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FAQ/Walkthrough by rocknrollnmtlman

Version: .30 | Updated: 08/25/04

            MARIO GOLF: ADVANCE TOUR (For The Gameboy Advance)

                   Guide Copyright 2004 Michael Garcia

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |         III. Into To The Guide          |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
(If you want to jump to a certain spot in the Guide, simply push ALT F
On the keyboard to open up the FIND option. When the window opens up, simply 
type in the following codes to jump to a certain part. I added this feature 
to the guide because whenever I am using a guide for myself, I find it very 
annoying searching and searching for a section I am looking for. An 
alternative way of getting to this function is to go to Edit/Find but I find
the first way much more convenient. It's up to you which way you use it. 
For instance, -cddntro- will allow you to jump to the intro section of the

When I went over to a friends house a while back, he suggested that we play 
Mario Golf. I had never played it before then, and the minute I started, I 
was addicted. (if you arent by now, you should be). I liked the game sssooo 
much that I went and bought it that same day. It is one of the most addicting
 games I have ever played and it still has'nt gotten old.

I was really excited to learn that they were soon releasing Advance Tour on 
GBA because I love the game and wished i could play it everywhere I went. 
I like Advance Tour so much because it is so close to Toadstool Tour. 
The problem with the GBC version of the game is that it is hard 
to judge your shots and gets very frustrating at times.

The game is amazing on the GBA and is extremely similar to its GameCube 
counter-part. You can also hook the GBA (with Advance Tour) up to the NGC and 
transfer data between the two games.

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |               CONTENTS                  |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
I   Contact

II  Guide History

III Intro (jtntr)
IV Characters (jtchrctrs)
 4.1 Fun Characters
  4.1.1 Mario
  4.1.2 Peach
  4.1.3 Yoshi
  4.1.4 Donky Kong

 4.2 Normal Characters (Must unlock, working on more detail)
  4.2.1 Joe
  4.2.2 Putts
  4.2.3 Sherry
  4.2.4 Grace
  4.2.5 Tiny
  4.2.6 Azalea
  4.2.7 Gene 
  4.2.8 Kid 

V Story Walkthrough (jtmnsct)
  5.0 Controls And Other Stuff
  5.1 Starting Out (**Kind of Spoilers**) (jtbgng)
  5.2 Marion Course (jtmrn)
  5.3 Palms Course (jtplm) (next update)
  5.4 Dunes Course (jtdns) (next update)
  5.5 Links Course (jtlnk) (next update)

VI Quick Game Guide (jtqkgmgd)
  6.1 Stoke Play
  6.2 Character Match
  6.3 Doubles
  6.4 Speed Golf
  6.5 Club Slots
  6.6 Go-Go Gates
  6.7 Near-Pin
  6.8 Training

VII Secrets (jtscrts)

VIII Credits

IX Glossary
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |           I. Contacting Me              |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

  If you want to tell me something, you first need to know the rules.
   -NO spam! I do not want ANY spam at all. All it does is fill up my mailbox
and slows down my responses to other emails that i CARE ABOUT.
   -Constructive Critism only please! It isnt very fun to get the old 
"I hate your guide and you are the worst person i have ever heard of, 
crawl into a hole and stay there forever." it's just mean :-(. I do not 
mind constructive critism like "this part needs some work, let me give you a 
suggestion on how to fix it" or better yet "this just needs a little fixing 
up." chances are, I will take your CONSTRUCTIVE critism and build off of it.
   -Compliments! Everybody likes those!!!
   - Grammar, punctuation or format errors! send me those if you find them 
in the guide
   - If ANYONE wants to use my Guide in anything, they had better ask me
if it is OK first. If It is somewhere other than gamefaqs, and gives me no 
credit, or even partial credit, they will be warned to remove it, and if they
 refuse, they are in BIG trouble. i OWN this piece of work and it is 
protected under copyright law
   - You can also email questions or contributions that you would find useful.

   - Now that you know the rules, you can email me at rocknrollnmtlman@cox.net

II.  VERSION HISTORY    #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#
VERSION .25 - finished characters, and started on story walkthrough       #
VERSION .30 - touched up on some small things and started the LONG        # 
              glossary                                                     *

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |             IV. Characters              |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

KEY                     |
* - indicates best in category| 
Ratings Range From |----------|          
 Newbie |----------|             
 Medium |
 Hard   |--|
 Very Hard | 

--  This Section is divided up into 2 sections, the FUN section and the Normal
Section. The fun section contains the classic Mario Game Characters that are
(unfortunatly) unavailable in story mode. You begin with only 4 FUN 
characters, and must unlock the other 4 (that I know of). The Normal ones
are the characters that are plain people. you unlock them in a very different
way but you do not start out with any of them. you have to start from scratch 
and unlock each of these characters in Story Mode. These characters cannot be
used in story mode either, so it might be a good idea to wait and unlock them
after your main characters stats are fairly high (that way unlocking them 
will be a breeze). however if you plan on playing lots of multiplayer games,
you may want to unlock them as they are available to challenge. Information
On Starred characters will come as I take the time to unlock them. Characters
found in the Normal section do not have unlockable star versions.

=__=__=__=__=__=__=__=__=__=_^^^THE FUN SECTION^^^_=__=__=__=__=__=__=__=__=_

-- Mario - The Classic Nintendo hero! Also the ideal character for beginners.
He hits very straight, unless his shot is influence by wind or bad timing,
and has quite a bit of distance in his shot. He is perfect for trying the 
game before going on to the (sometimes) challenging story mode. His only 
downfall is his high shot which is easily altered by the wind.

  Distance - 212 yards (280 with star)
  Curve - Hits Straight*
  Height - High
  Recomendation - I would very much recomend this charecter to beginners and
experienced players alike. He is the basic all around character. his high 
shot gives him a medium rating

-- Peach - The princess who is always getting taken away by bowser is now a
golfer. hurray. She hits very straight as well and is also a beginner 
character. One thing that she does have over Mario is her lower shot, which
makes shots more accurate in windy situations. I dont understand why you 
would choose Peach over Yoshi, as far as I can tell, they hit just as
straight and as high as each other, only Yoshi hits farther?hhhmmmm

  Distance - 203 yards
  Curve - Hits Straight*
  Height - Middle
  Recommendation - I would definatly not recommend peach to anyone apart from
someone who wants a short shot (I dont know why you would want that when you
can simply change the distance for a stronger character, but to each his own
I guess... Maybe they just want to use a girl character...) her short shot
gives her a medium rating.


-- Yoshi - Yoshi the happy green dinosaur thing is a very fun character. his
shot has an agreeable ammount of distance on it and he hits straigh with 
a very level height. He would probably be your best bet if you had never
played any Mario golf game in the past and had no golfing experience.
his middle ranged shot allows him to hit well without being affected by wind
and his straight shot helps players aim very presicly. he is basically Peach
but with 5 yards added in distance.

  Distance - 208 yards
  Curve - Hits Straight*
  Height - Middle
  Recommendation - I recommend Yoshi to any starting player. he hits fairly
far and straight and low. Also, if you are playing against another person
who has far more Mario Golf experience, you could use Yoshi to gain a slight
upperhand, if there is not a better character available. He is Peach with 
more distance so he receives a Newbie rating.


-- Donky Kong - DK is extremely powerful and has the longest shot of any of
the standard FUN characters. He is a very useful character when it comes to 
Par fours or fives. his downfall however, is his large Hook. this can prove
very frustrating when you are near a tree or another obstacle and the hook
causes the ball to fly in front of the obstacle. Apart from his powerful 
shot, another advantage of DK is his low shot. this helps alot when you are
playing windy holes and hitting with irons or special clubs. it does cause
the ball to role a bit more than other characters but that is easily 
overcome. Simply aim a few yards shorter than you origionally would and the
ball should end up close to the same place it would with a medium or high 
shot character.
  Distance - 215 yards* (285 with star)
  Curve - Strong hook
  Height - Low*
  Reccomendation - Donkey Kong should be used by players who have played the
game for a while. while not the hardest character to play as, DK offers some
challenges that take some time to master. If you do manage to become a DK 
fan, you need to remember to aim a little less than what you would with other
characters since he has such a speedy shot. his Hook earns him a hard rating.

______________________________The Normal Section_____________________________

I have not written detailed information on this section, it will come soon
after i have worked other sections of the FAQ.


-- Joe -  Joe is the first Singles Character Match in Story Mode. You can
Challenge Joe by talking to him on the practice course of the Marion Club
next to the putting green. He is watching another golfer practice putting
After you beat Joe in a match, you will be allowed to use him in Quick Game 
mode.You will also unlock the Singles Character Match for Sherry

  Distance - 220 yards
  Curve - Slight hook to the right
  Height - High
  Reccomendation - He is a good character for a while, until you start to un-
lock star characters in the fun section and better characters in the normal


-- Putts -  If you want to be able to play as Putts in Quick Game, Challenge
Him and Joe to a doubles match while you have your partner with you. After 
you beat the pair, you can use Putts in Quick Game and you unlock the ability
to challange Sherry and Grace to a Character Doubles Match.

  Distance - 215 yards
  Curve - Slight hook to the right 
  Height - Low
  Reccomendation - He is a good character for a while, until you start to un-
lock star characters in the fun section and better characters in the normal

-- Sherry -  To play as Sherry in a Quick Game, just challenge her to a
singles match. You can find her to the far right of the driving range on the
palms practice course Once you beat her, you will unlock her in Quick Game
mode and also earn the chance to challange Azalea to a character match on 
the Dunes Course.

  Distance - 230 yards
  Curve - Straight
  Height - High
  Reccomendation - She is a good character for a while, until you start to un-
lock star characters in the fun section and better characters in the normal


-- Grace - If you are on a mission to play as Grace in a Quick Game, simply
challange her and Sherry to a Doubles match on the Palms Course. To Challange
them, talk to Sherry again, but have your doubles partner with you. After you
win the match, you can use Grace in Quick Game and challange Tiny and Azalea
to a Doubles match on the Dunes Course.

  Distance - 225
  Curve - Straight
  Height - Middle
 Reccomendation - She is a good character for a while, until you start to un-
lock star characters in the fun section and better characters in the normal


-- Azalea - All you have to do to unlock Sherry is challange her to a singles
Match in story mode (does this unlocking method ring a bell?). You can find
her once you are on the practice course by heading straight up, past the 
stick shot area, turn right, go up again and she will be the only person at 
the approach shot range. Beat her and you will unlock her in Quick Game,
and you will also unlock the next and final singles challenge, Kid. boy is
this getting repetative.

  Distance - 240 Yards
  Curve - Slight Hook to the left
  Height - Middle
 Reccomendation - She is a good character for a while, until you start to un-
lock star characters in the fun section and better characters in the normal


-- Tiny - To unlock Tiny, Challange him and Azalea to a doubles match and win.
After you defeat the Dunes Champion team, you can play as Tiny in a Quick 
Games Match and unlock thecharacter match against The masters of golf, Gene 
and Kid. The only difference in unlocking Tiny and Azalea is that you must 
have you partnee following you when you challange Azalea. Same as always.

  Distance - 260 Yards
  Curve - Slight Hook to the right
  Height - High
  Reccomendation - Just like all hard hitters, Tiny hits the ball very high
and is affected very much by natural occurences. (it is beyond me
why people are playing golf when it is storming with 21 mph winds, and the
wind can change from 21 miles an hour to nothing when you move to a different
hole.) Tiny is basically the Donkey Kong of the Normal characters, However
he does boast slightly better control than Donky Kong does, even though he 
does not hit as far.


-- Kid - To make Kid available in the Quick Game mode, just challenge him 
(like ALL the others) to a Singles Match In the Links Practice Center. He is
fairly easy to find, just go straight ahead to the driving range and go to
the far right of the range. He is the guy in the red shirt with a black hat.
defeat this champion and he is available for your use in the Quick games 

  Distance - 270 Yards
  Curve - slight Hook to the right
  Height - Middle
  Reccomendation - judging from how difficult it is to unlock this guy, as 
well as his stats, its obvious why he is the last, and obviously best golfer
for you to challenge. He is a great Mario substitute if you are too lazy to 
unlock stars on the fun characters. I actually prefer kid to mario, even if
he does hit ten yards shorter, he has a lower shot.

-- Gene - Unlocking Gene is the same as unlocking the other characters where
you have to challange them to a doubles match. To unlock this "Birdie King",
Just defeat him and Kid in a doubles match with your partner tagging along.
Then you can play with him in a Quick Game.

  Distance - 250
  Curve - Slight hook to the left
  Height - Low
  Reccomendation - I really like gene. If you unlock the right custom clubs,
he can be an excellent character. His low shot allows him to roll a little
bit more than the higher shot characters and he isnt affected to dramatically
by weather. He aslo hits fairly straight and has good control. You probably
want to unlock Gene as quickly as you can if you plan on playing alot of 
Quick Games.


    {            /|\   ##############################     /|\           }
  |                  __ ___ _  _      __      _ _  __   __                |
 / \                 |_  | | ||_|\ /  | _ | |  |  |  | |_                / \
 \ /                 __| | |_|| \ |   |_| |_| _|_ |__| |__               \ /
  |                                                                       |   
    {           \|/    ##############################     \|/           } 

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |           Controls and Stuff            |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

This Section will guide you through the Story Mode of Mario Golf:Advance Tour

                              | Moving Around |

--  Control Pad - Walk/Run and Change Direction
--  Select - N/A

--  Start - Pause, here you can check out character data, change out your 
          current clubs, and look at your current Story Status. 
          While at the pause menu you can also put the game in sleep mode
          (this saves battery power), change your settings or save and quit
          story mode and return to the main menu.

--  A Button - Action Button

--  B Button - Hold to Run/Dash

                                 | Golfing |

-- Control Pad (left and right) - Adjust shot.

-- Control Pad (up and down) - Change Club.

-- Select - Change to the Camera view, where you can zoom in and out.

-- Start - Pause Menu (again) but this time, the selections are different.

           -Scorecard - use this to see how the game is going and who is in
            what place

           -Rules - Tells you what the rules of the course are
           -Controls - Explains the Controls (WOW who'da thought?)
           -Settings - Turn the Music and the 3d veiw on/off
           -Give Up - Wimp out and give up the hole, this gives you a +8 score
             so it is a bad idea, dont use it
           -Save and Quit - Save the Game and go back to the main menu

-- B Button - use this button to change shot types. also, when you are in 3d
              shot view, push B to go back to the shot placement screen. and
              finally, when you are in Camera Mode, push B to adjust from 
              where you plan on hitting the ball, to the cup, and back to 
              where the ball currently is.

-- A Button - Begin Swing

-- R Button - Add
                               | Swinging |

1. To start The Swing, tap A

2. Move the control pad in any direction to chose what spot you want to hit 
   the ball on.

3. When the Ball reaches the appropriate distance mark, you have two choices

       A. Tap A once to begin Auto swing and hit the Ball

       B. Tap B once to begin a manual swing that will allow you to aim

4. If you chose to do a manual swing, after you tap B, the pointer will start
   to move back to where it started, press either A or B when it reaches the 
   sweat spot and the ball will land very close to where you origionally 
   aimed your shot.

5. while hitting a manual swing, you can chose to add either topspin or
   backspin. tap A twice when the ball reaches the sweatspot for a topspin,
   and B twice for a back spin.

                            | Story Mode |

This is a breif explanation of all the options you can choose from when you
select story mode from the main menu

Club Lode - Head out to the main part of Story Mode

Singles Tourney - Play in a Tourney you have beaten in Club Lodge mode

Doubles Cup - Compete in a Doubles Cup that you have already beaten

Singles Match Play - Play Matches against the top characters in Club Lodge

Doubles Match Play - Play Matches against the pairs you have defeated in Club

Character Data - Cheack on how your story characters are doing.

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |             Starting Out                |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

  When you first start the game, Toad will tell you that you should make a
Character before you start, this is a good idea by the way since you will be
using your character throughout the entire game, and not just in story mode 
(even though you have to make a character before it lets you do anything).

You then get to chose from two different Characters. You can chose either the
boy character (Neil) or the girl character (Ella). After that you get to 
chose whether you want your player to be right, or left handed. Toad then 
prompts you to give yourself a name.

  You then proceed to the intro sequence, where the First five characters
(Neil, Ella, Buzz, Helen and Kid) are intoduced in front of the Marion 

  After the Characters finish talking outside, you head into the managers 
office to build story line and learn all about Kids career crippling injury.
His new goal is to train a golfer to rival the awesome power of Mario!
But never fear! Kid is also starting back up on his beloved golf. Since
Kid will be training from the very basics once again, he entrusts pro with 
helping out the new golfers. the new "up-and-comers" are then split up in to
doubles teams. 

  (If You chose Neil as your character, you will be paired with Ella, and if
you chose Ella, your partner will be Neil.)

  After the conversation ends, you can head out to the Clubhouse. (feel free
to talk to the people lounging in the clubhouse, they will usually give you
useful tips and hints to improve your game.) Go down the first set of stairs
and head to the left, past the locker rooms. keep going down this hall until
you go outside. You are now in front of the clubhouse, but on the other side 
of the bushes. Search the barrel to the left and find a Power Drink! 

 Once you have decided who gets the drink, go on up the stairs and head to 
the other side of the castle. Go back inside and head straight through the 
double doors. if you try to go up the stairs, two people will explain about
how the people up the stairs are known as champs, since they either previosly
held, or currently hold the championship title on various courses. If you 
still want to go up the stairs, you will only be told off by the champs and
warned not to come back until you have placed in championships.

 There is really nothing else here for now, so head on back to where there is
a big painting of Mario in the middle of the floor and go out the door. But
before you can leave the clubhouse, your partner catches up to you. You learn
that when you left, you forgot to get your room assignment. theres a short 
cutscene explaining all the features of the Marion Course (the other courses 
are layed out in the same fashion).
  When the Cutscene is over, you wake up from a nap and your story begins...

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |            The Marion Club              |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

  As you head out of your room, your partner will ask you what you are up to:

   Singles Play - You get to walk around, play tourneys and character matches
   by yourself.

   Doubles Play - Take your partner along with you and play everything just 
   like singles play, only you have a partner and you alternate strokes. this
   can get very frustrated, since your partner is in most cases, horrible.
   Save - Save the game and chose if you want to keep going, or take a day 
   off (quit and go to the main menu)

   Talk - Chat about golf things

   I, personally went throught the singles events first, and then went back to
do all of the doubles evnts. It does'nt affect the game in any way if you 
choose to play all singles or all doubles first, but the majority of the guide
for story mode will be based on singles matches since the doubles are half 
luck and there is no way to write a guide on what your partner might do.

   With all of that being said, select singles play when your partner asks you
what your plans are for the day. Leave the cabin and head straight down to the
Caddie Masters Area. Walk down the path and you will eventually come to the 
Caddie Masters Booth. Talk to him and tell him that you would like to enter 
the singles tourney (assuming you have already tried out the course and are 
comfortable with the controls and various aspects of the game.)

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |             Marion Course               |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

The Following section consists of a guide that will give you a strategy for 
all of the Eighteen holes that the Marion Course has to offer.


Hole - One
Par - Four
Distance To The Pin - 421 Yards
Difficulty - Easy

  You will more than likely end up with a par, due to your short range, 
however, if you plan your shots correctly and hit at full power, you might be
able to walk away with a satisfying birdie.

-- Tee Off - Use your one wood to aim at the middle of the long fairway with a
normal shot (dont waste a power shot) and add topspin for as much distance as
is possible.

-- Second Shot - Assuming you hit into the  advised area, just keep hitting 
straight and aim for the middle of the fairway, add topspin and hopefully, you
will make it either onto the green, the fringe, or very close to the fringe.

-- Third Shot - 

A. If you made it onto the green or the fringe, putt it in for
a nice birdie
B. If you are too far away to putt, or landed in the rough or a bunker, SHAME
ON YOU! Just Kidding, dont worry about it and just go for the approach shot.

-- Par Attempt - Hopefully, if you approached on the previous shot, you set
yourself up for an easy par putt!


Hole - Two
Par - Four (again)
Distance To The Pin - 421 Yards (again)
Difficulty - Easy to Moderate, depending on whether it is raining or not.

  This hole shouldnt prove to be too horribly difficult and should be perfect
for a birdie, if it isnt raining. Just don't get over comfindent and try any-
thing too fancy.

-- Tee Off - Just hit where you are origionally directed to, dont try to make
any drastic adjustments and dont add topspin.

-- Second Shot - It should be easy to get on the green here, try to set up for
an easy put. Aim for the edge of the fringe and add backspin to keep the ball
from rolling too far.

-- Third Shot - 
A. Hopefully you will have a nice easy putt to work with.
B. Try to aproach or even chip it in here if you missed the green on your 
second shot.

-- Par Attempt - Chances are, you are in for a good putt.


Hole - Three
Par - Three
Distance To The Pin - Three (ha just kidding, it's 163 Yards)
Difficulty - Easy

  This is a very easy Birdie and maybe even your first hole in one attempt in 
the game.

--Tee Off - Switch Clubs to a one wood and aim so that the ball will land just 
short of the green and proceed to roll to a good spot on the green, setting you
up for an easy putt.

-- Second Shot - 
A. Take the easy birdie putt, if you didnt make a hole in one on your first try
B. If you over shot, or under shot, try to chip it in and still salvage a 

-- Par Attempt - If you miss the chip in, putt the ball in for par


Hole - Four
Par - Five
Distance To The Pin - 517 Yards
Difficulty - Moderate

  For the first Par 5, it is pretty simple.

--Tee Off - Move the shot a little bit to the right of the predetermined course
and add some topspin to it.

--Second Shot - Here it wouldnt be a bad idea to use one of your power shots, 
if you feel the need. Just make sure you steer to the left of the tree that is
in the middle of the fairway.

--Third Shot - Here, aim onto the green and add backspin so you dont role to 
far and go flying off the green, thats no fun.

--Fourth Shot -
A. If you didnt make it onto the green, approach and try to be on 
the same level as the cup (there are lots of tricky jills on this green).
B. If you are on the green, putt the ball in and be sure you judge the hills
before putting.

--Par Attempt - Putt the ball in if you approached on the previous shot.


Hole - Five
Par - Four
Distance To The Pin - 359 Yards
Difficulty - Moderate

  This is another fairly short par four that you shouldnt try to be too fancy
on. It does have a tricky green though.

--Tee Off - Hit the ball as far as you can into the middle of the green (you 
dont need to use a power shot though.

--Second Shot - Aim right in the middle of the slope that is sloping towards 
you, be sure to add back spin so you stay on the green and dont over shoot the

--Third Shot - 
A. Putt it in
B. Since this is a tough green to land on, be sure to aim for the patch of 
green that is level with the cup

--Par Attempt - This may be a tricky putt, and you may not even be on the green
but chances are, you will be able  to sink a par putt on this one


Hole - Six
Par - Four
Distance To The Pin - 333 Yards
Difficulty - Moderate to Semi Difficult

This hole has a very tricky green, but if you hit the ball well and take your
time on the putt, a birdie is more than likely do-able.

--Tee Off - Just make sure you dont land in the dip to your right, or the water
hazard to your left, feel free to use a power shot, although you dont nessicar-
ily need it.

--Second Shot - This should be a careful approach. Aim for the fringe and try
to hit the ball so that it rolls to a stop in a position that will allow you
to putt directly uphill, instead of worrying about compensating for bumps in
the green.

--Third Shot - 
A. This can be a difficult putt if you didnt land in a prefferable position. 
work with the many curves on the green to hit the ball in and sink a birdie.
B. If you need to approach, I would advise approaching in a fashion that will
allow you to aim straight uphill, not at an angle.

--Par Attempt - If you have to putt uphill, be sure (as always) to add a little
extra power to give your ball the drive needed to go up the hill and into the
cup and not stop short.


Hole - Seven
Par - Five
Distance To The Pin - 433 Yards
Difficulty - Easy to Moderate

A fairly short Par five, hole seven is a simple hole as well. This is also a 
hole where you want to use a power shot.

--Tee Off - Use a power shot to land at the base of the first hill, planning on
the ball rolling onto the hill. this will ensure that you dont get stuck behind
the trees.

--Second Shot - For your second shot, try to land on the highest part of the 
fairway, just to the right of the lone bunker.

--Third Shot - Here, aim as close to the cup as you can, with either a nine 
iron or a pitching wedge so you dont roll very far.

--Fourth Shot - 
A. Putt it in for a birdie
B. Use the same strategy as before, aiming very close to the cup with the 
lowest club you can.

--Par Attempt - Hopefully, you can save a par on this putt.


Hole - Eight
Par - Three
Distance To The Pin - 179 Yards
Difficulty - Semi Difficult


Hole - Nine
Par - Four
Distance To The Pin - 397 Yards
Difficulty - Moderate


Hole - Ten
Par - Four
Distance To The Pin - 320 Yards
Difficulty - Moderate


Hole - Eleven
Par - Five
Distance To The Pin - 454 Yards
Difficulty - Easy


Hole - Twelve
Par - Three
Distance To The Pin - 205 Yards
Difficulty - Easy


Hole - Thirteen
Par - Five
Distance To The Pin - 517 Yards
Difficulty - Moderate

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |           Quick Games Guide             |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

This is a breif explanation of the quick games section of the game.

--Stroke Play - Classic Golf Play, whoever has the lowest score wins. Here you
can play on normal or star courses.
  Choose from the front nine holes, the back nine holes, or 9, 6, 3 random 
holes from the course you selected. 
  You can also choose whether you want to play from the front or the back tees.

--Character Match - Play a Match against all of the characters that you have
unlocked. It is just like the character matches in story mode, whoever gets the
most medals wins.

--Doubles - This is character match mode but with a doubles partner.

--Speed Golf - Finish the course with as low a time as you can get. This is a
fun little challenge if you have beaten everything in the game

-- Club Slots - You can play the course using only the clubs that you choose by
playing the slots. It is very easy to get all stars and have all the clubs on
the downside.

--Go-Go Gates - Basically ring shot mode from toadstool tour. If you dont know
what that is, all you have to do is hit the ball through the gates that are 
scattered around the course. you cant complete the course unless you go through
all of the gates.

--Near-Pin - Just hit your shot closer to the pin than the person you are
playing against.

--Training - Practice all any hole you like. This is a good way to work on your
worst holes so you arent embarrassed when you play with a friend or compete in
the tourney.


               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |                SECRETS                  |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

   Unlocking Toadstool Tour Playables: You will need to link up to the Gamecube
to unlock the following characters

--Luigi - Just Transfer your experience from toadstool tour back onto the GBA

--Waluigi - Have 27 or more birdie best badges from toadstool tour when you 
transfer data

--Wario - Have 54 or more birdie best badges from toadstool tour when you 
transfer data

--Bowser - Have 81 or more birdie best badges from toadstool tour when you 
transfer data

** If you want to change your doubles partners name, when you have your partner
with you, talk to the lamp in your partners room and they will say they want 
you to give them a nickname**

More secrets will come as they are discovered.

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |                Credits                  |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

  Thanks to:
and everyone who found this guide useful

If you contributed a part of info to this guide and for some reason i didnt add
you in this section, just tell me and I will gladley fix my error.

The following are the only sites allowed to host my guide for the time being


***This Guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances, except for 
personnal, private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance, written permission. use of this guide on 
any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.***

               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |
               |               Glossary                  |
               |       #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#         |

  This is the glossary according to Mario Golf, I decided to put it here to
make it a little more convenient, so if you have a question about golf vocab,
you dont have to quit your game to enjoy the wonderful glossary :P
Ok there are ALOT of words in this thing so expect errors, I will try my best
to fix them though. Words in parenthesis are not in the game glossary, they are
just side notes that I added.

  1W - Abreviation of Driver

  3W - Abreviation of 3-Wood

  4W - Abreviation of 4-Wood

  5W - Abreviation of 5-Wood, often called a "cleek"

  Address -Taking a stance and preparing to hit the ball in a hazard, your club
  may not tough the ground
  Against - Refers to hitting a ball into the wind, the ball won't go as far 
  so use a more powerful club or hit the ball low.

  Air Ball - A ball with a trajectory much higher than the golfer intended
  usually resulting in a short shot

  Albatross - A score of three strokes under par on a hole, an albatross is
  tougher to get than a hole in one 

  Alternate - A game in which two players on a team take turns hitting the
  same ball

  Approach - A short-distance shot to the pin, usually 60 yards or less, pitch
  and chip shots are often used for approaches

  Approach Shot - A shot aimed at the pin from off the green  

  Approach Wedge - This club, abbreviated to AW has good loft and falls 
  between the PW and SW for distance, requires an accurate sense of distance
  and direction

  Apron - Refers to the green's edge  

  Average - The average number of a set of statistics, average scores and 
  other shot data are saved under Story Status

  Average Drive - A golfers average distance off the tee box

  Average Putts - The average number of putts a golfer takes on a hole

  Average Score - The average of all your scores in 18-hole rounds

  AW - Abbreviation of approach wedge

  Back Tee - A tee box from which golfers hit the first shot of a hole,
  farther from the hole than the closer tee box

  Backspin - A front-to-back spin on the ball that causes it to rise and float
  in the air, makes the ball bite on impact

  Backswing - During the swing, the backward movement of the club from rest
  to the set position, a smooth backswing halting at the set position is imp-

  Baffy - Another name for the 4-Wood

  Ball - The round white thing you hit with a club (oh my, I had no clue)

  Ball Mark - The dent or hole your ball makes when it hits the green, you 
  should always repair your ballmarks

  Bare Ground - A spot where the grass is thin and dirt is visible, missing on 
  bare ground can have terrible repercussions, so watch your timing!

  Baseball Grip - A method of gripping the club using all ten fingers on the
  grip with no overlapping
  Beach Bunker - A bunker that neighbors a water hazard

  Bent Grass - A fine, smooth grass used on some greens, bent greens are much 
  more difficult to read

  Best Drive - The longest tee shot you've ever had

  Best Gross - This is the best true total score, not including a handicap, 
  its a true measure of a golfer's skill

  Best Position  - The best, most strategic spot to aim for on a golf hole, 
  hit best positions consistantly and you will score well

  Best Score - The Lowest number of stroles you've ever taken to play a full

  Bet - A wager on score, holes won, etc.

  Birdie - A term for holing out in one stoke less than par

  Bite - The act of the ball stopping quickly as a result of a backspin

  Blind - A state where the pin or the green cant be seen from the tee due to
  a dogleg or shadows

  Blowup Hole - Any hole where you miss several shots, making a decent score
  for that hole is an impossibility

  Bogey - A score of one stroke over par on a single hole

  Break - To score under par for a hole or a round, usually a result of 
  playing good, aggresive golf

  Break Ratio - The percentage of holes on which a golfer breaks par

  Bump and Run - A low, short chip shot which stresses the roll after landing

  Bunker - A hazard made of sand, also known as a trap, there are various 
  types of bunker, and you should try hard to avoid them all

  Caddie -A caddie helps a player by carrying clubs and offering shot advice
  and other assistance

  Caddie Master - Caddie Masters oversee caddies, deal with foursome or group
  formation, and set start times

  Carry - The distance the ball travels from the time its hit until it first
  touches the ground

  Cavity Back - A type of iron with a hollow backside and thicker edges, which 
  give it a larger sweet spot, these clubs take away a little distance, but 
  they also reduce the number of missed shots

  Champion Tees - The longest and most difficult tee box on a hole, also 
  referred to as black tees

  Chili Dip - When a short chip or pitch shot is hit fat, causing the ball to
  go much shorter than intended 

  Chip - (A crispy, salty, tasty snack used with Chili Dip!) Actually an
  approach shot where the ball is hit high, lands on the green and rolls slowly
  toward the cup
  Chip In - To sink the ball in the cup from a short distance off the green,
  usually done with a club other than a putter (although the game sais its a 
  chip in if you use a putter)
  Cleek - Roughly equivalent to a 1-iron or a 5-wood

  Club - The stick used to hit the ball (as well as annoying children!)

  Club Champion - The winner of a club championship, also reffered to as "club
  champ" for short

  Club Championship - A championship tournament sponsored by a country club

  Club Face - The grooved part on the front of a club that directly impacts
  the ball

  Club Number - The number listed on the bottom of a golf club, Generally 
  cprresponds to the loft of the club

  Club Set - The clubs carried in the caddie bag during play, rules permit up
  to 14 clubs per set

  Clubhouse - A country club's main building, where the lounge and locker rooms
  are located

  Collar - A greens edge

  Competition Golf - Competing against other golfers in competitions such as 
  Concede - When a player recognizes that his or her opponent will hole out on
  the next hole and gives up, dont forget to add one stroke for conceded shots

  Course - The venue where golf is played, normally, even par is 72, a course
  generally has 18 holes, a front nine and a back nine

  Course Layout - The shape of a course, including the locations of cups, green
  and hazards, use it to plan a strategy or manage your plan of attack

  Course Management - Using strategy to make the wisest, not longest, shots to
  pst the best possible score

  Course Rating - A means of expressing course difficultly for a scratch player
  by comparing ratings, you may find a par 73 course to be tougher than a par

  Creek - A water hazard that flows through a course or hole, landing in one
  will cost you one penalty stroke (duh)

  Cross-bunker - A bunker that cuts across the fairway

  Cup - A hole in the green that you aim for, marked by a flag, or "pin", to
  be visible from afar

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