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    Game Script by Kegmiester

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/06/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Game script guide (European version).
    Version 2.00
    Update 5/7/04
    Just a clean up of the script so it looks better and easier viewing.
    This is a game script for those who bought a foreign version (for whatever 
    reasons) to understand the story much better and those who want to just go over 
    the story again without resorting to playing the game again.
              [before we start...]
              [Entry corridor]
              [Dance hall]
              [living quarters]
              [floating garden]
              [clock tower]
              [underground reservior]
              [Battle arena]
              [top floor]
                    [ending #1]
              [Floating garden pr2]
              [chaos realm]
                    [ending #2]
              [ending # 3]
              [ending # 4]
    To start, we need to know who's who in this game. So here is the Bios of all 
    characters of the game that talk in the story:
    Our hero that you play as in the main game. Soma is a foreign exchange student 
    with a very, very dark secret that even he doesn't know until the very near end 
    of the game. Since his arrival to the castle his magical powers awoken within 
    him which allows him to use enemy souls to do his bidding and help him along 
    the way (that's if he obtains them).
    This is Soma's Friend. She can be found at the start of the game where she waits
    for Soma to find them both a way out of the castle. Provides a little background
    knowledge that will forward the story. She also passes on any hints or advice 
    from Arikado that could help you solve or give you ideas to certain problems 
    that you might have.
    A leader of a very popular sect, At first kind and friendly, later on in the 
    game his true intent in the castle is revealed: to inherit all of Dracula's 
    powers. He is the person in white and has grey hair. You meet him at first near
    the entrance of the corridor leading into the Chapel. 
    You first meet her in the study she's also employed by the Church. She's a 
    descendant of a long line of witches from pervious Castlevania games. She is 
    the first person that suggests or even hints to you that Graham is not the 
    person he seems and things get really nasty when Graham finds her...
    This is the person who wears in black and is an agent of a special branch of a 
    secret service. He seems to know quite a lot about the castle and seems like a 
    very cold person with a good intent in him. There is a strong assumption that he
    is to be none other than Alucard, Dracula's own son who defeated him in Symphony
    of the night (the same development team that made HOD and AOS). How do we know?
    Well, it has been hinted more than once throughout the game...
    The Vampire killer who belongs to a long famous lineage of Vampire killers that 
    fought Dracula. He was the one that killed Dracula and sealed his castle in the 
    eclipse back in 1999. Unfortunately, he has Amnesia (memory loss) and has 
    returned to the castle to find out anything of his past life.
    A soldier that you find after you defeated the Great armour in the study. He's 
    your shopkeeper and can be found at the start of the game. As the game 
    progresses, more and more items are available to buy from him.
    Now for the Game script, please note that this contains spoilers. In each 
    section I'll write down any new things that you say to Mina, Yoko and hammer 
    every time you talk to them at the start point of the game. I'll also mention 
    any advice relating to the area given by Mina (please note that some of the 
    advice is debatable where they should be placed. It's only in MY OPINION that 
    they should be placed there. My decision isn't final and I am welcome to 
    discussion where some of the advice should be placed). If you don't want to 
    know what happens look away now. You have been warned.
    If you have any information on things I've left out or ideas for the other 
    Castlevania games, you can contact me on the Games message board.
    *Cue Soma walking up the steps to the shrine*
    The year is 2035 JapanCrowds of spectators are gathering around in the 
    anticipation of the first solar eclipse of the twenty-first century.
    My name is soma Cruz, and I am a high school exchange student studying abroad 
    in Japan
    I live near the Hakuba shrine, an ancient shrine with strong ties to Japanese 
    Mina Hakuba, the only daughter of the shrine's caretaker, is both my classmate 
    and my only childhood friend.
    I started making my way to the shrine to see the solar eclipse with mina. But 
    for some strange reason, the stairway leading up to the shrine felt longer 
    than usual, as if something was trying to keep us from our destination.
    When I finally managed to get through the shrine gate and my senses began to 
    The pitch black sun is holding chaotic darkness together, trying to rouse a 
    sleeping soul as if looking for its missing other half...
    *Soma lies unconscious*
    SOMA:    Oh...mmm...
    MINA:    Hey, looks like he's coming to.
    SOMA:    Where am I? Whoa! What...happened?
    *Enter a person wearing black*
    ???:     So you've decided to join us... Did you have a pleasant nap?
    SOMA:    Huh? Who the heck are you?
    MINA:    Its ok, Soma. His name is Genya Arikado.
    ARIKADO: Skip the introductions. I have a few questions, and I need answers 
    SOMA:    Go... go ahead...
    ARIKADO: Why have you come here?
    SOMA:    Why? Well, Mina and I... Hang on, where are we?
    ARIKADO: We're in Dracula's castle.
    SOMA:    Huh? Dracula's castle? Are you telling me we are in Europe?
    ARIKADO: No. We are inside the solar eclipse.
    SOMA:    Inside the eclipse?! You're insane! Do you think I'm a 
    MINA:    Listen to him. He's telling the truth!
    SOMA:    What the heck are you talking about? Give me an explanation!
    ARIKADO: Well it's like this. Huh? An enemy!
    *Enter a group of skeleton warriors, a scream is heard Arikado throws a 
    ninja star and wipes out all but one of the skeleton monsters*
    ARIKADO: Damn! Protect the girl!
    SOMA:    Yaaaaaah! Go back to where you came from!
    *Soma kills the monster and the soul fly's into him. He screams and falls 
    back. Side note: Its also very ironic he said that actually if you think hard 
    SOMA:    Wha...What was that thing?
    ARIKADO: So it has awakened.
    SOMA:    What? What has?
    ARIKADO: The spirit of the creature you killed has just entered your body. 
             You have the power to absorb the abilities of the monsters you kill.
    SOMA:    Wh...why...why would I have that power?
    ARIKADO: You have gained the power. Now you must go to the master's chamber.
    SOMA:    For what reason?
    ARIKADO: Do you not wish to return with your friend to your own world?
    SOMA:    Of course I want to go back
    ARIKADO: Go to the master's chamber. Then you will understand everything.
    SOMA:    But I can't just leave Mina here like this.
    ARIKADO: No need to worry about her. I'll put up a protective barrier. But 
             death will most certainly find those who stay here too long.
    SOMA:    The...then I...
    ARIKADO: Yes only you can save her from a painful death.
    SOMA:    And you, what will you do?
    ARIKADO: I too have things I must do within these castle walls. Go set forth! 
             Both your own life and hers are at stake.
    *This is where the player regains control. You may leave the area when you 
    want. If you want to talk to anyone in the room before doing so, this is what 
    each person says*
    MINA:    ...
    ARIKADO: Go set forth! Both your own life and hers are at stake.
    *Once you leave the castle entrance and return instantly, you can talk to 
    Mina again*.
    SOMA:    Mina! Are you doing ok?
    MINA:    Yes, I'm fine. Seems like the monsters can't get in here any more.
    SOMA:    Arikado said he'd put up a protective barrier... and whiles we're on 
             the subject. Just who is Arikado?
    MINA:    I'm not sure. I heard he does something related to national 
    SOMA:    National intelligence? Sounds like he's a spy.
    MINA:    He's been coming to the shrine for many years. He's an unusual man.
    SOMA:    What makes him so unusual?
    MINA:    The face of a normal person changes as the years pass right?
    SOMA:    Yes people change as they grow older.
    MINA:    In the ten years I've known him he hasn't changed at all.
    SOMA;    Are you sure its not just your imagination?
    MINA:    It could be, but...His face is just too beautiful. He's almost 
             perfect. Don't you agree?
    SOMA:    So you're saying that he's your type right?
    MINA:    What are you talking about! I like guys who are... That's none of your
             business ok?!
    SOMA:    It was just a joke. Why are you taking things so seriously?
    MINA:    F-forget it... don't you think it would be better if you stayed here, 
    SOMA:    No. In order to get us out of here, there's something I've been told I 
             must do. Aside from that, I've discovered that I, too have magical 
             powers. (Maybe its best I don't mention the danger of staying here too 
    MINA:    I understand... But please be careful.
    SOMA:    I will. Mina?
    MINA:    Yes?
    SOMA:    Do you trust me?
    MINA:    of course I do! I know that you would never lie to me.
    SOMA:    If that's true, then please wait here. Promise I'll get you back home.
    MINA:    Ok. Don't worry about me. I can wait as long as you need me to.
    SOMA:    Alright I'll be back. 
    MINA:    Don't get yourself hurt ok?
    SOMA:    Ok
    *As you progress through this stage soma will meet Graham meet for the first 
    time just before entering the chapel*
    ????:    Oh? Hello there.
    SOMA:    Uh, h-hello. Y-you're human, aren't you?
    GRAHAM:  relax. My name is Graham. Lets just say... I'm a missionary
    SOMA:    Oh...I'm...Soma, soma Cruz.
    GRAHAM:  You weren't here in this shrine before, were you? How did you get 
    SOMA:    I'm not sure. I went through the shrine gate and BOOM I was here.
    GRAHAM:  I see...
    SOMA:    Uh, can I ask you a question?
    GRAHAM:  Go ahead, I don't mind.
    SOMA:    Is it true that this is Dracula's castle?
    GRAHAM:  It most certainly is.
    SOMA:    But isn't Dracula's castle in Europe somewhere?
    GRAHAM:  In theory, yes. But his TRUE castle exists somewhere else.
    SOMA:    His true castle?
    GRAHAM:  Yes. It's a well known fact in the underworld. Do you believe in 
    SOMA:    Well, uh, no. I thought the story of Dracula was made up, actually.
    GRAHAM:  NO, it's all true. It was leaked to the outside world. Usually, the 
             church handles these things with utmost secrecy... Over the course of 
             time, Dracula has resurrected many times. When people lost faith... 
             and craved chaos and destruction.
    SOMA:    So... you are trying to tell me now that Dracula has been resurrected?
    GRAHAM:  No. Dracula perished in 1999. You do know of the prophecy of 1999, 
             don't you?
    SOMA:    Nostradamus' great prophecy?
    GRAHAM:  That's right. Dracula resurrected exactly as he predicted. But 
             vampire Hunters destroyed him completely. They ended his regeneration 
             cycle by sealing his castle... the symbol of his demonic power, inside 
             the darkness of an eclipse.
    SOMA:    And that eclipse is where we are now?
    GRAHAM:  Yes, but there's still more to the story.
    SOMA:    There's more? 
    GRAHAM:  In the yeah 2035, a new master will come to the castle, and he will 
             inherit ALL of Dracula's powers.
    SOMA:    But that's...!
    GRAHAM:  Yes. That time is now! I better get going... is that all then?
    SOMA:    Oh, yes. Thank you.
    GRAHAM:  Farewell and be careful.
    SOMA:    Yes, you too.
    *Graham walks away and control is returned. If you return to Mina at this 
    point, a bit more of the story is revealed*
    MINA:    Welcome back.
    SOMA:    Hey, mina...
    MINA:    What's up?
    SOMA:    It's kind of late to ask, but what kind of shrine is the Habuka 
    MINA:    Soma, do you know the story of the Amanoiwado shrine?
    SOMA:    I think I've heard it before.
    MINA:    In the story, Tensho Doijim hides herself in the shrine to calm 
             Susanoo down.
    SOMA:    yeah, I remember now.
    MINA:    Tensho Doijin is the sun. The act of hiding symbolises an eclipse. By 
             hiding herself away, she was able to contain Susanoo's anger.
    SOMA:    For that reason, eclipses are thought to confine anger and evil 
    MINA:    Yes, people have prayed to eclipses for centuries. And the Habuka 
             shrine is a shrine for this very purpose.
    SOMA:    I understand now...
    MINA:    And usually, we only conduct ceremonies for Japan's eclipses, but...
    SOMA:    In 1999, a ritual was conducted in Europe.
    MINA:    Yes... that's what I was told.
    SOMA:    And that's when Dracula's castle was sealed inside it...
    MINA:    That's why I know the things that Mr Arikado said were...
    SOMA:    Yes, I know now that he spoke the truth.
    MINA:    I'm sorry I haven't been much help to you.
    SOMA:    That's not true, I feel a bit relieved now. Thanks Mina.
    *Script when talking to mina when no advice or background info is discussed
    Note that the first 2 lines in these dialogues are always the same.*
    MINA:   Welcome back. 
    SOMA:   How are you holding up?
    MINA:   I'm perfectly fine. Thanks for asking.
    MINA:   I'm a bit tired... It's nothing for you to worry about
    MINA:   I'm all right. I know you're worried about me. 
            That makes me feel special.
    Mina:   Welcome back. I've got a message from Arikado.
    Soma:   From Arikado?
    Mina:   Yes, its, ah... When the speed at which you fall slows, you'll be able 
            to jump further. Try imaging that you're gliding through the air...
    Soma:   I see...
    Mina:   come back again later. Maybe I'll have another message from Arikado. 
    Soma:   I'll check back with you whenever I can.
    MINA:   When you look up and see a demon at the alter, there's something else 
            there as well. Demon at the alter, what do you think that is?
    *Note, I have no idea what this means. But I assume its something to do with 
    the portals in the game. But I could be wrong and I've asked people and they 
    don't know either*
    *This is when Soma first meets Yoko*
    ???:    Hey you're...Soma, aren't you? You must be him.
    SOMA:   Y-Yes, but... who are you?
    YOKO:   Oh, forgive me. I'm Yoko Belnades. I'm a member of the church.
    SOMA:   How would a member of the church recognise me?
    YOKO:   You've met Aluca... um, I mean, Genya Arikado right?
    SOMA:   I did meet him, but...
    YOKO:   He told me about you, and asked me to help you if you were in trouble.
    SOMA:   Arikado said that? That's hard to believe.
    YOKO:   Well, he may seem cold at first, but he's actually quite a decent guy. 
            He may be looking out for you because you share the same dark powers.
    SOMA:   Wait, wait! Did you say my powers are "dark"?
    YOKO:   Oh, you mean you didn't know that!?
    SOMA:   Uh....
    YOKO:   Oh, no... did I say something... I... well... what's said is said. 
            Essentially, you have the power to rule over and command monsters.
    SOMA:   Rule over monsters? I have no desire to do that...
    YOKO:   It comes as naturally as breathing for you, so you may not realize it 
            yet. And although I called it a "dark power" it doesn't mean its evil. 
            It's like a weapon. It's user decides whether to use it for good or 
    SOMA:   Well, when you put it that way, I feel a little bit better. Since I got 
            this power I've began to lose my sense of self.
    YOKO:   You are yourself. There's no one else you could be. Don't second guess 
            yourself. Be confident. That's most important.
    SOMA:   I think I understand now. Thanks Yoko.
    YOKO:   (Giggle) I'm not used to being thanked by people. Oh I forgot to ask 
            you. Have you seen a man named Graham?
    SOMA:   Graham? Yes, I met him earlier.
    YOKO:   Be wary of that man. I believe that he will inherit Dracula's powers.
    SOMA:   No way! He did not look like a bad guy. 
    YOKO:   Right, and I've got a bridge to sell you! Don't b fooled by his 
            appearance! He's not who you think he is.
    SOMA:   Al...Alright.
    Yoko:   Well, I must be going. I've got to find Graham! See you around!
    *Yoko leaves the room and control is returned to you. Progress past the great 
    armour and you meet Hammer*
    ????:   Oh! What's a child like yerself doing in a place like this?
    SOMA:   A child? You're rude, Granpa.
    HAMMER: Oh my apologies. My name is HAMMER. The army ordered me to come here.
    SOMA:   Hi, I'm Soma.
    HAMMER: I thought I was inspecting a shrine. But suddenly I was in a castle. 
            Don't ya think that's a mean thing to do to a guy? So I just bailed on 
            my mission.
    SOMA:   What do you mean?
    HAMMER: There were a bunch of strange people gathered at the shrine. I 
            thought they'd be good customers, so I opened up a shop.
    SOMA:   Ah...good for you...
    HAMMER: There're weapons all over this castle and no monsters at the front 
            gate. Good place for a shop! Come on by! I'll give ya a good deal. See 
            ya around wah hah hah ha...!
    *Hammer leaves the room*
    SOMA:   A shop, huh? I don't get it...
    *You can leave the room and if you return to the front gate you can talk to 
    mina and hammer for new dialogue*
    MINA:   Welcome back, Soma. Hey...
    SOMA:   What?
    MINA:   That man over there...
    SOMA:   Who? You mean Hammer?
    MINA:   His names hammer, huh? Don't you think he's a little scary?
    SOMA:   No, I think he's a decent guy.
    MINA:   But look at all those weapons he has over there...
    SOMA:   He told me he was opening up his own shop.
    MINA:   Here!? He's opening a shop in this castle? He's weird...
    SOMA:   Yeah, it's pretty strange.
    MINA:   But if you say that he's a good guy I'll believe you.
    *If you talk to hammer*
    HAMMER: Howdy there, ya came.
    SOMA:   Is this where you've opened your shop?
    HAMMER: Yes, yes, it is. By the way, that cute young lady over there... she's 
            staring at you is she yer friend?
    SOMA:   Yeah.
    HAMMER: Whoa! I had no idea you were so popular with the ladies.
    SOMA:   H-Hey, its not like that!
    HAMMER: Don't be shy now, ya hear? It's good to be young! It's a good thing! 
            Alrighty back to business... Take a look around friend!
    *Every time you return he'll just welcome back. There are times when he says 
    something different. I tell you when this happens.*
    *There's new Script when you talk to Mina but you've taken the advice and
    there's nothing more to talk about*
    MINA:   Welcome back
    SOMA:   How you're holding up?
    MINA:   Sometimes I just feel so uneasy waiting here.
    MINA:   My body feels really heavy at times.
    MINA:   Lately, I had some really bad headaches.
    SOMA:   Will you be alright?
    MINA:   Yes. No need to worry, I'm fine.
    (First time Soma meets "J")
    ????:   Strange I sense a dark power within you... Who are you?
    SOMA:   It is rude to ask questions before introducing yourself.
    J:      Yes, you're right. I can't give you my name, but people call me J.
    SOMA:   People call you "J"? why hide your real name? Are you a criminal?
    J:      No. I have amnesia. I'm told that I was in an accident in 1999. When 
            I woke up in the hospital, I had forgotten my name and my past.
    SOMA:   Oh, I see... well my name's Soma.
    J:      Your dark power... were you born with it?
    SOMA:   I don't really know. I first noticed it when I entered this castle...
    J:      I see... I guess I was mistaken.
    SOMA:   Mr J, why have you come to this castle?
    J:      Call me J. I am filled with fear when I hear the name Dracula. I came 
            here because of the prophecy. I also thought my memory might return in 
            fact, since my arrival, I felt my memory is returning.
    SOMA:   And your accident occured in 1999? Maybe Dracula was involved...?
    J:      I fear you are correct... Especially since I have magical powers...
    SOMA:   J, are you an exorcist?
    J:      Well, you might say that. But I work for no one but myself. I must be 
            going now. I'm sure we'll meet again.
    SOMA:   Yes, see ya.
    *J leaves room and you regain control*
    MINA:    Somewhere in the castle there's a monster that can stop time.  
             I've also heard there are some monsters immune to being frozen in 
    MINA:  If you stand on the water and jump from that spot, you'll be able to 
           go up there. Stand on the water, what does that mean? Maybe you have 
           to act like a ninja?
    NOTE:  the last one could also be advice for getting into the floating 
           garden or in the underwater reservoir. But I've left it here because 
           its where you find the solution to the advice and this is where its 
           first used
    NOTE: See the section after the top floor to find more dialogue 
          regarding this place
    Note:   I've left this bit of advice here instead of later because it seems 
            more appropriate here
    MINA:   I hear that some space is tweaked here in the castle and some 
            connected to different spots. In short, in some places, you cannot 
            return to the spot where you came from. 
    *Meet Graham in the first room of the clock tower*
    GRAHAM: So we meet again! I'm glad to see you're unscathed.
    SOMA:   Good to see you, too. Uh,... I've got something I want to ask you.
    GRAHAM: Sure, go ahead.
    SOMA:   Someone told me that YOU are to inherit Dracula's powers...
    GRAHAM: I take it that lady from the church told you that, didn't she?
    SOMA:   Its not true is it?
    GRAHAM: The term "inherit" is incorrect.
    SOMA:   Its true then!
    GRAHAM: I was born on the very day that Dracula was destroyed... so, in 
            short, that means I AM DRACULA!
    SOMA:   That can't be right!? You've been so kind and friendly to me!
    GRAHAM: That is because I don't consider you a threat to my mission. But 
            that being said, you have made it this far... I sense a power 
            within you. Do tell me... what kind of power has awoken within you?
    SOMA:   ........The power to rule....
    *Grahams, attitude changes and as does the picture*
    Graham: WHAT?! You foolish boy! That's impossible!
    SOMA:   HUH?
    Graham: I can't remain here any longer. I must get to the throne! Your name 
            is Soma right? You are wrong Soma! I will not allow you to rule!!!!
    *Graham runs away*
    Soma:   Jeez, what was that all about?
    *The controls are resumed and as you progress you will meet Yoko. She starts 
    by selling hello*
    YOKO:   Hello Soma.
    SOMA:   Hey, Yoko, I just ran into Graham.
    YOKO:   REALLY? Which way did he go?
    SOMA:   He was in a rush to get to the throne...
    YOKO:   Just as I thought. There is something important in the throne room.
    SOMA:   I'm sorry, Yoko.
    YOKO:   Wha...what's wrong with you all of a sudden?
    SOMA:   He's not who I thought he was. He was kind to me only because he 
            thought I was powerless
    YOKO:   I see...
    SOMA:   But his attitude changed suddenly when I told him about my power.
    YOKO:   Well, in his mind, he thinks everything in the castle is his.
    SOMA:   So that's the reason? 
    YOKO:   But it's better this way.
    SOMA:   What is?
    YOKO:   The fact that he sees you as an enemy means you're my comrade.
    SOMA:   Does it?
    YOKO:   What? You don't want to be on my side?
    SOMA:   No... that's not what I meant...
    YOKO:   Ha ha ha. It's so much fun to tease you. But this is not the time 
            to be fooling around. Your presence here has thrown Graham into a 
            panic. This is our chance.
    SOMA:   What sort of chance?
    YOKO:   Using his cunning mind, he's been able to evade us up until now. I 
            don't think anyone has ever seen him panic before.
    SOMA:   I get it. Circumstances right now are making him act this way...
    YOKO:   That's exactly right. This is an excellent opportunity to trap him. 
            Well I must be on my way. See you.
    *Yoko leaves the room and you make your way to beat the next boss. Afterwards 
    take the Skula soul head back to the main castle gate and hammer has 
    something to say to you*
    HAMMER: Hey, welcome back! By the way, do ya know Arikado?
    SOMA:   Yeah, Sort of.
    HAMMER: That weird fella a friend of yours too? Yer more popular then I 
            thought. Don't much like people like that! So, what can I sell you?
    *This is the point there is a nasty encounter with Yoko and Graham. Graham 
    has JUST stabbed Yoko when you enter the room*
    SOMA:   ?!
    Graham: Damn! I hate being interrupted!
    SOMA:   YOKO!
    *Graham disappears and Yoko falls to the ground*
    SOMA:   Are you alright? If you're ok, say something! Anything!
    YOKO:   I'm... Al... alright. Thank you... for rescuing me.
    SOMA:   Graham that bastard! What has he done?!
    YOKO:   He has... absorbed this castle's power... and he's gotten much 
            stronger. Oww ahh... my plan has...failed...
    SOMA:   Save your strength! There's no need to speak!
    YOKO:   Be...cautious of him... but d-don't over excert... yourself
    *Yoko faints*
    SOMA:   What? YOKO!! Oh, she's just unconscious... She's still breathing.
    *Arikado slowly walks into the room*
    ARIKADO: I underestimated the amount of power he acquired...
    SOMA:    Don't just stand there mumbling! Yoko's in a bad shape!
    ARIKADO: GO! I will see to her wounds.
    SOMA:    I can't just leave her like this! She's my friend!
    ARIKADO: Do not worry about her. I believe there are other things you need to 
    SOMA:    Graham went to the throne. What's there? What are you hiding from me?!
    ARIKADO: I cannot say. You must go there yourself and if you don't... you 
             will lose Mina... and Yoko as well! Their fate is in your hands...
    SOMA:    Damn you! I don't like your attitude, but I don't think you're lying. 
             I feel as if I'm being manipulated. I don't like it, but I'll do as 
             you say. But if we ever escape from this castle alive, I want to know 
    ARIKADO: Fair enough, now be on your way.
    *Control is resumed and you can leave the room to continue your journey. If 
    at some point you want to return to the castle gate Mina and hammer will have 
    something to say*
    MINA:    Oh! Soma I wonder if Yoko will be alright.
    SOMA:    Do you know Yoko?
    MINA:    Yes, She's been coming to my house since I was very young. Because I'm 
             an only child, she's been like a big sister to me.
    SOMA:    I see... did Arikado bring her here?
    MINA:    Yes, he did.
    SOMA:    Then I'm sure she's ok. He said not to worry about her. He was 
             confident he could save her. That's why he brought her here.
    MINA:    If you say that she'll be fine, I believe you.
    SOMA:    I know this is tough for you, but hang in there.
    MINA:    Ok, leave it to me.
    *If you talk to hammer*
    HAMMER: Hey, that women back there... she ok?
    SOMA:   I don't know. She's been wounded pretty badly...
    HAMMER; The medicine I have won't help much. Hope she'll be alright...
    SOMA:   Yeah, me too.
    HAMMER: Know why I say that? Cause she's my type...
    SOMA:   ...
    Hammer: Well, I gotta a business to run... what would ya like?
    *Every time you talk to Mina Soma will ask about Yoko*
    SOMA:   How's Yoko doing?
    MINA:   She looks like she's in a lot of pain
    MINA:   Once in a while, she cries out in pain.
    MINA:   She's still unconscious.
    SOMA:   I see
    *If you bother to talk to Yoko she won't say anything. But Soma would respond 
    differently each time*
    SOMA:   I wonder if Yoko will ever regain consciousness.
    SOMA:   Please Yoko, please don't die...
    SOMA:   She appears to be asleep...
    MINA:    There is an area accessible by treading through water. 
             Without scuba gear, it may be too tough for a human to handle.
    MINA:   I hear there is an enemy that moves at extremely high speeds. 
            He's so fast he's invisible. If you could stop time, perhaps you 
            could see him.
    MINA:   If you run at full speed on the surface of the water, with your strong 
            body, you could break through the water wall. What does that mean? 
            Maybe impossible for a human to do?
    *Finally, the dialogue Mina says when there is no dialogue to forward the 
    story line or advice has been updated. Soma and mina will greet each other in 
    the same way as before*
    MINA:   Sometimes I lose control of my arms and legs... what's wrong with me?
    MINA:   Lately I've been feeling strange... I'm sooooo exhausted...
    MINA:   Well, I... I've been passing out occasionally. I get so dizzy, then...
    SOMA:   Are you SURE you will be ok?
    MINA:   I'm sorry I worried you. I'm sure I'll be fine. Waiting here is easy.
    SOMA:   If you say so, but...(I must find an escape route... and quickly!)
    *After you defeat the boss, you will meet "J" again*
    J:      Ohh...
    SOMA:   J, what's wrong? You look pale.
    J:      D-Don't worry...Just now... all of my memories came flooding back.
    SOMA:   What?!
    J:      it seems that your dark power triggered the return of my memories. 
            Just like I guessed... I have quite an extensive history with Dracula.
    SOMA:   I thought so...
    J:      My real name is JULIUS BELMONT. I am a descendent of a clan that has 
            fought against Dracula for ages.
    SOMA:   AnD that person who destroyed Dracula in 1999 was...
    JULIUS: Yes. It was me... But there were others who assisted me...
    SOMA:   So, if Dracula is revived again, just as it is written in the 
    JULIUS: Then I must destroy him! It is my destiny.
    SOMA:   You haven't met a man named Graham yet, have you?
    JULIUS: Graham? Uh, you mean that missionary right? I met him a little while 
            ago. But when he saw my face, he turned and ran.
    SOMA:   He told me that he was Dracula.
    JULIUS: I did sense Dracula's powers at work within him... But it's difficult 
            to believe that he's Dracula... rather... I think... No, forget it. It 
            is nothing more then a hunch.
    SOMA:   Huh?
    JULIUS: Assuming that he is Dracula, I won't be able to kill him yet.
    SOMA:   Why not?
    JULIUS: I need my weapon.
    SOMA:   Your weapon?
    JULIUS: Yes. It's a whip that was handed down to me called "vampire killer" 
            in 1999 I sealed it in this castle to weaken his spirit and magical 
    SOMA:   That means it's in this castle somewhere?
    JULIUS: Yes. Any I know exactly where it is. I'll go and get it now.
    SOMA:   Alright. Please be careful.
    JULIUS: Pray that my hunch proves to be wrong Farewell for now.
    *Control is resumed and you are free to leave the room*
    *The final encounter with Graham in the throne room. Soma enters throne room*
    GRAHAM: You're too late, Soma! Dracula's power is already in my grasp.
    SOMA:   Dracula's power doesn't concern me! I came here to find a way out of 
            this castle.
    GRAHAM: With my new abilities, I can get you out of here quite easily... You, 
            however, have some property of mine In your possession. The souls of 
            MY demons are under YOUR control. Can I forgive such a crime? NO! 
    SOMA:   If I knew how, I'd return them all to you right here and now!
    GRAHAM: Even if you return them, you have still committed the crime of 
            stealing. Don't you know that?  It's only right that thieves receive 
            the punishment they deserve.
    SOMA:   You are one self-fish bastard!
    GRAHAM: You're guilty of grand theft. Therefore, I sentence you to death!
    SOMA:   You're insane!
    GRAHAM: And as a special treat, I myself will deliver the punishment!
    *The fight begins. 2 things can happen depending if you are wearing the right
    souls or not*
    [ENDING #1:"Normal ending"]
    *Obtained if not all correct souls are equipped*
    GRAHAM: I can't believe it... I haven't lost yet... you still don't have 
            Dracula's power. I'll show you!
    *The fight continues and you eventually beat Graham*
    GRAHAM: Tha...that's not... NOOO!!!
    *Graham dies and the power he had is released*
    SOMA:   The magical powers he absorbed have abandoned him.
    *Arikado walks in*
    ARIKADO: The castle is weak now! The portal to your world shall be opening!
    SOMA:    So what should I do?
    ARIKADO: Order the castle to open the portal! It has felt your power and may 
    SOMA:    Alright. I'll give it a try. I command you... to open! Return all of 
             us living beings to where we came from!
    ARIKADO; ...
    SOMA:    ... Nothing happened!
    ARIKADO: You're wrong, the fabric of space is beginning to tear...
    *White flash and everyone returns to the shrine*
    SOMA:    Have we returned?
    MINA:    Yes, there's no mistake. We've made it home.
    ARIKADO: Excellent... you done well.
    SOMA:    Hey, what happened to the others?
    ARIKADO: No need to worry about them. They'll be here soon enough.
    SOMA:    And the castle... is the castle still in the eclipse?
    ARIKADO: Yes, it awaits the coming of its new master. Someday someone will 
             assume the form of Dracula again. When that time will be, 
             I do not know...
    MINA:    What's wrong Soma? We made it back home. Why the sad face?
    SOMA:    I feel like the castle is still calling out to me... Maybe the castle 
             is where I truly belong.
    ARIKADO: ...
    MINA:    You're imaging things. We just escaped from there. You are home.
    SOMA:    Yeah, I hope its just my imagination...
    ARIKADO: If you ever summoned by the castle again, you can deal with it then. 
             For now, you should rest.
    SOMA:    Yeah, you're right...
    MINA:    Yes.
    *Roll credits*
    *Or if you fight Graham with the right souls, the story continues with...*
    *Just before graham transforms into the final form*
    GRAHAM: I can't believe it... how did YOU come to posses those powers?
    SOMA:   What do you mean by "those powers"?
    GRAHAM: I'm Dracula and you're not the one!
    *you defeat Graham*
    GRAHAM: NO! This cannot be! Does that mean I'm not Dracula?!
    *Graham dies but the powers he had begins to flow into Soma...*
    SOMA: What... what's this? Whoa, something is flowing into me! NO WAIT! 
          PLEASE...STOP NOOO!
    *The process is complete and Soma falls to the ground and the screen goes 
    SOMA:  Finally... I clearly understand... everything. I am... Dracula. This 
           is like a bad joke. Come on out, Arikado, I know you're here.
    *Arikado walks into the room*
    SOMA:   Why did you force me to awaken!? I was fine as I was.
    ARIKADO: Yes, you weren't supposed to come to this castle in the first place.
    SOMA:   Then why did you make me come here!?
    ARIKADO: Your soul and Dracula's magical powers are one and the same. No 
             matter what we did, this day was destined to come. That being so, 
             I decided to awaken you somewhere I could use my powers.
    SOMA:    Huh? What do you mean? I don't understand.
    ARIKADO: Because you are now one with him, an evil spirit must be flowing 
             into you.
    SOMA:    Yes, it started not too long ago, and its slowly filling me up... I'm 
             doing all that I can to keep him being consumed by it.
    ARIKADO: Once you have finished absorbing all of it, his powers will be 
             yours. You will then become the evil count... I do not want to 
             let that happen!
    SOMA:    Neither do I!
    ARIKADO: I know. That's why I chose the dangerous route.
    SOMA:    The dangerous route?
    ARIKADO: The evil in this spirit comes from those who seek chaos and 
             destruction. So we need to cut off the source of the chaos 
             influencing the spirit.
    SOMA:    Is that possible?
    ARIKADO: This castle is a product of Dracula's magic. It's a spiritual world. 
             My point is this... a stream of chaos exists within this castle 
             as well. There is a place where you, Dracula, can go. 
             That's where the chaos is!
    SOMA:    I'LL go, I'm not afraid... But what do I do once I get there?
    ARIKADO: You'll have to stop it using your own strength. You already succeed 
             in reaching the throne. I'm sure you can do it.
    SOMA:    If it will make me myself again, I'll do what it takes.
    ARIKADO: As long as my powers continue to affect this place, the flow of the 
             evil spirit into you will be slowed down. Go quickly!
    SOMA:    I'm going... I appreciate your help...
    *The controls are returned and you can move. You can talk to Arikado if you
    want and this is what he says*
    ARIKADO: There is a place where only you, Dracula can go. That's where the 
             chaos is!
    *Ask Arikado constantly and new text is given*
    *If you leave the throne room and return to talk to anyone at the front gate, 
    they all have something new to say*
    MINA:   Wel...welcome back. You're Soma aren't you?
    SOMA:   Yeah...
    MINA:   What happened to you? You look so... scary.
    SOMA:   N-Nothing happened (I don't want her to know the truth!)
    MINA:   Ok, then.
    SOMA:   Hey, Mina...
    MINA:   What?
    SOMA:   If I weren't Soma anymore how would you feel?
    MINA:   What...what's wrong with you?
    SOMA:   Listen, If I... if I looked like me, but... If in the inside I was 
            someone else... how would that make you feel? What the hell am 
            I saying? Forget what I just said Mina, Ok?
    MINA:   Hmmm I might not like you anymore. And that look in your eyes scares 
            me. I'd rather see your exterior changed, but not the inside...
    SOMA:   ... Please forgive me if I ever change...
    MINA:   What do you mean "forgive you"?
    SOMA:   It's n-nothing... I must leave now.
    MINA:   No! Soma wait!
    *If you talk to hammer once you have changed:*
    HAMMER: Hey you... ya seem different. Did something happen.
    SOMA:   N-NO. nothing happened...
    HAMMER: Really? If you say so... what can I get ya?
    *Yoko will also say something but its rare she does so*
    YOKO:   Dracula is...!
    SOMA:   ...
    YOKO:   ...
    SOMA;   Whoa... she is just hallucinating... I thought she knew... 
    Mina:   When you're able to swap your HP and your MP, there is an enemy you'll 
            able to defeat instantly. I don't really understand it, but... this 
            helps you right?
    MINA:   There should be ancient books that talk about Dracula's power hidden 
            somewhere in this castle. I wonder what they are about?
    *Soma will react differently to the advice he gets from this point on*
    SOMA:   ....
    MINA:   What's wrong, Soma? You've been acting strangely recently.
    SOMA:   Tha...that's not true.
    MINA:   It's not like you to hide something from me!
    SOMA:   Sorry... But I just can't tell you this... I've got to go
    MINA:   Soma!
    *The last bit will from now on be the thing MINA says when there is no advice 
    to say*
    *Just before you enter chaos realm*
    *Soma runs forward and incomes Julius from behind*
    JULIUS: Stop!
    SOMA:   Julius?
    JULIUS: So you were the one. I didn't want to believe it was true.
    SOMA:   Its true. I am Dracula. But I'm not what you think I am!
    JULIUS: I must destroy Dracula at any cost that is my destiny.
    SOMA:   NO WAIT! I don't want to fight against you.
    JULIUS: Nothing you say will stop me! Prepare to die!
    *Fight begins. You win and Julius is defeated. Soma stands a distance away*
    JULIUS: Wh... why...why won't you finish me off?
    SOMA:   You took it easy on me. I could tell. The strength of a Belmont... No 
            ... the strength of a vampire hunter is greater than this.
    JULIUS: ... When I fought you, I felt the evil spirit within you. But there's 
            more... I also sensed Soma's spirit. And that's more then enough to 
            stop me.
    SOMA:   ... I've got a favour to ask of you.
    JULIUS: what is it?
    SOMA:   From here. I will set off to fight against my own fate. If I lose the 
            battle... and I become reincarnation of evil, I want you to kill me.
    JULIUS: ... I will...I promise.
    SOMA:   Thanks. Now I can go into this battle without reservations.
    JULIUS: Farewell, my friend. Don't let me use that whip again.
    *Doors open and you are left to go in either direction you choose*
    *For advice related to the floating garden, see earlier*
    *Before you fight the last boss in Chaos realm*
    SOMA:   I'm finally here... I wonder if I can do this alone
    MINA:   You're not alone
    SOMA:   Wha...what?
    MINA:   Everyone remaining in the castle combined their powers to contact you.
    SOMA:   Does that mean they all know...that I'm Dracula?
    MINA:   Yes Arikado told us everything.
    SOMA:   I bet they're all afraid of me...
    MINA:   No, not at all! At first we were shocked, but everyone believes you'll 
            get through this. I'm going to send you a message from them now 
    HAMMER: You'll visit my shop again, wont ya? I'll be waitin' for ya.
    YOKO:   Good morning, Soma I just heard about what happened to you. I told you 
            this before you are who you are and you mustn't let him win.
    JULIUS: To the man who beat me... don't disappoint me now.
    ARIKADO: This is your last chance and ours as well.
             ... I'm counting on you.
    SOMA:   They're all rooting for me. Mina... Alright here I go!
    *Several things can happen here depending if you win or lose*
    *If you lose final battle...*
    [ENDING #2: Sad ending]
    *Soma sits in throne room with a cup of blood. Julius comes in*
    JULIUS: Sorry I kept you waiting. Time to keep that promise I made to you.
    *Soma throws glass onto the floor and shatters. Roll credits*
    YOKO:   Hello Soma congratulations. I've got to another job that I must attend
            to, so I have to go now. When I first heard that YOU were Dracula, I was
            shocked... I was just waking up you know If you think about it though 
            everything turned out ok. Ha ha ha... I never forget your strength and
            courage. And I haven't thanked you yet for rescuing me so...thanks. 
            You're like a younger brother to me. It was fun, and I hope we meet 
            again Goodbye.
    HAMMER: Hey there much obliged for your business at my shop. Back at the 
            castle I realised my true calling. Fighting's not me. I think I'll
            quit the army and open up a shop sometime soon Promise me you'll come. 
            I'll give ya a good deal.
    JULIUS: You thought well. When I fled the castle, I felt the power from the 
            vampire killer fading away. I don't know what it means but I won't have 
            to do anything for the time being. Farewell, may we meet again.
    ARIKADO: The path you took was the most challenging one. You did well. For 
             God to be good evil is an absolute necessity in this world. In the 
             future someone may follow again in Dracula's dark footsteps. At that 
             time, perhaps we'll meet again. Farewell... In my mother's name, 
             I send thanks to you.
    MINA:    Wake up...wake up...wake
    [ENDING #3: Hakuba shrine ending #1] 
    *Obtained if you DON'T have all the souls*
    *Soma lies on the floor unconscious*
    MINA:   Wake up... wake up Soma
    SOMA:   uh...ungh
    MINA:   Soma! Thank god, you woke up
    SOMA:   Heard you folks speak. You saved by you again.
    MINA:   Again? 
    SOMA:   Yes... I couldn't have won the last battle by myself. 
            Everyone's kind words and encouragement led me to victory.
    MINA:   Yes.
    SOMA:   Remember, inside me, Dracula's power lies sleeping. 
            It's not evil but it's definitely changed me.
    MINA:   It's ok. If anything ever happens again, everyone will rush to your 
    SOMA:   That's right I guess they will. Look, the eclipse has ended.
    *Roll credits*
    [ENDING #4: Hakuba shrine ending #2] 
    *Obtained if you complete game with ALL souls*
    *Soma lies on the floor unconscious*
    MINA:   Wake up... wake up Soma
    SOMA:   uh ungh
    MINA:   Soma! Thank god, you woke up. I was so worried about you Arikado told 
            me that you would be okay, but I was worried. I thought you would 
            never wake up.
    SOMA:   I heard everybody's voices. You saved my life again!
    MINA:   AGAIN?
    SOMA:   Yes... I couldn't have won the last battle by myself. Everyone's kind 
            words led me to victory.
    MINA:   I'm so glad that your experience didn't change you.
    SOMA:   But it DID change me!
    MINA:   in what way?
    SOMA:   I'm a lot cooler now!
    MINA:   Yeah...you HAVE changed the old Soma would never say that.
    SOMA:   Remember, inside of me Dracula's power lies sleeping. It may not be 
            evil anymore but it definitely changed me.
    MINA:   It's ok. If anything ever happens again, everyone will rush to your 
    SOMA:   That's right. I guess they will. Look, the eclipse has ended! Your kind 
            words have me the strength to win...Thanks...
    *Roll credits.*
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