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Reviewed: 05/12/03 | Updated: 06/26/03

It feels like Harmony of Dissonance, but better

Castlevania games have come a long way since the NES. Most people have either heard or played at least one castlevania game in the series if they have general knowledge of the video game world. Although Castlevania was introduced on the NES, what put the series on the map is Symphony of the Night for the PSone. Now we are in the new console age, where things are more advanced and sprites are outdated besides on the Gameboy systems. We are now in the year 2001, where the GBA was released. Following it's release was Circle of the Moon, the first of the GBA games for Castlevania. In 2002, the second game was released on the GBA, Harmony of Dissonance. It was very similar to Symphony of the night in many ways, although it did have poor music. It is now summer of 2003, and the third game, Aria of Sorrow is released. How good is it? Read the review

Graphics-10/10: Far supirior to HoD in many ways. Instead of the main character sprite being flat, it is more of a psudo 3D type sprite that actually looks like real movement. The castle looks very similar to HoD, but is more lit up and has more backround animation than HoD had.

Sound-9/10: The best music of the Castlevania games on the GBA. The sounds range from average screams to 2000 + year music.

Story-8/10: It is 2035, and you are a young 15 year old boy named Soma Cruz in Japan. You are walking to the shirine you live at and you and your childhood girl friend are sucked into a Solar Eclipse, only to wake up in Dracula's castle. You later find out that Dracula is dead for sure and the legends says that in 2035, a young man will enherit all of dracula's powers.

Challenge-6/10: Sadly, one of the flaws in the game is that it is the easiest Dracula game on the GBA. You can easily beat the game in 15 hours or so if you realy try, but what makes up for it is the extra characters you can use after you complete the game

Final 10/10: Although lacking in some areas, AoS is definatly a great pick-up for the GBA. Not only is it a great RPG, but it has quite a few extras that you can unlock. It is definatly a experiance. My rateing is 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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