GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File01/07/04Darkloud64K
All elves grown. All forms and ex-skills. Weapons MAX level and both subtanks. Everything.
Save Game File11/05/05BlueMagnum2064K
Complete. 4 Sub Tanks, All Forms, All EX Skills, All Cyber Elves found and used. saved before 2nd fight w/ Harpuia
Save Game File12/05/03FF TLSOK64K
Final Level.
Save Game File10/28/03numberonecubsfan 264K
Game at final area of Neo Arcadia. All forms and extra skills unlocked. 9999 crystals. 4 full enery tanks. All cyber elves collected and fully grown.
Save Game File01/08/04Relle64K
New Game+ save. Start the game with 9999 crystals, all cyber-elves, all forms, and all EX skills.
Save Game File02/04/04Great Link64K
Normal and hard mode cleared, on all files all techs and forms
Save Game File03/04/06CrazyMuffin64K
Right before the last level. All Elves. All forms. All EX Skills. It's been a bit hacked, but otherwise it's good.
Save Game File04/28/04Mykas064K
Saved on the beggining of the game, game finished once.

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File08/14/04SilentAssassinB64K
1-S:Rank, All Forms, Most Weapons 2-S-Rank, All Forms, All Weps, All ELFS.

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