floor Skeletons and bug swarms will emerge. Back out of
the group of enemies and take shots from afar. In this new area, there are four
paths converging at one area full of bug swarms. There aren't many enemies on
the outskirts of the age, so just take one of the paths and destroy all the
bugs in the center. Take another path out and head for the bottom right of the
stage and the exit.

- Level 21: Paths of the Dead, Dark Paths -

-Ghost Warriors and bug swarms.
-This level has no more of those pesky Floor Skeletons, so you don't have to
worry about them. There are a decent amount of Ghost Warriors however, so be
cautious. The best thing to do in this level is go all the way right, then all
the way up to reach a chest. After taking from the chest, head back all the way
left and then take the path up. Head all the way right to the exit. While this
walkthrough doesn't seem long, this is a large level with a lot of enemies. The
path given will get most of them, but if you're really looking for more exp.,
you have to take the other pass that criss-cross this stage.

- Level 22: Paths of the Dead, Black Chasm -

-One forge at the top of the upward path.
-Ghost Warriors, bug swarms, Floor Skeletons, and Skeleton Soldiers.
-Finally the battle with the Kind of the Dead. While you don't actually fight
the big guy, you have to eliminate his personal guard of skeleton soldiers. At
the beginning of the level, the King of the Dead will summon three Ghost
Warriors to fight you. After dispatching them, you can head right but that just
causes the King of the Dead to block off the path with rocks and summon three
more Ghost Warriors, but exp. is exp. Either way, you have to take the path up
witch, although quite short, is full of hidden Floor Skeletons, bug swarms, and
Ghost Warriors. At the top of the path you will find a forge, if you need to
use it and then head on. The King of the Dead will then summon three more
Ghost Warriors and then you can move on to him. He will move to a corner and
send a few of the Skeleton Soldiers to attack. For the first wave you have your
comrades to assist you. To fight the skeletons, hold back and fire overdraws
into the crowd until they get to close. Remember, if you get caught you can
always move back to the forge and shoot from there. For the first wave, let
Aragorn and Gimli hold off the soldiers while you shoot. When the two leave and
the King of the Dead sends all but a few of the Soldiers, make sure you don't
let them surround you. Hold back in the narrow path so you can take them on in
small numbers. The King will then send the last of the Soldiers which now
aren't that many. You can move closer to where the King is but make sure you
don't get too close or he'll keep you away by force. After taking out the last
Skeleton Soldier, the King of the Dead will drop a single item as reward and
you can move on.

- Level 23: Paths of the Dead, Campsite -

-One rune forge and one ranger hollow are in this stage. The rune forge is
reached by taking the left path from where the two branch, the ranger hollow is
on the right.
-When you start the level, you will be surrounded by Ghost Warriors! Luckily,
they are your friends now and won't attack. Do what you need in the rune forge
and ranger hollow and then move to the bottom left corner to the exit.

- Level 24: White Mountains, Foothills -

-There is one forge in this level, it is at the top of the path where the
Half-Troll and troop of Orc Drummers attack.
-A Half-Troll, Crebain, Orc Drummers, Wargs, Wildmen, Goblin swordsmen, and
-Back to the usual enemies, although now you have Wildmen to worry about. They
aren't too bad, just like Uruk-Hai with maces and a little faster. First head
right, you'll meet Wildmen quickly, don't let too many of them get close.
Continue going right until the path turns up, then you can use the warrior pool
and head up. Dispatch the Wargs quickly while you still have the power boost.
Circle back around the other side of the path and go left into a small area
with a large statue of a troll in the middle. Goblin swordsmen will issue out
from the cave at the top of the area. After a few emerge, the ground will
rumble and nothing will happen, after some more the ground will rumble again
and rocks will fall at the cave opening. Make sure you aren't there. After
finishing the rest of the Goblins in the cave, go back out and continue down.
The path will turn left and you'll reach another cave with more Goblins. Take
all of them out, then move on. When the path turns northward, WATCH OUT! All of
the sudden, a Half-Troll leading a ton of Orc Drummers will come down out of
the path. Your corruption indicator (the Eye of Sauron) will grow nearly to the
point of turning black and summoning Nazgul. Run back and get distance to take
out the Half-Troll. Then move onto the upward path firing at the Orc Drummers
as fast as you can before you summon Nazgul, you definitely don't want to deal
with them. Continue up and you'll reach a forge, use it if necessary. After you
hit the forge, turn right and shoot the Crebain off the rock. Wargs will appear
at the exit of that upward path. Defeat them, then continue right to face many
more Goblins and Wildmen. The exit lies at the end of the rightward path.

- Level 25: White Mountains, Edge -

-There is one shrine in this level and one forge. The first is in a narrow area
reached by walking all the way to the left after the original path turns down.
The forge is located in the final area on the bottom edge.
-Crebain, Orc Drummers, Goblin swordsmen, archers, and hero swordsmen.
-First, go the only way you can go, right. You'll be met by a Goblin hero
swordsmen. You know what to do. You will then come across a cave. Wait a few
seconds for Goblin swordsmen to come out and then take them out. Follow the
path going right and down until it turns left. There will be Orc Drummers and
Goblins here, so take out the Orc Drummers as fast as you can then turn your
attention to the attackers. More Goblin hero swordsmen are located farther to
the left. Instead of going down, continue on left to get to a shrine. Buy what
you can there. Now go back left, go quickly or you might get caught in a rock
slide. Finish off all the Goblins in the area and use the forge if necessary.
You'll also meet Elrond a little bit up from the forge. Then enter a cave at
the top of the area in between two trees. There are four chests in the cave,
and on top of the few Goblin swordsmen that come out of the entrance from the
start, a Goblin hero swordsman will emerge each time you open a chest near the
entrance. Open all the chests and leave, but be careful as there are more
Crebain outside the exit this time around. Head for the exit to the level in
the bottom right corner.

- Level 26: White Mountains, SE Mts. Edge -

-There is one forge in the upper left corner of the first large area you come
-Crebain, Orc Drummers, Wargs, Goblin swordsmen, archers, hero swordsmen, and a
hero archer.
-First defeat the Wargs that come out of the two tents, then head right. Follow
the path and you will be lead down to a large area. Kill all the Goblins and
Orc Drummers, it's nothing you havn't done before and go to the forge in the
upper left corner of the area if you need to. After you visit the forge, take
the path down but be sure to shoot the Crebain out of the trees before you pass
them. Follow the path back up and walk into the cave to release a butterfly.
The butterfly will fly up to the large area and somehow manifest a chest. Go
back up and get it. Go back down to where you were and head right to take out
all the enemies in the area. There will be many Orc Drummers hiding in the
trees at the bottom of the area. There is also a random rune on the ground
behind the tree near the bottom left corner of the area with all the drummers.
After you get the rune (If you don't have it already) head right to the exit.

- Level 27: White Mountains, Campsite -

-As usual, there is one rune forge and one ranger hollow in this campsite. Both
are on the top edge of the area.
-Walk to the tents to watch a woman go back and forth to clean them out. After
you've finished getting everything you need, head right to the exit and prepare
to fight new scimitar-wielding enemies.

- Level 28: Anduin River, Corsair Camp -
-There is one shrine in this level, it is on the far right side of the secret
hiding place you unlocke by completing the quest.
-A Warg, Corsairs, and heroes.
-There is an optional quest in this area, which I suggest you do. Not only does
it give good experience it is the way to get There and Back Again, one of the
artifacts. Start the level by going up and fighting your first Corsair. They
have very good range so keep your distance and use Overdraw if necessary. Head
all the way up and you'll encounter a Warg and a woman. The woman will direct
you to her lost child who is across the way. Go down and you'll reach some
stairs, instead of going down them, turn left and go down there. You will meet
a Corsair hero who are green instead of purple. These guys are tough. Use
overdraws and back up if you need to. He's guarding a chest, so after defeating
him take the chest and go down the stairs mentioned above. The stairs put you
out on a river which is crawling with more Corsairs. Go up to reach another set
of stairs and walk up to the top left corner of the area you reach by climbing
the stairs. You'll find the small boy and a chest. After taking the reward from
the chest, either walk back to the woman with the boy (you'll find more enemies
on your way) or leave the area by going to the upper right. I strongly suggest
you finish the mini-quest. Once you get back to the woman, she'll give you an
item as thanks. Go down and find two Corsairs and one Corsair hero by a tree
attacking a woman. Take the enemies out and the woman will open a door that
was previously closed and you will automatically go to them. Check with the
woman to get another item, then go through the door to an area with a bunch of
barrels and a boy. Talk to him, then open all the chests to find the artifact
in the barrel at the bottom left corner. Then go to the shrine on the right if
you need to. After that, go back to the exit.

- Level 29: Anduin River, Corsair Chase -

-There is one forge in the level, it is located in the top right corner of the
area that you reach by a bridge from the first area.
-Wargs, Corsairs, and heroes.
-Go up until you reah a sheltered area with a couple of Wargs. Go left and down
to find a path that will lead you to a bridge guarded by a Corsair hero. Take
him out and instead of continuing to follow the path, turn up and make your way
to the forge at the top of the path. Go back down and you'll see a set of
stairs, go left from their base to fight more Wargs, then go up the stairs to
fight more Corsairs. Turn to a new downwards path to fight another Corsair hero
who's protecting two chests. Then head up and fight the enemies there. Instead
of exiting upwards, take the bridge down and to the right and fight the group
of Corsairs led by a Corsair hero.  The battle might be tough, so overdraws are
good to use. Then go to the exit.

- Level 30: Anduin River, Anduin Banks -

-There is one shrine in this level. Go down the stairs near the second bridge
to reach it.
-A Half-Troll, Crebain, Orc Drummers, Wargs, Goblin hero archers, Corsairs, and
-This is a pretty long level, but also pretty straightforward with an optional
battle with a Half-Troll. First, head up and shoot all the Crebain off the
tree. This will make a chest appear. Now head left and take out the two Goblin
hero archers in front of the bridge. Take the bridge but be careful, as there
are Corsairs in the middle of it that you can't see very well. Upon exiting the
bridge, clear the new area out of enemies, head to it's upper right corner and
kill the Crebain. Go back left to the bridge to the next area, and turn down
to get to a shrine. Be careful though, as there is a Corsair hero protecting
it. Take the bridge and you'll come to a small area with a fountain in the
center. If you want to fight more enemies including a Half-Troll, take out the
Goblin hero archer and take from the health pool. Circle the fountain until
five Corsairs appear around it. Kill them, then take from the pool again (it
will have refilled). This time, circle until two Corsair heroes appear and are
killed. A cutscene showing a Half-Troll coming your way will take place. Go
near the bridge you used to enter the level and try to take out the Half-Troll
before it is able to get out of the bridge and attack you. You can take the
health pool again if you're low. Take the other bridge to get to the next area.
It is a narrow section with the usual enemies, but if you go up and shoot the
Crebain off the tree to make a chest here. Go back down and take the next
bridge. Follow the path up taking out the Corsairs as you go until you come to
the exit. Before you do exit, though, you should seriously consider doing this
level over a few times. Pretty soon the difficulty level is going to take its
only major spike and you really want to be prepared unless you like doing a lot
of dying. This is the last really large level before the spike, so I'd really
level up here.

- Level 31: Anduin River, Campsite -

-As usual, a rune forge and a ranger hollow are in the campsite. The rune forge
is just below the covered walkway and the ranger hollow is at the bottom left
corner of the area.
-Again, do what you need at the two facilities. Then walk through the covered
area and you'll come to an experience pool. Take from it and leave the area to
the left.

- Level 32: Docks, Anduin Docks -

-Haradrim archers, Corsairs, and a hero.
-This level is brief but tough. You need to board the ships and they're guarded
by a large group of Corsairs and archers similar to the Corsair level of
difficulty along with a Corsair hero. You probably can't face all the enemies
at once, so run to try to separate them from the group. Also, there is a
warrior pool to give a strength boost if you need some help. Take on the
enemies gradually, then move onto the dock and kill the Corsairs that come out
of the ship. Then enter the opening in the ship.

- Level 33: Corsair Flagship, Below -

-Haradrim archers, Corsairs, and a hero.
-Another small level. Just circle the tables on the ship and kill the enemies
you get to. There are quite a few Corsairs, so use overdraws as it may take out
more than one. There is also a chest in the upper left corner of the level and
a Corsair hero blocking the exit. After the hero comes out and you defeat him,
circle several more times as many of the enemies respawn, then head for the

- Level 34: Corsair Flagship, Above -

-Crebain, Haradrim archers, Corsairs, a hero, and a captain.
-This is your second boss fight. Aragorn and Gimli are with you, so let them
hold off some enemies so they can keep you from taking much damage. Stay back
and fire at the first few archers and Corsairs that attack until you have a
clear path. Go into the larger area and stay at the entrance to avoid scaring
away the Crebain resting on the tables and rails. While constantly shooting
at archers and Corsairs try to pick out the Corsair captain. The screen zoomed
to him at the start of the level. The Corsair captain is probably the strongest
one enemy as of yet. Either make sure Aragorn and Gimli are with you and can
hold him back while you take your shots or hit and run when he gets too close.
After the captain is down, finsih off the Crebain around the tables and take
the path going left at the top of the area. Shoot the Crebain on the rails and
kill the Corsair hero to reach a chest. Don't open it unless you have fairly
high health, becasue the chest explodes. Then leave for the stairs way back on
the right of the area.

- Level 35: Docks, Minas Tirith Docks -

-There is a shrine and a ranger hollow in this level. The shrine is on the top
edge of the level, you can find it by walking right along the top edge from the
start. On the bottom edge, there is a ranger hollow. It is in between the
actual edge and a building.
-Crebain, an Orc red captain, archers, shieldsmen, and Haradrim fighters.
-This level can be pretty tought do to all the new enemies. This is the second
stage to contain Haradrim fighters, strong red guys with either a club, axe,
small sword, or large sword. The large swordsmen can do the most damage, but
they attack slowly. Basically the trick to fighting these guys is just like any
other strong enemy. Keep back and fire overdraws when they are in groups. For
this level, the first thing you have to do is fight another new enemy, the Orc
captain. You won't have any room to run, so you have to stand and fire like
crazy. Once the captain is gone the Ghost Warriors will charge out of the
conquered flagship and destroy the group of Haradrim fighters and Orc
shieldsmen, yet they leave a few behind. The shieldsmen are yet another new
enemy, and one of the most annoying in the game. To attack them effectively
with a Legolas, you have to get behind their giant shields. When they turn and
attack, quickly run around to their back and try to get a few shots off. They
aren't too strong once exposed, so you won't have to get too many shots. Once
the original group of enemies is gone, go left and shoot the Crebain of the
pedastels, then take the path along the left edge down while constantly
shooting to remove Crebain and Haradrim. You'll come to a dead end, so head
up and to the right, then continue right while keeping to the bottom. Make
your way to the ranger hollow on that path, and do anyhting you need there.
Continue right until you come to a path and the exit, instead of taking it,
turn back left and head up this time. You'll come to some more enemies arround
a big arrow launcher called an Orc ballista. You can use it by pressing R if
you'd like, it's just decoration though. Head back right and use the shrine on
the top edge if you need to. Then go back to the exit.

- Level 36: Pelennor Fields, Outpost -

-There is one forge in the bottom left corner.
-Orc bannermen, poison archers, Hardrim fighters, hero fighters, and Wargs
cover this area.
-Remember a while ago when i said the difficulty will spike in a few levels?
Well, here it goes. This is by far the hardest level you've come to and
probably the biggest difficulty change in the game. If you did level up where I
said to, it won't be too bad. First of all at the beginning of the level you'll
see and Orc bannerman. These guys have a black circle around them which boosts
power and they can spread it to others. Thus, bannermen should be taken out as
fast as possible. So take out the bannerman and move onto the green archers
standing by the wood barriers. Watch out for their arrows as they can posion
you (hence the name, Orc poison archers). Once you take them down, a group of
Wargs will charge out of the little pen at you. Use an overdraw to damage all
of them and then try shooting more to eliminate the group. Break all the
barrels in the pen and go out the other side, which will be guarded by more Orc
poison archers. You'll also see a blue Haradrim hero fighter, these guys are
extremely tough. Their one main weakness to a Legolas is that they fall down if
hit sometimes, so take your chance when that happens and retreat so you can get
better position to shoot the hero. Once he's gone. Make your way right to find
Mumakil carcasses. When you approach one, Orc poison archers will spill out.
Kill them, then move father right where you'll find an Orc poison archer in a
unenterable pen. Shoot him from the outside. These enclosed Orc poison archers
line the right and left edges of the level, so do that all the way down. Until
a camp appears on your left. Turn that way and kill the enemies that come out
of the tent. Two Haradrim hero fighters will emerge from the tents, one going
up the other down. Engage them separately like you did the first one back in
the beginning. Root out any Orc bannermen in between the camp and the pen with
all the wargs, then move left and destroy all the enclosed Orc poison archers
there. When you make your way all the way down, you'll come to more Mumakil
carcasses and the same thing will happen as before. Use the forge if you need
to, then head right along the bottom edge of the level. You'll come to a stone
column next to a haystack. Wait there. Continue on very very slowly, constantly
shooting overdraws because a huge group of assorted enemies will be around the
exit. If the enemies spot you and come after you, run immediately because if
you get stuck you'll be dead fast. Keep doing this until all the enemies are
gone and exit to the area they were guarding.

- Level 37: Pelennor Fields, Footpath -

-There is a shrine in the bottom left corner of the level.
-Crebain, Orc poison archers, Haradrim fighters, and hero fighters.
-This is a much quicker level than the last, but has a lot of optional enemies
and items. First just follow the clear path, make sure to shoot the Crebain off
of the stone columns before you walk through them. Keep on the path until you
get near the end of the level which is on the bottom right corner. If you want
to, turn up from there to reach a tent with two Haradrim hero fighters outside.
This time it is much harder to separate and attack, so I would advise quickly
firing at the two as it will take a little while for them to realize you are
attacking them (tough, but not very bright). When they are gone, a regular
Haradrim fighter will exit the tent and walk away, it's temporarily invincible,
and when it exits a bunch of items will spill out onto the ground. Do what you
need with them at the shrine in the bottom left corner and continue up from the
tent. You'll come to a large campfire with four enemies standing around it.
Kill the enemies around the fire, then back off as enemies will come out of two
tents. After they stop coming, head up and squeeze through the space between
to more tents to come to a chest. Open it, causing more enemies to come out of
the other two tents. Fire from the chest so the enemies can't get you, then
once they stop squeeze back out and head for the exit. (There are more enemies
in this level to the left, so go if you want to, but it's mostly Crebain).

- Level 38: Pelennor Beacon, Minas Entrance -

-There is one shrine a little bit up from the bottom right corner, it is
directly under some Mumakil carcasses.
-Haradrim fighters, Orc archers.
-If you've played Gandalf's quest you've already seen this map many times
before. In fact, Gandalf rejoins you for this level. The enemies arent anything
you havn't seen before, but there are a lot of them. You have Gondorian
soldiers and Gandalf to help out, though. Just circle the entire map from the
start, stopping at the shrine if you need to. Once you make it back to the
start, do a straight run to the exit. Remember, if you get swarmed, making it
out of there should be your first move, don't stay and fight or you might not
make it. Don't be afraid to stay around Gandalf, either. On the straight run to
the exit, you might want to check either side for maximum experience to. Then
go to the gate.

- Level 39a: Ithilien, North -

(NOTE: First of all, this level exits to two other differente areas. One leads
to the next level, the other leads to a small campsite-like area where you can
stop and pick up a free rune among other things. Unfortunately, once you exit
back into the normal stage all the enemies that you killed will be back, which
I think is great for experience, although it doesn't help much if you get

-There is one forge in the level, it is just to the right and up from the exit
of the first bridge you come across.
-Crebain, Half-Trolls, Orc archers, poison archers, axemen, hero axemen,
and Haradrim fighters.
-At the start of the level, a Half-Troll will charge at you. You don't have
room to run, so you have to circle the tree near you for protection. After
you've killed the troll, head up and kill the Haradrim fighters at the top of
the path. Go all the way back down and take the bridge, eliminating the enemies
around the forge. Once that's done, go downwards and right, you will come
across another Half-Troll. Kill it, then move up the hill to find a chest,
go back out and onto the previous path and move on to find another Half-Troll.
Continue on till the path halts and then go back until the end of the path is
out of screen. Go back to the end of the path and two Orc hero axemen will be
there. These guys are tough, but you can dodge the axes they throw, and don't
move in close enough for them to do a spin attack. They will keep respawning a
few times, and I would take the experience if I were you. If you have full
health, move upwards from the end of the path and take a right to find two
chests. Another Half-Troll will charge from behind, so take him out. You will
then have to face a very large group of Orc axemen. Hang back and use overdraws
to get rid of them. Then go left and down to do whatever you need at that forge
you got to earlier. Then, go up to get to a tree with several more Orc axemen.
Kill them, and if you want to travel to the campsite mentioned in the note, go
left and enter through the upper area of the waterfall. If you'd prefer to
bypass the optional area (which I don't recommend) go right until you come to
the end of that path. Then head down and yet another Half-Troll will be there.
Destroy it and the other enemies in the area, making sure to shoot the Crebain
out of the trees, there's almost one in all of them. There will be a final
Half-Troll in the area so kill that. Then find a tree seemingly full of
butterflies. Walk back up to the top of the path you took to get to this area,
and wait by the tree there. After a few minutes, the butterflies will join you
there and an artifact, Galadriel's Lock, will appear there. After taking it
head to the bottom right corner and the exit.

- 39b: Ithilien, Waterfall -

-There is a forge in the top right corner and a ranger hollow in the left of
the area with the buildings.
-Walk up the path, opening the barrels you see as you go. You'll come to an
area with a few buildings and more barrels/crates. There is a forge in the top
right corner and a ranger hollow on the left side. Do anything you need here,
save, then talk to the man in the armor. He'll drop a random rune. If you
already have it, quit then go back to him and see him again until he has
something you want. Once you do, go back to where you came in and reenter level
39a: Ithilien, North. All the enemies will be back so you can either do the
level from the beginning or just head right to get to the path you take to the
exit. Be careful though, as a troll will be following when you reenter the

- 40: Ithilien, Black Road -

-There is a shrine you can reach by taking a path down through some tents that
is located by following the left edge from the beginning.
-Crebain, Orc bannermen, fire archers, red captains, axemen, hero axemen,
Wargs, and Haradrim fighters.
-As soon as you begin, there will be a ton of Haradrim fighters very close to
you. Find a good spot and fire like there's no tomorrow. Kill them all, then
follow the left edge up and take a path on your left downwards. Treat this like
you treated the exit of Pelennor Fields, Outpost. There are large groups of
Haradrim fighters and an Orc red captain, so advance slowly while fire many
overdraws. Eventually the way will be clear for you to move onto the shrine at
the bottom of the path. Buy as many points as possible, then go back out and to
the beginning (the Haradrim fighters will be back), but this time take the right
edge. You'll see a row of three chests, take what you want from them, and kill
the enemies that come out of the tents. Head back out and up to the right until
you get a cutscene showing a group of Haradrim fighters led by a Orc fire
archer. Continue on up and right to fight these enemies (they'll be spread out
though, so don't expect a group battle). Go back down and to the left to fight
a bunch of Orc axemen, then head up on either the right or left (whatever
floats your boat, the end up in the same area) to fight an Orc hero axeman that
is guarding the exit. If you need to, take one more trip to the shrine before

- 41: Ithilien, Black Gate -

(NOTE: While this level seems whole, it really has two parts, getting to the
Black Gate and the final battle at the Black Gate. While the two areas have the
same exact name, if you save once you reach the second part and quit you'll
start at the beginning of the second part. I will make clear note of when the
level becomes the second area in the guide.)

-There is one shrine and one ranger hollow in this area. The shrine is in the
bottom left corner of the area you reach by stay low and going right from the
beginning of the level. The ranger hollow is in the top right corner of this
-Crebain, Haradrim fighters, Orc pikemen, fighters, blue captains, red
captains, poison archers, fire archers, axemen, shieldsmen, and the Mouth of
-As mentioned above, this level is a two-parter. It is also the final level of
Legolas' main game. At the beginning, two enemies of a new type to you will
rush in. They have very strong defense, so it might take a number of shots to
bring them down. Continue up and you'll fight more of these Orc pikemen and a
few Orc fire archers. Shoot the seemingly barren trees to kill the hidden
Crebain on them. Keep on gonig up to meet Gandalf and two Orc blue captains.
Let Gandalf hold them off while you shoot, if you try going at them alone you
will be gone pretty quick. Once the Orc blue captains are gone, go down the
stairs to the lower right and take out the Orc pikemen and Haradrim fighters
down there. Once that's done, head back out and go down back to the start. Take
the path right, killing the Orc axemen and Orc fire archers on the way. Go up
the stairs and watch out, because a bunch of Haradrim fighters appear as soon
as you get to the ranger hollow. Make your way left, watching out for the
pikemen and go to the shrine. Do whatever you need there to prepare for the
final battle, including picking up ent water if you need it back at the ranger
hollow. Then go back to the health pool where you met the Orc blue captains,
take from it, and head up either of the stairs to end the first part of the

The final battle is set up like this, there are three doors. The one to the
right and the left have a switch next to them, two Haradrim fighters and an Orc
red captain poor out of each, and once you kill them they are replaced. In
front of the door in the middle stands the Mouth of Sauron, surrounded by an
outer ring of Orc shieldsman and an inner ring of Orc poison archers, that can
shoot through the outer ring to hit you. Basically, it doesn't look good. The
thing to know is that the Orcs in the center won't break formation to come and
attack you, so you don't have to worry about them if you're out of range. What
you do have to worry about wherever you are, though, are the four Haradrim
fighters and two Orc red captains on you at all times. The best idea is to just
press one of the levers in front of the side doors, which closes it. This
effectively cuts the enemies you have to worry about when just standing around
by half. If you press both levers, though, the doors open again slightly and
let out a smaller number of weaker enemies, but its still not better than half.
Another bonus you get from switching both switches is the formation around the
Mouth of Sauron breaks, so you can get in and attack him. While that strategy
works, there is a quicker way if you are strong enough. Instead of breaking up
the formatin via the levers, you can just run in and slip past two shieldsman
to fight the inner ring of Orc poison archers. Once you get a hit in on the
Mouth of Sauron, he will chase you. So at that point you should run back out of
the ring of Orc shieldsmen. As the Mouth of Sauron chases you, whenever you
have the chance, just pump him full of arrows. Focus on the other enemies while
just trying to stay away from the Mouth of Sauron though, as the other ones can
prevent you from getting away from him. Any chance you have, turn and shoot the
Mouth. Once most of the enemies in the Mouth of Sauron's original guard are
dead a group of Orc fighters will emerge from the middle door. They aren't very
strong, though they can be pesky on hampering your path away from the Mouth of
Sauron. If the Mouth of Sauron is still alive by the time you've killed the Orc
fighters that emerged you reall only have to worry about the enemies that come
out of the one still-open door. Keep trying to hit the Mouth of Sauron hard and
fast, because if he gets a hit back he'll do a lot of damage as well as poison
you and make you afraid. Once the Mouth finally goes down (you can check how
close you are by looking at the health meter where the compass usually is),
your company will appear on the right. Walk to them, and enjoy the credits.

X 4b. Bonus Maps X (lbon)

There are four unlockable bonus stage sets, they are: Moria, Weathertop, Helm's
Deep, and Fangorn Forest. You can play each set by selecting the "Bonus Maps"
option at the bottom of the Intro Screen. You then select a character from your
saved files and select a set of stages and a difficulty. Each stage set has a
certain number of areas before it ends and you're given a chance to save and
see the credits. Moria has 5, Weathertop has 1, Helm's Deep has 2, and Fangorn
Forest has 3. When you save and quit in the midst of a stage set, you cannot go
back to the stage you saved on automatically, you have to start back from the
beginning. You unlock Moria by getting 2000 kills with any one character,
Weathertop by getting all of the artifacts, Helm's Deep by beating the game
with any character, and Fangorn by beating the game with all the characters.
While each area of the stage set does have a name (hence the blank space below
the name of the first stage when you select a stage set), they can only be
directly accessed by using multiplayer, so don't worry about it. I will just
give each area a number respective to its chronological place in the set. The
descriptions of bonus stages will go just like the descriptions of levels in
the main game.

-X- Moria: Dwarf Halls -X-

Players of The Two Towers may recognize parts of Moria for their uncanny
resemblance to the Moria in that game. Your main enemies in Moria will be
Goblins, you'll also come across enemies you don't get to fight in the main
game, Trolls and all sorts of spiders.

- Moria, Stage 1 -

-There is one shrine and one forge in this area. The shrine is near the bottom
left corner of the area you reach by going down the stairs, and the forge is in
the upper left corner of the area you reach by going up the other set of
-Goblin swordsmen, archers, hero swordsmen, and hero archers.
-Back to Goblins, as previously mentioned. Make your way left to see some
Goblins descend from the large stone columns. Go down the steps, and head up to
get a chest. Then go back down to get more chests and fight more Goblins. Make
your way right and down the back around left to come to a shrine. Go up the
set of steps and fight the enemies there. Make your way left and up in this
area full of tombs, then you'll come to a final set of stairs. Go to the right
of the stairs to find a forge. Then go up the stairs, go back down, then go
back up again (there seems to be a glitch so the enemies don't appear unless
you do this). You'll find a group of Goblin hero swordsmen and hero archers and
then the exit.

- Moria, Stage 2 -

-There is a shrine and a forge in this level. The shrine is located by taking
a left when you reach the bottom of the first set of stairs. The forge is
reached by taking the stairs to the far right from the narrow plateau in
between the ground floor and the area with the two wells.
-Goblin swordsmen, archers, hero archers, Spiders (tiny), (brown), (green), and
-First, head down the steps in fron of you and fight the enemies at the bottom.
Continue down and you'll come to an area with two wells. As soon as you see
them, a new enemy, Spiders (tiny) will spill out of the wells. They are very
weak but come out around ten at a time, surrounding you. The best chance is to
just shoot regular shots as fast as you possibly can. You'll get a lot of gems
for doing this. Head down and right to come to a crack in the ground. Walk on
the crack and you'll fight the larger but less numerous other types of spiders.
Go back to the wells and this time go down and left, kill the Goblin hero
archers and go down the steps. If you want to get to a forge, go all the way to
the right and squeeze through that little area and continue right. If you don't
need to, keep going down to fight more Goblins and come to the foot of the
steps. Head left and walk up the other set of steps. You'll come across many
Goblin hero archers, a shrine, and a chest. You know what to do, after doing it
go back all the way down and keep going down to find another well which Spiders
(brown) come out of. Press both switches by the door, and enter the door that
opens with the small pool (there are dead Orcs in it, creepy). Open the chests
and fight the Spiders (red) that come out of the opening. Press the other
switch on the right then exit and go through the newly opened door on the
right. Head on right to get to the exit.

- Moria, Stage 3 -

-There is a forge, shrine, and rune forge in this stage. The forge is located
by walking all the way right from the start, the shrine is in the area opened
by switching each switch below the two statues, and the rune forge is in the
area at the bottom of the stairs located in the bottom left corner of the area
fatherst to the right. 
-Half-Trolls, Spiders (tiny), (red), Goblin swordsmen, archers, hero swordsmen,
bug swarms, and a Troll.
-Start out right to the dwarf statue, killing the Spiders (tiny) that emerge
from it. From the statue, go down and hit the switch. Go back up and contine
right on the path to come to another statue, do the same thing and watch a door
open. Keep going right to find the forge in the level. Sell excess items there,
then go back left and take the second stairs down you find. Destroy the groups
of Goblins, and continue left till you come to the door you saw open. Walk
through and defeat the Half-Trolls, pressing the switch on the right once
you're done. Visit the shrine if you need to, then exit the area and head left.
Keep going left clearing out the enemies until you get back to the first set of
stairs. Walk all the way back to the right on the path lying on the upper edge,
and go down the last set of steps you come to. Go down in this area, and leave
on the steps in the bottom left corner. Use the rune forge if necessary and
open the chests, shooting the Spiders (tiny). Go back up the steps and defeat
the Half-Troll, heading right and going down the next set of stairs. Kill the
bug swarms around the Half-Troll and he'll get up. Unfortunately, you have to
put him back down again (poor guy). Go through the door at the bottom right
corner, and head left. You'll be face to face with the first real Troll on your
way. They are much much bigger and stronger than the Half-Trolls. They are also
much slower. When it turns to attack, run out of the way of it's line of fire
and shoot from the side. Keep doing this until the big guy takes a dive. Grab
all the chests, then exit to the right.

- Moria, Stage 4 -

-There is a forge, a rune forge, and a shrine in this level. The shrine is
located at the bottom of the stairs on the left from the start. The forge is
at the end of the path to the right from the shrine. The rune forge is at the
top right corner of the area with all the columns where the switch is.
-Half-Trolls, bug swarms, Orc drummers, Goblin swordsmen, archers, and hero
-First head to the right of the start and go down those stairs, squeeze through
to the right and walk up the stairs to see a flaming crate. Break it to reveal
another crate. Break it to reveal a barrel. Break it to reveal an Orc drummer,
kill it and pick up the treasure. Go back down the stairs and clear out the
enemies in the area to the right. Go back to the start of the level and walk
down the stairs to the left, continuing down as far as possible. Turn left and
do what you need at the shrine. Go right from there all the way to reach a
forge, after doing anything you need to there head up and find a group of
crates. Break them and walk over to depress a hiddens switch and open one of
the doors you passed to get to the forge. Head up and to the right to get to a
rune forge if you need to, then head down to the door you opened. As soon as
you enter the area, walk right and open the chests. Watch out, the Half-Trolls
can still get you from through the wall. Go back up and left to take the upper
path to the left. You'll see items strewn on the ground and some Goblin
swordsmen. Circle back down and take the lower path in the same direction. You
will find more Goblin swordsmen and bug swarms. Kill the Goblin hero swordsman
to the far left and activate the switch. It opens the other door, which you
should now enter and defeat the Half-Trolls. Then fight the Orc drummers and
open all the things you can. There will be a random rune in one of the barrels
in the upper right corner of that area. Go to the forge to get rid of extra
items and then head for the exit by taking the path right from the bottom of
the second door area and going up.

- Moria, Stage 5 -

-A Troll, Orc drummers, Goblin swordsmen, archers, weak swordsmen, hero
swordsmen, and hero archers.
-This level is a RotK version of TTT's Balin's Tomb level. The resemblance
between the two is uncanny, and you'll get a great sense of nostalgia by
playing this one if you played TTT. Head up and go through the door, a Troll
will be there but you have no where good to run. Shoot arrows as fast as you
can, as sometimes the Troll will be sidetracked killing Goblins (yes, they'll
try to kill anything). Once the Troll is gone, just circle around the tomb
in the center killing anything you see. Once you've done that a few times,
go up the stairs in the bottom left corner and enter the door. DO NOT OPEN THE
CHEST IN THAT ROOM! It does massive damage and unless you are a very high
level it will kill you. Instead just kill the Goblin archers that come out of
the grate and leave. Go back out and walk back to the entrance of the level.
Walk up to where the staircase is, but instead go left to the wall and walk
down through the wall. Go down until you can go no further, then turn left and
after you can't do that any more, go up. Walk around through the door and you
will enter a room with five chests in a row, no enemies, and Griptonite (the
makers of the game) written on the wall. Open all the chests and take what you
need, then go back to the room you fought the Troll in and go up through the
door at the top. Kill the Goblin hero swordsmen and pick up the two runes on
the floor. Then finally exit to the top of the room. You'll be given a chance
to save and you'll see the credits.

-X- Weathertop: Amon Sul -X-

If you've ever read the book or seen the movies, you should expect Weathertop
to be full of Nazgul. You won't be dissapointed.

- Weathertop, Stage 1 -

-Nazgul, 6 of 'em.
-The only enemies in this level are Nazgul. The exit compass with point towards
the large fire in the center of the area, but that is clearly not an exit.
Nazgul will periodically spawn and attack, Nazgul are much like the Mouth of
Sauron in attacking. They both instill fear and posion you when they do damage,
but they really arent that strong on normal mode. You should be able to take
them once you've beaten the game once. Higher difficulties make them much
tougher, and on grueling they have very very high defense. Once six have
spawned and been killed, the compass will change to the beginning of the level.
Go there and you'll be given a chance to save and then you'll see the credits.

-X- Helm's Deep: Hornburg -X-

Staying true to the story, most of the enemies you'll be fighting at Helm's
Deep are Uruk-Hai or variants thereof, however the second level ends in a
battle with a Troll. Helm's Deep has a lot of enemies and is a great chance to
get good items.

- Helm's Deep, Stage 1 -

-Uruk-Hai swordsmen, archers, bombers, hero swordsmen, hero bombers, Orc yellow
captains, a green captain, and Haradrim fighters.
-This level is extremely straight forward. You are on top of the wall of Helm's
Deep, your objective is to destroy all the ladders up against the wall. You
destroy them just like barrels. Star walking right and you'll soon find that
you take damage seemingly from no where. This is to illustrate all the enemies
outside the wall attacking you and is unavoidable. It is imperative that you
use Kingsfoil when necessary. Keep walking right, killing the enemies you come
across. You'll get to an Orc green captain. They're pretty tough, so hang back
if you need to. Keep on going destroying the ladders until you get to the last
one. Destroy it, and the ground will start to shake indicating a hole has been
blown in the wall. You'll then move on to the second stage.

- Helm's Deep, Stage 2 -

-A forge, a shrine, and a ranger hollow are in this level. The forge is on the
left edge, the shrine is in the bottom left corner, and the ranger hollow is
on the bottom edge.
-An Uruk-Hai hero bomber, swordsmen, hero swordsmen, hero archers, Orc
shieldsmen, Half-Trolls, and a Troll.
-As soon as you walk down the stairs, a ton of Uruk-Hai hero swordsmen will
spill out of the breach. This will keep happening until the screen shakes and
a ring of Orc shieldsmen appear around the breach in the wall. Whatever you do,
do NOT go into the breach. It is full of explosives. The enemies drop lots of
items, so go back to either the forge or shrine any time you need. After more
Uruk-Hai hero swordsmen and Uruk-Hai hero archers poor out, the screen will
shake and all the Orc shieldsmen will be automatically killed. Two Half-Trolls
will emerge from the breach, kill them, then take the rows of Uruk-Hai hero
archers that have appeared around the main path from the breach. After some
Uruk-Hai swordsmen come out of the breach, the screen will rumble for the final
time and a Troll will come. Stay away from the Troll's line of attack as normal
until it is dead. A chest will appear at the top of the stairs you used to
access this level. If you want to go, exit through the way you came. As always,
you will be given a chance to save and see the credits.

-X- Fangorn Forest: Entwood -X-

Fangorn displays a wide variety of all sorts of enemies. If you've played TTT,
it really doesn't matter this time as this Fangorn isn't even close to a redo
of the last. The first two levels of Fangorn are probably the biggest in the
game, really massive and easy to get lost if you didn't have that trusty

- Fangorn Forest, Stage 1 -

-A forge and a shrine are here, located just a little up from the bottom right
corner of the whole map, or just a little to the right from the exit of the
first cave and in the center of the second area of the level, respectively. 
-Crebain, Orc axemen, hero axemen, yellow captains, green captains, fire
archers, Wargs, and heroes.
-There are three sections to this level with two sets of caves. Immediately go
up to the first cave and enter it. You'll emerge in the second area and a Warg
hero will charge you. Kill it and the other enemies then move right to the
forge. Go back through the cave and walk across the bridge in the upper right
corner of that area. Continue on that path to come to a shrine. Keep following
that path to come to the third area across the bridge. Shoot the Crebain out of
the trees when you come to them, then head for the exit in the upper right
corner of the level. (NOTE: This is a *massive* level, so if you want to fight
more enemies just walk around in the three areas and they'll be happy to

- Fangorn Forest, Stage 2 -

-There is one forge in this area, it is on the left edge and about halfway up
the area.
-Crebain, Orc drummers, axemen, Half-Trolls, a Troll, Goblin swordsmen, hero
swordsmen, archers, and Corsairs.
-This level is separated in two by a river slightly to the left of the start
point. There are a lot of trees here and many of them have Crebain inside. When
the ground is green, there are sometimes Goblin hero swordsmen, who blend in
with their surroundings extremely well. Make your way to the other side of the
river from the start and walk up. You'll come across a forge guarded by a few
Corsairs. Take them down and use the forge. Then go back on the other side of
the river and walk around down until you come across a Troll and a couple of
Half-Trolls. Kill them, then move up and to the right. You'll come across many
Goblins and some Orc axemen, then exit in the upper right corner. 

- Fangorn Forest, Stage 3 -

-There is a ranger hollow and a rune forge in this level. The rune forge is
in the bottom right corner of the area you reach by exiting the first cave down
and to the right. The ranger hollow is reached by going on the bridge in the
top right corner of the area with the rune forge and following the left edge up
until you come to a group of enemies and the hollow.
-Crebain, Orc axemen, shieldsmen, poison archers yellow captains, and green
-First head as far as you can right till you come to a cave and enter it. I
wouldn't continue on this level unless I had some points in silent stride,
becasuse there are a lot of Orc shieldsmen to deal with. That said, go from the
exit of the cave up and over to fight three shieldsmen, then travel to the rune
forge by taking the bridge on the bottom left of the area with the cave exit.
Keep going down until you reach the bottom of the area, then walk right to the
rune forge and do what you need there. Head up and go through the bridge in the
upper right corner. You'll find more groups of enemies and a ranger hollow by
going up. Go back down and to the right around the edge then up to reach a very
large group of Orc axemen, Orc fire archers, and Orc shieldsmen. Then head for
the exit near the rune forge.

X 5. Enemy/Boss Guide X (bsgd)

As you know by now, this game is full of different kinds of enemies. This guide
will describe them and identify their weaknesses. I've categorized the enemies
in the walkthrough in 3 major groups: Uruk-Hai, Goblins, and Orcs. Those
sections will be in this guide and any enemies that don't fit into those
categories will be put in the miscellaneous section.

-X- Uruk-Hai -X-

The types of Uruk-Hai are swordsmen, hero swordsmen, archers, hero archers,
bombers, and hero bombers.

- Uruk-Hai Swordsmen -

Most common in the early levels and Helm's Deep, Uruk-Hai swordsmen are fairly
weak in all areas. They are tall enemies covered from head to tow in armor.
They carry a single large sword, so try not to let them get in too close as
they can make a barrage of attacks quickly.

- Uruk-Hai Hero Swordsmen -

Identical in appearance to their weaker counterparts except darker and have a
slightly green tint. They attack faster and are better all around.

- Uruk-Hai Archers -

These look a lot like the swordsmen but carry a crossbow. You can easily dodge
the arrows if necessary, and they don't really do all that much damage. Just
hold you're ground and attack.

- Uruk-Hai Hero Archers -

These also are exactly the same as archers but red in color and much much
stronger. You need to avoid these guys as their arrows do significant damage.
Take extra care in dodging the projectiles.

- Uruk-Hai Bombers -

These enemies look nearly identical to Uruk-Hai swordsmen, but carry a small,
torchlike explosive instead of a sword. Instead of attacking normally, they
just walk up next to you and explode, doing massive damage. The best way to
handle them is to run if they get to close to you to prevent them blowing up.

- Uruk-Hai Hero Bombers -

Just like regular bombers, but have a dark green tint. These prefer to batter
you with their torches as opposed to just exploding, but they can do that as
well. They do more damage when exploding than the regulars, but the only place
to find these enemies is in Helm's Deep.

-X- Goblins -X-

Goblins take over after Uruk-Hai. They are also the main enemy inhabiting Moria
and can be seen in Fangorn. There are Goblin swordsmen, weak swordsmen, hero
swordsmen, archers, and hero archers.

- Goblin Swordsmen -

These are much smaller than Uruk-Hai and run squat on the ground. They are
yellowsih in color and attack with a single small sword by swinging it upwards
quickly. They're pretty quick, but not very strong in defense. You're best shot
is to take them down while they run towards you. If you get surrounded, they
can do a lot of damage fast. Use one of your active skills to get out of a

- Goblin Weak Swordsmen -

Just like normal swordsmen except bluish-grey and even less defensive power.
You should definitely be able to ake them out before they have a chance to

- Goblin Hero Swordsmen -

Like the other swordsmen, but bright green. Much stronger than them, too.
Fortunately you don't fight these guys in a group, so don't worry about getting
swarmed just by them.

- Goblin Archers -

Much like the swordsmen except a little more pale and, of course, carrying a
bow. Just like Uruk-Hai archers they aren't that powerful and they're arrows
can be easily dodge. Treat them the same you do the Uruk-Hai ones.

- Goblin Hero Archers -

Like their weaker counterparts but bright blue. Take these guys out like you
would an Uruk-Hai hero archer because if you ignore them that can inflict
serious damage.

-X- Orcs -X-

While technically Goblins and Uruk-Hai are branches of Orcs, this category
refers mainly to the not large, not small, Mordor Orcs. The list of Orc enemies
includes Orc fighters, archers, fire archers, poison archers, yellow captains,
red captains, green captains, blue captains, axemen, hero axemen, shieldsmen,
pikemen, drummers, and bannermen.

- Orc Fighters -

They only appear in a few levels here, but they were all over the place in TTT.
They are red and carry trident-like weapons. They aren't very strong at all and
can be killed without much trouble.

- Orc Archers -

These guys look somewhat like humans with a bow but are covered in black armor.
They can do significant damage when you meet them at Minas Tirith Docks, so you
need to be careful and make them your first priority.

- Orc Fire Archers -

Identical to Orc archers but covered in brown armor and shooting fire arrows.
As you would expect, the only difference is these guys do a little more damage.
Treat them like normal archers.

- Orc Poison Archers -

Just like the other two but with blue and green armor. As the name would
suggest, these archers have poisonous arrows. They can be EXTREMELY irritating,
espeicially when they are enclosed in a pen like the ones you meet at the
Outpost. Try to dodge the arrows the best you can.

- Orc Yellow Captains -

These enemies are very tall, with two large swords. As the name suggests, these
ones have a yellowish tint. They are the weakest of their type, but can still
do some nasty damage if they're allowed. Prioritze them pretty high.

- Orc Red Captains -

Slightly stronger than the yellow variety and with a red tint, these aren't too
bad either. Just focus your attacks on them when their in the area.

- Orc Green Captains -

You only come across these in bonus maps, but they are stronger than reds and,
of course, have a green tint. Do the same as you would to the other captains,
just be a little more careful, making sure not to underestimate them.

- Orc Blue Captains -

The strongest of their type, these guys are bright blue. You face two with
Gandalf in the last level of Legolas' main game quest. They are very tough, at
least as strong in attack power as a Haradrim hero fighter and with a stronger
defense. Be very careful around them because they can attack very fast.

- Orc Axemen -

These are the only enemies in the game that have both a melee attack and a
projectile. At a long distance, they throw an axe, while if you're in close,
they spin around doing lots of damage. Stay back so they only throw their axes,
because the spin attack is much stronger. The axes do a lot of damage too, so
its best if you try to avoid them. They aren't too strong defensively so try
to get in close enough to take them out.

- Orc Hero Axemen -

Just like their weaker counterparts, Orc hero axemen have both a melee and a
projectile attack, but both are a lot stronger. They are more pale in color
than regular axemen. These guys are a forced to be reckoned with, so definitely
dodge their axes as best you possibly can.

- Orc Shieldsmen -

Out of all the enemies in the game, this one has to be the most pesky. They are
nearly impenetrable from the front, so you need to actually walk around to
their back before they can turn again, which is tough if you don't have good
speed. Silent stride works well just to get rid of them quickly. You face a lot
of them in the third stage of Fangorn, but not much in the main quest. The look
like grey orcs with a giant shield in front of them. They carry a spear-like
weapon, giving them a long reach.

- Orc Pikemen -

While not impenetrable, these guys have very high defense. Their health isn't
too good though, so only a few shots need to get through their armor to kill
them. Their best attribute is their reach. They are crowned enemies covered in
pale yellowish armor that carry a shield and a large pike. They can also do
decent damage, so try to stay as far away from them when shooting as possible.

- Orc Drummers -

These enemies have no attack abilities, and appear as small Orcs carrying a
drum and drumsticks. They move very quickly while beating their drum, so it's
hard to get a beat on them. Their drum-beating causes the Eye of Sauron to grow
so try to kill them quickly as they run.

- Orc Bannermen -

These also have no attack ability. It looks like a normal, grey Orc carrying a
large banner. They also have a black ring around them designating a power and
speed boost. They can pass this ring onto other enemies, which then makes those
ones a lot harder to deal with. They do not have very strong defense, so try to
kill them as fast as possible before they spread the power.

-X- Miscellaneous -X-

Many enemies fit into this category, including Crebain, Wargs, heroes,
Half-Trolls, Trolls, Corsairs, heroes, the captain, Haradrim fighters, hero
fighters, archers, Ghost Warriors, bug swarms, Floor Skeletons, Skeleton
Soldiers, Spiders (tiny), (brown), (green), (red), Wildmen, Nazgul, and the
Mouth of Sauron.

- Crebain -

Crebain either fly away to raise the Eye of Sauron or start pecking at you when
they are scared away from their places. They usually hide in trees or bushes.
The best thing to do is just shoot at a tree to clear it of Crebain and totally
avoid them trying to fly away. They appear just as black birds, very hard to

- Wargs -

Wolf-like creatures that can do serious damage if their bites hit home. Luckily
they do not have very good accuracy but you should kill them quickly, even if
archers are shooting at you, to prevent any of their attacks from hitting.

- Warg Heroes -

Just like wargs but much stronger and blue. The only one I've ever come across
is on the first area of Fangorn. They can do major damage even faster than
normal Wargs. They also have much stronger defense. Luckily from what I can
tell there is only one in the whole game.

- Half-Trolls -

Small trolls about the height of your character with a large club. They are
slow but almost always inflict critical damage when you let them attack. They
also have very high health, so it takes a lot of hits. Their attack patterns
are easy to recognize, as they'll just walk up and attack, then rest for a
while. This gives you perfect time to dodge and move around to attack from
total safety.

- Trolls -

You don't come across any of these in the main quest, but they are in three of
the four bonus maps. They are MUCH larger and stonger than Half-Trolls, but
they are also slower. Treat them as big versions of Half-Trolls, but don't
underestimate their reach and not run away far enough.

- Corsairs -

These are men in purple robes carrying scimitars, they have very good reach amd
well-rounded stats. They are a tad on the slow side, and after attacking it
takes a while for them to get moving again. Let them get ready to attack then
move out of their reach and attack.

- Corsair Heroes -

Just like Corsairs but with Green robes and much stronger. Keep your distance
from them and use overdraws if necessary. Remember that they have good reach,
so keep far enough away.

- Corsair Captains -

This is a boss in the Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli adventure, so they are pretty
tough. Luckily you fight them with your two comrades, so make sure to let them
hold off the Corsair captain while you take your shots. That way he can't come
and attack you.

- Haradrim Fighters -

These enemies faced later on in the game have one of four weapons. Some have
axes, others have maces, still others have small swords and shields, and
finally there are some with one large sword. Watch out most for the ones with
one large sword, because they have the best reach and do the most damage.
Apart from them, the others are more or less the same. They are red with yellow
helms, and they have pretty good overall stats. Mkae sure you use overdraws
when they are in a group and make sure they're dead when they fall down
(sometimes they get back up!).

- Haradrim Hero Fighters -

They also come in four weapon varietes and are blue instead of red. They are
much stronger overall than the normal fighters. If you get to them in a group
be sure to fight them separately and draw them out of the pack. You don't want
to be fighting these guys with a group.

- Haradrim Archers -

Bright red men with bows, these guys can do a lot of damage. The only time you
fight them is along with Corsairs, so give priority to the archers in this case
so you don't have to take unnecessary damage.

- Ghost Warriors -

Pale blue translucent soldiers that periodically disappear. Not very strong,
but they make you afraid when they attack. They're often lined up, though, so
you can use overdraws to eliminate a whole group of them.

- Bug Swarms -

Little floating black dots that poison you when they do damage. Really more
pesky than any real threat. They also give health gaining items when you kill
them, so they aren't all bad.

- Floor Skeletons -

Annoying and threatening enemies that pop out of the ground and grab at you
when you walk past. They can actually do decent damage, so let your partners
move ahead of you to activate the skeletons then attack them.

- Skeleton Soldiers -

The King of the Dead's personal guard of undead warriors. They are full
skeletons with a sword and sheild, and are tougher than Ghost Warriors. Their
main weakness is that the come in groups so you can use overdraws, but when
they move in on you the area that you're in allows you to retreat to where they
have to come at you single file. Take them out like that.

- Spiders (Tiny) -

Very small enemies that come in swarms. Not really capable of doing a lot of
damage and incredibly weak, these are just pesky as they sometimes knock you
down. They often give gems when they die, so you can make a lot of cash when
you fight these little guys.

- Spiders (Brown) -

Larger spiders, but also pretty weak. Just kill them, don't worry about them
attacking becuase it won't do much damage.

- Spiders (Green) -

This variety can poison you, so be a little more careful. Still, that doesn't
do much damage so you don't need to worry.

- Spiders (Red) -

Like the brown variety in that they have no poison ability, these are just
slightly stronger than their brown counterparts. Again, nothing really to worry
about unless you're at a very low level.

- Wildmen -

Large, human enemies with spiked maces. They are pretty strong but also slow,
if you start from far enough away you should have no problem with them. They
only appear in one level in the main game and aren't even that strong at that.
Sort of a dissapointment.

- Nazgul -

These enemies are only seeable as black robes with a single long sword. They
are summoned when the Eye of Sauron gets so big that it turns black, and are
also fightable on the Weathertop bonus map. They are not very fast but do a lot
of damage and have a lot of health. They both poison and instill fear when they
attack, you definitely don't want to fight these guys in groups. Your best
chance is to use evasive manuevers. Run as far as you can, then attack.

- The Mouth of Sauron -

Just like a Nazgul in that it both posisons and instills fear when it attacks.
Unfortunately you have to fight him while watching out for other enemies, which
makes him actually difficult. Use any obstacle you can for cover, and allow
the Mouth of Sauron to chase you around until you have time to turn back and

X 6. Legolas' Items X (litm)

Even if you have the best stats and skills around, without good equipment and
items that becomes totally useless. Equipment is what Legolas actively wears,
while other items like runes and whetstones work to highten Legolas' abilities.
Finally, artifacts are special items that you can see from the select menu.
Basically they can only be attained a certain way, and exist just to unlock

X 6a. Equipment X

Legolas has eight possible types of equipment. A bow, headwear, neckwear,
footwear, gloves, a coat of armor, an overcoat, and special arrows. Legolas
can wear any gloves, neckwear, and footwear, and almost any overcoat except the
robe, vestments, and tabard which are Gandalf only. Legolas can carry no blade
or club except that which he uses for his white knives ability, which can be
any small knife. Legolas can also wear any headwear except the greathelm, and
coats of armor up to the level of lamellar, making breastplates, corselets, and
full corselets useless. Those are the basic types of equipment Legolas can and
can't wear, and any variant of a basic type thats changed through prefixes and
suffixes applies to those rules. As Legolas is the only one able to use a bow
and arrows, he can of course use any one of them. I will list the basic types
of bows and arrows in detail. Remember the numbers I give are just the base
stats for the item, prefixes and suffixes can change these numbers and add
whole new abilities. Special arrows have no modifiers, so they are always the
same as the bases I'll give you. Special arrows have a finite supply, so don't
get too attached to them as they run out relatively quickly. 

-X- Bows -X-

Min. Level: 1
4-8 Impaling Damage, +5% Critical

Half Bow
Min. Level: 2
4-9 Impaling Damage, +5% Critical

Yew Bow
Min. Level: 3
4-9 Impaling Damage, +10% Critical

Min. Level: 3
5-10 Impaling Damage, +5% Critical

Backed Bow
Min. Level: 4
5-10 Impaling Damage, +10% Critical

Min. Level: 5
5-10 Impaling Damage, +15% Critical

Hunter Bow
Min. Level: 5
6-12 Impaling Damage, +5 Critical

Min. Level: 6
6-13 Impaling Damage, +10% Critical

Composite Bow
Min. Level: 7
7-15 Impaling Damage, +10% Critical

Horn Bow (GCN Hookup Exclusive)
Min. Level: 8
5-11 Impaling Damage, +4 Accuracy, +10% Critical

Recurved Bow
Min. Level: 8
8-17 Impaling Damage, +10% Critical

Great Bow
Min. Level: 9
10-20 Impaling Damage, +10% Critical

Dynasty Bow
Min. Level: 9
10-21 Impalind Damage, +15% Critical

Starfall Bow (Blue)
Min. Level: 9
10-20 Impaling Damage, +5 Strength, +3 Health, Sunburst, Unique.

Nightfell Bow (Blue)
Min. Level: 9
10-20 Impaling Damage, +5 Accuracy, +3 Defense, Nightburst, Unique.

Maegborion Elfbow (Blue)
Min. Level: 9
10-21 Impaling Damage, +6 Accuracy, +3 Courage

Orc Lump's Big Bow (Blue)
Min. Level: 9
10-20 Impaling Damage, +5 Strength, -10 Accuracy

Vella of Lorien's Goldbow (Blue)
Min. Level: 9
9-19 Impaling Damage, +3 Accuracy, Armor Piercing, Sunburst

-X- Special Arrows -X-

Orcish Arrows
Min. Level: 1
+2 Damage, -2 Accuracy, Cheap

Barbed Arrows
Min. Level: 1
+1 Damage, Cheap

Uruk-Hai Arrows
Min. Level: 2
+4 Damage, -4 Accuracy, Cheap

Bodkin Arrows
Min. Level: 3
Armor Piercing, Cheap

Gondorian Arrows
Min. Level: 4
+2 Damage, Cheap

Elven Arrows
Min. Level: 6
+1 Damage, Extra Projectiles, Cheap

Fire Arrows
Min. Level: 7
+3 Fire Damage, Fireburst

Wood Elven Arrows
Min. Level: 8
+4 Damage, Armor Piercing, Cheap

Moon Arrows
Min. Level: 9
+10 Spirit Points per Slain Foe

Sun Arrows
Min. Level: 9
+10 Health Points per Slain Foe

X 6b. Runes and Whetstones X (lraw)

Throughout the game, you can buy 15 runes and 8 whetstones in rune forges and
forges respectively. Runes can be carved on your bow to give it special
abilities and whetstones can be bought to increase damage.

-X- Runes -X-

Dwarf Rune I - Dwarfmetal
+1 Melee Armor
Cost: 450

Dwarf Rune II - Sharpness
+1 Damage
Cost: 350

Dwarf Rune III - The Forge
+5 Critical Hit Damage
Cost: 750

Dwarf Rune IV - Mountain
+5 Hit Points per Slain Foe
Cost: 1400

Elf Rune I - Orc Foe
+2 Damage to Orcs
Cost: 600

Elf Rune II - Nimblefoot
+10% Dodge
Cost: 800

Elf Rune III - Sacred Heart
Increases Spirit Regeneration
Cost: 1600

Elf Rune IV - Meditative
Stand Still to Heal Oneself
Cost: 2000

Man Rune I - White City
+2 Missle Armor
Cost: 500

Man Rune II - Nature
+10 Hit Points per Herb, Food Health Doubles
Cost: 850

Man Rune III - Might of Man
+1 Damage, +15 Hit Points
Cost: 600

Man Rune IV - Rune of Fire
+3 Fire Armor, Flaming
Cost: 700

Morgul Rune I - Orc Doom-King
+4 Damage to Orcs, Corrupt
Cost: 900

Morgul Rune II - Dire Fear
30% Knockback Chance, Corrupt
Cost: 750

Morgul Rune III - Blackness
+5 to all Attributes, Corrupt
Cost: 2000

-X- Whetstones -X-

Used Whetstone
+1 Damage
Cost: 100

Ordinary Whetstone
+2 Damage
Cost: 500

Common Whetstone
+3 Damage
Cost: 1000

Fine Whetstone
+4 Damage
Cost: 2000

Superior Whetstone
+5 Damage
Cost: 4000

Dwarven Whetstone
+6 Damage
Cost: 6000

Adamant Whetstone
+7 Damage
Cost: 10000

Mithril Whetstone
+8 Damage
Cost: 12000

X 6c. Artifacts X (lart)

There are two artifacts available on Legolas' quest. Remember, you can only get
artifacts once, so if you've got them with Aragorn, Gimli, or Gandalf you don't
expect to find them with Legolas. The artifacts you can get on his quest are
There and Back Again and Galadriel's Lock.

- Artifact 1: There and Back Again -

Stage Available: Anduin River, Corsair Camp
How to get it: First, go see the woman at the top of the level, go get her
child and lead him back to her. Once the child is back safe and sound, go down
to find another woman surrounded by Corsairs. Defeat them and she'll open her
hiding place. Go inside to see another boy, who will tell you about his book.
Break open the barrel at the bottom of the hiding place and you'll see the
artifact. Pick it up to have it registered on your artifact screen.

- Artifact 2: Galadriel's Lock -

Stage Available: Ithilien, North
How to get it: Go all the way up from the start and head right, making sure not
to accidentally enter the waterfall area. You'll come to a dead end at a tree.
Go down walking in the trees until you see one full of butterflies. Go back up
to the tree at the dead end and wait there a few minutes. The butterflies will
eventually make it to you and Galadriel's Lock will be on the ground by the

X 7. Codes and Secrets X (lcod)

Duplication Trick:
(NOTE: You'll need at least one blank save slot)
To duplicate good items that you find in your quest, just:
1) Get to a level with any Forge or Shrine and a Ranger Hollow.
2) Have the item(s) in your inventory.
3) Save the game as normal, then save it to all the blank save slots you have.
4) Quit the game, start up one of the games in the save slots you just filled,
and put the item(s) in the Ranger Hollow of the level.
5) Do this with all the save slots you filled.
6) Go back to your main save, and take all the items out of the Ranger Hollow,
you know have duplicates of your item.
7) Repeat as wanted.

X 8. Version History X (lhst)

Version 1.00 - Completed and Submitted Guide

X 9. Credits/Contact Me X (lcrd)

Special thanks to:
The Destroyer for the stats for the Starfall Bow and the Maegborion Elfbow.
Scizor CT for the stats for the Nightfell Bow.
LOTR rocks for the stats for Orc Lump's Big Bow.
Numbers who wrote the Weapons/Items FAQ that allowed me to get information on
the costs and names of the Runes and Whetstones.


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