GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File07/26/03tiger57864K
Level 65 Eldin, 64 for the rest. Mastered all jobs. All currently bishops. Ready to fight Ragule. Saved in Gruberik.
Save Game File04/17/04Skye770764K
Save 1 Jida Village (9:43), Save 2 Meadow Road (11:07).
Save Game File06/20/05Samurai Edge64K
Saved at Ordens with three characters.
Save Game File02/08/10Fatal_Crush64K
Saved in Gruberik. Lost Monsters from Tower of Guidance 1st visit included: Armored Horse, Buffalo, Platypus, Baby Dragon, Mini Dragon, Spinner, T-Rex.

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