• No item use and no Soul use

    When starting a new game, type in NOSOUL to use no souls in the game. And type in NOUSE to use no items.

    No itemsNOUSE
    No soulsNOSOUL

    Contributed By: Saburota.

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  • 100.2% Map Completion!

    First do the trick for 100.1% map completion. Continue on with the story except when you get the Undine soul do not go to the Top Floor area. Go back through the Inner Quarters and Dance Hall. Then go to the Floating Garden. Proceed to the room that connects with the Clock Tower. Go to the upper right corner of the room. Use the Curly soul and you will be transported outside of the castle again. This time stand on the left side of the 2nd spike from the right. Jump and if you did it right you will be transported to The Arena and then the Top Floor and your map will be 100.2% completed.

    Contributed By: sTrange tHunder.

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  • 100.3% Map Explored!

    Ok, first you need to do the 100.2% map glitch, have the Giant Bat and Curly souls, and have not gone to the Chaos Realm
    Enter the long verticle room connected to the frist save room of the Chapel. Stand on the platform that is just above the door leading out (not the stone on, you have to be under the stone one). Face right and press R to use the Curly soul. When Soma turns a strange color pause the game and switch Curly soul with the Giant Bat soul. Unpause and hold right and change into the bat. You should end up in the ceiling of the Save Room. Fly just above the statue on the right side and change back into Soma. You should end up in the Underground Reservoir, in the middle of a wall. When you very close to the top of the room hold right and press R to change into the bat. Change back into Soma when you reach the gap in the ceiling of that room. If you did the whole thing right you will fly up through several rooms and end up in the Chaotic Realm. The room of the Chaotic Realm is a tower/observatory room with a space background, if your not halfway off the screen the glitch won't work and you have to try again. Eventually you will be able to move again and your map percentage will now be 100.3%!

    Contributed By: sTrange tHunder.

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  • Glowing Soma

    This glitch will make Soma glow for as long as you want. It does nothing else (as far as I know, I could be wrong) but it does make him really easy to see. First of all, you need either the Manticore, Devil, or Curly spirits. Next, make your way to the corridor in the Dance Hall (the one that leads up to the top level of the Dance Hall). Drop down from said top level, make your way to the last door (in the background) without killing anything, face left, and press R to transform. Keep holding it until you're just over the hole in the floor, and when the game starts to change you back, let go of the R button and do a slide. Voila! The game thinks that you fell through while you were changing back, so it replaces Soma's regular image with the really bright one. He'll stay this way until you use Devil, Manticore, or Curly again.

    Contributed By: TeknoBlade.

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  • Instant Second Swing

    Using a fast swinging weapon (like the Claimh Solias) will allow you to do a second swing. While jumping, use your swinging weapon. As you hit the ground, use it again and it will allow you to swing again instantly. It's not very much of use, but it is still fun to test out.

    Contributed By: Riflan.

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  • Skip to the Arena from Floating Garden

    Once you get to the Floating Garden, you can use the Gorgons to reach the Arena instantly. First, go up the first elevator you see. Then, head up all the way until you see the Red Crow sitting on the staircase--there should be a Gorgon to the right of it. Stand on the very back of the Gorgon and have it walk towards the pillar. Once it hits the pillar and starts turning, run towards the pillar and, if you did it right, you should see Soma crouched in the wall and rapidly moving upwards. You should land in a room of The Arena right under a Dead Crusader.<p />Note: This glitch also works with any other Gorgon or Catoblepas if they run into a wall at some point and turn around.

    Contributed By: bokunokuso.

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  • Surpass 100% Map Completion

    First beat the game with 100% map completed, and a Curly soul, and start a new game +. Make your way to the chapel and head up the stairs in the room with all of the ghosts. make your way to the top left cornor of the room and stand under the platform that the Axe Armor was on. Next face to the right and back dash until your against the wall. Then use the Curly soul and you will be warped outside of the castle. Drop down the left side until you land on a platform and jump off the screen to the left. You will be transported to the Study and your map will be 100.1% completed.

    Contributed By: sTrange tHunder.

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  • Chaos Ring

    To obtain the Chaos Ring, you need to collect 100% of the souls in the game. After doing so, the Chaos Ring can be found in the Chaotic Realm, in a room next to the one with one Alastor and one Erinys. This Ring has the benefit of letting you have infinite MP.!

    (Note that you must still have enough MP to cast/use something. For example, you won't be able to use Red Minotaur at Level 1, since you only have a max of 80 MP then and Red Minotaur costs 150. But after exceeding a max of 150 MP, you can use it and you won't lose MP for doing so!)

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Unlockables

    Complete the game to unlock the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Boss RushBeat the game once and get the good ending.
    Hard ModeComplete the game and get the good ending
    Play as Julius BelmontAfter beating the game with the good ending, enter ''Julius'' as your name. After the intro, you should be playing as Julius Belmont.
    Play as Julius Belmont in Boss Rush ModeTo play as Julius Belmont in Boss Rush Mode just beat the game normally using him then select Julius' clear game file when you start the boss rush.
    Unlock Sound Test ModeSuccessfully complete the game with the good ending and the Sound Test will appear on the Main Menu.
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Easter Eggs

  • Added Dialogue

    If 100% of the souls are collected, additional dialogue appers in the game's ending. Soma and Mina talk about how the experience changed Soma.

    Contributed By: gosan.

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  • All Endings

    Before fighting Graham, equip the Flame Demon, Succubus and Giant Bat souls. After you defeat him, You'll able to enter the black mist door and will fight two more bosses. Beat both to receive the best ending. Unlocks Sound Mode and Boss Rush Mode.

    Before fighting Graham, equip the Flame Demon, Succubus and Giant Bat souls. After you defeat him, You'll able to enter the black mist door and will fight two more bosses. Beat the first one, but lose to the second, you should then get the good ending. Unlocks Boss Rush Mode.

    Defeat Graham, but don't collect or equip the Flame demon, Succubus and Giant Bat souls. You'll get the bad ending.

    Lose to Chaos to get the worst ending.

    Contributed By: Kintaro Oe age 25.

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  • Boss Rush Rewards

    Finish boss rush with the following times to unveil secret items.
    -Over 6 minutes-
    -Between 5 and 6 minutes-
    -Between 4 and 5 minutes-
    Positron Rifle
    -Under 4 minutes-

    Contributed By: Geusprime.

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  • Easy Experience.

    Ok, before you get excited, there is one requirement to do this. The Sherman Ring. It gives you experience points as you walk. This ring can be found in the dance hall (you must have some way to get up through holes in the ceiling such asgiant bat soul or super jump ability). I'll leave finding that to you. On to the trick.

    1. Equip the Sherman Ring.

    2. Find a safe spot with no monsters.

    3. Pin down the duck button, and either the move left or move right directional button.

    4. Voila. You have fooled the game into thinking you are walking, when you are just sitting in one spot safe and sound. Now go to sleep or something and let the experience roll in.

    Why do it this way? Because if you just try to hold the run button down against a wall, you will not get experience points even though Soma is running.

    Contributed By: The_Green_Gamer.

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  • Extremely fast EXP

    Go to the teleport room right next to the arena, then head left, go up as soon as possible(on your map it will be two blocks left of the teleport room). After you go up, go left as soon as possible(it will be two blocks above where you just went up.

    Now you will be three blocks left and two blocks up of the teleport room. This hall contains two red minotaurs, a werejaguar, and a killer mantle. Go back and forth across the hall until you get a killer mantle soul. Equip it, it will kill red minotaurs in a single strike, and they give 1000 exp per kill. I can rack up over 6000 exp a minute doing this.

    Contributed By: MrIncomingT.

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