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Boss FAQ by Eternals

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/15/07

Megaman & Bass boss guide


I know, I know. No flashy ASCII art, for the simple reason I suck at it. Anyway,
I'm bored, and I've noticed there isn't yet an in-depth boss guide for this 
great game from Capcom, so here we go.

This guide is laid out very simply. First, there is a list of bosses in the 
order I recommend taking them on, along with a shortened version of their name, 
which you can use with Ctrl + F to jump straight to that boss.

For the bosses themselves, I start off with a short summary of the boss, then 
list their attacks along with the best way to dodge, as well as opportunities 
for counter attacking.


1) Green Devil [grn]
2) Coldman [cold]
3) Burner Man [burn]
4) Pirateman [prt]
5) Groundman [grnd]
6) Tenguman [tng]
7) Magicman [mgc]
8) Astroman [astr]
9) Dynamoman [dyn]
10) Penuin Pulley [pngn]
11) King Tank [tank]
12) King Jet [jet]
13) King phase 1 [kng1]
14) King phase 2 [kng2]
15) King phase 3 [kng3]
16) Dr. Wily phase 1 [wly1]
17) Dr. Wily phase 2 [wly2]

*****Green Devil [grn]*****

Summary - 

Well, he's back from his outing in Megaman 8, and he's even easier than before. 
Obviously, as he's the first boss, you won't have any special weapons, but if 
you come back to the Museum stage for whatever reason, you can fight him as 
many times as you like. If you do return, the Remote Bomb and Ice Wall are the 
best weapons. To fight him, you have to fire at his body/head area a few times 
to make his protective coating roll back, then fire at the metallic core to 
inflict damage. As if he wasn't easy enough, he has no invulnerability period, 
so you can hit him repeatedly. He's easiest with Bass, as Bass can use his 
rapid fire to quickly peel back the coating and do damage, while double jumping 
over his attacks to maintain fire on the weak spot.


1) He lets a drop of green goo down to the floor, which then rolls in your 
direction at either a slow pace, or a somewhat faster one. Just jump over them 
while firing.

2) He flings a drop of goo in an arc at your current position. Either dodge, or 
shoot them out of the air. Green Devil himself is stationary.

If using the Ice Wall, just jump up in front of him and drop an Ice Wall on his 
coating, then quickly jump up and fire another one. If done right, you can kill 
him with one Ice Wall!

*****Coldman [cold]*****

Summary -

By far the best to start off with, Coldman is very easy to fight, although he 
does have some tricks up his sleeves that might catch you unawares. He's weak 
to the Lightning Bolt, although you need to use the Energy Saver bought in 
Auto's shop to have enough weapon energy to kill him with it. He's slightly 
easier as Megaman, as although Bass' manouverability make evading his attacks 
easier, Megaman's charge shot can take him down much more quickly.

Attacks - 

1) He creates an Ice Wall, which acts as a shield. He then slides it along the 
floor at you. When it hits the wall behind you, it will bounce back, hit him 
and shatter. An easy way to avoid it is to stand right against the wall, and 
jump as it approaches. By the time you come back down, it will have bounced 
off the wall, and head back towards him. Alternatively, jump over it, shoot 
him quickly, then jump over it as it approaches you again.

2) Sometimes after pushing the ice wall, he will leap across the arena to where 
you are standing. This is dificult to dodge, as often he will leap while you're 
still in mid air after evading the ice wall. If you're Bass, turn your jump 
into a double jump and take yourself over him. If you're Megaman, try to land 
and slide under him quickly.

3) After jumping, Coldman will create an Ice Wall to protect himself, and start 
jumping on the spot. Every time he lands, he will create a cold zone underneath
you which freezes you on the spot. He will then push the Ice Wall at you while 
you try to escape. To avoid this, just keep jumping away from here you're 
standing as he jumps. You'll avoid the cold zone. Keep doing this until the Ice 
Wall shatters on its own.

4) When you take him down to half health, He will no longer perform attacks 2 
and 3. However, he will turn invincible, and create a Cloud enemy, which floats 
towards you. He then performs attack 1. If you get caught in the cloud, you will
suffer greatly reduced speed and jumping, and be unable to shoot. Dash or slide 
until it lets go if this happens. If you're Bass, position yourself so you can 
shoot the Cloud using the up/diagonal angle. Shoot the Cloud, then jump the Ice 
Wall, and attack normally until Coldman is gone. If you're Megaman, charge up 
when you see him creating the Cloud, then jump and release the charge shot when 
it gets low enough. You should have time to jump the Ice Wall while charging a 
second shot, and attack as normal. If you use the Lightning Bolt to fight 
Coldman, he never seems to use this attack.

*****Burner Man [burn]*****

Summary -

Burnerman is fast, and he attacks pretty much non-stop. Although he's tough, 
don't let him trick you into thinking he's harder than he is. He's weak to the
Ice Wall, and although it can kill him in about four hits, it's a very 
inefficient weapon to use against him, as there are often times you can't 
attack him with it. It's better to fight him with the buster, and quickly 
switch to the Ice Wall when the opportunity to attack him with it presents 
itself. It should be noted that there is also a spike pit on either side of 
the arena. If you mess up, it can kill you with one hit, but we are also going 
to use these pits for Burnerman's downfall. If you catch him with an Ice Wall, 
he'll be pushed backwards. Follow him to keep him on screen, and when the Ice 
Wall dumps him on a spike pit, he'll take additional damage, as well as giving 
you a funny animation. He's a lot easier as Megaman, as the key to defeating 
Burnerman easily is to do it QUICKLY. The charge shot of Megaman is invaluable.

Attacks - 

1) He dashes from one side of the arena to the other. If you try to use an Ice 
Wall, he'll just go straight through it without taking damage, but you can 
still hurt him with buster shots. Jump over him when he approaches, then shoot 
him in the back. However, you should follow him as he dashes around, because 
you don't want to be taken by surprise by...

2) He leaps up in the air, surrounds himself with flames and dive bombs you. 
When he hits the ground, the flames ripple along the ground a short way on 
either side of him. This is a dangerous attack, because if he's off screen 
when he initiates it, the first thing you'll know about it is when he's 
charging towards you, leaving you very little time to avoid it. Try to dash 
or slide under him, as he'll land facing the other way, and likely charge off 
in the opposite direction, giving you some breathing space.

3) He stands in place and throws bombs. If you leave him, he'll throw three, but
attack him at any point and he'll stop this attack and probably start dashing 
around again. This attack is the best time to use the Ice Wall against him.

4) He leaps into the centre of the arena, and throw three bear traps to various 
places. These are only visible by a faint ring where you can see their teeth. 
This attack isn't much on it's own, but he always follows it up with...

5) He stands in one place, and fires his Wave Burner. After a while of this, 
he'll jump forwards a little, using his Wave Burner all the while, trying to
push you back into either a bear trap, or a spike pit. Regular shots will be
deflected, but use the Ice Wall to damage him. If it catches him when he's 
on the ground, he will be pushed back, but if he's in the air, he will only
take a bit of damage, and keep coming towards you, so time the push 
carefully. As a bonus, the Ice Wall will destroy any bear traps in goes over. 
I have seen him use this attack without using bear traps first.

*****Pirateman [prt]*****

Summary - 

Pirateman is only dangerous if you're new to the game. Some of his attacks can 
be hard to avoid, if there's not much space between you, but the water helps 
you out, and as long as you entered the fight with a decent amount of health,
you can go toe to toe with him, and come out victorious. It should also be noted
that the water level lowers during the fight, so this advantage lessens a l
ittle, which is why he's slightly easier as Bass. Strangely, for an underwater 
robot, he's weak to the Wave Burner, which operates as a preassure shooter 

Attacks - 

1) He fires three Remote Mines, guiding each one to your present location.These 
will never go above the water level. They're easy enough to avoid if there's 
plenty of space between you and Pirateman, an the water level is high, but if 
he's too close, or the water level is getting low, then there's less room to 
manouvere. By this time, he's likely to be getting low on health himself, so you
can always forgo dodging to attack more.

2) He encases himself in a bubble, and depending on the water level, either 
bounce around the arena, or go straight towards you. You don't even need to 
dodge this, if you shoot him with the Wave Burner, you'll pop the bubble. If you
wait for him to start spinning before shooting, he'll spin around and fall flat 
on his face, giving you an opportunity to attack him again safely.

3) Not really an attack. When the water level gets too low, he'll stand in place
and pose, which makes the water level rise again. While he's doing this, he's a 
sitting target. You know what to do.

*****Groundman [grnd]*****

Summary -

You can also start with Groundman, if you want. Although he's not as easy as 
Coldman, once you get into the swing of dodging his attacks, he can easily be 
defeated using only the buster. However, I find the Coldman route easier than 
the Groundman route, so if you like to start easy to get the hang of a game, 
start with Coldman. His weakness is the Remote Mine, and he's not really easier 
with either character. Beginners should play as Bass though, as the double jump 
is insurance.

Attacks -

1) He drills into the ceiling, moves over your head, and comes down with a HUGE 
drill. He'll do this three times, then drop down. Avoid it by sliding or dashing
as he gets near, and it will miss completely. Although easy to dodge, this is 
one of the most damaging attacks in the game. I believe it will kill you in only
two hits, so don't let him catch you with it.

2) He drills into the ground. Watch the ripple on the ground to see where he 
comes up, and just get away from there. Once up, he'll use one of the following 

3) He fires a spread drill, and might bisect it into two or four pieces. I have 
no idea what causes him to choose between these options. I've never seen him 
just fire one drill at you. If he bisects it into four drills, it might be 
impossible for Megaman to dodge, depending on how far off the ground they are. 
Bass can double jump them. As you see him attacking, fire at him. If you use a 
remote mine, you can just leave it on him. The next time he tries to burrow, 
he'll take damage.

4) He jumps forwards a little, and transforms into a mole-type machine. He 
travels across the arena three times, then performs attack 1 or 2. Although he's
invincible during this time, you can attach a remote mine to him. When he's done
driving around, he'll try burrowing, and take damage.

*****Tenguman [tng]*****

Summary - 

He's not too different from his stint in Megaman 8, but he is a bit harder. He 
only goes near the ground when he's attacking, so just hitting him is a matter 
of patience, unless you're playing as Bass. Like with Burnerman, there is a 
nasty surprise at each end of the arena, this time a bottomles pit. Unlike 
Burnerman, we can't use these against him. He doesn't spend much time attacking,
rather choosing to move along the top of the arena in a bobbing motion. Keep him
on screen at all times, because you need to see when he's attacking if you're 
going to fight back. His weakness is the Spread Drill. You can bisect it to make
hitting him easier, but if you use the big drill each time, you can kill him in 
five hits. He's a lot easier as Bass, as Bass' double jump allows him to be more
aggressive, whereas Megaman fans have to attack when the opprtunity permits.

Attacks -

1) The Tornado Hold makes its return from Megaman 8. He lowers himself to near 
the ground, and fires a green fan at the floor, which travels along and 
generates a tornado that lifts you up and along. If you get caught by this, 
it can be bestroyed by firing and bisecting a well placed Spread Drill, but if 
you hit him with a Spread Drill before he can even use the attack, he won't get 
to fire it off.

2) He swoops down and uses his new attack, Tengu Blade. If the blade hits you, 
you'll just take damage. But if the blade misses you, it creates a wind gust 
that can sweep you off the arena if you're not careful! To easily avoid this, 
use the Spread Drill as soon as he comes down.

Tenguman might have more attacks than this, but I've never seen them.

*****Magicman [mgc]*****

Summary - 

Like Burnerman, Magicman can fool you into thinking he's tougher than he really 
is, as he might seem to barrage you with attacks. This can be avoided, as I'll 
detail in just a moment. He's weak to the Tengu Blade, which has three attacks, 
as it works close up, can be used with a dash/slide, or used long distance to 
fire a wind blade. It's best to get up close and personal, as hitting him with 
the blade stuns him a little longer. This doesn't work with any of the Tengu 
Blades other attacks. He's about the same with either character.

Attacks -

1) He dashes backwards and forwards along the arena. Occasionally, he might 
stop doing this to perform another attack, but usually he'll just keep doing 
this until you hit him. If you go in all guns blazing, he'll attack more which 
is why he's a lot easier than he first appears. Once hit, he'll perform one of 
the following...

2) He leaps up in the air, and throws a ball at your precise location. When it 
hits the ground, it releases three doves, which circle around and try to hit 
you for a few seconds before disappearing. Although these can be destroyed, you 
might miss and hit Magicman, causing him to attack again, so it's best to dodge
them and Magicman's charging as best you can, as the more attacks on screen at
any time, the harder Magicman becomes.

3) He stands in place and shoots between one and three magic balls at you. If 
you attack these, they drop the small magician type enemy you saw in his stage,
which can grab onto you and hold you still while Magicman hits you. Like the 
doves, these can be destroyed, but might lead to Magicman attacking even more, 
so just jump the magic balls.

4) He stands in place, and throws a Magic Card at you. This acts as a boomerang,
so you'll have to jump it twice. If it hits you, it takes some of your energy, 
and gives it to Magicman when it returns. I've heard it's possible to destroy 
this with the Tengu Blade, but I've never managed.

You can get into a good pattern with Magicman. Get close, and hit him with the 
Tengu Blade. When he recovers and attacks, jump the attack, and as you come 
back down,his invincibility time should be over, so attack him again. Keep doing
this until he's gone.

*****Astroman [astr]*****

Summary - 

Unlike Tenguman, Astroman is very different from his outing in Megaman 8, and 
there's no cheap Homing Sniper strategy here. His weakness is th Magic Card, but
it doesn't seem to damage him as much as some weapons damage their intended 
target, nor does it stop him attacking for long, so you'll need to play this one
defensively. He's about the same difficulty with either character.

Attacks -

1) He tries to swoop down on you. Depending on where you are, either dodge and 
return fire, or aim a Magic Card up and shoot him. He'll pause for a second 
when hit with a Magic Card, but then continue the swoop while invulnerable, so 
if you do this, shoot him then quickly move.

2) He flies up to the top centre of the screen, and shoots his two orbs down in 
a spiralling motion. The safest place is directly below him, so stand there and 
shoot up with a Magic Card or two. Once his orbs return, he'll probably try to 
swoop on you, so move.

3) If he moves close to the ground, don't bother attacking him, as he's now 
invulnerable. He'll move to a spot, and fire a green beam down on the ground, 
which causes a robot to start jumping out of a hole repeatedly. Once he's made 
three of these, he goes on attacking as normal, it's just the jumping robots 
make it harder to dodge his attacks. You can't fall down the holes, and they 
close after a few seconds, but if you destroy the jumping robots, they close 
automatically. Magic Card has a long life span, so fire a few at them to 
destroy the robots quickly.

4) He moves to one of the top corners and shoots an electric ball at you, which 
is easily jumped. He then moves to the opposite corner using a downward arcing 
motion, and repeats. However, this time when he moves to the opposite corner, 
he'll leave a copy behind, which also shoots at you. He'll leave a copy in the 
other corner as well, so you'll have more and more shots to avoid. The copies 
can be deleted with Magic Card, so do this ASAP to make things easier.

*****Dynamoman [dyn]*****

Summary -

Dynamoman isn't THAT hard, but he can take a long time to kill. Copy Vision 
works best on him, but if you're unlucky, you might run out of weapon energy 
before he runs out of life energy, so to play safe you may want to buy the 
Energy Saver from Auto. As the additional bullets you can shoot while using 
Copy Vision can only be shot one at a time, Bass' rapid fire advantage is 
nullified, so he's about as tough for both characters.

Attacks -

1) He starts off every attack wave by first trying to jump on you, then runs 
across the arena twice. It's best not to use Copy Vision while he's doing 
this, because it might no inflict the best amount of damage, and you need to 
try and kill him quickly. He'll then perform one of the following attacks...

2) He jumps from the corner into the other corner, releasing five energy balls
as he goes. These hover in place, then fly at you one after the other in a 
seemingly random order. Jump or dash/slide to avoid these as they come, and 
fire at Dynamoman. Alternatively, use the Copy Vision, and the balls will 
attack the copy instead of you, so just keep it between you an an incoming 
ball. While this is happening, the copy will hurt Dynamoman for you.

3) He creates electrical devices and throws them at you in a pattern. Low ones
can be jumped, high ones will only hit you if you're in the air, so just let 
them pass over you. There will be one medium one, which you will have to 
double jump or slide under. You can use Copy Vision here, and all the low ones
will be destroyed by the copy. The medium one will still need dodging, and the
high ones don't need to be worried about.

4) Three energy balls circle Dynamoman for a while, then head to the ceiling. 
Depending on how many reach the ceiling, between one and three Lightning Bolts 
will come down. To avoid this, shoot at the balls. When each one is hit enough,
it will fly towards you, so jump it, and keep firing. You can also use a Copy 
Vision here, and stand behind the double, assisting it with additional bullets.
The balls will vanish when they hit the copy, and you can fire enough bullets
between you to avoid the lightning completely.

5) Not an attack, but his worst move nonetheless. A charger will appear from
the ceiling, and Dynamoman enters it, and will start to replenish his life! To
stop this, get on the platforms that appear and destroy both sides of the 
charger. The best way to do this is to place a copy on one side, then quickly 
get to the other and fire your own shots as quickly as you can on the other. You
may damage Dynamoman a bit doing this. If you just leave him, he'll completely 
recharge, so don't just leave him.

*****Penuin Pulley [pngn]*****

Summary -

This boss is awkward rather than actually difficult. The target is the barrel 
on the right hand side. In order to damage it, you have to stand on the 
platform over the lava, and shoot at the head when it emerges from the bottom 
of the barrel. However, as you stand on the platform, it lowers towards the 
lava, which will kill you. To avoid this, jump up, and allow the platform to 
rise. Also, keep a close eye on his health. When you kill him, the platform will
fall into the lava, so make sure you jump off the platform as you fire the fatal
shot, or you'll take a lava bath and have to do it again. I'm not sure which
weapon works best on him, as I always use the buster. The Copy Vision and
Remote Mine might have good uses, but I prefer to conserve weapon energy. Both
characters have their advantages. Bass' rapid fire makes hitting the small 
target a little easier, but Megaman's charge shot gets the fight over with more

Attacks -

1) A monkey will appear on the wire above the floor, and start throwing coconuts
at you. Stun it by firing bullets at it, and after a couple of hits, it will
smack its bottom and leave for a while. You don't have to do this, but the less
there is to dodge, the easier the fight will be.

2) Two missiles are fired from th side of the barrel. Just jump them, they're 
fairly slow and the attack is telegraphed.

3) A mini penguin leaps up from the lava, travels towards the barrel, turns back
and goes back into the lava. You'll know this is coming when the lava starts to 
splash. Easy enough to avoid if you're high enough up. If you're low enough to 
be hit, just jump to gain height.

*****King Tank [tank]*****

Summary - 

This is a mid boss, but it's dangerous enough to be included in this guide. It
gets easier to fight as you go on, however, because to fight it you have to 
disable the various parts it uses to attack you, so as the fight goes on there's
less to dodge. Depending on the parts bought from Auto, Bass might have an 
easier time of it. Whichever character, I recommend having the Energy Saver as 
you need Remote Mines, and you may run out without this handy piece of 

Attacks -

1) It makes a revving sound, and dashes towards you. You can only avoid this by 
being on the floor below the tank, so make sure you stand around near the 
ladders when you're on the tanks level. You can disable this by firing Remote 
Mines and guiding them onto its tracks, and keep doing this until you see smoke 
coming from the tracks. It can still move around, but it can't ram you. 
Disabling this is optional, but it's best to do this if you're a beginner.

2) The gun on the front opens, and fires machine gun bullets at you. The best 
way to dodge this is to just drop down to the lower level, and stand next to the
ladder, and it won't be able to hit you. To attack it, place a Remote Mine on 
it, then wait for it to open, and detonate it. Repeat until it breaks.

3) It's head turret raises, and fires several bombs which go up, then come down
on your present location. The only way to avoid this is to be on the lower 
level, and walk back and forwards avoiding the explosions. Again to attack it, 
place a Remote Mine on it in readiness, and when it uses this attack, detonate 

4) The hatch on the back opens, and some mini magicians pop out and walk around.
This can be avoided by just waiting around on the lower level. There are several
ways to attack this area. The quickest is to place a Remote Mine on the hatch in
readiness, but if it bumps into the wall it can detonate the mine and take no 
damage. You can fire up while the hatch is open with Magic Cards and damage it, 
but it can take a lot of cards to destroy it. If Bass has the Hyper Blaster 
bought from Auto, he can just stand in place and fire up.

*****King Jet [jet]*****

Summary - 

Another mini boss, this one takes place in an auto scrolling segment, which is 
infinite as long as the Jet lives. You fight while jumping from platform to 
platform as they rise from the ground. While it's a very hard boss, you 
effectively have infinite lives while fighting it, as you can collect a 1-up on 
the way to the battle, and it reappears if you should die. Bass has a much 
easier time of things, as his double jump is a very good insurance policy, but 
for Megaman the platforms are spaced closer together. To damage it, you have to 
hit the dome on the top, which is none too easy. Bass' rapid fire helps here, 
but of course Megaman's charged shots get the job done quicker.

Attacks -

1) It fires bubbles full of... Power ups?! Collect as many as you can, but be 
careful, if you see an orange and grey canister in the bubble instead of a power
up, avoid it. Hitting this will make the screen flash white for a second, which 
is long enough to distract you and make you plunge to your death.

2) It creates two fists, which fly forwards slowly. If these hit a platform, it 
will be destroyed, so once more, be careful not to be sent down the bottomless 

3) A red crystal appears on the machine and begins charging up. Destroy this 
quickly, or it will unleash an un-dodgeable crimson rain attack, which damages 
you heavily. Although funnily enough, as the only attack that isn't as likely to
send you down the pit, this is its nicest attack. You can easily destroy this 
with a Remote Mine.

*****King phase 1 [kng1]*****

Summary -

Yet another mini-boss. King just stands there with a shield. Periodically, he 
will fling it aside, and you can shoot him, but there's no point.

Attacks -

1) If you shoot the shield, a large laser comes right back at you.

2) After standing there long enough, King fires 5 large X's at you. The first 
two curve down and should be jumped. The third curves up, and should be double
jumped, or slid under. The fourth curves down, and the fifth curves up. Simply 
evade three waves of this attack, and Protoman will come and destroy the 
shield. You now move on to...

*****King phase 2 [kng2]*****

Summary - 

Ah, finally, an energy bar. King now takes out the axe you saw in the prologue, 
and becomes a lot more aggressive. His weakness is the Lightning Bolt, and 
you'll want the Energy Saver to have enough energy to finish the job. He's easy 
enough with the right strategy, and it doesn't matter which character you use.

Attacks -

1) He jumps in front of you, and swings his axe for big damage. Dash or slide 

2) He fires a purple laser, which ricochets around the room at 45 degree 
angles. It's tough to avoid this as well as King, but a Lightning Bolt can 
erase it.

3) After being hit with the Lightning Bolt, King dashes along the ground. 
When he hits the wall, he jumps a bit towards you, then fights as normal.

A good pattern is to fire the lightning bolt, while standing a little way from
the wall furthest from King. When he gets close, fire the Lightning Bolt again.
He'll go through you while the Lightning Bolt animation plays, but you won't 
be hurt. When it finishes, King will be stunned, and you have a few seconds to 
get to the other side before he uses attack 3. Repeat until he's done. If he 
has just one or two energy units left, finish him off with buster shots. The 
aim is to get out of this fight with as much energy as possible, because...

*****King phase 3 [kng3]*****

Summary - 

If you don't have much energy left after the last fight, this one will be very 
short. And if you die, you'll have to face King 1 and 2 again, so whatever you
do, don't die, K? King has fused with the tank and jet mini bosses to create a 
huge robot with a variety of attacks, and the biggest problem is, you have a 
tiny target at the very top to hit if you want to damage him. He doesn't seem 
to be weak to a special weapon, but you'll be using specials any way to 
protect yourself. Use the buster to actually attack him. Bass has a horrible 
time in this fight, as he has to jump and fire at an up/diagonal angle to hit 
King, or failing that double jump off an Ice Wall. Megaman has a platform above
him, which he can jump up from and launch attacks at King's weak spot. As far 
as I've been able to tell, he can only get onto the platform by jumping off an 
Ice Wall. In fact, that platform makes the fight s much easier for Megaman, 
Bass fans have just been screwed in this fight.

Attacks -

1) He has the same dash attack as the tank. Bass has to time a double jump, so 
he evades the lower part, and King is reversing before Bass lands. As long as 
Megaman is on or below the platform, he won't be hit.

2) He uses the bomb attack of the tank too. Bass has to walk or dash around in 
the limited space between the wall and King in order to avoid the explosions. 
Megaman can just stand under the platform.

3) He uses the jet's red crystal attack. Avoid this the same way, by using 
Remote Mines on the crystal.

4) His arm opens up, and four energy balls come out of it. These circle and 
attack like Magicman's doves, and can also be destroyed. The best way is to 
just use the Lightning Bolt, but you won't have much energy, so when you run 
out, use the Wave Burner as a shield instead. The Ice Wall might work too, but 
I haven't tried it.

*****Dr. Wily phase 1 [wly1]*****


It's pretty much the same ship from Megaman 8. If you've played it, you'll know 
most of what to expect. Wily has some new tricks up his sleeves though, so watch
out. The part to aim at is the windshield where you can see Wily's face. Why 
destroying a windshield destroyes the entire ship, I don't know. Remote Mines do
good damage, but I prefer to use buster shots, as the explosion of the Remote 
Mines can obscure some attacks and make dodging harder. You want to be able to 
dodge, as you need to escape this fight with a decent amount of energy.

Attacks -

1) The side cannon shoots several blue bullets at you. Just jump/double jump and
slide around these, but if he uses this attack when close it's very hard to 

2) Two missiles are fired at you. Either jump both, or destroy the bottom one 
with buster shots, and just allow the top one to pass overhead.

3) The side cannon detaches, and bounces towards you. Slide or dash under it 
when it's high.

4) The cannon detaches and rolls towards you. Jump over it once when it 
approaches,and again when it returns.

5) The mouth opens and charges a laser. Just keep shooting the mouth and it will

6) The attack that gives Bass a really rough time. The ship shakes, the charges 
towards you, then flies back. Megaman can slide under it twice, but Bass has to 
double jump it twice. Get the timing a little bit wrong, and you'll take damage.

*****Dr. Wily phase 2 [wly2]*****

Summary - 

Come on, Wily NEVER has just one ship. This is the teleporting ship we've come 
to know and lo... Know, since Megaman 4 on the NES. It's attacks are always 
varities on the appear, shoot something, leave variety. Use buster shots or 
the Magic Card, but you have to hit the dome on the top. What is it with this 
game and small, hard to hit targets on these bosses? Yeesh! This is a little 
easier as Bass, as there are times he's simply too high up for Megaman to 

Attacks - 

1) Four bullets shoot towards you. Jump or slide, easy.

2) Four bombs appear and semi home in on you. Destroy with buster shots, or 
with the Lightning Bolt. Using the Lightning Bolt also hurts Wily a little.

3) Numerous bullets appear and circle around. This is hard to avoid, just try 
and find a safe spot. Fortunately, this attack doesn't seem to appear that 

He may have other attacks, but I haven't seen them.

*****In closing*****

As there may be some attacks I haven't seen, or some strategies I haven't 
though of, this is still a work in progress. If you can think of anything, just 
send me an e-mail at meyetgain@hotmail.com, and I'll update the guide with 
credit where it's due. Happy boss killing!

This FAQ has been contributed to GameFAQs only. If seen anywhere else, please 
get in contact with me.

Megaman and all related characters are (c) Capcom.

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