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*Almost* as good as Circle of the Moon 07/03/04 Storm Shadow
Dracula's been bad again and needs a whipping. 05/12/03 Anabuhabkuss the 2nd
So, this is your first Castlevania for the Gameboy Advance? 07/11/03 bungleinthjungle
A dark future awaits... 07/26/04 discoinferno84
An absolutely AMAZING game! Viva la Demon Castle! 05/12/03 DKamikaze
Vampires and bats and ghosts: oh my! 08/13/07 gbarules2999
Quite the adventure..... 09/04/04 glory of power metal
This is one of the best GBA games ever 06/28/03 hamhamninja
The Best Castlevania on GBA 03/14/16 horror_spooky
They could have at least had ONE robot... 05/10/03 Jyagan
A review by someone who hasn't played SOTN. 06/14/03 marmaIade man
The Very Best of the Castletroids 11/08/03 mayonaiserhino
Wouldn't Drac would want to stay dead just to avoid the whipping 09/07/03 Megalomania
The best elements of your standard Castlevania game with an exciting twist! 09/30/05 Mr_Socks
One of the best games for th GBA 01/27/05 NativitylnBlack
Third time's not a charm 01/04/10 Ofisil
The best of Circle and Harmony 06/02/03 Perch
The GBA Castlevania trilogy concludes with this solid game 07/16/06 plasmabeam
Sell your soul for hours of fun!!! 09/12/11 RageBot
Konami has put more effort into a GBA game than any other company. This is proof. 01/13/06 Rango
I can't seem to stop playing this game... 05/09/04 Relle
Perhaps the closest we'll ever get to Symphony of the Night again 05/19/03 rond556
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is better described as Castlevania: Aria of Joy 06/21/03 Strider Nemesis
Testimony of a Castlevania virgin 08/06/03 T ConX
Belmonts? Who needs the Belmonts?! 08/07/09 Tenshi No Shi
A captivating experience with loads of replay value! 05/19/03 Virulent
One of the best games ever to be concieved. Aria of sorrow has everything you will ever want in a game. 07/27/04 Wasabi X

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CastleVania: Aria of Sweetness 05/19/03 bleigh05
Shortness mars an otherwise great game. 04/30/10 buruburu1
It feels like Harmony of Dissonance, but better 06/26/03 CAHowell
Excellent game with only one real flaw 05/12/03 Canadian Guy
This game is an orchestration of great gameplay, graphics, and fun! 05/08/03 CyberAkuma
The Castlevania legacy lives on!!! 05/07/03 dreamcube
Another year, another great Castlevania game for GBA! 05/19/03 Falion
Sean Connery: "All right Trebek, I'll take Swords for 200." ..... Alex Trebek: "That's S-Words, Mr. Connery." 05/19/03 hempick
This is the best steak yet! 05/07/03 Irish Wolf25
A new heroe for the Castlevania series 09/21/07 JF7X
Best GBA Game... Ever 05/12/03 master chris x3
Konami does it again 05/19/03 mechhybrid
Castlevania Comes Alive Again 05/08/03 MooNz
A big improvement over Dissonance 02/25/08 MrServOn
Holy crap! wait... I beat it? 05/09/03 MurderDeathKill
A Fine Addition to the Castevania series. 05/08/03 OmegaDL50
I like swords! 05/09/03 Roland of Gilead
Dark days for the Castlevania series. 05/08/03 scrubking
This has to be one of the best 05/19/03 ShadeKun
Castlevania: Aria of FUN! 05/07/03 SPGLink
The closest GBA effort to SOTN 05/10/03 stncldrwg
A fantastic castle, as well as great graphics and music make this a must-play game, though some of the bosses are let-downs 02/20/08 TheMadcapLaughs
Great, but very much more of the same 05/07/03 tortoise
Aria of Sorrow Has Brought Great Joy 05/09/04 xXxCountMeOutxXx

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