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Guide and Walkthrough by ADK

Version: Final | Updated: 04/10/2006

Shining Soul 2 Walkthrough by ADK
Final Version :

Here we go for the second episode of this spin off of the shining serie. Second
action RPG for GBA and third in the entire saga.

Final Version : added lots of tips, new sections. The credit section is updated
when you submitted something to me.

Update 04/10/06 : Added some tips in the tips section.

Homepage : http://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
E mail : advanced_knight@yahoo.fr

Contents :

1 Review
2 The about section
3 The Royal Colosseum
4 Characters and Classes
5 Special Control
6 Walkthrough
7 Other possible secret dungeons
8 Other stuff to do (done)
9 Tips
10 Credits

1 Review :

Let's go. The second volume of this action rpg serie arrives on GBA. Sega has
upgraded seriously the game but is it a good game or not ?

In term of presentation, Sega takes the time to enter some nice pictures to
introduce the game. On the contrary of the old Shining Soul, this game is not
"really" related to the entire Shining Force Saga. The method is well known,
you make a spin off with guests to launch a new serie and then it takes a
slightly different road. It's also the case of Shining Soul 2.

Graphically the game is still the same. The difference comes from the number of
screens. They are more numerous than in the previous episode. Plus you will
replay some of the dungeons of Shining Soul 1. The player is free to share or
not my opinion, but it is the same thing for me and i found them good not
superior to the previous episode.

The animation is of course the same. The hero can't run and it's really a
problem sometimes. The special magic are good but you won't see special visual
effetcs (transparency, brightness effects etc...) during the game. Once again
you will be free to compare SS1 and SS2. When replaying an old dungeon you will
see that shooting in diagonal is as hard as in the first episode.

The sound is still weird. The musics are not awful but even if i appreciate the
atmosphere of SS2, i admit that it's not wonderful. The sound effects are
practically inexistant.

The controls are as simple as in the first episode (same GUI), but as i say
earlier, the gameplay is better because you don't have to walk in isometric
dungeons. You will have problem to shoot (or hit) ennemies in stairs however.

SS2 is far better than SS1 for many reasons. The first is obvious, there is a
real storyline. It's a light one but you can at least talk to people and search
for secret dungeons. The dungeons themselves seem to be more attractive. I
can't really explain it, but you feel it clearly when you replay a dungeon of
SS1 in SS2. The franchise becomes really interessant but in this case why not
making a super action/RPG as Zelda that can be a reference instead of waiting
episode 3 or 4 to make a real megahit ?

The addition of lots of secret areas is a real good idea. Some of them are
really hard to find. I haven't played in multiplayer mode, but again it seems
more attractive.

In conclusion, SS2 is a good action RPG, not a megahit as the game is still
composed of hack and slash. The game needs riddles, complete storyline with bad
guys, switches in the dungeon and many other things that will probably appear
in a possible episode 3. As the difficulty is high in some areas you won't
regret to buy it, but IMO it stays an average concept in constant evolution.
Shining Wisdom is stil better than this one.

Presentation : 15/20
Graphics : 17/20
Animation : 14/20
Sound : 12/20
Controls : 16/20
Interest : 15/20
Final Note : 83%

Shining ADK.

2 The about section :

This section will be in each guide i will product from now.

I know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have. Correct me if you wish
that's the best you can do. I am kind enough to warn you so don't expect i
answer to hate mails or to a question like : "Is this your first language ?".
Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.

Please write to me only for true questions. Most of the time, i know it by the
poor questions i received, you write to me just because you have seen my name
near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but you want a quick advice. Sorry
to say this but i'm tired of these mails.

This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to gamefaqs. If you wish to
download it for your site, ask for the permission but it's not all misters and
misses webmasters. Think to update my faq because when i correct my english or
post an update with more informations, it's on gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.

I receive questions about things that are in an update and some people continue
to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies Of Arkadia...
Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.

3 The Royal Colosseum :

Rank 1 : Slimes
Rank 2 : Bats
Rank 3 : Rats
Rank 4 : Hobbits
Rank 5 : Vikings
Rank 6 : Worms
Rank 7 : Trolls
Rank 8 : Centaurs
Rank 9 : Spirits
Rank 10 : Fairies

Even if the reward is announced, the item you obtain is random. That's why i
won't give anymore details about the prize. For example i obtained a soul
raijin level 3 instead of a yoghoure doll. However it seems that if you push
select to read a description of a reward, you win THIS item.

4 Characters and Classes :

I choose to play the vampire. Basically in the walthrough i will indicate tips
for the vampire, however, i suppose that each character has at least a short
range attack and a long range attack. When i will say use the demonic blow, i
suggest in fact a long range attack.

The other classes are :

Dark Wizard

The story is the same, only the progression in the game and the difficulty will

5 Special Controls :

A) Throwing Items :

There is one special control that you will use to solve some sidequest, despite
the fact i explain it in the walkthrough, i prefer to add a section for this
move to be sure you use it properly. The special control is simply, throwing

Purpose :

1) Throwing an angel wing to transport back to a town a NPC.
2) Throwing grenades to break walls and doors.
3) Throwing the soul to Boken.
4) Throwing an items you wish to drop (you can aslo use the drop function in
the inventory)

How to do it ?

Press B, you see a circle gauge pumping if you hold B. Release B when the gauge
is full. You can miss your target if your not close of it.

B) Charge and Blast (not a reference to the DC game) :

7When you choose to upgrade a skill (the maximum is level 7) you access to a
more powerful version of your attack. As for throwing items, press and hold A
until you reach the level and release A to do a powerful attack. These attack
can be conditionned by books if you are a magician, cleric or a vampire for
example (not an exhausted list).

C) Using the Soul Fury :

When you kill monsters, you will see the soul gauge pumping. When it's full you
can cast a fury to kill everyone on the screen.  To do this, press SELECT. To
cast a fury, you need a soul, an item you equip in the inventory. You find a
soul by talking to the princess, winning some battles, or a round in the royal

So far i have found Raijin, Oblivion and Proserpina at level 1,2 and 3 for each
but there are lots of soul to find (the same as in shining soul 1 plus some

6 Walkthrough :

First begin to choose the character you wish. Now save the adventurer from the
slime and then go north to the arena. You watch a scene where you fight
Deatharte. Then the king asks you to save his daughter.

There are not much to do in the castle for now. Just take a look and then exit.
You must notice here the shops at the entrance and the inn outside of the
castle and inside the bar. In the courtyard you see a fire, walk on it until
your fire resistance increase. Once you fill ready head to the exit.

You can find 2 secret areas at the entrance of the castle, walk through the
black wall on the left or on the right.

Goblin Fort :

This fort is fairly easy. The way is linear. However you will see alternate
paths. It usually leads to chests and more exp. You can destroy a door by
hiting it. If you see a closed door, it means that you haven't killed all the
monsters in this area, or the monster leader.

Room 1 : Advance and beat the first goblins after they finish to talk. Room 2 :
Approach of the well to beat some slime. You'll find some chests on the way.
You can reach the wooden box. Continue and break the door. Go outside, kill a
troll to open the exit.
Room 3 : A chest here, short room.
Room 4 : Here take the chest, continue, break the wooden box and before the
exit, turn left to the grey chest.
Room 5 : You will advance until you watch a scene with captain Gully. You learn
that the prison key is in the cupboard.


Advance and beat them all. Despite the fact they are numerous, you can use the
door to force them advancing one by one. Then destroy the cupboard to find the

Continue and you will see more rooms to explore. if you find especially a
gauntlet and a helmet in chests in this part, equip them.

Room 6 : Explore all the way to find all the chests, take your time.
Room 7 : Kill them all, open the chest (search a hidden path to it near the
wooden wall, then go to the boss.


1)It's a giant goblin. Lobo is not very hard to kill. When he is near you he
will try to hit with his axe. Let him spin around and when he stops attack. I
notice he is more sensible when you hit his head and not his ass. You can at
least give 2 hits.

2)He will stand up. If you're near he will start some explosions, if not, he
will chase you and then start the explosions. After this he will stop to take a
deep breath. This is your chance to give him 3 hits.

3) Repeat the process until he dies. You find a chest with a ?gauntlet inside.

Back to the castle and the king asks you to save his daughter. You must pass
throught he cimetery and then go to the castle of Wizary.

Cimetery of the giants :

The things get hard here. The mummies and the archers are powerful for the
first and annoying for the second. I suggest you use magic spell or a real
powerful sword. To go to the next level, you will need to break some graves to
find the stairs.

Room 1 : Advance, kill bats, slimes and skeletons. You see a chest. To reach
it, go near the exit and pass through the wall on the right. Break the grave to
Room 2 : Kill them all, including a purple mummy to open the exit and before
the exit, search on the left of the exit the path to the grey chest.
Room 3 : Outside again, kill them all and break another grave.
Room 4 : On the right a chest, on the left, kill a purple mummy to open the
exit. There is a secret grey chest if you search for the wall on the left
before the exit.
Room 5 : You will see 2 mummies hiding a soul. Kill them and retrieve the soul
under the grave . Don't sell it, it is the soul of Boken. You will find him
later in this dungeon. Break another grave to continue.
Room 6 : you will need to find 2 keys to open the 2 locked doors. You find them
in this room and use it automatically.
Room 7 : Outside again, kill the skeletons, bats and slimes. The grave cannot
be reached.
Room 8 : To give back Boken's soul, let the spirit approach of you, then equip
yourself with the soul (on the item menu) and press B to give the soul to
Boken. He will thank you and go to the castle.
Room 9 : In the corridor before the boss you will find a secret area by going
left at the beginning of the corridor. it leads you to a chest, some bats and a
fire skeleton. You will then fight the boss.


He is very easy to beat. Approach, hit by using a spell or a distant attack and
then move. When he hits the ground, the rocks will always fall on your last
position. You can't really be hit by this boss if you act quickly.

You have now access to the palace of the sorceress, Wizari.

Wizari's Palace :

Room 1 : The entrance is guarded by 3 rats.
Room 2 : The second room is full of bats and a spider. They are however easy to
Room 3 : You will then fight thunder spirits and ghosts. If you choose the left
path or the right one, it will lead you to rats and a chest or spiders and a
Room 4 : Kill the rats and go to the next room.
Room 5 : You find the princess. Open the gate by clicking on it (you will use
automatically the key of the prison). You can find a secret area in the cell
but no item in it.
Room 6 : A room with long stairs. When you reach the third, walk in the dark
(between the end of the second stairs and the beginning of the third) and you
will reach a chest with a spellbook level 3 inside (or maybe a cool item
according to your character).You will have to choose between left or right in a
room. It doesn't matter, the next room is different but the items and monsters
are the same.
Room 7a : A chest and some monsters.
Room 7b : A chest, some spiders and a grey chest that you can reach by
searching for the secret path in the middle of the south wall.
Room 8 : In this room 2 chests. Once you have opened the exit (by killing a red
ghost) go south of the exit door to reach a grey chest (walk in the dark).
Room 9 : In this vertical room, you will beat some knights. They don't move if
you don't approach them but they are really strong, so be sure to use a long
range attack.
Room 10 : You notice in this room a floating block that you can't reach. Maybe
later or in the multiplayer mode.
Room 11 : It's a diner room full of spirits and rats. 2 chests here.
Room 12 : Golden bats room. You can see another portion of the room but i
couldn't reach it.
Room 13 :The last room before the boss is a room with long stairs. At the top,
you kill a ghost and then don't pass the door. You access to a secret chest by
going between the cupboard and the wall on the right.


She is hard to kill. First begin to hit the draw on the wall. When it's done,
the woman will change into a sorceress and the 2 knights who are guarding her
will become mortal. Then kill the 2 knights and then attack the sorceress. Her
weak point is the down part of her robe. Avoid the demonic blow and then hit
her again until she dies.

The king will ask you to go to the spring of fairy. Some hobbits stole foods in
the castle and the crystal is glowing strangely. The king thinks there is a
link. Inside the castle you find a room with 2 young girls and an old man. One
of the girl has lost her red shoe (you will help her later in this walkthrough)
and the other asks for an umbrella (submitted by Xenon MB) :

"You can get that umbrella at the Spring of Fairy.

Advance to the robbers and wait for them to split their loot (don’t approach
too much of them) and eventually they will take out the umbrella. Now quickly
attack them and you can get the umbrella. You will get a shoe as reward".

Note in regards of this hint : a second shoe will be obtained by helping the
other girl.

Spring Of Fairy :

Room 1 : The first room is easy to pass. The monsters here are very sensible to
the demonic blow (level 2), so use it if you play a vampire.
Room 2 : Kobolds room.
Room 3 : Kill some goblins, fairies and unicorns. 2 chests here.
Room 4 : A small arena full of unicorns.
Room 5 : You arrive to a room with small warp devices. Device down leads to a
chest, up is the good one. In the second part, beat the trolls. In the third
part, there is a chest and some hobbits. When you will be at the end of this
part, you will see a red warp.
Room 6 : You find the robbers. Kill them. Continue further in the spring.
Room 7 : Kill the fairies here.
Room 8 : Kill the spirits. Use the small warp device on the right, hidden by a
tree to reach a chest.
Room 9 : You will have the choice between 2 warp devices. Use the one up to
find a chest. Then use the one down. In the second part, kill all the hobbits
and use the warp device. In the third part, kill orange unicorns and hobbits.
You are back in a previous part and can warp to the next level.
Room 10 : Kill the hobbits to open the warp to the boss.


This boss is easy. Use the demonic blow level 2 or 3 to hit her feet. Avoid the
iceball and the glowing balls and repeat the process until she loses.

Back to the castle you hear that captain Robert is acting weirdly. It's time to
pay a visit to the captain's boat. When you exit, you see the old man outside
of the castle asks for a letter : (submitted by Xenon MB and at same time by
William Cairns, the name appear only now cause the tips arrived after i send
the update to gamefaqs.)

You can find this letter below the old man near the wall left of the entrance,
he will then ask that you rescue the boy from which this letter came. You can
find him on the pirate ship a few rooms before the boss, there are some barrels
on the left side, and you will need 4 grenades to break through them, and an
angel wing to throw at the boy, for transporting him home.

Captain Robert's Boat :

Room 1 : Begin to release the guy by destroying the box. He opens the door to
the inside of the boat. Go inside the boat.
Room 2 : Nothing special here.
Room 3 : To reach the first grey chest, you must finish the room and before the
exit find the path to this chest. To reach the second chest (in a huge room,
with beds) you need to go west, then north (left you find a normal chest), then
right and kill 2 monsters.
Room 4 : Follow the way, kill vikings and bats. Kill 3 leeches to open the exit.
Room 5 : Follow the way. You see many forks. First way up is a chest with gold
usually. First down give nothing (false wall on the left). Second way down then
right leads to a grey chest. Then use the second way up to finish the room.
Room 6 : Donkey Kong room. Exit.
Room 7 : At the end of the room, kill all the leeches and the beholder then
search for the right wall to find a way to a chest.
Room 8 : In this room, you will find some beds. When you can go completely up
behind the beds and then right to reach a grey chest. Then go left of the room,
kill the vikings and you open the exit.
Room 9 : Kill 3 leeches and then go left through a wall to find a grey chest.
To reach the fourth grey chest in the same room, you must go up the stairs and
then find the false wall on the right. Finish this room.
Room 10 : Take the second stairs up and then go through the wall on the left.
Find the leech that cast death on you, kill it to access to the next room.
Room 11 : This room is empty. This is where the boy is, wall on the left, break
Room 12 : This room is huge and full of ennemies. Kill them all, butto open the
red door you must break the grave in the middle of the room. It's time to meet
the captain.


Go on the other side of the room, near the stairs. His axe can't touch you
because you hide behind the stairs while he is attacking, then hit him when he
stops. Repeat until he loses.


This boss is really annoying. You must hit him between the 2 eyes, avoid his
tentacle and the real problem is that you can't avoid the dark cloud until
Octopus hits the boat. This is your chance. This boss is long and very hard.

You can see on the map the temple of light. If you go there, a priest asks you
to mix 4 items, i found nothing to mix that gives an item of interest for now.

Driazhek Desert :

Room 1 and 2 : Offer an infinity of monsters. You can choose to earn a lot of
exp or to go to the next level.
Room 3 : You must beat a certain number of monsters but to open the warp to the
next level, you need to kill a white mushroom like monster.
Room 4 : You have just to follow the way to the red warp.


Similar to the boss in zelda 3 or zelda link's awakening, you need to hit the
last ball of his body until it crushes and avoid them when they move separate
from the entire body. Each ball has 200 to 300 HPs, the head is a bit long.

Room 5 : Is a vertical one where you hack and slash. Finish 4 harpies to reach
in safety the warp.
Room 6 : Is huge with a chest on the right part and a grey chest that you can
reach by going right of the pyramid. Then you have just to find the false wall
lined with the grey chest.
Room 7 : Inside the pyramid, foolow the way and kill the harpy to open the warp.
Room 8 : Is a small arena where you fight worms.
Room 9 : There is a chest when you go up into the second hole and down the
third hole. Exit after killing 3 golems.
Room 10 : Is a small arena with the mushroom like monsters.
Room 11 : When you arrive here, go up then right into the flse wall to find a
grey chest. You will see the exit, don't go to it, go right of the path to the
exit to find another grey chest.
Room 12 : Is an arena full of golems.
Room 13 : Either left or right leads to the same part of the room and then to
the exit.
Room 14 : Before the boss of the pyramid.


He is very easy to kill. Simply shoot at him and avoid his special attack.

Go inside the castle and talk to an old woman near the 2 centaurs that are
guarding the entrance of the throne room. It's grandma Colita. She will ask for
help. She wants you to slay all the slimes that are in her well. You find this
secret dungeon on the map now. Go to the bar and talk to a woman with purple
hair. She will give you the location of the Ipa Shop.

Grandma Colita's Well :

It reminds me a dungeon in Shining Soul 1, maybe i am wrong.
In the house (considered as room 1), kill 2 slimes that have sex and you obtain
the baby slime. Then jump into the well. The monsters are easy to kill as they
are slimes of the previous levels.

Room 2 : Nothing special.
Room 3 : You find a chest here.
Room 4 : Kill a red slime to open the warp.
Room 5 : Last room befor the boss.


Easy to kill, the yellow slime will always run after you, so kill the others
first then kill the yellow one.

Ipa Shop :

Room 1 : Go straight.
Room 2 : When you see the set of stairs, use the one on your right to find a
way to a secret chest. Then use the one on the left. After you kill a red
leech, you open the gate to the next level, but don't forget to use the stairs
that goes down to open a chest.
Room 3 : You will see Yoghoure (a recurring character in shining force 1 also
in shining soul 1 and 2 as a doll).

This tips was submitted by Dave :

"Hi i am Dave :). The Yoghoure can be killed with 2 bombs but it's hard. You
need a good timing. After you kill him you will see an extra door. In it is
another chest with a Yoghoure ring in it. It will tranform you into a Yoghoure
You can't do anything when you are a Yoghoure but the monster around will not
attack or maybe the bosses i am not sure :)."

Room 4 : Go right for a grey chest, kill other monsters and pass the door to
the shop.

The items here are special but i found none of interest. If you have more
informations, e mail me. Back to the main quest now.

Koldazhek Cave :

Room 1 : Go straight.
Room 2 : The paths are hidden by the blue transparent walls. The first chest is
up at the fork, and the second is on your left before the exit.
Room 3 : 2 chests on your right (each time)
Room 4 : You will encounter new ennemies, fire ghouls and yetis. Use the red


They have found the princess, save her before they eat her. When they die,
shoot the ice princess to free her. She will give you a password for the tower.

Room 6 : Go straight to a chest, then south and find the hidden path south to
the second chest. Now kill the orange yeti and exit.
Room 7 : Nothing, kill exit.
Room 8 : Kill the ice lizards and exit.
Room 9 : At the fork, down a chest, up the exit.
Room 10 : At the fork, up to a grey chest, down to the exit.
Room 11 : A Small arena, 3 blues yetis, 3 oranges one and a dark yeti.
Room 12 : the final room before the boss.


He will change into a 3 legs giant monster. Let him spin and then shoot the 3
legs. Once they are destroyed, shoot the head.

Talk to the princess, she give a soul proserpine II. Now get ready for the
tower of the demons. When you go to the world map, you will notice a new bonus

Forgotten Dungeon :

This dungeon appears on the map as a reward if you succeed at rank 8 and obtain
the item "map".

Room 1 : The ennemies here are very powerful. You begin by 3 fairies and then
you continue with strange cactus fighters and centaurs. To open the door to the
next level kill a red golem. You find 2 secrets paths here, one at the
beginning of the room (with nothing inside) and the other near the exit, in a
cell search on the left wall. You obtain a grey chest at the end (there is a
fork in the dark, go right instead of down).
Room 2 : The ennemies are very numerous here. The major problem is that you
advance and they appear all around you. I suggest you abuse of the decor. Hide
behind a metal gate and shoot them. Kill the red kangaroo to open the exit.
Room 3 : Apply the same method, be sure to not be surrounded.
Room 4 : The way to the exit is blocked. On your left there is a passage in the
dark but it's a dead end. Continue near the metal gate and go right in the
dark. You will finally arrive in a large room full of cactus men. Once they all
die, search on the left wall the passage to the exit. Kill the kangaroo
fighters and exit.


Kill the 2 fighters first, then finish the dragon.

Demon's Tower :

When you arrive you watch a scene between the guardian of the tower and the the
dark angel. After the scene, kill the guardian (Kobodis). Now approach of the
door and say the password to enter the tower.

Room 2 : Beat the monsters on the way, take the chest by going down and then
the grey chest by going down and left. When you go back to the path go through
the wall to find a secret chest.
Room 3 : Advance to the next tower.
Room 4 : Follow the way.
Room 5 : Advance to the enxt tower.
Room 6 : Follow the way, open the grey chest.
Room 7 : Again reach the next tower. Kill the kobolds here.
Room 8 : There are lots of robots here, don't forget the grey chest and the
normal one, full of money and good armours.
Room 9 : Kill all the harpies to reach the next tower.
Room 10 : Kill all the gargoyles.
Room 11 : The road to the exit is long.
Room 12 : Harpies and spirits on the way to the next tower.
Room 13 : A long road to some chests, kill the demon to open the gate to the
exit. Note that the secret path here are not mentioned because useless.
Room 14 : Advance to the next tower.
Room 15 : Boss fight against your doppleganger. Shoot him, he is easy.
Room 16 : Nothing.
Room 17 : Use 2 warps to reach the exit.
Room 18 : This is the last room. You will fight demons on the way. Kill the
purple one to open the exit. Note that there are 3 doors that requires special
key to open a way to a blue chest.

Submitted by Alex Chong :

"As for the blue chest in the demon's tower. You actually require 3 "Tower Key"
in order to get it. The Tower Key are random items that the monsters in the
demon's tower drop. I beat the tower about 5-7 times then i got the 3 keys. So
i guess its more of a luck and patience thing.

After you got the 3 keys you can gain access to the blue chest. I got actually
a summon "Oblivion III" from the chest. I only tried it once. Hence i not sure
whether will you always get the same item or not.

*Note: I got the 3 keys in normal mode. As for advanced mode i beat the tower
about 3-4 times but yet haven't got a single key yet. But i guess since the
door is there too in advanced mode, the key are availabe too."

Note : I think the item is random, i obtain oblivion III elsewhere.


This boss is easy if you know what to do. When she lands on the ground, be sure
to place the hero on her left or her right and shoot her (you can do 2 long
shots and one short).

When she takes off she has 2 attacks.

She flies straight from the right to the left and uses sonic circles. Stay in
the middle of the plateform to not be hit.

Then she will do this cycle :

She uses her feathers. Wait in the middle of the plateform, advance between the
feathers to not be hit and you can shoot her during this phase.

Then she uses the same attack as the first phase, and then she lands again.

Technically you can shoot her many times and she can't shoot at you.

When she dies, she announces a way to the volcano and to the knight of chaos
castle. Report to the king. After this i was able to conquer rank 10 in the
collosseum. Then a new secret dungeon appears as a reward. I suggest you don't
go there now as there are real powerful monsters.

Hall Of Heroes :

Another dungeon from Shining Soul 1.

Room 1 : Kill the 3 beats and then use the warp to reach the second part of the
floor. Then kill everyone to make stairs appear.
Room 2 : Same as above. 1 grey chest.
Room 3 : Same as above, 1 chest.
Room 4 : A large room, then you will use warps to kill other ennemies.
Room 5 : It reminds me how Shining Soul 1 was boring.
Room 6 : 2 dragons here.
Room 7 : This room is very hard to conquer.
Room 8 : An easy room, the good warp is the one down right.
Room 9 : Kill the demon and the 2 things. Then warp to the second part and kill
the ice dragon and the 2 fighters.


Replay the goblin fort. In one of the wooden boxes, you will find a red shoe.
Don't sell it, it's for one of the girl in the castle. Give it to her and she
will say that her grandpa his in the mushroom forest, a bonus dungeon.


It's the dungeon of Mischaela in Shining Soul 1.

Room 1 : Kill everyone. Find the flower and a chest.
Room 2 : Find the harpy, it opens the exit.
Room 3 : You find the old man. Give him a mushroom so he can east, then throw
an angel wing to save him. Continue.
Room 4 : Kill the all before the boss.


It's easy, circle around them and shoot them.

Once you are back to the castle, go to the room of the old man and he will give
you a special mushroom. Search for a secret way in the wall on the left of this
room and you will find the Grey Fox. He will indicate the way to another secret
dungeon, the beast mountain. When you go back, when you pass through the first
dark wall, go north to find the newspaper office. You can buy a special meal
there for 100 golds and also talk to the team. They want weapons and armours.

Submitted by Alex Chong :

"I give an equipment which one of the person in the newspaper of Klanthol team.
He asked for a shield make of bone. Hence I give him a bone shield. I took a
bone and 2 mithril and use 1000g to forge it (i not sure whether forging will
always give u the same item or whether izzit randomly). What i received in
return is an item call Gabas. It looks some sort of a ticket and the
description is: "Collect them and trade them in!" I havn't found a person or
way to use that ticket so far."


The first dungeon of Shining Soul 1.

Room 1 : Kill them all.
Room 2 : Kill them all.
Room 3 : 2 chests here.


Once again, circle around them and shoot.

Back in the castle buy an apple if you find one, give it to the person who talk
of an apple, you obtain 300 gold. You can do this each time you see an apple in
the shop.

Replay the dungeon, Captain Robert's Boat, beat the captain again, he will
indicate a new secret dungeon.

Mysterious Derelict :

Room 1 : Beat 2 fire ghouls.
Room 2 : Nothing.
Room 3 : 1 secret chest, go down and search for the right wall.
Room 4 : 2 fire ghouls, exit.
Room 5 : Explore all the ways and exit.


You can go up the stairs and avoid them, then shoot them.

Back to the main quest now.

Hottazhek Volcano :

Room 1 : Nothing special, kill and exit.
Room 2 : 1 fire lizard.
Room 3 : A long and annoying room.
Room 4 : Some bats will block the way.


He is very easy to kill, let him hit first (avoid this attack) and you can hit
him then. I use long range shot however.

Room 6 : Be careful, the bats hit faster than you and the flame soul is hard to
hit in diagonal.
Room 7 : Another horizontal room.
Room 8 : 2 fire lizards to kill, nice graphics.
Room 9 : Full of worms.
Room 10 : 1 golem.
Room 11 : A very hard room. At the end don't take the exit, continue to open a
chest (be sure to have some HP left).
Room 12 : A lizard and 2 bats before the boss.


Same method to beat him, he uses demon blow this time. Maybe this boss is
different when you have another character.

Room 14 : Advance to the exit, kill them all.
Room 15 : Nothing.
Room 16 : The final room before the boss, kill the dragon and open the chest.


This boss is very long. Avoid the flames and shoot him. That's all.


This is the final dungeon.

Room 1 : 4 archers.
Room 2 : 5 archers.
Room 3 : Now you are inside the castle. You can find 2 secrets paths on the
left and on the right in the dark. Then advance straight to a chest and kill
all the chaos centaurs here.
Room 4 : Kill the chaos centaurs, then the dragon and another set of centaurs.
Room 5 : There are 2 exits here, one on the left and one on the right.
Room 6a (on the left) : You fight some rippers here, a grey chest.
Room 6b (on the right) : You fight some unicorns (easier), 1 chest.
Room 7 : Full of demons.
Room 8 : This room is full of cantaurs and fairies. Kill the false goddess to
open the exit.
Room 9 : Another vertical room with traps on the ground (fire and poison).
Room 10 : In this room, go to the stairs, don't take it, continue through the
spikes and go down to a grey chest. Now use the stairs. The foes are easy to
kill if you use a level 6. There is one secret chest, at the beginning of the
room, simply go north through the wall.
Room 11 : Continue to the north and kill the rippers and archers.
Room 12 : 1 chest guarded by a brown fire dragon, 1 chest guarded by many
robots, kill the red eye robot to open the exit.
Room 13 : A vertical room full of fairies and other monsters.


This time he is really hard to beat. He summons creatures to help him and he
hits you hardly.

Room 15 : A bridge to the next castle, 10 archers on the way.
Room 16 : Another bridge full of foes.
Room 17 : The egg room. Break it (or leave it, but i suggest you break it) and
you obtain the dark block, the mithril and the orihalcon.
Room 18 : The final bridge before the final boss.


It can be easy or hard, according to how you act. In fact wait for him to lock
on you, then move on and hit him after his charge.

Back to the castle it's time to make a fest. After this go in the throne room
to see that it's black and white and that the crystal is strange. The royal
family has disappeared. Go back to the bar and talk to the bartender. He will
show you the way to the final boss.


The most difficult task is to avoid him. You must be at the opposite side of
him. Then shoot him when he appears. This boss is hard to kill.

You must now talk to the guy who wish to take a photo and answer yes. You see
at least the credits. Now the file is saved and you can reload it to play in
advanced mode. You can also choose an extra character if you choose to start
with a new one.

7 Other possible secret dungeons :

The guy in the bar who asks for special pictures of monsters or baby slimes (eg
normal and advanced mode).
Give the weapons and armours to the newspaper of Klanthol team.

8 Other stuff to do :

Find the 3 keys to access to the blue chest in the demon's tower, or maybe it's
for the advanced mode.

Status : done, a submission tells how to unlock this chest.

9 Tips :

These tips are direclty taken from gamefaqs and the full credits are given to
the one who submitted it. I input them in my faq so can have a complete guide.

Sound Mode :

At the Sega screen press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up,
Right, Down, Left, then at the title screen highlight any mode, hold Start and
press A

Easter Egg :

Sacrifice the S, E, G, and A letters in the Temple of Light to get the SEGA
message balloon.
Note about this tips : These letters can be found in the secret shop of the
game (i think).

Adavnced Mode and Secret Character are not tips since you obtained them after
you complete the game.

Submitted by Alex van Mourik :

"for sound mode its not at the sega screen its at the one before it. and 
you have to press 'B' after the arrows.

you sacrifice the gaba that you get from the editor people at the 
temple (i forgot what you get)

the dark angel can also pick you up and fly you around (you get hurt) 
if you stand still too long

before you go too beast mountain I recomend going to the kitchen and 
finding the secret passage that leads to a little girl (she wants too see 
snow). At the end of beat mountain there is a snowman guarded by demons or 
whatever, give it to her."

the secret char. is a piece of shit dont use him

10 Credits :

Thanks to Sega for this cool action rpg.
Thanks to Weaaddar for submitting secrets dungeon i haven't found (mushroom
forest, mysterious derelict and beast mountain).
Thanks to Xenon MB for the hints he submitted (full credits in the walkthrough).
Thanks to William Cairns for the tips about the umbrella.
Thanks to Dave for the tips about the Yoghoure ring.
Thanks to Alex Chong for the tips about the key to the blue chest and the
weapons for the klanthol team.
Thanks to Don Lobo Montag for telling me about a mistake in this guide.

This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004, ask for permission before posting it on
your site.

shining ADK.

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