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The latest Yu-Gi-Oh! GameBoy Advance Game! 07/29/03 Dragon9

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One of the best games on GBA. 01/05/06 blitz_ace99
This is one game which you'll want to play in attack mode! 06/12/03 D Generate
An above-average game, especially for people who haven't played EDS 06/15/03 DarthMarth
Meh. 05/26/03 Eggzmaster
The 2nd best Yu-Gi-Oh! game out there (can't beat DDM)! 06/12/03 flame scorpion
It's a fun game, plain and simple 05/07/03 jerbils
A great game for fans of the card game. 05/19/03 KirbyWithMuffins
A hacked-up job that was just made to make some money, but still the best yet. 05/09/03 mab
The TCG fanatics will love this game. 07/21/03 Master Epyon
Another excellent GBA Yu-Gi-Oh! game from Konami 04/22/03 Master Of Magnetism
It depends on how much you like the ccg... 06/03/03 morrowindfan2
A brilliant electronic rendition of the card game. 08/14/03 NightSprinter
It's time to D-D-D-D-DDDD-Duel! 11/06/03 Omega Genesis
Yeeeeesssss.....I've been waiting ages to get that card!!! 04/25/03 Omniblitz
A good game, but will dissapoint those looking for originality 04/20/03 Pokemaniac Will
What a Waste... Avoid at all costs 08/06/03 Prism dude
A very fun, addictive game, but more of a director’s cut 04/28/03 RandyP
A good game but a few flaws. 04/21/03 Rollo T
Stick to the show. 06/02/03 Sazaby
A sequel that outshines its predecessor a bit. 04/23/03 shadow411
Good Game, to easy 09/07/03 telefono
This is a good game, but it could have been better! 04/24/03 The OriginaI Metroid
Hmm... Another Yu-Gi-Oh game? 05/31/03 XeroXtancy
Yugioh TCG Fans: GET THIS. 06/13/03 YuGiSoh

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