GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

  1. From stealthspy589 (01/12/2017; 64KB) 1yr 2nd day, just started, fully upgraded house, tele stone, all Mythic tools, house fully tilled ready for crops. Marry neone except Goddess, 100m gold, sprites 100%, made for mobile emulator imports
  2. From stealthspy589 (04/02/2017; 64KB) 1yr Au 2nd, fully upgraded house, tele stone, Mythic tools, Planted ready to unlock 3rd seed (Spinich). Married to pregnant Ann, 100.5m gold, sprites & animals 100% made for mobile emulator imports
  3. From Battousai X (05/10/2005; 64KB) 2nd Year, Spring 5th. A nearly decent farm. All girls at red heart level and ready to marry. All tools at mystrile.
  4. From Battousai X (05/10/2005; 64KB) 3rd Year Summer 5th. Married to Ann with a baby. Has the teleport stone and all mythic tools.
  5. From konickrank (11/13/2019; 64KB) 3rd year; Get married with Popuri; lots of money; nearly all tools at the most upgraded; animals with lots of hearts. no codes used
  6. From CW Boi 209 (07/13/2004; 64KB) Decent money, all tools at mystrile, can marry any girl except the harvest goddess. Farm Name: Conway , Character Name: Peter . Friends with alot of town folks.
  7. From Smash Master (09/10/2004; 64KB) Fall 10, Year 5, Married to Ann.
  8. From daniel84645 (05/05/2011; 64KB) Have All Upgrades , All Animals Have Full Heart
  9. From V Jasper (07/04/2004; 64KB) Just started out. Lots of money. No codes used. Farm: Banipal Witt. No GameCube connections done so far.
  10. From heirware since 231bc (10/02/2004; 64KB) Year 2 - Summer(day 19) plenty of money, lots of crops, some P's some cursed/blessed
  11. From Relle (12/07/2003; 64KB) Year 3, nearly a million dollars, eight chickens, eight cows, one sheep, all tools at maximum level, married to Karen with all upgrades and all power berries.
  12. From FirebirdX (03/15/2004; 64KB) Year 5 married to popuri all upgrades max tools 4 cows 4 sheep decet amount of money

GameBoy Advance GameShark SP Save File (North America)

  1. From joshjk (05/29/2005; 33KB) Year 7-Married To Karen 2 Blessed Tools And Has The Teleport Stone

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

  1. From the zelda master (03/18/2006; 64KB) Winter of Year 2. Married to Karen with 957,713 Gold. All people/animals are at 8 hearts or higher.

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