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FAQ/Walkthrough by BurningFox

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/13/04

          _____                                ____        _ _   ______
         |  __ \                              |  _ \      | | | |___  /
         | |  | |_ __ __ _  __ _  ___  _ __   | |_) | __ _| | |    / /
         | |  | | '__/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \| '_ \  |  _ < / _` | | |   / /
         | |__| | | | (_| | (_| | (_) | | | | | |_) | (_| | | |  / /__
         |_____/|_|  \__,_|\__, |\___/|_| |_| |____/ \__,_|_|_| /_____|
                            __/ |

               T H E      L E G A C Y     O F     G O K U      II

                                                     Complete FAQ/Walkthrough
                                        By BurningFox (Pikminworrior@aol.com)
                                                        Version 1.1 (3/13/04)

.:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
                              Table of Contents
':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'

The Basics..............................................................DBZ02
           - Controls...................................................B0001
           - Storyline..................................................B0002
           - Menu Screen................................................B0003
           - Items......................................................B0004
           - Characters.................................................B0005
           - A Look Into the Future.....................................W0001
           - Sleeping Beauty............................................W0002
           - Frieza's... Alive!?!?!.....................................W0003
           - Getting The Scouter........................................W0004
           - Lets Find Piccolo!.........................................W0005
           - The King of the Triceratops................................W0006
           - Retrieving The City Key....................................W0007
           - Android's 19 and 20........................................W0008
           - The Northern Mountains.....................................W0009
           - A Possible Great Threat....................................W0010
           - Imperfect Cell.............................................W0011
           - Hunting Down Those Dragon Balls............................W0012
           - The Cell Games.............................................W0013
Side Quests.............................................................DBZ04
Enemy Data..............................................................DBZ05
Legal Info..............................................................DBZ06

.:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
DBZ01                            Introduction                           DBZ01
':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'

Hello, I'm BurningFox, and welcome to my FAQ for Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of
Goku II. Throughout this FAQ I hope to be able to give you information that
will guide you through the game and its side-quests. This game may not be the
best game ever, but is it a great improvement from the first game in the
series. It lasts several times longer and there are more moves, more
characters, better environments etc. Hopefully if there is a third game in
the series it will continue to be better, making it one of the best games in
the year it comes out. If you wish to contact me:

E-Mail: Pikminworrior[at]aol[dot]com

Instant Messaging (AIM): Pikminworrior

.:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
DBZ02                            The Basics                             DBZ02
':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'

=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                       =-=-=-=-=
= Controls ========================================================== B0001 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                       =-=-=-=-=

                L Button                         R Button
                    |                               |
                 ___|____                        ___|___
               |          ____________________           |
               |   _     |                    |          |
               | _| |_   |                    |       _  |
 D-Pad  ------- |_   _|  |                    |   _  |_| ------- A Button
               |  |_|    |                    |  |_| ----------- B Button
               |         |                    |          |
      Start ------- o    |                    |          |
     Select ------ o     |____________________|          |
               |                   |                     |
                \_________________ | ____________________/
                               The Screen

A Button:   Melee Attack
B Button:   Ki Attack
Start:      Access Menu
Select:     Go to Scouter Screen
D-Pad:      Move The Character
L Button:   Toggle Ki Attacks
R Button:   Go to Map Screen

=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                       =-=-=-=-=
= Storyline ========================================================= B0002 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                       =-=-=-=-=

Dragon Ball Z: LoG II takes place in the Android and Cell Saga's of the TV
hit Dragon Ball Z. If you've played the first game, it basically starts off
where the first game ended. In the beginning Frieza is coming to earth to
destroy it because of his defeat. The future looks pretty bleak to the Z
Fighters when Frieza is closing in and Goku hasn't arrived. As Frieza arrives
a mysterious fighter appears, going super saiyan he defeats Frieza and his
father King Cold where the Z Fighters are. Shortly after Goku arrives and the
mysterious fighter goes to talk to him. After a long talk Goku finds out that
this fighter is the son of Vegeta and Bulma and his name is Trunks! That is
basically the story line of the game, Trunks goes on to warn the Z Fighters
about these Androids, but a greater threat emerges.... that is much stronger
than the Androids.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                     =-=-=-=-=
= Menu Screen ======================================================= B0003 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                     =-=-=-=-=

The Menu Screen displays some basic information about your characters. When
you first access the menu it will bring you to a screen with statistics about
your character, like their level, strength, and the EXP they need to reach
the next level. By pressing L it brings you to your journal which displays
your current Quests, or it can show you your finished Quests by pressing ->
on the D-Pad. By pressing R from the initial menu it will bring you to a
screen with the list of items you have, you can use them at any time...
Pressing R from this menu will bring you to some options, they aren't really
that interesting so ignore them. The Intitial menu also shows the other
character's statistics, press -> or <- the D-Pad to view them.

=-=-=-=-=                                                           =-=-=-=-=
= Items ============================================================= B0004 =
=-=-=-=-=                                                           =-=-=-=-=

Items are pretty important in the game, and there are four basic items you
need to know about, so I'll list them and tell what they do:

Meat: Meat recovers your HP based on what its size is

Glowing Orbs: These orbs recover your Ki Bar based on what size it is

Senzu Beans: Given by Yajorbe, or by giving Korin 3 Fish they cover all of
             both bars.

Capsules (Normal): These raise your stats

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                     =-=-=-=-=
= Characters ======================================================== B0005 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                     =-=-=-=-=

In this section I will give some brief info about some of the DBZ characters.

     Goku:    Goku is one of the last remaining saiyans, his pure heart
              and extreme strength make him a bad guy smashing machine!

     Gohan:   Gohan is the son of Goku and Chi Chi, a half saiyan with
              a power deep within him never before seen.

     Vegeta:  Vegeta is another remaining saiyan. Due to Goku defeating
              him he has a burning rage inside him to restore his pride!

     Trunks:  Son of Vegeta and Bulma Trunks is a half saiyan. Traveling
              into the past he warns the Z-Fighter of the androids.

     Piccolo: Piccolo is the most powerful Namek alive. His amazing
              Knowledge and power makes him a force to be reckoned with.

     Chi-Chi: Mother of Gohan and wife of Goku Chi-Chi spends most of
              her time at home, even though she used to be a fighter.

     Bulma:   Mother of Trunks and wife of Vegeta, super genius Bulma
              helps the Z-Fighters out her amazing devices.

     Roshi:   The original Master of Goku and Krillian this old Hermit
              is now outmatched and outaged.

     Krillin: Goku's best friend Krillin is rivaled to be the strongest
              human alive. His destructo-disk can slice mountains in 1/2

     Tien:    Also rivaled to be the strongest human, Tienshinhon with
              his third eye and tri-beam attack is definitely not out!

     Yamcha:  Ex-Boyfriend of Bulma and an outdated fighter Yamcha is
              now a star baseball player.

     Frieza:  An evil tyrant that Goku defeated on Namek. He destroyed the
              home planet of the Saiyans long ago.

.:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
DBZ03                             Walkthrough                           DBZ03
':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=
= A Look Into The Future ============================================ W0001 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=

                           P E P P E R      T O W N

                     Sixteen years from the present day...
    Two Androids with strength beyond comprehension appeared from out of
    nowhere... One by one, the heroes of Earth were destryed. It is the
         beginning of a new era on Earth... ...an era of darkness!

You start out just outside of pepper town with Trunks talking to Gohan. After
a short chat it's time to start some basic training, walk forward to a stone
rock. Break it with the A button (your melee attack). Head forward a bit more
so another rock is on the screen (don't go up to it though). Line up with it
and shoot it with two blasts using B. Now you'll try to go Super Saiyan, you
almost make it, but not quite. The androids will attack soon after, Gohan
will go away, disobey and follow him by heading forward though.

Talk to Gohan, at the end of the chat Gohan will knock you out and fly away.
You'll awake sometime later and it is raining. Head up to the circle with
the arrow on it, this is a flight circle; it'll take you to a place. Anyway,
lift off and you'll be taken into Pepper Town.

Head up until you reach a wall, then head east onto the road. Follow the
road and you'll soon come to Gohan getting attacked by the Androids. He'll
fall to the ground and you'll imediately come over to him, you'll now go
Super Saiyan and the prolouge is over..

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=
= Sleeping Beauty =================================================== W0002 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=

                T H E     E A S T     D I S T R I C T    4 3 9

You now control Gohan (as a kid), cool. Chi-Chi, your mom, will enter the
room and she'll tell you to find your mathbook, so lets get it. Head out the
east exit in your room into the hall, climb up the stairs from the hall and
you're in the up-stairs. The Mathbook is located in the lower right corner
of this room on a table, pick it up and head down the stairs and back into
your room...

A short time later you'll wake up and your window is open, hmmm.... Head over
to it and exit the house. Head forward to a save pad, go ahead and save, then
Head to the right into a new area. Run through the area until you reach a
dead end, bash in the gate with a 1 on it using the A Button and continue on.
There is another gate, but you aren't level 2 yet so you can't destroy it,
head to the right and you'll reach a area with your dad!

After a short chat it will be revealed that this is not your dad, but Frieza!
Battle Time...


                      -= Boss Battle: Frieza =-

This is a rather easy fight, start off by emptying your green energy bar by
shooting Ki Blasts at him (using B). After your green energy bar depletes
start attacking with psychial attacks (using A). Keep forcing attacks on him,
once he is hit he'll fling backa bit, immediately run up and get another hit
on him. Continue until the battle is over. After the battle is over you'll
reach Level 2 and wake up....


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=
= Frieza's... Alive!?!?! ============================================ W0003 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=

                T H E     E A S T     D I S T R I C T    4 3 9

After you talk to yourself the phone will ring, head out the right exit into
the hallway. The phone is located on a table below the stairs in this room.
Press A to pick it up, turns out Krillin is calling. Apparently Frieza is
back and you have to get ready to fight him or something, bah. Anyway, you
need to get your armor before you do anything, exit the house to the south
into the Outside.

Head around your house and up to the save pad, save then continue on to the
right into another area. Head through this area like the last one and head up
to the level 2 gate. Bash it in and enter the cave. Collect the Battle Armor
from the chest and head out of the cave (To the north). Follow along the
cliff and enter the world map from the map icon thing. Fly over to the star
(the Northern Wastelands) and land.

            T H E     N O R T H E R N     W A S T E L A N D S

Head through the area killing the beetle like enemies, destroy them with
melee attacks because if you get to far away they'll do their rather annoying
attack. At the end of the area is a blocked off force field, if you killed
all three enemies you can go through into the next area though, head through
and arrive in the next area. Kill the enemy that will chase you with some Ki
Blasts then head to the left.

Take out all the enemies until you reach a dead end, no going that way so
head back and head up this time. Take out the enemies and you can either go
left or up, left leads to a dead end so lets head up. Follow through the area
killing enemies until you reach the end. Last area in this place, head
through killing the enemies until you reach a Save Pad, save and then fly off
into a meet up with the fellow Z-Fighters.

First of all, head down and get the Capsule, head back up now and talk to
Piccolo after talking to everyone else. Head up to the end of the cliff and
Frieza and his dad, King Cold will attack. Fortunately, Trunks will arrive
aswell and destroy them. Head over to the flight-pad that appears and talk to
Trunks again.

Soon after Goku will arrive and Trunks will ask to talk to him. During Goku
and Trunk's short chat you'll learn that he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma
and is from the future. He says that some powerful Androids will attack in
three years and that the Z-Fighters need to train drastically. Also, Trunks
gives Goku some medicene for a disease he's supposed to die for in the future
and then he leaves.

                T H E     E A S T     D I S T R I C T    4 3 9

You'll appear in the East District 439, cool! Head inside your house and talk
to Chi-Chi, train a bit in the forest too the south afterwards too. When
you're done training head to the World Map in the middle of the first area in
the forest.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                             =-=-=-=-=
= Getting the Scouter =============================================== W0004 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                             =-=-=-=-=

               W E S T     C I T Y /  C A P S U L E     C O R P S

Head to the star on the World Map (West City) and land. Talk to Goku then
head all the way to the right wall of West City. Head down now and head into
the new area (Capsule Corp). Save at the Save Pad and then enter Capsule Corp
to the north.

Head to the door on the left and through that door into another. You should
now be at a Staircase, climb up to level 2 and enter it. Follow through the
floor and at the end is Bulma, she has a Scouter for you, but needs a few
parts. Leave Capsule Corp now and head back into West City.

Head across (to the left) two screens and enter the place with all the TVs.
Talk to the guy behind the counter and he'll give you the parts for the
Scouter, head to the right two screens into Capsule Corp and head up to Floor
2 then talk to Bulma at the end again. Bulma will now give you the Scouter,
if you press select it will scan any enemy you click on in the area.

Anyway, head back to the first room of Capsule Corp and head across after the
lady at the counter talks to you. Head across this hall and talk to the
officer, he'll ask you to help find a stolen item and give you access to the
other floors of the building. Head across into the stairway and down into
level BA. Collect the Capsules here and now head up to level 3.

Head into the East Tower and save. Press the button in the back of it to gain
access to the West Tower. Head into the West Tower and talk to the guy, he'll
now summon a wolf thing.... yippie!


                       -= Boss Battle: Wolf =-

HP:   400
STR:  11
POW:  1
END:  5

This is probably the easiest battle in the game. Start out by emptying your
green Ki Bar with Ki Blasts taking down about 60% of his HP. Follow up with
just using melee attacks, he should be dead in no time, just keep pouning the
attacks on him, if he reaches a wall and you hit him he'll fling around
behind you, so be ready for that. That's about it for this battle...


After you take out the Wolf the guy will be arrested and you'll gain access
to the computer room. Anywy leave Capsule Corp back into West City, time to
find Piccolo.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                             =-=-=-=-=
= Lets Find Piccolo! ================================================ W0005 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                             =-=-=-=-=

                  W E S T      C I T Y     H I G H W A Y

Head up from where you exited Capsule Corps until you reach the Highway. Talk
to Larry and he'll tell of an accident, time to help the lost kids. There are
four in total, but it's not that hard to find them. Anyway, head up and save
then head to the left into a forest like area.

Kill the wolves then head across into a new area. Head up from this area
after destroying the wolves and into yet another area. Kill the enemies in
here and head up the northern path. After destroying all the enemies in this
area of the forest head to the left and follow the path a few screens down
and you'll find a kid.

Head back a few screens to where you went left and head up north this time to
an area with wolves swarming a kid. Kill all the wolves then save the second
kid, cool. Head down two areas now and head to the right back onto the actual
highway. Defeat the ladybug's and talk to Yajirobe, he'll give you a senzu
bean. Head up into a hill like area now. Almost at the top of the hill is a
cave, go in it to find the third missing child and a save point. Get the kid
and save...

Leave the cave and continue up the hill now, at the top is part of the
highway. Follow the highway until you reach a flightpad, fly down to the
crash site to find the last missing child. Fly back up and head back to the
guy at the beginning of the Highway now. Talk to him and head back into West

                          W E S T     C I T Y

Head to the news stand and talk to the guy and you'll recieve a free paper.
Head down to Big Mouth restraunt now and talk to the chef. He'll give you a
Sandwhich in exchange for the newspaper now. Head up to Hercule and talk to
him twice (the first time he'll give you an autograph). The parade will start
for a second, but Hercule doesn't like the music...

Head left to the Music Store, they don't have the song Hercule wants though,
head up to the Antique Shop now. Talk to the guy behind the counter and he'll
give it to you for free! Anyway, head back to Hercule and give him "Eyes of
the Lion". The parade will start now and you can go forward to Piccolo! Head
over to the save point and switch your character to Piccolo.

Head into City Hall and talk to the mayor, he'll ask you to get rid of a
triceratops problem, so lets get on it ^-^. Head south into the Triceratops

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                     =-=-=-=-=
= The King of the Triceratops ======================================= W0006 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                     =-=-=-=-=

                 T R I C E R A T O P S     J U N G L E

Head down and destroy the green level 10 gate with Piccolo and follow the
path behind it into the actual jungle. Head down after killing the Mercenary
ignoring the bridge. You'll end up in a wide open area, kill all of the
enemies then head left into another area. Take out all the enemies in this
area then collect the Golden Capsule. Head all the way back to the bridge you
ignored before and cross it.

Head down a few screens killing enemies as you go until you reach a screen
with a very strong Blue Tiger Bandit. Kill this Tiger Banit then get the
capsule by it. Head up a screen and there is a crossing across a waterfall,
cross and follow the path down across a moat like area and collect a golden
capsule. Head back to right where you crossed, but don't cross. Right below
it is a path behind the waterfall, follow the path then head down into a town
area place.

Save and head through the town straight town into a maze area. Make your way
through the maze (I'll have a map in the next update for this) and at the end
you'll face off against the King Triceratops!


                 -= Boss Battle: King Triceratops =-

HP:   850
STR:  21
POW:  1
END:  25

This is a decently hard boss battle, unlike the previous ones, you only have
to drain 80% of his life though. Start off the battle by going into the
bottom left corner. He'll try to charge you, but he won't get to you. Run up
to him and start assaulting him with melee attacks. Keep hitting him with
melee attacks and if he ever gets the upperhand on the fight head back to the
lower left corner. Once he's down to 40% HP finish him off with Ki Blasts.


After the fight is over you'll arrive in the Village Place. There is a flight
pad too, fly off and head into town where you'll be confronted by Frieza's
brother Cooler. He'll on Namek, but you can't go there yet (and it's a side
quest so you never have to fight him) so just ignore his little threat for a
bit and head into town.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=
= Retrieving The City Key =========================================== W0006 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=

                          W E S T     C I T Y

Head to where you talked to the major and he will be giving Hercule the key
to the city, unfortunately somebody will come and steal the key to the city
:(. Follow the guy who stole the key to the bottom left of the city and into
the Warlord's Domain (you have to talk to the guard for entrance).

                   W A R L O R D ' S     D O M A I N

Head into the domain and save. Follow through to the first area. Follow
straight across until you reach the end of it, then head up and into a new
area. Head left several screens until you reach the beach. Head straight up
now that you're at the beach until you get to a flight pad. Fly across a
small pad using the flight pad and head up a few screens into the old man's

Talk to the man and he'll explain that he stopped the Warlord. He left the
key in a cave protected by a seal, but he removed it, time to get the key!
Head down to the bottom of the beach and enter the forest again. Head across
a few screens until you are in a really wide open area. Head to the top of it
and there is the cave. Grab the key from the cave and head back into West
City again...

                          W E S T     C I T Y

Head to where the Mayor is and give him the Key. Head back to the World Map
icon after a short talk with Gohan and fly to The East District 439.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                             =-=-=-=-=
= Android's 19 and 20 =============================================== W0008 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                             =-=-=-=-=

                T H E     E A S T     D I S T R I C T    4 3 9

Head up north a bit and Piccolo will fly to Goku and Gohan. The next thing
you know it will be three years later in the game and you'll have learned
another Ki Attack for Gohan and Piccolo. Anyway head south to the Map Icon
and take off. Head to Master Roshi's Island to learn an attack for both Gohan
and Piccolo then head to Amenbo Island.

                        A M E N B O     I S L A N D

Talk to everyone, then to Yajirobi to get a Senzu Bean. After you've talked
to Yajirobi head down a bit and the Androids will attack. Head to the flight
pad and you'll enter the town of Sasenbo. Follow along the road and Yamcha
will find them. Continue on the road to find him lying down with the Androids
around. Krillin will fly away with Yamcha and you'll have a short chat with
the Androids. They'll blow up the city and everyone will fly away...

The game now turns to Vegeta... Vegeta will go crazy and then go Super
Sayain. Super Saiyan is like a Ki Blast, you access it by toggling the L
Button. When you use it it slowly drains your Green Energy Bar. Head into the
Space Ship and you'll arrive at Capsule Corporation. Head to the right and
talk to the scientist and then go to the World Map. Head down to the Southern
Continent now...

                  S O U T H E R N     C O N T I N E N T

Head up a bit and a cut-scene of Goku starting to fight the Androids will
appear. The game will come back to Vegeta shortly. Take out the Tiger Bandits
then head to the right path. Follow through a screen then on the next screen
head down and save. Head back up and back to the inital screen. Head to the
left path this time and collect the Golden Capsule. Head back a screen and
take the final path, up.

Head throw the next screen into another, and pass through that screen. In the
next screen head up into yet ANOTHER screen. Kill all the ladybugs in this
screen to destroy a force field. Follow through the force field and into
a new area. Kill the enemies then head up through either exit and head to the
left exit from there. Follow the path a few screens down and collect the
Golden Capsule.

Head all the way back to where the path started and head up to where the
Androids are. Goku will tire out and now it's time for you to fight them...


                      -= Boss Battle: Android 19 =-

HP:    2970
STR:   21
POW:   14
END:   11

Begin out by turning Super Saiyan in a safe spot, then just pummel him with
melee attacks. You'll probably run out of energy when he's around 10% life
left, but no problem. Finish him off with a few punches and this fight is


Head north after the fight and save. Switch to Vegeta and its time to fight


                      -= Boss Battle: Android 20 =-

HP:    2810
STR:   24
POW:   19
END:   14

You only have to fight him down to 20% health, but he's a little harder than
19 though. Hide behind a rock and turn Super Saiyan now just punch the heck
out of him with melee attacks. You're very fast and strong so he should never
be able to recover. Keep attacking and the fight's over :).


Trunks will come in and 20 will escape. Bulma says his hiding spot is in the
Northern Mountains though... so lets go there!

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=
= The Northern Mountains ============================================ W0009 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=

              T H E     N O R T H E R N     M O U N T A I N S

Head over to the save point and save naturally and then head down into a
screen with a bunch of Warthogs. Take them out with melee attacks by the
bunch and collect the Golden Capsule. Head back up to the screen with the
save point and head left into another screen. Head up from here  and through
the next screen.

In this new area destroy the rocks blocking your path and then kill the
enemies and head on into an area by a lake. Kill the birds as you head
through this screen. In the next screen collect the capsule and it's time to
fight Dr. Gero :(.


                      -= Boss Battle: Dr. Gero =-

HP:   1900
STR:  25
POW:  21
END:  17

He may have a decent amount of HP, but you only have to drain 20% of it :D.
If you're Vegeta immeditaly hide behind a rock and go Super Sayain, then
pound his brains out. If you're Piccolo or Gohan energy attacks don't work on
him so basically what you want to do is headup to the Northern portion of the
area where there is only a little bit of area and attack him from there. Make
sure to hit him back and forth side-ways so it's harder for him to recover.


Head up into the next screen and save. From here head straight up and Bulma
will say you need to destroy three generators... cool. Kill the eggbots then
exit through the right exit. Destroy the generator (destroy the yellow things
to be exact) and continue on into another screen. Here you'll have to fight
Dr. Gero again, fight him like last time and move on. Kill the eggbots and
head up through the top into another screen. Get the Golden Capsule from here
and head back down...

Go through the exit at the bottom left and clear the next room of enemies.
After you've cleared the room of enemies head through the exit at the top
right and head through the next room. Make sure to go everywhere on this
cliff area because there is a Golden Capsule. At the top is an exit, go
through, save and talk to the Dinosaur (also, Switch to Vegeta if you're not
him already).

Turn Super Saiyan, pick up an egg and then run down into the next screen.
Wait until the enemy is off the screen then run to the bottom and wait until
the Egg Bots and the Tiger Bandit next to them are heading up and off the
screen for the most part and skim along the bottom. Head down and skim along
the wall avoiding the enemies and you're home free! Repeat this two more
times, destroy the generator, then head all the way back to where the Force
Field is.

Kill the Eggbots then exit through the left exit. Kill all the Egg Bots here
and head into one last Dr. Gero fight ^_^. Take him out like in the past then
head into the next area. Kill all the Blue Tiger Bandits then head down. At
the bottom of this area is a Capsule and Yabjorbi (he'll give you a senzu
bean). Get the stuff then head back up and right. Some music will start
playing, anyway head down into the town and save. At the bottom of town is a
capsule, collect that and exit the town area and head to the right from the
next area.

Follow through the next area up and into the next area. Get the Golden
Capsule from here and head back to the first area where you could hear music
and head up to the north exit. Head up the mountain into the cave. Follow
through the cave until you see a bunch of switches on the wall. Turn on the
Black, Green, and Blue switches and head up into Vinnie's house. Go through
the open door and destroy the final generator.

Head all the way back to where the Force Field was and head through. Dr. Gero
will activate the Androids. Afterwards head forwards and break the gate. They
will kill Gero now and Trunks will blow up the lab and then they will
activate #16. They will fly off now and you'll gain control. Head up an area
and you'll come to an area with an exit on the left and right and a flying
pad in the north.

Head to the right exit and save at the save padm, head back one screen now.
Head up on the flight pad and it's time to fight #18!


                      -= Boss Battle: Android 18 =-

HP:   2900
STR:  29
POW:  34
END:  27

This is quite easy actually, since you only have to fight her down to 50%
life. Start off by going Super Saiyan then pound her with some melee attacks.
If you are playing as Piccolo use Special Beam Cannon until you're out of
energy, then use a senzu bean and use it again... Finish her off with a few
melee attacks if she isn't dead by then. I don't suggest playing as gohan
here unless you've done some insane leveling with him.


After the battle is over a lot of talking will take place and then you'll
have to fly Piccolo to Kami's Lookout. Head straight up until you reach Kami
in his lair place...

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=
= A Possible Great Threat =========================================== W0010 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                         =-=-=-=-=

                   O U T S I D E     G I N G E R T O W N

Head to the left into the woods, head up, save, and head into another screen.
Clear this area of enemies and head out the left exit. Head through this next
area taking out eggbots with Ki Blasts as you go, soon you'll be in another
area. Take out all the enemies here and exit down into the Southern Exit.
You'll find Trunk's Ship, cool, anyway, head down and save and get the Gold
Capsule at the bottom right corner. Exit to the left and head up to cell ^_^.
After a short talk you'll control Piccolo :).

                           G I N G E R T O W N

Head to Gingertown and through the Level 25 gate. If you're not Level 25
train in the woods to the left. After you reach level 25 break the gate thing
and head up a few screens into a boss battle.


                         -= Boss Battle: Cell =-

HP:   5210
STR:  32
POW:  32
END:  37

5210 HP, yup, you have to deal 5210 HP to him, and that's just half of his
health X_X. Start out by hiding behind a rock and going Super Namek. Beat the
life out of him now, he should be around at 75% health when you run out of
energy. If you have a senzu bean use it to restore your Ki/Health and beat
him up for the rest of the battle. If you don't have a senzu bean just punch
him to death, he's not strong at all. Basically Cell is all HP and no attack.


After a long talk you'll gain control of Trunks and the Northern Mountain is
your new location to conquer.

              T H E     N O R T H E R N     M O U N T A I N S

Head over to the save pad and exit the area to the left. Kill the enemies in
this area now and head out the north. Head up another room and out to the
north. From the next area leave to the left and to the north in the next two.
Save at the save pad now and leave that area to the north and the next area
to the north aswell.

Kill the two destroyers in this area and exit to the north for the the 10
millionth time. Head to the left and destroy the level 30 gate and enter Dr.
Gero's lab. Explore a bit and Krillin will enter. Head into a second room
where Trunks'll drestroy Cell. Head up another screen and Trunks'll destroy
the master computer. Exit the lab now and head to the World Map and then to
Roshi's Island.

Head inside his house into the Upperstairs now... After a brief chat head to
Kami's Lookout and into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=
= Imperfect Cell ==================================================== W0011 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=

                 M A S T E R     R O S H I ' S     I S L A N D

After another chat outside the Time Chamber you'll gain control of Piccolo,
head to the World Map and fly to Master Roshi's Island where you'll be
confronted by 17... After another frieking' chat. Head to the flight pad
afterwards for some fighting :)


                     -= Boss Battle: Android 17 =-

HP:   3550
STR:  32
POW:  39
END:  34

He's REALLY strong, but that's about it. To counter with that put on Super
Namek so his damn awesome strikes won't kill you. The battle is in little
portions too, 25% of him each time. After the first fight stand around on the
island waiting for your Ki to recover. Once it is like 3/4 recovered fly off
to battle #2. Battle two should be easy. While you're in Super Namek you're
life will recover and should be at full in time for the last fight. Just
punch away for the last fight and you'll soon win.


A long scene will now happen, it's pretty interesting. Anyway, afterwards
head up to the Hyperbolic Chamber to watch Trunks and Vegeta get out. You'll
control Vegeta now, cool. Anyway, fly to the Tropical Islands and it's time
to go Cell Huntin'.

                 T H E    T R O P I C A L   I S L A N D S

Head down and save then onto the flight pad. Kill all the Alligators on this
island and go over to the flight pad on the east side and fly onto the next
island. Clean this island out aswell and head to a third island. Clean out
all the enemies in the first area and head down into another area. Kill all
of the enemies in this area and leave at the right side exit. This next area
is much like the last several, cluttered with enemies. Take them all out then
exit on the right side. Run through this next area, don't bother killing the

You'll encounter another area with a lot of crocodiles and saber tooth tigers
again, take them out and exit via the Northern exit. Head to the left while
taking out some enemies and collect the Golden Capsule. Head up, over and
across the bridge now. Talk to the Namek to make him "unlost" then to the
farmer guy to get an Apartment Card. Run back across the bridge now, break
the level 30 rock, and head up onto the flight pad to Cell!


                   -= Boss Battle: Cell "Nonperfect" =-

HP:   4890
STR:  39
POW:  41
END:  46

First of all, go un-super saiyan because it makes you WAY too slow for this
battle. Now that you're not super saiyan this battle should be quite easy.
Cell is large, slow, and pretty weak so just pound him to death. The arena is
quite large so it'll be easy to kill him since most likely you'll only hit a
wall a few times. Once his life bar reaches 20% you've won.


Vegeta will let Cell become Perfect now and Cell will own him. Now you will
fight Perfect Cell as Trunks! Fun...


                     -= Boss Battle: Perfect Cell =-

HP:   5160
STR:  44
POW:  46
END:  50

Again go un-super saiyan because it is way too slow. Now just beat him around
with melee attacks like before with the Vegeta fight. Once he gets to around
50% health on the bar the battle's first portion is over. Now you'll have to
fight cell again, but he has a lot more Hit Points. No worry though, you only
have to get him around 30% of his life bar down.


Yay... the plot thickens... Cell is going to have a tournament! Anyway, go to
the World Map icon and fly to Capsule Corp. Head inside the building, then
into the left exit from the first room. Head down from there and go up to
Floor 02. Talk to everyone on the floor and when you're about to leave the
main room (last room) Cell will come on TV. Afterwards head down to Bulma in
the lab, and talk to her. She'll upgrade the scouter and the game will turn
to Goku. After some chat head back onto the World Map and into Capsule Corp
again. Talk to Bulma to get the Dragon Radar and it's now time to Hunt down
the Dragon Balls!

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                 =-=-=-=-=
= Hunting Down Those Dragon Balls =================================== W0012 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                 =-=-=-=-=

                           G I N G E R T O W N                          

Head left into the woods. In the fist screen save then head into another.
Kill all the enemies here and leave at the left exit into a vertical area.
Head up this area taking out Eggbots as you go, soon you'll be in a more wide
open area. Take out all the enemies then leave at the bottom left exit and
you'll be in the area where Cell came out from, it's no importance now
though. At the bottom is a save point, save there, and leave in the Southwest
exit. Head up from this area, then left from the next, and finally down and
you'll see the Dragon Ball! Pick it up and head back onto the World Map. Your
next location to go to is The Tropical Islands.

                T H E    T R O P I C A L   I S L A N D S

Save then head onto the next island. Clean all the enemies out here and fly
to the next small island. Kill all the enemies here like the last island and
fly on to the large island. Head down into another screen of the large island
after taking out any enemies in your way. In this area the Dragon Ball lies,
pick it up and head back to the World Map! From here head to the Snowy

                     S N O W Y     H I G H L A N D S

The enemies are a bit harder here so Super Saiyan might help out here.
Anyway, head up from the first area. Kill all the enemies here then take the
flight pad to another side and take out the enemies there aswell. To progress
any further you'll need to be level 40, so go back and forth through all the
area's you can go to until you reach level 40. When you do head back to the
room where it is divided by some ice and fly to the right side. Head up from
there into a room with a level 40 gate. Kill all the enemies, break the gate
and move on.

From the next area kill all the ladybug enemies and move on into an area
filled with wolves. Kill them all then grab the Dragon Ball and leave this
area onto the World Map. Your next area to go to is The Northern Mountains.

              T H E     N O R T H E R N     M O U N T A I N S

Save then head out the left side. Take out enemies as you head up north
through the next screen, and then the next. In this fourth area leave out the
left side and then head up on the next screen. For the like 389394903 time
head out the northern exit on this screen. Save and then head out the left
side on this calm screen. There is a level 40 gate here, break it and proceed

Head down through several screens slowly making your way down to the Dragon
Ball. When you reach a screen with a Blue T-Rex you're in the area with the
Dragon Ball. Break the rocks by the T-Rex, then kill it, I reccomend using
Super Saiyan to be too fast for it. Once you've killed the T-Rex grab the
Dragon Ball if you haven't and head to the World Map. West City is your new

                           W E S T     C I T Y

Head down to the bottom left where the Warlord's Domain lies. Enter it and
save at the save point then proceed on into another area. Follow the path
West killing any enemy that reaches your way here and enter the area with the
Dragon Ball. Head down to the bottom right corner and there lies the Dragon
Ball. Head back into West City and then to the nearest flight pad so that you
can go to the next location, the Northern Wastelands. This Dragon Ball was
real hard ;).

            T H E     N O R T H E R N     W A S T E L A N D S

Head out the Northern Exit in this area. Head up the hill here and take the
left exit into another area. Break the level 35 gate and turn the switch on
inside the cave. Leave the cave and backtrack behind the hill that you went
up and head out the left exit there. Cross the bridge, and save the Namek.
Continue on through a cave into a new area you haven't seen before. The Dragon
Ball lies behind a locked gate in the Northern Portion of this area.
To unlock the gate flip on the two switches in the left and right exits of
this area. Once the two gate has been unlocked proceed through it and get the
Dragon Ball. Head back to the World Map and on to the last Destination....
The East District 439!

                T H E     E A S T     D I S T R I C T    4 3 9

First of all, get to a save pad and switch your character to Vegeta if you're
not him already. Head back into the woods now and take a left at the top left
exit. Head over to the level 30 gate and bash it in and head back to the save
pad and switch to Goku. Get back to the place where you broke the gate and
proceed on. Get the capsule as you go taking out enemies. Make your way to
the left side and exit there. Head out the North exit in the next area, the
left in the following, and North again in a third area. Kill enemies as you
make your way up North in this area and break the level 35 gate and head into
a Fortress.

Head up the middle exit into another area of the fortress. From here go to
the left and right sides and turn on the switches (make sure to save too).
From here head back to the first area of the Fortress. You saw a cutscene
with some switches a second ago, go to the East, West, then North side in
the mini hutches to find them and activate them. After they are activated the
water will completely drain and you can go on down. Follow the path down to
where General Tao and Mr. Vodka have the Dragon Ball.


                      -= Boss Battle: General Tao =-

HP:   6400
STR:  50
POW:  55
END:  60

This guy is easy. His only decent attack is like the Kamehameha Wave, but he
only uses it if you're far away from him. Find a safe spot to turn Super
Saiyan and then pound him. If you keep on hitting hard and fast he'll never
do his energy attack and the match will be easy. After the boss battle is
over you'll get the last Dragon Ball! Yay!


Head to Dende's Lookout and give him the Dragon Ball. Now it's on to the Cell

          ****** MAKE SURE THAT GOHAN IS AT LEASE LEVEL 40 ******

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=
= The Cell Games ==================================================== W0013 =
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                                                 =-=-=-=-=

Yay, last boss fight thingy. I won't do the fancy headers for this portion of
the game for bosses since this is just a bunch of Boss Fights.

Goku Vs. Cell On Arena  --- HP: 6500
  This is pretty easy, just find a spot to safely go super saiyan and pound
  Cell. He has a ton of HP, but you're only going for 20% of his Hits. After
  you get 20% of his hits away he'll blow up the arena.

Goku Vs. Cell Not Arena --- HP: 6500
  This is basically the same thing, except you're going from 80% life to 50%
  of Cell's life. You'll probably run out of Super Saiyan energy in the
  middle of the fight, it's easy though, so no worries.

Gohan Vs. Cell First Fight --- HP: 6500
  Gohan should be more powerful than Goku so this again is easy. When he does
  a Kamehameha wave step away and go Super Saiyan. Now proceed to beat him
  senseless :).

Cell Junior Fights --- HP: 4990
  Easy again. Go Super Saiyan or Super Namek and beat them up. They are
  atually harder than cell due to their small size though. Really though, no

Super Saiyan Rage Gohan Vs. Cell --- HP: 6500
  Wow, now they are just letting you win. Seriously, now they you are SSR you
  deal like 500-600 damage with a single blow. This battle is about as easy
  as it gets.

Super Saiyan Rage Gohan Vs. Cell --- HP: 8230
  Cell has a little more HP, but this is still REALLY EASY. Beat him with
  melee attacks and the game is yours basically.

Now that Cell has been beaten after a long amount of cutscenes, do any side
quests you haven't done and then go to Dende's Lookout for the ending :).

.:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
DBZ04                           Side Quests                             DBZ04
':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'

                        Obtaining The Secret Character

The major Side Quest in this game is to get the Secret Character, Mr. Satan,
or more commonly known as Hercule. Obtaining Hercule is no easy task though,
and requires a decent amount of Gameplay to get. To obtain Hercule you must
get every character's statue, which you get by beating their level 50 area
(except Goku's, you get Goku's statue by beating the game). Leveling up to
level 50 is NOT an easy task though, and is quite tedious at times. The BEST
place to level up to level 50 is the Snowy Highlands. The Snowy Highlands
contain the hardest enemies that give out the most exp points. Once you've
leveled a character to level 50 go to their level 50 gate located at:

Gohan: Go to Gingertown. Go left to the woods, then up 2 screens. You should
       see his level 50 gate, beat it to get his statue.

Piccolo: Go to new namek. Head north and find his gate, beat it to get his

Vegeta: Go to Norhtern Mountains, to the place where the Force-Barrier blocked
        entrance to Gero's lab was, go left and see his level 50 gate, beat it
        and get the statue.

Trunks: Go to Triceratops Jungle south of west city. Go right and find the
        gate, beat it and get the statue.

Inside the gate is a few screens of stuff, it's pretty straightforward, just
a beat the enemies, get the statue sort of thing.

Once you have gotten all five of the statues you will unlock Hercule! Pour
all of your stat capsules into Hercule to make him an actually OK fighter,
then train him up to level 50. Once you've gotten him to level 50 go to the
TV Station in West City, break the level gate and get the secret ending!

                           Getting to New Namek!

New Namek is important for a few things. First of all there is Piccolo's lvl
50 gate there. Second of all there is a Golden Capsule there. Finally, there
is a secret boss there (Cooler). To get to New Namek you must find all seven
missing Namekians and then go to Capsule Corp to fly off! The locations of
the Sevvel Namekians are:

#1 - The left side of Kami/Dende's Lookout.

#2 - In the Kitchen of the Mayor's House in West City.

#3 - In Apartment B of West City (Fourth Floor).

#4 - Around where you went to fought Cell at the Tropical Islands. There is a
     bridge there. Head across to get to him.

#5 - In the most Northeast portion of the area behind the level 30 Vegeta
     gate in the East District 439. Skim along the trees to find a secret

#6 - In the Northern Wastelands. Turn on the switch behind the Goku gate to
     open up the bridge and get em'.

#7 - Behind the Level 30 Piccolo gate in the Northern Mountains.

Yay, you've gotten all seven Namekians. Now go off to New Namek to get the
junk there!

NOTE: My walkthrough SHOULD have the Golden Capsule locations built into it,
      putting them here would be too Filler Inducing.

.:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
DBZ05                             Enemy Data                            DBZ05
':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'

Any Missing Data Coming Soon!


HP:   600
STR:  29
POW:  1
END:  20

These fearsome reptiles live near water in the tropics and will
fiercely potect their territory. Strong jaws and sharp teeth make
alligators a formidable foe.

      BROWN    GRAY
HP:   65       1000
STR:  8        65
POW:  1        1
END:  4        35

Wolves are aggresive carnivores and often hunt in packs.

HP:   35        275
STR:  7          15
POW:  1           1
END:  3           4

These rattlesnakes are extremely aggresive and poisonous.

      RED      BLUE      SILVER
HP:   29        175      700
STR:  1         1        1
POW:  7         16       32
END:  4         11       29

This flying robot bears the insignia of the Red Ribbon Army. Scanning
indicated that this robot is desgined for surveillance purposes.
However this bug-like robot is also equipped for defense.

Tiger Bandit:
     ORANGE       BLUE      RED
HP:   38           325      1120
STR:  6            10       34
POW:  3            12       42
END:  4            8        25

This is a member of the notorious Tiger Bandit Gang. The Tiger Bandit
Gang is wanted on many counts of thievery, pillaging, money laundering,
kidnapping, and general mayhem.

Kuma Mercenary:
     BROWN    TAN     BLUE
HP:   125     575      940
STR:  17       25       35
POW:  1         1        1
END:  15       20       32

This bear is a member of the Kuma Mercenary Clan. These soldiers are
ruthless and cunning, and often resort to robbery when unemployed.

Warlord's Henchman:
      RED     BLUE    GREEN
HP:   90       900     1100
STR:  2         10       15
POW:  8         30       42
END:  6         26       36

These henchman are what's left over from the army of the defeated
Warlord who once ruled the outskirts of West City. Hercule is reported
to have defeated this Warlord.


HP:   300
STR:  20
POW:  1
END:  14

Warthogs are very dangerous boards. They can be as fierce as they are

Brown Hawk:

HP:   110
STR:  10
POW:  1
END:  5

The hawk is a bird of prey. Hawks have sharp beaks and acute vision.

Red Eggbot:

HP:   250
STR:  19
POW:  25
END:  18

The egg-like robot bears the insingia of the Red Ribbion Army. Scanning
indicates this humanoid robot is designed for the purpose of hand to
hand combayt. The arms of this robot are actuated using unusually
powerful hydraulic pistons.

Red Destroyer:

HP:   1463
STR:  32
POW:  39
END:  29

The giant robot bears the insingia of the Red Ribbion Army. Scanning
indicates this humanoid robot is designed for military purposes. The
thick geromantium armor on this robot makes it invulnerable to most
conventional attacks.

Saber-Toothed Tiger:

HP:   750
STR:  32
POW:  1
END:  14

This species of tiger has long razor sharp teeth. They are fierce

      BLUE    RED
HP:   900     1200
STR:  28      40
POW:  1       1
END:  16      30

Often mistaken for a dragon or dinosaur the ptrodactyl is actually a
flying reptile. Pterodactyls can be quite cunning and intelligent


HP:   870
STR:  40
POW:  1
END:  40

These dinosaurs are herbivourous, but can often be extremely aggresive,
expecially when it comes to territory. Their head frills protect them
from attack, and their horns are a dangerous weapon.


HP:   1400
STR:  37
POW:  31
END:  31

These warriors value stealth and subterfuge. Some ninja use their
ninjutsu skills for assassination and thieving.

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DBZ06                          Legal Information                        DBZ06
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