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Strange and interesting.
And it's sad.

A simple mountain hut stands in a beautiful, laid-back landscape. This is the residence of the grandfather of the boy who is the main character.
The twin boys went with their mother to play with their grandfather. To play with the big, friendly animal Drago and everybody. Gather around the table and taste mother's home cooking. The fun time goes by in a blink of an eye.

I am supposed to return to Tatsumairi village where my father is waiting by the end of today.
Just go through the usual forest and go home. There were no signs of ominousness.
A pigeon with a letter saying "I'll be back soon" took off from the dusk sky.

Where is this in the world, when is it, and is it a tragedy or a comedy?
The story begins, leaving everything a mystery. Welcome to the world of MOTHER 3.

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