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Forbidden Area FAQ by Metal Slug

Version: 3.5 | Updated: 08/16/03

             _____          __          __    __________
	    / ___/__ ______/ /_  (_)___/ /___/ ________/
           / /_/ __ \/ ___/ __ \/ / __  / __  / _ \/ __ \
          / __/ /_/ / /  / /_/ / / /_/ / /_/ /  __/ / / /
         /_/  \____/_/  /_,___/_/\__,_/\__,_/\___/_/ /_/
     	      	       /  \  ______ __  ____
    	              / /\ \ / ___/ _ \/ __ `
                     / ___ `/ /  /  __/ /_/ /
                    /_/  /_/_/   \___/\__,_/

	        F o r b i d d e n   A r e a   F A Q

|      Forbidden Area FAQ  /  Version 3.5  /  August 16th 2003      |
|         Written by FBI Porker <double_falcon@hotmail.com>         |
|            For the game - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow             |

If this FAQ has helped you in anything at all, please let me know by
rating YES in the FAQ rater. If it hasn't and you think it's a pile
of crap, rate it NO. Thanks.


	0.   T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S


		0.   Table of Contents
		1.   News and Updates
		2.   Legal Information
		3.   Introductions
		      •  Introduction to the Guide
                      •  Introduction to the Forbidden Area
		4.   Forbidden Area
		      •  Where is it?
		      •  Requirments
                      •  Walkthrough
		5.  Claimh Solais

		6.  Julius
		      •  Who is Julius?
		      •  Entering the Forbidden Area
		7.  Contact Information
		8.  Credits and Thanks


	1.   N E W S   A N D   U P D A T E S


Note: The newer updates will appear at the top, pushing the older
      updates towards the bottom.

Version 3.5 (Current):

Added another two sites allowed to host the FAQ. I added a whole new
section (Claimh Solais) and also many extra tips and tricks
throughout the FAQ - thanks to. Fixed up several writing errors.

Version 3.0 (Sunday, July 20th, 2003):

Fixed up an error - thanks to JP and HomerPatton for pointing it out,
and I allowed: http://www.cheats.de to host the FAQ.

Version 2.0 (Saturday, July 12th, 2003):

Looks like I forgot to put in how Julius enters the walkthrough. With
that I added his whole section in this version. Thanks to bluberry
for pointing it out.

Version 1.0 (Tuesday, July 8th, 2003):

Welcome to the very first update of my Forbidden Area guide for
Castlevania. Pretty much everything that I have wanted to do with
this guide is done. Unless I remember something or that someone
points out I’ve done something wrong or missing another thing don't
expect any update any time soon.

In this update you'll find: • All the legal and credit jazz
                            • Both introductions
                            • And the walkthrough with requirements


	2.   L E G A L   I N F O R M A T I O N


This FAQ is for personal use only. You can print it or parts of it
for that reason only. Do not copy any part of this document and claim
it as your own or you will be guilty of plagiarism, which is
punishable by law. The only sites I'm allowing this FAQ to be on so
far are:


If you want it, please just email and ask and I'll most likely let
you use it, as long as you don't change a word of it and give me

If you are found posting this FAQ on your site, or that you publish
it, or use it in any kind of promotional way, or use it in any way
for personal gain (i.e. a pay only site), civil and/or criminal
charges can and will be pressed against you. If you see this document
anywhere but the listed sites please contact me at:


Please follow these set rules.


	3.   I N T R O D U C T I O N S



For a long time I've been interested in writing a few FAQs, I had
decided I wanted to start with something small, but important
non-the-less. When I went to the Aria message boards I would always
see many topics asking "How does one enter the Forbidden Area?" or
"Where does the passage being blocked by the waterfall lead too?" or
something to the like. Here was my perfect opportunity! Something to
start my FAQ writing career out and hopefully stop, or at least slow
down the flow of Forbidden Area questions on the message board. And
this is my attempt.


The Forbidden Area has caused quite a few questions from quite a few
gamers. Most gamers would have stumbled onto the passageway with the
metal door in the way - not letting them pass - with the words
"Forbidden Area" flash across the screen. The same gamers might also
have found the waterfall that when you get close to it, it would
propel you away. Is this two small mysteries, or just one big one?
Apart from the mentioned not much else is known about the Forbidden
Area. It's obviously not a key part of the game, but defiantly one of
the coolest. If you want to find out more, read on.


	4.   F O R B I D D E N   A R E A


Note: That the Forbidden Area really isn't a "secret area" in the
      game, but one that raises many questions on how to get to it or
      is there anything worthwhile there.

	W H E R E   I S   I T ?

To enter the Forbidden Area you need to enter by the waterfall. The
waterfall is located on the third room directly right of the
Underground Reservoir teleport room. Although take note that you will
have to go left and down a bit on the map to get there.

	R E Q U I R E M E N T S ?

To enter the forbidden area you defiantly need one soul and one of
either three different souls. The soul that you defiantly need is the
undine soul - which allows you to walk on water.

With the other three souls, you'll only need one of them. That means
you need to have at least either one of the devil, curly or manticore
soul to enter the waterfall. Either of the three will work in this
situation. These souls transform you into powerful demons that allows
you to pass through the waterfall with ease.

	W A L K T H R O U G H

And now a brief walkthrough on what to do to enter the Forbidden Area
and when inside how to get the goodies.

Equip the undine soul and one of the other three souls needed. Stand
on top of the water, as far away from the waterfall that you can be.
Use the soul to turn into one of the demons and quickly run straight
for the waterfall. You should go through. If you didn't you probably
had been standing too close to it.

Upon entering you'll receive the Eversing armour. It’s one of the
best armour in the game. Continue on right. There won't be much to do
in the next two rooms, so just keep running on right. The next room
though and you'll meet a few Dryads. Just move up to them close and
attack. If needs be quickly backdash because if there fruit hits you
depending on what level you're on, it can cause some major damage.
After them two, on the next hill a Mudman will pop up. When he does
come up take him down. Down the hill a WereJaguar will be lurking.
Strike him and then backdashing will do the job. The next hill will
have yet another Mudman hidden on it. After him it's smooth sailing.

In the next room go up, while killing the Gargoyles. In this room
jump up onto the button and the metal door will open. The exact same
door that many of you will probably know. Go back down and head to
the right.

An Alura Une is what you will find next. Bombarding it with
long-range weapons like lightening is what I suggest to do to kill
her. When you see little vines wiggling out of the ground, make sure
you're nowhere near them. Also watch out for the vines that travel
backwards and forwards that aren't connected to her. When she's dead
kill a Poison Worm and two more Dyrads. At the end of the room fall
down the hole.

In this room Harpy's roam the sky. Beware of them. Travel up the
pirate ship and drop down into the water near the back of the room.
Take off undine and put on Skula soul. Head to the left killing all
the Killer Fish and Fish heads. And once you are as far as you can go
in this watery area attack the wall four times. It will crumble.
Waltz in and collect the sword. It's the Claimh Solais. THE CLAIMH
SOLAIS! You can obviously tell this is a good sword. Now leave the

Head right and watch how the enemies drop from the power of the
Claimh Solais. Leave the room from the bottom-right passageway. Leave
the water and leave this room by falling down the hole. In the next
room you have to keeping going down but also dodging the Cagnazzo.
You can lure them above you and when they're about to strike down
move away and then you attack. When all the way down go left.

When walking in the next room a Flame Demon will appear out of
nowhere. For such a big guy he isn't that hard. Swing your sword at
him a few times and watch him explode. Keep running and when you meet
a chest break it open and collect the gold (exactly $644). A few
steps away from this will be a Mudman, when he pops up you'll know
what to do. Soon there will be another chest with a total of $322
found within and then shortly after another Mudman. When going across
the water another Mudman will pop up and when you leave the water
another Mudman will pop up again! Sheesh! Another Flame Demon will
appear and then after him you can finally reach the end of this room.

Gargoyles fly around in this room. If you do break the chest many
Rippers will jump out. You can easily kill them with one or two
swings with the Claimh, but if you don't want to risk it, don't. Jump
up and go into the top-right door. Don't collect the money bag, but
attack it. Laugh at the Mimic's futile attempt at hurting you and
then collect the sword at the top of them room. It's the Joyeuse. Not
as good as the Claimh, but it's still a good sword.

If you want to sell any of your new weapons at the shop to help you
in the process of buying the Soul Eater Ring here are their sale

Eversing: $22,000
Claimh Solais: $50,000
Joyeuse: $90,000

I suggest you keep the Claimh Solais and sell the Joyeuse. What you
do with the Eversing Armour is up to you.

Well that concludes my walkthrough for the Forbidden Area. To leave
the Forbidden Area just do pretty much the walkthrough again, but
this time backwards. You will have left as a much richer person. New
weapons and armour, and more EXP. Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough
and that it helped.


	5.   C L A I M H   S O L A I S


Status Change: ATT + 106
	       DEF + 3
               STR + 7
               CON + 7
               INT + 7
  Description: Sword with sparkling blade.

The Claimh Solais is by far one of the best swords in the game. As
you can see it changes your stats more than any other weapon in a
positive way. When attacking with it, it has quite a long reach
allowing you to attack enemies at a further, safer distance. When
Soma is attacking with the Claimh he swings it down. Although this
might not sound significant it does produce a greater area of attack
and a higher chance of hitting and killing enemies.

Luckily the Claimh Solais is a holy element weapon. And even luckier
for you is that the majority of the enemies in the game has holy
weapon as one of their weaknesses. With this in mind when uses the
Claimh you're able to produce already quite a high ATT power, but
also the added holy strength. Boo-yah!

But keeping in mind though that even though the Claimh is the
strongest weapon in the game, you must always use the right weapon at
the right time. I did mention that the Claimh is powerful against
enemies with Holy as their weakness, but you must remember that some
enemies have Holy as their strength. In that case you'll be better
off using a different element sword altogether. Remember this.


	6.   J U L I U S


And now a section explaining the how to enter the Forbidden Area with
the secret character Julius.

			*** Warning ***
Many spoilers will be found during this section. Mainly about the
chracter known as "J". Read on at your own risk.

	W H O   I S   J U L I U S ?

Julius is the character that you would have known as J. Julius is a
very known Vampire Hunter from the Castlevania series. With all this
in mind Konomi made a surprising twist by that you can actually play
as him! To do this you must first defeat the game with Soma. Then
when you're about the start a new game insert your name as JULIUS,
and wah-lah!

Playing as Julius is so much different than playing as Soma, but
there are defiantly similarities. First of all Julius isn't able to
collect souls, at all. This factor alone has caused quite some head
aches and gives the player the original Castlevania "feel". Other
things are that he doesn't level up, but does get stronger after
beating the bosses and his main weapon is the whip.

	E N T E R I N G   T H E   F O R B I D D E N   A R E A

Without being able to use souls Julius entering the Forbidden Area
would be a bit of a problem. But in fact it isn't hard at all. Here
is his main way to enter the waterfall:

All you have to do is just hop onto the boat that you'll find heading
towards the waterfall. When you get close enough just press the "L"
button. This makes Julius do his teleport/transparent move that
allows him past through objects and enemies. If you were at the right
distance you'll find that you did in fact pass through the waterfall
and will be on the other side. And unfortunately you can't collect


	7.   C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N


To contact me my email address for FAQ writing is:


This is if you want to contact me for any reason regarding my work or
for any other matter. The stuff you can send are:

1. Questions that AREN'T answered in the FAQ anywhere.
2. Praise mail.
3. Constructive criticism.
4. Any errors in the FAQ.
5. And any extra ways or help that you think would be useful for the
   viewer at all. I will give you credit if I do actually add it to
   the FAQ.

The things that I don't want you to send are:

1. Emails in poor English (i c u r azwer meh Q).
2. Unconstructive criticism (u SUck).
3. Questions that are answered in the FAQ. Please take note.
4. Anything not concerning this FAQ (chain-mail, etc.).


	8.   C R E D I T   A N D   T H A N K S


Well this concludes my first FAQ for GameFAQs.

I'd like to thank Konomi for making the game, all the other FAQ
writers for giving me ideas (especially marshmallow, I pretty much
used his style for every bit of this FAQ) and all the helpful users
on the Castlevania boards.

I'd also like to thank again bluberry for reminding me about Julius
and the NOSOUL version of the game.

Also thanking JP and HomerPattorn for pointing out my error with the
Claimh and Julius.

Thanks to L337_DS for his kind words and providing me with quite a
fair bit of information and help. He's the reason why the section
Claimh is now here.

Thanks guys!

			-- End of File --

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