.oOOOo.                 O                          o
    .O                   O   o
    o                   oOo  O
    o        .oOoO'.oOo  o   o .oOo.`o   O .oOoO''OoOo. O .oOo.
    o        O   o `Ooo. O   O OooO' O   o O   o  o   O o O   o
    O        o   O     O o   o O     o  O  o   O  O   o O o   O
    `o     .o`OoO'o`OoO' `oO Oo`OoO' `o'   `OoO'o o   O o'`OoO'o
     `OoooO'   A              S             .-------------------.
                  R      O      O           | Strategy Guide GBA|
                    I      F      R         |    Zenalasca      |
                      A             R       |   @Student.com    |
                                      O     |   ASCII art by    |
                                        W   | network-science.de|

You are Soma Cruz and are about to enter a chaotic misadventure through
Dracula's Castle. On the way you will have the power to take the powers
of monsters to help you continue in the story. As they say in Pokemon,
can you catch em' all?

| Table of Contents - Find co-ordinates with Control+F                 |

                Introduction                 C00
                Version History              C01
                About the Game               C02
                Tutorial                     C03
                Map Guide of the Castle      C04
                Quick Walk-Through           C05
                Strategy Bestiary            C06
                Ultimate Equipment Settings  C07
                Secrets and Easter Eggs      C08
                Code Breaker Codes           C09
                Game Encyclopaedia           C20
                Story Summary                C11
                Other Castlevania Games      C12
                My Other Guides              C13
                Thank-Yous                   C14

                                                                 | C00 |
| Introduction                                                         |

                                                                 | C01 |
| Version History                                                      |

Version 1.0 [25/12/08 ~ 28/01/09]
I was originally playing Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow and came across Aria
of Sorrow. When I played it to see what it was like I didn't stop. In
this version I focused on the map guide, strategy bestiary and story
summary first, then moved onto things like the encyclopaedia and other
Castlevania games.

                                                                 | C02 |
| About the Game                                                       |

Game Data
Platforms:  Game Boy Advance and Mobile Phone [though the latter version
            is somewhat toned down].
Series:     Castlevania [First Copyright 1986]
Developer:  Konami, the same guys who made Metal Gear Solid and Bubble
Releases:   2003 [Origina], 2006 [as part of a Castlevania "value pack"
            that included Harmony of Dissonance], 2008 [mobile phone
            version that is a bit cut down].
Difficulty: Not very hard in Castlevania terms, though you can retry the
            game in Hard Mode upon completion where certain items are
            made available.
Age Group:  Mature Audiences, violent themes ^_^. Though there is far
            more blood in the Japanese version, apparently.
Saves:      3
Adapter:    Support unknown.

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow was created as a break from the typical
mediaeval/fantasy style in Castlevania. It is set in 2035, 36 years aft-
er the ultimate demise of Dracula. On there's a hitch! Soma Cruz, a
teenage exchange student could be the next Dracula! What were the
  What I love about Castlevania is the style and the fact that it's an
RPG/side-scroller. There's nothing else quite like it except for Square-
Enix's Valkyrie Profile series or Namco's Megaman. To many, Aria of
Sorrow will be a precursor to Dawn of Sorrow. There isn't a hell of a
lot of story line but there's a lot you can make up on your own. The
fantasy genre has limitless scope for imagination and it's nice to play
an RPG that forces you to collect the souls of enemies and think of
what you can do with them.
  Aria of Sorrow is pretty easy overall, except for the Boss Rush and
Hard Mode, but not so hard you'd think it impossible on Hard Mode, like
Order of Ecclesia.
  There aren't a lot of NPCs [a total of three actually] and the game is
only set in Dracula's castle, but it's fun without being strenuous to go
from one part of the castle to the next, exploring its hallways and
chambers. At least to me it is. Alex was always asking me what to do
  This is a game that everyone seems to like, and so do I.
  Score: 9/10

                                                                 | C03 |
| Tutorial - How to Play the Game                                      |

Pretty much the objective of this game is to explore Dracula's castle,
killing monsters, finding items and using Soma's amazing ability.
  The stats are pretty simple, because Attack shows how much damage
you'll cause enemies and Constitution (Con) shows how much you'll be
defended against the blows of enemies.
  Intelligence effects how well you use magic and summon guardians. The
more Luck you have the more likely you'll get Souls and items from

Soft Reset
Remember this for whenever you've used a valuable item or just want to
go back to the title screen without turning the console off then on...
Start+Select+A+B should do the trick.

The Stats

HP [Hit Points]: Health Left [also shown by red bar].
MP [Magic Points]: Used whenever casting a soul [see green bar].
STR [Strength]: Damage caused with your weapon.
CON [Constitution]: Defence against enemy attacks.
INT [Intelligence]: Proficiency when using Souls.
AGL [Agility]: How well you can dodge blows.
LCK [Luck]: The rate at which enemies drop items/souls. Lamps not

Default Controls Guide
 D-Pad: - Move left or right.
        - Move cursor in menu.
        - Press up to do a special stance.
        - Press up to talk to people.
        - Press up/down to press buttons for elevators.
        - Press down to duck.
        - Press down+B to use Malpas.

     A: - Talk to people.
        - Confirm options.
        - Jump.
        - Press A+A to use Malphas.

     B: - Attack with equipped weapon.
        - Cancel options.
        - Press B+Up to use the red soul equipped.
        - Press B+Down to use Skeleton Dash.

 Start: - Open the main menu and pause [the timer stops].

Select: - View the map [or what you've completed of it].

     R: - Press to summon an blue souls you've equipped.
        - Press it to use Black Panther.

     L: - Press to use Gravekeeper.
        - Press Up+L to use Hyppogryph.
        - Press it while playing as Julius to dodge attacks.

Damage Calculation
The damage given and received isn't as cut and dried as all that,
though. Monsters may have elemental affinities that make them strong or
weak to certain kinds of attacks. The following is a list of elements
and what their symbols look like:

  - Normal: Sword. Non-elemental.
  - Fire: Red flame.
  - Ice: Blue crystal.
  - Stone: Grey oval. You can't move for a while and have to wriggle out
    of the predicament or be stomped on. 
  - Poison: Green oval. Strength and Defence drop significantly, thus
    effecting attack and constitution. Cured with Anti-Venom.
  - Curse: Monster's head. Your MP drops really fast. Cured with Uncurse
  - Holy: White star. Is generally effective against Dark.
  - Dark: Black star. Undead monsters tend to be dark elemental.

  When an enemy is weak to a certain element the power of the weapon
carrying that element will double [for Normal that's Att x 1.25 instead
of x 2]. If the enemy's resistant it's halved.
  If the weapon has two elements you have to think of the matter in a
different way. The enemy will only be weak against the weapon if it has
one element that it's weak against and one that's neutral.

  To calculate the damage you are likely to cause to a particular enemy,
follow these steps:
  1. Times Soma's Attack by a damage quotient dependant on the enemy's
     affinity with the weapon's element. Take his Attack value and times
     it if the enemy is weak to the element.
  2. If you're poisoned times base damage by 16 and divide the result by
  3. If you're in Hard Mode divide base damage by 0.8.
  4. Times base damage by 2 and subtract the enemies' Defence value.
     Divide the result by 2, and write the number down.
  5. Subtract the Defence of the enemy from 256 and divide by 256 and
     write the number down.
  6. Multiply the numbers you wrote down in steps 4 and 5; voila you
     have the answer!

  Magic damage calculations are the same except for the first step,
where the base damage is dependent not merely on the Attack and element
values! You have to take note of the Soul's Power value as well as the
Strength and Intelligence of Soma.
  For Red Souls add 60 to Soma's STR and multiply that by the Soul's
Power to create the attacking part of the equation. Multiply Soma's
Int to create the spell part of the equation. Add them to each other and
divide by 160.
  For Blue Souls just multiply INT by the Soul's Power value, divide
the result by 16 and add Power to achieve the result for the first

Defence Calculation
The power of enemy's attack is subtracted by your Defence value; the
result is then divided by your defence quotient. 1 if you're in a normal
position, 2 if you're resistant to the element of their attack, 0.5 if
you are petrified, unknown for poison.

Getting Stronger
Soma's stats can improve as you level up, and to level up you need
Experience, denoted by the blue bar in the menu. You can also see the
EXP of the monsters you've defeated in the menu. Soma will gain more EXP
with the Shaman Ring equipped.

Items and How to Use them
| Potion/Food    | Heals  | Price | Monster/s          |
| Anti-Venom     | Poison | 100   | Poison Worm        |
| High Mind-Up   | 50% MP | 800   | Devil, Arc Demon   |
| High Potion    | 400 HP | 1,000 | Golem, Stolas      |
| Mana Prism     | 20% MP | 150   | Demon Lord         |
| Mind Up        | 20% MP | 150   | Bone Pillar, Tiny  |
|----------------|--------|-------| Devil, Student     |
|----------------|--------|-------| Witch, Devil, Imp  |
| Potion         | 100 HP | 200   | Arachne, Cockatrice|
| Super Potion   | All HP | -     | Shadow Knight      |
| Uncurse Potion | Zombie | 100   | Cagnazzo, Ectoplasm|
| Meat Strip     | 29 HP  | -     | Minotaur, Gorgon   |
| Tasty Meat     | 290 HP | -     | Needles, Killer    |
|----------------|--------|-------| Fish, Red Minotaur |
| Rotten Meat    | -200 HP| -     | Flesh Golem, Zombie|
| Beef Curry     | 800 HP | -     | Waiter Skeleton    |
| Potato Pancake | 400 HP | -     | Triton             |
| Ramen          | 500 HP | -     | Killer Mantle      |
| Cream Puff     | 180 HP | -     | Giant Worm         |
| Grapes         | 150 HP | -     | Wooden Golem       |
| Pudding        | 200 HP | -     | Succubus,Chronomage|
| Persimmon      | 80 HP  | -     | Dryad              |
| Strawberry     | 300 HP | -     | Persephone         |
| Melon          | 600 HP | -     | Witch, Alura Une   |
| Cream Soda     | 200 MP | -     | Student Witch      |
| Coffee         | 200 MP | -     | Durga              |
| Tea            | 180 MP | -     | Ghost Dancer       |
| Milk           | 150 MP | -     | Catoblepas, Gorgon,|
|----------------|--------|-------| Werewolf           |
| Spoiled Milk   | *(!!)  | -     | Evil Butcher, Flesh|
|----------------|--------|-------| Golem              |

Title Menu
Game Start: Start a new game, but if you've already done so and made a
  save file you can Select, Copy or Delete the Data.
Soul Trade: As long as you've got the link cable, another copy of the
  game and another GBA you can give some of your spare souls to your
  friend in exchange for one of his. But as the cartridge is very rare
  I have never been able to do this.

Pause Menu
Press Start to enter whenever you're not talking to someone.
         |             _________________________________  |
         |  ########  | HP   588/  596  #############-  | |
         |  ########  | MP   235/  235  ##############  | |
         |  ########  |                                 | |
         |  ########  |  STR   57         ATT  149      | |
         |  ########  |  CON   44         DEF   51      | |
         |  ########  |  INT   56     __________________| |
         |    SOMA    |  LCK   32    | TIME: 06:58:39     |
         |            | STATUS/GOOD  | RATE:  63.9%       |
         |   LV.24    '--------------' GOLD:   2076       |
         | .-----------.                                  |
         | |> SOUL SET |       EXP        51119           |
         | |  EQUIP    |       NEXT        2831           |
         | |  ITEM USE |                                  |
         | |  ABILITY  |                                  |
         | |  SLEEP    |                                  |
         | |  CONFIG   |                                  |
         | |  ENEMY    |                                  |
         | '-----------'                                  |

Time: Time carries over in New Game +. I'm not sure what happens when
  you get to 100 hours though!

Rate: Overall percentage of how full your bestiary is and how many souls
  you've acquired. I'm not sure whether it applies to your inventory but
  to complete the bestiary you need to get every item from every enemy
  at least once.

Gold: There is only one shop and it's not available at the beginning of
  the game, rather you have to kill three bosses then trudge back to
  Mina before you can buy stuff. I wonder who buys from Hammer other
  than Soma?

Soul Set: Souls come in three different colours; reds are used mainly in
  combat and activated by pressing up + B; blues are mainly summon types
  where you press R; yellow generally ones come automatically, like stat
  boosters or the ones that allow you to walk on/in water.
  The reason why I say mainly and generally a lot when I say this is
  because there are a few odd inconsistencies; with the yellow Dead
  Warrior soul for instance you have to press up + B to defend most

Equip: Put three types of equipment on Soma; hand, body and accessory.
  The hand equipment, or weapons all have a unique feel to them depend-
  ing on what type of weapon you're talking about.

           Knives - Hard to get a target unless you throw them
          Rapiers - Easy to thrust but not always strong
      Broadswords - Tough but a bit unwieldy
     Hammers/Axes - Effective but slow and unwieldy
           Spears - Strong and lunge-able, but a little slow

Item Use: There are four types of "usable" items [two of which you are
  unable to use]; potion type items that heal a percentage of MP,
  certain amounts of HP and cure status ailments. The others are Ancient
  Books [which give Soma certain abilities] and Castle Maps, which open
  up more of the map for you.

Ability: All of the automatic abilities are stored here, and you get
  them as you explore the castle as part of the walk-through.

Sleep: The same as making a temporary file, you can save wherever you
  like but you have to quit, and whenever you reload it it deletes it-
  self; it appears as a devil mug underneath the permanent save, so you
  can't Sleep until you've visited a Sanctuary.

Config: Choose the controls you want to have; press select to go to
  default and left/right to toggle for each function.

Enemy Data: Shows the enemy behaviours, tolerance, weakness, drops, EXP,
  whether you've souled them or not and other information.

Random Advice

- Collect as many souls you can. And take note of good places to kill
  certain enemies and realise that this game is *about* the Souls, if
  you don't like collecting Souls, tinkering with what they can do and
  imagining Soma's uses for Tsuchiniko...don't bother!
- Keep a few potions exclusively for battles. You may feel tempted to
  use them exploring the castle but you don't realise there's only a
  certain way you can go in a new area before it's wiser to retreat to
  the sanctuary [and there's a higher chance of getting Souls].
- Mina's got lots of information to give and it doesn't matter how often
  you visit her because the dialogue seems to build up.
- Use evasive maneuvers where you can, like Grave Keeper, Skeleton Dash,
  Malphas, Flying Armour...and the simple act of DUCKING. Julius does it
  and that keeps him a healthy vampire hunter indeed!
- Go back to areas with monsters you haven't got the souls from yet and
  devote your equipment to things that increase LCK, as you don't need
  the other stats so much anymore and will find it easier to get souls/
- Sell a couple of equipment type items upon reaching 8 and try to avoid
  having 9 of everything as the number of things you can have goes no
  higher than that. 7 is the optimal number.
- Fight near a sanctuary and go back to it regularly to heal up, instead
  of burning up your items where you shouldn't really need them.
- Take the time to work out what each soul and weapon is good for [and
  to a certain degree, armour].
- If there's any chip in the enemies' armour make sure you crack it. It
  goes both ways, too. Ensure there are no chips in your armour! There
  aren't many elements in Aria of Sorrow but that doesn't take away from
  their integral role in battle.
- If you're finding it tough to cope in a new dungeon, go back to your
  last one [or grit your teeth and deal with those Axe Armours] to fight
  the ones that earn good EXP there.

                                                                 | C04 |
| Map of the Castle - Look below for the key to the map and info       |
                                 :_    :      _
                      ___        |*:__.|     |_:
                     |   |       :___:_|
         ______      :   :
        |      |     |___|       ____
        |      |                |    |
        :      :                |    |
        |______|                |    |
           __              _____|___.|___
         _|  |_           |*: :_:__:   : |
        |_:_.._|           _: :_|__:___| |
        |._____|           _| |X:______:.|_______._____
     ___|_:__: :*|________| :_||____.___.:__:_:____:_:.|
    | :_: :  : :________:_:_|  |.:_:_|___|_|    :_|    |
    |_:_:_:._:_:____:_:.|   ___|     :_____:____:_|    |__
      __  | :__:__: |   |  | :_:_____:____________:____:__>
     |  | |.|_____:_|   |  | |          :     :     :
 __  |  | |____: |_ |   |  | |          |._.__:._.__|
|  |_|  | |_:__:_:*||   |  | |     _____|     :     |_
|  |X:._|___________|   |__|.|_   | :_:_:_____:_____:*|
|__:_________:  :___:___:__: :*|__|.|____________
         | :_:__:*|_|__.|__|_:________:_:        |
         |_:______________.|____________|        |
              ___       _|   : :        |_.______|
            _| :_|     |_:___| |________:__:_: |_
            _: |             | |_            | :_|
   ._________|.|__          _| :*|      _____| |_
 _|.___:___:____.*|        |_: |       |  :__:_:*|
|X:_: :____    |  |          | |_______|  |_
    | :____    |  |__________|.:_______:__:_:  |_
               |___:_:_: :_: :______________:__:_
                       |_:_| |    __________
                           | |___|______: :*|
    |    |
    :    :

      |_:___: :*|   ___
________|.__:_|____|   |
__:_:___:_: | :__:_:   :    ___
        | :_|.|    |___|   |   |
       _|_:_| |_           :   :
      | :_:_|_: |_         |___|
      |_: :___: :_|   _______
      | :_:_  |_: |  |       |
         _____| :_|  |       |_____
 _______| :_:_:_:_   |       |     |
     ______|  :_:__:_:_______:     |
    |_:____:__:_|  |X:   |   |     |
      _         ___|_:   |   |____.|
_    | |       | :___:___:   :_|*: |
 |___|.|____   |_:_:_____:___:___:_|
 :_:     :__|    |_:_: :___: :_|_
 | |     |     ______|.|___:_|_..|
.|_|. _ .|    |_:  |_________:   |
  ___| | |_    _|._:_________:___|
 |_    |_:_|  |*:  :_:___:_:_|   |
 :_|          |.:__|_:___:_:_:___|
 |____________| |_______
                      |    |_
             ___      |____:.|
            | :_|__________| |

Castle Corridors
                                     _             __________:.|
                           _        |.:___________|   E  :_|   |
                         _:.|    ___|  C   :__D___:______:_|   |_______>
       ___              |   |   | :B:______:_______________:___:_______>
      |   |             |   |   | |
 ___ _| 3 |             | 6 |   |A|      _
| 1 |X:.__|_____________|   |___|.|_    | :
|___:___2_____: 4 :__5__:___:_7_:8:*|___|.|_
            :_:___:*|           |_:____9____:
____| :_________
____:_:______: :*____
 ________|   :_:___:_:

1: Castle Safe Area
   - Mina Hakuba: Talk to her for news. Come back often to heal.
   - Shop: Opens when you meet Hammer.
   - Items: Lucky Charm [but you need the Malphas ability...].
2: Castle Eastern Passage
   - Monsters: Zombies. This is an ideal place to get the Baselard,
     Cloth Tunic and Zombie soul.
   - Exit: Double jump on the platform above!
3: Castle Eastern Stairwell
   - Monsters: 2x Zombie Officer, 2x Killer Doll.
   - Items: Cestus.
   - Exit: Transport Room.
4: Castle Lower Stairwell
   - Monsters: Mermen, Bats.
   - Barriers: The pool at the bottom of the area.
   - Items: Short Sword, Cape.
   - Exits: Lower right leads to the subterranean dungeon, lower left
     to a save point and upper right to area 5.
5: Castle Middle Passage
   - Notes: Boss!
   - Monsters: Skeletons.
6: Castle Corridor + Demon Dance Hall Juncture
   [Lower Area]
   - Monsters: 1x Axe Armour, 1x Skull Archer.
   - Barriers: You need double jump and flying armour to get to the
     upper area.
   [Upper Area]
   - Monsters: 1x Axe Armour, 3x Siren.
   - Items: Lance.
7: Another Castle Passage
   - Monsters: Skeletons.
8: Castle Junction
   - Monsters: Bats, a Peeping Eye.
   - Exits: There's a sanctuary on the right side and an exit just below
     it to the castle canal. Climb up to get to the tower area. On the
     bottom area to the left is a breakable wall btw!
9: Castle Canal
   - Items: Flying Armour Soul.
   - Monsters: Bats, Killer Fish.
   - Barriers: The water!
A: Entrance to Inner Corridors
   - Monsters: 2x Skull Archer, 3x Blue Crow, 1x Buer.
   - Barriers: Flying Armour needed to reach the top.
B: Castle Inner Entrance
   - Monsters: 1x White Dragon.
C: Westernmost Indoor Corridor
   - Monsters: 2x Zombie Soldier, 1x Axe Armour, 2x Skeleton Knight.
   - Notes: The door on the upper left hand corner of the room is from
     another area of the castle you can't access now.
D: Upper Middle Corridor
   - Monsters: 2x Axe Armour, 1x Skeleton Archer.
E: Upper Indoor Stairwell
   - Monsters: 3x Bat, 1x Axe Armour, 1x Skeleton Knight.
     [In Right Upper Room]: 1x Catoblepas.
     [In Right Lower Room]: 1x White Dragon.
   - Barrers: Double jump needed to reach the area on the upper right
     hand side of the area. There's that Fire Mail that is hard-to-reach
     on the left hand side, for you need more than double-jump...
   - Items: There are a couple in this area.
     [In Right Upper Room]: 1x Copper Armour.
     [In Right Lower Room]: 1x Scarf.
F: Upper Castle Room
   - Monsters: .
G: Lower Castle Room
   - Monsters: .
   - Items: Err... What was it again?
H: Lower Indoor Castle Corridor
   - Monsters: 4x Zombie Soldier, Inf.x Ghost, 2x Peeping Eye [one of
     them is outside and I don't know if you can fight it].
I: Castle Inner Stairwell
   - Monsters: 2x Skeleton, 1x Peeping Eye.
   - Barrier: You need the Big Bat Soul to get up through here.
J: Eastern Inner Castle Corridor
   - Monsters: Inf.x Zombie, 2x Skeleton.
K: Exit from Garden
   - Monsters: 1x Skeleton Knight.
   - Notes: This is more like a shortcut from a later area of the castle
     and has a large drop below it.
L: Easternmost Inner Castle Corridor
   - Monsters: 3x Tiny Devil, 2x Skeleton Archer, 1x Blue Crow, 1x Rock
     Armour. The Rock Armour and Skeleton Archer combination is just
     deadly, so kill the skeleton quick!
M: Castle Corridor Juncture
   - Items: There is a Yasutsuna near the top of the are but to get it
     you need the Big Bat Soul [a story-only item]. 
   - Rooms: To the upper right is a sanctuary.
N: Dungeon Castle Corridor
   - Monsters: 1x Zombie Soldier, Inf.x Merman.
   - Notes: The urn near the top of the area often contains $50! To the
     left and right are rooms with a monsters in them: 1x Zombie
     Soldier, 4x Bat, 1x Killer Fish.

       |       |
       |   2   |_____
       |       |  4  |
     :_:___1___:  3  |
     |*:   |   |     |
  ___|_: C |   :____.|
 |A:_B_:___: 7 :_|X:5|

1. Church Foyer
   - Monsters: Inf.x Ghost
2. Church Roof
   - Monsters: Inf.x Ghost, 5x Axe Armour, 10x Bone Pillar.
   - Items: Mind Up, Bamboo Sword. For those with double-jump, High Mind
     Up and High Potion.
   - Barriers: There are many parts of this room you need double-jump
     for. You can jump over the green bells btw.
3. Church Lower Eastern Hall
   - Monsters: 1x Giant Ghost, 2x Tiny Devil, 2x Skeleton Knight.
4. Church Upper Eastern Hall
   - Monsters: 2x Durga, 2x Bone Pillar, 1x Axe Armour.
5. Church Side-Passage
   - Monsters: 2x Tiny Devil, 3x Bat, Inf.x Ghost.
   - Rooms: There is a sanctuary to the left.
6. Church Corridor East
   - Monsters: 1x Rock Armour, 3x Une, 1x Skeleton.
7. Church Choir Hall
   - Boss: Chimera.
   - Monsters: 1x Quezacotl, 4x Ghost Dancer.
   - Rooms: There's one to the right containing a Skeleton Knight and
     Silk Robe.
   - Barriers: You can't really get up to the top without the Giant Bat
     soul, which you can't have even in New Game + until you've killed a
     certain boss later on. You can get to the room described though.
     The prize is good though [Tallhammer and there is 4x Gargoyle as
8. Church Corridor West
   - Monsters: 3x Rock Armour, 2x Bat, 2x Fleaman.
9. Church Western Entrance
   - Monsters: 1x Tiny Devil, 1x Zombie Officer.
   - Barriers: There is a passage to the left that leads back to the
     choir hall but you can't get there without double jump.
A. Church Side Passage
   - Monsters: Inf.x Winged Skeleton, 2x Zombie Officer.
B. Church Passage
   - Monsters: 2x Rock Armour, 2x Skeleton Knight.
C. Church Main Hall
   - Monsters: 1x White Dragon, Inf.x Ghost Dancer.
   - Items: $100 can be found on the top right corner of the room; you
     can glide to it [just watch out for Ghost Dancers!].
   - Rooms: The first one to the left contains a resprouting Une and
     some anti-venom. On top of that is your first transport room.

|_| 8 |___5____: 6 |
|_: 9 :A:_B_:C:_|

1. Study Entrance Hall
   - Monsters: Inf.x Winged Skeleton
   - Impediments: Beware of the red darts!
2. Study Libarary
   - Monsters: 2x Durga, 1x Tiny Devil.
3. Study Stairwell
   - Impediments: The room on the upper right side is difficult to
     reach. There is a Hammer in there if you can.
4. Study Laboratory
   - Monsters: 2x Student Witch, 1x Giant Ghost.
   - Items: Bastard Sword.
5. Study Corridor
   - Items: Uncurse Potion.
   - Monsters: 1x Giant Ghost, 3x Evil Butcher, 4x Bone Pillar.
6. Study Storage Area
   - Impediments: You need double jump to get to the items here.
7. Study Dungeon
    - Monsters: 3x Fleaman, 2x Arachne, 4x Ectoplasm.
8. Study Hall
   - Monsters: 1x Catoblepas, 4x Ectoplasm, 1x Rock Armour.
   - Items: $100.
9. Study Juncture
   - Monsters: 2x Student Witch, 1x Bone Archer, 3x Bone Pillar [see
   - Items: Ancient Book 1 [see Impediments].
   - Impediments: You need the floor kick ability to get to the Ancient
     Book and exit into the Forbidden Area.
A: Study Corridor
   - Monsters: 1x Buer.
B: Study Viewing Room
   1x Catoblepas, 1x Ectoplasm, 1x Minotaur
C: Study Lower Stairwell
   - Rooms: The upper one has $100 in it, in the lower one is a creepy
     head that opens its mouth wide open when you leave.
D: Study Arena
   - Boss: Great Armour.
   - Room: You get Malphas [the double jump] and meet Hammer in here.
     It's truly the best!
E: Study Secret Areas [using the crate]
   - Items: Heart Pendant, Broadsword.

Dance Hall
     _| H |_
|E:D:C: 3 :2:___I_____:_:

1. Dance Hall Entrance
   - Monsters: 2x Arachne, 1x Waiter Skeleton.
2. Dance Hall Stairwell [Lower]
   - Monsters: 1x Zombie Officer
   - Barriers: Giant Bat needed.
3. Dance Hall
   - Monsters: Inf.x Ghost Dancer
   - Items: Cutall [Skeleton Dash needed].
4. Dance Hall Dungeon Entrance
   - Monsters: 1x Killer Doll, 1x Evil Butcher.
   - Items: High Potion [Skeleton Dash needed].
5. Dance Hall Storeroom 1
   - Monsters: 2x Zombie Officer, 1x Creaking Skull.
6. Dance Hall Storeroom 2
   - Monsters: 1x Wooden Golem.
7. Dance Hall Dungeon Stairway
   - Monsters: Inf.x Winged Skeleton, 1x Killer Doll.
8. Dancehall Storeroom 3
   - Monsters: 2x Minotaur, 3x Killer Doll, 3x Zombie Officer.
   - Note: This is a good place to level up because the monsters are
     fairly tough and at the end of the room you'll always find $500 in
     the lamp.
9. Dance Hall Cellar
   - Monsters: 2x Evil Butcher, 2x Fleaman, 1x Wooden Golem.
A. Dance Hall Dungeon Stairwell
   - Monsters: 2x Fleaman, 3x Evil Butcher, 1x Killer Doll.
   - Rooms: There is a sanctuary to the right.
B. Dance Hall Arena
   - Bosses: Big Golem.
   - Rooms: The room to the left contains a Tsuchinoko [the rare monster
     that's always digging away from you] and Skeleton Dash ability. 
     Getting its soul will allow you to buy goods at cheaper prices.
C. Dance Hall Stairwell 1
   - Monsters: 1x Zombie Officer, 3x Durga.
D. Dancing Hall Waiting Room
   - Monsters: 2x Quezacotl.
E. Dancing Hall Stairwell 2
   - Monsters: 1x Killer Doll, 2x Skeleton Knight, 1x Nemesis.
2. Dance Hall Stairwell [Upper]
   - Monsters: 2x Durga.
F. Dance Hall Corridor
   - Rooms: There is a sanctuary to the right. In the one to the left a
     Minotaur guards the way [and there is a breakable wall behind him
     containing Samurai armour].
   - Monsters: 1x Quezacotl, 1x Minotaur, 1x Zombie Officer.
   - Notes: Here you can see the Game Over Portrait.
G. Dance Hall Museum
   - Monsters: 1x Waiter Skeleton, 2x Zombie Officer, 1x Quezacotl.
H. Dance Hall Roof
   - Advice: Use the Catoblepas to jump higher.
   - Monsters [main]: 1x Catoblepas, 1x Waiter Skeleton, 2x Killer Doll,
     5x Bone Pillar.
   - Monsters [right]: 1x Zombie Officer, 1x Waiter Skeleton, 1x Killer
   - Monsters [left]: 1x Minotaur, 
   - Money: $100 in rooms to left and right.
   - Items: High Mind Up [need Giant Bat].
I. Dance Hall + Inner Quarters Juncture
   - Monsters: 3x Minotaur
   - Rooms: Near the entrance there is a breakable ceiling with
     1x Catoblepas, 1x White Dragon, 1x Mimic, 1x Sherman Ring[!!].

Inner Quarters
           |     |
           |     |
           |  4  |
 __        |     |
|._|  _____|____.|___
|  |_|*: :_:_3_: 5 :7|
|  :___: :_|_6_:___| |
|__|  _|2|X:___8___:.|____
     :_|_|   :_:_|__A|

1. Inner Quarters Entrance
   - Monsters: 1x Persephone, 2x Durga.
   - Items: 1x MP Up [need Giant Bat].
2. Inner Quarters Western Stairwell
   - Monsters: 5x Durga, 2x Nemesis.
   - Rooms: A sanctuary on the top left, the entrance to the silenced
     ruins and a room with a Persephone in it to the right. On the
     bottom is a breakable wall with 2x Student Witch, 1x High Potion
     with another breakable wall that leads to a Witch and Ninja Suit.
3. Inner Quarters Trophy Room
   - Monsters: Headhunter [boss], 1x Witch.
4. Inner Quarters Roof
   - Monsters: 3x Valkyrie, 4x Disc Armour, 2x Curly.
   - Collectables: Undine, Hrunting.
5. Inner Quarters Grand Hall
   - Monsters: 3x Curly, 1x Valkyrie.
   - Barriers: You can't get past the fountain unless you have Undine
     equipped as a soul.
6. Inner Quarters Corridor
   - Monsters: 2x Valkyrie, 1x Kyoma Demon [notice Soma's ugly
     reflection? A green humpbacked demon? Wait there until the
     "reflection" turns red!].
7. Inner Quarters Eastern Stairway
   - Monsters: 4x Curly, 1x Imp, 2x Nemesis.
8. Long Inner Quarters Corridor 1
   - Monsters: 2x Persephone, 3x Valkyrie, 1x Kyoma Demon.
   - Rooms: There is a transport room at the end.
9. Long Inner Quarters Corridor 2
   - Monsters: 7x Persephone, 2x Lilith, 2x Valkyrie.
   - Rooms: The one to the left is a shortcut to the upper levels of
     the Castle Corridor [beware, Persephone and Killer Doll on the
A. Secluded Hallways of Inner Quarters
   - Monsters: 2x Persephone, 2x Curly, 2x Lilith.
   - Items: 1x Mind Up.
B. Inner Quarters Drawing Room
   - Monsters: 2x Witch, 1x Student Witch.

Floating Garden
The good thing about the floating greenhouses is that you can avoid the
monsters by climbing the stairs on either side.

   _____________        _____       ______       _____       _____
<9:      :      :5>    |     |     |      |     |     |     |     |
  |  3   |  4   |    <4:  5  :6> <6:_  7  :8> <A:  8  :9> <8:  9  :9>
  |._.___:._.___|      |_____|     |*:___.|     |_____|     |_____|
  |      :      |                  :____:_|
 _|  1   |  2   |
 _|     |
:_:  A  :7>

1. Garden Lower Left Courtyard
   - Monsters: 2x Cockatrice.
   - Platforms: Take the first one to reach the upper right corner of
     the main square.
     The second platform leads two ways; don't worry as they both
     invariably lead to the same place but the path to the left is your
     only way of getting part of the castle map. To get to the upper
     left corner of the main square continue in this are and jump over
     the wide gap above the Gorgons.
2. Garden Lower Right Courtyard
   - Monsters: 1x Dead Warrior, 3x Red Crow, 1x Cockatrice.
   - Items: Castle Map 3.
3. Garden Upper Left Courtyard
   - Monsters: 2x Imp, 2x Gorgon.
4. Garden Upper Right Courtyard
   - Monsters: 3x Gorgon, 1x Red Crow.
5. Floating Greenhouse 1
   - Monsters: 1x Dead Warrior, 1x Devil.
6. Floating Greenhouse 2
   - Monsters: 1x Mandragora, 3x Dead Warrior, 12x Bone Pillar.
   - Treasure: 2x $1000.
   - Notes: You can jump through the platform the Dead Warriors are
     riding on.
7. Garden Path
   - Monsters: Inf.x Altair, Inf.x Ripper, 1x Kicker Skeleton.
   - Rooms: One leads to a save and the other to a misty door you can
     only get past when Graham is defeated in the proper way.
8. Floating Greenhouse 3
   - Monsters: 1x Manticore, 1x Disc Armour.
   - Treasure: $500.
9. Floating Greenhouse 4
   - Monsters: 1x Golem, 2x Werewolf, 1x Disc Armour.
   - Treasure: $500.
A. Floating Greenhouse 5
   - Monsters: 3x Werewolf, 1x Devil.
   - Treasure: $500.

Clock Tower
  |_:_| :_:_:_:_|

1. Clock Tower Mechanism 1
   - There are no monsters, but try to watch out for the blue spikes!
     There is a little ledge above the spikes on the right to help you
     get down.
2. Clock Tower Mechanism 2
   - Monsters: 1x Lightening Doll, 1x Golem [at the bottom, you'll not
     see him until you walk into him].
3. Clock Tower Mechanism 3
   - Monsters: Inf. Medusa Head [blue], 1x Lightening Doll. Wait until
     the Lightening Doll comes to *you* not the other way around. Those
     spikes will get the better of you otherwise.
   - Rooms: In the room at the bottom right you can save/heal.
4. Clock Tower Water Reservoir
   - Monsters: 1x Bomber Armour
   - Rooms: There are a couple of rooms to the right of this area where
     Soma meets Yoko [1x Disc Armour]. You need Skula to get past the
     water barrier, which you'll get after the next boss.
5. Clock Tower Mechanism 4
   - Advice: The pit of spikes and the barrier upwards is deceiving, but
     jump to the right of the first cog to find you can get up that way
   - Monsters: 1x Lightening Doll, 1x Harpy.
   - Rooms: To the upper right is a room with a Bomber Armour in it. In
     the bottom left is a hidden room.
6. Clock Tower Mechanism 5
   - Traps: Where you see the Lightening Doll upon entry DO NOT try to
     attack it because unless you have Giant Bat you can't get into that
     small hole and will fall on a bed of spikes.
   - Monsters: 2x Harpy, 2x Lightening Doll.
7. Clock Tower Mechanism 6
   - Monsters: Inf. Medusa Head [blue], 1x Valkyrie, 1x Gremlin.
8. Clock Tower Mechanism 7
   - Monsters: Inf. Medusa Head [3/4 blue, 1/4 yellow], 2x Lightening
   - Treasure: $2000 [next to the 1st Lightening Doll]. It's rather hard
     to get out of that spot if the floor is broken. One trick you can
     try is that you won't get immediately hurt by the spikes upon being
     knocked in there by a Medusa Head [as long as they're not yellow,
     or can't move and are dead], so you can jump to the other side.
   - Rooms: The room to the upper left contains 2x Lightening Doll.
9. Clock Tower Exit Passage
   - Monsters: 2x Harpy, 1x Siren.
A. Clock Tower Vista
   - Monsters: 1x Great Armour.
B. Clock Tower
   - Monsters: 3x Harpy.
   - Rooms: The one to the top left is a sanctuary.
C. Clock Tower Arena
   - Boss: Death.
   - Rooms: The one to the left contains Skula.
D. Clock Tower Water Tank
   - Monsters: 6x Needles, 1x Devil.
E. Clock Tower Mechanism 8
   - Monsters: 2x Harpy, 1x Bomber Armour.
   - Rooms: The top left room contains 2x Lightening Doll.
F. Clock Tower Challenge
   - Challenge: You have to get across a sea of spikes using swinging
     clock-pieces to climb on. My advice is to patiently wait for it to
     join up before jumping to the next one [unlike I, who have
     virtually danced on the spikes and was *really* lucky to get out
     alive, mostly because I was being hit be Medusa Heads all the time.
   - Monsters: Inf.x Medusa Head [blue]. Don't panic if you get hit by a
     Medusa Head and fall in because of it, just jump back up again and
     you'll be surprised how little HP you lost.
   - Treasure: Burtang.
G. Clock Tower Mechanism 9: Spine Maze of Hell
   - Monsters: Inf.x Medusa Head.
   - Challenge: To carefully edge your way through a series of narrow
     holes filled with spikes while there are Medusa Heads coming at
     you! Every time you move, kill the next wave of monsters first.
H. Clock Tower Mechanism 10
   - Monsters: Inf.x Medusa Head [yellow-!!], Valkyrie, Lightening Doll.
   - Rooms: The storeroom in the bottom left contains a Pitch Black Suit
     [you'll have to jump below one of the boxes].
I. Clock Tower Mechanism 11
   - Monsters: Inf.x Medusa Head [yellow-!!], 1x Harpy.
   - Rooms: In the room to the top right are 2x Lightening Doll and a
     fancy lamp that regularly $50 half of the time and $10 the other.
J. Clock Tower Mechanism 12
   - Monsters: Inf.x Medusa Head [yellow-!!], 1x Gremlin, 2x Lightening
     Doll, 1x Valkyrie.
K. Clock Tower Mechanism 13
   - Monsters: Inf.x Medusa Head [yellow-!!], 1x Lightening Doll, 1x
     Bomber Armour.
   - Rooms: On the bottom right there is a transport room and to the
     left an exit room with 4x Needle.

Underground Reservoir
                                                    ___    | |
 ___           ___                 ________________|   |___|.|_____
|I:_:_________|__.|___             :_:         :_2_: 3 :_:     :___|
|_:________H________ .|______________|    1    |   |   | |  X  |
                   _| G : :    F     |_._______|  _|__.|_|. _ .|
                  |_:___| |__________:_4:_: |_   |_:   :___| | |
                        | |_              |5:_|    |   |_    |_|
                       _|E:_|      _______| |_     | C :_|
                      |_: |       |   :_6_:_:*|____|   |
                        | |_______| 7 |X:   :__B___:___:
                 _______|.:___D___:___:8: 9 |______
                :_:L:_: :______J________:___:__A___|

1. Underground Reservoir Canal
   - Monsters: 3x Imp, 6x Fish Head.
   - Barriers: It's hard to get up into the upper right corner of the
     screen without Giant Bat. It's possible, though, with a combinat-
     ion of Malphas and Flying Armour.
     Near the Fish Heads it's hard to get past the waterfalls, though
     you'll find there's a patch you can use Undine on to get up.
   - Treasures: Milican's Sword. Allows you to inflict Stone on enemies.
2. Reservoir Corridor
   - Monsters: 2x Nightmare, 1x Flesh Golem.
3. Dried Up Reservoir
   - Monsters: 1x Triton, 1x Arc Demon [need Giant Bat to reach].
   - Treasure: $1000.
   - Barriers: You can't explore the whole area without Giant Bat. Just
     beyond the Arc Demon is a rare lamp from which you can get $100.
     The room in the upper right corner of the area contains 2x Slime.
4. Reservoir Cross-Paths
   - Monsters: 11x Needles
   - Rooms: In the room to the right is 1x Slime.
5. Reservoir Stairwell
   - Monsters: 4x Slime, 2x Bomber Armour, 3x Une [sprouting].
   - Rooms: The first room from the top down has a fish out of water in
     it [the easiest monster ever]. The bottom room is a sanctuary.
6. Subterranean Cavern 1
   - Monsters: 1x Big Golem.
7. Subterranean Cavern 2
   - Monsters: 2x Disc Armour, 2x Slime [purple], 1x Slime [blue], 7x
8. Subterranean Tunnel 1
   - Monsters: 1x Mandragora, 2x Slime [blue].
9. Subterranean Cavern 3
   - Monsters: 1nf.x Medusa Head, 5x Merman, 1x Arc Demon.
   - Rooms: In the Upper Left there is a teleport.
   - Try to get up to the upper right part of the cavern using the
     moving platforms. It's much easier if you have Gargoyle, but if you
     don't, try to keep on the one near the Arc Demon as long as poss-
     ible to meet the one going up.
A. Subterranean Tunnel 1
   - Monsters: 2x Merman, 1x Man-Eater.
   - Treasure: Armour of Water.
B. Subterranean Tunnel 2
   - Monsters: 1x Ukoback, 3x Dryad, 1x Poison Worm.
C. Subterranean Waterfall Cavern
   - Rooms: There are three rooms which you can only reach if you have
     Giant Bat.
   - Challenge: This is the entrance area to the Forbidden area, but
     first you need Undine and Curly equipped, so you can charge through
     the falls [souls other than Curly are effective too].
   - Rooms: The room on the top area [which incidentally is in another
     area sort of] is a great place to target Triton if you've not got
     his soul yet. The room on the right side has a Super Potion guarded
     by a Flesh Golem.
   - Treasure: Eversing, (Ronginus' Spear & Hand Gun [need Giant Bat]).
D. Subterranean Tunnel 3
   - Monsters: 2x Nightmare, 2x sprouting Une, 1x Giant Worm.
E. Subterranean Vertical Tunnel
   - Monsters: 4x Cagnazzo, 3x Ukoback, 5x Bat.
   - Rooms: The one on the left has a Giant Worm and is good for
     acquiring Cream Puffs. The one on the right is a sanctuary. There
     is also a room at the bottom that contains a Mana Prism.
F. Reservoir 1
   - Monsters: 4x Dead Crusader, 4x Triton, 13x Fish Head.
   - Treasures: Super Potion.
G. Reservoir 2
   - Monsters: 8x Needles, 1x Man-Eater.
   - Rooms: The one to the left has 4x Needles and Rehab's Sword.
H. Reservoir Canal 2
   - Treasure: Tasty Meat.
   - Monsters: 5x Killer Fish.
   - Rooms: You need Undine to reach the room that has 8x Merman and an
     Elfin Robe in it.
I. Underground Reservoir Entrance
   - Treasure: Pendant.
   - Monsters: 4x Bat, 1x Skeleton, 1x Tiny Devil.
J. Subterranean Tunnel 4
   - Monsters: 2x Gorgon, 3x Triton, 1x Poison Worm.
K. Subterranean Vertical Tunnel 2
   - Monsters: 2x Bat, 1x Ukoback, 1x Gremlin.
   - Rooms: Hidden room on the bottom left.
L. Subterranean Exit
   - Monsters: 6x Fish Head, 7x Needles.
   - Rooms: The room to the right contains High Mind Up
X. Subterranean Hidden Cavern
   - Monsters: 2x Triton, 12x Fish Head, 6x Needles
   - Treasures: $2000.
   - Rooms: In the upper right is a Giant Worm and Rune Ring. In the
     bottom room are 2x Fish Head. The bottom left room looks like a
     shortcut to the waterfall cavern but it just takes you to a Super
     Potion. The room up top contains a blue Slime and Ancient Book 3!

Forbidden Area
                       _|  4  |_
            ___       |_:_____:.|
           | :_|______________|5|

1. Forbidden Tunnel 1
   - Monsters: 2x Dryad, 2x Mudman, 1x Werejaguar.
2. Forbidden Cave
   - Monsters: 2x Gargoyle.
   - The entrance to the study! There is a save nearby that you can use!
3. Forbidden Tunnel 2
   - Monsters: 1x Alura Une, 1x Poison Worm, 2x Dryad.
4. Forbidden Dockyard
   - Monsters: 2x Harpy, 3x Killer Fish, 3x Fish Head.
   - Rooms: To the bottom left is a breakable wall that contains...a
     Claimh Solais!
5. Forbidden Well 1
   - Monsters: 2x Cagnazzo.
6. Forbidden Tunnel 3
   - Monsters: 2x Flame Demon, 4x Mudman.
   - Treasures: 2x treasure chests full of money!
7. Forbidden Well 2
   - Monsters: 2x Gargoyle, treasure chest full of Rippers.
   - Rooms: To the right there is a room with a Mimic disguised as some
     money and a Joyeuse.

Underground Cemetery
 ___|__3___: :*|   |_:4:__5___|_

1. Cemetery Tunnel
   - Monsters: 1x Werejaguar, 1x Biphron, 1x Flame Demon.
2. Cemetery Gates
   - Monsters: 1x Biphron.
   - Monsters added after boss: 4x Ripper, 1x Alura Une.
3. Cemetery Tombs 1
   - Monsters: 4x Werejaguar.
   - Treasure: $2000.
4. Cemetery Tombs 2
   - Rooms: The one to the top left has a High Potion in it.
5. Cemetery Tombs 3
   - Monsters: 2x Cagnazzo, 1x Flame Demon.
   - Treasure: Gold Ring.
6. Cemetery Tombs 4
   - Monsters: 10x Ripper.
   - Treasure: Galgomath Soul [lets you get past Chronomage].

The Arena
    |   :____D___| :_|
    | C :____4___:3|
  |_:_:7:___8____:_|   |
 _____| |___9____:_| 1 |___

1. Arena Training Area
   - Monsters: 5x Gargoyle, 8x Beam Skeleton, 2x Killer Mantle, 1x Dead
2. Arena Preliminaries
   - Rooms: The one to the right contains a transporter.
   - Monsters: 1x Skull Millione, 1x Beam Skeleton.
3. Arena Tower
   - Monsters: 1x Dead Crusader, 4x Gargoyle.
   - Rooms: The one to the top right has a High Potion in it.
4. Arena Hall
   - Monsters: 2x Red Minotaur, 1x Werejaguar, 1x Killer Mantle.
   - Rooms: The room at the end contains a Laevatain.
5. The Stadium
   - Monsters: 2x Gargoyle, 1x Gladiator.
6. Stadium Outskirts
   - Monsters: 1x Beam Skeleton, 1x Werejaguar, 1x Killer Mantle.
7. Arena Elevator Room
   - Rooms: To the left are two rooms containing the sanctuary and 1x
     Killer Mantle. The other rooms are accessed by the elevator.
8. Arena Skull Millione Challenge
   - Challenge: I think the general idea is to lure all the Skull Mill-
     iones to the big metal ball at the end [while avoiding the hands
     and feet of those statues] and kill them while hitting the ball
     into the wall. The weapon you get at the end has the longest range
     of any but is a little disappointing.
9. Arena Spikes Challenge
   - Challenge: There is a sea of spikes with conveyer belts, yellow
     Medusa Heads and Erinys monsters. On the way you have to jump on a
     switch so one of the conveyer belts will go in the right direction.
   - Treasure: Balmung.
A. Arena Beam Skeleton Challenge
   - Challenge: When you realise what it is the challenge is relatively
     simple, though I find it easier to kill the Beam Skeletons before I
     do it. When you jump on the platform it'll take you a thing that
     looks like a directional pad, where you have to mimic the direction
     shown. I will list them.
      1. Left, right.
      2. Up, down.
      3. Right, down, up.
      4. Up, up, down.
      5. Up, right, down, left.
   - Treasure: Rare Ring. Increases the occurrence of items from foes.
B. Boss Arena
   - Boss: Balore.
   - Rooms: To the left there is one with Giant Bat in it.
C. Arena Training Hall 2
   - Monsters: 2x Skull Millione, 2x Beam Skeleton, 2x Dead Crusader,
     1x Bael.
   - Rooms: There's one to the right that contains a Succubus and Lilith
     in the hot tub and a Black Cloak nearby. Tip: The Lilith only
     appears once you enter the water.
D. Arena Corridor
   - Monsters: 2x Werejaguar, 1x Killer Mantle, 1x Giant Skeleton.
   - Treasure: $1000.

Silenced Ruins
|   |___
|   :_1_:

1. Corridor of Frozen Time
   - Monsters: Chronomage.
   - Barrier: You need Golgomath to get past this blighter.
2. Hall of Frozen Time
   - Monsters: 4x Persephone, 5x Lightening Doll, 1x Imp.
3. Arc of Frozen Time
   - Monsters: 1x Arc Demon. 
   - Treasure, Dainslef, Ancient Book 2.

The Top Floor
|_:_:A |___
|      :.:_|
|  X   |8:_|______
|      :.:_____:_:
|_.____: 7 |
|6 :_5_:_4_: :_|
|__:.__| 2 |3:_|

1. Top Floor Hell Chamber 1
   - Monsters: 1x Gargoyle, 1x Succubus, 1x Erinys
2. Top Floor Gate 1
   - Monsters: 1x Gargoyle, 1x Final Guard, 1x Basilisk.
3. Top Floor Stairwell
   - Monsters: 3x Lubicant.
   - Rooms: The three contain a Super Potion [bottom], transport
     [middle], nothing [top].
4. Top Floor Hell Chamber 2
   - Monsters: 2x Succubus, 1x Erinys, 1x Red Minotaur.
5. Top Floor Hell Chamber 3
   - Monsters: 2x Lubicant, 1x Stolas.
6. Top Floor Gate 2
   - Monsters: 1x Erinys, 1x Gargoyle, 1x Final Guard.
   - Rooms: On the top left corner is a breakable ceiling with a Gungner
     in it.
7. Top Floor Level 5
   - Monsters: 2x Gargoyle, 2x Succubus, 1x Bael.
8. Top Floor Peaceful Stairwell 1
   - Monsters: Everyone's out enjoying the sun-- no, the moon.
   - Rooms: In the upper left is a sanctuary! I never would have guessed
     it! To the right is the room with the ball in it you might have
     seen before. There is a breakable part of the wall, but how to get
     to it...
9. Top Floor Peaceful Stairwell 2
   - Monster: There is no monster but the guard who waits near the exit.
     He says: "All those not fighting my master must wait here."
   - Rooms: There are a couple but only one of them contain an item; a
     Super Potion.
A. Top of Dracula's Castle
   - Monsters: Do you think this is the place for mindless scrap such as
     monsters? But the view of the bats against the moonlight is great.
   - Rooms: Two rooms. One for Graham. One for Black Panther.
X. Top Floor Courtyard
   - Monsters: 3x Basilisk, 2x Erinys, 2x Red Minotaur.
   - Treasure: In the upper right corner of the area is a Kaladbolg.
   - Rooms: The room below this area contains an Iron Golem which you
     can only kill with Killer Mantle and a breakable wall behind him
     that contains Hippogryph!! No more Giant Bat now! The room at the
     top contains 2x Gargoyle and 1x Mana Prism!

The Chaotic Realm
|_:5:_4_:____3____: :_|
|6:_|F:_E_:_D_:C:_| |
|_:.|.|_:.:*| |_:B| |_
|*:7|   |I|___| :_|2:_|
|.:_| G |_:.|_:A|_: |
|   |___:_H_:_|.| | |_
| 8 :    9    | |_|.:_|

1. Chaotic Entrance
   - Rooms: To the left is a sanctuary and to the right an empty room.
   - Notes: Press up on the platform thingie to go back to the castle.
2. Chaotic Subterranean Tunnel
   - Rooms: There are four rooms, the middle one on the left contains an
     Iron Golem and Mana Prism.
   - Monsters: 2x Lubicant, 4x Beam Skeleton, 2x Dead Crusader.
3. Chaotic Castle Corridor
   - Monsters: 3x Gladiator, 2x Basilisk.
4. Chaotic Drawing Room
   - Monsters: 1x Giant Skeleton
5. Chaotic Tower Roof
   - Monsters: 1x Erinys, 1x Alastor.
6. Chaotic Dance Hall
   - Monsters: 2x blue Slime, 2x Beam Skeleton.
7. Chaotic Church Stairwell
   - Monsters: 1x Mimic [in one of the Lamps].
   - Rooms: The one to the left has a save, just like the original area.
8. Chaotic Silent Ruins
   - Monsters: 2x Erinys, 1x Demon Lord.
   - Treasures: The lamp in the upper right area always contains $500.
9. Chaotic Reservoir
   - Monsters: 4x Dead Crusader, 3x Triton, 12x Fish Head.
A. Chaotic Broken Elevator Shaft
   - Monsters: 1x Erinys, 1x Succubus.
   - Rooms: To the left is a Final Guard and Super Potion.
B. Chaotic Clock Tower Shaft
   - Monsters: Inf. yellow Medusa Head, 2x Erinys.
C. Chaotic Subterranean Cave
   - Monsters: 1x Alastor.
   - Rooms: The one in the top right section has an Iron Golem and High
     Mind Up.
D. Chaotic Dance Hall Cellar
   - Monsters: 1x Shadow Knight.
E. Chaotic Arena
   - Monsters: 1x Stolas.
F. Chaotic Clock Tower Shaft 2
   - Monsters: Inf.x yellow Medusa Head.
G. Chaotic Training Arena
   - Monsters: 1x Demon Lord, 1x Alastor, 4x Succubus.
H. Chaotic Upper Floor
   - Monsters: 1x Shadow Knight.
   - Rooms: The one to the right contains 1x Mimic.
I. Chaotic End
   - Rooms: There are are three that lead to a save and to the end boss.

                                                                 | C05 |
| Quick Walk-Through                                                   |

Pretty much the only things you have to do in Castlevania are defeat a
series of bosses, and not in any particular order. Even if you do the
game with the cheats I have in my guide the only linear bosses are the
first one and the final three. - Denotes linear or semi-linear bosses
while + is for bosses or steps that are are entirely optional.

- Defeat Creaking Skull in castle corridor, which opens up the rest of
  the castle.
- Defeat Manticore in the Church. Leads to study.
- Defeat Great Armour in Study, so you can get Malphas.
- Use Malpas to get into the Dancing Hall and defeat Big Golem, after-
  wards you get Skeleton Dash.
+ Use Skeleton Dash to move from the Dance Hall to the Inner Quarters
  where the boss Headhunter is, though with cheats you don't need to
  face that boss.
- Use Undine to get to the Clock Tower via the Underground Reservoir and
  Floating Garden, to face Death. All this for Skula...enjoy it!
- Use Skula to delve into the Subterranean Hell.
- On the left side of Subterranean Hell is The Arena, so kill the boss
  [Balore] to get the Giant Bat soul.
+ On the lower right side of Subterranean Hell is the Graveyard area
  where you can fight Legion and get the Soul that allows you to get
  past Chronomage near the Inner Quarters.
- Use the Giant Bat Soul to get into the Top Floor and defeat Graham.
  The top floor is reachable from the castle corridor, you probably
  passed it just after getting Undine.
- To get past Graham you need to fight him using Flame Demon, Succubus
  and Giant Bat as Souls.
- Go to the mist door in the floating garden and defeat Belmont. No
  turning back once you head into the Chaotic Region by the way!
- Trek through the Chaotic Realm and defeat Chaos.

                                                                 | C06 |
| Strategies Bestiary - Souls, strategies, drops, weakness             |

001  Bat               002  Zombie            003  Skeleton
004  Merman            005  Axe Armour        006  Skull Archer
007  Peeping Eye       008  Skull Archer      009  Bone Pillar
010  Blue Crow         011  Buer              012  White Dragon
013  Zombie Soldier    014  Skeleton Knight   015  Ghost
016  Siren             017  Tiny Devil        018  Durga
019  Rock Armour       020  Giant Ghost       021  Winged Skeleton
022  Minotaur          023  Student Witch     024  Arachne
025  Fleaman           026  Evil Butcher      027  Quezlcoatl
028  Ectoplasm         029  Catoblepas        030  Ghost Dancer
031  Waiter Skeleton   032  Killer Doll       033  Zombie Officer
034  Creaking Skull    035  035  Wooden Golem 036  Tsuchinoko
037  Persephone        038  Lilith            039  Nemesis
040  Kyoma Dragon      041  Chronomage        042  Valkyrie
043  Witch             044  Curly             045  Altair
046  Red Crow          047  Cockatrice        048  Dead Warrior
049  Devil             050  Imp               051  Werewolf
052  Gorgon            053  Disc Armour       054  Golem
055  Manticore         056  Gremlin           057  Harpy
058  Medusa Head       059  Bomber Armour     060  Lightening Doll
061  Great Armour      062  Une               063  Giant Worm
064  Needles           065  Man-Eater         066  Fish Head
067  Nightmare         068  Triton            069  Slime
070  Big Golem         071  Dryad             072  Poison Worm
073  Arc Demon         074  Cagnazzo          075  Ripper
076  Werejaguar        077  Ukoback           078  Alura Une
079  Biphron           080  Mandragora        081  Flesh Golem
082  ?????????????     083  Dead Crusader     084  Kicker Skeleton
085  Weretiger         086  Killer Mantle     087  Mudman
088  Gargoyle          089  Red Minotaur      090  Beam Skeleton
091  Alastor           092  Skull Millione    093  Giant Skeleton
094  Gladiator         095  Bael              096  Succubus
097  Mimic             098  Stolas            099  Erinys
100  Lubicant          101  Basilisk          102  Iron Golem
103  Demon Lord        104  Final Guard       105  Flame Demon
106  Shadow Knight     107  Headhunter        108  Death
109  Legion            110  Balore            111  Belmont
112  Graham

   Monster: 001- Bat [10 HP]
  Winnings: 1 EXP
Affinities: Weak vs. daggers
Strategies: - Although they are weak, bats are annoying as that hang
              there on the ceiling waiting for you to come and fly at
              you in convoy so you can be pushed in the way of a scarier
            - Wait for the right moment, dodging when they fly under-
              neath you.
 Soul Info: Attack using supersonic waves. Not a very effective attack
            unless you really need something that's very close range. Or
            if something is charging/swooping at you.
Other Info: A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the castle. They appear in
            every Castlevania game I've ever played.
   Monster: 002- Zombie [18 HP]
  Winnings: Cloth Tunic, Baselard, $50, 1 EXP
Affinities: Weak to daggers and light, tolerates dark
Strategies: - Wherever you find zombies they'll constantly re-spawn,
              rising out of the earth strewn in blood. Attack quickly,
              making sure you don't walk into any of them.
 Soul Info: A soul that allows you to become stronger when poisoned. It
            is quite a rare soul and I only got it about three quarters
            of the way through the game.
Other Info: A rotting corpse animated by magic. Zombies in any game
            always remind me of the ones from Story of Thor [or Legend
            of Oasis]; they'd make groaning sounds and drag their feet
            around in packs you'd be able to jump up on them to reach
            higher ground. I think the best part was when you could re-
            lease their souls with a light elemental attack. Zombies in
            Castlevania just don't cut it, they are extremely boring.
   Monster: 003- Skeleton [20 HP]
  Winnings: 3 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - The bones come in an arc motion close to the thrower, so
              hit them up close for best results.
 Soul Info: Throw bones. Quite an easy soul to get, though you'll never
            need much use from it [other than to hit enemies above on
            the odd occasion, in which case there are many others more
            effective for the job anyway].
Other Info: Skeletons are another common video game monster, though they
            are at their best in The Story of Thor for Sega Saturn [or
            Legend of Oasis as it's called in America]. Their bones go
            *clank* *clank* and they carry scary scimitars which they
            delight in poking you with. I guess Skeletons aren't too bad
            in the Castlevania games but the monsters could take a more
            active role in the story rather than being faceless monsters
            you kill to complete your bestiary or get Souls/whatever.
   Monster: 004- Merman [20 HP]
  Winnings: 2 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Fire and Dark
Strategies: - They are quite annoying at first as they can walk around
              in land and water as well as shoot fire at you [ouch!].
              Take your opportunity to hit them as soon as they come out
              of the water.
 Soul Info: Fire a water pistol low to the ground. The range isn't as
            impressive as it seems when the Mermans are using it.
Other Info: Merman that live close to the shore and are much more
            irksome then their Order Of Ecclesia and Portrait Of Ruin
            relatives. They look a bit like the Merman in Harry Potter
            and the Goblet of Fire, and Dumbledore is fluent in their
   Monster: 005- Axe Armour [60 HP]
  Winnings: 10 EXP, Leather Plate
Affinities: Weak to thunder and stone
Strategies: - Try to dodge the axe as you cannot deflect it with attacks
              and the attack pattern is a little unpredictable.
            - Use Cockatrice on it to turn into a statue!
 Soul Info: Throw an axe up in the sky! This was one of my favourite
            glyphs in Order of Ecclesia because it's so easy to target
            enemies from below!
Other Info: This axe wielding armoured soldier is common in the series,
            though I can draw no comparison with anything else. A fancy
            suit of armour manipulated by a ghoul perhaps?
   Monster: 006- Skeleton Archer [42 HP]
  Winnings: 5 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - Approach and attack as soon as you see it.
            - Duck when it readies its bow and arrows.
            - They often have a bird perched on their skull. Attack it
              when it flies at you.
            - Skeleton Blaze is a good ability to use against it.
 Soul Info: Fire enchanted arrows, which are powerful and long ranged.
Other Info: Yes, there's a skeleton for every job isn't there? What's
            that cap on his head? Perhaps a perch for his hunting crow?
   Monster: 007- Peeping Eye [38 HP]
  Winnings: 8 EXP
Affinities: None
Strategies: - These enemies can be annoying as they float around, always
              going just out of Soma's reach. Kill as soon as you see.
              Preferably before the eye opens.
 Soul Info: Whenever you see a breakable wall it will be shown with a
Other Info: The castle's designated "watch dog," Peeping Eye is another
            very common enemy in the Castlevania series.
   Monster: 008- Killer Fish [25 HP]
  Winnings: 10 EXP, Tasty Meat
Affinities: Tolerance for Ice, weak to Fire
Strategies: - They are rather hard to fight unless you have the ability
              that allows you to swim in water.
            - As soon as you approach one it will charge at you. If you
              don't have Skula it's best just to jump over them.
 Soul Info: Send a fish charging at enemies in the water, though it will
            die as soon as it leaves water [as you'll see in some areas
            where a Killer Fish is there yet already dead].
Other Info: A large, man-eating fish. Rumoured to be quite tasty. Yes,
            in Order of Ecclesia one of the quests involve getting the
            meat of this fish [a very rare item] and that's why I hate
            it. I prefer Blue Grenadiere anyhow.
   Monster: 009- Bone Pillar [75 HP]
  Winnings: 9 EXP, Mind Up
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - Jump on the top of the Bone Pillar if you can and hack at
              it from above.
            - Try sending a projectile at it from below.
            - Dodge the fireballs they spit at you and be careful as
              both the heads will face you when one sees you.
 Soul Info: Send out a guardian that radiates a pillar of flame.
Other Info: Skeletal remains of a dinosaur rock animated by magic. I
            wonder if Dracula is into archeology?
   Monster: 010- Blue Crow [25 HP]
  Winnings: 2 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Normal and Stone
Strategies: - Blue Crows often perch on beams or skeletons. Don't try
              to attack them as they fly at you, let them charge then
            - Use Cockatrice on it to turn into a statue!
 Soul Info: Send crows at enemies.
Other Info: A blue crow that nibbles upon rotting corpses. At the moment
            weight loss diets are a fad in their group.
   Monster: 011- Buer [20 HP]
  Winnings: 6 EXP
Affinities: Weak to poison
Strategies: - Given the chance they will charge at Soma and run him down
              -- this is the most deadly aspect of a Buer so make sure
              you attack from behind. They will continue to roll down
              hill even after being killed.
 Soul Info: Send a Buer hurtling at enemies; a ball of fire.
Other Info: A lion with five legs. It's actually supposed to be "Buel"
            but the translators got it wrong. Buels are in truth a kind
            of dark angel. In Final Fantasy VIII they have the wings of
            angels in demons.
   Monster: 012- White Dragon [95 HP]
  Winnings: 20 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - The safest place is right below the monster. The neck
              doesn't hurt you so you can time your movements more
              easily to hit the head.
            - White Dragon has a predictable line-up of movements. It
              will extend its neck diagonally and horizontally to attack
 Soul Info: Increase CON by 4.
Other Info: The magically animated remains of a dinosaur with a neck
            like a leash. If only they were free like Quezacotls...
   Monster: 013- Zombie Soldier [46 HP]
  Winnings: 9 EXP, Rotten Meat, Combat Knife
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Normal, Holy and Stone
Strategies: - Avoid the grenades.
            - Attack as you would with a normal zombie.
            - Use Cockatrice on it to turn into a statue!
 Soul Info: Throw and grenades; the range is pitifully low but the
            impact is high.
Other Info: Animated corpse of a soldier who marched to his death 36
            years ago. Yes, they died in 1999. Who were they fighting
            against though? There are fiends just like this in Final
            Fantasy X but they're more insteresting because they were
            protectors of Zanarkand.
   Monster: 014- Skeleton Knight [48 HP]
  Winnings: 12 EXP, Rapier
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - Attack and retreat, attack and retreat, you'll get there.
 Soul Info: STR increased by 4.
Other Info: Magically animated skeleton of a dead swordsman. Zombie
            Soldiers and now these? They're a precursor to Dead Crusader
            I guess.
   Monster: 015- Ghost [10 HP]
  Winnings: 1 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - Wherever they appear there are endless supplies of them,
              mostly apparating two at a time. Axes or anything that
              arcs upward are handy.
 Soul Info: Summon a surprisingly powerful ghost to harry enemies.
Other Info: A small spirit doomed to wander the castle grounds for
            eternity. That perfectly describes this monster.
   Monster: 016- Siren [50 HP]
  Winnings: 20 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Curse
Strategies: - It's easy to jump up and attack the Siren and avoid her
              damaging caws.
            - Be ready to hit when she swoops down at you.
 Soul Info: Send out a musical note that causes poor damage to enemies.
Other Info: In Greek mythology the sirens were the she-monsters who
            nearly gave the Argonauts a watery grave. They are a common
            feature in all video games it seems and one of my favourite
            Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII [she's got human legs
            and renders enemies speechless with her wave].
   Monster: 017- Tiny Devil [17 HP]
  Winnings: 8 EXP, Mind Up
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - They have a virtually infinite capacity for for firing
              their small fire blades at you and like to fly in the
              most inconvenient places. Ignore unless in weapon's reach.
 Soul Info: You can use their energy blades, useful if you want to hit
            swarming type enemies without attacking much but not as good
            as Death's Soul.
Other Info: They are called mini devils in Dawn of Sorrow, and you may
            not think it but a whole lot of Tiny Devils are far more
            devilish than a single Devil.
   Monster: 018- Durga [34 HP]
  Winnings: 15 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Normal, Poison, Stone
Strategies: - Durgas frequently appear on steps whereon the danger lies.
              It may be safer to attack from above or below depending on
              your weapon because thankfully they are predictable.
            - Use Cockatrice on it to turn into a statue!
            - Jump over them to prevent them from deflecting all your
 Soul Info: Throw a reasonably powered long katana at foes. Better than
            Skeleton Archer's fire arrow in every way.
Other Info: Durgas are real exercise fiends what with their constant
            swordplay, gym clothes and coffee! In Indian mythology Durga
            is a wife of Shiva and enjoys using her eight or ten arms
            to kill demons while riding a tiger or lion...So why the
            heck are Durga clones being employed to serve Dracula?? And
            if there's a "Curly" [should be Kali] where is Parvati?
   Monster: 019- Rock Armour [72 HP]
  Winnings: 24 EXP, Hammer, ???
Affinities: Tolerance for Thunder, Stone
Strategies: - Hit before this dumbo throws his rock!
            - Use overhanging arches to your advantage.
 Soul Info: Toss boulders at enemies. The trajectory is terrible and the
            rocks can get through barriers.
Other Info: An armoured soldier who throws boulders.
   Monster: 020- Giant Ghost [75 HP]
  Winnings: 22 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - Use avoidance and attack maneuvers -- he may look tough...
              but he's not...
 Soul Info: Grants you mild protection for projectiles from the front
            and rear.
Other Info: Transformed into a giant ghost by exposure to the castle's
            magic...yes, those ghosts grow in size every year, though
            most of them don't make it past childhood!
   Monster: 021- Winged Skeleton [20 HP]
  Winnings: 3 EXP, Spear
Affinities: ???
Strategies: - They are pesky skeletons you dwell in inconvenient places,
              poorly aiming their spears [no, toothpicks, as Conan would
              attest] at you, though I must admit it gives me a pang of
              atavistic pleasure to hit a winged skeleton and have it
              fall from the air in a pile of bones. Beware of these
              monsters in their multitudes as I found out in other
              Castlevania games.
 Soul Info: An easy soul to get, this involves sending a [rather weak]
            spear down at your target.
Other Info: A skeleton that has been given wings of bone. At least they
            won't melt upon nearing the sun...!
   Monster: 022- Minotaur [22 HP]
  Winnings: 60 EXP, Battle Axe, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Animal
Strategies: - Its axe is very powerful, especially when it slams down on
              your, keep away from it!
            - Take time to get used to roughly how long it takes him to
              use his axe and when.
            - With his axe raised you can get one attack in before he
              hits you, but *just one.*
            - If you're using a ranged attack don't panic when he gets
              too close to you; attempting to jump over him is the worst
              thing you could do.
 Soul Info: Strength increased by 8.
Other Info: This mixture of man and bull possesses superhuman powers in
            terms of strength yet not very much in speed or agility. In
            Greek mythology the Minotaur was the offspring of a human
            Queen, Pasiphae and the bull she fell in love with, locked
            up by Minos, the king of Crete in the a special labyrinth
            created by master inventor Daedalus to eat human sacrifices
            from Athens and eventually slain by Theses, the Athens crown
            prince who offered himself for the trial and was helped by
            Minos' daughter who he later abandoned. The word Minotaur
            comes from the latin word for bull, taurus and the king of
            Crete himself. 
   Monster: 023- Student Witch [80 HP]
  Winnings: 28 EXP, Mind Up, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Stone
Strategies: - Student Witches mainly damage Soma by falling on him, so
              watch out!
 Soul Info: Send a stupid cat at enemies.
Other Info: A witch-in-training. Can sometimes land her broomstick
            without crashing. They're just like younger, sillier
            versions of normal witches and for some reason I always
            think of Sabrina when I see them [ooor her evil twin
            Katrina! Damn Katrina...].
   Monster: 024- Arachne [100 HP]
  Winnings: 32 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal
Strategies: - They appear along with Ectoplasms and other monsters.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: This beast appears to be part woman, part spider. In Greek
            mythology Arachne was a skillful weaver who challenged
            Athena, the goddess of wisdom, handicrafts and war. She was
            was turned into a spider by Athena after Athena destroyed
            her work and Arachne tried to hang herself. In Greek arakhne
            means "spider."
   Monster: 025- Fleaman [10 HP]
  Winnings: 15 EXP, Cloth Tunic
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Dark
Strategies: - They appear in groups so you need an attack that kills
              many at once!
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Creature that hops around like a flea, a devious little man
            like Hipposai from Ranma Half.
   Monster: 026- Evil Butcher [112 HP]
  Winnings: 30 EXP, Baselard, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Dark
Strategies: - Dodge his knives.
 Soul Info: Send knives at enemies.
Other Info: Loves to slice things with his well used butcher knives.
   Monster: 027- Quezacotl [60 HP]
  Winnings: 42 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
Strategies: - This is like a White Drago without an anchor, only it does
              bounce around in such a way you can choose a place to kill
              at an opportune moment.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A reincarnation of an ancient snake; in Aztec mythology
            there was a god called Queztalcoatl who appeared either as
            a wise old man or powerful serpent.
   Monster: 028- Ectoplasm [30 HP]
  Winnings: 15 EXP, Uncurse Potion
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Cotton-like substance that oozes from the corpses of men
            with regrets. In fact it is a viscous substance supposed to
            exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic
            trance to form a material manifestation of the spirit.
   Monster: 029- Catoblepas [200 HP]
  Winnings: 40 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: This ox-like beast's breath turns things to stone. There is
            a Catoblepas boss in Final Fantasy VIII....
   Monster: 030- Ghost Dancer [25 HP]
  Winnings: 22 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Dark
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: The elegantly dancing ghost of an aristocrat. Ironically
            enough there was an American Indian cult in the second half
            of the nineteenth century called Ghost Dance whose followers
            wished to drive white settlers out and restore their
            people's traditional way of life. But what does Sitting Bull
            and the Battle of Wounded Knee have to do with the endless,
            gliding dance of aristocrats?
   Monster: 031- Waiter Skeleton [120 HP]
  Winnings: 38 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A skeletal waiter that carries a bowl of delicious curry.
            I've never been to an Indian restaurant so I don't know what
            it's like.
   Monster: 032- Killer Doll [110 HP]
  Winnings: 40 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Fire, Stone
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A figurine possessed by the spirit of the mage murderer.
            Oooh, spooky! Even has red hair like the Chucky doll my
            mother is always talking about.
   Monster: 033- Zombie Officer [150 HP]
  Winnings: 40 EXP, Combat Knife, Army Jacket
Affinities: Tolerance to Dark; Weak to Normal, Holy, Stone
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Animated corpse of a lieutenent who marched to his death 36
            years ago. And I'm a 44 year old!
   Monster: 034- Creaking Skull [240 HP]
  Winnings: 110 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, Weak to Holy
Strategies: - Use Grave Keeper to your advantage.
            - It will hurl fireballs at Soma and crash his "arm" down on
              you. Thankfully you'll get good warnings of this however,
              so duck or fall back at the pertaining warning.
 Soul Info: When you attack a bone hits the enemy as well.
Other Info: A giant skeleton that is so unwieldy its bones have caved in
            on itself. So it drags itself along by its spine and uhh...
            spits at things.
   Monster: 035- Wooden Golem [250 HP]
  Winnings: 200 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Fire
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A man-like figure built of wood and animated by magic. What
            kind of wood I wonder?
   Monster: 036- Tsuchinoko [300 HP]
  Winnings: 80 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A mythical snake proven to exist by Soma in 2035. Yeah, as
            if manticores and gremlins were proven creatures as well?
   Monster: 037- Persephone [220 HP]
  Winnings: 55 EXP, Scarf, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A demon maid the served a noble master. I've never seen one
            of those demonic maids but I have heard of them. Perhaps she
            was once in the employ of Alucard and betrayed him? In Greek
            mythology however Persephone was a goddess kidnapped by
            Hades so that she could become his wife and queen of the
            underworld. Her father was Zeus, the supreme god and her
            mother Demeter, goddess of cereal grains. When Demeter
            demanded that Persephone be released from her imprisonment
            by refusing to let the earth produce its fruits an agreement
            was met that she would spend the same amount of months in
            every year as the articles of food she had eaten, and indeed
            she had consumed 3 pomegranate seeds [I would have had more]
            and that is why, they said winter lasts 3 months.
   Monster: 038- Lilith [220 HP]
  Winnings: 60 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerance to Dark, Weakness to normal
Strategies: - When it appears let it go through you as you jump over it
              and hit it from the back.
            - Beware of its heart attack as this curses Soma.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Sucks away your soul as you dream. Appears as a beautiful
            woman. She is a female demon in Jewish folklore who likes to
            kill newborn children.
   Monster: 039- Nemesis [170 HP]
  Winnings: 75 EXP
Affinities: -
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An angel who hunts and slaughters man beasts. In Greek
            mythology she is usually portrayed as a tool of divine
            punishment for hubristic crimes.
   Monster: 040- Kyoma Demon [220 HP]
  Winnings: 60 EXP
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: This demon leaps out from mirrors and attacks his prey.
   Monster: 041- Chronomage [80 HP]
  Winnings: 30 EXP, ???
Affinities: -
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Rabbit that uses a clock to stop time. Strict in regards to
            tardiness. Chrono comes from the Greek "time" and Mage comes
            from an Anglicization of the Magi, priests of ancient
            Persia. Reminds me of that rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.
   Monster: 042- Valkyrie [55 HP]
  Winnings: 80 EXP, Partizan, Iron Plate
Affinities: Tolerant to Holy; Weak to Normal, Dark, Poison, Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A female warrior with a pretty face and wicked heart. Well
            excuse me! In Viking mythology Valkyries were women who died
            with heroism and went to Valhalla. There were twelve of them
            who would search for great warriors to add to Odin's collect
            ion in Valhalla, so they may train every day for the Ragnar-
            ok [with a magnificent feast at the end of each battle
            because everyone was healed of the wounds]. The word
            literally means "chooser of the slain."
   Monster: 043- Witch [180 HP]
  Winnings: 75 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Tolerant to Fire; Weak to Normal, Poison and Stone
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: She is so thrilled to have become a witch.
   Monster: 044- Curly [90 HP]
  Winnings: 67 EXP, Skull Necklace, Flame Necklace
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Normal, Poison, Stone
Strategies: - Simply a version of Durga who is three times as powerful.
            - Use Cockatrice on it to turn into a statue!
 Soul Info: Transform in a giant Curly that can charge at things. This
            soul can be used to get past waterfalls when at full charge
            [you need a bit of a run off].
Other Info: Shouldn't she be Kali? Then then the Kali/Durga thing would
            make sense. Kali is a Hindu goddess who, along with Durga
            and Parvati is a wife of Shiva who has a benevolent and
            malevolent aspect to her personality, mirroring that of
            Parvati and Durga respectively. In Indian mythology Kali is
            a blackened, hideous old hag who can never be bothered
            putting clothes on.
   Monster: 045- Altair [30 HP]
  Winnings: 10 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Normal
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An atrocious eagle that carries Ripper with it.
   Monster: 046- Red Crow [70 HP]
  Winnings: 44 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Stone
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A vicious crow dyed red by the spattered blood of wounded
            men. Should it not be called Blood Crow then?
   Monster: 047- Cockatrice [380 HP]
  Winnings: 120 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: One Glare from this bird-like beast will turn you to stone.
   Monster: 048- Dead Warrior [380 HP]
  Winnings: 100 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: The horse-riding ghost of a dead samurai warrior.
   Monster: 049- Devil [300 HP]
  Winnings: 200 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A creature spawned from hell.
   Monster: 050- Imp [52 HP]
  Winnings: 60 EXP, Mind Up
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy and Stone
Strategies: - Keep away from that trident as it can mesmerize Soma! He
              keeps attacking for ever and ever unless you press every-
              thing over and over.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A tiny demon who loves mischief.
   Monster: 051- Werewolf [290 HP]
  Winnings: 100 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A wild man that transforms into a wolf.
   Monster: 052- Gorgon [330 HP]
  Winnings: 95 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An ox-like creature with hardened skin of iron.
   Monster: 053- Disc Armour [240 HP]
  Winnings: 150 EXP, Iron Plate
Affinities: Weak to Thunder, Stone
Strategies: - Most damgerous on slopes, these armours attack by rolling
              their discs down at you. You can jump in just after they
              have thrown it but unless you kill it the rebound of the
              disc is particularly fast and painful meaning it is wise
              to jump back if you've not succeeded in your kill for now.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An armoured soldier possessing razor sharp discs.
   Monster: 054- Golem [200 HP]
  Winnings: 180 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerant to Normal, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Dark;
            Weak to Holy, Poison, Confuse and Stone.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A man-like figure moulded out of soil and animated by magic.
   Monster: 055- Manticore [440 HP]
  Winnings: 250 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Curse, Stone
Strategies: - When you fight this monster as a boss you should use the
              Flying Armour soul to your advantage, so fly on opposite
              sides of the arena.
            - Hit and run to avoid its spitting fire and scorpion's
              tail [which gives poison].
            - If you have the Zombie soul you can use the Poison to your
            - If you're not having luck level up to 6 or higher.
            - Use Cockatrice on it to turn into a statue!
 Soul Info: A Soul similar to Curly that transforms Soma into a monster
            that gains speed as it goes along.
Other Info: A beast typically possessing the body of a lion, face of a
            man and sting of a scorpion, manticore came from the Old
            Persian word for man-eater.
   Monster: 056- Gremlin [70 HP]
  Winnings: 90 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Normal
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A creature who loves to fiddle with machinery.
   Monster: 057- Harpy [150 HP]
  Winnings: 100 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Confuse
Strategies: - Bat is kind of effective against this demon.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A bird monster with the upper body of a woman.
   Monster: 058- Medusa Head [30 HP]
  Winnings: 10 EXP
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A creature mass-produced from the head of Medusa.
   Monster: 059- Bomber Armour [200 HP]
  Winnings: 200 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerant to Normal, Weak to Thunder and Stone
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An armoured soldier that throws bombs.
   Monster: 060- Lightening Doll [170 HP]
  Winnings: 130 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Thunder, Weak to Fire and Stone
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A doll possessed by the spirit of an electrocuted prisoner.
   Monster: 061- Great Armour [650 HP]
  Winnings: 300 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Weak to Lightening
Strategies: - If you're not having luck level up to 10 or higher.
            - He's constantly on the guard and you will need to be as
              well, so Grave Keeper and Skeleton Dash are useful.
            - Any long ranged attacks you can lay your hands on will
              prove worthy, Whip Sword makes it easier when the MP's
            - Try to avoid running into him as this will damage you the
            - Watch carefully for signs of the Great Armour using his
            - Be patient. Most of your attacks will be defended against.
 Soul Info: Increase STR by 120%, the only thorn in your side is the MP!
Other Info: A monster who has collected all the best armours from master
            warriors which goes to show it's not the armour or the def-
            ense value but the tactics employed.
   Monster: 062- Une [10 HP]
  Winnings: 10 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Fire
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Plant-like monster that assaults its prey with thorn covered
   Monster: 063- Giant Worm [100 HP]
  Winnings: 80 EXP, Cream Puff
Affinities: Weak to Fire
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Transformed into a giant insect by the castle's magic.
   Monster: 064- Needles [1 HP]
  Winnings: 10 EXP, Tasty Meat
Affinities: -
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A giant, mutant sea urchin.
   Monster: 065- Man-Eater [666 HP]
  Winnings: 444 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A worm that subsists on skulls.
   Monster: 066- Fish Head [280 HP]
  Winnings: 100 EXP
Affinities: -
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Dead fish reanimated to protect the sea.
   Monster: 067- Nightmare [260 HP]
  Winnings: 280 EXP, ???
Affinities: -
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A demon that takes up resistance in one's dreams.
   Monster: 068- Triton [400 HP]
  Winnings: 300 EXP, Trident, ???
Affinities: Weak to Fire and Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Ruler of the water kingdom.
   Monster: 069- Slime [200 HP]
  Winnings: 200 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance to Normal and Ice, Weak to Fire
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A creature whose body is made of a gelatinous substance.
   Monster: 070- Big Golem [1,200 HP]
  Winnings: 1,000 EXP, ???
Affinities: -
Strategies: - Use Lance or some other long range strait hitting weapon.
            - Level up to 14 or higher before taking him on.
            - He's like Great Armour in the way you have to be patient
              and cautious only worse in a way as his attacks are longer
              range, though you can predict him.
            - Clear the are when he raises his hand has debris will come
            - Don't let him trap you.
            - Try Ghost Soul or Axe Armour against him.
 Soul Info: Every time you attack, a mini-Golem also hits the enemy.
Other Info: A big, earthen monstrosity created by an unskilled artist
            with big ambitions and left in the cellar to rot.
   Monster: 071- Dryad [350 HP]
  Winnings: 200 EXP, Mystletain, ???
Affinities: Weak to Fire
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An evil tree spirit.
   Monster: 072- Poison Worm [100 HP]
  Winnings: 120 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Fire
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A large insect that spits venom.
   Monster: 073- Arc Demon [500 HP]
  Winnings: 400 EXP, High Mind Up
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Uses the powers of darkness to wreak havoc upon the world.
   Monster: 074- Cagnazzo [180 HP]
  Winnings: 220 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Picky, underworld fiend.
   Monster: 075- Ripper [80 HP]
  Winnings: 80 EXP, Crimson Cloak
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: This fiend enjoys slaughtering people with a knife.
   Monster: 076- Werejaguar [380 HP]
  Winnings: 260 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Dark
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Works on his strait punch so he can defeat Weretiger.
   Monster: 077- Ukoback [80 HP]
  Winnings: 180 EXP
Affinities: Strong against Fire and Dark; Weak against Ice, Holy & Stone
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: One of the hell's cauldron demons with a blazing rod, hot
   Monster: 078- Alura Une [800 HP]
  Winnings: 400 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Fire
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An Une raised on warm blood.
   Monster: 079- Biphron [380 HP]
  Winnings: 280 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance of Fire, Weak to Normal, Poison and Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Spirit creature whose glow illuminates dark graveyards.
   Monster: 080- Mandragora [200 HP]
  Winnings: 100 EXP
Affinities: -
Strategies: - Kill the root before it has a chance to scream or a large
              chunk of your HP will be destroyed.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Insanity overcomes all who hear his cry.
   Monster: 081- Flesh Golem [2,000 HP]
  Winnings: 400 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A man-like figure built from the body parts off a corncoc.
            Animated by magic.
   Monster: 082- ??? [112 HP]
  Winnings: 30 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Dark
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: 
   Monster: 083- Dead Crusader [180 HP]
  Winnings: 380 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
Strategies: - These enemies have fantastic defence, which is really
              annoying even when you're high levelled. Always attack as
              they are about to attack you.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Skeleton swordsman with strong defence.
   Monster: 084- Kicker Skeleton [200 HP]
  Winnings: 80 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Fliying kicks are this skeleton's specialty.
   Monster: 085- Weretiger [400 HP]
  Winnings: 320 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Works on his uppercut so he can defeat Werejaguar.
   Monster: 086- Killer Mantle [200 HP]
  Winnings: 345 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Fire
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An evil cloak that assaults humans.
   Monster: 087- Mudman [200 HP]
  Winnings: 400 EXP
Affinities: -
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: The evil spirit of a man who drowned in a marsh.
   Monster: 088- Gargoyle [70 HP]
  Winnings: 240 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A grotesque monster with the wings of a bat.
   Monster: 089- Red Minotaur [929 HP]
  Winnings: 1,000 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal, Poison, Confuse
Strategies: - Kill automatically using Killer Mantle.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A red minotaur that grew stronger during a recent trip to
   Monster: 090- Beam Skeleton [400 HP]
  Winnings: 320 EXP
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Skeleton wizard whose powers come from the hole drilled into
            his head.
   Monster: 091- Alastor [1,200 HP]
  Winnings: 1,500 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: -
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A vengeful spirit that possesses a floating sword.
   Monster: 092- Skull Millione [250 HP]
  Winnings: 300 EXP, Poison Fist, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal and Confuse
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Hell spawn with poisoned claws.
   Monster: 093- Giant Skeleton [2,000 HP]
  Winnings: 1,200 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A huge skeleton with no lower body that crawls along on the
   Monster: 094- Gladiator [600 HP]
  Winnings: 1,000 EXP
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Though he's dead, this horseback warrior still seeks out
   Monster: 095- Bael [300 HP]
  Winnings: 380 EXP
Affinities: Weak to Poison
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A demon that grants cunningness.
   Monster: 096- Succubus [550 HP]
  Winnings: 360 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Normal
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An enticing beauty that is really a nightmare in disguise.
   Monster: 097- Mimic [100 HP]
  Winnings: 200 EXP
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Assumes the form of a treasure and quietly awaits his prey.
   Monster: 098- Stolas [1,500 HP]
  Winnings: 1,500 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerant of Dark, Weak against Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: An aged, wise owl.
   Monster: 099- Erinys [200 HP]
  Winnings: 500 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerance for Holy; Weak to Normal, Dark, Poison & Confuse
Strategies: - Wait for her to stab down at you and dodge. Then jump up
              and attack! If you're not in the position to do that how-
              ever, wait until she's right next to you to attack.
 Soul Info: You get more EXP than usual. This soul has its uses.
Other Info: A goddess of revenge. In Greek mythology, Erinys [also
            Erinyes] is a Fury, a spirit of punishment who pronounced
            Curses upon criminals that afflicted them with guilt, famine
            and pestilence. The Furies were also called Eumenides, mean-
            ing "well disposed spirit," the connection made perhaps
   Monster: 100- Lubicant [500 HP]
  Winnings: 550 EXP, ???
Affinities: Weak to Normal and Confuse
Strategies: - If you're not on you're toes the Lubicant will sent his
              spear down on you!
 Soul Info: Makes you much stronger the less HP you have, so when you
            drink spoiled milk and HP drops to 1 you're stronger than
            ever, but in a very weak position!
Other Info: An angry minion of hell. Not enough calcium in his diet. I
            bet he gets a lot of spoiled milk though.^_^
   Monster: 101- Basilisk [700 HP]
  Winnings: 600 EXP
Affinities: Weak against Normal and Confuse
Strategies: - When the bird motions to do its laser eye move clear the
              area! Or be turned to stone. In fact you can probably jump
              over it to continue attacking on the other side.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: The offspring of a lizard and bird, its gaze can turn you
            into stone. Basilisk means "little serpent king," so the
            fact that the enemy is half bird half lizard only relates to
            Cockatrice. The herb basil was said to have something to do
            with these fiends.
   Monster: 102- Iron Golem [9,999 HP]
  Winnings: 500 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Normal, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Dark;
            Weak to Holy, Poison, Confuse, Stone.
Strategies: - Killer Mantle will kill it in an instant.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: A man-like figure made of iron and animated by magic.
            Extremely tough.
   Monster: 103- Demon Lord [1,800 HP]
  Winnings: 3,000 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, Weak to Holy
Strategies: - You don't meet him often, so kill him as often as you can
              when you do!
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: This dark king rules over most of the demon population.
   Monster: 104- Final Guard [1,200 HP]
  Winnings: 2,000 EXP, ???, ???
Affinities: Tolerance for Normal, Fire, Ice, Thunder and Dark;
            Weak to Holy, Poison, Confuse and Stone
Strategies: - If you know you can't defeat him try using Nemesis and
              Giant Bat to get past him, Skeleton Dashing below this
              fiend is too risky!
            - Use the attack and defend strategy.
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: Specially chosen to defend important areas of the castle.
   Monster: 105- Flame Demon [500 HP]
  Winnings: 400 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Fire and Dark, Weak to Ice and Holy
Strategies: - Attack him and avoid his flames, you'll be fine.
 Soul Info: Shoots fire at the enemy. It doesn't sound special but it's
            one of the abilities Graham uses and is one of the souls
            necessary for the full ending.
Other Info: A fiend born from the hell fires.
   Monster: 106- Shadow Knight [3,000 HP]
  Winnings: 3,000 EXP, ???
Affinities: Tolerance for Normal and Dark, Weak to Holy
 Soul Info: ?
Other Info: This strong knight sold his soul to the devil.
   Monster: 107- Headhunter [2,100 HP]
  Winnings: 3,000 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance to Dark, Weakness to Normal
Strategies: - Use Lance for form 1 and Katana for the others.
            - Level up to 17 or higher before taking her on.
            - The first form is easy but keep your distance to be safe.
            - The second form is an old witch, keep away from her magic
              and use long-range weapons.
            - To be safe while fighting the second form use Skeleton
              Dash and a wide hitting weapon such as Claimh Solais.
            - The third form is always sticking its tongue out and goes
              from one side of the room to the other rather slowly so
              you can use these things to your advantage.
            - If you get poisoned use the zombie soul to get stronger.
 Soul Info: You get 3+ stat increase for every 25 souls you collect [and
            they can even be ones you already have] though the maximum
            is 33+ for STR, DEF, CON and INT.
Other Info: A monster who gains power from the different types of heads
            they collect. I must admit I've never seen anything like it
   Monster: 108- Death [4,444 HP]
  Winnings: 4,444 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark
Strategies: - Avoid the sickles by hitting them before they hit you! Or
              Your could use Giant Ghost Soul to protect against them.
            - While you're fighting the big scythe, keep a low profile,
              so you can hit at it as it does its spinning around thing.
            - When you begin fighting Death himself, he'll soon begin
              charging at you and send his new weapon hurtling your way;
              prepare for these attacks by equipping Flying Armour so
              you can jump over them.
            - Use your evasive maneuvers, this is the first boss you
              really need them!
            - Hrunting is a good weapon for this.
            - Lightening Doll is an effective though MP-consuming
 Soul Info: One of my favourite attacks in the Castlevania series, you
            press R and you are surrounded by a barrier of flying
            sickles that hit your enemies as you stroll along, killing
            many of the weaker fiends without you having done anything.
Other Info: Death is one of the most intimidating bosses in Aria of
            Sorrow. Ach, even more intimidating in Portrait of Ruin with
            him and Dracula working together. It's funny, though, how in
            each Castlevania they seem to be on the verge of being
            allies with Death...
   Monster: 109- Legion [5,000 HP]
  Winnings: 12,000 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, weak to Holy
Strategies: - The protective padding can be ripped off at four points,
              each is 5,000 HP. *It is* possible to destroy the core and
              defeat the boss without getting rid of its protective
              padding entirely, but unless you do you will not get its
              soul [which is very worth it for a not very tough boss].
            - Follow the thing around as it slowly hovers around the
              room. As you hit it, it'll shed corpses and follow you to
              a certain degree, each has 200 HP. Just keep at it,
              maintaining a safe distance but not going all the way
              around [or you'll have to kill more of those pesky
            - As it loses its protection it'll begin to shoot lasers at
              you. Thankfully there is always a weak spot you can hit
              not be hit at in any given time but sometimes you'll have
              to go around the block to avoid them. When the tentacles
              are flailing around only one half is shooting at any given
            - Claimh Solais is very effective against this guy being a
              Holy weapon and the most powerful in the game.
            - Lightening Doll is fairly effective.
            - Use anything that drops down on the enemy and you can
              play it cautiously.
 Soul Info: A powerful three tier laser attack; fairly good for long
            range... will knock the Beam Skeleton of his feet! The cond-
            ition of getting this soul is that you get rid of all the
            layers before destroying the core.
Other Info: According to another guide-writer at GameFAQs there is a
            biblical quote, "My name is Legion, for we are many." If
            that was a single entity talking and a Legion was typically
            made up of 3,000 to 6,000 Roman soldiers this could have
            been a place they got the boss from.
   Monster: 110- Balore [4,000 HP]
  Winnings: 16,000 EXP
Affinities: -
Strategies: - Watch his hand movements closely and respond to them right
              away; when he brings them closer together, duck; when he
              moves them away jump on one of the fists and attack from
              there; MOVE AWAY when he motions to bring his fists down
              because he will hit HARD.
            - He'll only bang one fist down at at time, so make sure you
              dodge each blow as it comes.
            - In the second part of the battle you will have to dodge
              the rain of fire that sweeps across the battle field con-
              stantly to attack Balore's eye; it's intimidating at first
              but really, it's as easy as jumping rope... you just have
              to stay exactly in sync with the rhythm! The "beat" picks
              up as Balore weakens!
            - Balmung or Claimh Solais for weapons and Lightening Doll
              /Headhunter for Soul.
            - With the Medusa Head soul you can stay in the air while
              attacking Balore, which is priceless in the latter part of
              the battle.
 Soul Info: You get two souls from this boss, one that allows you to fly
            [hence the giant bat in the beginning] and the other that
            gives you a WHOPPING fist attack that costs 160 MP!
Other Info: I don't know where Balore comes from but he looks and sounds
            like one of the Dwarves from Viking mythology or something.
   Monster: 111- Belmont [6,000 HP]
  Winnings: 0 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Holy, Poison, Dark and Stone
Strategies: - This is one fast guy! You'll need to be constantly on the
              move to prevent being clobbered by him. Oh, and he's being
              soft on you. Black Panther soul is useful, as are Lighten-
              ing Doll, Legion, Red Minotaur and Beam Skeleton.
            - He's strong against Holy so if you've got Claimh Solais
              equipped get Ascalon on right now! It causes a whole lot
              more damage to him. Vjaya, Laevatain, Rehab's Sword & Kal-
              adbolg also work.
            - That whip is mean! Avoid at all costs. However, Belmont's
              worst is the attack that drags you towards him to deliver
              a WHOLE PACK of damage. Luckily it doesn't do it that
              often. But when he does run away like a panther!
 Soul Info: None.
Other Info: With a family history of fighting Dracula, Julius Belmont
            wields the famous Vampire Killer of all previous Castlevania
            games as well as various vampire-hurting sub-weapons. He is
            the most powerful of his clan and recently regained his
            memories of killing Dracula in 1999.
   Monster: 112- Graham [5,000 HP]
  Winnings: 0 EXP
Affinities: Tolerance for Dark, Poison and Stone
Strategies: - You have to win this fight with at Succubus, Flame Demon
              and Giant Bat. Graham seems to be impervious to Souls any
              way so it doesn't matter.
            - The first form is quite easy compared to the next, but you
              will have to jump over Graham a lot to avoid his attacks.
            - When Graham says "doushite" you'll know he's about to do
              the flame demon attack which you can deflect with a normal
            - His other attack where he hurls flaming balls at you is
              harder however, as you cannot deflect them. At first when
              he does this attack he will shoot them at your feet and
              head so you'll have to dodge them thus.
            - Then he'll begin to ONLY do that attack, and this time
              they come out from him in a circle formation, so you'll
              have to move in and out with the flow of the attack.
            - Graham's final form is a strange looking creature that
              looks like some fell beast if you're not looking very hard
              and when you do it's quite scary looking. I have the disc-
              ription below.
            - Keep away from the beast's claws by ducking when they move
              ['cos there's only one way they can move]. You'll also
              need to keep any eye out for the beam that that strikes
              from above as it can cause 200 damage in a single hit!
            - There's something funny about attacking Graham in the
              final round; it's safer to hit the boss when you're crou-
              ching down yet that doesn't seem to work until you've hit
              it a couple of times while standing up.
            - For weapons bring Claimh Solais and Handgun. You need to
              be level 40 or higher.
 Soul Info: He isn't a monster of Dracula castle so you can't soul him.
            Well you can sort of, only because he stole your souls! Well
            if you got a soul from him it would be Black Panther, 'cos
            it's in the room just after him! Black Panther allows you
            to run much faster.
Other Info: A missionary gone amiss. His name means something like "grey
            hamlet," which makes sense considering his skin tone...
            Later on he turns into a monster that looks like the joined
            torsos of two women with half their skin ripped off the
            reveal their joined heart, spine and stomach! And their eyes
            or on their hands for some reason. Showoffs.
 IMPORTANT: There are three outcomes you can have in this battle in
            story mode. If you don't have Succubus, Flame Demon and
            Giant Bat equipped the game will end right there and then;
            Mina will die and Soma will become the Dark Lord if none
            of the latter are equipped; the game will end happily if
            Succubus is equipped; if they are all equipped, Soma will
            begin to absorb the powers of Dracula and you'll have a
            whole new dungeon/bosses to get out of the way, which is
            quite cool if you want to get the most out of Aria of Sorrow
            as well as a few new features being available if you defeat
            the true end boss.
   Monster: Chaos [9,999 HP]
  Winnings: Nothing
Affinities: Tolerant to Dark
Strategies: - Note that you don't have to win this battle to finish the
              game and there's no bestiary entry for Chaos [but you
              won't get all those cool extras and probably not extra
              percentage]. The ending will be a sad one as well, but
              worth seeing.
            - At first you fight Chaos, a demon-like creature in a
              carousel-like thing; you cannot use your souls because
              they've been stolen by Chaos' minions who revolve around
              Soma. When the demon has got his target symbol on you,
              watch out!
            - There will be an active Soul Demon in action at any given
              point during the first round, sending green triangles your
              way. Attack them from as far away as you can.
            - During the second round you'll be fighting a big dragon/
              centipede-like creature that's fairly easy to avoid and
              focusing on a orb thing in the centre, but there are also
              small floating orbs you have to get out of the way before
              they become a problem.
            - In the second half of the battle the source of energy in
              the middle is the one you have to kill but it is suppored
              by four pivots [which look disturbingly like eyes] in the
            - Watch out for the blue lining that forms on the central
              orb, as darts become attached to it and has they are com-
              ing off one one side they're being attached on the other;
              that's why all the small spheres have to be eliminated so
              they're not in the way!
            - Make sure you're 45~65 in levels, depending on how many
              items there are to support you.
            - Claimh Solais is ideal but Final Sword and Ronginus's
              Spear could also be useful. Red Minotaur and Lightening
              Doll are good souls.
 Soul Info: None.
Other Info: Choas doesn't even make an appearance in the bestiary. You
            can't Soul, it was his power that let Soma Soul things in
            the first place! Hey, I saw this guy in Final Fantasy I!
            What's more, the GBA release of FF1 is called Dawn of Souls
            and the sequel to this game is Dawn of Sorrow.
            Btw, you get another ending if you lose this boss.
            After defeating Chaos in story mode you'll be able to do...
            - Boss Rush Mode
            - Sound Mode
            - A new game with all your old weapons, items and souls
            - A new game in Hard mode
            - A new game playing as Julius

                                                                 | C07 |
| Ultimate Equipment Settings - Depending you what you want to achieve |

Weapon         Att Str Def Con Int Lck R* MH* Elem  Got
------         --- --- --- --- --- --- -  --  ----  ---
Ascalon        102 10  -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Hammer's Shop
Balmung        100 -   -   -   -   -   8  -   -     Arena*1
Bamboo Sword   3   -   -   -   -   -   1  -   -     Chapel
Baselard       19  -   -   -   -   -   1  -   -     Hammer's Shop,
----------------------------------------------------Zombie, Evil Butcher       
Bastard Sword  16  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Study
Battle Axe     50  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Minotaur, Red
Broadsword     20  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Study, Hammer's Shop
Burtgang       50  2   2   2   -   -   4  -   -     Clock Tower
Cestus*2       20  -   -   -   -   -   0  -   -     Castle Corridor
Claimh Solais  107 7   4   7   7   -   6  -   Holy  Forbidden Area
Claymore       32  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Hammer's Shop
Combat Knife   24  -   -   -   -   -   2  -   -     Hammer's Shop,
----------------------------------------------------Zombie  Soldier,
----------------------------------------------------Zombie Officer
Cutall         24  24  -   -   -   -   2  Y   -     Hammer's Shop, Dance
Dainslef       96  -1  -2  -2  -2  -   3  -   Dark  Inner Quarters
Death's Sickle 130 -   -   -   -   13  1  -   Dark  Clock Tower [Hard]
Durandal       58  -   -   -   -   -   1  -   -     Giant Skeleton
Estoc          31  -   -   -   -   -   2  -   -     Hammer's Shop
Excalibur      120 -   -   -   -   -   1  -   -     Boss Rush Mode
Final Sword    108 -   -   -   -   -   8  -   -     Final Guard
Gabolg         58  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Witch
Gladius        22  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Hammer's Shop,
Gram           38  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Hammer's Shop
Gungner        29  -   -   -   -   -   5  Y   Bolt  Top Floor
Hammer         34  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Hammmer's Shop, Rock
----------------------------------------------------Armour, Study
Handgun        1   -   -   -   -   -   8  -   -     Underground
Hrunting       30  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   PoisonInner Quarters
Joyeuse        64  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Forbidden
Kaiser Knuckle 10  -   -   -   -   -   1  Y   -     Chapel [Hard]
Kaladbolg      84  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   Dark  Top Floor
Katana         31  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Hammer's Shop
Knife          5   -   -   -   -   -   -  -   -     Soma's first weapon
Kunitsuna      30  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Skull Millione
Laevatain      65  -   -   -   -   -   5  -   Fire  Flame Demon, Arena
Lance          32  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Hammer's Shop,
----------------------------------------------------Castle Corridor,
Mach Punch     5   -   -   -   -   -   1  Y   -     Werejaguar
Milican's Sword34  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   Stone Underground Reserv-
----------------------------------------------------oir, Big Golem, Bas-
Muramasa       44  -   -   -   -   -   3  Y   Curse Lubicant
Mystletain     36  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   Holy  Clock Tower, Dryad
Onikiri        25  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Cagnazzo
Osafune        38  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Underground Reser-
Partizan       39  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Hammer's Shop, Val-
Poison Fist    60  -   -   -   -   -   1  -   PoisonSkull Millione
Positron Rifle 50  -   -   -   -   -   1  Y   Fire  Boss Rush Mode
Rapier         14  -   -   -   -   -   2  -   -     Hammer's Shop,
----------------------------------------------------Chapel, Skeleton
Rehab's Sword  52  -   -   -   -   -   1  -   Ice   Underground Reserv-
----------------------------------------------------oir, Man-Eater
Ronginus' Spear102 -   -   -   -   -   3  -   Holy  Underground Reserv-
----------------------------------------------------oir, Erinys
Scimitar       25  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Hammer's Shop
Short Sword    8   -   -   -   -   -   1  -   -     Castle Corridor
Silver Gun     42  -   -   -   -   -   Inf-   -     Arena [hard]
Spear          17  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Hammer's Shop, Wing-
----------------------------------------------------ed Skeleton
Tallhammer     56  -   -   -   -   -   3  Y   Bolt  Chapel
Trident        28  -   -   -   -   -   4  -   -     Hammer's Store,
Valmanway*2    2   -   -   -   -   -   1  Y   -     Boss Rush Mode
Vjaya          30  -   -   -   -   -   8  Y   Bolt  Castle Corridor
Warhammer      45  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Hammer's Shop
Whip Knuckle   49  -   -   -   -   -   1  -   -     Weretiger
Whip Sword     16  -   -   -   -   -   8  -   -     Study
Yasutsuna      40  -   -   -   -   -   3  -   -     Castle Corridor

 * R: Range. MH: Multi-Hit.
1* It's in the area to the right of the sanctuary where you have to get
   past all those monsters and the huge statues in the background who
   like to crush Soma with their hands and feet. It doesn't look strong
   but has great range.
2* You can attack while walking.

                                                                 | C08 |
| Secrets - Easter Eggs, Strategies, Secrets and Advice                |

Finding the Ancient Books and Castle Maps
The Ancient Books are the ones that give you clues as to what Souls you
should have equipped in the battle with Graham. The Castle Maps simply
show isolated parts of the map...

  Ancient Books   Found Where
  -------------   -----------
  1: Flame Demon  Study
  2: Giant Bat    Inn Quarters
  3: Succubus     Underground Reservoir

  Castle Maps    Found Where
  -----------    -----------
  Castle Map 1   Hammer, 100 G
  Castle Map 2   Hammer, 100 G
  Castle Map 3   Floating Gardens

Easy Experience
- Equip the Shermin Ring, find a safe place and move left or right while
  in the crouch position.
- Get the Killer Mantle Soul and use it to kill Red Minotaurs.

Headhunter Soul
You get this soul as a matter of course and strengthens every stat
except Luck depending on how many souls you've taken [with a max. of +33
for the stats]. The souls don't have to be different so it's easy to
reach the limit.

Getting Into the Forbidden Area and Getting the Claimh Solais
In the eastern part of the subterranean hell there is a large cavern
inhabited by many medusa heads and other monsters. Go to the top right
hand corner of this and head through the tunnels filled with Dryads to
find another cavern, this time with an impassable waterfall in it. You
will need a soul you can use to charge through it. Curly, Devil and
Manticore work.
  In the Forbidden Area you'll find a shipwreck with a small cave to
the left of its bottom deck; break open the wall to find a very special
weapon...The Claimh Solais!

The Chronomage
You'll need to defeat Legion in the graveyard to find this soul, which
is found in one of the areas after the boss. Use it when you meet the
funny rabbit to get into the silenced ruins or whatever. The Chronomage
will always appear here though it does nowhere else in the castle and
has a valuable soul.

Save Mina Hakuba
Unless you have the Succubus Soul equipped in the battle with Graham,
Mina will be killed by a Succubus after the battle.

Play as Julius
If you defeat Graham and get an ending where Mina doesn't die you can
start a new game as Julius! Enter in JULIUS as your name to do it. Here
are a few points about using him...

- You can't enter the menu or get items, there is no shop or money.
- HP is 800 and cannot rise above it.
- His stats and hearts rise by defeating bosses.
- He is fast and you can use his sub-weapons...
- The Vampire Killer is his only weapon.
- He has less scope to be powerful than Soma.
- Press up while attacking to use his whip over himself.
- He already has the Skeleton Dash, Malphas and Skeleton Kicker
  abilities in the beginning. His backdash is different to Grave Keeper,
  it's more like an avoidance dash, so you can dodge enemies which don't
  mak you stronger anyway.
- He's got some of the traditional Castlevania sub-weapons which you can
  press R to flip through.
- You only have to fight two bosses before reaching Graham, though he's
  the final boss.
- The theme music played while in the Castle Corridor is taken from the
  original Castlevania for Famicom Disk System.

Challenge Games
Upon finishing the game enter "NOSOUL" or "NOUSE" to have a game in
which you'll not be able to use Souls or items respectively. You will
get special items if you finish the game under these conditions.

The Game After Graham
For those who don't know, Graham isn't the final boss of this game. If
you have the right combination of Souls equipped you can experience the
real ending. They are Succubus, Flame Demon and Giant Bat. Buy some
things and make final preparations before you head to the dungeon of
chaos in the bowels of the Garden, as it's no turning back!

Boss Rush Mode
Having finished the game you'll be able to have another taste of all the
bosses you fought. This may seem daunting but it's actually pretty fun
to have a shot at it and gradually improve your technique... At least
the game bosses don't seem nearly as bad! You get certain prizes for
completing boss rush depending on how long it took you.

 6 mins: Potion
5+ mins: Excalibur
4+ mins: Positron Rifle
-4 mins: Valmanway

New Game +
After defeating Chaos in story mode you can do a new game with all your
old weapons, items and souls! Soma will be at level 1 and not know any
abilities...And Giant Bat will only last a few seconds... You can play
the game in hard mode if you like.

Hard Mode
- Enemies cause more damage.
- Soma hits less damage.
- You find better equipment.
- You can press START to skip dialogue.

Chaos Ring
When this special accessory is equipped, MP isn't used up for Souls! But
before you ever have a chance of getting it you must have 100% Soul
Completion. When you do it can be found in the Chaotic Realm.

Full Dialogue
If you get 100% rate you'll get extra dialogue at the end of the game.

                                                                 | C09 |
| Code Breaker Codes                                                   |

Function       | Code          | Region | Note/s
Enable Code    | 00008193 000A | Europe | Must be used with the PAL
               | 100008B0 0007 |        | versions to enable codes.
Enable Code    | 000093DD 000A | America| Must be used with the NTSC
               | 100008B0 0007 |        | versions to enable codes.
Be Transparent | 8200055C 0000 | -      | Like full-time Nemesis spell!
Infinite HP    | 8201327A 270F | -      | HP is 9,999 no matter what.
Maximum HP     | 8201327E 270F | -      | HP is 9,999 & damage happens.
Infinite MP    | 8201327C 270F | -      | MP never runs out.
Maximum MP     | 82013280 270F | -      | You have 9,999 MP.
Maximum STR    | 82013282 270F | -      | Do max. damage to enemies.
Maximum CON    | 82013284 270F | -      | The Defence of an Iron Golem.
Maximum INT    | 82013286 270F | -      | Spells have max effectiveness.
Maximum LCK    | 82013288 7F00 | -      | Easier to score items/souls.
Maximum Gold   | 82013290 423F | -      | No more saving up for the
               | 82013292 000F |        | mastery ring. And others...
Maximum Exp.   | 8201328C E0FF | -      | Level up quickly without the
               | 8201328E 05F5 |        | stress of fighting monsters.
Reset Timer    | 820000AC 0000 | -      | Invaluable in Boss Rush Mode,
               | 820000AE 0000 |        | and Julius mode.
Sprint x2      | D0000020 0010 | -      | Be careful, this cheat may
               | 8200052E 0002 |        | corrupt your game by not being
               | D0000020 0020 |        | able to use slide & you can
               | 8200052E FFFD |        | leave rooms in the middle of
               |               |        | conversations/saving.
Inf. Malphas   | 720004F4 1006 | -      | Must be turned on already, but
(Doube Jump)   | 320004F4 0002 |        | at least Giant Bat not needed!
Guarded Rush   | 32013261 00F4 | -      | Black Panther/Final Guard.
Weak Final Boss| 7200140C 05DC | -      | Chaos has much weaker stats.
               | 8200140C 0000 |        | I'm not sure how, but I pres-
               | 72001598 07D0 |        | ume your attacks cause greater
               | 82001598 0000 |        | damage and what-not.
Have All Items | 42013294 0101 | -      | To try all the food out. To
               | 00000010 0002 |        | get emergency supplies.
Have all       | 420132B4 0101 | -      | Didn't get Claimh Solais or
Equipment      | 00000034 0002 |        | Mastery Ring?
Have all Souls | 4201331C FFFF | -      | Sick of collecting and want to
               | 00000032 0002 |        | experiment?
Have all       | 82013392 FFFF | -      | Turn OFF those you don't want
Abilities      | 32013394 00FF |        | to use.
Full Bestiary  | 420133A0 FFFF | -      | No need for a guide with a
               | 00000017 0002 |        | copy of the bestiary in it!
Complete Map   | 420000B6 FFFF | -      | Explore the castle with great-
               | 0000013F 0002 |        | er ease [sometimes confusion].
Access Warp    | 74000130 03B7 | -      | Enter the map and press Start
Rooms          | 32000064 0007 |        | + Up to automatically go to a
               | 32000378 00FF |        | warp room.
Unlock Special | 32000060 000F | -      | Save the game with this to
               | 320000A1 0001 |        | be able to use boss rush mode.
Unlock Misty   | 74000130 02BD | -      | Press R+B+Up in front of it.
Door in Garden | 8200037E 9871 |        | There is no return, remember.

                                                                 | C10 |
| Game Encyclopaedia - The Truth behind the Names *Major Spoilers*     |
1999, the Battle of
According to Dawn of Sorrow Nostrodamus's prediction of the King of
Terror foretold Dracula's resurrection, yet Hakuba Shrine sealed his
castle within a solar exclipse to cut Dracula's soul from his source of
power... Nostrodamas's prophecy goes thus...

  The Original Old Latin-Franco Poem...
  L'an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept*1 mois,
  Du ciel viendra un grand Roi d'effrayeur:*2
  Ressusciter le grand Roi d'Angolmois,*3
  Avant apr├ęs Mars regner par bonheur.

1* Sept is French for seven, and although September is the ninth month
   in the modern calendar in Nostrodamus's times it was the seventh.
2* Official French: Oeffrayeur, terror.
3* D'Angolmois is assumed an anagram of the French word for Mongols,
   Mongolois to avoid the extra syllable required by Roi des Mongolois.
   In Nostrodamus's time anagrams were all the rage. And Angoumois is a
   provence in west-central France. So d'Angolmois was used for the sake
   of the anagram and could have broadly meant any Asian country. Or
   "Roi d'Angolmois/The King of the Mongols" could have been a euphemism
   for any king similar to the famous Ghengis Khan who nearly conquered
   the world and certainly changed history [the Mongolians were rulers
   of Russia for two centuries and drove the Germans out of Eastern
   Europe, eventually encroaching them on the Roman Empire...].

  And the far-from-complete English translation...
  The Year 1999, seventh month*,
  From the sky will come a great King of Terror;
  To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
  Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

  I think the prophecy says that in September 1999 [the seventh month of
the Old Roman Calendar] a King of Terror will appear from the sky to
resurrect a Great King, and that as long as there is no conflict [Mars,
God of War] they will reign supreme. Translated into Castlevania terms
that means The Castle went to Japan to get at Dracula's soul [Soma]. And
it also means that all of this was based on Nostrodamus's prophecy
[despite the fact that the game was made well after 1999].

Alucard, or Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes
*Major Spoiler* Genya Arikado's true identity. Although he was Dracula's
son he fought against his father's dark power in 1476 and won, only to
go to sleep for the next 320 years. In 1797 he awoke to aid the Belmonts
in defeating a resurrected Dracula. He has sealed his own power to prev-
ent himself from becoming the next Dracula.

Chrono Mage
A monster that lurks within Dracula Castle, freezing time so that Soma
could not pass. It has something to do with the Castle itself, and is
friends with Zephyr.

His full name was Dracula Vlad Tepes, the Vampiric dark lord feared by
many. It seems he was controlled by a hidden entity with in the castle
called Chaos who gave him his powers of dominating monsters' souls and
in return dominated his. Resurrected many times, this particular Dracula
waged a long and brutal war against the Belmont Clan. In 1999 he was
permanently vanquished, thus putting an end to his dark legacy.

Dracula's Castle
The force behind Dracula's power, it appears whenever it has found a new
master and host with which to terrorise the world. It has been sealed
inside a solar eclipse two times, once in 1999 and the other in 2035.

Genya Arikado
Arikado is the mysterious guy who helps Soma out throughout the game.
Mina says he is part of the government, so it seems he is a Japanese
spy. Yet his powers are great, he never seems to age and is unusually
beautiful for a man.

Graham Jones
A missionary who believed he was Dracula's heir because he was born at
the same time Dracula was destroyed, and thus believes he is Dracula's
heir. It is true to a certain extent, as people like Graham are given
Dracula's power.

Hakuba Shrine
A church allied with the ones in Europe, presumably they are devoted to
the constant demise of Dracula. In 1999 the Hakubas went to Europe to
seal the castle within the solar eclipse and in 2035 the same in Japan.
The reason why Hakuba Shrine hides Dracula's Castle inside a solar
eclipse is because the sun can absorb Dracula's anger; because of this,
Hakuba Shrine is one that prays for eclipses.

Originally a soldier, he retired to become a merchant upon finding him-
self in Dracula's castle because of all the weapons lying around that
needed a home. He also trades in information and various items. Although
he seems like a hardened army man he's soft and silly at heart. In the
time he spends with Yoko Belnades he falls hopelessly in love with her.

A man who lost his memories and thus his sense of identity in an
"accident" in 1999. He is in fact Julius Belmont, the most powerful
member of his clan and the man who destroyed Dracula in 1999. He wields
the famed "Vampire Killer" whip which has been in the series since point

Mina Hakuba
Soma's childhood friend and confidant, the Hakuba shrine went to Europe
to see the solar eclipse there. They seem to be at the forefront of the
activities of the "church" against Dracula's Castle.

Soma Cruz
A young man still going to high school who has the potential to become
the next Dracula. He came from Europe as an exchange student in Japan.
*Major Spoiler* His soul is Dracula's in another form and that's why
the castle drew him into it.

Vampire Killer
An ancient whip that destroys not only vampires but other dark
creatures, it was made so that garlic and other vampire-killing things
wouldn't need to be used, and as the result of a blood pact it can only
be used by a Belmont. Its special power can be corrupted temporarily
when Dracula is defeated.

Yoko Belnades
A witch of the church [what a contradiction in terms!] who is an expert
at destroying dark beings, and has been given a mission to prevent
Graham from becoming the new Dracula. The Belnades clan helped Alucard
defeat Dracula in 1476. She loves to tease Soma, but in a friendly way.
The Belnades are long acquainted with the Hakubas and Yoko is good
friends with Mina.

                                                                 | C11 |
| Story Summary - Beware! Major Spoilers!                              |

In 2035, a year before Dawn of Sorrow, Soma Cruz was a high school stud-
ent studying abroad in Japan [abroad from where?]. He happens to live
near the Hakuba Shrine, an ancient place with ties to Japanese mythology
-- which is why he become friends with Mina, for she was the priest's
only daughter.
  Crowds gathered in anticipation of the first solar eclipse of the
twenty-first century. Soma started making his way to the shrine to see
the spectacle with Mina. But the stairway leading up to the temple felt
longer than usual, as if something was trying to keep them away from
their destination.
  When they finally managed to get through the shrine gate, Soma's
senses began to dim... The pitch black sun was holding the chaotic
darkness together, trying to rouse a sleeping soul as if looking for its
missing other half...
  They were in Dracula's Castle, inside the solar eclipse. Upon their
arrival they were met by a mysterious Japanese man many by the name of
Genya Arikado. Not only that, Soma has the ability to absorb the power
of the monsters he has killed in the Castle. Arikado says he must go to
the Master Chamber otherwise he and Mina will not be able to return, and
that he will put of a protective barrier for Mina where she stays for
the rest of the game. But stay too long and they will both die aweful
  Apparently Arikado is something to do with national intelligence... A
spy... Mina says he'd been coming to the shrine for years now. And he is
unusual because his beautiful face hasn't changed in all that time.
  Mina also says that the solar eclipse is there to dispel evil because
the sun is "hiding" behind the moon.

  In the castle Soma finds a creepy looking man named Graham Jones who
calls himself a missionary and says that Dracula has been resurrected
after his death in 1999, just as Nostrodamus's prophecy predicted. But
Vampire Hunters destroyed him completely. They ended his regeneration
cycle by sealing his castle, the symbol of his demonic power, inside the
darkness of an eclipse.
  But there's more... "In the year 2035, a new master will come to the
castle and he...will inherit ALL of Dracula's powers."

  Exploring the castle, there were many areas very similar to those in
Dawn of Sorrow. The layout is flatter but the church, study and subter-
ranean hell are all there.

  Soma also meets a witch who fights for the church, Yoko Belnades
[she's cuter in Dawn of Sorrow]. She accidentally refers to Arikado as
"Aluca." He told Yoko to "look out for" Soma, and to Soma's powers as
  Since gaining his power Soma feels he is losing himself, but Yoko
reassures him that there could be no one he could be other than himself
and that he shouldn't second guess himself. When Soma thanks her for the
advice she says she isn't used to receiving recognition for her work.
  They talk about Graham. Yoko tells Soma to be wary of him, for she
believes that he will inherit Dracula's powers. His deceitfully friendly
demeanor belies a demon waiting to torment the world. Too bad Yoko has
to go off to find Graham instead of accompanying Soma!

  After defeating the giant armour boss Soma meets Hammer, some military
guy who was sent to the shrine and found himself in a castle, then
decided to set up shop because of the availability of weaponry lying
about. Just in case you wondered why Hammer came into the picture in
Dawn of Sorrow.

  Upon entering the dance hall Soma encounters a man who calls himself
"J," otherwise known as Julius [I won't say the last name] in Dawn of
Sorrow. He doesn't hide his name because he's a criminal but because in
1999 he found himself in a hospital without any knowledge of his name or
past. He says that he can sense a dark power within Soma and asks if he
was born with it. J seemed to be relieved about something when Soma said
he only felt the power upon his entry to the castle. When asked, J said
he came because of the prophecy and perhaps to regain his memories. If
his incident happened in 1999 was Dracula involved, Soma wondered. Desp-
ite the fact that the very name of Dracula strikes fear into J's heart
he admits that Soma is probably correct, especially since he has magical
powers, like an exorcist who only works for himself.

  Soma meets Graham again in the Clock Tower, and asks him about the
Dracula thing, though he states the term inherit is incorrect he was
born at the exact same time Dracula was destroyed therefore he IS
Dracula. He has been friendly up to this point because he doesn't
consider Soma a threat, though having made it thus far he must have some
power. When Graham asks what kind of power Soma has, Soma hesitates,
saying he has the power to rule... But he can't finish his sentence
because some weird change happens to Graham. He looks crazy [making him
appear even more demonlike than usual] and saying he must go to the
throne room and that he won't allow Soma to rule!
  According to Yoko there is something very important in the throne
room. Soma when tells her about Graham's attitude towards him she
implies that Graham thinks he is master of everyone in the castle any-
way. Now that he considers Soma an enemy Yoko can now treat him as a
comrade. Soma's presence has panicked Graham, giving Yoko a chance to
get at him. He's been able to evade them up to this point using his
cunning mind and never been known to lose his temper before.
  Next thing Soma knows, Yoko has been defeated by Graham, through
Arikado promises to heal her. Not long after that he meets J who has
just recovered his memories, that he is actually Julius Belmont and the
"accident" in 1994 was was the defeating of Dracula! He hopes his
"hunch" isn't right.

  When Soma defeats Graham in the throne room two things can happen
where the story ends.
  1) Mina is killed by a Succubus and Soma becomes the dark lord. Game
  2) Arikado tells Soma he did a good job and they are transported out
     of the castle to live as they did before at the Hakuba Shrine.
     Arikado visits and tells them that Soma may need his powers again
     or something ineffective like that, the game ends with a credits
     list and boon of being able to have a new game with Julius.

  Soma begins to feel the soul of Dracula taking him over. Arikado
suggests that he fight the inner chaos of Dracula in order to overcome
the dark chaos within himself.
  Upon going to the chaos part of the castle Soma meets Julius, who
swears to kill him because he is Dracula. It is an eventful battle
where the powers of two skilled warriors are pitted against each other
but when Julius is defeated they talk. Soma asks Julius to kill him if
he ever truly becomes Dracula, and Julius makes a solemn promise to do
  Soma journeys through the region of the castle known as chaos, a shad-
ow of many of the other places he'd been in the castle. When he con-
fronts Chaos however his friends are there by his side, giving him moral
  If Soma is defeated by Chaos he becomes the Dark Lord, sitting on his
throne with a glass of wine [or blood?] in his hand. Julius enters the
room and says he is there to fulfil his promise; the glass drops. Game
  But if Soma succeeds he takes a long time to recover, hearing the
voices of people he's met in his adventure. Arikado says that for good
to be truly good there also be evil, so Dracula will come back.
  To say that is to say this is a universe ruled by Good and Evil, yet
it doesn't seem to have occurred to anyone that there are many blends of
the two or "grey areas." Many of the monsters in Dracula's castle were
sourced from Benevolent deities in various mythologies...
  Eventually Soma wakes up with Mina at his side, and in the Hakuba

                                                                 | C12 |
| Other Castlevania Games                                              |

Note: I'll use the European name for each game if there is one, if there
      isn't I'll revert to the Japanese one. Castlevania is always call-
      ed Akumajou Dracula [except in the very odd case].

Akumajou Dracula: Gekka no Yasoukyoku [Sega Saturn]
Akumajou Dracula The Arcade [Arcade]
Akumajou Dracula The Medal [Arcade]
Akumajou Dracula [Slot Machine]
Akumajou Dracula [Sharp X68000]
Akumajou Dracula X Rondo of Blood [PC Engine CD]
Castlevania [Nintendo 64]
Castlevania [Famicom Disk System]
Castlevania 2 [Famicom Disk System]
Castlevania 3 [Famicom Disk System]
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest [Game Boy Color]
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse [Game Boy Color]
Castlevania: Bloodlines [Genesis]
Castlevania: The Adventure
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness [PlayStation 2]
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Castlevania Chronicles [PlayStation]

Castlevania Circle of the Moon [Game Boy Advance]
Until recently the only Castlevania game I'd come across was Circle of
the Moon in Japanese [and because the name was different I didn't know
what it was]. If I had known I certainly wouldn't have passed it along
like I did, a "intriguing, but a poor imitation of Castlevania" was my
thought at the time, even though I didn't know what Castlevania was. It
is defiantly not as good as Aria of Sorrow or Harmony of Dissonance, but
it the English version does seem to be better than the Japanese one.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow [Nintendo Dual Screen]
A direct sequel to Aria of Sorrow, this follows Soma in his doings as
semi-Dracula. A woman named Celia Fortner has caught onto the idea of
"Dracula's Heir" that Graham had in Aria of Sorrow, and has gathered two
37 year old men whose births occurred exactly at the time of Dracula's
demise and as a result of their supernatural powers are social rejects.
This game contains a lot of information that enhances Aria of Sorrow
and you can play as Arikado [or Alucard, a name never mentioned in Aria
of Sorrow].

Castlevania: Dracula X [Super Ninteno/Famicom]
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Castlevania Judgment [Nintendo Wii]
Castlevania: Lament of Innoncence [PlayStation 2]
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness [Nintendo 64]
Castlevania Legends [Game Boy]

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia [Nintendo Dual Screen]
The first European version of Castlevania I played, one thing I have
always hated and despised about this game were the extra tough, extra
mean bosses. And you don't event see Dracula's castle right to the very
end! The main character is just some warrior who's the only one who can
use the power of Dominus and has had her memories abolished by her brot-
her who you can never tell is good or evil. It has a lot of good points
too, though. As long as you know the strategies the bosses are very easy
[in fact I'd say this is the most strategic in terms of bosses out of
all the Castlevanias I've played]. Supposedly in the 19th century, the
the costumes and styles are unlike any other in the series, which is
customarily mediaeval/fantasy in nature. Though there are hardly the
elaborate frills, bodices, surcoats, corsets, hats, dress frames and
whatnot you found in the 19th century! But how would Shanoa get around
in bloomers [which even they were considered immodest in those times]?

Castlevania: Order of Shadows [Mobile Phone]

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin [Nintendo Dual Screen]
From 19th century to early 20th! Originally touted as a game that would
bring Castlevania back to its roots after Order of Ecclesia and
Dawn/Aria or Sorrow, you get to play two characters, one of whom is not
a Belmont but relative of one. In order to use the Vampire Killer he
must become strong and defeat the Whip's Memory, a vision of the last
person to use the weapon. And there is another thorn in Jonathan and
Charlotte's side; they enter the castle to find some guy called Brauner,
not Dracula, residing in it. With the help of a spirit who lost his
memories and named himself Wind and a greedy monk who loves to hold
shops where patronage is guaranteed, Charlotte and Jonathon work out
the mystery of Brauner and Dracula... Brauner is a vampire who has
gained hold over Dracula's Castle because of his portraits. These
portraits are used to hold himself and his "daughters" as well as
various sub-areas of the game such as towns, marshes, schools, pyramids
and so on.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [PlayStation]
Some places who would get Sympony of the Night one day would sell it in
the same day for $80, so unless you had a PlayStation Portable it would
be impossible to play. I have heard a lot of good press about this game,
along the lines of Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger and Xenogears. This
is one of the golden age PSX games...

Castlevania: The Adventure [Game Boy]
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles [PlayStation Portable]
Haunted Castle [Arcade]
Kid Dracula
Super Castlevania 4 [Super Nintendo/Famicom]
Vampire Killer [MSX2]

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| My Other Guides                                                      |

  Game                Guide type             Ver   Date      Size
  ----                ----------             ---   ----      ----


  Alpine Racer 3      Strategy Guide         1.2   21/11/08  56 KB
  Dragon Quest VIII   Strategy Walk-through  1.13  21/01/09  212 KB
  Final Fantasy VIII  Strategy Walk-through  12.16 05/07/08  1.2 MB
  Tomb Raider Legend  Strategy Walk-through  1.1   22/09/08  104 KB


  Final Fantasy VI   SNES ROM Dump           0.2   22/01/09  236 KB
  Final Fantasy(PSP) Strategy Walk-Through   0.4   22/11/08  96 KB

                                                                 | C14 |
| Thank Yous                                                           |

Thank-You to the Team who made AoS!           Comment
-----------------------------------           -------
               Producer: IGA                  How much cost I wonder?
               Director: Junichi Murakami     One of the best GBA titles
          Chief Program: Shutaro              Not a glitch in sight!
System & Player Program: Curry the Kid        Very smooth game-play
          Enemy Program: Katana-1, Shutaro,   Those monsters are great
                         Kengo Hama           for a GBA game!
            Map Program: Shinsaku Unukai      Why the flashing map?
           Chief Design: Hiroto Yamaguchi     Very nice overall
 Player & Weapon Design: Noriaki Yamamoto     The costume got boring...
           Enemy Design: Junichi Murakami,    In no other game are the
                         Asaka, Noriaki       monsters as fascinating...
                         Yakamoto, Hiroto     It's actually *fun* to
                         Yamaguchi, Tomonori  fill out your bestiary!
                         Matsumoto            Amazing!
             Map Design: Hiroto Yamaguchi,    This game as a good map
                         Tomonori Matsumoto,  layout for something done
                         Junichi Murakami,    by too many hands.
               Scenario: IGA                  Best Castlevania story yet
 Character illustration: Ayami Kojima         Better than Dawn of Sorrow
         Sound Director: Soshiro Hokkai       Nothing strikes a cord
          Sound Program: Kiyohiko Yamane      Nothing to say
          Sound Effects: Hidenori Ohnishi     Too much Japanese
               Composer: Michiru Yamane,      The music's got more heart
                         Takashi Yoshida,     than in Dawn of Sorrow but
                         Soshiro Hokkai       there's nothing special
             Voice Cast: Hikkaru Midorikawa,  Midorikawa is the Japanese
                         Hiroko Takahashi,    equivalent of Greenriver,
                         Osamu Ryutani,       woohoo I finally under-
                         Tetsu Inada          stood a name!
            Cooperation: Aoni Production      Who are they?
         Product Design: Michiko Tokoro, Yui  Pity I never saw the box
         Special Thanks: Great * Matsufuji,
                         Imohore-Imai, Shindo
                         Sumiko, Yoshi Aoyagi,
                         Hiroko Usuda, Norio
                         Takemoto, Masahiro
     Executive Producer: Kenichiro Honda

- Nostrodamus and his Prophecies by Edgar Leoni. This is big, dusty old
  tome I found in my father's huge bookcase that contains everything you
  would want to know about Nostrodamus...plus many things you don't care
  to know.
- www.cheat-database.com, where I found the CodeBreaker codes for Aria
  of Sorrow. There's a better site I know of [which I haven't re-found
  yet and a worse one where you had to join the website to get cheats!
- www.network-science.de, where I get most of my ASCII titles.

                               AND YOU!