Where can I found all of the 9 jewel of truth?????

  1. I've been searching for jewel of truths since long time ago!!!! but I only got 3 of them!!! can anybody help me?

    User Info: matthewdj_555

    matthewdj_555 - 12 years ago


  1. Jewel of Truth locations:
    On your dog house roof
    Check the water trough in your Horse's Barn
    Exchange for 1000 medals at the Horse Races
    Buy from Won for 50000 G
    Check one of the lamposts between the Church and Rose Plaza
    In Mary's Library, 2nd floor, middle set of shelves, furthest one to the right
    Play the New Years gameshow on the tv inside of the Town Cottage
    Drops from the calendar in the Mountain Cottage
    Take all 8 to Thomas' house and check the refrigerator

    User Info: njayhuang

    njayhuang - 12 years ago 8   10

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