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Reviewed: 05/09/03 | Updated: 05/09/03

Holy crap! wait... I beat it?

Graphics(10): Quite simply utter perfection, Soma animates almost as well as Alucard did in Symphony of the Night. The backgrounds are simply awesome, not to mention colorful as hell. Enemies are just great, though some are recycled from Dracula X(of all games). Despite this, they still look great, and don't detract from the game at all. Not to mention nearly everything in this game has some awesome touch that you just have to look closely to see, like the blood trails zombies leave when they stagger after you, or Death's sweet intro, or the downright freaky last boss, or what happens to the Legion after you beat it, too bad its on some small GBA screen and not on, say, a TV, powered by the Playstation 2(yet).

Sound(9): Certainly light-years beyond Harmony of Dissonance's absolutely horrible soundtrack. Though it isn't the most earth-shattering soundtrack ever. That's a shame, considering the composer of this game did Symphony of the Night as well, who's soundtrack is absolutely classic. Sound effects, though, are perfect. Voices are much more widespread in this game, as well. Tons of smacks, shredding sounds, yells, and death yells.

Gameplay(9): The game certainly has something neat with the soul system. Instead of DSS cards, or the spell fusion system, you get to suck the souls right out of your enemies, which unlocks some really nifty abilities, my favorite being the ability to spawn little scythes, like Death himself does! Sub weapons are gone, though many of them return in some form or the other as shooter souls. The gameplay itself is rather challenging, though not impossible, which is a let-down, as classic Castlevanias were known to put up a mean fight before going down in some rather beautiful looking flames. The main downside, though, this game is SHORT. I mean 10 hours short, getting EVERYTHING. That's a shame.

Replay Value(9): there are over 110 souls to find in this game. A great big castle to explore. 3 endings to find. A hidden character to play as. A hidden mode to earn and play through, and tons of little things you just have to see to believe. You may have play this game for a short time, but it'll be one hell of a busy time.

Overall(9): This is easily the best Castlevania game on the GBA, and one of the best games on the GBA overall. If it weren't so short, it would be absolutely perfect.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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