Additional ArtPeter Fries
Additional ArtTim Gillette
Additional ArtEric C. Heitman
Additional ArtSteven Nasker
Additional ArtMichael Platteter
Additional ArtRyan Silva
Additional ArtJerry Vorhies
Additional ArtShawn Wood
Art and AnimationKris Durrschmidt
Art and AnimationMarcus Howell
Art and AnimationTamara Knoss
Art and AnimationRobb Vest
Art LeadRandy Briley
Background ArtMichael Wilcox
Composer and Sound DesignIan Stocker
Executive ProducerSteven Ettinger
Lead ProgrammerJoe Bryant
Lead ProgrammerJames Verhaeghe
Level DesignBrian C McAuliffe
Level DesignDan McAuliffe
Level DesignTony Sharma
Level DesignDream Smith
Producer / DesignerJosh Hendren
Producer / Lead DesignerJ. C. Connors
Product ManagerJonathan Harris
ProgrammerJason Bay
ProgrammerCatherine Dinh
ProgrammerMichael Dorgan
ProgrammerJason Emery
ProgrammerChampagne Mac
ProgrammerDouglas Schilling
ProgrammerSteve Vallee


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, th3l3fty, Cosmic!, Blueberry Buttface, LordAndrew, Takato, oliist, and SilverBow.

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