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Reviewed: 05/07/03 | Updated: 05/07/03

This is the best steak yet!

The Castlevania legacy lives on in its most recent incarnation in Aria of Sorrow. This is the third game on the Gameboy advance that has the fight against Dracula. But while all the other Castlevania’s have been set in the past, this one takes place in the not so distant future and is packed with tons of cool plot twists. That is about the entire story I will reveal to you because this game is really good, the best one for the GBA yet.

These by far have been improved since the last Castlevania incarnation and in fact rival those which were on the PSX. It brings a tear to my eye just to see this. Each sprite is just oozing greatness. All of the actions in this game are so fluid and not jerky like previous titles. There is literally no hint of slowdown whatsoever. The backgrounds look beautiful as each is detailed to the max. I do not know how much more the GBA can punch out because these are the best graphics I have seen yet in a portable game.

The controls are perfect as you play this game. No matter whom you are whether you are a veteran to the series or new, this game will be easy for you to pick up. You press attack or jump, and the game automatically does it. Also, this game includes a new feature, a pokemon like abilities that you collect in order to gain new powers like throwing spears and other things which come in useful throughout the game. Some might say this game is too easy. But these bosses and enemies in this game will smack you around if you are not careful. Speaking of weapons, this game has a ton of them. They all range from swords to whips to guns and so on.

The sound has been dramatically improved from the last title in the series. You could spend so much time just listening to this wonderful music. The music changes depending on the situation you are in whether you be walking down a dark hallway all the way to a major boss battle.

Some may say that this game is short. But they usually say this for one reason, they rushed through this game. To fully beat this game you will spend a good deal of time going through the castle, which is huge. To fully beat this game is like beating the last Castlevania game called Harmony of Dissonance to 200%. It is just that big.

This is a must buy for any GBA owner or Castlevania fan. Be prepared to experience this once in a lifetime event that is Aria of Sorrow!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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