What level do I need to be to beat Mecha-Drago?

  1. I'm at 13.

    User Info: ganonscastle

    ganonscastle - 12 years ago

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  1. You need to use the Drago Fang on the Mecha Drago. Press select while looking at the items while in battle. If you see something that looks like a fang, use it on Drago. Then, use buffs and debuffs in Flint's special moves menu. Then just attack Mecha Drago and heal when your health gets low. Good luck!

    User Info: Boomerang78

    Boomerang78 - 12 years ago 14   0


  1. Don't forget to use the Drago Fang so you can hurt him, I'd say Lv 14-16 should be fine.

    Don't bother leveling Flint up too much, you only use him in chapter one

    User Info: greeniceman111

    greeniceman111 - 12 years ago 6   2
  2. Don't forget to use the Drago Fang. Also, level 15-16 worked for me. Just don't forget to use food items.

    User Info: game_and_lucas

    game_and_lucas - 12 years ago 4   1
  3. Just have your message speed in fast, mash the A button like mad... and make sure you have at least 30-50 HP left at the end of the battle. Thanks to the scrolling HP indicator, you can win a battle even after taking a mortal blow (in this case, the killer last ditch attack by Drago) if the scrolling hasn't reached zero by the time the fanfare plays.

    User Info: Dorenrab

    Dorenrab - 12 years ago 2   0
  4. Another possibility is getting a bunch of Thunder Bombs. They can paralyze the Mecha-Drago, and they deal decent damage. There is a box behind Wess's house that holds one, and it refreshes after you walk far enough away. Running to the Cemetery is far enough to refresh the box.

    The only downside is that you'd need to stock up on the bombs preemptively.

    User Info: JeramiahWindsor

    JeramiahWindsor - 12 years ago 1   0
  5. If survival is the issue, the bird enemies you see before the drago drop beef jerky often. Always make sure you have over 50 hp simply because his fire attack really hurts.

    User Info: dr_burger92

    dr_burger92 - 12 years ago 1   0
  6. It would be good that you have a lot of bombs. They are very strong against it.

    User Info: PK_Beam

    PK_Beam - 12 years ago 1   0
  7. Well i was about your lvl. When i lost but i beat him at lvl. 16 i probably could of beat him at a lower lvl. But remember if u are not equiped with the right stuff then you will fail no matter what. Also go all out with items because this is your last battle with flint for the entire game.thanks for the question

    User Info: awesomemonkey12

    awesomemonkey12 - 12 years ago 0   0
  8. The general rule for RPGs: if you're having trouble, level up if possible.

    Then again, if this is like Earthbound... you know you're at a good level when it takes a long time to level up with the enemies in the area.

    User Info: Y0u

    Y0u - 12 years ago 2   5

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