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FAQ/Walkthrough by likk

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/16/04

                    _____               _ _   _ _     _
                   |  _  \             (_) | / (_)   | |
                   | | | |___ _ __ ___  _| |/ / _  __| |___
                   | | | / _ \ '_ ` _ \| |    \| |/ _` / __|
                   | |/ /  __/ | | | | | | |\  \ | (_| \__ \
                   |___/_\___|_|_|_|_|_|_\_| \_/_|\__,_|___/
                            |  _  \         | |
                            | | | |__ _ _ __| | __
                            | | | / _` | '__| |/ / 
                            | |/ / (_| | |  |   < 
                       _   _|___/ \__,_|_| _|_|\_\ 
                      | | | |             (_)
                      | | | | ___ _ __ ___ _  ___  _ __
                      | | | |/ _ \ '__/ __| |/ _ \| '_ \
                      \ \_/ /  __/ |  \__ \ | (_) | | | |
                       \___/ \___|_|  |___/_|\___/|_| |_|

                             Current FAQ version 1.0     
                       |           Author info:              |
                       |       likk (KimahriRonso on         |
                       |            the Gamefaqs MBs)        |
                       |email: likkfaqs(at)gmail(dot)com     |

To find a certain section faster, copy the 
letters in brackets [ ] and press Ctrl+F 
and then paste into the box.
/ Table of Contents \

i.   Version History
ii.  Basic Tips
iii. Controls


I.     Intro____________________[NTRO]
II.    Rem Elementary School____[RESL]
III.   Hueyville________________[HUVL]
IV.    Wind Valley______________[WVAL]
V.     Sword Cave_______________[SDCV]
VI.    Kibra Woods/Wind Shrine__[KWWS]
VII.   Wind Gate________________[WNGT]
VIII.  Lost Forest______________[LFST]
IX.    Galin Plains_____________[GPLN]
X.     Center Town______________[CNTN]
       - Heldun Flats
XI.    Dark Palace______________[DKPL]
       - Orgel Room
XII.   Frostyville______________[FRST]
       - Polar Wastes
       - Ace Base (optional)
       - Ice Cave (optional)
XIII.  Ice Temple_______________[ICTM]
       - Time's Edge
XIV.   Time Tower_______________[TMTW]
       - Tower Area
       - Fanda Plains
       - Hermit_________________[HRMT]
       - Duvegs Trail
XV.    Hydraville_______________[HDRA]
       - Hydra Mine
XVI.   Limbo____________________[LMBO]
       - Hydraville
       - Hermit
       - Foggy Marsh
       - Lair Area
       - Rebels' Lair
       - Rem Elementary School
       - Time's Edge
XVII.  Rem Ruins________________[FTRM]
       - Mall/Future
       - Blvd./Future
       - Park/Future
XVIII. Rem Elementary School____[RESL]
       - Playground
       - Rem Blvd.
       - Rem Park
XIX.   Back to Future Rem_______[FTRM]
       - Sinra Forest
       - Redwood Forest
       - Dark Palace
       - DemPast
XX.    Peril Forest_____________[PFST]
       - Underworld
       - Annwn Town
XXI.   DemFire__________________[DMFR]
       - Helkane Peak
       - Volkanville
       - Mount Giles
       - Myorl Town
       - Dark Path
       - Dark Temple
       - Dark Palace

XXII.  Elysium__________________[ELSM]
       - Avalon
       - Rainy Woods

XXIII. Tyrnanog_________________[TYRN]
       - Time Rift - Light Rift


 A. Wartak's Demonary Quiz
 B. Casino
    1. Big & Small
    2. CodeBreaker
 C. Boulder Hunting

Shop List_______________________[SLST]
Item List_______________________[ITEM]


/ i. Version History \

Version 1.0
 March 15, 2004     I'm sorry it took so long to update, I pretty much 
                    forgot all about it. I have finished the Walkthrough 
                    portion with this update, but there are still some 
                    optional parts to finish before I wash my hands of this 
                    game like the "Deep Hole". I hope to have that done by 
                    this weekend or so. Sorry again about the long gap 
                    with no updates....

Version 0.99
 October 27, 2003   I was working on it all day, and I mean ALL DAY. My 
                    fingers are tired now. I added the sections from Limbo 
                    all the way to the end of the Dark Temple, as well as 
                    the Boulders part of the Optional section. That may not 
                    be all of them, but its the ones I've ran across so 

Version 0.93
 October 19, 2003   I didn't do anything yesterday, so I'm trying to make 
                    up for it today by doing a whole lot. I got the Dark 
                    Palace (IX) through Time Tower (XIV) written up. I 
                    started at about 7am and it is 2:45pm as of this bit of 

Version 0.9
 October 17, 2003   Added the BattleNet and Optional sections, and the 
                    walkthrough is done up to beating Grevir, between Center
                    Town and Lucifer's Dark Palace.

Version 0.5 
 October 13, 2003   Started Item List and Shop List. Walkthrough up to Galin
                    Plains done.

Version 0.4
 October 12, 2003   Wind Valley through Kibra Woods done.

Version 0.1
 October 11, 2003   Started FAQ. Outline done and walkthrough done through 

/ ii. Basic Tips \

1.) When I say "hero", I mean the main character. His name is Akira by
    default. Since you can name him anything you want, I decided to use
    "hero" so I don't confuse anyone.

2.) When giving directions, you will see N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW, SE (ie. the
    Cardinal directions on a Compass)

    North (N) = Up
    South (S) = Down
    East (E) = Right
    West (W) = Left
    Northwest (NW) = Up/Left
    Northeast (NE) = Up/Right
    Soutwest (SW) = Down/Left
    Southeast (SE) = Down/Right

    You've no doubt seen this in other FAQs. Its the best way to give
    directions. I'll be using the directions in the parentheses instead of 
    writing out the words, it gets the point across and less typing for me. 
    Muhahahaha. More typing is good if you do it for the right reasons, but 
    this isn't one of them. lol I didn't need to write what stands for what 
    in the listing above, but you'd be surprised how many people ask.....>_<

    (I copied #2 from my Legacy of Goku II walkthrough, since it applies here
     as well.)

3.) Talk to EVERYONE. I will not say this in each section, since it is one of
    the main things you do in a RPG. They may give you some nice items or 
    necessary information to find out where you should go next, if you are 
    ever stuck.

4.) If/WHEN you are beaten in battle, you lose HALF of your Macca and are 
    sent back to the nearest Clinic you've visited.

5.) Buildings in towns:

    -=Item Shop=-

    They have a sign with a big S over the door. There are two Demons in 
    each store behind the counter. The one facing the door sells you 
    regular items such as Healing items. The Demon behind that one sells 
    special items such as Maps for the area you are in, Power Units for 
    your Demiloc, and Relics. CDs which unlock background music you can 
    listen to in your Vinecom's "Options" area. Not all Shops are set up 
    like this though. There is also a Bank here as well. You can store Macca
    here for later. The Bank is handy because you will lose HALF of your 
    Macca when you die, so keep most of your cash in the Bank JUST IN CASE.

    -=Fusion Lab/Relic Lab=-

    They have a sign with a Pentagram over the door. In the Fusion Lab, you 
    can fuse Demons together to make new Demons, or fuse them with your 
    Guide to make him stronger. In the Relic Lab, you fuse Relics together 
    to create new Demons. Zombie Demons obtained from certain Relic fusions 
    can be resurrected here if you have the corresponding soul for that 


    They have a sign with MH over the door. The Inn is for healing your 
    Demons. The Clinic is for reviving Demons that have been knocked out in 


    They have a sign with a big C over the door. You trade in Macca for 
    Casino chips that can be used to play games there or trade in for items 
    from one of the Demons behind the counter.


    They have a sign with a UN (VN?) over the door. You can fight computer 
    opponents in normal battles or in a Tournament. You can also fight with 
    friends here using a link cable. Nicknames of Demons can be changed 
    here as well.
/ Walkthrough \

 I. Intro [WT]

The game begins looking at a Spiral galaxy.

   "Light and dark mark the passage of time. One fades into the other,
    forming an eternal cycle...A circle of life."

The scenario switches to the Dark Palace, Dem. A short conversation between
Lucifer and Forlo begins. Forlo brings bad news, a time rift appeared in Dem,
that if left unchecked, all will end. There is a prophecy about this.

   "When the fabric of time is torn, tomorrow shall fade."

The prophecy mentions children, saviors of our world. Lucifer then sends
Forlo to see if the prophecy is true and if there is hope, to find it! Forlo
then leaves.

The game goes back to looking at the Spiral galaxy.

   "Dark to Light and back again. Such is life."

Now we see Norn, who is standing in front of a door. She is the Keeper of
Fate, Destiny's guide. Here is where you choose your name for the main 
character. The default name is Akira, but you can enter your own if you so
choose. The max number of characters you can use is 8.

After confirming your name, a little bit more dialogue ensues and then you're
on your way into the game. But before you enter the door Norn was standing in
front of, a few more words appear on-screen.

   "Dark and Light...together shape eternity. Within are many paths,
    one of which is yours."

 II. Rem Elementary School [RESL]

Items found: Ointment x 1, Mana Juice x 2, Repel Charm x 2, Attack Gum x 1,
                Revive Orb x 1, Love Charm x 1, Guard Gum x 1, 500 Macca

October, 200X
Rem Elementary School

The teacher introduces a new student to the class, Amy Kashihara. The teacher
tells her she can sit across from "hero". 

{Note: From here on when I say "hero", I'm referring to the main character 
(Akira) since you can name him whatever you want to.}

Before Amy goes to sit down, she stops to talk to "hero" for a brief moment.
The teacher then dismisses the class. Talk to the other kids in class if you
like but before you leave, check the bookcase in the (NW) corner to receive 1
Ointment. Check the Plant on the (E) side of the classroom to receive 1 
Mana Juice. Exit the room for a short conversation between a few of the 
"hero's" friends.

Here you meet Jin and Lena. Lena has found something unusual, it turns out it
is a book with a spell to summon a demon. She found it in the library while
looking for another book. Amy leaves the classroom and overhears the 
conversation about demons. The "hero" introduces Amy to Jin and Lena. Lena
asks Amy if she is interested, she can join the group. Amy is unsure at first
but then decides she will accept Lena's offer.

*Lena and Amy head to the library, then Jin follows*

You now have control of "hero". You COULD go straight to the library now, but
this is an RPG....go explore the school a little bit. Head (W) and enter the
far door. The left locker at the top of the room holds 1 Repel Charm. The
bookcase right next to the 3 lockers to the (E) holds 1 Attack Gum. Exit that
room and head to the next room to the (E). The left cabinet holds 1 Revive 
Orb. The other holds 1 Mana Juice. The locker on the (W) side of the room has
M 500 (what you use for money). Remember this room if you get hurt, the girl
here will heal you if you need it. Exit the room.

You cannot go up the stairs for now, since the floors are being mopped, head
(E). Skip the first door, you have been there since thats your classroom.
There is nothing in the second door but an empty classroom, so the third door
is your destination. This is the library. Jin, Lena and Amy are looking at a
bookshelf, but they cannot find the book Lena found earlier. Before you talk
to your friends, check the leftmost bookshelf for a Love Charm and a Guard
Gum. The third bookshelf has a Repel Charm. On the (E) wall, the bottom 
bookshelf has a Mana Juice. 

Talk to Amy and she asks if you ("hero", Lena, and Jin) really want to summon
a demon. Talk to Lena, Jin tells you that the Demon Book is gone. Now you 
have to find it. Talk to the Librarian "Sister". She held onto it for some
unusual reason and asks "hero" if he wants it, choose "Take it" and she'll 
give it to you. Go talk to Jin now. He starts reading the book aloud.

   "Nex, a wolf-like demon who guards the gates of hell..."

Jin tells Akira that the book tells how to summon a demon. Amy and Lena talk
a little and Amy says that you need special powers to summon a demon. Then 
"hero" asks what kind of powers are needed to summon demons. Amy says that 
there is danger in summoning demons, a summoned demon might attack you. Jin 
and "hero" now chant the words to summon a demon. After the guys are done 
with the chant, there are several flashes of red and the demon appears. The 
demon's name is Gargoyle. He is mad that he was summoned ALL the way from 
Valhalla by KIDS. I'll leave the next little part of the dialogue for you to
read, I'd like to keep spoilers to a minimum. After that part, Lena gets face
to face with Gargoyle and chews him out. Go Lena! Gargoyle spins Lena around
a bit and Amy gives "hero" and Jin a Demiloc and a Vinecom. You have a choice
to either use the Demiloc or not to. You have to use it to progress the game
so choose "Use Demiloc" or forever be stuck in an endless cycle of "Don't 
use Demiloc". :p

--When you choose to use the Demiloc: It unleashes a blinding light and 
  summons Gale. Gale says that "hero" is a DemiKid, part demon and part 
  human. Gale is your ally and Guide. Gargoyle is surprised that "hero" is a
  DemiKid, but says he likes challenges.

>>>Boss: Gargoyle>>>

HP = 79
Attack to watch out for: Ice Breath

EXP gained:   5
Macca gained: 80

This boss is pretty straightforward, like most first 
boss battles are in any RPG. Just attack him and heal 
when you feel you need to. His ICE BREATH does the 
most damage, it did 30 damage to Gale. Since Gale 
only starts with 72HP, thats a pretty hefty chunk of
HP to take out. If you got all the items from the 
school, you should have plenty of items to heal Gale.
Gale has a Heal Spell that heals 40HP, and it only 
costs 5MP, so you can use it 5 times if need be since
he has 28MP to start with. Tough it out and you will 
be victorious.

Once the battle is over, Gargoyle yaps a little and dies. Amy tells "hero"
and Jin that their DemiKid powers have awakened. Lena thinks that Amy knows 
something and Amy says that both "hero" and Jin have Demi-Powers. More talk,
then Amy mentions the time rift, gets scared and runs off. Lena suggests that
they follow her. Jin exits and Gale asks you if you want to give him a 
nickname. For the purposes of this walkthrough, Gale will keep his default 
name. Gale has a couple of friends that will be allies. Aminoz, Lava Rat and
Windling. They are a nice and welcomed addition to the party. Gale tells you
if you need to talk to him while walking, press B. He can give you a ride in
demon-infested areas if you press R. Exit the library and head back towards 
the classroom. You see your group looking at a strange sphere. Amy tells you
its a time rift and not to touch it. Amy explains what a time rift is, he 
must be pretty dense....-_-'. Lena tells "hero" that they have to do 
something and Amy suggests that they DO touch it to see what they're dealing
with. They do, and are thrown back in time. Amy rushes off to the roof of the
school. You and the group need to meet her there to use the portal to go to 

Head up the stairs and you'll run into Pixy, who you must fight. Pixy has 
48HP. I had Gale attack once and did 44 damage, then Pixy used Zap Ring and 
the damage cost killed it. hahaha You'll be 40 Macca richer and 6 EXP

Don't bother checking the classrooms on the second floor, all of them are in
session. Fight some if you like or go straight to the roof. When you get to 
the roof, enter the door there and talk to the kid in the back of the room. 
He says he saw Lena and Jin come in this room, but they never came out. He 
then leaves. Try to leave the room and something appears. A Dem Gate appears,
and Forlo warps in using the Dem Gate. He introduces himself and his orders 
from Lucifer are to investigate the time rifts threatening Dem. Forlo invites
"hero" to Dem to speak with Lucifer, who is an expert on time rifts, and 
figure out how to alleviate the dilema. Walk forward and step into the Dem 
Gate to be warped to Dem. 

 III. Hueyville [HUVL]
Demons encountered (Gateway): Pixy, Hooty, Shepp, Aminoz
Items found: Resist Gum x 1

Exit the Dem Gate room and head (S) down the steps. You'll come across
Hueyville, a town of DemWind. The Item Shop is the building right behind the
demon standing still. If you have done some random battles and feel like 
blowing some cash, buy a few healing items from the green demon. I like to 
keep at least 1 Angel Wing in my inventory just in case I need to get back 
to a town for some reason. 1 Angel Wing is 80M, so pick one up unless you're
strapped for cash. Also, pick up the DemWind Map from the purple demon. Its 
100M, so get that before you spend too much. Before you leave the Item Shop,
look in the back of the store in the middle. That is the Bank. You can leave
some of your Macca there for safekeeping if you like.

Heading (S) down the path, there is an Inn and a Clinic to the left. The 
clinic is for your demons to revive them if any are unconscious. The Inn 
heals them. If you turn right instead of left, you'll see some stairs. Go up
and across the bridge to the (W) and you'll come across the Demon Lab. Here,
you can fuse demons together to gain a demon with improved abilities 
depending on which ones you choose to use. Fuse some demons if you wish, 
your choice. Once you are done in the Demon Lab, continue (W) and enter the 
house. On the (W) wall, check the flowers for 1 Resist Gum. When you are 
done in town stocking up and whatnot, exit to the (E) of town to go find
Tupon the Windmaster at the Wind Shrine.

 IV. Wind Valley [WVAL]
Demons encountered: Tsunami, Hooty, Aminoz, Cupid
Items found: Troll Seed x 1

Head (E) across the bridge and open the chest for 1 Troll Seed. Head (S) 
from there and then (W) across the bridge and (S) some more. Head (E) across
a third bridge and enter the cave entrance, this is Sword Cave.

 V. Sword Cave [SDCV]
Demons encountered: Two-Tail, Hooty, Cupid, Tsunami
Items found: Smoke Bomb x 1, Attack Gum x 1, Luck Gum x 1, Revive Orb x 1

Follow the path (N) and open the chest for 1 Smoke Bomb. Head (S) and you'll
pass a time rift. The chest after it has 1 Attack Gum. Continue following 
the straightforward path until you enter the next area of the cave. You'll 
see 2 chests, the left one holds 1 Luck Gum and the right one holds 1 Revive
Orb. Keep going (S) and you'll exit the Sword Cave.

 VI. Kibra Woods/Wind Shrine [KWWS]
Demons encountered: Two-Tail, Garum, Tsunami, Mermount
Items found: Mana Juice x 1, Angel Wing x 1, Magic Gum x 1

From the Sword Cave exit, you'll find a chest with 1 Mana Juice. Head (E), 
thats the only way you can go, so you HAVE to go that way. haha In the next 
area, you'll see a chest with 1 Resist Gum. Go (E) and there is a chest 
with 1 Angel Wing. From here, it is maze-like. I went Up, Up, Right, Right. 
Here is a chest with 1 Magic Gum. A little bit further (E) is the entrance to
the Wind Shrine. Enter and ring the bell 3 times and you will meet Tupon the

>>>Boss: Tupon (the Windmaster)>>>

HP: 242
Attack to look out for: His basic attack.
                        Windburst = dangerous

EXP gained:   40
Macca gained: 500

He is very tough and you will probably die at least once. I tried fighting 
manually the first time I fought him....and died. He totally wiped out all 
of my demons. I made my way back to him and put it on Auto battle and he 
went down within 4 turns. HAHAHA So try that if you have trouble. I used a 
Mermount as my 2nd demon, if you were wondering.

After the battle, Tupon gives you a Hyper Pinwheel (however, it shows as 
Cyclone Fan in your "Special" inventory...translation error?). It can be used
to blow away almost anything, including time rifts. It won't destroy them, 
another item is needed for that. The Hyper Pinwheel can only be used ONCE 
though. Tupon instructs you to go to Center Town and talk to Lucifer. He
tells you that you can come and visit him anytime you like, and he might even
join you when you revisit him. Nice (won't be until later though).

Tupon disappears and someone appears as "hero" is about to leave. Its Kibra,
the protector of plant life, mother of nature. The time rifts drain her 
subjects of life, "hero" tells her that he is heading for Center Town to 
talk to Lucifer to ask him how to destroy them. She mentions the time rift in
Sword Cave and says it grows bigger with the passage of time. Now use an 
Angel Wing (if you have one) and head back to Hueyville, otherwise you have 
to walk ALL the way back. 

 VII. Wind Gate [WNGT]
Demons encountered: Ice Baby, Makara, Seth, Krane, Dark Imp
Items found: n/a

Use the (S) exit out of Hueyville and use the Hyper Pinwheel. Head (S) to 
the Lost Forest.

 VIII. Lost Forest [LFST]
Demons encountered: Krane, Dark Imp, Ice Baby, Makara
Items found: n/a

There isn't much to do here except recruit some new demons, if you didn't 
get them in Wind Gate before coming here. Make your way to the (SW) corner 
to go to the Galin Plains.

 IX. Galin Plains [GPLN]
Demons encountered: Shoklam, Mokele, Makara
Items found: 2000 Macca, Repel Charm x 1, Luck Gum x 1, Demonitonic x 1, 

Head straigh (W) across the long bridge and open the chest that contains 
2000 Macca. Head (S) and then (E). There is a house here, enter and talk to 
the demon in the (NE) corner. This is Wyregg, and it'll want to join you. 
Check the flowers next to where it was standing for 1 Repel Charm. The pile 
of logs next to the fireplace has 1 Luck Gum. Exit the house and head (W) 
across the bridge. There is a chest containing 1 Demonitonic. In the (NW) 
part of the area, there is a huge time rift, make a note of that. Exit over 
the bridge heading (W) to enter Center Town, just where you wanted to go.

 X. Center Town [CNTN]
Items received: Resist Gum x 1

Your destination is the Dark Palace, which is (N) of town. Before you go 
there, explore a little if you like. The building with the Star over the 
door is the Relic Lab/Fusion Lab. The Relic Lab is on the left, the Demon 
Lab on the right. There you can fuse 3 Relics to create a Demon. You can't do
anything with the Relic Lab yet, since you can only have 2 Relics at this 
point. The Demon and Talon Relics are buyable back in Hueyville, but you 
have to use 3 different Relics and can't use duplicates in one Fusion. Fuse 
some Demons if you like.

The next building to the (W) is the BattleNet building. There is Un (Vn?) 
the door. See the BattleNet Section for more info. The Demon next to the 
counter walking in place is Wartak. He is a traveling reasercher, and a 
master of the Demonary. He will give you a reward if you have registered 50 
Demons in your Demonary. You can also take the Demonary Quiz. The questions 
come in the same order and the 3 choices are in the same order too. You 
could beat the quiz by trial and error if you don't know from having read 
the info from the various Demons. See the "Optional" section for the right 

The next building (W) is the Casino. It has a big C over the door. Here you 
can exchange Macca for Chips from the person on the left behind the counter,
which can be used for the games playable in the Casino. Its 10 Macca for 1 
Chip. Once you buy the Chips, you can't sell them back, so don't buy more 
than you can afford. The only way to get rid of them is to use them in games
or trade them in for items/Demons from the person on the right behind the 
counter. For further info on the games, see the "Optional" section.

In the house just (S) of the Casino has 1 Resist Gum in the cabinet. Check 
out the Item Shop just (N) of the Casino and pick up the DemCenterMap if you
want to keep track of the different areas and what Demons appear where. 
Stocking up if need be. When you are finished in town, use the (N) exit out 
of town. This is the Heldun Flats.

-=Heldun Flats=-

Demons encountered: Caitsith, Shoklam, Windlord, Midion, Arakneus
Items found: Alarm x 1

Head straight (N) and you'll find a boss battle, Grevir.

>>>Boss: Grevir>>>

HP: 486

Attack to watch out for: Basic attack
                         Polardeus(sp?) - hits both allies

Macca gained: 180
EXP gained:   90

This battle will be hard as ****. Mainly because Grevir has a HIGH DEF. I 
STRONGLY recommend using Gale's Crush Claw to lower Grevir's DEF. Summon as 
many of your strongest Demons as you can to do as much damage as they can. 
This is going to be one a battle that may piss you off many times. When he 
gets down into the red part of his health, he'll use Healmor, so you need to
finish him off before he kills you.


Continue (N) after beating Grevir. In the (NW) part of this next area is a 
chest with 1 Alarm. Alarm is a Power Unit for the Demiloc which lowers the 
chance that the enemy gets the first hit in battle. It has a size of 3, so 
you can't have any other Units equipped with it until you increase the 
capacity of the Demiloc. Exit to the (N) and enter the Dark Palace. 

 XI. Dark Palace [DKPL]

There is only one path to take from the entrance, so take the small flight 
of stairs to the (E) or (W) and then go (N) and step onto the star. It is a 
teleporter to another place in the castle. Continue (N) onto the next star. 
Forlo meets you and then you meet Lucifer. Lucifer does some talking and 
tells you to visit the Orgel Room, to talk to the Time Maidens. Before 
leaving, he gives you the Kingloc. The Kingloc allows you to hold King-class
Demons so you can have 3 allies battle at one time (if you do not have any 
King-class demons, a second regular Demon will join you in battle). There is
an exit to the (N) behind Lucifer's throne, and a teleport in that room. 
Hmm...where to go? *wink wink* 

-=Orgel Room=-
Demons encountered: War Lion, Unicorn, Caitsith
Items found: FEM Talk x 1

Enter the door and continue straight through this room and into the next. 
Before going up the stairs, get the FEM Talk from the chest over in the 
shadows. It is a Power Unit that increases your chances of Recruiting Female
Demons by 30%. Go up the stairs and enter the door to meet the Time Maidens.
There are 3 Time Maidens. Urd, Time Maiden of the Past. Verdandi, Time 
Maiden of the Present. And Skuld, Time Maiden of the Future. Talk to 
Verdandi, on the left. She gives you 5 Time Chains and tells you to go to 
the Ice Temple, west of Center Town. The Time Chains can be used to destroy 
the time rifts on the way to the Ice Temple. Thats your next destination.

-=Luna Prairie=-
Demons encountered: Speedy, Temptina

Head (W) into the next area for a little surprise. I won't say anything. ;) 

-=Icy Wastes=-
Demons encountered: Speedy, Pilox, Temptina
Items found: Mirror Relic x 1, Halo Ring x 1

There is only one path, so follow it. You may notice a boulder sitting off 
to the side along the path, remember that, there is a Relic inside it (so I 
hear from the Message Boards). Exit to the (W). Going (W) and (N), you'll 
come to an ice bridge. Before you go under it, go up the ramp and destroy 
the time rift. Go (N) after getting off of the bridge and there is a chest 
with 1 Mirror Relic in it. Backtrack to where you can go under the ice 
bridge and you'll see a chest which contains 1 Halo Ring. Go (N) and you'll 
enter Frostville.

 XII. Frostyville [FRST]
Items found: Bubble Oil x 1, Wafer Relic x 1, Attack Gum x 1, Orb of Fire x 1
Secret Demon - Ikonda___Keyword: Light Ikonda

Check the well near the entrance to town and you'll get a Soul Gem, which is
a Special item. The Item Shop is to the (W) of town. The barrel next to it 
has a Bubble Oil in it. The house next to the Item Shop has a special 
and "invisible" inhabitant in it until you trigger it to show. Search 
in-between the bookshelves, a Demon will appear. It tells you that it will 
join you if you say the magic word, and to check Nintendo Power issue 175 
for clues. If you don't happen to subscribe to that magazine (I don't, I'm a
Gamepro man myself), the correct answer is "Light Ikonda" (no quotes). I 
have to thank Shiro on the Message Boards for posting that. I didn't know 
which Demon it was, but he posted 5 different ones and I found the correct 
one. Thanks Shiro! :D While you're on this side of town, go pick up the 
DemIce map for a measly 100M. 

The pot next to the Demon Lab on the (E) side of town has a Wafer Relic 
in it. The barrel in front of the Inn just to the south has 1 Attack Gum in 
it. Go into the house in the (NE) part of town and check the 2 jars for 1 
Orb of Fire. If you got the Soul Gem from the well, examine the still figure
on the right. Put the Soul Gem into Coperia and she will want to join you. 
When you're done doing what you want to do in town, go back to the center of
town and head (N) to enter the Polar Wastes.

-=Polar Wastes=-
Demons encountered: Temptina, Apsaras, Basilisk, J. Frost, Talos, Agathion, 
Items found: Pheromix

There is a chest with 1 Pheromix if you head (N). If you don't want to do 
an extra quest, go (W) a bit and head up the stairs. If you continue (N), 
you'll find the Ice Temple. If thats the case skip over these next 2 areas.

If you DO want to do a side-quest:

Double back a bit from the chest and head (NE) up a couple of flights of 
stairs to find a time rift. The house is the Ace Base.

-=Ace Base (Optional)=-

Only thing to do is to go through the first room and go down the stairs and 
then go (N). The Icys in this room will test whether you are Icy Ace 
material. You must get through the Ice Cave and meet with the Head Ace where
the worthy will gain an Ace Badge. Talk to Z.Frost who is standing in front 
of you when the other 2 leave and agree to help him. Back to the Polar 
Wastes. Go back towards the entrance but head (W) to the Ice Cave. 

-=Ice Cave (Optional)=-
Demons encountered: Fairy, J. Frost, Apsaras, Basilisk, Talos, Agathion,
                    Angel, Temptina
Items found: Dredfang x 1, Ice Blade x 1

There is a time rift on the (N) path, but ignore it for now and save a Time 
Chain. It leads to a huge time rift that you can't destroy yet. Head (W) 
instead and enter the door. Cross the bridge and there is another huge time 
rift just (N), so continue (W). Going (N) will net you a Dredfang. Now exit 
the cave to the (S). If you talked to Z.Frost back at Ace Base, he will be 
here next to the cave. Talk to him and you have a boss fight with the guy 
he was looking at when you exited the cave. This is Libra. Easy if you have 
Demons with Fire attacks. That Dredfang that you may have picked up earlier 
will definitely come in handy as well.

>>>Boss: Libra>>>

HP: 211 

IF you have an Apsaras and a Punkin, have both as your asisstants. Use 
Punkin's Sacrifice skill and Apsaras' Cycloburst and you will take a HUGE 
chunk out of Libra's HP. If not, FIRE attacks are the key here. If you 
picked up the Dredfang, USE IT. lol

Follow Z.Frost (N) and enter the house. He gets the Ace Badge as if HE 
defeated Libra, that sorry little...>_< Anyway, he kinda morphs and is all 
happy. Go to leave and he'll give you an Ice Blade skill. Nothing more to 
do here now, head back to the Polar Wastes. There is a staircase right by 
the (W) entrance, can't miss it. Head (N) to the Ice Temple.

 XIII. Ice Temple [ICTM]
Demons encountered: J. Frost, Basilisk, Apsaras, Temptina, Irontaur, Sylph, 
                    Fairy, Bearlord
Items found: Mana Shake x 1, Magic Gum x 1, Dredfang x 1, Resist Gum x 1, 
             Attack Gum x 1, DRGN Talk x 1.

Straight in is the way you need to go. Talk to Harborim. Fight time!

>>>Boss: Harborim>>>

HP: 519

Attack to watch out for: Basic attack

Macca gained: 200
EXP gained: 120

A Punkin's Sacrifice skill and Apsaras' Cycloburst paired together do a 
LOT of damage, just like they did on Libra (if you did that part). Wailing 
and healing is pretty much all there is to it.

Harborim dies after the battle. This is a point where you have to make a 
choice. Gale says there is something wrong, that his body is changing. You 
are given 2 choices, "Take a closer look" or "Ignore". Gale will evolve 
according to your answer. If you chose "Take a closer look", he'll evolve 
into Arch Rox. He is taller than his original Rox form and has a longer 
tail. He looks more like a dragon, picture Gargoyle from the beginning. If 
you chose "Ignore", he'll evolve into Dred Rox. He has more offensive power 
than Arch Rox, and looks cooler, in my opinion. The tail is almost as long 
as Arch Rox's, but its gold. Arch Rox is better suited for Magic, Dred Rox 
for brute force.

Go to the back of the room and there is a chest with 1 Mana Shake in it. 
Head down the stairs. Follow the path and you'll pass a time rift, ignore 
that one and save the Time Chain. Continuing down the path, you'll see it 
go (N) just after the time rift. There are two chests here and a staircase 
going down. Come back here in a second, go down to the end of the hall and 
there is a chest with 1 Magic Gum. Now go back to the path that goes (N). 
The left chest has 1 Dredfang, BUT there are Demons in the right one. Fight 
them if you want the EXP. Meh... After heading down the stairs, slide 
down the ice and the chest there has 1 Wafer Relic. In the (NE) corner of 
the room is a chest with 1 Resist Gum. 

Don't be intimidated by the big ice floor, its easier than you may think. 
I'm sure you can make it all by yourself, BUT I'll put the solution here 

From the little floor part sticking out, head all the way (S) so you hit 
into the pillars. Slide (W) until you get to the last solid pad. Head (N) 
twice, (E) once and then (N). There ya go.

Go through the door, the time rift here has 1 Attack Gum and 1 DRGN Talk.
To find the portal to Valhalla, follow the path and you'll find it. After 
the cutscene, "hero" enters the portal. 

-=Time's Edge=-
Items found: TimeEdge Map

Exit the portal room and go down the steps. On the (E) side of this room is 
a chest with the TimeEdge Map in it. Its okay to walk over the star, its 
not a teleporter like the ones in Lucifer's Dark Palace. Exit (S) and its 
cutscene time again...
 XIV. Time Tower [TMEG]
Items found: Guard Gum x 1, Fear Relic x 1

Walking down the Tower, you'll see a green Demon walking in place to the 
right of one of the staircases. He was in Center Town in the BattleNet 
building if you don't remember where you've seen him before. His name is 
Wartak. Maybe you have at least 50 Demons registered (recruited or fused) 
in your Demonary. When you have 50, talk to him and he'll give you a 
Paramese, a Lv _2_ Paramese. Yeah, wowie. If you haven't done the quizes 
already, you can do those here, theres still only 6 though. Off to the (E) 
you'll see a red door. There is a Clinic and an Inn there if you need them. 
The Clinic costs Macca, but the Inn is free. Exit and keep going down the 
Tower. You'll probably see 2 chests. The right one has 1 Guard Gum, and the 
left one has 1 Fear Relic. Descend the tower and exit. 

-=Tower Area=-
Demons encountered: Demipyre, Bearlord, Windmare, Irontaur, Horus
Secret Demon - Pandora__Keyword: Megami (ty Shiro)

From the entrance of the Time Tower, go (W) just a bit and check the tower 
next to the TT and a hidden Demon will appear. This is Pandora and the 
keyword to obtain it is "Megami".

-=Fanda Plains=-
Demons encountered: Bugbear, Windmare, Horus, Irontaur

Not much to do/see, just make your way (W) then (N) to Hermit.

-=Hermit [HRMT]=-
Items found: Nue Soul x 1

Head (W) and (N) to find the village of Hermit. Enter the first tent which 
is the Inn and talk to the Demon on the left side. He is Oberon, who 
travels across time in search of beautiful things.  The barrel outside the 
Demon Lab in the (N) part of town has 1 Nue Soul in it. When you finish 
exploring the village, enter the tent on the (E) side of the village and 
meet Guy and Judy. Exit to the (N) when you're ready to set out to head 
to Hydraville.

-=Duvegs Trail=-
Demons encountered: Skeltos, Power, Phantom, Dredogs
Items found: Speed Gum x 1, Angel Wing x 1, Bird Talk x 1, Energy Cube x 1, 
             Huge Relic x 1, 

Just to the (W) a bit is a chest with 1 Speed Gum. You can get it now or 
later. Now continue (N) from where you just were to find a chest with 1 
Angel Wing. Continue (N) and there will be a sign. To the (W) is Hydraville 
and (E) is the Inferno Pit. (W) is the direction we're heading right now, 
so go (N) just a bit and grab the chest with 1 Bird Talk and continue (W). 
In this next area, there is a chest with 1 Energy Cube. There is 1 Huge 
Relic on a hovering island just (S) of this chest. Go (S) on the (E) side 
of the screen and jump over to it. Now get back where you entered and go 
(W) and down the stairs. Make your way (N) and you'll find Hydraville. 

 XV. Hydraville [HDRA]
Items found: Holy Orb x 1, Revive Gem x 1

At the (SE) part of town is the Power Lab and Demon Lab. The Power Lab is 
behind the left door, the Demon Lab behind the right. The Power Lab is new. 
Here you can fuse a Demon with Power Items. You may have a few "Skill" 
items by now. Well this is where you can finally use them. The Demon gains 
an attack from the item. The only hiderance here is that Demons can NOT 
learn a power that is its opposite. For instance, you can't teach a Demon 
that uses Fire attacks an Ice attack. The Item Shop is in the (SW) part of 
town. You can buy Pulse Relics here from the Demon on the right, if you need
them for Relic Fusions. The Inn/Clinic in the (NW) corner of town has a 
staircase going down. If you check the cabinet in the middle of the lower 
part, there is 1 Revive Gem. 

Enter the (E) door of the house in the (NE) corner of town to progress the 
story. Check the green cabinet in the middle of the (N) wall to find 1 Holy 
Orb then talk to Amy to find out whats the matter. It seems that you must 
go to Limbo on a rescue mission. Normally, the Inferno Pit would be the way 
to get there, but the Imperium forces are waiting there for Rebels to try 
to get through. Sooo, Bul has been tunneling in the mines and is almost 
through to Limbo. You must go see him in the back of the mine. Exit the 
house and the mine is right next door, the 2 Demons have moved out of the 
way now so you can enter.

-=Hydra Mine=-
Demons encountered: Phantom, Dredogs, Osiris, Inkubus
Items found: Air Relic x 1, Huge Relic x 1,  Gale Bag x 1, Power Burger x 1,
             M5000, Snow Comb x 1, Speed Gum x 1, Fear Relic x 1, 
             Luck Gum x 1, Magic Gum x 1

Follow the path. You may notice a small path going off to the (W) by the 
second light you come across. Osiris is a Demon you may fight along this 
small path, he is tough. I couldn't Recruit him when I got here since I was 
"not experienced enough" (maybe because "hero" was only Lv15, but I COULD 
recruit him when "hero" gained a couple more levels), so I just had to knock
the crap out of him. You will encounter him in other random battles in this 
area where you CAN recruit him, so don't worry about that. Through the door 
you'll find are 3 chests and a boulder you can break (later). The (S)-most 
chest has Demons init. There is an Inkubus and 2 Phantoms. You can't recruit
the Inkubus in this battle, but he is a random encounter as well. The left 
chest at the top of the room has 1 Air Relic, and the right one has 1 Gale 
Bag. Backtrack back to the main path and continue (N). Head (W) at the 
fork. There is a door behind the light at the fork. Its easy to miss. In 
there are 2 chests, the bottom one has 1 Power Burger, the other has 5000 
Macca in it. Talk to the Demon and he asks you to do "something new". He's 
been digging on the wall and you need to do a little digging since he's 
tired. Agree to it and you'll find a Roksaur buried in the wall, who will 
join you. Exit this room and go (W) just a bit.

There is 1 Huge Relic in the left jar at the top right corner of the room. 
The chest by the bed has 1 Snow Comb, and the chest on the (W) side has 1 
Speed Gum. The jar just (N) of this chest has 1 Fear Relic. Exit this room 
and continue (E). There is a fork here too, go (N) for a chest with 1 Luck 
Gum then go back to the fork and go (E). The Demon in front of the door is 
Bul, just the Demon you're looking for. Follow the path and you'll see it 
split going (N). There is a hidden-ish path that takes you to 2 chests. The 
left one holds 1 Magic Gum, the right one has Demons in it. An Osiris and 
Inkubus. Now just backtrack and continue (S) towards the exit of the mine 
and enter Limbo.

 XVI. Limbo [LMBO]
Demons encountered: Osiris, Inkubus, Bifrius, Isis
Items found: Voodoo Doll x 1, Time Chains x 4, Rain Jug x 1, Holy Orb x 1, 
             Snow Comb x 1, 

From the exit of the Hydra Mine, go up the stairs and into the prison. Go 
to the (E) side of this area, walking right by the Demon in the green armor 
guarding the stairs to the next floor and go down the stairs. At the bottom 
of this area is a chest with 1 Voodoo Doll. If you need to revive anyone or 
heal up in an Inn, head through the door here. Otherwise backtrack back to 
the demon in green armor. This is Crosel. Time to fight.

>>>Boss: Crosel>>>

HP: 822

Attacks to watch out for: Polardeus, Polarburst, Double Hit. 
                          "Heal-All" is used too.

Macca gained: 280
EXP gained: 286

I had two Osiris and my Dred Rox (Gale) and I put it on Autobattle. A few 
minutes later he was dead.

You get 4 Time Chains after beating him. Just like after beating Harborim 
back at the Ice Temple, Gale morphs after Crosel dies. The results will 
differ depending on what you chose back at the Ice Temple. I chose "Ignore" 
and got Dred Rox. So I won't know what the results will be from these 
choices if you have an Arch Rox now. I'll include those results at a later 
time, unless someone tells me the results beforehand. 

Base: Dred Rox
Choice: "See if he's OK"
Result: Mega Rox

Base: Dred Rox
Choice: "Do Nothing"
Result: Giga Rox 

OR if you went the Arch Rox route when Gale evolved last time:

(These two results were emailed to me by Johnathan See)
Base: Arch Rox
Choice: "See if he's OK"
Result: Wing Rox

Base Arch Rox
Choice: "Do nothing"
Result: Mega Rox

Now go up the stairs Crosel was guarding. On the (E) side of the room is a 
chest with 1 Rain Jug. Directly opposite on the other side of the room is a 
chest with 1 Holy Orb. Head up the stairs and in the (N) part of the room 
is a chest with 1 Snow Comb. There is nothing else to do here in Limbo now 
so if you have an Angel Wing, use it and warp back to Hydraville. If not, 
you'll have to backtrack aaallll the way back through the Hydra Mine.


The Imperium forces have taken over town, so any Rebels that were in town 
are gone now. Go talk to Naomi, she's the piano player in the bar. She'll 
tell you that Amy and the others (Guy and Judy) have gone to the Lair, 
which is (W) of Hermit. Warp to Hermit if you like, or walk and fight your 
way there. Its not as far as it seems if you know the path to take.


Shop at the Item Shop if you need to and exit to the (W) of town where the 
guy was blocking you when you were here before.

-=Foggy Marsh=-
Demons encountered: Virtue, Bifrius, Orochi
Items found: Repel Charm x 1, Male Talk x 1, Power Burger x 1, Revive Orb x 1

From the entrance, head straight and jump across the 2 bits of land and go 
down the stairs then jump (W) for a chest with 1 Revive Orb. Backtrack to 
the stairs you passed and head (S) from the stairs you'll find a chest with 
1 Repel Charm. Exit to the (S). Heading (S), there is a little island you 
can jump to. Its just off the path to the (W). The chest has 1 Male Talk in 
it. Keep going (S) and open the chest for 1 Power Burger. Continue (W) and 
enter the Lair Area. 

-=Lair Area=-
Demons encountered: Virtue, Bifrius, Orochi
Items found: Attack Gum x 1, Resist Gum x 1, Revive Gem x 1, 
             Kirin's Horn x 1, Humba's Soul x 1

Head (W) under the waterfall and hook (S) to jump over and grab the chest 
which has an Attack Gum. Now enter the door behind the waterfall.

-=Rebels' Lair=-
Items found: Angel Wing x 1, Attack Gum x 1, Resist Gum x 1

There is a Demon Lab and an Inn/Clinic here. The chest between the two 
doors has 1 Angel Wing in it. Go up the stairs on the (E) side of the room 
and enter the door for a story scene. Before you leave the room, check the 
barrel on the (W) side for 1 Attack Gum. The room to the (N) has 1 Resist 
Gum, 1 Revive Gem, and 1 Kirin's Horn. And before you leave THIS room, 
check the stack of boxes on the right side for Humba's Soul.

The next objective you have is to get rid of the remaining time rifts, but 
there is an optional side quest you can do now. Soul hunting. ;)

If you don't want to/feel like going Soul hunting, thats fine. Head back to 
your world, Rem. You remember how to get there I hope. ;)

-=Rem Elementary School=-

Go back down to the ground floor of the school. Remember that time rift 
near the beginning of the game? Well NOW you can demolish it. Do so and 
exit. Talk to the old man and he'll mention that Rem of the future is a 
desolate place with no plants and is ruled by an evil Demon called Agni. 
The only way to get to Future Rem is from Time's Edge. And back to Dem we 
go, to the Ice Temple's portal.

-=Time's Edge=-

Exit to the (S) from the portal and you'll note that there is no Demon in 
front of the second door. Enter the portal in that next room to go to 
Future Rem. 

 XVII. Rem Ruins [FTRM]

Demons encountered: Amphius, Lord Ton, Hanuman, Dwelgar
Items found: Angel Wing x 1, Bomb Claw x 1, Luck Gum x 1, Pheromix+ x 1, 
             Revive Gem x 1, Magic Gum x 1, RemFutureMap x 1

As you exit the portal, there are 2 people. The one closest to the portal 
acts as the Inn. The other guy will revive your Demons (Clinic). Exit and 
there is a Demon Lab next door to the (W). The door to the (E) leads to a 
few treasure chests. On the (E) side of the first room are chests with 1 
Angel Wing, and 1 Bomb Claw. Don't worry about the Demon there, he may look 
like a boss, but he's harmless. Exit (N). On the (W) side is a chest with 1 
Luck Gum. On the (E) side is a chest with 1 Pheromix+. In the next room to 
the (N), there is a chest in the (NW) corner with 1 Revive Gem. In the (SE) 
corner is a chest with 1 Magic Gum. Get back to the main hall and the 
RemFutureMap is next to the stairs to the (E). If you go to the (W), you'll 
find the TimeTrainer. I'll explain him a little later. Exit through either 
exit, the distance you have to walk is about the same in the next area. I 
exited through the (W) exit.

Demons encountered: Dwelgar, Lord Ton, Baku, Amphius
Items found: Luck Gum x 1, Alt Chip x 1, Holy Orb x 1

The guy standing next to the (W) exit mentions that if someone had planted 
a tree in Rem of the past, the future wouldn't be such a wasteland. In the 
(SW) corner is a chest with 1 Luck Gum. In the center of the area is a 
chest with 1 Alt Chip. In the little part of the map on the (E) side that 
looks like a goose's neck/head is a chest with 1 Holy Orb. Exit to the (E).

Demons encountered: Dwelgar, Lord Ton, Baku
Items found: Nue Soul x 1, Holy Orb x 1, BST Talk+ x 1

Make your way to the (E) part of this area and go down the stairs. Head (S) 
for a chest with 1 Nue Soul. Now before going back up the stairs, go (N) a 
tad and grab the chest with 1 Holy Orb. Now go back to the stairs and hop 
over to the other chest with 1 BST Talk+. Head to the (N) of the area to 
find a boss to fight, Agni.

>>>Boss: Agni>>>

HP: 744

Attack to watch out for: Basic attack

Macca gained: 250
EXP gained: 283

He isn't hard at all. My Gale was doing about 120 with each regular attack. 
He lasted the whole of about....5 turns. Just attack full force.

After Agni goes bye-bye, talk to the guy just to the (S). He wishes that 
someone in Rem's past had planted Kibra's tree. Keep that in mind. But for 
now, if you talk to Gale by pressing B, he'll say that the key to saving 
the future may exist in your ("hero's") world. Go back to the Elementary 

 XVIII. Rem Elementary School [FTRM]

Go back down to the ground floor and out to the Playground. 

Demons encountered: Agathion, Pilox, Talos

The girl that was blocking the gate is now standing off to the side (and 
tells you that you can't bring your pet to school, lol). Exit through the 

-=Rem Blvd.=-
Demons encountered: Agathion, Pilox, Angel, Talos

There may be buildings here instead of rubble, but the stairs to go to the 
lower level are in the same place. Find one of them and go down. On the (W) 
side where the TimeTrainer was in the Future, talk to him to enroll a 
Demon. There are 3 Courses you can enroll them in. Easy, Normal and Hard. 
Easy will cost you 3,000M, Normal is 5,000M, and Hard will set you back 
10,000M. You enroll them in the Present and pick them up in the Future. 
Stop by the Item Shop and pick up the Rem City Map for 100M from the person 
behind the register, stocking up if need be. When you're done, go back to 
street level and head to the (SE) corner and meet Kanos.

>>>Boss: Kanos>>>

HP: 792

Attack to watch out for: Basic attack

Macca gained: 270
EXP gained: 317

ICE ATTACKS. Kanos is red, so its a safe bet his attribute is fire. lol If 
you have Giga Rox, use his Ice Blade. It does hella damage. I get almost 
200 each time. If you don't have Giga Rox, use Crush claw to lower his DEF 
(I think each form has that). He'll fall in a few turns. 

He has more to tell you, but I'll let him do the telling.....

On to the Park. 

-=Rem Park=-
Demons encountered: Angel, Talos
Items found: Bank Boost x 1

At the (N) part of the Park is a chest with 1 Bank Boost. 
Talk to the girl in the middle of the Park, she wants to grow a tree here.
Kibra will appear. Agree for her to plant a tree and that will secure a 
green future for Rem. 

Head back up to the roof of the school and theres a good surprise for you! 
Theres now a portal to Valhalla!! No more taking the long way through Dem 
going to the Ice Temple, this time anyway. Yay. ^_^ Wartak is here too. The 
door you come out of is the rightmost blue door on the opposite side of 
Time's Edge. Go to the other side and back to Rem's Future.

 XIX. Back to Future Rem [FTRM]

-=Sinra Forest=-
Demons encountered: Necrodon, Lord Nan, Minotaur
Items found: Bird Talk+ x 1, Ice Blade x 1, 

There are new demons here now. Check the (W) side for a chest with 1 Bird 
Talk+. It is a little covered by one of the trees. Just (S) of the (E) exit 
is a chest with 1 Ice Blade. Exit to the (E) to the Park.

-=Redwood Town=-
Items found: Air Relic x 1

Before talking to Kibra, go (NE) a bit. There is a piece of land that juts 
out some and there is a tree on it, well check the tree to the left of it 
for 1 Air Relic. Talk to Kibra in front of the big tree and she will point 
you back to your time and to go see Lucifer. Soooo, off to the Dark Palace 
we go. 

-=Dark Palace=-

Go talk to Lucifer and he will tell you about a letter you will soon get 
and you should travel through time to get it. When you get it, you need to 
take it back to him.

Hmmm....travel through time, huh? Head back to Time's Edge and you'll 
notice that the guy who was standing in front of the third red door is now 
gone. Enter that door and into the portal to be transported into Dem's past.

Demons encountered: Lord Nan, Hydron, Dydra
Items found: DemPast Map x 1, Ice Ring x 1, Speed Gum x 1, Time Key x 1

You'll see a chest when you come out of the portal. There is the DemPast 
Map in it. Just (S) of that is a chest in an alcove with 1 Ice Ring in it. 
On the opposite side of the room is 1 Speed Gum. You can't go (S), so head 
(N). There is a raised platform where two demons act as an Inn/Clinic. Inn 
on the left, Clinic on the right. Head (N) for a story scene with Lucifer 
and Darklord. When they both leave, open the left-hand chest. The right one 
is sealed. You get the Time Key, which destroys time rifts, and a letter. 
Read the letter from Darklord and you get a letter addressed to Lucifer. 
Now head back to the Dark Palace to give the letter to Lucifer. But before 
that, you meet Shin at Time's Edge. 

When you get back to the Dark Palace, Lucifer instructs you to go to the 
Dark Temple to obtain the Power of Dark, which Darklord left in Dem. It is 
(S) and (E) of Center Town. 

 XX. Peril Forest [PFST]
Demons encountered: Harkai, Succubus, Haruvata, Silgra
Items found: Revive Gem x 1, Guard Gum x 2, Magic Gum x 1, Holy Orb x 1, 
             Humba Soul x 1

You may notice a disc thing on the ground near the entrance. Ride Gale and 
step on it. ;) It says "Trap!", but don't worry about it, you'll be safe. 
It drops you by a chest with 1 Revive Gem. Step back into the beam to get 
back out. Head (SW) just a little bit and step on the next disc. You'll 
find a time rift here. Use a Time Chain on it. There are sooo many discs in 
this area that I won't tell you where to go, so explore and gather the 
treasures you find and when you are ready, start heading (E). There is 1 
huge time rift in this area, so the Time Key you recently received recently 
will get some use. In the (SE) corner is a disc that will take you to a 
chest with a Humba Soul. If you get to searching, you'll see one of the 
discs underground. This will take you to Underworld. 

-=Underworld=- (optional)
Demons encountered: Succubus, Harkai, Haurvata, Silgra, Fenrir
Items found: Mirror Relic x 1, Fear Relic x 1

There are fungi all over the place. Head (W) from where you start and there 
will be a boulder you can break to get 1 Mirror Relic. A little (SW) of the 
boulder is a chest with 1 Stone Mask. If you head (NE), you'll find Annwn 
Town. BUT before you get too far (N), check the medium sized mushroom in 
the concave part just (N) of the trap.

-=Annwn Town=- (optional)
Items found: Speed Gum x 1

There is 1 Speed Gum in the group of fungi statue lookin things by the 
Inn/Clinic. You can buy the DemSub Map here if you like. The Item Shop is 
in the (NW) corner of town. The house (S) of the Item Shop has a Demon that 
is REALLY useful, if you want to shell out some cash. -_- The Demon on the 
right is the one you want to talk to. This Demon will unlock your Demon's 
latent powers. ^_^ Even Gale has some powers to be unlocked. Actually, its 
not "Powers" that are unlocked, but Skills.

 XXI. DemFire [DMFR]
-=Helkane Peak=-
Demons encountered: Harkai, Shadomas, Lord Sha
Items found: Speed Gum x 1, Thunder Ring x 1

Head (E) and use your Time Key on the time rift to find a chest with 1 
Speed Gum. Go back up the stairs and (E). Head up the stairs and up the set 
straight ahead. The chest there has 1 Thunder Ring. Hop over the gaps and 
you'll see a boulder. In it is 1 Nue Soul. Go up the stairs just (E) of 
there and enter Volkanville. 

Items found: Attack Gum x 1, Slab of Dusk x 1

Enter the house behind the Demon near the entrance and check the box in the 
(NE) corner (toolbox?) for 1 Attack Gum. The house on the higher level in 
the (SW) corner has a barrel outside. In the barrel is 1 Slab of Dusk. The 
Item Shop is in the (N) part of town in the middle. The exit is right next 
to it to the left. 

-=Mount Giles=-
Demons encountered: Lord Sha, Tiamat, Bloodbat, Slepnir
Items found: Attack Gum x 1, Gaia's Ring x 1

Right in front of the stairs is a chest with 1 Attack Gum. Head (E). After 
going up the stairs, you'll notice a Demon just hanging out by the next set 
of stairs. Rykon is its name and it wants to join you. If you don't want 
it, don't talk to it. ;) But then again, why wouldn't you want a new Demon 
that you can't find anywhere else? lol Up the stairs we go. This flight and 
one more flight. Hop over the gaps and grab the Gaia's Ring from the chest 
and keep on going (N). You'll see another chest here, which is a 1st 
Strike. Up we go again to enter Myorl Town.

-=Myorl Town=-
Items found: Byako Soul x 1, Blast Box x 1

The Item Shop is right by the entrance, so thats cool that you don't have 
to go looking for it. From the Item Shop, head (E) over the bridge and 
check the barrel for a Byako Soul. There is a Skill Shop up the stairs by 
the barrel. It has a Power Unit for your Demi/Kingloc, Repellant, which 
lowers the encounter rate by 10%. Its only 1400, so if you're tired of 
fighting battle after battle, it'll give you a little bit more time to get 
where you're going. The next bridge you see takes you over to the 
Inn/Clinic. The rock sticking out of the ground has 1 Blast Box in it. 
There isn't much else to do than what I've mentioned, so lets continue the 
trek to the Dark Temple. Exit Myorl Town to the (E).

-=Dark Path=-
Demons encountered: Ironhoof, Doomborg, Artemis, Gogra, Mandrake
Items found: Angel Wing x 1, Hades Sand x 1, Byako Soul x 1, Flame Robe x 1,
             Resist Gum x 1, Huge Relic x 1

Take the brief (N) path and destroy the time rift. Hop over the gaps and 
open the chest for 1 Angel Wing. The boulder has a Hades Sand in it. Go back
and head (S) to find a chest that nets you another Byako Soul. Continue 
going (E) and there is a chest just (N) of where you enter the screen with 
1 Flame Robe. Destroy the time rift here and grab the chest for the Resist 
Gum. The boulder has a Huge Relic in it. Now head up the long staircase to 
the (N). 

-=Dark Temple=-
Items found: Holy Symbol x 1, Suzak Soul x 1, Speed Gum x 1, FEM Talk+ x 1, 
             Male Talk+ x 1, Holy Orb x 1,

There are chests on either side of the entrance. The left one holds a Holy 
Symbol, the right one holds a Suzak Soul. Enter the Temple. Does it look 
familiar? ;) Head straight into the second room. There are 2 Demons here, 
an Inn person and a Clinic person. There are 2 chests in the (NW) corner of 
this room. The left one has a Speed Gum, the right one has a FEM Talk+ 
Power Unit. There are also 2 chests in the (NE) corner as well. The left 
has a Male Talk+ Power Unit, the right has a Holy Orb. Exit (N). This is 
where you were when you received the Time Key and the letter for Lucifer. 
The right chest is now unlocked. A letter from Darklord for "hero" is in 
it. "Hero" receives the Testament after you finish reading the letter, but 
before you can get anywhere with it, a bad guy by the name of Bifronz 
enters the room. Fight time.

>>>Boss: Bifronz>>>

HP: 1,212 (0_0')

Attack to watch out for: Basic 

Macca gained: 400
EXP gained: 733

If you have a Shadomas recruited, you need to use him. His Dark Spear skill 
does Dark damage and takes away 30% of the target's HP. And for a MEASLY 5 
MP, its totally worth it. If you can get that Dark Spear on him, you can 
own his ass. haha

Start to leave and Gale will point out that you have the Testament in your 
hands. That familiar music starts playing, like when you beat Harborim and 
Crosel....Gale is evolving again. :p My choices were Solron or Blazron, but 
not everyone will have those choices, so I won't mention stats or 
anything. Gale's new power is nifty. If you press B to talk to him, you'll 
have an extra option now, "Search Area". This lets you know if there is 
anything hidden in the area you are in.

Head back to the Dark Palace to talk to Lucifer.

-=Dark Palace=-

Meet with Lucifer and he'll tell you that you have to go to Elysium to meet 

Elysium is (W) of Hydraville and (N) of Avalon. Use the (W) exit of the 
Duvegs Trail to enter the Jude Plains. Take the (N) exit and continue (N) and 
you'll run right into Elysium. Check your Valhalla map if you think you are 
lost (you DID buy it way back in Hermit, didn't you? ;) ).

---Areas not added to the TOC because they have no need to be included now---

-Jude Plains-
  Demons encountered: Gemini, Kresnik, Jimna, Muslexx, Witch
  Items found: Guard Gum x 1

-Mount Falos-
  Demons encountered: Gemini, Kresnik
  Items found: Speed Gum x 1, Mirror Relic x 1, Repellant+ x 1, DRGN Talk+ x 1

From the entrance, check behind the tree to the left for a Speed Gum. Now go 
up the stairs and head (E) to find a boulder hidden between a couple of 
trees. Smash it to get a Mirror Relic. Further (N), there is a chest behind 
a tree right before the last set of stairs to the left with a Repellant+ in 
it. Easy to miss, I just _barely_ noticed it as I passed by.

 XXII. Elysium [ELSM]

Next to the Temple at the (N) side of town is a Demon that can give your 
Demons new skills. If you have a few thousand Macca to spare, I REALLY suggest 
you invest the cash into Gale's skills. Two of which will save your ass in a 
couple of boss fights coming up real soon. Nova Blast and Magic Cross are the 
two I am speaking of. Nova Blast attacks 4 times and raises Gale's ATK for a 
cost of 50HP. Magic Cross attacks 8 times. Both do Dark damage and can put a 
hurtin' on a couple of the last bosses. You'll be glad you spent the cash.

Enter the Temple at the (N) end of town and use the teleporter to find Jin. 
After the cutscene, your next destination is Imperius' capital. It is (W) of 
Avalon, and you get to Avalon by taking the (W) exit in the Jude Plains. 
Well, off we go.


There is nothing to do here except for stocking up and making sure your party 
is ready for the final areas.

The Item Shop is right next to the entrance, see the Item Shop section for 
the listing of items and prices. Stock up now if you feel the need to, its 
time for the final areas once you leave the safety of Avalon. There is a 
Demon Lab in the (S) part of town if you want to do any fusing before you 
head out. There is a BattleNet building here too. There's an Inn on the (N) 
side of town. Healing, reviving, Trainer, yada yada...

When you're ready, exit to the (W), to the Rainy Woods.

-=Rainy Woods=-
 Items found: Mistral Wing x 1, Holy Orb x 1, Resist Gum x 1, Mjollnir x 1, 
              Luck Gum x 1, Batos Soul x 1, Aqua Robe x 1
 Demons encountered: Kyra, Nemesis, Asmodeus, Quetza, Ogre

You may notice to figures facing each other as you enter this area, the Ogre 
is trying to take the Harp from a Demon named Morrigan. You can either choose 
to "Move on" or "Help". Choosing to help prompts a battle with an Ogre and an 
Asmodeus Demon. You cannot recruit either, so whup their arses. When you win, 
Morrigan asks to join you. Its a level 45 K Demon, so if your level is high 
enough, it makes a nice addition to your Kingloc. Moving onward...

There is a chest (S) of the entrance with a Mistral Wing off to the left if 
you choose to go after it. In the (NW) corner of this area are two chests. 
The left one has a Holy Orb and the right one has a Resist Gum. Go (S) a 
bit and exit (W). In the (SW) corner of the next area is a chest with a 
Mjollnir. On the other side of the rocks just (N) of this chest behind a 
tree is a chest with a Luck Gum. In the (NE) corner are two chests, the 
top one has a Batos Soul and the bottom one has an Aqua Robe. Exit this area 
using the exit in the (NW) corner to enter Tyrnanog.

 XXIII. Tyrnanog [TYRN]
 Items found: Revive Gem x 2, Quake Hammer x 1, Demonitonic x 1, 
              Mana Sundae x 1, 
 Demons encountered: Aries, Nitemare, Scylla, Siren, Hekaton, Rhanda

I won't bother you with directions on the treasure chests in here since it 
would probably be confusing for both you and me, but the items are listed 
above. When you are done plundering, head through the 3 open doors you may 
have noticed or gone through when you entered and go up the stairs. Beware, 
there is a boss fight as soon as you get to the top of the stairs. Grimlee.

>>>Boss: Grimlee>>>

HP: 1,440

Attack to watch out for: Basic

Macca gained: 470
EXP gained: 1030

If you have Gale's "Magic Cross" skill, use it if you have 80HP to spare. It 
does Dark damage and hits 8 times. I used it and it missed twice, but knocked 
off about half of her HP. Very nice, plus it look awesome. Thats the best 
strategy I can suggest. 


Tyrnanog 2nd floor

Continue (E) and start to go up the stairs towards Imperius. Jin enters and 
you converse a bit. After the short conversation, its time for the battle 
with Imperius. Jin will use his Light powers on Imperius Dark, Imperius Light 
(a.k.a Empra) is yours to take on with your Dark powers. 

>>>Boss: Empra>>>

HP: 1992

Attack to watch out for: Basic

Macca gained: 490
EXP gained: 1104

Since Dark is the opposite of Light, Gale's skills will be very useful in 
this fight. Don't let his HP scare you. One is Magic Cross and the other one 
is Nova Blast. Use Nova Blast FIRST so it raises Gale's ATK and takes a good 
chunk out of Empra's HP (nearly half for me). Now that Gale's ATK is raised, 
as soon as his next turn comes up, blast Empra with Magic Cross. This might 
finish him off, if not then use whichever attack you think will knock him out 
if you have the HP left.


One more boss to battle.

-=Time Rift - Light Rift=-
Items found: TimeRift Map

Grab the TimeRift Map near the teleporter. Make your way (N) and you'll run 
into Imperius again.

>>>Boss: Seipher>>>

HP: (I stopped keeping track since it changes forms so often) ~8,000-10,000?

Attack to watch out for: Basic (no real bad attacks, and doesn't really 
                                attack very often anyway)

Macca gained: 2550
EXP gained: 5738

Seipher changes forms. There are four forms.

Magic Cross will be needed in this battle as well, but Nova Blast is a waste 
of 50HP since Seipher will make all Status effects null, so don't bother and 
invest that HP for Magic Crosses. Magic Cross him with Gale and use the other 
two Demons to heal him when needed. Don't bother healing your two "side 
Demons" as I call them, they're expendable and should be used to heal Gale 
when his HP is low. Seipher will probably attack them anyways. If you have a 
Shadomas, use its "Dark Spear" to do some good damage. In Seipher's 4th form, 
it'll use "Rune Barrier" which beefs up its ATK/DEF, so the Magic Cross 
strategy will take a little bit longer, but not much. As he changes forms, 
you'll notice that you've seen them before. You're not doing anything wrong 
(as I started to think), just wail on Seipher with the Magic Cross strategy 
and he'll go down before you know it.


Congratulations! You've just beaten one real hard boss and one really fun 

After Seipher's defeat, you and Jin are in front of Darklord and Lord Light. 
You are faced with three choices:

-More Adventure: 

   You get a surprise (I'll let you find out what it is) and 
   then the credits roll, but DON'T turn the power off! When 
   the credits are done, you'll be in front of the Deep Hole. 
   It is a place in the lower area of the Dark Palace (where 
   Lucifer calls home if you forgot). You can also do more 
   Demon huntin' to fill up your Demonary in addition to 
   doing the Deep Hole.

-Rest & Recuperation: 

  You get the same surprise as if you chose "More 
  Adventure" and then the credits roll. The game goes 
  back to the title screen. Now go get some rest and 
  recuperate ;P.


  You travel back through time to the beginning of the game in Rem 
  Elementary School. HOWEVER, you get to keep all of the Demons you 
  recruited, your items minus the Special ones which are storyline 
  related that you shouldn't have at the beginning (i.e Time Chains), 
  your Level/EXP, and your Macca. Gale unfortunately is back to his 
  puny original form. This makes the game easier if you had some real 
  nice Demons at the end of the first time through.

/ BattleNet [BTNT] \

(Incomplete section, for now. I wouldn't worry about doing the BattleNet 
stuff until you've beaten the game and you have stronger Demons. I'll finish
this section up when I do the same.)

Talk to the person behind the desk to enter your Vinecenter. You can do 
several things in here:

Ally - the same as going into the "Access" part of the Vinecenter.


--Party - From here you can organize your Party.
--Opponent - You can choose your opponent from 
             the Rank you are in.
--Battle - Sends you into battle with the chosen 
           opponent shown below the window.

In Normal, you can have a party of up to 6 Demons. When in battle and a Demon
gets knocked out, the next Demon in line will take its place. Battle 
continues until one team has no Demons remaining. You can use ANY DEMON you 
have in your possession. Level or type of the Demon doesn't matter one bit. 




WebNet is the place you can battle, trade demons and fuse demons with a 
friend over the GBA Link Cable (sold separately, lol)



Here you can change any of your Demon's nicknames that are in your party.

/ Optional [OPTL] \

A. Wartak's Demonary Quiz (Center Town)

Answers to first Quiz

#1 Amphius
#2 Rice
#3 Gaiborg
#4 Leprak
#5 A Lamp

Your reward is 1 Attack, Guard, Magic, Speed, Resist and Luck 

Answers to second Quiz

#1 Bear
#2 Lich
#3 Gram
#4 Falcon
#5 Pazu

Your reward is a Hydra Demon.

Answers to third Quiz

#1 Anubis
#2 Gungnir
#3 Tupon
#4 Zebul
#5 Mammon

Your reward is a Scout Demon.

Answers to fourth Quiz

#1 Karon
#2 Nikare
#3 Verrito
#4 Elphine
#5 Slumber

Your reward is a Lusarka Demon.

Answers to fifth Quiz

#1 Pegasus
#2 Both
#3 Gembu
#4 An Ogre's horn
#5 A heart of ice

Your reward is a Shudozi Demon.

Answers to sixth Quiz (final one)

#1 A sea of milk
#2 On rooftops
#3 Chimera Zombie
#4 Wyregg
#5 Raphael

Your reward is a Jormung Demon.

B. Casino

  1. Big & Small

This is a very simple game. You bet a certain amount of chips before 
starting (5, 10, or 20). Once you bet, there will be a number in the window 
in the top left corner of the screen. You have to decide if you think the 
next number will be higher or lower than that. The numbers used are 0 
through 9. If you think the new number will be higher, choose Big, if you 
think it will be lower, choose Small. If it is 3 or less, you would probably
be better off choosing Big, since there is more of a chance it will be 
bigger. If it is 7 or higher, choose Small. This doesn't mean that it won't 
turn out how you want it, but the odds are in your favor that way. Each time
you guess correctly, your earned chips double. The game continues until 
either, a) you guess incorrectly or b) you cash out your earned chips. If you
have won any chips, you can quit whenever you like and take the chips you 
have earned. This is a good way to build up a nice amount of chips.

  2. CodeBreaker (LMAO! - this isn't part of the title)

I'm amused at the name of the game, haha. Anyway, you get to choose the 
difficulty, either Normal or Hard. Its 10 chips per game in Normal mode, and
50 per game in Hard mode. The object is to guess the 3 hidden numbers. The 
numbers used for Normal mode are 0-5. Hard uses 0-9. Each number will be 
different. A Hit is the number of correctly placed numbers. A Blow is the 
number of incorrectly placed numbers. Thats the gist of it. You have 6 
guesses in Normal and 7 guesses in Hard.


There are lots of good things you can trade chips in for. The items 
will stay hidden until you have enough Chips in your posession to obtain 
them. The first 3 items are Power Units and you can only buy one of each. 
Here is the list of items you can trade-in for:

Item             Price
Alt Filter        300
MaccaBoost        500
EXP Boost         1000
Holy Hammer       1800
Wind Robe         2500
Slab of Ice       5000
Akerr(Demon)      7500
Ares(Demon)       10000

C. Boulder Hunting

In this section, the boulders you may have noticed on your journey will be 
mentioned. In order to break them, Gale must have evolved twice. Meaning, 
you must have beaten Crosel in Limbo. You can get them in any order you 
like. Just walk up to them and hit A to examine (while riding Gale), and 
he will dash into them.

1.) Duvegs Trail (Valhalla) - Blood Robe

    From Hermit, head (N) to the Duvegs Trail. When you can go (W), do that 
    and go up the stairs to find the boulder with 1 Blood Robe in it.

2.) Hydra Mine (Valhalla) - Wafer Relic

    From the entrance of the mine, there is a semi-hidden path to the left 
    of the second light. In the room with the 3 chests is a boulder with a 
    Wafer Relic.

3.) Icy Wastes (Dem) - Byako Soul

    (S) of Frostyville, there is a boulder which has a Byako Soul in it.

4.) Underworld (Dem)

    Head (W) from where you descend to Underworld and there will be a 
    boulder you can break to get 1 Mirror Relic.

5.) Helkane Peak (Dem)

    One screen before entering Volkanville.

6.) Dark Path (Dem)

    First screen, head straight, destroy the time rift and hop across.

7.) Dark Path (Dem)

    Second screen, destroy the time rift and hop over the gap.

8.) Kibra Woods (Rem) - Suzak Soul

    At the 4-way crossroads which is the start of the maze in the Kibra 
    Woods. There is a Suzak Soul in that one.

9.) Mount Falos (Valhalla) - Mirror Relic

    From the entrance, head (E) and it is hidden between a couple of trees.

------                                                                  ------
I have documented all of the boulders I have come across, but if you find one 
that I do not have listed, please email me and I will gladly add it. Make 
sure I have a name to associate with it. I'll just use the name in the "From" 
of the email if a name is not specified.
------                                                                  ------

/ Shop List [SLST] \
-=Hueyville Item Shop=-

Front Demon

Energy Pill.......30
Mana Juice........30
Angel Wing........80
Smoke Bomb........40

Back Demon

Demon Relic......1000
Talon Relic......1000
CD 1.............600
DemWind Map......100

-=Center Town Item Shop=-

Front Demon

Energy Pill......30
Mana Juice.......30
Revive Orb.......800
Angel Wing.......80

Back Demon

Heavy Relic......1000
Tusk Relic.......1000
CD 2.............600
Loc Boost........1400

-=Hermit Item Shop=-

Energy Pill......30
Mana Juice.......30
Revive Orb.......800
Poison Claw......800
Valhalla Map.....100

-=Hydraville Item Shop=-

Left Demon

Power Burger.....120
Revive Orb.......800
Stun Claw........800

Right Demon

Pulse Relic......1000
Storm Spear......3000
Demon Wing.......1500
CD 5.............
Guard Chip.......

-=Rem Blvd. Item Shop=-

Bottom person

Mana Juice.......30
Revive Orb.......800
Repel Charm......70
Love Charm.......70

Top person

CD 3.............600
ATK Chip.........1400
Magic Chip.......1400
Beast Talk.......600
Rem City Map.....100

-=Redwood Item Shop=-

Front person

Energy Cube......90
Mana Shake.......50
Revive Orb.......800
Redwood Map......100

Back person

Mist Oil.........3000
Terra Spear......3000
CD 6.............600
RES Chip.........1400
Speed Chip.......1400

-=Annwn Town Item Shop=-

Energy Cube......90
Mana Shake.......50
Angel Wing.......80
CD 7.............600

-=Volkanville Item Shop=-

Energy Cube......90
Mana Shake.......50
Revive Orb.......800
Angel Wing.......80
DemFire Map......100

-=Myorl Town Item Shop=-

Energy Cube......90
Holy Orb.........1400
Mana Sundae......80
Revive Gem.......1200
CD 8.............600

Skill Shop

Blast Spear......2800
Strange Eye......2400
Demon Hammer.....2000
Boom Sand........3000

-=Avalon Item Shop=-

Front Person
Energy Cube......90
Holy Orb.........1400
Mana Sundae......80
Revive Gem.......1200
Angel Wing.......80

Back Person
Dark Dust........2800
Holy Stamp.......3200
Strange Box......2600
Luck Chip........1400

/ Item List [ITEM] \
-Heal Items-

Item                 Description
Energy Pill     Minor HP Rcvry/1 Ally (heals 35 HP)
Ointment        HP Rcvry/1 Ally
Demonitonic     Cure/Pty
Mana Juice      Minor MP Rcvry/1 Ally
Revive Orb      Revive/1 Ally

-Attack Items-

Item                 Description
Troll Seed      Quake Attack/2 foes

-Boost Items-

Item                 Description
Attack Gum      ATK up
Guard Gum       DEF up
Smoke Bomb      Allows escape
Resist Gum      RES up
Luck Gum        LUK up
Magic Gum       MGC up
Speed Gum       SPD up

-Other Items-

Item                 Description
Repel Charm     Decreases demon encounters
Love Charm      Increases demon encounters
Angel Wing      Allows teleportation

-Relic Items-

Item                 Description
Demon Relic     An ominous Relic
Talon Relic     A claw-shaped Relic
Tusk Relic      A fang-shaped Relic
Huge Relic      Massive hand-shaped Relic
Heavy Relic     A strange, heavy Relic
Fear Relic      A Relic that stares back
Wafer Relic     A tail-shaped Relic
Mirror Relic    A bright, mirror-like Relic
Air Relic       A feather-light Relic
Pulse Relic     A strange, pulsing Relic

Byako Soul      Orb housing Byako's soul
Suzak Soul      Orb housing Suzak's soul
Dagon Soul      Orb housing Dagon's soul
Brute Soul      Orb housing Brute's soul
Pazu Soul       Orb housing Pazu's soul
Lamia Soul      Orb housing Lamia's soul
Batos Soul      Orb housing Batos' soul
Surt Soul       Orb housing Surt's soul
Nue Soul        Orb housing Nue's soul
Humba Soul      Orb housing Humba's soul

/ Thanks \

- CJayC for running Gamefaqs all these many years.
- CNET for the new servers and all the other great stuff they do.
- Atlus for developing/publishing this fine game.
- Shiro for posting the Nintendo Keywords on the GameFAQs Message 
- Hawk, for emailing me about what is behind one of the time rifts
  in the Ice Temple. Dark Knight emailed about this too.
- Johnathan See for emailing me results for one of Gale's evolutions.
- And to you, if you actually read this part of the FAQ. ;)

/ Copyright \

This document is Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Mark Cushing, Jr and is the 
intellectual property of the author. It may be not be reproduced 
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