What/where are the ultimate equips?

  1. I want to know what they are before I go to Chapter 8.

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  1. That guy is wrong, sorry.

    Weapon: Mystical Stick (3% chance drop from HeftyHead)
    Body: Awesome Cloak (3% chance drop from Pigmask Colonel)
    Head: Awesome Crown (100% drop from Roe Man)
    Other: Awesome Ring (Behind the Ultimate Chimera in the all you can pee bathroom)

    Weapon: Mystical Gloves (3% chance drop from Monkalrus)
    Body: Goddess Bustier (found in the cave on the way to Ionia's house) OR Thud Charm (3% drop from --------Hippo Launchers
    Head: Goddess Ribbon (3% chance drop from Love Walker
    Other: Virgo Bracelet (Found god knows where, I forget)

    Weapon: Supreme shoes (Found near the Hippo Launchers)
    Body: Thud Charm (Check Above)
    Hat: Horus Bandana (3% chance drop from Upgraded Robot)
    Other: Sagittarius Bracelet (In the Empire Pork Building, I forget where)

    Weapon: Canine Weapon (Box in Empire Pork Building, near the Mecha Lion spawn)
    Body: Red Collar (Sorry, I forget again)
    Head: Goddess Ribbon (Check above)
    Other: None. (Huh?)

    That took me a fair while to make, hope it helps :)

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  1. They are as follows:

    Lucas: Genuine Bat: You get this in Chapter 8, just before the fight with porky under the Empire Pork Building

    Kumatora: Angel Gloves: in the Empire Pork Building, after the room where you have to knock over construction workers to use as bridges, right before the elevator (after Porky taunts you) take the southern-most path to the West to find them.

    Duster: Supreme Shoes: in the Empire Pork Building, there is a room with a bunch of Hippo-Launchers. one is standing next to a scientist, and you have to fight it. after he runs off, go to the room to the south.

    Boney: Dog's weapon: Once you fight the Mecha Lion in the Empire Pork Building, go East and then Northeast.
    The second-best weapons for everyone can be found in the vending machine outside the Empire Pork building.


    Lucas: Awesome Crown: Found under the ocean on the way to Tanetane Island; once you get the map, you can see where the path splits; go left, follow the path, and it will be at the end.

    Kumatora: Angel Ribbon, sold by the girl in the Theatre in New Pork City.

    Boney: Red Hat, same place.

    Duster: Kite Bandana, in the vending machine. same one as all the other things.


    For Lucas and Duster, the Profound Charm is the best, and can be found in the vending machine outside the Empire Pork Building.

    Kumatora: The Yellow/Goddess Bustier, found in the cave on the way to Ionia's house

    Boney: The Red collar, found in the Empire Pork building during the Bathroom maze. In the 3rd room with 5 doors, go through the middle door (beating the annoying men's sign), beat everything up, and get it.


    Lucas: the Awesome Ring, found in the Bathroom maze, as well. When you first encounter the Ultimate Chimera in a bathroom stall, RUN into a different stall. then go back into the stall it was in (dodging it on the way, of course).

    Duster: Sagittarius bracelet. in the Empire Pork building, just West of the room with all the people in jars.

    Kumatora: Virgo Bracelet: under the ocean on the way to Tanetane Island. Go down the first hole you come to, and back up the other end of the tunnel. (this gives you +26 Defense and +10 PP. If you would rather have +35 Defense and no PP, take the Scorpio Bracelet, in the vending machine outside the EP Building.)

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